The 7th part of my adventures
From Lonely Unfilled Housewife to Perverted Slut Part 7

I hadn’t got up when the phone rang. Paul was still sleeping beside me. “Hello.” I said answering the phone on the table beside the bed.

“Hi slut, what the fuck are you doing?” Vincent asked.

I looked over at Paul sitting up stretching. “Who’s phoning at this time of the morning waking us up?” Paul asked after he yawned.

“It’s my best friend Tina. It’s time to get up, the alarm will be going off in another fifteen minutes. Get going and have your shower. I’m sure you don’t listen to me talk about women stuff honey.” I answered pushing Paul on his shoulder.

“Alright, alright, dear, I’m going.” Paul said stretching again and tossing the sheet off himself. He put his legs over the side of the bed and got up. I held my hand over the phone so Paul wouldn’t hear anything, just in case Vincent said anything.

I waited until I heard the bathroom door shut before I talked into the phone. “What did you want like Master?” I asked.

“First I don’t want you putting off. Never put me off. When I phone and talk to you, you answer me.” Vincent said in an angry tone. “Answer me bitch.”

“Yes Master.” I answered feeling submissive but turned on at the same time. “I’m sorry Master but my husband was beside me when you called.”

“Did I ask for excuses, slut?” Vincent asked me.

“No Master. I promise to always talk to you when you call, even if Paul is beside me.” I answered.

“I’ll tell you why I phoned. I bet you want some muscular, big cocked men to fuck you. Don’t you slut?” Vincent asked.

“Yes. Yes I want to get my pussy, ass and throat plowed with big cock by muscular studs Master.” I answered.

“Are you ready to take my orders, slut? You will be rewarded with muscular men to fuck you if you find a creative way to achieve what I have been thinking about.” Vince said. “I know your husband, Paul’s birthday is coming up and you’ll want to have a party for him. I am thinking you should have help planning a surprise birthday for your husband. If you can be imaginative you’ll get your brother in-laws and Paul’s sisters husbands to help you with the arrangements. At the same time have your pussy, ass and throat filled their cocks. Think of a way to get your brother in-laws and Paul’s sisters husbands over to organize Paul’s birthday party without bringing their wives.”

“That sounds wonderful.” I said. I had always thought his brothers Jason, Ted, Sam, Mark, Tony were hot looking muscular, masculine and most of all dominate men also his brother in-laws Greg, George and Jeff were just as dominate, muscular and masculine. I had seemed the way all of them had looked at me over the years behind their brother’s and their wives submissive backs. Vince had brought the true, bitch in heat, out of me. I wanted hot muscular, big cocked, men, to fuck my pussy, ass hole and throat. Now I had a way of being creative and at the same time the opportunity of having, hot sex with Jason, Ted, Sam, Mark, Tony, Greg, George and Jeff.

“Are you fingering your dam pussy bitch.” Vince asked surprising by his question and realized I had pulled my nighty to my waist pulled my panties to the size and had jammed two fingers into my pussy.

“How did you know Master?” I asked.

“You’re a fucking, bitch in heat, that’s why I know you’re fingering yourself. You better get a hold of yourself before your hubby gets back from his shower slut. I’ll be contacting you later. Use that fucking brain to come up with something creative to get only your brother in-laws and sisters’ husbands to organize Paul’s surprise party. Get busy bitch.” Vincent said.

I started to answer Vincent. “Yes…..” I then realized Vincent had hung up on me without saying good bye.

I had no sooner wiped my fingers with some Kleenex when Paul came back in the bedroom. “What have you and your friend got cooked up honey?” Paul asked.

“Cooked up?” I asked. I could feel my hand shaking and held it with my other hand. Had Paul heard me on the phone?

“Yes, I know women, always planning things to do. I’m not giving you next week’s allowance. So don’t, even, bother to ask.” Paul said. The only dominate part of Paul was his wallet and he took care of all the spending in the house. He had all the expenses, such as groceries, my clothing and even prepaid my gym annual membership. The bank sent the grocery store, clothing stores advance checks so I couldn’t use a charge account. Paul only gave me a few dollars spending money for bus fair or to buy myself junk food. I didn’t have money for a camera or anything more than just a few dollars.

“Oh you mean my best friend. She asked me to come over after you left so we could go to the gym together. That’s all Paul.” I answered letting out the breath I had been holding in my lungs.

“I want to go over some of the guys at the gym for their body building contest on the weekend. These x prisoners are doing a lot of hard work outs. It’s the first time I’ve trained black men. Over the past four years they have sure let off a lot of steam working on their bodies for body building competions. They have been doing so good I have thought about giving them a treat and bringing them over to watch a soccer game to get them out of the gym. You wouldn’t mind would you dear?” Paul asked.

“It’s okay with me honey. You’ve mentioned about the black x prisoners to me before. They sound like they need to get out of the gym, relax, sit back, enjoy a few beers and watch a good soccer game. Of coarse it’s all right with me. I’ll probably find a good book to read while you guys enjoy the game.” I answered day dreaming what the muscular black men must look like. I had never seen this bunch of body builders Paul was training.

Paul took the towel from his waist and started to get dressed. I looked at him before he picked up his boxers to put them on. I wondered how I could ever be happy with what Paul had hanging between his muscular legs. Soft it must have been a couple of inches and hard maybe five inches and not very big around. I wondered if I hadn’t,been taken in our upstairs washroom by Vincent and his friends if I’d be happy with Paul. I’d probably never would have discovered I was an out of control bitch dog in heat. I had felt something had been missing even before I married Paul. I felt even more uncomplet after I married Paul. I had spent many nights and days unfulfilled wanting something but couldn’t define what made me so unfulfilled. That all changed the night of Vincent and Sandra’s anaversery party.

“Barbie! Are you there? Barbie.” I heard Paul calling startling me back to the present.

“Oh sorry Paul I was thinking about some work out routines I was going to try out at the gym today. What did you say?” I asked.

“I said I won’t bother with breakfast here. I’ll have a power drink with the X Prisoners.” Paul answered. That’s when I realized while I zoned out Paul had gotten dressed in his sweats and running shoes. “See you tonight for supper dear.” Paul said and gave me a quick kiss on my cheek. “Bye dear.”

“Have a good day.” I said watching as Paul walked out the bedroom door.

I headed for the shower trying to clear my head so I could think about what Vincent had told me to work on. I had to plan a scheme to have Paul’s brothers and his sisters’ husbands over to plan a surprise birthday party. I needed to plan carefully so that Paul’s, sisters and his sister in laws had excuses not to be come over with their husbands. I wanted Paul’s sisters and sister in-laws thinking it was not my plan they couldn’t come over. I wanted them not to come over because they would be busy with plans of their own.

I also had to plan Paul's birthday. I couldn’t think of a way not to plan Paul’s surprise party without including his sisters and brothers’ wives. I guess I would have to put off getting fucked by Paul’s hot brothers and sister in-laws until another time. Darn that Vince mentioning getting fucked by Paul’s hot, eight brothers and four equally hot, sister in-laws. Paul’s birthday was next week and I wanted to give him, a nice, surprise party. I hoped giving Paul a surprise party he would take off the day from working and relax for once. I really did love Paul but since my sluttyness had been woken up, all I could think about was muscular men with big thick cocks.

I stood letting the warm water wash over me, rinsing off my soapy body. Standing in the shower I got an idea……. I want to work on how to write about what my plans had been to occupy my brothers’ wives and Paul’s sisters. It was a good idea and it worked like a charm. Joan.

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