This is a Nearly True Story.
House Girl Nine was abused by some folks here. I didn't think it deserved that harsh of a rating. I hope this story makes up for the disappointment. This story will not be continued, it's as complete and I want to make it. I say it's a nearly true story because it nearly happened. Except I didn't get a chance to fuck my buddies teenage step daughters, though I would have if I could have. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy!

This story, as are all the stories in this series, is almost true. This is how it really happened. Almost.

My best friend Brad and I grew up together. Hunting, fishing, girls, driving, drinking, and just about everything else we learned together. He knows more about my dirty secrets than anyone on the planet, even my wife. I know more about all the dirty secrets in his life than anyone else, even his wife. If he’d have been a girl, we probably would have ended up fucking each other’s brains out, but we had to settle for a couple of steamy mutual jackoff sessions and a couple other interludes. But those aren’t the details for this story. This is a story about his third wife, Ellen and her two daughters May and April.

Brad’s first wife, Lannie, left him after a few months of post-high school wedded bliss. We both knew they were too young, but his little head overruled his big head and he married for lust right after graduation. Married again at twenty-four, Brad’s second wife, Farrah, was really something special. Beautiful and artistic, we were all devastated when Farrah fell ill to leukemia after only one year of marriage and died in less than three months. Brad climbed into the bottle and swam around for several years, working for various farmers and truckers, driving anything that moved to pay for his drinking. I had my own life and got married, started a family and moved a couple states away. Got divorced. Still I was sick of seeing Brad trying to drink himself to death before he was thirty so I stayed away.

One summer afternoon, as preparations were underway for the county fair, Brad was called on to deliver a load of alfalfa hay to the horse barn for the young contestants. While he was there he met a no-nonsense woman ten years older than him. Her name was Ellen and she was plain to look at, but she had a huge heart and no capacity for bullshit. By this time Brad looked ten years older than his age and his thinning hair was starting to tint with gray. Still athletic enough to jump up onto a flatbed hay truck, and strong enough to throw bales all day without rest, he caught Ellen’s eye. She asked him out, and having no good reason to say no, Brad agreed. He suggested they meet at a local tavern for a beer and she told him that she didn’t abide by wasting her time in beer joints. She told him to come by their trailer behind the horse barn and she would cook him a good meal and introduce him to her girls.

Brad showed up on time, having washed his face and hands in a horse trough, slicked his hair back with water, and put on a semi-clean cowboy shirt from his hay truck. Ellen was in charge of the local 4-H club and during fair week, she and her daughters moved out to the fair grounds and took up residence in an old travel trailer towed there for fair week. If any of the club riders wanted to spend the night at the fair, Ellen was there to chaperone. The parents appreciated this. When Barry approached the fifth wheel trailer, he was impressed by the setup. Under the roll out awning was a table and chairs on a piece of outdoor carpet. They had put up decorations that made it seem homey and there were steaks cooking on the charcoal grill. To Brad, it was the first domestic scene he’d been a part of for six years. The two girls, red-haired seventeen year old April and blonde-haired fifteen year old May along with their mother, made Brad feel at home. From that evening on, he was part of their lives. Four months later, on New Year’s Eve, they were married. I stood beside Brad for the third time as his best man and despite the age difference, I was glad to see the two of them get hitched. After the wedding the two newlyweds climbed into their pickup truck and drove off to the coast for a week in a cottage without television or telephone. The girls, though old enough to care for themselves, were to have Ellen’s sister Karen stay with them. On New Year’s Day, just hours after the newlywed’s departed, Karen was caught with another man by her husband and holy hell broke loose. Karen’s husband drove back to St. Louis without her and the distraught Karen abandoned her responsibility to her nieces to chase after him to beg forgiveness.

By the time I heard about the last turn of events, I decided I would stick around and keep an eye on the girls myself. I went out to Ellen’s ranch, and found the two teen girls hard at work caring for the fifteen horses they used in their riding stable. I lent a hand for the afternoon and I was confident that these two young women would be perfectly fine on their own, so long as April and May went to school. They didn’t have much use for school except for athletics. They were smart enough; they just preferred the outdoors, horses and the ranch. April was a good athlete, short and strong, but not great. May was a very good athlete, excelling in volleyball, basketball and track. If May had two practices to attend when the seasons overlapped, April would do the work of two hands back on the ranch. It was just the way they were raised.

Every afternoon, about half an hour after school let out, I would stop by the ranch and lend a hand with the chores. May had basketball practice that stretched to after dark and when she got home, she’d be famished. If she needed to, she would go out to the barns in the dark and tend horses, but April and I made sure she could eat, do her homework and relax. I would hang around in the evenings until bedtime and make sure they were good and then I’d drive back to my own house and family. Just days before the newlyweds were to return, I headed out to ranch to lend a hand with the chores. As I walked into the barn, I could see one of the studs tied in the alleyway and April was standing on an overturned feed bucket curry-combing the big horse. She saw me enter the end of the barn and kept right at her task.

As I walked toward her, she placed her left hand on the rump of the stallion and started combing stroking his side with long up and down strokes. Her actions were causing a reaction in the stud. His cock was beginning to extend. As I viewed her butt wiggling in those Lee jeans, it was causing the same reaction in me. Having seen plenty of horse cocks in her seventeen years, April didn’t react to the horse’s arousal. She just kept combing the hair on the side of her beast and shaking her ass at me. When I finally drew up behind her, she straightened up and turned around. Flat footed, I am more than a foot taller than she is. On that feed bucket, she’s just about the right height to be kissed.

“Hey Dave! Are you ready to get dirty?” She had a look of pure mischief in her green eyes. For the first time I noticed just how deeply emerald her eyes were. They always twinkled, but I had never been so close I could really get a good look. Her seventeen year old face was nearly flawless. Even the light sprinkling of freckles accented her fresh skin. Her lips were red and full without lipstick. She leaned against the stallion which supported her weight easily. She was wearing a blue and white patterned cowgirl shirt and the top two buttons unsnapped. Her creamy breasts created a line where they were mashed together by her bra. The line led down into her shirt, drawing my eye into her cleavage. When I realized what I was doing, I raised my eyes quickly.
“See something you like?” she asked, shifting her weight and thrusting her hips out just a bit.

“I hadn’t realized how attractive you have become,” I admitted. Maybe honesty would get me off the hook. “If I were a younger man and single, I’d be all over you for sure.” She blushed but didn’t turn away. “You are gonna be breaking hearts wide open, all over the range, mark my words.”

“You are just saying that! Boys don’t even notice me.” Though she hadn’t ever been asked on a date, I was certain she was drawing attention of boys her age. Maybe she wasn’t bathing suit model beautiful because she had full hips from riding horses for hours a day. Maybe her breasts were too big for her petite frame. Maybe the smell of horse manure that lingered in her hair after morning chores set her apart from townie girls. But I was certain there were boys that found her lustfully attractive. After all, I am ten years older than she is and I would love to get her naked and have my way with her.

“I am not just saying that. You are easy to look at.” To emphasize my point, I took a long look at her, even wandering around to get a really good look at her as she leaned on her horse.

“Really, what’s my best feature then?” She looked down at her plump breasts as if to give me permission to say her tits. I moved back around in front of her.

“Well, you know how to make boots and jeans look damn sexy,” I said, indicating her ass. “And you sure can make mannequin jealous by the way you wear a western shirt. “ I moved closer, close enough to reach around her waist, my face only inches from her. I began to whisper. “When you smile, you turn a gray day sunny. But if you want me to pick one feature, it’s a tie. Your eyes are so green I want to swim around in them and your lips are so kissable I want to spend an hour just tasting them.” I moved even closer, now my lips were nearly touching hers, our eyes locked. She flicked her tongue out, wetting her lips. I took that as a cue and I leaned in and kissed her lightly. She tasted sweet and salty.

“What did you think of that?” I asked as we finally separated.

“Nice, but what about your family and my new step-dad? I feel like a little home-wrecker and he’s your best friend.”

“Don’t worry about her. One kiss isn’t going to wreck our home. It was wrecked a long time ago when I found out our youngest wasn’t mine.” I’d never admitted that to anyone before. It seemed to make her feel a little better about her mixed up feelings of desire for someone ten years older than her.

“You aren’t going to stop at one kiss then are you?” she asked, sounding disappointed. “You are the first boy I kissed and that was so nice. I want to do it again.” I responded by leaning in and kissing her again. This time she looped her arms around my neck and pulled me closer, pressing her full milky breasts into my chest. I put my arms around her waist and let my hands roam up and down her sides. We stood like that for several minutes, kissing and touching. I started to caress the cheeks of her firm ass through her Lee jeans. She pulled back and hopped down from the feed bucket. We didn’t say a word, we just got busy doing the chores and the rest of the evening passed like all the others except for the looks I gave her whenever I didn’t think she was watching. My mind was racing with lustful thoughts about that sexy redhead country girl.

The next day, I was back in the barn an hour before school let out. I had nearly all the stalls mucked out when I heard April slam the screen door to the house on her way to the barn. In order to make it go quickly, I had tied each horse in the riding arena and brought in a tractor towing a trailer load of bedding. I shoveled manure into the bucket on the front of the tractor and shoveled the wood shavings from the trailer into the stalls. April climbed into the seat of the tractor and drove forward for the last several stalls. I didn’t look up; I just kept my nose over my shovel and finished the work. April drove the tractor to the manure pile and dumped the horse droppings then parked the tractor and trailer under the chip shed to keep the bedding dry.

I was in the barn separating bales of alfalfa hay and throwing the flakes into the feed mangers in each stall. April grabbed the hose and the grain buckets and started filling the water tanks in each pen and shaking two quarts of good oats over the hay wedge for the horses. When I finished, I started walking the horses back to their stalls from the riding arena. April put the feed buckets and hose away as I put the last horse in his pen. The whole process took less than forty five minutes to finish after April had started helping.

“I want to do more,” she admitted as she climbed the four rail pen fence. It was the first words she had spoken to me that day. I wasn’t sure if she meant chores or with me referring to yesterday.

“But I am scared. Will you stop if I say so?” She wasn’t referring to chores. I moved to her and rested my hand on the top of her thigh.

“Of course. Would you like to go someplace a little more comfortable than standing a smelly horse barn?” She laughed and started to climb down. I grabbed her around the waist and allowed her to jump to the ground. She was a tight little package, built more like a gymnast than anything else.

“It’s a good thing we got the horses fed and watered first. I don’t know how long we are gonna be at it. We might’ve been too tired to do chores. After.”

My cock jumped at her use of the word ‘after’. I looked at my watch. We’d have at least two hours before May got home from practice. I spun April around and bent down over her and kissed her full on the lips. She responded by pulling on my neck and I lifted her up with one arm, again pressing her breasts against my chest.

“Where would you like to go? The house?”

“No,” she replied. “I’ve always dreamed my first time would be in the colt barn, up in the hayloft like one of those old stories.”

The colt barn was the oldest barn on the ranch. The upper levels were full of sweet grass hay and alfalfa bales. The colts under two years old were all penned in the lowest level and the tack rooms took up the center aisle. April ducked into the tack room and grabbed two wool horse blankets and threw them over her shoulder. She scrambled up the wooden ladder built into the side of the barn and through the trap door into the floor above. I followed her up. We scrambled over a pile of bales to a spot on the other side that had been cleared of bales as they were fed. She through the blankets out to make a spot for us to lay down. The smell was the essence of summer. Sweet hay and sunshine. Though it was cold outside, here in this nest of hay, it was remarkably cozy. There was a little light from the high windows in the ends of the barn and in the six dormers that interrupted the broad expanse of roof. Dim but as our eyes adjusted, we could make out the details just fine.

“Should I take off all my clothes?” she asked as she knelt on the edge of the blanket, sitting on her own feet.

“Why don’t we take it a little slower than that,” I said, when I had meant to scream YES! “Let’s just get to know each other and that way if you feel like we are going too far, you can say WHOA!” I knelt down in front of her and then guided her to her side, and then her back, laying down next to her and leaning over to kiss her. We kissed for a long time before I started kissing the rest of her face. I kissed her lightly on her cheeks, flicking my tongue against her skin. When I kissed down her jawline to her ear, I began to nibble her neck and throat. She responded by giggling and springing up goose pimples all over her exposed skin.

“That tickles!” she said, trying to catch her breath. I didn’t relent. I kept my lips moving down her neck to the exposed skin on her chest. Kissing and licking nibbling. I brought my right hand up from her waist to cup her left breast for a moment before I began to unbutton her shirt. I kept kissing and licking the exposed flesh, until my face was between her ample breasts, my tongue tracing the top edge of her bra cup. I dropped my face down to the creamy taut skin of her abdomen. I kept kissing downward until I had to adjust my position to keep moving. I got up on my hands and knees and kept going, moving knees between her legs. When I had kissed my way down to her waist, I propped myself on my elbows and used both hands to release her big silver barrel riding champion belt buckle. I undid the big metal top button and then slowly lowered her zipper. I buried my nose in the satin smoothness of her panties and breathed deeply from her virginal odor. I rubbed my nose against her unclipped mound through those pale blue panties. Then, rising to my knees, I pulled off her boots, first one, and then the other. I grabbed the hems of her jeans and tugged, removing her Lees with just a little cooperation from April. I grabbed her hands and pulled her upright, slipping her shirt the rest of the way off and then as she leaned forward, I undid the clasp in the back. I let her sink back, pulling her brassiere down her arms as she did so, allowing her ample breasts to separate and rest in their natural position. Her nipples were full and firm, as dark red as her lips, hard and pointed toward the rafters of the barn.

I began kissing her leg, starting with the inside of her right ankle. I nibbled and licked my way up her smooth skin until I reached her panty-clad pussy. I mouthed her sex through her panties and then nibbled my way down the other leg. When I got to the ankle of her left leg, I rose back on my knees. I removed my own shirt, exposing my hair covered chest to her. I stood and kicked off my own cowboy boots and loosened my belt. I turned away and removed my blue jeans and shorts in one action. As I swung around to face her again, she could get a good look at my manhood for the first time. I am no stud horse, but I do have a nicely proportioned cock, thick and veiny. It was particularly hard as I appreciated the sexiness of the country girl lying in the hay in front of me.

“Are you ready to say ‘whoa’?” I asked before kneeling again. She touched the back of her left index finger to her mouth and shook her head no. She reinforced her intention by spreading her legs wider, allowing me to lie on top of her and enjoy her breasts for the first time. I spent my time getting to know them. As I lavished my attention on one and then the other, I occasionally bumped her sex with my cock, drawing a shiver from her each time.

“It’s still not too late,” I reminded her between kisses as I worked my way back to her panties.

“It’s. Ok. Keep. Going,” she stuttered between gasps.

I pulled her panties down, exposing the bright red hair of her pussy to the barn air. I could smell the arousal. She reeked of desire. I slipped my tongue down her crevice, tasting the moisture she was secreting. She responded by threading her fingers through the hair on my scalp, pulling me tighter to her pussy. I pushed my tongue through her thatch and into her labia, parting them with repeated strokes of my stiffened tongue. She bucked against my face, pulling me even deeper into her. As she grew more aggressive, so did I. I drove my tongue into her depths and pressed my nose against her clit. Slowly I rubbed my nose back and forth against her erect nub, all the while drinking from her juices. Her pelvis thrust upward against my onslaught. April’s thighs closed on my head. All those years of riding left her thighs firm and surprisingly strong. Just as I felt she could take no more, I reached up with my left hand and pinched her right nipple, slightly harder than I intended. My right hand moved under her ass and I pressed my middle finger into her cunt, moving my entire mouth up to envelope her engorged labia and clitoris. She shook and shuddered and then she stiffened. I stopped moving my tongue, just pressed it against her clit while she rode her orgasm. When I felt her begin to subside, I pinched her nipple again and gave it a tug while flicking her clit lightly. She immediately began to buck and shudder again. I kept this up until she squealed and begged.

“Stop! Please stop! I can’t take it anymore! STOP!” She was laughing and begging and gasping simultaneously. I stopped. Instead of pinching her nipples, I traced lazy circles around her erect areolas. She finally caught her breath and rose up on her elbows. “That’s SO much nicer than when I ride my horse.” She noticed the look on my face. “Yes, cowgirls can get off riding a western saddle, silly!”

Well that explained a lot.

“You lay down, it’s my turn!” She scrambled out from under me and pushed me over on my back. For the next ten minutes I lay there as she explored my body with her lips, tongue and hands. She was careful not to touch my cock or my balls. She licked my nipples which I found very erotic. She finally knelt down between my legs, my cock straining for attention. “How does this work? What am I supposed to do?”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Do I just put it in my mouth or lick it all over? What?”

“Why don’t you just do what you want? Get to know it. Lick it, taste it, just don’t use your teeth too much. It is very sensitive. It’s okay for you to have fun. I don’t mind.” She responded by licking under the glans like it was an ice cream cone. I twitched involuntarily. She smiled and did it again, getting the same response. Finally she worked up the nerve to put the head in her mouth. It was like sticking my cock into a warm velvet pillow. She sucked the tip and then began to push more into her mouth. She succeeded in getting half of my erection into her mouth before she touched the back of her throat and scared herself.

“Do you like that?” she asked with those emerald eyes shining.

“Yes, very much,” I admitted. “What I would like more is to put it inside you. Are you ready to try?”

“I don’t know how, but yes I am ready to try.”

I rolled her onto her back and positioned myself between her legs. Her cunt was still steaming and wet. I placed my damp cock head against her pussy and parted her outer lips.

“Reach down between your legs and spread yourself for me. I don’t want to get your hair caught by mistake. You won’t like that.” We both giggled.

“I am the only girl I know of who doesn’t shave down there. Now I guess I have a reason to.” She reached down and parted her lips even more and I pressed in.

There is no more exquisite feeling in the world than a fresh, unfucked pussy. She was so hot and so wet and so tight, it was hard not to lose it when I was only halfway imbedded. I pulled out and pressed in again, going infinitesimally deeper. By the slightest degrees, I increased my tempo and the depth. After several minutes I felt my pubic bone pressing against hers. Her fingernails were digging into my back. Her heels were driving my ass deeper.

“What do you think? Should I stop or keep going?”

“If you stop now David, I will find you where you sleep and cut it off!” We both laughed and I began to fuck her in earnest. I was pumping and loving every gripping second. I crossed the threshold and I knew my orgasm was imminent.

“I am about to cum. When I do, I am going to pull out.”

“No don’t! I’ve been on the pill since puberty to combat acne and menstrual cramps. I want to feel you cum inside me. Please!”

That was all the encouragement I needed. I quickened my pace, throwing the strokes deep into her. We came together, each pouring out our vital juices to coat the other. Completely spent, I collapsed onto April, only barely carrying my weight on my elbows like a gentleman. A very empty, totally happy gentleman.

“When can we do it again?” She was so earnest I nearly laughed.

“Give me a few minutes to recover. Like ten hours’ worth. You were amazing! I don’t mean to be crude, but that was the best fuck I have ever had.” She beamed with pride.

“Thank you! You are so sweet to say so.” I could tell she meant it. I watched as she reached down between her legs and scooped out two fingers full of my cum. She put them in her mouth and swallowed. “Mm mm! That’s better than I expected.” To reinforce her point, she kept dipping her fingers into her cunt and licking them clean.

“We’d better get dressed. Your sister will be calling for a ride home any minute.”

“Forget May. Let her find her own dirty old man!” We both laughed. Then we got dressed and headed up to the house to rustle up some dinner. When we came in the back door, May was seated at the table, eating a large bowl of cold cereal.

“Where were you two? I caught a ride home half an hour ago with Mrs. Pepik and Staci. I searched all over. I couldn’t find you.”

April and I looked at each other.

“We were just re-arranging the hay bales up in the colt barn,” April said, not really lying.

“That’s not what it looked to me when I stuck my head through the trap door,” she said with a grin. “It looked to me like you were rearranging a couple of horse blankets.”

“And tomorrow night we don’t have practice, so it’s my turn in the hay loft,” she declared around a mouthful of cereal. You could have knocked either April or I over with a feather.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea May. You are too young to be…..” She interrupted my objection.

“It’s my turn and that’s all there is to it.”

When May got home from practice the following night, the chores in the horse barns were already done. April was sitting on the top rail of the indoor coral watching a couple of 4-H’ers put their ponies through their paces. I was standing inside the ring leaning against the fence near her. Every time I looked up into those emerald eyes I wanted to pull her down off the rail and kiss her. But watching how she had moved so gingerly around the barn that afternoon, clearly sore from our lovemaking the night before, I didn’t want to rush her back into something that would cause her to regret it. So I just imagined those bright red lips ringing my cock, feeling my cockhead deep in her throat. I was lost in my daydream when May snuck up behind me and put her hands over my eyes and said “Guess Who!” I had almost forgotten her declaration the night before when she revealed she had watched April and I during April’s first sexual experience.

“Are you ready to take me up in the hay loft and make me into a woman, David?” I turned and leaned over the top rail of the corral.

“May, I don’t think it’s a good idea. You are still too young.” I was trying to talk her out of it. Taking April’s virginity was one thing, but taking May’s made me feel like too much of a dirty old man. “Why don’t you wait until someone special comes along?”

“That’s not fair! April is only fifteen months older than I am! If you are special enough for her, why aren’t you special enough for me? Is she that much prettier than I am?” I could tell there was genuine hurt in her eyes.

“No, not at all. You are very pretty and very sexy. It runs in your jeans. I am honored that you want me to be your first, but really, do you want your first sexual experience to be the same as your sisters?” She thought about it and then slowly shook her head no.

“No.” She dropped her eyes. “I guess not.” She looked up at both of us. “But you two made it look like so much fun. I just wanted to have a turn.”

“Don’t worry. Your turn will come soon enough,” April reassured her younger sister. “Why don’t you go in and get a shower. There’s a chicken in the oven and we will eat in about twenty minutes.” May turned and walked out of the barn.

“You know, David, I don’t mind sharing. Last night was really fantastic. I wouldn’t mind at all if you were May’s first. She should lose her virginity to someone who will treat her right, not some young cowboy who thinks eight seconds is a good ride.” We both laughed at her joke. “Besides, I’m still too sore to have another go at you tonight.”

“You are SO bad!” I said laughing. “What have I created?”

“A woman. A red-headed, green eyed, hot blooded, horny WOMAN!” She shouted the last word and the ring riders turned to see if April was speaking to them. “Girls, when you are done, be sure to put your horses on half a bucket of grain and fresh water. Last one out shut off the ring lights please.”

“Yes Ma’am” they all chirped. Only a few years older than they were, the riders all looked up to April as a wise old rider. April had one several competitions throughout Oregon and the northwest. They all wanted to ride like her. I just wanted to ride her. I offered her my arm and she used it to dismount the rail into the ring. We walked together to the gate at the end of the ring nearest the house, our boots kicking up the smell of dirt and horse manure and cedar chips as we walked.

When we got into the house, it smelled fantastic. April’s mother can’t cook a lick, but April sure could. That roasting chicken smelled great. I could hear the sound of the shower running down the hall, which meant May had left the door to her bedroom open. I poured three glasses of iced water and set them at the supper table. While May finished the dinner preparation, I got the table service out of the dishwasher and set the table.

“David! Can you come here? There’s something wrong with the drain again,” May hollered from down the hallway.

“Are you decent?”

“Yes. Hurry, the water won’t go down.”

I walked down the hall and stopped in the front bathroom for the plunger. May was decent, but just barely. She wore a towel wrapped around her head and another around her torso. She was still glistening with droplets, so I knew she was nude under the towel.

“You get dressed and I will get the clog out,” I said. As I entered her bathroom nearly closed the door behind me, leaving only a crack. But when I looked into the shower drain, it was dry. I turned on the water to see how badly it was clogged and the water never backed up. It was a set-up.

“There’s nothing wrong with the drain, May.” I opened the door and she was lying on her bed, naked as the day she was born. Still damp from her shower, she lay on her side facing me with one leg up, creating a figure four with her legs. Her fifteen year old pussy only had a smattering of short blonde hairs. Her small breasts jutted out from her athletic frame. She had a six-pack hard stomach and thighs to match. The lips of her pussy were already engorged. Clearly she was aroused. I could see the tip of her clit poking out at the top of her delicate labia.

“May, you are so beautiful. But I can’t do this.” I turned and exited the room. Safely in the hallway, I turned back, “Dinner is ready. Get dressed and come on.” To her credit, the thought of food stopped her from feeling rejected or sorry for herself. I hadn’t made it all the way to the kitchen when she bound out of her room and down the hallway in just a pink t-shirt and pale green shorts. We ate and laughed and no one brought up the fact that I had seen both girls naked and had fucked one of them. We cleaned up from dinner and then headed downstairs to the family room to watch an old movie.

I sat in the middle of the couch with one sister on each side of me. During commercials we’d take turns tickling each other and then when the movie came back on, we’d just cuddle together, my arm draped around each girl. We started with their heads on my shoulder and my arms around their back. Then after one commercial, April shifted her position to lean back into me and put her feet up on the arm of the couch. This allowed my hand to drape across her midsection, just beneath her breasts. I stroked her belly and began to fondle the underside of her breasts. She sighed and sank deeper into me, giving me the green light to continue to explore her breasts and stomach. When the next commercial came on, it was back to tickling and wrestling. May noticed how April was sitting and when the commercials ended, she assumed the mirror image of her sister on the right side of my body. Now my hands were draped across two beautiful young women. I continued to fondle and stroke April with my left hand while I kept my right hand still. May adjusted her seat until my hand was pressed against the underside of her breast. I got the hint. I began to softly caress the bottom of her breast and her taught stomach. She too sighed with satisfaction. As I cupped the full breast of April in my left hand, I rubbed the belly of young May, slowly moving the fabric of her t-shirt upward, exposing her stomach to my fingers. I traced lazy circles across the ridges of her stomach muscles. I took the liberty of looking down. I noticed that May had an indentation in where her hip bone jutted out farther than her stomach, raising her waistband away from her skin. That dark triangle beckoned for my hand to explore. And so I did. Slowly and inexorably I let my fingers explore until the tips of my fingers were under her waistband and traveling along the crease of her hip and stomach. She did not object.

I pinched and punished the hard nipple in my left hand, causing April to squirm and shift. But my right hand continued to explore slowly and deliberately. I pressed deeper into the area under her shorts until my fingertips grazed those short blonde pussy hairs. I felt the hair there and my cock stirred. Each of the girls had one hand tucked between their body and mine and their free hands were resting on my thighs.

The tip of my middle finger lightly grazed the skin protecting her engorged clit and May bucked. I slowly withdrew my hand and slid it upward along her stomach and under her shirt. I felt her hard nipples on her small breasts. I lightly scraped them with the palm of my hand and May arched her back to press her nipples harder into my hand. I dropped my both of my hands to their midsections and stopped all caresses. When I did that, both of them started lightly scratching my legs. Just then a commercial broke into the movie and we were off to the races. Everyone was tickling everyone and things were quickly getting out of hand. I felt a small hand grip my hard cock through my jeans. I had both of April’s hands in one of mine, that left May as the culprit. I turned my face toward hers and she was looking at me with a “Well, what are you going to do about it?” look.

“It’s time for bed girls. Long day tomorrow.”

“Come tuck me in and kiss me goodnight,” pleaded April.

“Sure. Go get ready for bed and holler down when you want me to come tuck you in.” She got up from the couch and bounced upstairs to change clothes, brush her hair and teeth. May remained beside me.

“You too May,” I told her.

“I want you to tuck me in too.”

“I will.”


“Yes, I promise.” She skipped up the stairs two at a time.

I turned off the television and the lights and followed. I walked down the hall, softly knocked on April’s door and walked in. She lay on her bed, covers back, wearing only panties and spaghetti strap white camisole. Her red hair was splayed out on the pillow and the soft light from the lamp on her nightstand cast a warm glow. I knelt down next to the bed, leaned in and kissed her softly on the lips. I pulled up her camisole and softly kissed the entire globe of each luscious breast. Then I pulled her panties down and kissed her mound, taking the time to breathe deeply of her sexual scent.

“Good night, Princess April. Sweet dreams.”

“Good night David. I will dream of you tonight.” I smiled and kissed her again before standing up and leaving the room.

I closed her door behind me and walked down the hall to her sister’s room. I knocked softly and let myself in. May was lying on the bed as the blonde version of her older sister. She had both arms over her head, forearms pressed together. This brought her tiny breasts higher, and I could see her erect nipples straining against her t-shirt. I leaned in to kiss her on the forehead and she tilted her head back, seeking my lips with hers. I obliged, giving her a soft and gentle kiss. Her arms locked around my neck and I could feel her hunger rising with her passion. I responded with more pressure, parting her lips with my tongue and teaching her how to French kiss. My left hand, knowing a ripe opportunity when it sees one, took advantage of the situation by exploring her breasts and stomach. Just the sensation of those hard stomach muscles caused my cock to stir. May is so athletic and sexy.

We continued to kiss for the longest time. Every time I made a move to break it off, May pulled tighter. I responded by cupping her pussy through her shorts. She was hot and damp, plainly aroused by her hormones and her fantasy. I rubbed her pussy, feeling the fabric yield as I pressed it between her erect pussy lips. She moaned into my mouth. The legs of her shorts were loose enough to allow my fingers to press them aside and touch her pussy directly. She was so slick from her own juices that my fingers slid up and down her slit easily. Each time my fingers touched her clit she jumped as if shocked with electricity. I finally had to reach up and loosen her grip with both hands.

“I need to breathe!” I said. “You don’t have to hold on so tight. I am not going anywhere.” She blushed and turned her face. “But you are going to have to lie there while I eat you.” Her eyes got big. I kissed her mouth, her neck and her exposed breasts. I could fit her entire breast in my mouth and tease the nipple with my tongue. Then I kissed her stomach for a long time, licking and nibbling every gorgeous square inch. I hooked my thumbs into her shorts and began to tug them down.

“Raise your hips.” She complied and I slipped her short off. Now she only wore a t-shirt gathered around her neck. I moved down to the foot of her bed, hooked her thighs with my hands, and pulled her exposed pussy down to my face. I dove right in, skipping any additional formalities. I have always been hyper attracted to stiff labia that protrude like flower petals from a woman’s cunt. May’s labia were perfect in every respect. I sucked and licked at them until they were deep purple from all the blood trapped in them. Her clit was stiff and protruding nearly a quarter of an inch. As I ate her pussy, I would let a lip or tongue graze against her clit, causing her to secrete additional fluid. Her secretions were delicious and sweet. I lapped at her slit until I could feel her stiffen. She bucked and lunged, moaning and gasping. She allowed the waves of pleasure to wash over her again and again. Finally she pushed at my head, desperate to keep me away while she recovered from her very first orgasm. Her pussy was hyper sensitive.

I climbed onto the bed beside her.

“Had enough?”

“Mmmmmmmmm. No. I want to feel what it’s like when you are on top of me and when you are inside of me. Can we do that before you leave? Please?” She asked so sweetly, I couldn’t refuse.

“I’ll do it, but first you need to do for me what I just did for you.”

“You want me to lick your thing?”

“No, I want you to put it in your mouth. I need you to suck it until it’s good and wet, so it doesn’t hurt you.”

“Ok.” She popped right up, pulled her t-shirt off over the top of her head. She tugged at my jeans until the button came undone and tried to pull them off without unzipping them.

“Here, allow me.” I stood up, dropped my pants to the floor, and kicked off my boots while my pant legs were still on them. I loosened the buttons on my shirt and pulled it off. My cock waved in the breeze and May giggled at the sight of it flopping around. I knelt next to the bed, pulled her head over to my cock and slipped it between her lips. May was a natural born cocksucker. Her first instinct was to deep throat my member. It was such a pleasant surprise, I nearly blasted her tonsils for the first stroke.

“Wow! You are fantastic!”

“Thwanks!” she replied, a mouth full of cock slowing her enunciation. She bobbed up and down, keeping my cock deep in her throat, breathing in and out through her nose when she was on the upstroke. I slipped my fingers into her blonde hair and pulled her down even farther on my shaft, until I could feel her nose against my stomach. She didn’t gag or sputter, she just kept sucking cock. I couldn’t take it anymore. I withdrew my cock from her mouth and rolled her on her back. I climbed over the top of her and she spread her legs wide. I kissed her and lowered my body until I could feel my shaft lying on top of her cunt. I pulled back and the head slipped down her crevice. I pressed forward and it parted her pussy lips. I could feel it seeking the opening to her cunt. She adjusted her hips, using her ankles on my ass for leverage.

“Now!” she commanded when she felt everything was perfectly aligned. I thrust into her and buried three inches against her intact maidenhead. She responded with a cry of pleasure. I pulled back an inch and thrust again, tearing her hymen with my cock. She tensed and froze. So did I. When I felt her relax and breathe again, I started timing my thrusts to her inhalations. I kissed her and began to thrust faster and faster. Her pussy was so tight around my cock. It throbbed and milked my shaft. I loved the feeling of her pussy around my manhood. I could feel my orgasm building. May sensed it too. She tightened her grip around my waste and began to spur me on. I was fucking her with abandon, bed thumping, springs screeching. She was moaning, I was moaning, and then we both came together in wave after steaming wave of love juices. I buried my cock against her cervix and pushed four heavy spurts of cum into her baby chamber. Spent and sweating, I collapsed on top of her, breathing heavy and smiling from ear to ear.

“You were amazing, May. Simply amazing!” She beamed at the compliment. “Was it everything you wanted? Everything you hoped for?”

“It was so much better! I never thought it could feel so good. I never want it to end. Can we do it again? Right now?”

“No May. I can’t go again right now. And with your parents coming home, I don’t know if we will ever get a chance to do it again.” I rolled over to the side and pulled her on top of me, keeping my erection locked into her cunt.

“Yes we will. I am sure of it.” She pulled off of my dick and spun around so she could take it in her mouth again. As she cleaned our mingled slime off my cock, I dove into her freshly fucked quim. For the first time in my life I ate my own cum out of a woman. As I was eating her, I couldn’t help but notice the cute little pucker of her rosebud. Just to be funny, I licked her ass, tickling her rosebud with my tongue. She responded by pressing her ass against my face. I was shocked. I probed her ass with my tongue and she responded by burying my cock into her throat.

Now I was hard again. This time I would last a long time. “If you want to have sex again, I have to warn you that I will take a long time to cum. If you are sore now, you will be really sore tomorrow. Too sore to sit, too sore to play basketball. Too sore to ride horses.”
“Ok, I get it,” she giggled. “We can wait until after the game tomorrow night to have sex again. If I score 30 points, can we have sex again?”

“Tell me that you are on birth control May.”

“Of course I am. It’s our family curse. I’ve been on birth control since puberty. It helps with the cramps and the skin break-outs.” I was relieved.

“Then I guess if you score 30 points tomorrow night, we can make love again.”

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This is a great story line, I'd like to know how the mom and new stepdad took the news that their daughters had lost their virginities to the same man just nights apart.


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Great story once again. Thanks for sharing your nearly true story. Awesome.

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