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Putting experience to good work
(Give me feedback I would like to make this a series)

I was 19, just back from my first semester at college. My first year at college had been the most fun I had ever had in my life. In high school, I was well liked. I wouldn’t say I was popular, but I certainly wasn’t a loser either. I was about 5’10”, 160 pounds, thin build (I played tennis which no one paid attention too), but was relatively smart and focused on getting into a great university. In high school I had a few relationships that lasted a short while (a month or so), and one longer relationship (7 months), with my long term girlfriend Kelli.

I really liked Kelli, as we started dating near the beginning of my senior year. Since she was a senior too, we always knew that we’d have to make a choice about our relationship at some point. We avoided that conversation, however and just enjoyed our final year of high school. Sexually, we did about what most high school kids did, but waited to have sex for the first time after prom (cliché I know). As the summer rapidly approached, we explored our new found fun a few more times, but ultimately decided it was time to part and get ready for the next stage of our lives.

I spent the rest of my summer shooting the breeze with my buddies. We’d play golf and hang out the pool at our families’ country club, sneak a few late night beers of our old men, but mainly we were just counting down the days until college started.

Finally, autumn rolled around and the partying started. My first year of college was a resounding success. I was studying accounting and getting good grades, but in my mind I was also studying anatomy and getting even better grades. I always respected the girls I hooked up with, only going as far as they were willing to, but these girls were excited to be in college too, so I got a fair amount of action.

Unfortunately the spring semester came to the close, but going back to my hometown wasn’t all bad. I could share my epic stories with my buddies. Also, I was excited to continue my workout regimen I had started at school. I had grown a bit over the year, I was now 6’1”, and up to about 180 pounds. I had also started to get a little bit cut, a trend I was hoping to continue. Plus I had landed a summer finance job at my country club…I was going to get paid to hang out at the country club all day, that couldn’t be a bad thing.
My desk was set in an open area near the entrance to the clubhouse. To get to the pool, you had to go to the main entrance of the club house, and enter it through either the men’s or women’s locker rooms. I was finding by about 3 PM on my first day that maybe my fun summer of hanging out at the country club might not have been all that it was cracked up to be in my mind.

It was at about that moment that a stunning 5’8” blonde walked through the doorway. I don’t think she noticed me, but I sure noticed her. She had a perfect ass that popped when she walked in her white cut off jean shorts. She was wearing a lose t-shirt to cover her bikini, but I could still tell that she had a nice rack to go with that ass.

If her presence were to be a regular occurrence, I was starting to think that I was going to like this job. I was off at 5 and she hadn’t left yet, so I decided to head out to our club’s pool snack bar to grab something to drink for the road. As I walked over to the bar, I saw her in all her glory sunbathing in a chair on the opposite end of the pool. She had on a light blue bikini with thin white strips. It was all I could do to not stop in stare.

As I was waiting for my drink at the snack bar, she got up and started to walk towards me. I was hoping she’d come to the snack bar so I’d get a chance to talk to her. Instead of stopping at the snack bar, she walked right on by, but in all its glory I got a quick shy smile. That smile was enough for me as I grabbed my drink and headed home. I lay there that night trying to get that girl’s smile out of my head. I couldn’t, all I could do was take some sleeping pills and knock myself out.

The next few days at work I was distracted because I kept looking towards the door hoping that she’d walk in and light my world up. Finally, 3 days after I first saw her, she walked in around noon, but this time, she had brought a friend. Her friend was a brunette, but shared the same sexy package as her blonde friend. Those two walking through the door made my ability to do work impossible. I decided to sneak up to the second floor of the clubhouse to the event dining room, which overlooked the pool, so I could catch a glimpse of them revealing their bikinis. I got there just in time.

I watched them both peel their shirts off like a scene from Baywatch. I couldn’t believe my eyes, at how unbelievably gorgeous these girls were. I also hoped no one would catch me up here, and think I was doing something weird. After they had gotten down to their bikinis, I noticed they started to rummage through their bag. After a minute of searching, my blonde crush turned and started to walk towards the clubhouse. I couldn’t figure out what they were looking for, but I figured I should sprint down to my desk in case she came looking for help.

I got to my desk just in time, when I heard the sexiest voice.

“Excuse me”, she said.

I spun around, “Hi, can I help you with anything?”

“My friend and I we’re hoping to lay by the pool but we both forgot tanning lotion, I feel so silly but would you happen to have any extra?”

The thought of her and her friend applying sun tan lotion was too much for my package to handle, and I instantly started sporting a half chub.

“I think there is some extra behind the front desk, let me check for you.” I was doing everything I could to be friendly and confident, but I was extremely intimidated by her. I found a bottle of SPF 15 behind the counter and handed it to her.

“Thanks so much, you’re a life saver! I’m Ava by the way.”

“Nice to meet you Ava, I’m Logan, let me know if there is anything else I can do for you.”

Ava smiled and walked away. I tried to sneak a peek of her walking down the hallway, but also didn’t want to get caught. Still, that ass was so majestic that it wasn’t even possible to not take a look. The rest of my day I spent riding the high of my first conversation with Ava, I was hoping her and her friend would leave before 5 so I could get a chance to talk to them again.

Sure enough, at 4:30 Ava and her friend started to exit the clubhouse.

“Claire, this is the Logan I was telling you about who gave us the lotion!”
“Yes, I’m “the Logan”” I said a bit sarcastically. The girls laughed.

“What do you do here Logan?” Claire asked.

“Oh I’m helping the Club with their finances while I’m back from college for the summer” I said.

“Oh where do you go to school?” Ava chimed in.

“I go to State” I said with pride.

“Oh that’s a great school. We’re starting at Southern this fall.” Claire said.

“You guys just graduated high school?” I asked, knowing the answer.

“Yea we went to Park Ridge, but Ava just moved here this winter. We became fast friends” Claire responded.

“Oh Ava, where did you move from?” I asked, finding out that she had just moved up from South Carolina.
“Well we best be going” Ava said, “See you around.”

Over the next few weeks, Ava would come to the pool about every other day. Occasionally Claire would join her. We would have pleasant short surface conversations, but nothing too long nor too deep. Still I felt like there was something there.

Finally, about two weeks after our first conversation, Ava approached me.

“So for the past few weeks I’ve really just been finding excuses to get a chance to talk to you.” Ava professed.

I didn’t really know how to respond so I blurted out “Wow, you must like me or something.”

Ava smiled “I think you’re really cute, I’ve been hoping you’d ask me out.”

“I didn’t know if you had a boyfriend, so I’ve just kind of been playing it slow.”

“I’ve only had one boyfriend, but we broke up when I moved here from South Carolina, and I’ve been alone ever since. You being so coy over the past few weeks has just been driving me crazy because you’re the first guy I’ve liked in this area.”

This was such a dream come true. I was suddenly filled with all the confidence that I had gained from my year at college.

“Come with me” I said as I slowly grabbed Ava’s hand.

Ava didn’t protest, and followed me up the second floor of the clubhouse. I had known there was a linen closet that the club kept all the tablecloths and extra chairs for the dining room in, and there was no one who would be using it today.

“I’ve never done anything like this!” Ava proclaimed.

Luckily, the linen closet was unlocked, and Ava and I snuck in. There was a faint light above the door, enough for me to have a clear view of Ava’s perfect body, but not so bright that it killed the mood. After a few silent seconds (that seemed like years), I slowly moved in for the kiss. Ava had the softest lips I had ever kissed. So warm so wet, it seemed to last for an eternity. I slowly slipped my tongue in, and back out, and this seemed to excite Ava. She was a good kisser, but I could tell she was nervous and hadn’t kissed anyone in a while.

Ava and I made out for about 10 minutes, before I slowly started to work my way up her back. I found where she had tied her bikini and slowly started to pull on the string. She didn’t protest. Her bikini fell to the floor as I got it untied. I slowly lifted off her shirt, revealing her flawless breast. They were probably large Bs or small Cs, but were perky and in perfect symmetry with the rest of her body. I was mesmerized.
“Wow” was all I could blurt out, as Ava smiled.

“You like?” Ava retorted. “Oh I like”, I stupidly said, as we took our vertical session to a more horizontal pile of freshly cleaned linens.

As we were rolling around, Ava had managed to work my shirt off. I appreciated the fact that she was a little bit aggressive, but also a bit reserved, which made me feel like she was a good girl. I then managed to work off her cut off shorts, leaving her laying there in just her bikini bottom. I removed my pants and was down to my boxers. At this point I was sporting a full on erection, but that was to be expected. As we rolled around in just our bottoms, I could feel how wet her pussy was against my leg. She had soaked through her bikini bottoms, and it was incredibly sexy.

“Logan?” Ava asked.

“Yes?” I said.

“Before we go any further, I have to tell you something…I’m a virgin.” Ava exhaled.

“That’s great, we won’t do anything you’re not comfortable with” I reassured her.

“I’ve been thinking for a while now I’m ready to have sex, and I do like you but I don’t think it is going to be today.”

“No worries, I completely understand.”

“I hope I didn’t ruin the mood.”

“Not at all” I said with a smile, and decided that at this point it was time to get those bikini bottoms off. I slowly grabbed her bottoms at the side of her hips and started to tug. She lifted her back the way that girls do when they’re allowing you to take off their panties, which I think is the sexiest shape a female body can make.

I got her panties off, revealing her tight wet pussy. She was freshly shaved, so well that you might think she had gotten it waxed. I was in awe. I moved back on top of her to begin making out with her again, but slowly started rubbing her vagina with fingers. It was so wet and warm, the most amazing feeling in the world, and I was afraid I was going to black out from exuberance. I slid my middle finger in, oh what a feeling. Ava let out the sexiest little moan, and I slowly started moving my finger in and out.

“Oh, don’t stop, don’t stop”

I didn’t stop, and continued to make out with Ava while fingering her tight wet pussy. After another two or three minutes, I decided it was time to make my way down.

I had given oral to my high school girlfriend Kelli, but I had kind of refused to do it with chicks I hooked up with in college. I was pretty skilled at it, but if I didn’t like the girl, well I’d just rather not do it. With Ava, I could wait to get her pussy in my mouth.

I got in-between her legs and immediately just went for it. I stuck my tongue out and just went as deep as I could into her pussy. Her pussy tasted so sweet, and it was still soaking wet. I worked my tongue up and down and all around for about three minutes before I felt her legs start to tremble. Ava put her hands on the ground and let out a quiet moan.

“Ohhhhh yes, ohhhh god yes” Ava proclaimed as she had her first orgasm. I knew I could stop, but I didn’t want to. It was my experience with Kelli that if I started using my finger in addition to my tongue immediately after her first orgasm, I could get her to have a second one quickly. I used my move and sure enough after a minute Ava’s legs were trembling again, and she let out another moan as she had her second orgasm.
At this point I sat up, feeling studly. Ava laid there in ecstasy for a few moments before she smiled and said, “Ok, time for me to return the favor.” At the point Ava grabbed my boxers and ripped them off. My penis was so hard I was afraid it was going to begin throbbing in pain. She pulled her hair back, knelled between my legs, and slowly took my shaft into her mouth.

Her soft lips engulfed my penis, as I felt her tongue working around my shaft. I laid there watching her head go up and down on my penis. I couldn’t help but wonder if I was dreaming or having an out of body experience because I couldn’t believe I was truly hooking up with Ava.

Ava would suck my cock fast, and then slow it down, she’d stop sucking and lick it up and down with her tongue. I was trying to savor the moment but I was so close to blowing my load. I didn’t want to cum in Ava’s mouth because I liked her so much and didn’t want to risk disrespecting her.

As I got close to blowing my load I tapped her on the head. She stopped, sat up, and I grabbed my cock and blew my load into the freshly cleaned linens. After both of us laughing about the ending to our tryst, we laid there for a few minutes naked in each other’s arms. We both had the feeling that this was the start of something good. Not to mention, the country club was paying me for this.

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