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A little practical joke goes very VERY right. If any of you want to chat, you can email me at or text me (256)474-4793
I woke the next morning. I walked down the hall to the girl's room but they were both gone. I found a note on the counter saying they had gone to the mall and would be back later. I took a shower and grabbed a bite to eat before sitting down and watching some football. About 30 minutes later I heard a knock at the door. I got up to answer it and Suzy standing there. She gave me an embarrassed smile as I invited her in. "I wanted to apologize for last ngiht", she said. "I shouldn't have done that." I smiled. "You were too drunk to drive, I don't have a problem with coming to get you." Suzy began laughing. "That's not what I meant. I was drunk George, but I remember what happened. And I remember that you didn't get off." She grabbed my hand and led me to the couch. As I sat down, she began stripping off her clothes, showing me that gorgeous body again. She then kneeled in front of me and took off my shirt and my sweats.

Without a word she lowered her head into my lap and inhaled my cock. While I loved the young girls, I was not going to deny myself the wonders of an experienced mouth. Suzy looked up at me as she slide down and my cock head pushed past her throat. She looked up at me as she swallowed my cock again and again. Her right hand jerked my cock as she worked my cum out of my balls. With a roar I shot load after load down her throat, which she swallowed like a pro. She continued sucking my cock and straddled me. As she pressed the head of my cock against her cunt she whispered, "Fuck me like you fuck Ronnie." How the fuck did she know? She smiled a wicked smile as she impaled herself on my cock.

Her pussy muscles tightened around my cock as she rode me. She was loud and she knew what she wanted from me. She wanted to fuck. She needed to be screwed. I stood up with her still on my cock and carried her to my bedroom. I threw her down on the bed and buried my face in her cunt. She tasted so good. Her hips worked overtime, grinding her cunt into my face. She came hard, and I slid up her body, kissing her as my cock found her cunt once more.

As I pushed in I looked her in the eyes. "How did you know?" She smiled. "I came over to ask you for a quick favor. Your blinds were open and I saw movement. I saw Ronnie sucking your dick right here on this couch." She ground her pussy down on my cock. "So now I want something from you." The color drained from my face. Was she going to blackmail me? Was she going to fuck me and then turn me in to the cops? "Wh-what do you want?" She smiled. "Nothing bad sweetie. I want your little girl between my thighs." My eyes just about shot out of my head. "What?!" "I want your sweet little girl to suck my pussy. I want to watch her fuck you and suck your dick."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. She fucked me even harder as she told me how much she wanted to taste my little Ronnie. Needless to say, the thought of this was unbelievable. But of course my thoughts turned darker. As she fucked me I told her I would do it, but it would be under my rules. I fucked her harder and told her how I would tie her to the bed and blindfold her. Suzy got wetter thinking about this. I pounded her cunt harder and finally filled her up. I pulled out and watched as she sucked me clean. My phone beeped while she sucked me off. It was a text from Ronnie. She and Kriss were on their way back. Now I could put my plan into place.

I grabbed some scarves from Ronnie's room and used them to bind Suzy to the bed. I then took a blindfold and covered her eyes. And just to add to the fun, I put a noise cancelling headset over her ears so she couldn't hear anything. The girls came home and I met them both in the living room with a hug and a kiss. I pulled Ronnie into the bedroom and told her who I had in the bedroom. Her mouth watered at the thought of tasting her friend's mom, especially after she had tasted her juices on my cock. I, however, had a better idea. "Ronnie, what if Kriss eats her out?" Ronnie's eyes lit up at the thought. "But how daddy?" "Simple honey. Kriss will do what you say. Strip her naked, blindfold her and tell her that we brought someone else to play with. And if she wants to join us, she has to lick my cum out of her cunt." Ronnie was soaking her panties imagining this.

We walked into the living room and Ronnie told her exactly what I said. Kriss merely nodded her head and began taking off her clothes, and Ronnie and I did the same. As we stripped, I took a blindfold and covered Kriss' eyes. I led her into the bedroom where we saw Suzy laying there, my cum oozing out of her fuck hole. I guided Kriss to the bed and put her face up to her pussy. Kriss immediately began licking my cum out of her mom's cunt. Ronnie and I stood there watching, her hand jacking my cock as I pulled her tits. Suddenly, Kriss removed her blindfold. She looked up and froze as she recognized her mother's face. She turned to look at us, and I was fairly sure I was fucked.

To my shock, she smiled and buried her face into her mother's cunt again. I couldn't believe this little whore was actually eating her mom out. And amazingly, she was more into it now than when she was blindfolded. Ronnie walked to the bed and removed the headphones. She then straddled Suzy's face, grinding her cunt down on her. Suzy was confused. She knew it wasn't me eating her out, so who was on her face? The thought was brief, as she went ahead and began licking the pussy that had just been offered to her. I climbed on the bed and began fucking little Kriss. Her cunt was still amazingly tight. Ronnie reached down and removed Suzy's blindfold and smiled. Suzy's eyes rolled back into her head as she saw that she was eating that delicious teenage pussy.

She heard moaning as I fucked her sweet little girl. Suddenly she heard a familiar voice. "Oh mommy, he fucks my cunt so good!" Ronnie sat up and allowed Suzy to see what was going on. There I was, fucking her young daughter while her young daughter ate her cunt. Suzy didn't know what to think at first. How could this be happening? This was wrong! This was incest! This fucking hot. Her hips moved up, wanting more of her daughter's tongue. Ronnie went back to her original position, grinding her cunt down onto this older woman's face.

Kriss was enjoying this more than she ever imagined. The thought of licking her own mother's cunt, the cunt that she once came out of, was a thrill for her. She never broke eye contact when her mom saw her. She licked her even harder as she felt George pound her young cunt. Suddenly George came again, filling her with his seed. Kriss pulled away and covered her cunt with her hand. Ronnie knew exactly what she was doing and climbed off of Suzy. Kriss crawled over, her hand still covering her cunt and sat on her mother's face. She moved her hand, releasing George's cum into Suzy's mouth. Suzy licked and sucked the cum out of her daughter's cunt and Kriss licked the cum that had leaked out of her pussy and onto her hand. Ronnie licked George's cock clean and then attached her mouth to Suzy's cunt, licking and sucking her. George, exhausted, grabbed his camera and sat on the small chair in the living room. He snapped pictures of this incestuous display, zooming in on the mother/daughter lovers.

Kriss came quickly, giving her mother her juices which she greedily lapped up. Kriss climbed off of her mother and gently kissed her lips. "I love you mommy", she said as we began to untie her. As soon as Suzy was free she wrapped her arms around her little girl as they shared a passionate kiss. They dressed and held hands as they kissed us goodnight. They had discovered a new love and wanted to spend some time alone.I wasn't concerned because I knew they'd both be back. We walked them to the door and watched as they walked hand in hand back to their house. I turned to Ronnie and kissed her tenderly. We then turned out the lights and headed back to my bedroom.

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