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Our perfect anniversary
It was his and my 21st birthday, and it would be our 12-month anniversary the next day. Never in a million years did I think I would date someone with the same birthday as me, let alone the same age. I wanted to do something special. I didn't know what, just something.

He took me out to dinner at my favorite place, Mieles, an expensive, cozy Italian restaurant on the corner. The place our first date had been, where it all started. I love him more than anything in the world. We talked and laughed, and just before our desert came, he produced a tiny box. I couldn't imagine what it could be. The economy was down since we met, money was tight, I already knew what a sacrifice it was for him to take me here.

“Happy birthday,” he said.

"Oh Zack," I said, "You didn't have to."

"I want you to have it," he replied, smiling.

I opened the box; inside it was what looked like the sort of box that folds open for jewelry. I carefully removed it and opened it. Inside was a beautiful sapphire and white gold necklace. I had always wanted a sapphire since I was a little girl. I didn’t know what to say. All I could do was smile and reach over and hug him. I was almost crying.

“I know you always wanted one.”

“But… how did you possibly afford this? It’s beautiful!” I said.

“Don’t worry about it,” Zack said with a smile. “Here, let me put it on you.”

He lifted my hair and tightened the clasp. My gift for him was at our apartment. He was always into guns; he built custom guns in his spare time as a side job and hobby. I had gotten him a Glock 20 10mm and had the slide engraved and gotten the grip molded to his hand. We finished our desert and went home.

Zack lit the fireplace and I went to get his gun. We sat down and I looked into his hazel eyes. I brought out a small gun case from under the couch.

“I love you, more than you will ever know,” I whispered. “Happy birthday.”

I handed him the key, and he unlocked the case. I’ll never forget the smile on his face when he saw what was in it. He picked it up, and it fit perfectly in his hand. He put it down on the table and pulled me close to him. I kissed him and we cuddled by the fire. It was so cold, and he was so warm. The fire was slowly dying, and we went into our room. I was freezing my ass off and turned on the shower. I always took a hot shower in the winter before bed. I dropped my robe and opened the glass door. The warmth of the water felt good on my chilled body. I didn’t hear Zack come in, and I was startled to feel his warm hands on my body. I turned to him, putting my arms around his neck. I stood on my toes and my lips met his. He was so tall. I pushed him against the wall of the shower, running my lips down to his neck passionately. His hands fell to my ass, and he cupped my cheeks in his big hands. I bit his neck playfully as he massaged me. I felt his cock grow against my stomach, and I reached down to gently stroke it. He scooped me up and my legs wrapped around his back. Now face to face with him, I looked deep into his eyes. He stared back at me lovingly. He held me with one arm and cupped my breast with his other hand. He was ever so obsessed with them and it always turned me on. My D cups fit perfectly in his big hands, and he sucked on my nipples. I moaned softly in his ear. I turned off the water and he carried me out of the shower, drying every inch of my body for me and I did the same for him.

He picked me up again playfully, like a father does his little girl, with one arm on my back and the other holding my legs. He laid me down on the bed and our bodies melted together. His lips glided down my neck and back to my breasts. I tensed as he sucked on them and a wonderful tingling sensation went across my whole body. He continued down my body, his warm breath hitting my stomach. He swirled his tongue around my pussy and as my arousal heightened. He finally came back up to me.

“I love you,” he said.

He had always been quiet, always careful with his words. He never said those three magical words without sincerely meaning it, never would he say it on a daily basis just to make me feel good. And I felt better that way. I knew he truly cared for me when he did say it. I knew he wasn’t just your average bullshitting guy. I was always touched when he expressed himself to me.

I rolled over with him and my lips locked with his. I pressed my breasts into his chest and let my ass fall onto his cock. His hands came up to squeeze my ass. I pressed into his cock as I felt it become fully erect. I slid down and took his big penis into my mouth. I stroked it with my hand and sucked on the head. I saw the pleasure in his eyes as I began to bob my head up and down, and he pulled my hair back. I kept going as I felt him coming close to an orgasm. His cum came charging out and filled my mouth as I swallowed. I wanted his hard cock in me. He turned on his side and so did I to face him. He moved closer to me and rubbed his penis on my extremely wet pussy. I couldn’t stand his teasing; I needed him in me. Finally he pushed into me. He pushed his cock in deep, as far as it would go and back out slowly. I moaned as his slow, deep motions pleasured my tight pussy. His cock was so thick. I moaned in his ear as he reached to grab my breasts. He rubbed my nipples and my orgasm was building. He kept fucking me slowly and deliberately, and I clenched my pussy around his pulsing penis. I grasped his powerful shoulders as I orgasmed and again I took his penis in my hand, squeezing it and stroking it.
I wanted to ride him. I knew he always loved to see my tits bounce around in his face. But he had other plans first. His head came back down my stomach, to my now dripping wet pussy. He licked it up and down, and finally he pushed his tongue in. Ever so slightly he bit my lips, as his tongue brushed over my G-spot repeatedly. I moaned loudly as I felt another orgasm coming. After only a few more minutes it came, like one huge wave of absolute pleasure sweeping across my body. He dove his fingers into me as my muscles convulsed while the same wave of pleasure from another orgasm came over me again.

I pulled him up to me, this time pinning him down on his back. I ran my hands all over his chest as I ground my pussy back and forth over his rock hard cock. I knew he was dying for me to ride him. I slid my firm round ass down onto his gigantic thick cock. I leaned forward dangling my tits in his face as I bounced my booty wildly. He kept his hands loosely on my butt and was almost hypnotized by my breasts. I let out cries of laughter and satisfaction as he kept on staring. He finally snapped out of his hypnosis and reached for my breasts. His fingers gently stroked my nipples, and I felt every nerve tingle. My insides were pleading for his cock to go deeper.

My thighs were soar but I didn’t want the pleasure to ever stop. My body was tired but my mind and hormones only screamed more, MORE!

My thighs gave out and I collapsed on him, and he held me, rubbing my back. He was so big and strong; I’m so small compared to him. He stood up and I pulled myself to the side of the bed. I wanted him, more than anything. I wrapped my legs around him and pushed the tip of his cock into my pussy. My tired legs pulled him the rest of the way in, and he put them on his shoulders. He began to fuck me fast, ramming his cock into me as deep as before only ten times harder and faster. My titties jiggled and again he reached for them, softly caressing them. With his penis pounding me, and his hands fondling my breasts, I orgasmed again. It was too much for any woman to possibly stand.

My pussy clenched as I screamed uncontrollably, “Yes Zack yes! Fuck me! Let it all out!”

He loved when I moaned and yelled, and by some miracle he managed to fuck me even harder. I orgasmed again as his steaming cum gushed into me. I sat up with my arms wrapped around him. We were both trying to catch our breath. How I had waited for a night like this… we both worked and we fell asleep almost instantly upon hitting the bed. Tonight every last bit of sexual desire would come out.

With my arms still holding on to him he picked me up. I whispered dirtily into his ear “Put me against the wall Zack, fuck me standing up you animal.” He did it. He jammed his infinitely hard cock into my snug pussy and fucked me. I moaned in his ear and kissed him. Then he put me back on the bed. I laid half on my side as he put one of my legs on his shoulder. He got so deep into me! I thought his cock was going to come out of my mouth! We tried so many different positions. I felt like I was going to burst every time I orgasmed. My whole body was overwhelmed by so much stimulation and pleasure. I put my forearms on the bed like I was planking, and he lifted my legs and fucked me. He slammed his cock into me doggystyle, his balls slapping my ass hard; the pain was 100% pleasure. There was no sting, just a jolt of sensation every time that glorious cock sunk into me. We went back to me riding him, then to other positions. We made love for hours, and I had countless orgasms.

Finally we got to our favorite position. I lay on my back, with my ass on a few pillows, all of the tension off of my body. We were both beyond tired, but our desire outweighed everything. I swear his cock had become bigger. I stroked it before finally pushing it into my beyond wet pussy. He started slow, and built up. Slowly he got faster, and then deeper, then faster, then still deeper. Never before had I heard Zack moan. He was so quiet, but this time he did. I couldn’t control my mouth. I groaned and writhed as his cock moved in and out of me at lightning speed, going in as deep as the darkest depths of the ocean. I screamed wildly asking to be fucked harder. I laid there as he fucked me harder than any woman has ever been fucked before. Again and again my muscles convulsed as I had orgasm after orgasm, one right after another. I felt his solid, pulsing penis begin to get even harder. As I orgasmed one final time, so did he, all of his cum overwhelmed me and it was dripping out of my pussy. We fainted at the same time from pure exhaustion and pleasure overload.

We woke up only a few minutes later. It was around 7AM; the room was still dark. I was shivering. Zack pulled me close, and I ground my ass into his cock. It hardened again. We both laughed. After 7 hours, we still hadn’t had enough. I pushed it into me and left it there. We dozed off together, his arm around me, and his penis in me.

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2012-11-16 11:39:36
It was sweet in the beginning and then you rushed it, other than that
It was good. 8/10

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2012-11-16 01:43:11
very good story................. nice to read a good love story instead of the others with cheating wives and husbands fucking everything coming down the pike

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2012-11-16 01:11:25
Very nice. I enjoyed it.

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