Part 2. Stephan and Marie are two coworkers trapped at Stephans place after a record storm. Thanks to everyone for the upvotes. I love comments and suggestions
Marie was cuddled up, lying on Stephan's chest. Her fingers were idly tracing through his chest hair, while he was resting his hands on her ass.

"This is nice." She said as she slowly rose and fell with his breathing. "You are like a giant fuzzy pillow."

Stephan laughed. "So no regrets?" He asked.

"Actually one." She said sitting up. Marie reached down and pulled her bra up over her head letting her tits spill out. "I wish you had taken this god damn bra off. She started rubbing a red stripe around her chest where the bra had dug in. Her dark chocolate areola and coffee bean nipples instantly crinkled up.

Stephan put his large hands on her ribs and started rubbing the stripe trying to get some circulation in.

"Oh… that feels so good. You guys have no idea of how good it feels to take off a bra."

Stephan's thumbs were touching on her sternum and his hands went almost around to her back. He slid he thumbs up and began circling her nipples. She smiled and purred softly. "I like that. Do you have any regrets?"

"Not doing this sooner. You are funny, smart and beautiful. I figured an old fart like me wouldn't have a chance."

Marie laughed and tossed her hair. It fell forward covering Stephan's hands on her breasts. It came down so far it almost covered her pussy. "You aren't that old, what mid thirties? That's younger than my mom and puts our difference less than my parents. Besides I think you are quite the hunk. For one thing, those hands. When I saw them I knew I was going to want to ride your cock."

Stephan had never thought much about the size of his penis. He knew he had no complaints either way. "You weren't disappointed?"

"A little at first. I had heard the phrase before a grower not a shower but I really didn't expect that."

"Thank you. Also, I am only 39."

She pouted. "I would leave you, but seeing as I can't take your cock with me I guess I'll stay."

He smiled and pulled her down to him and she kissed him.

"Work is going to awkward." He said.

"Work is going to be fun." She winked. "Speaking of work, don't you need to be there?"

"There was a state of emergency declared. No unnecessary travel. It was called while I was walking in to pick you up."

"So you took me out into the cold and almost killed me with hypothermia, just to get a piece of ass?"

"To get a very fine piece of ass." Stephan said slapping her butt playfully.

She growled and kissed him fiercely. She grabbed handfuls of his hair while driving her tongue into his mouth. The she bit his lip.


She laughed and kissed him gently.

"So what time is it." Marie asked.

The power was still out so Stephan checked his phone. "It's about noon. I could go for a shower."

"Shower? Won't the water be cold?"

"Nah, the water is heated by the furnace which is oil. A couple of years ago we were out of power for over a week. Still had heat and hot showers, and gas for cooking, no fridge, no tv. I did a lot of reading by candlelight."

They got up and he led her to the bathroom. It was an interior room with no lights she could faintly make out where the toilet was. He turned on the shower and adjusted the temperature. "Is this okay?" He asked.

Marie stuck a hand in and felt the hot water. "Perfect." She closed the door out of the bathroom and the two of them were plunged into darkness.

Stephan heard her climb into the shower and followed her in. He shut the curtain and smiled. She was standing between him and the shower head. Since he was a full foot taller she only blocked part of the spray and the rest hit him mid chest.

Marie bobbled around the shower and found a shower scrunchie. She fumbled a bottle and it fell down. She bent down and picked up the bottle. She lifted the lid and a citrus smell filled the shower.


"Yeah, it's a neutral scent. A lot of the scents cause my eyes to swell shut. I had an officemate once who thought that bathing in Axe made him sexy."

"What happened to him?"

"He was aggressively by what he though was Warren Buffet. Turns out it was the Golden Buffet. He stormed into the managers office, told him just what he thought of quote her crossdressing and dykish ways."

"Wait, told 'him', what he thought of 'her dykish ways'" She asked.

"Yeah, not the sharpest hammer in the bag."

Marie sat down, howling in laughter. "He bought that?"

"Well his name was Chris and he and his wife had the matching couple thing going. One day he saw Chris's wife go into the ladies room, they both were wearing yellow plaid suits and had the same hair cut." Stephan said.

Marie started to lather up the scrunchie and was scrubbing Stephan's feet. Once she got far enough up his legs she started to suck on his penis. It was at half mast when she started and it quickly started growing.

"So Mr I Smell Like a 13 Year Old, asked me if Chris went into the ladies room. I told him of course, Chris is short for Christina and that she… um he was going through some changes. He used to use the men's room but when she turned to squat at the urinal HR got involved."

Marie started to laugh around Stephan's cock. The she started coughing. He helped her and held her until she stopped coughing.

"That's not true is it?"

"Of course not. I've heard she just kinda turned sideways and lifted a leg."

Marie hit him in the chest. "You're impossible."

"Improbable. Quite possible."

Marie started scrubbing his belly and cock. She got his pubes all lathered up and then started her way across his belly while licking his nipples. She ground her crotch against his thigh and he started to hold the back of her head. He had his fingers in her long gorgeous hair and gently pulled. She let out a throaty purr and started washing his chest. He bent down and kissed her on the lips.

They kissed passionately in the dark. The smell of citrus filled the air and hot water from the shower beat down between them. When they broke the kiss Marie said "Turn around."

Stephan turned and Marie started to wash her way down his broad back. When she came to his muscular ass she started to abandoned the scrunchie to the floor and just soaped it with her hands. She ran one hand between his cheeks spreading soap into his crack and then gently fondling his balls as her wrist rubbed his asshole. Her other hand reached around and started to jerk on his cock. She felt the veins and the bulging head. She was sure it would be an angry purple. As her hand ran over the tip she felt the texture of the soap change. He must be leaking precum. She backed off and said, "Okay, my turn."

Stephan smiled in the dark and reached down for the scrunchy. As he went down he kissed at where he thought her breasts should be and was rewarded with an erect nipple. As he sucked on her nipple he was acutely aware of her breathing and could even hear her heartbeat. It was so intense not being able to see anything but hearing, smelling, tasting and feeling it all.

He sucked some more on her nipple, and she said, "Clean first, nipple later."

Stephan felt down until he found the scrunchie on the floor of the tub. He added more soap and started on Maries legs. As he washed her right leg he started to smell the excitement in her pussy. When he finished the right leg he hung it over his shoulder and started to kiss her pussy. It had a salty metallic taste that was thrilling. He washed her other leg. It was taking him far longer to do that leg because he was so busy working her pussy.

"Enough washing. Fuck me! Fuck me now."

Stephan stopped licking her pussy and started to wash it with the scrunchie. She almost orgasmed as the rough scrunchy crossed her enflamed clit. His other hand was rubbing her ass running soap between her cheeks. He started to work his way up and she pulled up her hair and hung it above his back. In the dark he could feel it's extra drips on his back.

He took his time washing her breasts. When he got up to her shoulders he said, "Turn around."

She turned and felt his large hands take her wrists from behind. He hard cock was pressed up against the small of her back. He guided her hands forward towards the wall and she bent over. When she was folded double with her hands flat against the wall he let go of her wrists and with one hand started to massage her moist pussy. He gently slid a finger into her waiting cavity. She was soaking wet and the finger went in without resistance.

He bent his knees and guided his cock into her. She pushed back.

He drove in relishing the sensation of her pussy. It felt so warm and soft. He buried him self in again and again. She was moaning and started to thrash. Stephan drove deep into her and said, "Marie!" He could feel her pussy tighten around his dick and it felt like it was going to be torn off. He started ejaculating deep into her. He held her hips and pressed his dick as far as it would go.

He held her hips and sat down on the floor of the tub. They were still linked. He could feel her pussy give the occasional spasm around his softening cock. The shower was still beating down on them and the room smelled of sex and oranges.

Stephan reached out with a foot and changed the setting on the shower so it would fill the tub.

Marie giggled. "So talented with those toes."

"Wait till you see what I can do with my fingers."

"Stephan, that was the most wonderful sex I've had. We're going to do it in a dark shower more often." She lay back with her left hand on his knee. Her right hand reached up and pulled his left across her chest and down to her breast. She lay her head on his forearm and sighed contentedly. She snuggled his arm and as the tub filled up she lifted up her foot to shut off the water.

They lay there in silence for a while. Stephan was holding her breast and she was clinging to his arm.

"I like this." She said.

"Me too."

"You know I couldn't decide if you were cute or creepy."

"I'm glad you decided on cute."

"You coming to my rescue covered in snow was a good sign. Waking up unmolested in my bra and panties was another."

"I thought you wanted the bra off."

She laughed. "You know what I mean. I think I could fall asleep like this."

"Go ahead. I'm not going anywhere."

"Tell me a story. Tell me about your first time with a woman."

"Well my first time was with a coworker. See she lived all the way out in Lincoln and commuted into Omaha for a crappy call center job. There was a big snow storm and it was too dangerous for her to go home so I brought her here. She woke me up with a blowjob and then we made love in the shower."

Marie bit his arm. "The truth."

"Okay. It was a junior in college. I had a summer job working for the CS department. I was essentially doing grad student work for work study pay. I had a friend who was in town over the summer as well. She invited me over to watch the all star game and have dinner."

"What did she look like?"

"She had long black hair."

"Like mine?"

"Yes but in a thick braid, she was on the short side."

"Like me?"

"About. She was also overweight with massive boobs."

"So not like me."

"Not really." Stephan squeezed Marie's breast. "These are nice." He twisted the nipple a bit.

"Would you like mine to be bigger?"

"Big is wonderful, but I much prefer real over big." She snuggled his arm.

"Go on."

"We had spaghetti and red wine and talked. She asked that no matter what I spend the night. She said it was a bad neighborhood and she was afraid of me walking home alone."

Marie said, "Muggers are afraid of you walking home alone."

"True enough. So as we sat on the sofa she snuggled up and I started stroking her cheek and rubbing her ear. After that we had sex 5 times, with some various positions of oral sex thrown in."

"Five times in one night I feel cheated."

"Well I didn't actually orgasm. The bed was soaked from her but I never got off. It just didn't feel right."

"Does this feel right?"

"Yes, Marie is does."

"I think so to Stephan."

They ended up falling asleep together in the tub.
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