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My name is Carl Leavey. I’m 18 years old, tall fairly built. I have short brown hair and blue Eyes. I go to school in a wealthy posh school in South East Texas. It was first day of school after the summer holidays. Every day of the school year I make the short 10 minute walk to school ,I usually leave early enough for two reasons 1.I like to be in school early so I can chat to my friends before class 2.(the real reason) On my way to school I walk through a housing estate and as I walk through I like to peer into the windows of the residences and try to catch a glimpse of some naked female flesh .Today as I walked to school I was getting no luck (as per normal) when I noticed the for sale sign on one of the houses was gone and a small silver hatchback was sitting in the lights were on o I continued on to school for the first time this year.
As the day went by and I strolled from class to class I eventually came to English class. Last period of the day and what was about to become the best one I strolled in and sat at the back of the room beside my mate tom, I looked up and my jaw nearly hit the floor. Up at the Teachers desk sat the most gorgeous looking woman I had ever seen. Long brown hair cut into a fringe along her gorgeous face. She had deep green eyes encased by the longest eyelashes I had seen. As the class filled she began by standing up and introducing herself. Good Afternoon class I’m Miss Campton, Please call me Miss C. and I will be your English teacher this year. The filthy grin on my face was evident and misses C looked at me and smiled. As she went on about what we would be studying throughout the year she turned to write on the blackboard. Only then did I notice her body, oh what a body it was. She was wearing Black heels which lead into the most perfect legs u have ever seen. Her legs were covered in see through tights. Her Legs seemed only to be the lead up to better things as her ass was HUGE. The tight Red skirt she wore struggled to hold in the firm cheeks. I wanted to touch it so badly. When she was finished she turned around to show some very nice perky C cup tits the shirt she was tight and white giving the whole class a slight outline of her bra.
As the class went on she told us a bit about herself. Originally from the west coast she came here to find work, she was hired instantly. I wonder why??She then proceeded to seat the class in alphabetical order. Fuck. Right up front directly in front of her desk. I was in two minds should I be happy to be closer to this goddess or be pissed that I am far away from my mates. My answer came shortly as she went to begin talking about some poet. She Slowly walked to the front of the her desk and with a small hop landed her perfect ass atop the desk .My eyes flashed up her legs and straight up her skirt.
She was sitting there legs swaying under her desk as she unknowingly showed me her crotch. I quickly had a raging boner as I stared at her tight covered legs which lead to a pair of tiny black panties. I Looked around no one seemed to notice. I snapped back to reality as I heard her clear her throat, I went red and expected to be receiving a death stare from my sexy new English teacher, instead she started her lesson like nothing had happened. The lesson ended too quickly as I managed to get plenty of views of her panties as she taught the lesson, I went to my locker and rushed to the exit. As I left the school I saw miss C leaving in front of me as she ran towards a silver hatchback. No Way had I thought to myself. And I ran towards the recently bought house, I knew where she lived. I got there just as she was pulling in; I slipped into a nearby bush and watched as she struggled with her new door. Her ass jiggled like crazy as she eventually got in through the door. I slowly moved up and hopped over her fence into her back garden leaving my bag in the bush I began to watch. She walked into her kitchen got a cup of coffee and walked up stairs dammitt I thought as she disappeared.
There I was in the middle of a bush with a raging hard on as I watched my English teacher watching TV. Since I had been there she had done normal things any normal person would do. I began to lose faith as the sun was coming down, then I watched her get up and retrieve a laundry basket. Her ass looked great in the tights sweats she had changed into. She had swapped her white shirt for a tight tank top, I was just thinking that it was strange I could see her bra under it as she turned around with basket in hand and walked towards the garden. Hit I was about to get caught. She strolled to the Clothes line and began to hang up some wet clothes first t-shirts and jeans but then my heart and cock jumped as she started to hang up the smallest and sexiest pairs of thongs and panties. I wondered how she wore them her ass was so big and these things were so small. She finished up and walked inside as I began to stroke myself thinking of her ass in these little panties. I got a wicked idea and suddenly burst out of the bush grabbed a pair of panties and ran back to the bush. I wrapped the grey silk thong around my member and came within 30 seconds of stroking my panty clad penis coated the thong with my cum and then quietly left them on the line to dry. A ran home excited to wank all night.
The next day in school the whole day was a blur until Miss.Cs class she was wearing a White blouse and a small black skirt which stopped mid-thigh. There was no tights today and as she moved towards her position on the front of the desk I felt my cock stirring. She hoped up and let her legs stay open giving me a clear view of her panties. When I looked up I almost came right there and then she was wearing the same grey silk thong I had came in the night before. My cum was literally rubbing against her snatch and I couldn’t help but let out a groan. She looked at me smiled and then she did something that shocked me, she then licked her lips so slowly and seductively that I swear she was doing it on she did this her legs opened a small bit wider giving me a perfect view of the cummed stained thong wrapped so tightly around her pussy that I could clearly see the outline of her pussy lips and the darkened flesh of her pussy was tantalizing close to me. My cock was now as hard as it’s ever been and miss.C knew it. She was a fucking tease. The bell rang and I reluctantly left the class with a tent the size of a ruler in my pants. I could see a smile form on my English teachers face. That Bitch knew…..Well she didn’t know what happened to teases.

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2012-12-15 00:12:50
I can tell, the next episode is going to make me wet, LOL.

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2012-11-15 21:48:58
Spaces would be nice between paragraphs.

Too short.

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2012-11-15 20:40:17
more !!!! please write more of this story im freaking begging you !!!!!!!

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