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Finally, here is Chapter Eight in the story of Ron, Kim, Rachel and Tasha.
Author's Note---My apologies for taking so long to post this next chapter. I have a lot of demands on my time and unfortunately, this story got prioritized much lower than I would have liked. I will try to do better, especially now that summer is over. For those just joining this is Chapter 8. The story will make more sense if you read the other 7 chapters first, but I did try to include enough back story to at least make this readable for you as well. Finally, the big impetus for me to complete this chapter came from those people you asked in the comments for me to get the story finished. It is always a big thrill to an author to know some one is reading and enjoying his work. That is the only payment we get for these stories. Thank you.

“So, you officially owe me “big time times two” Tasha asked seriously.

“I do. I’m you’re slave” I replied earnestly

“Good. Let’s go over to my place. I changed my mind. I do want to have sex with you.”

I felt my eyebrows shoot up and I nearly got whiplash as my head spun to look at her. One, two word thought burst into my mind.

“Oh, fuck.”

I was about to argue, when Tasha interrupted.

“No talking. Start the car and drive.” She said seriously.

I did as I was told. But, my brain was in high gear. Where the fuck did this come from? Just last night Tasha had said that she wouldn’t have sex with me, because Kim, her best friend, and my girlfriend, was in love with me.

Don’t get me wrong. I wasn’t trying to get into Tasha’s pants when this subject came up. Tasha and I were at a local watering hole, alone and blowing off steam. We were talking about the strange relationship that I have gotten into with Kim and, her sister, Rachel. To help illustrate that point I told her that Kim had given me explicit permission to fuck Tasha (her best friend) as long as I didn’t fall in love with her. Later in the conversation, Tasha said that sex with me was out, because Kim was her best friend. This whole mess is complicated. I tried to summarize it in my own mind to see if it made sense.

Let’s see now. The Russian mafia is trying to kill Rachel, my ex-wife and Kim’s sister, because they think Rachel has their money. Rachel was dating a Russian mobster and money has come up missing. Rachel doesn’t have it. So, to prevent the mob from killing her, we are going to pretend to kill Rachel in a car fire. Rachel can then runoff and start a new life.

To that end, we have stolen a body, forged paperwork, and then tricked both my boss (at the morque), and Jacob at the crematorium, into helping us. Tonight we are going to break into Rachel’s dentist’s office to take x-rays and put them in my ex-wife’s file. That way they will match the body that will be found in the car fire.

Complicated. In truth it has happened so fast and is veering out of control. I mean I have been dating Kim for just hours longer than the first Russian mobster showed up. The whole reason Tasha and I were alone at the bar last night was so we could talk about this bad Hollywood that has sucked us in. Tasha voiced questions that my own subconscious had been asking. I’m not sure my answers convinced even me.

The sisters talked me into helping them with this plan and because I agreed, am putting my career on the line, and risking jail, both girls, Rachel and Kim, have been very grateful. Very, very, grateful. I have had more sex and more interesting sex in the last week then I have had in the prior two years. Tasha is helping because Kim is her best-friend. But, she is much less enthused than Kim and Rachel.

So here I sit, driving my car to Tasha’s house, at her own insistence. Yesterday, I was ‘cute’ but definitely no sex. Now it sounds like I might get raped. That is some fast gear shifting. I wonder what the hell changed.

We were past half way to Tasha’s place, and the silence had convinced me ask a question. I barely got the first word out before Tasha cut me off.

“Hush. I said no talking” she jumped in. “Home. Then talk.”

We drove in silence for the five minutes or so it took to get back to her apartment. I parked and we got out. I could not help checking Tasha out as we walked to her door. Tasha has long, red hair. A nice figure with just a smidge extra in her well proportioned ass. She has at least D cup breasts, which she usually does her best to hide. Today, in order to create a distraction for the aforementioned Jacob, Tasha dressed in a strapless, black summer dress. The hem is just at mid thigh. And as she walks towards her front door, I am mesmerized by the sway of her hips, the motion of her pale, dancer legs, and the way her ass swishes the dress one way and then the next.

Tasha reached the door a step ahead of me, and as I closed the distance I was struck by the seductive scent of her perfume. I had noticed the gentle floral fragrance before. Now, it seemed to pull me towards her and suppress my rational thought. Perhaps the hard on pushing my pants out, had a role in that as well. Tasha opened the door and led me in.

Tasha’s apartment was clean and simple. None of the furniture matched, but it all seemed to compliment each other, allowing the room to work together. She had a love seat sofa, a lounger, the requisite entertainment center, which was holding a flat screen prisoner. It in turn was guarded by an assortment of books and knick-knacks.

“Tasha” I started

“Hush” she cut me off again “and listen”

“I’ve come to the conclusion that this is all too much for me. I don’t know what will happen tonight, after tonight, or a year from now. I just know three things.”

Tasha paused and took a breath before enumerating her points.

“One, something feels really wrong about all of this; Kim’s attitude towards you, me, and even her sister, it stands out. It isn’t the Kim I know.”

She saw me about to interrupt and preempted that with her next sentence

“I know. I know. These are very trying, unusual, and extreme circumstances and it would be odd if she wasn’t acting a little funny. Still…” she trailed off

“Two, I promised I would help tonight at mom’s work, and I intend to keep that promise. But, after that, I’m out. This thing is getting too real and I’m getting in too deep. I’m only 21, for Christ’s sake. Kim is my best friend, but unless it is life or death, I’m out.”

Tasha said that with a combination of earnestness and fear.

“Finally, I’ve had a crush on you for as long as I can remember. Kim has too, so I have stayed on the sidelines. But, the more I think about this, the more I think this whole thing is going to end badly. So I figure “What the fuck?’

Tasha continued.

“You said Kim gave you her blessing to be with me. I believe you. I believe it’s not some guy-lie to get me to bed.”

I glared at her, as I had given her no reason to think I would lie to her like that. Her face softened from stern to resignation.

“I believe you” she began “Because yesterday, right before you and I left to go to the bar, alone, as in without Kim, Kim told me, and I quote:”

‘Tasha, there is absolutely nothing you can do that would break up our friendship. Nothing. I can’t think of anything you could do tonight to make me change my mind on that. You are my best friend and I am deeply in your debt for helping Rachel and I out.’

“Now, maybe it’s my turn to be dense, but is sure sounds like she was lending you out.”

Tasha said the last part, challenging me to contradict her. I think I agreed with her, but I was having a hard time conceding the point.

“Tasha, she’s under a lot of stress. She’s just saying outrageous things, knowing we won’t act on them. She’s just trying to show how much she appreciates what you are doing” I volleyed back to her.

“Maybe, but you told me both she AND Rachel are…. how did you put it?... Very accommodating? So, is she then using you to make me happy or is she using me to make you happy?”

“She just wants us both happy. I’m a horny guy and she must have picked up on you crushing on me” I stumbled over those last few words and felt myself blush.

“Exactly. That was the conclusion I arrived at about half an hour ago. So if she is OK with us being together, then I want YOU to take my cherry.”

Tasha said looking me dead in the eye, while taking a slow step towards me.

“What?! You’re a virgin?”

I said that with not nearly the shock I felt. It came out softer, more gentle than I had thought I could muster. I was genuinely surprised, especially after all the sex talk yesterday. Perhaps her arms wrapping around my waist and her advancing lips were muddling my mind.

Tasha ignored my question and a second later our lips met. Her lips were soft, and the kiss, timid, a bit nervous, but electrifying nonetheless. I opened my eyes and saw her bottle green eyes asking for more. They asked me to make the next move. They asked me to signal that I wanted her. I answered their request.

I pulled her in tight and kissed her passionately. Her lips parted to accept my eager tongue and I felt my hard on, resume full attention. My hand dropped to Tasha’s waist, and then down farther, feeling for the first time the ass I had lusted over for years. The fabric of Tasha’s dress was thin and I could feel the bare skin underneath. She was likely wearing a thong, but the thought that I was less than a millimeter of cloth away from her shapely ass amped me up and I kissed her even harder.

Tasha enthusiastically returned my kisses and I felt her hands roaming my body. I felt her squeeze my ass and then she moaned softly as she tightened her grip. I pushed her back and saw a confused look come across her face. I think she was expecting me to admonish her for being handsy. Not likely. My thoughts had returned to earlier this morning, when I saw Tasha approaching my car, and how her tits were straining to break free. I wanted to help them.

“I’ve wanted to do this all morning” I said with a grin

I grasped either side of her dress top and slowly pulled the elastic portion down. I watched, completely captured by the sight, as her cleavage appeared, grew deeper, and then cleared the half way point. I thought of just tugging it completely down and off, but the submission Tasha was granting me was too arousing to rush. The tops of her areola appeared, marking the apogee of this exercise. Then in an instant the dress cleared her ample bosom and gathered itself underneath, giving me the view I had desired.

Tasha’s breasts were milky white, with just a hint of tan lines. Redheads burn easily and Tasha did not temp the fates. Her areolas were smaller than I had expected, about the size of a bottle cap. I watched as they tightened into tight little knots before my eyes. I lightly touched one nub with my thumb and then gave that breast a healthy squeeze.

“Ohhhhhhh” Tasha moaned “I like having my boobs played with.”

That sounded like an invitation and I bent down to take her nipple into my mouth. I sucked on it deeply, feeling the rubbery knot with my tongue.

“Ummmmmm. Yeah. Like that” Tasha moaned again.

My free hand found her other breast and kneaded it, roughly. It’s firmness acted as a challenge, begging me to handle it without care; to try to break down it’s resistance.

“Pinch my nipple” Tasha begged.

I had not expected that, but I was game. I lightly pinched the nub of one nipple as I lightly bit on the other.

“Ohhhhhh, Ron! Fuck, that feels good” she purred.

I sucked and tongue-danced her erect cherry, allowing the sensual pleasure to invade my body and make me ache to have Tasha. My manipulations of her breasts had not gone unappreciated.

“Godddd. Ron, Ohhhhh” She moaned out, adding little groans of pleasure as I mauled her ripe melons.

I am much taller than the the 5’4” Tasha, even in heels, so between the ache in my neck and the ache in my loin, I stood up to gain a respite from one and to indulge the other. I pivoted behind Tasha, and firmly grabbed both of her breasts. I could feel their weight, as I kneaded them vehemently, and used them as handles to pull her in tight to me.

“Ohhhhhhh. My nipples, Ron” Tasha begged

I maneuvered my hands so her small areola bled out between two fingers. Each time I squeezed her breasts, I pinched the sensitive flesh earning me a grind into my crotch with her still covered ass.

I released Tasha’s tits, quickly moved my hands down to the top of her dress, which was still holding it’s own just below Tasha’s chest. With one quick motion, and going down on my knee, I pulled her dress down to her ankles. My face was now inches from Tasha’s full round bottom. I could not help myself, I leaned in and lightly bit it.

“Ron!” she half shrieked, half giggled and spun around to face me. It was now, with her red pubic hair directly in front of me, that I noticed she was not wearing panties. I looked up.

“You went commando, for me?” I said teasingly.

Tasha blushed as she replied

“I did it to be as distracting as I could for Jacob”

“Huh, what you say? Something was distracting me.” I deadpanned.

With that I pulled her down to join me on the floor. I enveloped her in my arms and kissed her as deeply as I had ever kissed anyone, Kim included. That thought should have tweaked my conscience, but I didn’t even pause as my left hand found one of Tasha’s luscious breasts. She pulled back from our kiss, tilted her head back and moaned.

“Ohhhhhhhh, Ron. I like that. Harder. My nipple, please”

I mauled her breast and began to kiss her neck. The dichotomy of pleasure and pain was ratching up her own lust. She began to try to undo my pants. She fumbled with the button, as I found her nipple and pinched the nub.

“Owwww” she moaned out in a voice straining to decide if it felt like heaven or hell.

I pushed her back gently, and she took the cue and laid back, moving her arms to above her head, surrendering her body to me. I admired her curves as I pulled off my shirt and shoes. I then stood to remove the rest of my cloths and joined her on the carpeted floor of the living room.

Tasha spread her legs offering me her treasure. I knelt between her legs and leaned into to resume tasting her full lips. She began to bring her arms up and I stopped her.

“I think I like you like this.” I said

Tasha did not resist as I moved her arms back above her head. I nibbled on her ear lobe, and then kissed down to her neck; where I lingered for a few moments, distracting myself until I moved down to enjoy Tasha’s breasts.

She sensed what I was doing and her breathing became more rapid. I latched on to her breasts with both hands and squeezed them like I was 16 and these were my first pair of tits. They were firm and ripe and I so wanted to put my cock between them.

“God, these feel nice” I said as I lowered myself to them and took one tightly knotted nipple into my mouth and I kneaded the other breast harshly.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh!” Tasha let out a loud moan.

I sucked and squeezed harder, lightly biting on her nub and earning more moans and purrs of pleasure.

“Yesssss! Like that!”

I moved my attention to the other nipple and pinched the nub firmly and pulled. It stretched out unwillingly and I released it, letting it spring back.

“Ow!” Tasha said, but she did not sound like she was in pain and I attacked the areola, sucking hard, and squeezing her firm breast at the same time.

“Ohhhh. Please, Ron! I want you inside me. Please.” Tasha begged.

I was willing, but I had one more pleasure I wanted to enjoy.

I got up and adjusted so I was straddling Tasha’s waist, and then looked her over, longingly. She had kept her hands above her head in a submissive position, and her milky, cherry topped breasts rose and fell with her heavy breathing. She was sweating and Tasha glowed with sexual arousal and seemed to exude an intoxicating vulnerability that begged for me to take her, and take her hard.

“I’m not done with your tits, Tasha” I said as moved up to put by rock hard cock between her melons.

“Hold your tits together” I said.

Tasha did as she was told and I rewarded her by pinching each nipple as I slowly rocked back and forth. The erotism of feeling my hard cock slide between her large breasts, as Tasha held them to make my love nest tight, had me building rapidly to a climax.

I watched as the head of my cock would appear at the top of her tits, pointing a path to Tasha’s full lips, and then disappear as I pulled back. Each forward stroke was maddening in the way it drove me to want to pound away at Tasha’s body. Her own sounds of pleasure did not help.

“Oh, God. Ron, this feels good. Yes. Ohhhh. Yes”

I was beginning to wonder that if her own nipple manipulations were getting her this close to cumming, what would happen when I was in her tight pussy. I had to find out.

I stopped, reached down and grabbed both breasts and squeezed them hard, making sure I tweaked her nipples with my thumbs and forefingers.

“God, I love your tits, Tasha.”

She just looked up at me, longingly. It was not hard to figure out that she was ripe and ready.

I rolled off of her on to my back beside her and beckoned her.

“Climb on.”

She looked at me puzzled a second, expecting me to take her in the missionary position. I wanted her on top. I really did love those tits.

“I’m still not done with those luscious tits of yours” I clued her in.

She rolled over and on top of me in one graceful motion. My cock was directly in front of her and she looked at it.

“Maybe it needs to be lubricated a little first” I suggested with an impish tone in my voice.

Tasha was game and did not hesitate as she scooted back and then took me into her wet, warm mouth. Tasha may be a virgin, but this was not her first blow job. She knew exactly what she was doing. She tongue massaged the underside of my cock, as she sucked on my entire organ. I immediately felt a full body shiver take me as she began to slide up and down on me.

“Oh, Fuck, Tasha”

She looked up at me and her eyes gave me a sly smile.

I intertwined my hands in her red mane, and she allowed me to control both the pace and depth. I had expected her to resist, but she was giving herself to me completely. My cock was screaming me for to pound her mouth, erupt like Mt. Vesuvius and send my seed down her throat. I could feel myself getting closer to point of no return. Just a few more strokes would do it. All I had to do was give in and slam my cock down her throat and I would explode. But, I wanted her cherry.

I willed myself to stop and using her hair I slowly pulled her off of my cock, and brought her face to mine. I kissed her deeply, as I felt her fumbling for my throbbing member. She found it almost instantly, and I knew there was no denying her any longer. She sat up and rose onto her knees, gripping and guiding my cock to her virginal pussy. I was breathing rapidly in my own anticipation. I felt the tender softness of her outer lips as my cock brushed them, and then a little tightness around the head, as she found her opening.

She looked at me with her mouth partially open and eyes out of focus, as she slowly impaled herself with my cock. Tasha was so tight, but also very wet. I could feel myself slowly cleave a path into her body, letting her control her descent. I don’t think her hymen was intact, as there was no point of added resistance; just a slow, pleasurable descent into the tightest pussy I had ever had.

“Ohhhhhhh” Tasha moaned out as she finished taking all of me inside her.

My hand had been on her hips, resting, not guiding or forcing her on to me. Her moan reminded me why I had chosen this position and I bent her towards me. Both breasts moved slowly off her chest and swung towards me. I captured one with each hand and guided her right nipple into my mouth and sucked on it like I was a famished child.

“Oh. Oh. God.” Tasha spat out and she started to move up and down, stoking my cock with pussy.

She was in complete control down there. My cock was her tool and she was going to use it to explode into the orgasm she had dreamed about. I was just a few steps from heaven myself. I had never had an orgasm while sucking on the girl’s tit. The idea had me bucking to meet Tasha’s own thrusts.

I alternated between her boobs. First sucking on one nipple and then other. The one absent my mouth’s attention was being squeezed, almost violently, and it’s nipple pinched and tweaked. Both areolas were drawn into tight rubbery knots that were an orgasm inducing joy to play with.

“Yesssssssss! Oh, Fuck! Yessssssss!” Tasha screamed.

I had been so focused on her breasts and my own approaching climax, I did not notice how quickly Tasha had ramped up and flown over the edge. She slammed down on top of me, trying to make my cock pierce her deeper and coax another increment of pleasure from me.

For my part I squeezed her left nipple between my thumb and forefinger, and sucked as hard as could on her right nipple. My left hand was on Tasha’s back, pushing her, trying find another fraction of an inch of pussy.

She collapsed on top of me and took in a deep breath.

“Oh, God that was intense.” That was the greatest experience of my life!”

If my cock was not in panic over it’s state of impending explosion, I might have been embarrassed. But, as Bruno was calling the shots I could only breathe out

“I..I haven’t cum yet.”

“Ron, I’m yours” Do anything you want to me”

I almost came right then.

“Anything? I want your ass” I blurted out before my mind could censor the inner demon begging to be released.

I had spent years sneaking a glance of Tasha’s shaply ass and lusting over it. Only in my wildest fantasies did I think I would ever have a shot of fucking it.

“Can we do it from here? Will it hurt?” she asked hurriedly.

We could definitely do it with her on top of me.

“It will hurt some, but we can go slow and you can control the pace” I said quickly and excitedly.

I got as much saliva as I could on to my right fingers and did my best to lubricate Tasha’s forbidden opening. As my hand moved away, I felt Tasha’s warm hand firmly grasp my organ and move it back towards her still virgin ass. The head of my cock touched her sphincter and I willed myself to hold still as she pushed herself onto my diamond hard member.

I felt her squirm and adjust as her body resisted the intrusion. It was almost painful as her unyielding body pushed against my cock. It was a fight. Would her tight little muscle yield before my cock started to soften? I got my answer as her forbidden opening relaxed just enough and the head of my anxious cock popped in.

Tasha jumped and I felt her ass squeeze my cock.

“Are you OK?” I asked, praying that she was not discouraged. Her ass was so tight and inviting. I noticed I was unconsciously pushing on her hips. I could not help myself. I was so close to ravishing Tasha; to taking the last of her sexual favors. I was so horny it hurt.

“Ye…yeah. Yeah.” She stuttered out in a whisper. “I need to relax a second”

I needed to ram my cock deep inside her bowel and get release from the cries of lust from my own loin. I willed myself to take my hands off her hips and to use them to bend her back down to me. Her large and shapely breasts swung to towards my face and I caught each one with a hand and I squeezed them. Hard. I had to release some sexual energy and this seemed like the surest way.

“Nipples!” Tasha spat out.

She was somewhere inside herself, fighting pain and needing pleasure as ammunition. I took one nipple between my thumb and forefinger and gave it a firm pinch as I pulled her other breast towards my mouth. Just as I began to suckle her firm mound Tasha pushed down with her hips and I felt my cock cleave her ass apart.

“Ohhhhhh” We moaned out together and then I redoubled my efforts on her melons. I sucked hard on her right breast and I pinched and twisted her left nipple.

One more push from Tasha and I was buried balls deep into her tight, virginal ass. I grabbed her by the back of the head, violently pulling her down to me, and gave her a deep, wet kiss. She moaned into my mouth and I kissed her hard.

My hands released her head and breast and they found their way back to Tasha’s hips. I was deep inside her bowel and it was time to pound the ass I had lusted over for years. I was not sure how much control I had and prayed I would not hurt her. But, the demon was now in charge and I pulled my cock mostly out of her tight bottom and then pushed in with as much control as I could muster.

“Ahhhhhhhh” Tasha gasped and pulled away from my embrace.

I think it hurt more than she expected, but she did not jerk away. Her left breast swayed close to my mouth and I captured the nipple and began to suck on it as hard as I could. I half expected her to tense as I pulled back out, but she began to relax. My next thrust was met with less resistance and only a moan of pleasure and my mouth sought to draw more such pleasure from her firm breast.

I had a handful of Tasha’s ass in each of my palms and was holding her tightly into one position. Her little moan of pleasure gave my subconscious permission to unleash the demon and I began to thrust into her Tasha harder and harder. Her ass was squeezing my cock, trying to milk pleasure from it. Instead of releasing sexual tension with my mouth and hands, each squeeze of her ass, each pull on her tightly knotted nipple seemed to drive me deeper and deeper.

As my hips violently met her ass, as I bottomed out time and time again, I was pushed closer and closer to the edge. My explosion was coming and I braced for the cry of pain that would come from Tasha as the bullets from my cock would tear through her. With one final thrush up from me, while pulling her down to meet my cock I erupted into Tasha’s ass.

The cry I had expected came. But it was not from Tasha. I heard myself yell in pleasure as my balls emptied themselves into Tasha. The pleasure enveloped me and I could no longer perceive anything that was happening outside of the torrent of semen I was pumping inside of my red-headed lover. I felt my balls pulse a total of three times, issuing what must have been a gallon of my seed into her. I pulled her hard into me, and I tried to drive another incher deeper into her bowel.

As my senses returned I noticed I still not only had Tasha’s breast in my mouth, I still had a vacuum grip around her areola. As I released it she squealed and covered it with her hand.

“It hurt when you let it go.” She said startled, but then recovered “That was one fucking intense orgasm.

“You’re telling me!” I gasped out, now realizing that most of the oxygen had left the room. Then my full senses returned and I went cold with panic

“Fuck! Did I hurt you?! Are you OK?!

“My boobs are going to be purple, my nipple is on fire, and I’m going to walk funny for a week, but that second orgasm was so fucking worth it.” She cooed.

“You came just now?” I said a little surprised.

“Fuck, did I come! Where were you?”

Tasha the Smart Ass had returned. Tasha the Masochist had been satisfied and crawled back into the locked room where she was kept, waiting to be released another day.

Tasha collapsed on top of me and I hugged her gently, as my breathing started to return to normal. We just laid there of the floor holding each other, neither of us wanting to spoil the moment.

“Now what?” I finally said

“You go back to Kim and I jump in the shower.” She answered

“There’s a conversation I’m looking forward to” I said “I can hear it now. ‘Did you fuck Tasha?’ she will ask and then I have to decide to tell her the truth or lie”

“What are you going to say?’

I sighed. “The truth. But, I’m going to avoid as many details as I can. I can’t see any good coming of that.”

She agreed with me as we both got up off the floor and started gathering our cloths. I admired Tasha’s body as she stooped and squatted to pick up her discarded garments. She caught me staring.

“What?” she asked with genuine curiosity in her voice.

“You’re beautiful” I answered.

Tasha just rolled her eyes and stood up. She walked over and I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her tenderly. She returned my kiss and I felt her grab my ass with both hands.

“One more for the road?” she asked as she began to lead me to her bedroom.

An hour later I was exhausted, showered, and dressed. Tasha sent me on my way with a deep kiss. She pulled back, smiled impishly, as she said


I just shook my head as I walked back to my car. I was home much faster than I wanted to be. I checked my cell phone and it was nearly 2 PM. I needed to get back to the morque.

‘Christ’ I thought. This day is disappearing quick. We were going to go to Dr. Rosencranz at 8 PM tonight. That should be late enough for everyone to have gone home, but still early where a light on would not attract too much attention.

I walked into the house was greeted by the sight of Rachel in her yoga leotard in one of the “Yes, I could fuck her” positions. But, I had cum twice in the last 90 minutes and while Rachel looked very inviting, I felt no strong signal from my antenna.

“Hi, Rachel’s butt” I said in greeting.

“Hi, Ron the Ass” she returned with no humor in her voice.

I was really starting to wonder why I was putting myself through all of this.

“Don’t mind her” said Kim from the direction of the kitchen. “She got her period this morning and is bitchier than normal”

I could testify to that. My ex-wife was the poster-girl for PMS. She always seemed to be a little more sexually available in the days leading up to Aunt Flo’s visit. But the week of she was testy, bitchy, and down right mean. Of course, I didn’t have to care now, and I didn’t. I walked into the kitchen and pulled up short as I entered.

“Fuck! It’s a good thing you’re not frying bacon.”

Kim was naked except for a waist apron and a pair of flats. She bounded over to meet me and I felt her bare breasts crush into my chest as she gave me a deep wet kiss.

She pulled back and asked

“How did it go at the crematorium?

“As perfect as could be” I began “Tasha wore a short dress that showed off her ‘assets’ nicely. Jacob couldn’t keep his eyes off of her. I think I could have stolen his pants if I’d wanted to”

Kim giggled in delight and pulled me back in for a kiss.

“Do you want to go celebrate?” she said as she ground her body into mine for emphasis.

“Shit!” I thought

“Rain check?” I said weakly.

Kim grinned mischievously. “Did Tasha fuck you again today? I never knew she was such a nymph”

I felt my anger rise just a bit.

“Kim nothing happened last night. We just talked and had a few drinks. It was nice to blow off some of the tension”

“But, you said that ‘Tasha was great.”, when I asked last night.” Kim responded with a smidgeon of her own anger.

I was a little confused. “Are you getting mad because I did not sleep with your best friend?”

“Well,…No” she said, not convincingly.

“If it makes you happy, I fucked her twice this afternoon to make up for it”

I regretted the words as they came out of my mouth, because I said them to wound her. She was making me mad by first insinuating that her best friend was a slut, and now getting angry because I had told her I hadn’t been with Tasha. I expected a slap in the face, but her face softened.

“Well, that explains the lack of reaction to my outfit. I was beginning to think you didn’t find me sexy.” She pouted.

This whipsawing was making my head hurt. So I let instinct take over. I pulled her in to me, kissed her hard, and grabbed her bare ass with my free hand.

“Ewwwww!” I heard from the other room. “Get a room” Rachel snarled.

“Bitch.” We said together and laughed. I pulled back and asked

“What smells good?’

I never eat breakfast and I had skipped lunch. Between the crematorium and Tasha, food never entered my mind. The smell from the kitchen had awakened that unsatisfied need.

“Crockpot Chili” Kim said “I started it this morning. It’s done enough, if you want a bowl”

I did and Kim buzzed around the kitchen, getting a bowl, spoon, crackers, cheese, and some onions she had chopped. It was an unusual experience to see a near naked woman flitting from place to place preparing to serve me. Her tiny apron covered her hips and down to mid thigh in the front. But, from the back nothing was hidden from my view. She made a point of bending at the waist when getting the onions and cheese from the frig. I thought her cunt seemed to be swollen. I wondered if this was making her horny. I was becoming a little aroused as Kim’s body was displayed in new and interesting angles. In a couple of minutes a piping hot bowl of chili and the various accoutrements were in front of me. I was about to dig in when an idea popped into my head.

“Kim? I’m sorry that I don’t want to have sex right now. Are you OK?’

“I’ll be fine.” She said, and it sounded like she meant it. But, the answer she gave was not “No dear, I’m not horny at all. I’ll be fine” She was horny. And what kind of man would I be if I didn’t satisfy that hunger in her.

“Rachel!” I yelled “Get that cute ass of yours in here!”

I hear her stomp over. She walked a single step into the kitchen, put her hands on her hips, and huffed at me.


“Attitude, missy” I said with a hint of both menace and mirth. “Kim has a problem. She needs to cum and I’m,….unavailable” I said searching for the right word.

“So how about if you eat Kim’s pussy while I eat my lunch. If you do a really good job, I won’t fuck you up that incredibly tight and shapely ass of yours”

Rachel unconsciously put a hand on her bottom, protecting it from the thought of another violation. Kim smiled, walked over to the other side of the kitchen table, eased herself up on to it’s edge and then laid back with her legs dangling over the side. Her head was just inches from my bowl of chili, so I leaned in to give her a kiss. She giggled at the absurdity of the situation.

“Bon Appetit” I said to Rachel.

Rachel was not pleased in the least. She scowled back at me, but did not argue or give me any lip. She walked over to her sister and as casually as if she was bending to look into the refrigerator, she lifted Kim’s apron and began to work on her sister’s pussy.

Kim and I had come to the conclusion that Rachel was probably gay. This would explain why she hated to have sex (I thought it was me) when we were married. But, as Rachel had agreed to do my sexual bidding in exchange for my help, Kim and I had both noticed that she seemed to enjoy being with another woman more than anything else.

Kim was enjoying it, too. As soon as Rachel had her head buried in Kim’s nether region, Kim arched her back slightly, closed her eyes, and began to moan softly. I watched with raptured interest, while mindlessly spooning chili into my mouth. Each little groan that Kim made would cause my heart to jump.
I pictured Rachel’s tongue licking first the outside of Kim’s slick pussy, and then caressing the inside. My mind could see her using her fingers to gently splay Kim’s delicate lips and to expose her love pea for more direct stimulation.

I had to imagine this, because Rachel’s head was covered by the denim apron. But, Kim’s chest and her exquisite 36-C cups were in full view. I found myself intently staring at them, watching them bounce and jiggle as Kim squirmed under the tongue lashing her pussy was receiving. Sweat was beginning to glisten on her forehead as her temperature climbed.

“Oh, God, Rachel. That feels so good! Please, please more of that”

Rachel’s covered head continued to bob and swirl under the apron, quickening it’s pace as Kim begged for more attention.

“Fuck, Rachel! I’m getting close! Don’t stop!”

Kim was rocking the whole table with her pelvic jerks, struggling to hold still. Kim’s nipples had hardened into tight little gumdrops, begging for someone to take them into their mouth. Her firm breasts needed to be squeezed.

Then my cock tapped me on the shoulder and reminded me that I didn’t have to just watch. My bowl was empty and my cock was hard. I stood up and Kim opened her eyes as my chair’s groan announced I was moving.

“Please, Ron” Kim moaned out

I knew what she wanted, so I leaned in and kissed her. She returned my kiss, not with one of unrequited love, but one fueled by burning lust. I matched her and my left had found her right breast and I mauled it roughly, feeling the gumdrop’s hardness against my palm.

“Ummmmmmm!” Kim groaned into my mouth, as her own lust jumped a notch.

I pulled away from Kim and quickly got out of my pants, nearly tripping in the process. Rachel for her part had not stopped eating her sister’s cunt. As I moved behind Rachel, I was once again stuck by how nice her ass was. She was still in her leotard, which perfectly cleaved her ass cheeks, suggesting that something else needed to be in between them as well. I had promised, but it looked so nice, so inviting.

I moved behind Rachel and grabbed her hips and ground my pelvis into her, feeling my cock being scratched by the synthetic material guarding her most private areas. Rachel jerked up, apparently oblivious to my movements, until this instant..

“No! Ron! You promised!” she begged.

I had, so I spun her around and kissed her aggressively. She fought for just an instant, and then relented, allowing my tongue to explore her mouth. My hand found the back of her head and I grabbed a handful of her blond mane and pushed her on her knees.

Rachel knew what I wanted and she took me into her mouth and I shivered as her warm mouth enveloped my organ.

“Kim, scootch down closer and get that apron off!” I commanded.

Kim immediately brought her hips off of the table and untied the bow of her apron. She flung it across the room and moved down until she was nearly hanging off my butcher-block table.

I enjoyed the favors of Rachel’s mouth for only a couple of additional strokes, and then I pulled out, ignoring her completely. Of their own volition my arms swept Kim’s tanned legs up and on to my shoulders and I buried myself into her hot cunt in one hard and penetrating motion.

“Ohhhhhhhhh!” Kim screamed out in pleasure. “Fuck me! Fuck me, Ron!”

I needed no encouragement. I was immediately pounding her pussy like it had insulted my mother. I wanted to drive my cock through her and then erupt a fire hose inside her that would extinguish all the fire that burned in us both.

Kim had set the table rocking before. But, I was seriously endangering the integrity of the legs. I was praying it would last long enough. Rachel had regained her feet and walked over to the other side. In one motion she lifted her top off, exposing her bare breasts and then brought her hand down to support the table with her weight.

My mind registered so many things at once. Rachel’s perfect breasts bouncing in time to both my own thrusts into Kim and Kim’s own bouncing globes. How the table now felt more solid and how close I was getting to my third orgasm of the afternoon.

“Ron! Ron! Ron!’ Kim matched time with each slam of my hips.

Each word from her was gasoline fueling my desire to pump harder. I pressed her legs farther back, watching as her knees touched her face and I rammed my cock into her even harder.

“God! Don’t stop! Don’t you dare fucking stop!” Kim screamed

This was both a challenge and an insult. My ego was not about to let that go unanswered and I pulled back farther with each thrust so I could ram deeper and harder with each new plunge.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck” Kim screamed out. They were just words. They matched no rhythm. They had no meaning, except to signal that she was about to go over the edge.

“Yessssssssss! Kim yelled loudly, actually startling me.

I felt her pussy tighten, but it did almost nothing to impede my own progress. I pressed her legs farther down, her knees now touching her ears. Her pussy was mine. It was unprotected by anything and vulnerable to whatever I cared to do. I lasted only two strokes past Kim’s orgasm when I felt my balls contract and my semen erupt into her.

I slammed my hips into Kim trying to drive my cock through her and into the table. My senses once again left me and I felt only my cock scream its own relief by spewing it’s load deep inside my lover. I was amazed at the volume that I felt coming out. There couldn’t have been any fluid left inside me.

Sanity returned and I focused on Kim. She still had a semi-vacant look to her and was not all the way back from her trip to heaven. Then her eyes focused and she smiled.

“Did Tasha make you come like that?’ she asked

“No” I said, mentally comparing and contrasting the orgasms and deciding that a true answer would be much more complicated than one word could ever convey.

I relaxed my hold on Kim and let her bring her legs back to a more comfortable position.


A wet and warm dish rag hit me in the face.

“Are you guys done with me?! Can I be ‘dismissed’?’ Rachel asked in very sarcastic voice.

“Yeah, you’re dismissed” answered Kim with her own spat of sarcasm.

As Rachel spun around and stormed out of the kitchen I called after her

“Th..thanks, Rachel! You were great!” I called after her sincerely

She did do a good job on Kim and even gave me a little show that I hadn’t asked for. I couldn’t help but wonder, as I began to clean my lover, what her motivation for the extra was. My moment of guilt had not lasted long.

Kim got up and groaned.

“Owwwwwwww. Now I’m sore. God, not that I didn’t like it, but what the hell got into you?

I was wondering that myself, but as an immediate answer was needed to defuse the situation I settled for;

“You two got me so hot with your girl-on-girl show; I guess I got carried away.”

Kim beamed like I had paid her a supreme compliment.

Let’s go get a shower and maybe a nap?” Kim suggested

I thought both sounded like a good idea. But, then reality hit me. I was supposed to be at work! I had never intended to get carried away with Tasha and Kim. What the fuck would Dr. Syygo say? Then I relaxed as I remembered Dr Syygo had taken the day off.

“Just a sec, Kim. I need to call the office.”

I did and told Savannah, Dr Syygo’s secretary, that things at the crematorium had taken much longer that I had expected. She said that all was quiet and that nothing new had come up. I breathed a quiet sigh of relief. When Savannah suggested I just play hooky the rest of the day and couldn’t help but smile. There was an easy decision, but I made her convince me before I hung up.

“I’m yours for the rest of the day.” I announced to Kim

She wrapped her arms around me, kissed my gently and said

“Shower. Nap. Get ready for this evening.”

I rolled my eyes, pretending that I wanted more of her tight body, but we both knew the truth; I was fucked out and this evening was going to require us at full strength. A half hour later we were sound asleep in each other’s arms.

I woke up at about 5 PM completely amazed I was able to sleep. It must have been all the sex, I thought, grinning to myself. Then reality took a bite out of my buzz and brought me back down to earth. Rachel, Kim, Tasha, and I were about to unlawfully enter a building, bring in a stolen corpse, take unauthorized dental X-rays, place those X-rays in the file of my ex-wife, and then steal the real ones. I don’t know which of those are felonies and which are mere misdemeanors, but we would all be hip deep in a river of shit if things did not go well.

I got up and went searching for Kim. She was in bed with me when I awoke. I heard voices coming from downstairs, and with the deductive powers of Sherlock Holmes, figured she and Rachel were the origin.

I caught a snatch of conversation when I got closer. It sounded like Rachel finished a question with the words

“…..distracted enough?”

The conversation halted without an answer to the question, as I finished descending the stairs and walked into the kitchen.

“Who’s distracted enough?” I asked eyeing the Crockpot full of chili.

“Obviously you.” Said Kim in a mock sneer. “Don’t you ever think of anything other than your stomach”

“Of course. I think of sex a lot, too” I said with exaggerated sincerity.

“Don’t I know it” mumbled Rachel, just audible enough.

I ignored her and made a bee line to the crock pot. Kim got up to help with bowls and condiments. We ate, but talked surprisingly little. It was starting to get real again. I was worried about the laundry list of things that could go wrong tonight and then I blurted out.


Both girls jumped, looked at me, and in unison responded with one excited word


“Wheelchair! We need a fucking wheelchair! It will be so much easier to get the body in and out of Dr. Rosencranz’s office”

At that moment the backdoor swung open and all three of us about came out of skin.

“Ahhhhhhhh! I yelled

“Jesus!” said a flustered Tasha as she walked in. “What the fuck is wrong with you?”

I let out a sigh and Kim and Rachel laughed nervously at my expense.

There was some back forth between the ladies and I, which ended with me getting the short end of the stick. But in short order Tasha had pulled up a chair and Kim was spooning her up a bowl of chili.

The conversation now picked up and was focused exclusively about tonight’s plan. Surprisingly, Tasha led the discussion, going over the plan step by step, assigning specific duties even as far as who would open which door. She had even anticipated the wheelchair and let us know that there was one at the office. It was old and seldom used, but it would work. We spend almost two solid hours going over the plan until we were all sick of it. But, it had really helped to pass the time and we were feeling confident, if not proud of what we were about to do. Tasha wrapped up the meeting with a formal announcement. I was sure I knew what was coming.

“Guys, here it is. After we finish up tonight, I’m out. Kimmy, you my best friend in the world and I would do anything to help you and Rachel out. But, I’m not feeling right about this whole thing. I know why we are doing it, and that is why I’m in whole-heartedly tonight. But, once we are back here tonight, I’m done. I don’t want to get any deeper in trouble. I hope you guys understand.”

I said nothing, but Kim was emotional right away.

“Oh, Tasha! You’ve been such a huge help already and I completely understand. I can’t thank you enough for agreeing to help us tonight! This part is so important to keep Rachel safe. Right, Rachel?”

Rachel had not reacted outwardly, but responded at Kim’s prompting.

“Kim is right” Rachel began, a little coolly if ask me. “I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve already done and for tonight. We really couldn’t do this without your help”

Rachel had added more emotion and sounded sincere as she got deeper into her words. Then the sisters looked at me. I had known this was coming, all though I thought she might say something after we were done.

“Tasha, are you sure? You have been a huge help.” was the best I could offer

There were hugs all around and Kim and Tasha both started to get teary.

“Ladies, we have to get a move on. We still need to load up our Rachel double” I said.

That galvanized things started working just like we had planned. Tasha went to get my car, Kim and I would wrestle the body out of the freezer, and Rachel would open the doors and help get her in the back seat. Tasha would drive. Kim would ride shotgun. That left Rachel and I to keep our Rachel double upright and looking like a normal passenger. Having a plan helped us focus and forget that we were about to tour around the Denver-Metro area with a dead body.

The ride, however, made it impossible to forget what we were doing. All everyone in the car, except Tasha, had to do was wait. Julia was cold as ice, but I was sweating bullets. We pulled out of the driveway and we hadn’t gone 100 yards before I was telling Tasha to watch her speed. About the third time all three ladies yelled

“Shut up!”

I swallowed hard and tried to think about the next part of the plan. We would pull around to the back of the building. Tasha would position the car near the back door and then go up front to open the door using her mother’s borrowed keys. Tasha would bring the wheelchair out through the back. Kim and I had the chore of getting the body into the chair while Rachel played lookout. Tasha would go to get the x-ray machine turned on and ready to take pictures.

Once inside Rachel was to go find her medical file. That would be where her prior x-rays were at. Kim and I would get the body into the dental chair. Tasha would take the pictures while Kim and I would help to hold the body in the correct position. Tasha, the soon-to-be-dental-hygenist, would then develop the film and check that we got what we needed. Once that was confirmed, Tasha would replace the x-rays in Rachel’s file with the ones from the dead body. Kim, Rachel, and I would get the body back into the backseat. Kim would return the wheelchair and Tasha would set everything back to normal. If everything went right we should be in and out in fifteen or twenty minutes. Twenty-five tops.

We were almost to Dr. Rosencranz’s office as that final thought went through my mind. I felt a little better, but the butterflies were the size of carrier pigeons in my stomach and I felt sick. I looked at each of the girls in turn. Only Julia Swenson looked cool and collected. Being dead helped.

We pulled in the lot, drove around back, and parked. Four doors opened in harmony and four of the five occupants got out. Kim and I got the body ready to be dragged out the final few feet and we waited for Tasha. She opened the back door in what seemed like an eternity, but was probably less than a minute. Thirty seconds later we were all inside.

Dr. Rosencranz had yet upgrade to an electronic system that produced a digital image when an x-ray was taken. He still used the old bite strips. Tasha had the machine set up in minutes and Rachel brought out her file so Tasha could see exactly what was in it, the dates on the film, and whatever else she would have to try to replicate. We were taking pictures five minutes after that. Five more minutes and we had good shots. The dates matched what was on the old film and the angles were close enough. I was beginning to relax, which should have been the first clue something was about to go seriously wrong.

Kim and I had just gotten our Rachel stand-in into the wheelchair in preparation for the return trip to the car, when we all heard Tasha shout from the office area.

“Shit! You guys get in here!”

We all rushed into the front of the building and found Tasha hunched over her mother’s desk, looking at a letter.

“Ron, what do you make of this?” she said handing it to me

I looked at it and it was on Aurora Police Department letter-head and read:

Dr. Simon Rosencranz,

Per your request the Aurora Police Department will no longer respond to alarms initiated by your security service. We can again began dispatching officers to your location once you have provided a letter from your alarm company stating that the issue concerning false alarms has been repaired.

Please remember that your designee is now responsible to check the building in the event of an alarm. If you find any evidence of a break-in, DO NOT ENTER. Please call the Aurora Police Department or 911 and an officer will be dispatched.

In you have any questions or concerns please contact us at (303) 555-5555


Jack Swanson
Public Relations Officer
Aurora Police Department

“Fuck!” I yelled. “It means that Dr Rosencranz has a silent alarm and that likely someone is on the way. Any idea who Dr. Rosencranz would send?’ I asked Tasha

“Likely he would come himself. My mom is the only other person with a key and…..Fuck!.....and I have those! I am so busted if they call her!”

“Let’s get out of here!” Kim said and we all began to move.

“Oh, Fuck!” Tasha said looking out the office window “Dr. Rosencranz is here!”

We were hosed. There was not enough time to get out the back door, load up, and get gone before the dentist was through the front door.

“All of you get in the back, and be quiet! I will try to distract Dr. Rosencranz so you guys can get away!” Tasha ordered

“W..what are you going to do?” I asked, completely stunned.

“The only thing I can do.”, she said unbuttoning her blouse. “Move, guys he’s getting out of the car!”

We made a mad dash to the back room and quickly closed the door. I made a bold and probably stupid decision. I pulled the dead body out of the chair and dumped her on the floor. I quickly began to fold it up, hoping to quickly stash it in the back closet. I knew this would be noisy, but there would be no way to do it when the doctor was inside.

I was making a ton of noise, and that was earning me wide-eyed scowls and hand gestures advising me to cease and desist. The wheelchair collapsed into storage mode and I saw Kim’s eyes go even wider as she looked out the small window on the door.

Dr. Rosencranz must be inside I thought. I very, quietly, and slowly leaned the wheelchair inside the closet. I made a little noise, but it should not have been audible outside this room. I looked over at Rachel and Kim expecting them to be horrified and trying to shhhhh me, but their eyes were riveted to the door window. I couldn’t see anything, but Tasha’s voice drifted in.

“……… I decided to get you here and thank you properly.”

“Uh, um, Tasha, this is most irregular. You don’t have to thank me; I mean you already did thank me. I, uh, I, mean, I distinctly, recall, um, um, Tasha, uh, you shouldn’t, uh, I’m,”

I walked as quickly and silently as I could and positioned myself to look through the top of the window. I arrived just in time to see Tasha’s bra fall to the floor, revealing her DD cups to the good doctor.

Dr. Rosencranz was staring straight at what are likely the nicest tits he would ever see outside of a strip club or porno movie. I saw him nervously lick his top lip as Tasha took a step forward. Dr. Rosencranz actually took half a step back.

“Don’t be afraid, Dr Rosencranz” Tasha giggled “They won’t bite”

How the fuck she could giggle at a time like this was beyond me, but it snapped me back to the moment. I took a step back and gently pulled both ladies back and deeper into the back room.

“Listen, I am guessing that some time very soon Tasha is going to be making a lot of noise as she is cumming…”

“Ewwwwww” hard whispered Rachel “She’s not going to actually let him fuck her!”

I glared at Rachel and then said back as harshly as my own whisper would allow

“You better fucking hope so, or he will hear us trying to leave! Rachel, so help me..”

“Ron!” Kim joined in, trying to get me to focus. She knew how Rachel could push my buttons

“Anyway, when the noise starts, we need to quickly and damn quietly drag the body out to the car, load her up, and get the fuck out of here! Tasha is not going to be able to distract him for long. The old guy probably hasn’t cum in two decades.”

They both nodded and we went back to the window to see what was going on.

“Oh, Tasha” we heard Dr Rosencranz groan out.

My eyes about popped out of my head as I looked through the window. He was standing with Tasha kneeling in front of him, and his pants were around his ankles. Tasha’s head was bobbing up and down, slowly. The doctor was beginning to get into it, as his hand weaved into Tasha’s red mane to try to speed her up and go deeper. She responded by stopping and pulling back.

She lay back and said is a husky whisper that had my own cock starting to respond.

“Please, Dr. Rosencranz, I love to have my boobs sucked on”

My cock may have been aroused, but I was getting a little pissed. There had to be another way. Someway other than having Tasha…..prostitute.. was the only word I could think of, herself for us.

The doctor took a step towards her and completely forgot his pants were acting as a hobble. He pitched forward, landing on Tasha. His flailing hand hit a metal trash can and sent it sprawling with a bang.

Luckily, Dr Rosencranz was a small man, about 5 foot tall and maybe 120 pounds. He caught himself with other hand, mostly, and ended up with his face in Tasha’s ample chest.

I saw Tasha roll her eyes and I almost bust out laughing at that. My anger subsided a bit, as I could tell Tasha was at least in control and not afraid. I guess her high school experience manipulating the boys was coming in handy.

“You are in a hurry, tiger.” Tasha said as the doctor lifted his red face out from Tasha’s cleavage.

She leaned in and kissed him. Then she kissed him again, and he relaxed a little and kissed Tasha. He was soon kissing her, very wetly, and with great urgency. He looked like he thought he was going to wake up very soon, and he wanted to get to the part where he was fucking his little red-headed goddess.

Tasha broke off the kiss and took in a deep breath and pushed the doctor’s thinning head down towards her ample bosom. The doctor resisted and looked puzzled for just an instant and then he began to suck and maul Tasha’s breasts.

Tasha shifted her attention to our door and saw us watching. She violently waved her hand in the universal “Get the fuck out of here” manner and we pulled ourselves back.

“Let’s get a move on. I think Tasha has his attention.”

My anger was gone. It was replaced by a deep respect for Tasha. I had an idea of what this meant to her. She was giving her body to someone she didn’t love, didn’t even particularly care for, and was doing it so we could finish committing a felony. We were going to owe her big time.

That thought brought me back as I watched Rachel quickly and quietly walk out of the back door to open the car door.

“Oh, No!” I thought “Did Tasha leave the keys in the ignition? Are the doors locked?”

Kim and I were picking up the dead body, me grabbing her under her arms and Kim taking the feet as I heard the back door of the car clack open. One problem averted.

“Oh, Yesss! Like that Dr. Rosencranz!” Tasha yelled out.

With my anger gone, Tasha words now had a more base effect on me. I was becoming more aroused, knowing that the good doctor was working voraciously on Tasha’s boobs. I wondered if Tasha was faking her pleasure or not. I had first hand knowledge of how much she really did like having her nipples sucked and tweaked.

“Doctor! Help me get these pants off!”

I pictured Tasha raising her sexy hips off the floor and undoing the latch. My mind’s eye could see the balding fiftyish Dr. Rosencranz frantically fighting his own pants, so he could sample a new and more pleasurable part of Tasha’s ripe body. I thought I knew what was coming next and it should make enough noise to get us finished.

“Please, Dr. Rosencranz, go down on me first.” I heard Tasha say in a poutish, almost girly voice. “I need to feel your tongue on my pussy.”

Even in the predicament we were in, I almost retreated back to the door, to see the doctor tongue lash the pussy I had sampled a few hours ago. Almost, I wasn’t nearly as far gone as the doctor was. I had a feeling we would have to knock down a wall to keep him from fucking Tasha until he exploded.

Between the three of us we got the body loaded. Kim got behind the wheel and turned the car over. Obviously the keys were still in the ignition. Rachel and I closed the door’s harder than we should have and the noise startled us all into silence for a second. Then I found my voice.

“Back out and take the alley. We will link up with road there”

“Fuck!” exclaimed Kim “Are we really going to leave Tasha?”

“We’ll come back, just as fast as we can get this body unloaded. But, NO SPEEDING”, I almost shouted as we bounced onto the street. “We can’t get pulled over. Tasha is not in any danger. Remember this was her choice”

I said that with much more conviction than I felt. It did feel really wrong to abandon her.

“Besides” started Rachel “It sounded like she was enjoying it”

“Fuck you, Rachel” I shouted as my anger spiked. Rachel had an unnaturally effective way of pushing my buttons. It had plagued me through out our marriage. I really hated her at this moment. But the sight of an approaching cop snapped me out of it.

“Cop!” I said through gritted teeth.

We passed each other and I don’t think he even glanced at us. My heart was pounding anyway and I felt sick to my stomach. I was making deals with God, begging him to let us all get through this. We made it home without any further incident. We hurriedly got the body back in the freezer and I was headed back to the car.

“Ron?’ Kim said very sheepishly “I have to go the bathroom. I really can’t hold it any more”

“Fuck! Kim, I’d rather not wait. Tasha is going to have trouble explaining why she has no ride back. Her car needs to be there if at all possible. We need to make that happen”

“I know. You should go.” Kim said making a beeline for the house.

I shouted after her

“Rachel is coming with me!”

“The fuck I am! You don’t need me!’ she retorted

“I don’t know what the fuck I will need. Maybe we will need another “distraction”. Maybe Dr. Rosencranz will want to fuck a blonde, too. Get your ass in the fucking car, now!” I commanded in my most menacing voice.

I was pissed and she knew it. She huffed at me, but quickly got in the back seat. With no dead body, I ignored the speed limits and took my chances that the odds would be with me. The odds and the lights did seem to conspire; as our drive time back was half what it took to get home. My plan was to drive past the front of the building to see if the doctor’s car was still there. If it wasn’t, I would pull around back. If it was I would drive around to the alley to see if Tasha was waiting in the back for us. I had no idea what story she would tell the doctor.

Not only were the lights and odds with us, fate was as well. As we approached I could see Tasha was standing, alone, by the front door. She was looking inside the door, probably at the doctor. I braked hard and flashed my lights. Tasha looked up, saw us, and her eyes went wide. She frantically motioned us to drive around back. We were past the entrance by then, so that left the alley. We were around the corner and approaching the alley in seconds. I cut the lights and drove slowly towards the back of the building. I made a mental coin flip and decided to park and cut the engine.

“Get down on the floor, Rachel!”

Rachel who had been silent this whole time, decided to continue this piece of good sense and said nothing as she complied. I unwedged myself from the driver’s side, and did my best to get onto the floor on the other side. I frozen in place when I heard Tasha’s voice

“See, Dr. Rosencranz? I’m all set. You don’t have to give me a ride”

“But, I could have sworn there was no car here, when I drove past.” He argued.

“Doctor. Maybe I should give you a ride home. Maybe your eyes are going.”

My heart leapt at those words. Was she fucking crazy! She had to know we were in the car. But, Tasha was crazy like a fox. The doctor inadvertently betrayed where Tasha was sure his mind would go, as he answered her.

“No, I better get going, too. I am sure my wife is going to be worried.” Then he added “Our little secret?”

“Of course!” she said emphatically “I don’t want my Mom finding out anymore than you want your wife to know”

There was an audible sigh from the doctor and a hurried kissing sound. Seconds later the front door was swinging open and Tasha poured herself in.

“Keep still until we are completely away.” She ordered.

I was not budging.
The car roared to life and we drove our front, just like a normal, not-hiding-anything-kind-of person would have done. I saw Tasha wave and smile and then we bounced onto the road. A full, excruciating minute passed before Tasha announced.

“Ok, it’s safe to get up”

I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding and then Rachel announced herself

“Me, too?” she said a bit loudly.

Tasha yelled and the car lurched as she startledly jerked the wheel.

“I brought Rachel” I said, and then added “Just in case”

“Just in case I needed a heart attack!” Tasha spat at me and the exhaled as she swallowed her heart back into place.

“I didn’t want to go!” Rachel said in her snooty voice that pissed off everyone who heard it. “Ron said I had to come because he didn’t know what to expect”

That explanation was fine. It was good. There was no need to say another word to get the point across. But, my darling ex-wife, as traffic-stopping beautiful as she is, never knows when to shut up.

“Some fucking plan that was.”

I breathed out in anger, took in a deep breath in preparation for the torrent of angry words, obscenities, and insults my temper was about to release, when Tasha touched my arm, looked at me and shook her head.

“I have a better idea.” She said and winked and smirked in a most evil way.

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This has been an awesome story. I didn't see any numbers so I'm reading them out of order and they are still amazing!! Thank you for writing them, you do an amazing job. I'm terrified that its all a plan to get Ron or something. I'm on the edge of my seat, up at two thirty a.m. cause I can't stop reading!!

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