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"I'll be home in a couple hours honey!"

"Ok Dad! I'll be here!"

The door clicked shut and a sense of relief passed over me. It was friday night and I was going out to a local strip club with the guys. This is not a usual thing for me, but my wife, Julia, was away on a business trip. My name is John, by the way. I am 42 and have a 12 year old daughter, Amy. Lately, I had been beginning to notice her more than usual. Maybe it's just me, I thought. No, she has been strutting around the house in skimpy clothing all the time. And she was the one walking out of the shower to her room naked just as I passed by. So many conflicting thoughts were running through my head as I made the drive to meet the guys. Finally I was able to push the thoughts into the back of my mind just as I pulled into the lot.

Although it was fun having a much needed drink with friends and watching the girls go at it, thoughts of my daughter kept running through my mind. I knew it was wrong, but there was such a lust for her in my heart that it made daydreaming uncontrollable. At last the night faded and the time came to go our separate ways. I was actually happy at the thought; hoping Amy would be awake to give me the usual hello. Hell, if I was lucky she would jump into my arms and kiss my cheeck as she knew I loved.

The door shut and I put my things on the table. Heading upstairs, I noticed that the lights were on in my room, but not Amy's. This is strange, I thought. Just then, my stomach dropped like a rock. She was watching my old porno vids on the dvd player! I peeked through the cracked door to a sight I will not soon forget. My daughter was spread eagle on my bed with her legs facing the TV and her head propped up on pillows. She was actually fingering her pussy in my room, and on my bed at that! She was watching my favorite movie. It was currently at the scene where the older man was fucking a much younger babysitter up the ass. Despite my mystification, I knew that something had to be done quickly. The clip was almost over and Amy seemed dangerously close to cumming. Options were racing by at 1000 miles per hour. I could go downstairs and pretend like nothing had happened, but I knew my raging hardon would never permit me to waste such an oppurtunity as this. I made the quick alcohol-skewed decision. I was going to grasp my one and possibly only chance to ever do this. I was going to fuck my daughter, no matter what the cost.

As I opened the door Amy jumped up from where she lay looking like she had just seen a ghost.

"H-Hi Daddy..."

"Amy, what are you doing in my room!?"

"Nothing daddy. I'm sorry, I just wanted to..."

"Is that my porno you're watching!?"


I was loving every second of it. One hand she had cupped over her shining baby-smooth pussy, while the other was struggling to cover both of her well-developed breasts. I had truly caught her off guard. I still wasn't sure how I was going to make this work, but I knew I had to say something.

"Amy, I know what you were doing, and it's perfectly fine for a girl your age to want to experience this sort of thing."

"R... Really?"

"Yes of course! Hell, why do you think I have those videos in the first place?"

Her eyes flashed below my belt to catch a glimpse of what I'm sure was a rather large bulge in the front of my pants. I could tell the thought of me masturbating was turning her on, and that was all I needed.

"Do you do this often?"

"Well I... No... I mean, sometimes."

"Amy, don't worry about it. You aren't in any trouble here."


It was obvious that being completely naked (and dripping wet at that) in the same room with me was making her a little bit uncomfortable, so I decided to speed things up a bit.

"Have you ever had sex before?"

"No, daddy. I've only watched your movies."

"Well did you like what you saw?"


Frustrated that she was hesitant to let go of her inhibitions, I went all in. I climbed onto the bed and unzipped my pants. Amy looked horrified and mystified at the same time. I asked her if you wanted to see what it was like to fuck in real life, and it was like I had just dropped a match on a puddle of gasoline.

As soon as my dick was out of my pants she was all over it. I put my hand on top of hers and showed her how to stroke my cock. Once she had the rythm, I said, "Suck it" in a voice that meant business. She bent down and took 4 of my 7 inches into her mouth. Her soft, sweet lips touching the tip of my dick for the first time nearly sent me over the edge. The only thing holding me back was the thought of what was to come. I was pulled back from my imagination as Amy took my entire 7" cock down her throat. I was stunned. There was no holding back now. I placed my hand on the back of her head and began to fuck her face. She responded very well, only coughing once. I gave one final jerk of my hips as five strands of warm cum were unleashed directly down her throat.

Amy leaned back and sat on her knees at the edge of my bed. This being my first encounter with my beautiful daughter, I was still at full attention. Without a word I laid her on her back with my pillows proping her head up. I pulled her legs apart and proceeded to remove my pants, followed by my shirt and shorts. Amy, still in a trance from what had just happened and what we both knew was about to take place, watched in awe as I bent over on top of her and let my dick rub against the crack of her pussy. Eyes now closed, her moans grew in sync with the tip of my cock. I had had enough. With one swift movement I pressed into her hole, engulfing my shaft up to my balls. Amy was shocked. Although she did not still have her hymen, she was a virgin, and had never had a cock inside her. Finally she began to beg for me, "Oh yes Daddy... Harder! Harder! AAHH I'm cumming!" I was pumping her at full speed now. The sight was incredible. This young, supple body laying under me was the most magnificent sight I have ever seen. All at once a wave of pleasure surged through me. All I could think of was my dick pummeling her tight pussy. My cock erupted, spilling load after load of warm semen deep into her belly. Exhausted by the whole ordeal, I rolled over and caressed Amy's dripping cunt. We didn't even need to speak; We just stared into each other's eyes until we both fell asleep.

The next morning I woke with a splitting headache. Suddenly, I realized that was the least of what I was feeling. Not only had Amy let me fuck her last night, but now she was sucking my dick with more passion than before.

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I did with my daughter from she was 13,now she is 16, we do sex every time when my wife not home night,and i ever I did my girlfriends daughter...she was tasting pussy ever


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