Night camping
My brother Trace acted completely normal the next day, and I would have thought that I had imagined it all except for the dried cum on my belly and chest that morning, and the fact that Trace's friend, David, avoided eye contact with me. In fact, he avoided me all day.

I tried to act normal, myself because I hoped for a repeat of the night before. When evening came, and it was time to bed down, I lay back on my bedroll like I did the night before. I gave it a minute or two, and then started breathing more deeply and regularly. Almost as soon as I did, Trace and David left the tent.

"What the fuck!" I murmured, getting up to pull back open the door zipper enough to peek out. The two of them were sneaking to one of the other tents. I zipped back and lay back down frustrated. They were probably going to prank somebody and would probably be gone so long that I'd be asleep by the time they got back. Then would they do something to me again?

My hand drifted down to my hardon and I thought about jerking off because I had been expecting to get my rocks off. But I was certain that if I did, they'd show up right in the middle of it, and I'd be even more frustrated. I was tired and decided I would go to sleep and hope to wake up if they started playing with my dick again. Jason was right -- normally nothing ever woke me -- but I had waken up the night before and I was determined I would again. I'd really be pissed if I didn't wake up and got up in the morning with dried cum all over me.

To take my mind off that, I started thinking about the mile swim I had signed up for the next day. Jeremy Cox signed up, too. We were going to beat everybody.

I imagined the swim and had almost swum myself to sleep when I heard the zipper on the tent door slowly and quietly being pulled open. I cracked an eye as Trace and David came in, followed by Hooper Cooper, who knelt by the door and quietly zipped it back.

At twelve, Hooper was a year older than Trace and David, but he was shorter and looked a year younger. No, two years younger at least. He looked like a ten-year-old. I wondered what he was doing in our tent but quickly shut my eyes because David was scooting closer to my face, I suppose to see if I was awake.

David pulled back from me. "He's asleep," he whispred.

"Of course he's asleep," Trace whispered back. "I told you guys he's asleep as soon as he goes to bed, and he’d sleep through an earthquake."

We had three bedrolls in our four-man tent, so there was a little room around the bedrolls and I always kept mine away from the tent wall -- some kind of phobia about tent walls I had going. I felt smothered if I had to be too close.

Anyway, there are limits to how many guys, even the ages we were, that you can fit in. As they settled, I cracked an eye again. Trace was kneeling between my hips and the tent wall on my right side. David and Hooper knelt at my middle on David's bedroll on my left, Hooper closest to my ribs. They bent over me like a team of surgeons. I had lost my erection when I nearly fell asleep, and it wasn't coming back yet because I didn't trust Trace and his buddies.

Trace reached into the fly of my boxers and fished out my dick. Then he also pulled out my balls, slipping the bottom of my boxer fly down under them.

"Doesn't look that big to me," Hooper complained in a whisper.

"It's not hard yet, numb nuts," Trace whispered back. He fondled my cock, pulled at it, pressed a finger to the underside. He rubbed his palm on it. "He usually gets hard real fast," Trace complained.

I wasn't getting hard because it was my own brother fondling me and I had no idea what these guys were up to.

"Suck it," Hooper told him.

"I'm not sucking it!" Trace exclaimed in an appalled whisper.

"I'll play with his balls," David whispered more quietly. "That always feels good." He cupped my balls and it did feel good. My dick began to stir.

"I don’t know why you won’t suck it," Hooper said. "Haven't you ever sucked yourself?"

"Yeah, right," Trace whispered.

"You can suck your own dick?" David asked surprised.

"Sure I can."

"Bullshit," Trace whispered.

"I can. I'll show you."

Hooper rolled onto his back and pushed down his shorts and underwear, I cracked an eye as much as I dared to try and see. He'd come into the tent shirtless, and now pushed his pants down past his knees so clothes were not the issue. Darkness in the tent was more of an issue. Still, I could see that unlike David and Trace, Hooper had a little pubic bush. And more to the point, little Hooper wasn't little everywhere. He was hard and had a nice dick for a little guy, sort of a chubby one. It didn't seem all that long, but sure enough, when he pulled his legs up over his head, he was able to get his glans and a sliver of shaft into his mouth, mostly because he was really limber. (He became a pretty good gymnist in high school.)

"Whoa!" Trace muttered aloud.

"Damn!" David whispered. "I wonder if Aaron can do that."

I could, by the way.

They glanced at my dick, which strangely had begun to thicken.

"I told you I could," Hooper said, getting to his knees without bothering to pull up his pants. "So sucking your brother's dick isn't a big deal." As he said that, he dried the wet end of his dick by rubbing it up and down the underside of mine. I tried not to tense or move, but it felt cool. David pulled down the front of his pants and joined Hooper, rubbing the end of his cock at the base of mine and onto my balls. Trace pulled down the front of his pants and from my right side, rubbed the end of his dick on my shaft as well. I gritted my teeth to stiffle a moan. It was like they had formed a "rub your dick on fourteen year old's cock" club. I was fully hard now.

"I told you he's big." David whispered.

"Yeah, it's a big," Hooper agreed. "I still think you should suck it, Trace. See what it's like. He'll never know you did it to him."

"Yeah, right. But you guys would know."

"We won't tell," David whispered.

"You do it then," Trace whispered back.

"I'll do it," David quickly agreed, "if you guys do it, too."

"Shit," Hooper said impatiently. He bent down over my middle, and I nearly gasped aloud as I felt his wet mouth close over the end of my dick. My legs tensed and I was sure I'd given myself away, but they were all focused on Hooper and my dick. Hooper was sucking like a nursing baby – at that point, none of us had a clue as to what an actual blow job was.

Hooper straightened up and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. "Yeah, he's pretty hard already."

"What's it like?" David asked.

Hooper shrugged. "Not much taste to it."

"I'll try," David whispered. He planted a knee between my legs to line up more directly, then taking my dick in his hand, he pulled it up and he bent down over me, closing his mouth over my dickhead.

Again my legs tensed involuntarily, and my head swam. David simply sucked the same way Hooper had. If either of them had known what they were doing, I would have filled their mouths. As it was, I nearly did -- after all, it was my first, too.

"Okay, I'll try," Trace said.

David sat back up, and my brother bent over me.

"It doesn't taste much," David agreed in a whisper, "but he smells good."

"Yeah, I know," Hooper agreed. "When I smelled him, my dick jumped."

"It felt sorta thick," David whispered softly, watching Trace lift my dick. "It was okay."

"Yeah," Hooper whispered, sounding glad he could admit it. “Not gross at all.”

It being Trace, and my brother and all, getting ready to suck my dick, I didn't get as turned on by the idea until his mouth closed over my dickhead. Trace had the warmest mouth of all. And he rubbed his tongue around on my dick as if trying to get the taste. When he rubbed his tongue over my glans, my legs jerked.

Trace sat up quickly, letting my dick plop back up my belly, and they all froze. It would have been a perfect time to "wake up", but I had frozen, too and realized too late.

At least with no one mouthing my dick, or holding it, or rubbing their dicks on mine, my body began to relax from nearly climaxing. After a moment, the three of them seemed to relax as well.

"He really does sleep through everything," Hooper said quietly. And then, as if that gave him an idea, he scooted up beside my head. I smelled his preteen boy scent just before I felt the warm, fleshy tube of his dick lay across my lips.

"What are you doing?" David asked in a panicked whisper.

Hooper didn't answer. He just rubbed his dick back and forth across my lips. I let my mouth fall open and his dick fell onto my tongue. They were right, not much taste, but great scent. I knew what Hooper meant when he said it made his dick jump. His smell made me harder. Smells aren't strong at that age, but they are good.

"We could suck each other," David whispered hesitantly.

"I wanna see you make him come first," Hooper whispered, rubbing his dick around on my mouth. "You said you can make him shoot."

"I'll show you," Trace whispered. He kicked his pants off the rest of the way, leaving only his shirt on, and he knelt astride the tops of my legs like he'd done the night before, resting his balls on mine. He gathered up my dick with his, just as he did the night before, and rocked.

"How does that feel?" Hooper whispered.

"Good," Trace told him, "but I like this better." He let go of our dicks, leaned forward on me, and pumped his hips as he and David had done to me the night before.

Hooper watched a moment, then pulled his dick from off my mouth. "Let me try it," he whispered, kicking off his shorts and underwear as he moved back to my waist. Trace climbed off. Hooper climbed on. He gathered up my dick with his in two hands and tried rocking like Trace had done. But not for long. It didn't seem to do much for him.

Letting go of our dicks, he leaned forward on me and rocked. Hooper was well packed and it felt good. He planted his hands on the bedroll outside my arms and leaned down farther to increase our contact. He circled his hips.

I'd taken all I could take without moving. Trying to do it like I was stirring in my sleep, I wrapped my arms up over Hooper and rolled on top of him, my hips between his legs.

David yelped.

"Don't hurt him, Aaron!" Trace pleaded out loud.

But then he and David saw that my hips were moving. "Oh," Trace murmured.

I was flat on Hooper, rubbing our boners between us. It felt incredible, balls on balls, dicks pressed between us. I guess since my arms were around Hooper, he wrapped his over my shoulders. The sides of our faces pressed and we humped.

"Uh! Uh!" Hooper let out little moans.

"How's it feel?" David asked, still whispering.

"Good," Hooper and I said at the same time.

I humped harder. Hooper's fingers dug into my shoulders and he whimpered. His whimpers grew louder, one for each thrust I made. Suddenly, he arched back under me. I pushed up and looked down at our dicks poking from between our bellies just as Hooper started shooting. We all had hair triggers back then. Looking back on it, I'm surprised I had lasted as long as I did.

Hooper clutched at my shoulders and I stopped thrusting and pressed my cock to his and watched him finish squirting. I glanced up at David on my right and Trace on my left, both with jaws hanging open. David's eyes met mine.

"Do that to me!" he whispered.

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