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It had been a week to the day since I was seduced by my daughter and all week she had been teasing me. Walking around the house in her underwear, wearing dresses with no panties and exposing herself even showering with the door open. I had a constant hard on and was relieving myself at least two times a day. I had to get my hands on her again. I had to feel that tight, sweet pussy riding my hard cock.

I was in the bathroom sorting myself out after Makayla in a tight short skirt and no panties had spread her legs while sitting at the table studying and played with her pussy knowing I was watching when I heard my wife coming. I quickly jumped in the shower to avoid any suspicions on what I was doing.
"Alright hunny I'm off to work ill see you Monday. I'm dropping Anna off at her friends sleep over you still ok to pick her up tomorrow?"
As I heard those words come out her mouth I knew it was finally going to happen I would get to taste the juices of my girls sweet pussy. "I'll be there. Just get her to call me when she is ready" I said trying to hide my excitement. I heard the car start and pull out the drive way. Still rock hard i jumped out the shower and put on a pair of tight cotton boxers which left nothing to the imagination. I walked into the theater room and watched some tv.

It wasn't long before Makayla walked in the room. "Mum gone for the weekend daddy?" She said with a smug look on her face. " yeah baby and Anna is at a sleepover for the night" I said trying to act cool. As I looked over at Makayla she had taken her shirt off exposing her amazing set of tits. It almost had me exploding. "What's wrong daddy you forget how sexy I am. I know you been watching me. I seen how hard I get you. Now we got all night how many different ways can you fuck your little girl tonight". She sat on the couch next to me lifting my hand and placing it on her leg. I stood up taking my boxers off knowing full well what I was going to do to her tonight!

Picking Makayla up she wrapped her legs around my waist. " no panties" I said. "Easier that way daddy" pushing her up against the wall we shared our first kiss. Her tongue was swirling around with mine. It was so intimate as I grabbed her hair and was grinding my cock against her! Slowly I lowered her down till her pussy lips were being pushed open by the tip of my cock. In on quick movement I thrusted my cock deep inside her causing her to almost scream with pleasure. I did this a couple more times before starting a slow and steady pace in and out. "Harder daddy" she moaned as I sucked her nipples still thrusting inside her. With this I turned around and laid her on the floor. "You want a good fucking you need to beg for it.. Now get on your knees and suck my cock" I said knowing full well my little girl liked it dirty and I was gonna give her it rough.. She started sucking my cock licking her own juices off the head! I grabbed the back of her head pushing my cock deeper in her throat as she gagged! You like that I said as I looked down to see her eyes watering! I pulled my cock out her mouth and said how was that for a mouth full of cock baby. "You want me to keep going daddy!" She said with a look of adrenalin excitement on her face. " no baby girl it's daddy's turn now. Lay down" she laid down and spread her legs.. Knowing full well what was coming. Suck these I said shoving two fingers in her mouth. With those fingers I slowly pushed open the little link lips to her sweet vagina! Exposing her tiny little clit. Teasing it with my finger watching her flinch with pleasure! I replaced my finger with my tongue swirling sucking nibbling her clit while she moaned with pleasure. Continuing to pleasure with my mouth I also inserted two fingers into her soaking wet pussy. Making her moan even louder. Before I knew it I felt her body start to shake. My babygirl let out a slight squeal and a sigh as her juices covered my hand. I pulled my pussy juice covered fingers out her pussy and made her suck it off. "Like the taste of your pussy baby" I asked. " of course now fuck me hard daddy please". Makayla begged.
"Follow me" I said and walked into the bathroom. Now bend over. I bent her over and fucked her infront of the bathroom mirror. I had to see her face as I got harder and deeper inside her small tight hole pulling her hair slightly. She looked up and smiled at me as she took it all! I was gonna cum so I pulled out and turned her around lifting her onto the bathroom counter. Kissing her I played with her pussy for a while letting my cock get a rest so I could fuck her hard again like she wanted! When I knew I would be able to last a little longer I slowly stuck my cock in. Again thrusting deep inside as she moaned for more. Getting a good pace I fucked her hard as she leant back in ecstasy knocking stuff off the bench. I could feel it happening again but this time I wasn't going to stop it. " baby I'm gonna cum I want you to get on your knees and face me with your mouth open." " ok daddy". She said with no hesitation. I quickly pulled out and she took my load in her mouth and over her chest.. There was more then I ever seen before. It just kept coming! In her hair on her face her tits. The hottest thing I ever seen.

"Let's clean up" I said as I walked into the shower. "We can do this again later. " and that was just the start of my wild night in with my beautiful daughter. If you want more comment below.

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2015-09-10 13:10:44
Part/2 As i was washing them i got quite wet and so decided to strip off i asked the girls if they minded me getting undressed, they both said no daddy so i took my shirt and trousers leaving my pants on, Mary the eldest said ain't you going to take your underpants off then dad i said i am not sure i should in front of you girls, they both replied we don't mind and besides we have never seen a man's willy before and we would love too see yours please so i pulled my pants down as my prick sprang up right in front off the girls making them both jump back in surprise and seeing the girls naked in the bath I had one of the most enormous hard on's ever in my life, my prick was standing out in front of them. There was a look of amazement on there faces. i said well what do you think girls of daddies cock then there faces both broke into very big grins and both said we think it is the most wonderful cock we have ever seen daddy.

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2015-09-10 12:07:37
Part/ 1 A very interesting story it brought back memories of when i began fucking my two daughters, they were eleven and thirteen. it all started one weekend, my wife was visiting her sister leaving me alone with the girls. I decided too take a bath and went up stairs to the bathroom and walked straight in i got the shock off my life, my two daughter were taking a bath together. they looked up in surprise, i said i am sorry i didn't know you were both in here i'll will come back later, the girls said that's ok daddy while your here you can wash our backs so i took the sponge and began washing there back. As i was washing them i noticed how well there young figures had developed the thirteen year old had quite a nice pair of tits and the younger one's was just beginning to grow. i began to wash the elder one first and soaped her body all over and started to wash her i started on her back and worked my way done to her sweet arse paying especially attention to it.

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2015-06-01 21:47:14
This story as got me thinking, i also have two young daughters and have been thinking about fucking both of them and being as my wife will be visiting her sister this weekend i am planing to fuck both of them. I will let you know how i got on.

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2013-10-30 14:05:52
One day i,m alone in my house and I also have a daughter and one day she got stress and i say can i give you massage she says yes and then i suddenly came with oil and she only wears bra and paintie and the i slowly massages him and then she get excited and then we got sex with each other we both loved and then i fucked her everynight right till

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2013-04-26 01:28:06
Well it was OK, but when is dad going to start pumping some of his cum into his little baby slut. He should also be using her ass hole by this time as well. And your stories could be longer and with more information and deion of there fucking and how it feels from both daddies perspective and his underage baby bitch.

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