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Rachel's pussy was suffocating me. I was licking hard and fast. I couldn't hear whatever she was saying to me but she was pushing down so hard. 
I was thrashing around the bed trying to get out from under her but she was bucking wild on my face. 
Finally after I heard her let out a massive scream/moan she lifted herself off. "fuck me mini slut you did a good job" then she laughed and headed out leaving me alone the office. 
"your turn" I heard Rachel say in the hall. What did she mean? As I looked up towards the door I saw Lisa. She smiled at me and came and sat on the couch next to me. 
"sweetheart" she began. But before saying anything else she rubbed her hand up my thigh. I had a sheet pulled across most of me. 
"um Lisa I need to go" I started to try and stand but she pulled me back, I stumbled and landed on her knee. 
I tried to stand again but she had a tight grip on me. 
"what are you doing" I tried to sound like I wasn't nervous and scared but it came out quiet and mumbled. 
"just wait" she smiled and rubbed the side of my face. What was that supposed to mean? 
We sat there for a while. Her hands exploring my body while I tried not to move. Eventually her fingers grazed softly along me fanny. 
I moaned softly and felt Lisa move her mouth closer to me ear "mmmm feels good doesn't it baby" she pushed a little harder and kept rubbing. It felt amazing. So soft. So gentle. "oh yea baby girl, feel that, oh my god your such a sexy little girl" she was panting now as well. She removed her hand from my waist and to her own pussy. I could feel her hand pushing into my back as she moved it in and around her self.  Her other hand getting more and more comfortable in me it stemmed. The rubbing picked up pace on mine and her pussy. I closed my eyes and let my head fall back onto her shoulder. She kissed my neck then moved back to my ear "you really like this don't you baby girl" I could only nod "mummy shouldn't try and keep you all to herself should she baby" by now I was starting to shake and shiver all over. Again all I could do was nod I don't think I even really understood what she had said I just did not want her to stop. "mummy should let us all have a go, share this around a little" I couldn't take much more until I heard another voice join in. 
"do you want mama to share you around baby girl?"
My eyes snapped open. There was my mum staring at me on lisas knee. I don't know when she managed it but Lisa had her skirt and undies down around her ankles and her top and bra pushed up. I was completely uncovered by this stage too. My legs were wide open, while I was balanced in one of Lisa's knees. Her hand frozen but still on my fanny. Her legs were also spread and her other hand was on he'd own fanny. 
Mum was still staring at me. Waiting for an answer maybe. But before I could say anything she slapped Lisa. 
"what the fuck did I say to you about this" lisa didn't answer but didn't take her hand off my fanny either. 
Mum grabbed her by the hair "answer me slut" Lisa still said nothing. But her fingers started to move again. Mum looked down then back up at Lisa "put her on you lap properly, and get your fucking fingers off my baby girls cunt" Lisa pulled her hands away and re positioned me so I was on her legs then looked back at mum. 
Mum smiled at me then said "I know for a fact my little baby likes to rub up on me" then turning to Lisa to continued "the night you fucking left me on the bench my baby came down and had a little fun with me" she looks me in the eye and keeps going "but you didn't realize that did you baby. It's ok mummy liked it" In saying that she pushed mine and Lisa's legs apart and moved her leg in between ours. Her knee was pushing up against Lisa's fanny and her thigh against mine. She reached for Lisa's hair again. Once she had a decent handful she leaned into us. 
"Start rubbing girls. "
I didn't have to be asked twice. I wrapped one arm around mums legs and the other up around her back and pushed up against her as hard as I could then started rubbing my fanny up and down her legs. Feeling the dampness turn to dripping wet. After a few seconds Lisa's joined in. Helping me rub a bit faster. 
Mums hand moved to my boobs. Squeezing softly and tweaking my tiny nipples. Small moans escaped my lips. 
Lisa tried to grab my other boob but mum slapped her face "don't touch her until I say you can." Lisa nodded and continued to rub up on mums leg as I was. 
Then she told me to get up. As I did Lisa stopped and looked at mum "I didn't tell you to stop" she screeched at Lisa. 
Then she turned to me "baby I have surprise for in the kitchen. Go wait for us there" I nodded and turned heading out of the room. As I closed the door I saw mum throw Lisa back in the couch and sit over her face. 
I walked down to the kitchen and at first didn't know what she meant. There was something in the kitchen. In the bench. It was Rachel.  Passed out or asleep. As I got closer it dawned on me. Rachel was positioned exactly the same as mum was the first night I found her. And as I got closer I saw that the wasn't the only thing the same. There hanging out from her pussy was a beer bottle. I couldn't help myself I grabbed hold and started to push in then out. A lot harder than I had with mum.  My own hand found its way to my pussy and started to rub like a mad man I was will so wet. 
A cough from the doorway made me turn but I didn't stop what I was doing. 
Standing there was mum and lisa. 
Mum stepped forward "now show Lisa and mummy what you did when you found me like that. And Lisa I believe your part goes first I'm going to sit back and watch this reenactment. Lisa looked confused until I turned to her and said
"the night I found mum like this I had been watching you all from the stairs and you were rubbing your fanny on her face" she looked from me to mum then said "you want me to fuck her face, she's our cold. I can't do that" again mum rose and grabbed Lisa by the hair. "if you think u can play with my daughter you can sure as hell climb up there, I'm sure if the slut wakes up she will be in paradise." 
Lisa climbed up and mum pulled me still naked onto her lap. Her hand found my fanny and her lips my ear as I watched Lisa lower her own fanny onto Rachel's face. "you can sit with me until it's your turn sweetheart" she whispered in my ear as she pushed one finger into my pussy.
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