Young twink gets hit on by All-star jock
My names Alex. I'm an open nudist around my house, and I'm gay. I'm 4'11, a white haired - blue eyed twink.
I'm a freshman, and i mainly hang out with other freshman in our GBLT club. No one is really close-minded here,but a few are a tad ignorant. Among these people are the jocks. Most are just pure assholes.
But then theres Jacob, or the star quartar back who everyone loves, admires, or envys. I don't like him. Once, he knocked my books out of my hand, but then he stopped, picked them up, smiled, and went on with his day.
Confuses me sometimes.
My other gay friends are Mikey and Luke. Mikey happens to be a tennis player, swimmer, and a track runner.
He's very athletic. Luke is always trying to help someone. Whether it be with math, art, reading, or eating.
One day, Luke, Mike, and I were sitting at our lunch table. We sit by ourselves with the occasional scream-a-name and go.
"Hi guys!" I said, smiling, giggling, brightly and pleasantly. The response was, in Unison, "Hi Alex!"
My friends are always nice to me, we have never had a fight. Me and Luke have had sex before, with me being his bitch several times. There has been a couple'a HJ's given between me and Luke. Mike had fucked Luke, but not me. Its like Luke was trying to make me jealous. I've had a crush on Mike, since i was 10. Mike is 5'9, has long blonde hair, blue eyes, and is fairly tan.
I was talking to Mike about our plans for tonight, when i say a figure coming towards us behind Luke.
The jock, Jacob came and sat down with us. Jacob is infamous for being a bully. We expected - - and we knew his friends put him up to something.
"Hello, Jake!" Mike said really, really happily.
"Shut up," Jake exclaimed. "I'm not here for you, or for Luke."
He eyed me. He stared into my soul with those deep brown eyes. Those deep, lovely, cute brown eyes. Hes hot, but he's not gay. I mean, i'd fuck him, but he has a supermassive ego, which works like a blackhole. You can compliment or insult him, but it just goes to the same damn pit.
"Alex.." I noticed his hand was out and there was a pinkish paper in it.
Grabbing it, I opened it. It read "You're invited to my pool party. 8:00PM to 5:00Am."
I looked up slowly, trying to process this. He was already gone before i could comment.
"What was that about?" Luke asked
Before i could answer, out of the corner of my eyes the table of jocks was staring me down. The only thing that was in my mind was horrible, mean prank.
"I don't know, but I don't like it."
After lunch, me and Luke headed down the hall. Luke is 5'2, he has jet black hair and green eyes. Quite an odd combination, but what a cute one. We have the same next class, so we stopped by the machines to grab a snack. Luke complained that he wasn't hungry, so he left me behind. Behind me, i heard in a very sharp voice "ALEX!"
"Alex, what are you doing? You're supposed to be going to your next class."
Oh god, i thought to myself. Why did Jacob care where i was going? I turned around, looked up to him right in the eyes, and saw that he wasn't frowning. He was smiling.
I tried leaving, but he just moved whenever i tried to leave.
"Alex, you going to that party tonight?"
"Well.." I mumbled
He pushed me into the machine, my head cracking on the plastic outing and a sharp headache tore my mind apart.
"It'll be fun. Me, you, hell, if you want, ill even invite those faggot friends of yours."
I wasn't strong, i wasn't tall, and i couldn't fight him. I nodded slightly, and his face lit up.
While he was walking away, i tried to make my escape as quickly as possible. Not caring for the dollar i left in the machine, i made a bee-line to the lockers. I grabbed my stuff for next class, English, and wondered down the hall.
Jacob was there. He was everywhere. He was in my English class, with Luke, and he was sitting next to me. 'Oh, God!' Was the only thought in my mind. I didn't hate him, i just disliked the affection he was giving towards me. The past week, he has groped me, smiled at me, waved at me, and threw "Hornet paper wads" at me. They stung like a bitch. But why? He wasn't gay. He was a womanizer, if anything. I dropped my bag next to my seat, and flopped into my chair. He looked over at me lazily, and stared me in the eyes, smiling.
"Hello my dear." He said in an ecstasy state.
"What do you want, jerk?" I felt kind of guilty afterwards. After all, he was being nice.
His smile quickly turned into a frown. He raised his finger, as if he was going to say something or sass to me... but he dropped it, and turned around. I was dumbfounded. I was expecting a fist to the face and a free leave from school.
He dropped his pencil, nearly hitting my solid white converse. Jumping from his seat, he walked around the aisle, bent down, and grabbed his pencil. I felt a cold hand on my hairless legs, as he shoved his hand up my jean legs. 'Augh?!' I thought to myself. He smiled, got up, and walked back around to his desk. I was staring at the wall in shock. He sat down, stared me in the eyes, and said..
"What are you talking about? I didn't do shit, whore."

This is my first story, so rate it and comment if you like it, i will continue on tomorrow if i get positive results. Thank you, and as always, have a nice day.
Oh, and suggestions are welcome.

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uAs8f8 Thanks-a-mundo for the article post.Really looking forward to read more. Awesome.

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Good but weite more than a few paragraphs...

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Disregard any negative comments from the others. i was very turned on by your story and I think that you're setting up something that could turn out very sexy. Great job on your first story... can't wait to read more about Alex!

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Great start, but no real sexual moments at all. I wouldnt mid reading more though

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