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Chapter 11

James really hadn’t a clue. Sure, he had the layout. Yes, he walked around a bit earlier. But where he was to lay his head was not explained to him at all. It would be a long walk to the front of the building to see if whoever let Gloria in was still around to tell him anything. He stubbed his shoe on the counter, trying to make his way around it. He didn’t even know where light switches where in this place. He made it to the hallway, briefcase in hand, looking for any lights under the doors on either side. At least the hallway had lights, dimmed as they were. They cast an eerie glow on the walls and carpeting. It might as well had been a ghost house as James was the only one roaming the halls.

James came to a door with a dim light showing under the door. Whether it was a night light or a reading light, he wasn’t sure but tapped lightly on the door and waited for a response. After no response, he leaned in to see if he could hear anything through the door. Giving up on hearing anything, he tapped again just a little louder and waited. Without a response, he tried the door and it opened with his hand.

“Hello?” James whispered, not sure exactly what to do.

Thinking to take a chance, he opened it enough to get his head around it. A woman in bed, covers pulled to her chin, just snoring away, lay sleeping with a night mask on. It was nobody he recognized and he shut the door as quietly as he opened it. He felt like a criminal after opening that door and made a mental note not to do that again. Knowing he was still in the staff quarters, he proceeded to the end, turning the corner to walk the hallway there.

The next lit door he came to had a brighter light coming out from under it and he knocked a little louder this time. With no response, he told himself not to try the door, but his hand did anyway. It was locked. He puzzled over the fact that he tried to open it even after telling himself not to. Perhaps the bright light seemed to welcome him to do it, he really wasn’t sure. He was tired too, his stress level was high. All he wanted was to snuggle with Ying and go to sleep.

With that thought in mind, he pulled out his phone and sent a text to her. ‘Where are you?’

Of course, she was asleep and hadn’t heard it. Remembering the GPS and the ability to track her, he only wished he thought of it sooner as a red dot appeared on the map. Zooming further in, he saw the complex appear. Even further gave him a closer view. How accurate the GPS was, James had no clue but the indicator claimed he needed to go to another corner of the estate. If ever there was one thing James could be thankful for, it would be the guy that thought up Google maps. That guy deserved a pat on the back as far as James was concerned as he studied the overview he had on his phone. He now had a place to go and headed in that direction.

Rounding a corner, he found double doors of fine wood with carvings on each side. There were no knobs; only push plates where mounted on it. He assumed it was meant to push open and so he gave it a try. It yielded to him and let him in to a very large kitchen lit by night lights on each side. James supposed that if you wanted something to drink in the middle of the night, the night lights would sure come in handy. Just to see what the fridge had to offer, he went to it and opened it. The fridge light lit up the area and he squatted down to see what he could find. James just had time to look over his shoulder at movement before the broom hit him in the head.

A rambling of words James didn’t understand filled his ears as the broom struck again. That glanced off his ear and brought James to attention and he stood up to face the attacker. James held his ear and turn towards the source of its pain, he caught the broom on another swing because; you know his rule about three. Whatever ‘Ouchy Wa Wa’ meant, he really didn’t care as he stared down at a short heavyset Latino in a night coat holding the handle of the broom. His only concern at the time was making sure his ear was intact from the axe-like blow she rendered.

“Please stop hitting me.” James said, jerking the broom from her hand and placing it between the fridge and counter.

The woman backed up to the island, holding her chest, rambling on in whatever language she spoke. James pointed to himself and said, “James” then pointed at her and waited.

She pointed to herself and stammered out, “Katrina” with a heavy accent.

James offered her his hand. With some hesitation, she shook it delicately. He turned back to the fridge to shut the door. Picking up his briefcase, he turned back to Katrina and asked, “Ying?” holding his free hand flat to his waist. If there was anyone this place would know, it would be the Asian that now belonged to James.

“Ah, Ying!” she said in recognition, “Si” and laughed a little.

After staring at each other for a moment, James tried to motivate her and opened his hand in a gesture at the door, offering her lead with a pleasant smile. She moved like molasses but finally conceded, walking to the door. James followed the woman on out. She led him down another hallway with dim lights and stopped at a closed door. She knocked lightly and opened the door. Directing James inside, he made out a small form in the bed. Searching for the light switch, he found it and turned on the light.

“Gracias” was all James could remember, hoping that was the correct language.

The woman took James’ jacket and opened a closet, getting a hanger for it, and then hanging it up for him. Kicking his shoes off and emptying his pockets, he searched and found his charger and plugged his phone in. He stripped down to nothing, woman present or not, and she took the clothes he handed her. He really didn’t notice much shock from her but was just too tired to worry anyway. He climbed in bed and tucked Ying in. The door closed and so did his eyes.

He would remember nothing and awake to an alarm on the dresser coming from Ying’s phone. Remembering where he was, he carefully left the bed, preventing any mishap of stabbing her in the backside. Checking the phone, it was set for 8 am. Since he didn’t set it, he figured Ying needed up for that time. Turning around, he kissed her awake.

“Honey, do you need to get up?” he asked, watching the ‘Why are you bothering me’ look on her face. She rolled away from him and he took advantage, caressing her back all the way down to her ass. Cupping a cheek, he gave it a squeeze and she waved it off, snuggling deeper in the bed.

“Come on baby, wake up for me now.” he said, giving her another squeeze.

She rolled onto her back and frowned. Opening and blinking her eyes, she looked at James, “I sore bad.” she pouted.

James remembered the pain pills Vicky had given her and asked where they were. She told him and then he asked, “Where’s the bathroom.” She told him it was at the end of the hallway so he put on some sweats and went to fetch a glass of water. Seeing a possible restroom at the end, he headed that way and opened the door. A nice restroom showed fresh flowers and marble tops. Heading to the sink, he looked for something to put water in. Opening the medicine cabinet to look there, he heard the shower turn on and froze.

Closing the medicine cabinet, he looked over at the translucent glass and saw the silhouette of a female in the process of showering. Hearing the cabinet magnets click, she paused and said, “Hello?”

Well, he could try to sneak out, but honesty was always the best policy so he said, “Hello! I didn’t know someone was in here.”

Sliding the glass door back a little she said, “Who the hell…?” and looked at James. A pissed off look from a young woman was all James could see. All he could do was shrug his shoulders and wave, saying “Sorry”.

Looking at the toned body of a male in her bathroom, she eased her frown and turned it into a smile. “Well, I’ve had some fantasies before but this one beats all.” she giggled, “Tell me, did you come to wash my back?”

“Um, actually, I came for a glass of water.” He replied, and turned his attention back to the search for a cup.

“Do you see that round cylinder on the wall beside you?” she asked, and James turned towards it. “There are Dixie cups in it.” She informed him.

Tugging one out of the bottom, he said, “Thank you.” and turned towards the sink. Thinking of her, he asked, “Can you step away from the shower? I don’t want to scald you.” and waited.

“Ok” she said, and James turned it on. A shriek from the shower made him turn it off immediately, not even getting any water in his cup. “Sorry again, I thought you were ready.” feeling like an ass.

“Oh, I was just kidding, go ahead.” she said, smiling at the gullible man.

He turned the water back on and said, “Funny ha, ha.” shaking his head. Filling the cup half full, he turned to leave but caught something in his eye. Walking towards the shower, he looked at her staring eyes and said, “Look at the nice robe I found here.” placing a hand on it hanging on a hook.

“You wouldn’t dare!” she exclaimed, her smile turning to worry.

He dropped his hand and said, “I was just kidding.” and smiled.

“Oh God, don’t scare me like that.” she said, with relief in her voice.

“Uh huh, we’re even.” he replied, and turned to go. “I’ll lock this on my way out.” opening the door and locking it. “Have a nice shower.” and closed it.

He headed back to the room and gave Ying two pills and the cup of water. While she sipped on the water, James looked over his tasks for the day. Noon was his first then five and eight, and then at ten, he was to be back here. ‘Could he really have sex four times today?’ he thought. He was still a little groggy from last night. Perhaps he could discuss this with Cathleen. Going from no sex to sex all the time was hitting home with James. He was turning into a bona fide slut.

He decided to motivate Ying and get some breakfast; his stomach was growling. “Get dressed, we’ll grab some food.”

“I’m dressed.” she said, still moody from her pains.

“Honey, Cathleen won’t let you go naked here, put something on.” he said, not trying to be a jerk but he didn’t want to get in trouble either.

“She no care; say I’m eye candy.” she huffed.

“Did she say that really?” he asked unbelievingly, and watched her nod her head in affirmation.

“Ok, I believe you, let’s go.” he relented, and headed for the door. Katrina was in the hallway, still in her nightgown. James nodded a greeting and smiled. She smiled back, looking him up and down as she passed.

He wanted to stop at the bathroom since he didn’t get a chance to before and this time knocked before he turned the knob. “Just a minute!” he heard through the door. The minute was turning into two before he knocked again, “I have to pee here.” he said, getting impatient.

The door opened and the same young woman wearing the robe he touched earlier came out, “Oh, its you.” she quipped. “Spend a lot of time in bathrooms do you?” she asked, heading down the hallway.

James wasn’t letting her get by with that, “Only when there’s naked women in them.” he replied and rushed into the restroom. Ying followed him in, she had to go too. Always the gentleman, he let her go first. Listening to her hit the toilet made him want to go more than ever. He said a prayer of gratitude when she finished and he whipped his dick out, tucking his sweats under his balls, before the lid was all the way up.

Now, a man can stop everything he is doing if he absolutely has to. But if there was one thing a man cannot do was stop in midstream, no matter how bad he wants to. James found that out when the door opened and the young lady re-entered the bathroom. He almost missed the toilet, turning his head to see her. He did manage to stop the hosing with some serious effort.

“Oops, forgot my brush.” she said, picking it up off the sink. Pointing to the door, she said, “You should lock that.” then looked at Ying, “Hi, I’m Denise. Aren’t you a doll, what’s your name?”

James waited on the idle chit chat but decided to continue his efforts of emptying his bladder while the girls got to know each other. Another revelation became apparent to him as he was having a difficult time completing his task with a female stranger in the room. Just to make the task a little more difficult, another lady walked it.

James dropped his head, recognizing the woman as the one he saw in the bedroom last night while looking around for Ying. “For heaven’s sakes, why don’t you lock the door?” she said with an English accent, eyeing James in his struggles.

“I’m not sure but I think he likes the attention.” Denise replied, looking at James with his dick in his hands. “How was your night Heather?”

“I think this place is haunted, you know I swear I heard my door close last night…” she started.

James tuned out the women chatter and focused on his straining the vein. It started out a little weak but it picked up pressure. He made sure to hit the water dead on, trying to give the women the hint that there was a man pissing here and maybe they might want to go.

They stopped talking for a second to watch his stream then continued on about breakfast choices. After one long minute or so, his stream trickled to drips. “Shake it more than twice, you’re playing with it.” Denise said, giving her best advice.

“It’s mine, I can if I want to.” he replied, pulling his sweats out from under his balls. After shooing estrogen gathered at the sink away, he washed his hands. Ying followed suit while he dried his hands. He led Ying out of the crowded restroom and met Lisa, wearing a pink bathing suit.

“You never cease to amaze me James, why are you in the bathroom with those women?” she asked, looking at them both.

“Let’s just say I’m a chick magnet.” He replied with a frown.

“Well, Heather is more like a hen… you headed for breakfast?” she asked.

Link came up behind her wearing nothing and headed for the bathroom. “Yes we are.” James replied, pulling Ying to him. “Have you eaten already?”

“Nope, but getting ready to head there.” she said, watching the girls watching Link take a leak. “These people have lightened up since Link and Ying have been here. They were pretty stiff when we arrived yesterday.”

James perked up at that, “Was Ying a problem?” he asked, knowing her style of dress.

“She lived here for a year, she knows everyone. Of course she wasn’t a problem.” Lisa informed him, “But Mike and Jen, well, they weren’t shy. Mike kept asking the help if they needed serviced.” she admitted, “But it really wasn’t too bad since half of them speak Spanish. He was just trying to get out of the work Cat told him to do.”

“That sounds like him.” James replied, turning to go. Remembering his phone, they stopped back at the bedroom to pick them up. Ying got her chain for her piercings. “Are you sure you want to wear that? You were sore, remember.” he asked.

“I fine now.” She said, clipping it on.

“Ok, but you’ll be sore later.” James said, opening the door for her.

They headed for the big kitchen since James knew it was closer. Opening one of the double doors, James saw Cathleen and Gloria sitting down, eating.

“Oops, I’m sorry.” James said, and turned to leave.

“Please, join us.” Cathleen said, and motioned for him to take a seat.

“Ying, can you make us breakfast please.” James said, taking the seat offered.

“Gloria was just telling me of your failures James.” Cathleen started, taking a bite from her plate.

James whipped his head around to her, “My failures?” he repeated, not having a clue what she was talking about. If anything, he thought he prevented a serious problem with his client.

Holding a hand to her mouth while she swallowed, “Yes, it seems you failed to see Mr. Wilson onto a plane that I instructed you to do.” scooping up another bite.

James was upset hearing this, “I cannot force him on a plane madam.” he explained, not sure why he would have to defend himself this way.

“True, but you didn’t even check to see if he bought a ticket at least.” Cathleen stated, sitting her utensil down.

Perhaps the presence of Gloria there prompted her to act this way. Giving her some doubt, he conceded, “You are correct in that regard, I will apologize for that.” he said, and looked at Ying tearing bacon on top of eggs in a skillet. Gloria was looking at her as well with a curious facial expression.

“Do tell me James, when the man assaulted you, why didn’t you have him arrested?” Cathleen asked, tilting her head while she heard his response.

“The ordeal would have brought attention to Spenco and General Kinetics which I thought would be detrimental to both corporations.” James explained, “It would turn into a ‘He said, She said’ argument and there wouldn’t be enough grounds to make the charge stick as there were no other witnesses outside of the people involved with the incident.”

“Ah, so where did he go? Gloria doesn’t seem to know.” Cathleen asked, looking puzzled.

James saw what was coming but was honest to a fault, “I put him in a cab and instructed the driver to take him to a hotel. He wouldn’t be able to catch a flight at that time of night.” he admitted.

Wiping her mouth with a napkin, she said, “A hotel instead of the airport?”

James dropped his head, “Yes madam, I felt it was my only option at the time and I couldn’t leave Miss Moore exposed to the public without protection.” He explained.

“And what is to insure this threat doesn’t come back, James?” she asked, a slight frown crossing her face.

That was a hard question to answer, “Nothing prevents anything of everything. But I’ll do my best to prevent what I can, should it be necessary.” was all he could say on the matter. He did want to speak to her alone regarding the lax in security here. If she had high profile clients for a party here, this had to be addressed.

“It is entirely my fault really.” Gloria admitted. “I let him into my personal life after investing in his company. When I found out he was abusive, I broke it off and withdrew my company’s funding in his business. He didn’t care about me, just the money I brought in.” she sighed, “Then finding out he was married on top of that; I felt pretty used.”

Cathleen consoled her, “He shouldn’t have led you on dear. Don’t blame yourself for his actions.” patting her hand.

“I was under the impression that you had a different sexual orientation.” James said with a grin. “I couldn’t figure out why I was needed in your service until he showed up.”

“James! You have more than one talent; I’m shocked you thought otherwise.” Cathleen acted appalled.

Gloria blushed, “Well, I certainly felt jilted and found solace in others of my kind.” she stated, “But I must admit that James has changed my expectations of the opposite sex somewhat.” looking at her plate.

“What? James, you didn’t!” Cathleen said in shocked mockery.

“What’s the matter?” he said, “I did as I was instructed.”

“I didn’t tell you to… you know!” Cathleen exclaimed, and then grinned behind her hand.

“You didn’t but Alex, my business colleague, did.” Gloria informed her, “And I don’t regret it at all. If anything, I appreciate your thoughtfulness of loaning me James for the evening.”

James suspected Cathleen had sent him in knowing full well the outcome and would benefit from Gloria’s satisfaction. She certainly seemed suspicious, like a cat that ate the canary.

“I’m certainly glad to hear it. All’s well that ends well I suppose.” Cathleen replied innocently, sipping her coffee.

“So, can we talk about the naked girl wearing an apron?” Gloria asked, mimicking Jen’s first impressions of Ying.

James looked at Cathleen for support, “Don’t you dare look at me James. She is your charge now.” she said in denial, taking another sip.

“Oh, so you’re Pontius Pilot now, washing your hands of it.” James admonished, a bit perturb at her leaving him high and dry. Looking at Gloria, he replied “Ying was a slave in China. The madam here rescued her from the slave labor she was subjected to.” he paused to let that sink in, “Cathleen has given me charge of Ying due to her lack of domestic skills. Since then, Ying has been displaying submissive characteristics and lives as she prefers as a woman of sexual servitude.” he explained.

Gloria’s perception of the explanation was unexpected, “So, you promoted her from a labor slave to a sex slave?” she asked, in utter confusion.

James took some offence and replied, “No, I’ve tried to break her from it, you can believe me, she has confessed to me that she doesn’t want freedom or equality but actually enjoys her sexual role as a submissive.” and looked at Ying. Seeing her hands were free from sitting plates on the table, he said, “Inspection!” and Ying immediately took her stance.

“Ying, tell the mistress about your preferences.” James said.

Ying looked straight ahead and said, “Master ask me what I wanted and I chose slave.”

Gloria was surprised to see her snap to attention, thinking they kept her in line, “You aren’t forced to live as a slave but chose to?” she asked, having her doubts.

“I not made to but I want to.” Ying replied. “Master takes all control. I no have worry. I just do what master say and he takes care of me.”

“So… James is your master?” she continued, trying to understand the full story.

“He’s my only master now.” she said, “I love my master.”

Gloria looked more confused than ever, “But, James was my slave last night.” she pondered out loud.

Cathleen choked on her coffee that time, “James is in my service and I instructed him to obey you.” she explained, wiping her chin off. “If you treated him as a slave, then he was fulfilling my orders by submitting to yours.”

James opened his eyes on his existence with the outside view of Gloria looking in. He was indeed Cathleen’s slave in a sense and yet also the master of Ying. James felt he should speak up at this point, “Cathleen is indeed my mistress and Ying is certainly my servant. I suppose it is a hierarchy of sorts.” hoping to put it lightly, “It is an arrangement I find very favorable to me and can only hope Cathleen and Ying both feel the same way.”

“That was certainly an elegant way to put it James.” Cathleen praised, then added, “I consider you an asset in my life and am pleased you find it favorable.”

Gloria considered the odd situation thoughtfully and asked, “Where does one get a slave like that?”

James was struck with immediate physical pain after he said, “Just go to the servant quarters and pick you one out.” The backhand Cathleen used on his bare chest left it stinging from the blow. He struggled with his attempt to laugh and cry at the same time.

“I take it that was bad advice?” Gloria said, looking at the red impression on James with a grimace on her face.

“Let’s just say that it didn’t end very well for James the last time that was tried.” Cathleen said, reminding James of his ball spanking session.

“I was kidding, damn!” James yelled, holding his freshly imprinted chest. Looking down at it, he thought he saw an indent from a fingernail there and studied it to see if it was going to bleed.

Lisa and Link walked into the kitchen and noticed Gloria with James, Ying, and Cathleen. Not sure whether it was a good idea to enter, she paused at the entrance, “Hey, is it ok if we join you?” she asked, hiding Link behind her back.

Cathleen dropped her shoulders in surrender, “Sure, sure, why not? We already explained Ying to Miss Moore. What’s wrong with a little more personal sharing? Do come in.”

James remembered Ying’s task, “Ying, get the food before it burns.” Ying turned around to reveal her backside.

“Does that girl have a… plug in?” Gloria asked, watching Ying go behind the counter.

James never saw Ying put it in but probably did when he wasn’t looking. “She wasn’t wearing it last night.” James informed her, “She must have put it in this morning.” and then added, “That’s her idea not mine.”

“Ok, I’m not even going to ask why.” Gloria said, knowing the answer to that already. Watching Link head for the refrigerator, she noticed one in him too, “Does he…?” she started to ask, but decided it would be best not to know.

Link turned around from getting the milk out and offered a view of his piercings… all over. “My, those had to hurt.” She commented, nodding at his supply of rings.

“Yeah, but have you tried nipple clamps?” Link asked, pouring milk into a cup.

“Well, no…” she tried to reply.

“Don’t think I won’t still clamp them, even if I have to clamp the bars too.” Lisa stated, taking a seat.

“Is he yours…?” Gloria was getting confused again.

“Darn right… and he knows it.” Lisa said, looking evilly at Link.

“Does everyone here own a slave?” she asked; a look of utter disbelief on her face.

James thought to tackle that question, “Well, you have your own, I’m sure.”

A look of being insulted crossed her face, “I do not!” she gasped, placing her hand to her chest.

“Do to. You just don’t realize it.” James said matter-of-factly.

“What are you talking about?” she asked, looking at him intently.

James shrugged his shoulders, “Alex would be one.”

“What? I am not a master to her!” she said with a huff.

James explained, “You have dominance over her. She does your bidding because of your investment with her. You just fail to notice her willingness to please you in servitude.” taking a breath, “She did everything last night to please you, you certainly must realize that.”

“Well, you fail to mention that she was happy in doing so.” she defended, “She was the one doing the suggesting.”

“Oh, you mean like Ying is happy in doing my bidding or like me being happy in doing Cathleen’s bidding?” James asked, “Yes, I noticed it.” hoping the realization was setting in.

Gloria absorbed his words and reflected on the previous evening. Consenting to his outside view looking in she said, “Perhaps you have a valid point.”

“We live in a society where others dominate others. It is the natural order of things.” Cathleen pointed out. “Leaders lead and followers follow. Most times we play both roles. A supervisor is submissive to a manager but is dominating over a laborer, just as you are a submissive to others, Gloria.” She paused to let everyone consider this, and then added, “We can only hope that we are happy being dominate to some and submissive to others. Many hate their roles while others simply enjoy it.”

Gloria speculated out loud, “So, all of you have no limitations on your chosen life roles, including sexuality, that make you content or happy with your choices.”

James saw the light bulb over her head and said, “You are absolutely correct. I’m sure the others will agree with your assessment. You can imagine the amount of people who deny themselves a happy existence because they failed to realize exactly what you just stated.”

“I still haven’t gotten an answer. Where can I get such loyal subjects as you have Cathleen?” Gloria asked, not letting it pass without an answer. She obviously was jealous of the arrangement.

James listened intently as she replied, “You have to earn them of course. The role of the individual isn’t important as it is subject to change in time but compared to the benefits from the relationship another person may offer, one will do what they must to obtain that personal satisfaction.”

“Do you not have loyal help?” James asked, trying to simplify it for her.

“I certainly do and you’ve given me some thoughts on the matter. Perhaps I need to expand the roles they perform in my life.” Gloria said, thinking both her and her help would benefit from it. Especially that young doorman she sees every day as she went into the apartments she owned. He was a gorgeous creature that always flirted with her.

Ying placed the plates and silverware on the table and took a seat. James looked at the egg and bacon meal and thanked her. It wasn’t the healthiest of food but it would definitely work as he started feeding his famine. As he ate, he observed Gloria looking at Ying and suspected she had some thoughts about her. He waited until Ying finished eating and put her plate away before saying anything.

“Gloria, would you like to be serviced?” James asked, sipping on a glass of milk.

Cathleen perked up at the question, Lisa smiled knowingly, and Ying stopped in her tracks. All were wondering what James had in mind. Link was too busy stuffing his mouth to care while standing at the sink.

“Serviced?” she asked, not knowing what to expect but it sounded interesting. “I can always use servicing.” thinking perhaps a back or foot massage.

“Ok, Ying?” James said, getting her attention, “Fix Gloria.” carefully choosing his words, knowing she would fix the whole damn place if he wasn’t specific.

Ying took off her apron and jingled over to the table. Ducking under, she made it to Gloria. Her eyes got wide and her mouth dropped open as Ying wrestled her panties off of her robe-incased body. Flipping them over the table edge, they slapped beside her plate. Gloria grabbed them in embarrassment, getting them off the table.

“Oh my!” she gasped, as Ying planted her mouth on her. “She’s an eager beaver!” she exclaimed, looking down between her legs. Wanting to give better access, she scooted closer to the edge. Feeling the effects of Ying, she leaned back to enjoy it.

Lisa heard Link put his plate in the sink, “Link, go service Cathleen.” and without question, came over and ducked under the table as well. Cathleen rolled her eyes at seeing her panties land on the table and did the same as Gloria, getting them off. Now both women were leaning back, getting their hot spot tongued.

“So, you ready for a busy day James?” Lisa asked, finishing her plate of food.

“Yep, I have my first appointment at noon.” James replied; ignoring the loud moan Gloria put out.

“I’ve got to pick up the chief of police at eleven. He’ll be in surveying the security here tonight.” Lisa informed him. “Who are you getting?”

“Um, Ingrid Blackstone, she starred in the biggest blockbuster of the season, so the internet says.” James replied, sipping on his milk.

“Don’t you watch television? She has won a ton of awards for her roles.” Lisa said, “She is a famous actress you know.” totally ignoring Cathleen’s heavy panting. “They say she broke up with her boyfriend and back on the market.”

“Well, I’m more into business leaders. TV is something I haven’t had time for in the past.” James replied, watching Gloria’s lusty half-opened eyes. She was already close, he could tell. “I believe knowing my clients were big name celebrities could impair my service to them. I don’t think I could work well with a star-struck look in my eyes. I’m sure they wouldn’t appreciate a chauffeur asking for autographs either.”

“While we are transporting people here, the guys will be working on decorations. Have you seen the gardens yet?” Lisa asked, raising her voice while Gloria squealed from her climax.

“No I haven’t. Is that where the guests will be tonight?” James asked, watching Cathleen put a death grip on the table cloth out of the corner of his eye.

“Yes, after dinner, the Alliance is playing in the garden and the guests will be mingling there.” Lisa replied, “It should be an awesome party. The band played for the congressional ball last year.” she paused while Gloria climaxed again, “Denise has done a killer job organizing the event.”

“Ah, Denise; I’ve met her.” James said, remembering the bathroom incident.

“Yes, she’s the event coordinator.” Lisa explained, “She really is quite good.”

Cathleen leaned back too far and James caught her chair arm, bringing the front legs back on the floor, “Well, I do have other clients for this evening and might not have a chance to see much of the party.” He said, without missing a beat.

“Thank… you… James.” Cathleen stuttered, still under the attention of Link.

“Quite welcome madam.” he replied with a nod, “I’m not sure what Ying will be doing but I was hoping someone could keep an eye on her.” directing his attention back to Lisa.

“Oh, Ying will be in the servant quarters, there are things for her to do there.” Lisa replied, sounding confident.

“Now wait, you know how she is, her communication skills are not good enough to listen to just anyone. I hope people will give her clear instructions.” James reminded her. Cathleen squeaked with her climax after he said that.

“We got this James; she will be in no trouble.” Lisa said, nodding to Cathleen, “Cat has it under control.”

Katrina entered the kitchen and looked around, then headed for the fridge. James was glad she couldn’t see under the table. Gloria and Cathleen put on a ‘nothing happening here’ face while the two under the table lapped away. “What that James?” she asked, pointing at his reddened chest.

James glanced at where she was pointing; “Um, I stepped out of line at some point.” was all he was going to say and got a “Tsk, Tsk.” from her.

“Have you met Katrina already?” Lisa asked, puzzled.

“Yes, she introduced me to a broom beside my head last night around 1 am while I was in the refrigerator.” James explained, unconscientiously holding his ear. “She did help me find Ying though, since nobody else thought enough of me to let me know where I was supposed to sleep.”

Lisa giggled behind her hand, “I guess all of us kind of forgot.” she admitted, “Sorry about not caring.”

Katrina did the dishes in the sink, running the water. While she had her back turned, Cathleen went off again. James smiled at her gritting teeth from holding back a scream. When she finished, James watched her wave Link off and thrust her panties into a pocket.

Gloria did the same except she had no place to put her panties. James took them from her and put them in his sweat pants pocket. By the time Katrina turned around, Link and Ying were standing by their masters, wiping their chins. A look of confusion crossed her face. James figured she was wondering where they magically came from.

Katrina gathered the rest of the dishes off the table to finish cleaning them. James assumed she was a cook or dishwasher. She seemed to be of Isaac’s caliber and kept to her own business. She had a good swinging arm too.

“Cathleen, we should talk about the security you have in place here. I was able to get past the mechanic and Katrina last night without too much effort.” James mentioned.

“Yes, I’m afraid I had to let Virgil go yesterday.” Cathleen said, “He failed in providing me with support here even though I sent him ahead of us to do that.” then wiped her mouth on a napkin. “A simple task and all he could do was stay in the servant quarters all day. I need to find some security that is more disciplined at their jobs.”

“You should hire a security service while you’re here. I needn’t remind you of the incident just recently.” James advised.

Cathleen looked at him like he was crazy, “I have it taken care of. The police are already sitting outside. I’ve hired off duty police for tonight.”

“You had an incident too Cathleen? Was it with Cliff?” Gloria asked.

“We only had words between us, my incident involved some kidnappers but James took care of that.” Cathleen explained.

Gloria was shocked to hear it, “Really? Do tell!” she exclaimed, wanting details.

It was a touchy subject for James since he still hadn’t gotten over killing someone. “We stopped them, Cathleen wasn’t harmed.” was all James admitted.

“Listen to you, you’re so modest. James blew his ankle clean off.” her smile turning evil, “After that, he blew the man’s brains out all over the place.” she actually giggled when she said, “That bastard had to be in serious pain before he died.”

“Thanks for the graphic details.” James said sarcastically. “I could have gone all day without hearing that.”

“James, you did what you had to.” Cathleen soothed, “It was his actions that forced you to yours and you know you had no choice. I saw him point his gun right at you.”

Gloria listened to the story and followed up with, “It certainly sounds like James has earned his keep, that’s for sure.”

James wanted to change the gory subject so he asked her, “What do you think of Ying now?”

Gloria’s eyes lit up with that memory coming back, “I must say, I have dined in five star restaurants from around the world and that was the best breakfast I have ever had in my life!” she admitted with a giggle.

James smiled at her answer and said, “I’m certainly glad you enjoyed it. It should prove just how devoted she is to her preferred lifestyle.”

“Cathleen, you must tutor me in this more. I am absolutely enthralled by it.” Gloria insisted.

Cathleen sighed, “To be honest, I’m not sure how it all came about. But I can only say that the people I have in my circle are very open minded and I have little to do with their preferences.”

“You can rest assured that I will pursue this revelation once I get back home.” Gloria vowed, looking at Link’s semi-erect cock.

James had no doubt of it. She had the look of a very determined woman. “Well, I wanted to tour the facility before I have to leave. I would hate to embarrass myself not knowing where to go again.” rising up from the table. Looking at Ying in her submissive stance, he said, “Let’s go Ying.” and headed for the door.

“James, make sure you make it to the garden.” Cathleen said, “And thanks for taking care of Gloria.”

She would have to say that after accusing him of failures. James simply bowed at his ball-busting highness. “Pfft, failures.” he mumbled under his breath as he opened the wide swinging door. She was one big bag of confusion to James. He didn’t even bother trying to psycho-analyze that woman.

They headed for their room to get ready. James took a shower and dressed while Ying laid out his clothes.

Ying was happy to escort him around the place, pointing out things no other tour guide could give you. Apparently, if you squatted in front of a vent, you could hear people talking on the second floor. The trouble James had was squatting low enough. Should you happen upon Mrs. Garcia, there was a good chance that she will give you a cinnamon roll made from scratch. Mr. Bacardi was just as likely to give you fruit.

You could go to the second floor at the ocean end and find an observatory there with a telescope. You can spot hot guys walking the beach and be naked while you do it. James looked through the telescope she brought him to and saw girls further down the beach, one was even topless. Obviously, the telescope wasn’t looking at NASA launches since he didn’t have to focus it much at all.

Coming back from the beach, Ying took him to the other side of the complex. The servant quarters was buzzing with activity as everyone was getting ready for their busy day. Ying pointed out their equivalent to the rec room back home. James had no idea what the ages were on some of the people but could only guess that some were underage. Thanks to Ying’s dress code along with his best friend’s preferences, the others were scantily clad at best. Ying showed him where Mike and Jen roomed. Neither was there though, so they moved on to others that Ying knew.

She took this opportunity to boast about her master, bringing a red tone on James’ cheeks. “Master owns me!” was her newest catch phrase, followed by his shaking their hands. It was almost humorous after so many people being introduced to him and he watched the awe cross their faces and their congratulations on being owned by such a man. The males kept their distance from him but the girls looked him over, sometimes squeezing muscles and rubbing on him. ‘Mike must be in heaven with all of this eye candy running around.’ he thought, staring at a girl’s small breasts. He then thought that Cathleen probably insured they were of age. Ying would be a good example of that.

After completing his personal tour, James made his way back to his room. The bullet proof vest was uncomfortable and he used more deodorant to help with the sweating from it and wore a tee shirt under the vest. Grabbing his weapon and placing it behind his back, he put the handcuffs in his back pocket.

Looking himself over in the dresser mirror, he did look bulkier than normal but you couldn’t tell he was armed and armored. Satisfied with his appearance, he grabbed his jacket and talked to Ying.

“Ok, Ying. I have to go. Promise you’ll stay out of trouble and do what they tell you.” he started, putting his jacket on.

“I no trouble; you be home tonight?” she asked, obviously worried he would be out late again.

“My last appointment is at ten here. Hopefully, I won’t have to go anywhere.” he speculated. “Keep your phone close. Call me if you have any problems.”

He kissed her on her forehead and she hugged him closer, “Master be careful.” and let him go, already missing him.

“Its ok sweetie, I’m just picking people up and dropping them off. There shouldn’t be any problems.” He consoled her. She didn’t need to know anything about paparazzi, fan clubs, or media coverage he would have to contend with.

She tugged at his jacket, making him squat. Unhooking her chain from across her breasts, she hooked it together around his neck, and then, pulled him closer with it, kissing him on his lips. Dipping a finger into her pussy and pulling it out wet, “This for you later.” she whispered, putting her moistened finger in his mouth. James sucked off the cream she offered’, “Yummy!” he exclaimed, smacking his lips. “I’ll be back for more of that!” he chuckled, raising back up.

James gathered his walkie-talkie and earphones and then headed for the garage. He wanted to get to the airport before anyone else and planned on being staged in position by the time the chartered aircraft pulled up. Cathleen told him that her off-duty and on-duty policemen would be on his frequency. They were supposed to be securing the airport and had his information to let him in. James has had police escorts before so any thrill it would normally give was diminished. They tend to make the trip seem longer and added to the stress level. Who wants to screw up and have an accident with a policeman escorting you around?

The trip back to the municipal airport seemed shorter. The more you’re visiting a place, the quicker the drive seems. Pulling into the parking lot, he found a spot close to the entrance; he would be on the tarmac when the plane arrived. He walked around the vehicle one more time, looking for any imperfections and tampering. He would check again after he came back out to move the vehicle around. Any suspicious changes in its appearance would draw attention.

High profile clients meant exactly that; they were well known with the general public. He didn’t want to be in the front when the crowd came so he entered once again into the hanger, anxious to get the SUV out of public view. There was a different person behind the desk this time and James approached an older man with his questions. He was directed to the lounge.

James was greeted by another as soon as he stepped in. “Farlow?” he was asked by an over-weight man in a plaid jacket. His gruff voice rasped a little indicating a passible smoker.

“Yes sir.” James replied, shaking the man’s hand. The man’s collar was in disarray and had the look of a detective. The cheap suit really gave it away.

“Detective Wright.” he replied, offering a seat at the coffee table.

James took the offered chair in front of it. An aircraft magazine that patrons could leaf through was lying on it.

“I understand you had some trouble up north.” the detective started, taking his own chair. “A shame really.”

James wasn’t surprised at all by the question, they would have ran a background on him and found that out easily. “Yes, an unfortunate event.” he admitted.

“Can I see your I.D.? he asked, and James pulled it out for him. Looking over his CCW license, he asked “Are you carrying right now?” handing his information back to him.

James quickly replied, “Yes, a 9mm.” not wanting to give the detective any concern regarding his honesty.

“Try to keep it in your pants. We aren’t expecting any problems here.” the detective replied.

James agreed and said, “I’d like to get the vehicle out of the public eye.”

“We’ll get to that. Let’s go over the routing.” the detective started.

They sat there for another twenty minutes. James could tell that the detective was feeling him out, asking various questions to check his knowledge and intent. Although his education made him wise to the scrutiny, he was also able to put what he was taught into a real format. This opened his eyes a little more, associating his acquired knowledge to the actual application of it.

In concluding the preparations slash interview, the detective asked, “I see you’re going to college. What’s your major?”

“Criminal Justice” James replied, pulling out his smart phone.

The man’s eyes lit up and he replied, “We’ll have another good man on the good guy’s team, eh?”

James just nodded and focused on his client, looking up information about her. “Go ahead and pull the car around the back.” Detective Wright said, getting up.

James was a little rattled by the detective’s comment regarding his career. After this week, he wasn’t so sure the path he had chosen was the one he really wanted. He was wearing a three hundred dollar suit, thousands in the bank, driving a luxury vehicle, and a lifestyle he preferred. He’s picking up someone famous right now and other movers and shakers later. No other career could get you that close to so many influential people.

Even James had some action, stopping a protester, a business rival, and a kidnapper in one week. He was even going to help with security, a job he could really enjoy. That piece of precious paper wasn’t looking so precious to him right now.

The detective was a career man with little to show for it. The older man was probably a middle class citizen at best, with the struggles of bills and mortgages on his shoulders. James saw the path he was taking in his career and it would have him in Detective Wright’s shoes and cheap suits in the end.

Putting his phone back in his pocket, he went to retrieve the SUV and move it to the back. Checking the vehicle before he got in, he was soon on the tarmac and ready for the arrival of his popular client. Stepping out into sunny warm weather, he was ready to sweat in the heat, waiting by the back door.

Hoping the flight was on time, he tried to track it. It was marked private and he was unable to do so. While he waited, people were gathering at the fence. All were fans at this time but the media were soon pulling up and dragging out equipment and then setting up as well. Some were local news but magazine reporters where there trying to get a glimpse of the starlet.

The flight hadn’t landed but the media was taking pictures and filming James. A knowledgeable reporter from Entertainment Tonight yelled at him through the fence, “Hey! Aren’t you James Farlow?!”

James knew better than to answer, trying to keep a low profile himself. The crowd was quizzing the reporter and James knew he would be filling them in about him. The mumbling through the crowd spread and one girl yelled, “I love you James!” and took his picture.

The local media must have looked him up and one female reporter asked through the fence, “What was it like killing a kidnapper?” which was another question he wasn’t about to answer. They threw out more questions at him but he refused to be baited into it.

The flight couldn’t land quickly enough as the questions kept on coming, “Do you think you’re the best driver for such a famous person?” trying to taunt him into saying something.

The police outside the fence was pulling people back from it, trying to maintain some order. James stood still without acknowledging their efforts to get him to react. Finally, James heard the jet engines as it taxied to the tarmac. A pair of panties went flying over the fence, aided by a rock in the crotch, and landed in front of James. He struggled at picking it up; leaving it there for the client to see or risk being seen taking it and putting it out of sight. Not wanting to give the media the idea that he was some sort of a panty pervert, he left it where it lay.

It wasn’t long before the aircraft stopped in front of James and the door opened. Ingrid Blackstone was the first off the plane, waving at her fans and blowing kisses. More items flew over the fence aimed at her. Flowers rained from the air as the actress descended the steps. James opened the door for her entrance.

The client veered off course and headed for the fence. James wasn’t happy as she spoke to fans and reporters, placing her closer to the public. It was useless for the reporters to ask her questions as the crowd was asking their own. Finally saying her good byes, she headed back to the SUV. Avoiding the panties, she stepped over them and climbed in. James secured the door, making sure it shut all the way and walked to the driver door. “Kiss her for me!” someone called.

Luggage would be delivered by her handlers and James had to take her to lunch at a movie themed restaurant. A lunch interview was to take place. Upon leaving, James saw her entourage exiting the plane. He guided the vehicle behind the cruiser on the other side and listened to his radio to tell him when they were ready.

“Those weren’t mine. They must have been yours.” Ingrid said from the back, pulling James’ attention away from his focused task.

“What’s that madam?” he asked, still concentrating on the preparations in front of him.

“Call me Ingrid please. I said those panties weren’t mine. They must have been yours.” She repeated, and James glanced into the rearview mirror at her.

“I can assure you Miss Ingrid; they wouldn’t fit my big rear end.” James replied, smiling.

She smiled at his humor and said, “But it would be fun to see you try to put them on.”

James pulled closer to the cruiser as the officer opened its door and got in. “The only fun from that would be yours.” he replied, wondering if she was actually flirting with him. “I’d like to refrain from having a panty line.”

“Oh, going commando are you?” she replied with a giggle.

“No, I wear my own panties.” he replied, thinking of the bikini underwear he was sporting. “But they don’t leave that ‘tell-tell sign’ that I have anything on.” recalling a commercial about them. Letting off the brake to follow the cruiser out of the lot, he was getting embarrassed over the conversation and hoped she would drop it.

“Perhaps I’ll have a chance to see them.” she said, settling in her seat.

With the direction and street updates, James drove the famed female to her luncheon and opened the door for her. “You’ll be my escort here.” she informed him, so he followed her into the establishment and returned to the vehicle to park it.

The police had the street blocked off and he found a spot just past the door and parked. Upon entering the restaurant again, he searched for his client and found her on the second floor. A reporter was sitting at the table with her. He quietly stood behind her and looked around the establishment, searching for signs of trouble. The interview was started with the normal questions, ‘what do you like to eat’, and ‘how do you maintain your weight’. Eventually, it led to a question James was involved in.

“Our sources say that James Farlow is your designated driver. Are you expecting any trouble?” he asked, looking in James’ direction.

Apparently, she was briefed about him and replied, “No, that’s why I have him of course, to insure there is no trouble.” and he thought that was a pretty good answer. Perhaps she was expecting that question and that was why he was told to escort her.

“There have been reports of a stalker and some threats due to the graphic nature of your recent film.” he started, “How do you cope with the criticism the film as brought you from the religious establishment?”

She smiled and said, “They simply can’t separate fact from fantasy. They need to understand that movies are fictional and stop taking them so seriously.” then sighed, “It isn’t like there is an underlying agenda to sway the population’s opinions.”

Now James was curious to know what her movie was about. He thought to look it up the next time he had a chance. The questions turned back to her career and the plans she might have for the future. Afterwards, the reporter picked up his satchel, bid her farewell, and left.

She offered James the seat the reporter had and he took her up on the offer. The waiter came over to give her water and a napkin. Placing her order, she had James order something as well.

“What’s it like sitting with a famous star?” she asked, sipping from her water.

James wasn’t too impressed knowing she put her pants on the same way he did but wanted to stroke her ego too, “Stressful and exhilarating.” he replied, looking her over for the first time. As expected, she was as beautiful as any other movie star, wearing a low-cut blouse and diamond jewelry.

“So, what did you think of my last movie?” she asked, suspicious of his answer.

James shrugged his shoulders and said, “It seems quite popular. I’d imagine its pretty good.” knowing she would realize that he hadn’t seen it.

“No movie buff I take it?” she asked, looking at him intently.

Fidgeting in his seat at the awkward questioning, James replied, “It wouldn’t do to have a fan transport you. You may not get where you’re going.” hoping to explain away his lack of interest.

Sitting back and allowing the waiter to set food on the table, she said, “Well, you lack the appreciation for my artistic performance.” with a frown crossing her face.

“I’d imagine you lack the appreciation for my driving skills.” he retorted, also allowing the waiter room.

“Touché, Mr. Farlow, touché.” she said, leaning forward towards her plate.

They both ate in silence and finished at the same time. James paid the waiter and left the tip. Instructing his client to meet him in the rear, James fetched the vehicle and pulled around. Thankfully, no fans were waiting outside.

Letting his client in and climbing in himself, he asked, “Where am I taking the good lady?” as he read the ‘As Directed’ after the restaurant information on his itinerary.

“Kennedy Heights” she replied, leaning on the front seat.

“You’ll have to direct me without giving me an address.” James replied, hoping to get his destination.

She guided him to a home sitting on a cliff overlooking the ocean. Letting his client out, he assumed he was finished for the moment but then she directed him inside with her. James locked the SUV and… did as instructed.

“Julio, please make sure I am not disturbed.” she said to the butler upon entering.

She guided James up a flight of stairs. Following the hallway, they entered a bedroom at the end. Having a seat on a bench seat at the end of the bed, she addressed James.

“Shut the door.” she demanded and James did as she wished. He was still unsure of her intent, even though he was in a bedroom with her. In his experience, the more artistic, the more eccentric the person is.

“Let’s play a little Q & A. I’ll ask a question and you ask a question.” she started, “I’ll let you start.”

James thought to start off simple, not sure of the limitations. “Is this your house?”

“No, I bought it for my mother.” she replied, “I’m told that you are at my disposal without restriction. Is that true?”

She cut right to the chase but James wanted some answers to remember for later. “I am yours with the only exception of causing bodily harm without just cause.” and asked his next question, “Are you going to Miss Spencer’s party tonight?”

“Yes, you’ll drop me off later.” She replied and asked, “I’m dying to see those panties of yours. Can I see you naked?”

“Yes, are you going to keep them?” he asked, unfastening his shirt and removing his tie.

“Yes, did you know I had a boyfriend?” she asked, following his hands.

“Yes, I understand you broke up with him. What was your reason?” he asked, just following her line of questioning. He removed the Kevlar vest and his tee shirt.

She studied his chest like it was artwork, “He and I had different interests.” she replied, not focused on the question. “Have you ever been filmed having sex?” was her question.

“Three times so far.” he replied, removing his shoes and dropping his pants. “Have you been in an adult movie?”
“No, but I need to make one.” she answered, looking at his bikini underwear. “Do you mind making a sex tape with me?”

James didn’t want the publicity but he sure would like the sex, “I’m not photogenic. The publicity wouldn’t help me much either.” he said, pulling his socks off. “Can you keep my face out of the frame?”

“I can sure try.” she said while licking her lips while James dropped his underwear, “Can I have those?” she asked, pointing to the pair.

James tossed it to her, “Sure, where do you want me?” he asked and watched her get up and head to the closet. Pulling a tripod with a camera on it out, she placed it at the foot of the bed. “On the bed will do for right now.” and she focused the camera on the bed while he climbed in. “How do you like your women James?” which brought back memories for him.

“Naked seems to be the best answer.” James replied. “What will you do with the movie?” curious about her need for one.

“To show it to my ex of course.” she replied, pulling her top off. She wore no bra but she didn’t really need one. They weren’t large but looked very firm. “Have you ever had sex with an actress?” she asked, dropping her pants.

“They are quite popular and I’d imagine they’re pretty good.” he replied, quoting himself from earlier. “Ever had sex with a chauffeur?” he asked as she started the camera.

“I’m about to.” She replied, climbing in bed with him. She felt him all over, getting her eyes filled with his manhood. Knowing he was clean and not just an average man off the street, she was hungry to get him in her. It had been too long since she had any and now she intended to get her thrill.

James roamed his eyes over the lusty creature and thought to remember this moment so that he could reminisce when seeing her in movies. He paid close attention to her tattoo located on her left ass cheek. A colorful image of a fairy, it was as artistic as the one wearing it. He soon lost interest as Ingrid started on his cock.

She was going to prove what a skilled lover she was. Though he was only half mass, she lifted his cock in the air and swallowed it, feeling it pulse in her mouth. Pulling it out, she rubbed it around her lips and tongue. The scent raised her lust and she watched his balls tighten. Nibbling on the backside of his cock, she cupped his balls to feel them get hard. As his length grew, she was delighted at its fullest erection.

James was impressed with her technique and brought a hand to the ass in his reach. Caressing her first, he soon turned it into kneading and slipped his hands to her slit. Massaging her lips one at a time, he tried to stay focused as she manipulated his manhood in her mouth. Getting a finger wet, he used it to enter her folds and onto her clit.

She sighed when she felt him enter her and reveled at the stiff shaft in her hands. She would show her ex what he’s missing and tried to deep throat the man. She giggled at her failure and tried again to get more down. After several tries, she decided to give up and nursed on his bulging head instead. Using her fingers, she pinched the girth and felt it twitch in her mouth. The pre-cum from his head spilled onto her tongue and made her shiver from the taste. She milked his shaft upward to get more of that creamy substance.

James loved her attentions but wanted more. Lifting her leg and making her straddle him; he used his tongue on her sex. Her tight lips made her clit peek at him and she was already moist from lust. Grabbing her by the ass cheeks, he lowered her firmly on his mouth. Eating her pubic hair and all, he let her take rhythm in her humping.

She felt the coarseness of his chin on her slit and rubbed her sex on his face. She smiled when she felt his tongue go in and lick at her achy entrance. Since he did her that pleasant favor, she returned it by licking his balls. Still stroking him slowly, she sucked one in and rolled it around her mouth. Needless to say, she was grateful for the clean shaven orbs he sported. This was one time she appreciated her height and was able to keep her sex on him while slipping his other ball in her mouth. He was a big boy and she was glad she could match him as their sixty nine matched perfectly. Many times she found herself hunching over in an uncomfortable position. This was just a treat to lay on him and get serviced too. Placing his tool back in her mouth, she grabbed an ass cheek and urged him to fuck her.

The girl was being lazy so James did as she wanted, fucking his cock into her mouth. But she was going to do her share and he urged her with his hands on her ass cheeks. Spreading her ass, he probed with a finger around her anal entrance. She took the hint and bucked into him, matching his thrusting cock. She loved his play on her backside as it made her even wetter from his touch. She could hold him in her mouth while he fucked and concentrate on her own fucking. Maneuvering herself in the ideal position, she worked up a sweat on him. It wasn’t long before she felt her climax and stiffened from the start of her climax.

James, ever the gentleman, picked up the task of shoving her over the cliff, since she seemed incapacitated. Fucking his face into her, he made sure to hit her clit, bringing a muffled scream from her. Due to his multitasking efforts, he forced his cock down her throat unintentionally. He stifled a chuckle when her nose hit his balls, knowing she had no control of it. He took advantage of her crippled state and worked on slapping his balls on her face. He kept it up as long as she tried to scream and eased back out of her mouth when she stopped. Not once did she gag and James just figured, it’s hard to do that while you’re busy screaming.

He caught her off guard while she was climaxing and made her take him all the way. At first she was worried and then almost offended but remembered the camera recording it all. With his balls striking her on every thrust, his good length of shaft disappearing in her mouth; it had to be one erotic sight to see on camera. She wasn’t the least bit upset after that delicious thought and was even turned on more from it. She finally wilted on him, after coming down, still nursing on the head of his cock. She couldn’t help but moan a little as he cleaned off her orgasm from her sex.

Knowing the camera was rolling, she pulled him from her mouth and said, “Ok stud; I’m going to fuck this monster now.” and slid her crotch down to his. Sitting up in front of the camera, she intentionally ran her fingers through her hair and then caressed her breasts. Reaching down, she stroked him in front of her pussy then rose to insert him in. She made it half way and had to stop, adjusting from its size. Raising back up and lowering a little more, she finally worked him all the way in.

With her facing away from him, James was able to use her sexy body to block him from the camera’s view. He looked again on the rising fairy as she bounced on his cock slowly. When she slammed into his groin, the fairy wings would flutter making it one of the most erotic scenes James would forever remember. She was pretty tight around him and enveloped him like a surgical glove but she made it even better when she reached down and grabbed his balls to play with them.

She sighed from the void in her cunt being filled by the length from the man. Somebody would be quite lucky to have him every day. She felt him on her cervix thinking the position she found herself in was specially fulfilling. Speeding up her efforts, she put a nipple in her clutches. Tilting her head back, she got involved in the sensations she was causing. She raised her hand from his balls to her clit just to add one more sensation.

James focused on the fairy sitting on knees, holding back his orgasm, letting Ingrid work on her own climax. He planned on getting this girl on her back and plowing his meat into her. She would make it difficult because she speeded up on him. She knew what she was doing and made sharp rapid jerks on his shaft. It wasn’t as long as he would have expected for her to reach her climax since she already came once already, but she brought herself off pretty quickly.

She had no choice but to scream as the cock was hitting her G spot. “Yes, yes, that’s it!” she screamed and humped out her orgasm on the long hard cock sinking into her pussy. She would have enjoyed it a little longer if the door hadn’t opened and a “What’s the matter? Are you alright in here?” interrupted her.

James was shocked by the abruptness of it; a strange woman stared back at him. He was at a loss for words when she asked her worried question. His cock was sheathed in Ingrid’s cunt and this woman was ogling the scene.

Ingrid answered with, “I’m almost done.” and picked back up her humping and grinding. Working her orgasm the rest of the way down, she finally came to a halt. “Watch this mom.” She said, and lifted up off of James, revealing what she had up in her.

“Oh mercy!” the woman exclaimed, looking at his slickened cock. “You had all of that in you?” she asked, a look of wonder on her face.

“Sure did, the best I’ve had. You want to give it a try mom?” Ingrid asked, knowing she had James for her bidding anyway; she might as well make it worthwhile.

That question turned the awkward situation into a disaster, knowing it was her mother he was looking at. But Ingrid had no qualms about it, it seemed, when she added, “How about it? You know you want some.”

The mother was speechless for a few seconds. James could tell she wanted to but was held by her conviction to protocol. “I don’t know Ingrid, I really shouldn’t.” and started to turn away. He was losing his lust and his cock was wilting from the embarrassment of it all.

“Wait up mom, let’s talk about this.” Ingrid said, not wanting to let it go. She turned the camera off and sat it to the side. “You haven’t had sex since daddy died; you know you could use a real dick.”

“I don’t want to impose on you dear.” she replied, looking back at James’ meaty offering.

“James, help me get her undressed, will you?” Ingrid urged and James had no say in the matter.

Getting up off the bed, he towered over Ingrid’s mother. She looked up at the man before her and asked, “Would you mind it terribly?”

“I am here to please the madam.” James replied, and lifted her smock over her head. Ingrid took care of the bra snaps while James folded her clothes and laid it on the dresser. He turned back to her and dropped to his knees, then tugged her panties down. An older woman before him, she still had dark pubic hair, but James didn’t let the signs of age spoil this moment for him. Returning to the dresser, he laid her bra and panties on it.

Coming back to her, he looked at her eyes and said, “My name is James and I’m happy to meet you. What should I call Ingrid’s beautiful mother?”

“Shelia” she stuttered, “You can call me Sheila please.” she replied, covering her breast and pussy.

James tugged at her arm, revealing her sagging breasts, and draped it around his neck, “I’ll take you to the bed.” he said lustily. Reaching down, he scooped her up in his arms and walked to the bed. He sat her on the side of the bed, facing his half-hard erection. She was impressed with the strength he had, as she was no light weight herself. The man was definitely well endowed and she became interested in the view.

Ingrid shut the door and walked over to stand by James and said, “Go ahead and grab it mom, how long has it been since you had one in your hand?” watching her mother lick her lips.

She shook as she reached but grabbed a firm hold, feeling it grow from her touch, “It’s been years but never like this one. He’s a keeper, that’s for sure.” and began stroking his length with her hand.

“Kiss it mom, take it in and taste it. Who knows when you’ll see another?” Ingrid prodded, and reached down between her legs to address the throbbing ache she had building there.

James thought about where his dick had been but was hesitant ruining the moment. But he had no say in the matter and watched as Shelia sucked him in, closing her eyes to the intrusion. She was re-familiarizing the joy of having a man in her mouth. “Make it hard mom.” Ingrid said, and her mother stroked him while sucking. She had the pleasure of feeling him grow firm in her mouth and hand before she let up and caught her breath, forgetting to take in air while sucking.

Watching it rise above his navel was a delight in the elder’s eyes, “It’s gorgeous!” she whispered to no one in particular and unconscientiously rubbed her pussy.

“Take her James and give it all to her. She wants it pretty bad.” Ingrid urged, so James bent over and pushed her gently until she was lying on the bend. He caressed her aging breasts and made sure to massage them gently. Bending further, he cupped one and licked the tip of her nipple. It hardened in front of him and he sucked it in, running his tongue over it. Letting go, he made the same efforts on her other nipple, feeling it harden in his mouth.

Going further down, he blew on her mound, watching her hair bend in the breeze. Further down he nuzzled his face in the softness of her cunt lips. She lurched when he turned his lips to hers and sucked them in his mouth. “My God Ingrid that feels wonderful! I could only dream of it.” she said, and felt his tongue enter her.

“You’ve had your pussy sucked before haven’t you?” she asked, still playing with her own wet pussy.

“Not that it is for public concern but no, I certainly haven’t.” she panted, feeling the effects he was giving her. “I’m afraid I won’t last too long with his tongue going in my pussy.” she admitted, then lurched again as he licked on her clit and sighed on his way into her hole.

James grabbed her ass and lifted up, determined to go in deeper. He tongue fucked the unused pussy entrance, urging her to take over. She gained her footing and did his bidding, fucking her cunt into his mouth. Ingrid spoke up and offered advice, “Grab his hair and put him where you want him.” she said, stroking herself faster.

Shelia reached down and grabbed his hair and did as she was instructed. Her passion drove her to make demands James followed to the letter. The more she climaxed the more he was guided to her hardened clit so he nipped it. “I’m coming!” she announced and James prepared to take over, but she needed no help from him. She bucked like a pro all over his face, riding on her wave of bliss.

After her descent, she eased on his hair and he rubbed it just a little. “I’m sorry” she said, and he replied with a smile, “Don’t worry, I’m quite used to it.”

Standing up, he cradled a leg and brought his manhood to her. “You ready to take this in you?” and rubbed his cockhead on her. Teasing her clit and entrance, he dropped it to rub her ass.

“Oh God, I think so.” she said catching her breath, feeling it all over her sex. He brought his manhood back up from her ass and she felt his head enter her.

She was tight and he attributed it to her lack of use for so long. He took it easy going in and even as he humped her a little. Pulling out, he did his signature move, rubbing himself across her clit. That brought her to question what he was doing and he answered by stabbing it back in her. She took more of him this time, getting used to his wide girth.

Ingrid watched him work on her mother and thrilled when his hand left his cock for her clit. She could only imagine what that felt like and shivered from seeing it in action. Watching her mother shake her head back and forth, obviously with overloaded senses, she wanted the man to pump out his cum and see it drip out of her mother. It has been over a decade since she last had any dick. How cool was this for a gift?

Shelia was enjoying this hunk of a man; he was doing her so right. Not even her deceased husband had licked her cunt not to mention his below-average size. Her daughter was always eccentric, doing everything so different; it was how she became a star. This was no surprise to her so ignoring it was easy enough to do. But there was something deliciously wicked, watching Ingrid play with herself while watching her take in a cock. Her daughter would add to those feelings by saying, “Give her all of it James.”

James felt she was ready, her panting was quick, juices were flowing, and a look of expectancy crossed her face. Scooting closer to the middle, he sunk the rest into her and watched her eyes widen from it. He had to smile himself when she realized how deep he went. She had to know by now, she was about to get seriously fucked. He had to block Ingrid’s view but that was the price she would pay for telling him to do it. His first attack was slow and deliberate, going back and slamming into her. He made sure she felt his balls as they smacked against the cheeks of her ass.

The look on mom’s face was priceless as James gave her his all. She was going to get that bitchiness fucked out of her and be a better mom from it. Some problems cannot be fixed with money and needed a cock to solve after all. Ingrid took a seat beside them and watched James work his magic wand on her. He would do well in modeling fashion, with those looks and body to match. She worked her own pussy watching the piston going in her mother. James added to her lust by reaching over and playing with a stiffened nipple.

Shelia loved it, it had been a long time, and James certainly made it special. The man drove himself into her, speeding up little by little. It wasn’t long before he plowed her full force and at max speed on top of that. His force was so powerful, she unconscientiously grabbed her breasts as they swayed from his thrusting, preventing them from slapping into each other. It was perfect timing on her part because she was now climaxing and would have her strongest orgasm ever.

James watched Shelia’s eyes glaze over and knew she was getting close. He needed some instruction because this would most assuredly put him over. “Can I cum now?” he asked, still driving himself in her, hoping to get a quick answer.

‘How hot was that to have a man ask permission?’ Ingrid thought, and then replied; “By all means, give all of your cum to her.” then said on reflection, “Oh, save me a shot!” and rubbed her pussy faster.

With that James was released from his hold on his orgasm and drove himself over with the elder woman. As she squealed from her orgasm, Ingrid leaned over. James pulled out on his first shot and almost made it in her mouth. Holding his next squirt long enough to get it back in, he managed to get most of it in the mother. Nothing turns a man on more than seeing his own cum on the face of a beautiful woman and James was no exception. Watching her lick it off her lips was just too erotic for him. Thinking of Mike and his desire for a mother-daughter session brought a grin to his face as he spurt the last of his orgasm in Ingrid’s mother.

Feeling her daughter’s head on her stomach and her hair draped across her breast, Shelia could only imagine the view Ingrid had at that very special moment. That made her climax that much more enjoyable, just thinking of the cream going in her pussy. It brought back the memory of male lubrication and the affects it rendered on her pussy walls. The release from her orgasm was like a river of tension released, washing her stress away. She laid in revelry for a moment then she shooed her daughter off.

When James saw it was over, he went to pull out of the elder, but she wasn’t done with the gift he had given and she sat up to clean him of his seed. His cock was so sensitive, he jerked as she worked, licking and sucking everywhere. It was a sight he wouldn’t forget, especially as she played with her cum soaked pussy. He just bet she was a firecracker when she was young and was now showing off a little for him.

Ingrid giggled and asked, “How was that mom?” then looked up at James, “Isn’t he just dreamy?”

“My word girl, you’re going to embarrass an old girl like me!” she replied but then said, “But you sure can pick them, that’s for sure. I’ll remember this one in my grave.” pulling back a moistened finger and licking it clean of semen.

Ingrid stood and went over to her clothes, sorting through the pile. “May I clean up a little?” James asked and Shelia directed him to the guest bathroom and he took a ten minute shower. Shelia brought him a towel and asked if she might get a picture of him. He had no problem granting her request and asked if she wanted to be in it with him.

She led him to Ingrid and she got the camera and James started to get his clothes. “Please let me take your picture nude, nobody would believe me without some definite proof.” Shelia begged. ‘How do you tell a woman of her age no?’ James thought so he asked, “Can you leave my face out of it?”

They agreed and Shelia grabbed his flaccid cock from underneath, raising it up a little, allowing half to dangle off the end of her hand. The picture was taken with smiles on their faces and James was left baffled wondering what bridge partners would be seeing him naked.

James got dressed and headed for the SUV with his client following right behind him. Opening the door, Ingrid climbed in and James shut her door and checked it. . She had an overnight bag so he loaded it in the back. Climbing in, he took the driver’s seat and prepared to leave the home.

“James” she said from the backseat, as the vehicle headed down from the cliff. He responded and she told him, “That woman is not the same mother. We left a stranger there.”

James was curious of what she meant and asked, “How so?” sounding a little puzzled.

“My father died ten years ago and she has been trying to follow him ever since.” Ingrid explained, “She turned bitter and quite the recluse but now she seems so pleasant.”

“I’m sorry to hear that but I’m glad she is better.” was all that he could think of to say.

Ingrid smiled in the backseat and said, “Thank you for all that you’ve done for her. She’s the happiest I’ve seen her in quite a while.”

It seemed to mean a lot to her but he was just following orders. “You’re more than welcome, I aim to please.” He replied as the SUV headed onto the interstate.

Ingrid confessed, “You have certainly pleased the both of us.” and rested her back on the seat.

James still was confused and had to ask, “If she was such a recluse then why bother with the picture? I mean, who would she even show it to?”

Ingrid gave a shit eating grin and explained the reason for it, “You’re so naïve James. You just don’t get it. She’ll be masturbating a lot with it now.”

James dropped his head for a second in ignorance. He just hadn’t thought about that. Now he had to go through life knowing Ingrid Blackstone’s mother was getting her thrill from seeing his dick in her hand. “I’ve lost my dignity but it was worth it, a sacrifice for your dear sweet mother.” James replied, and shook it from his thoughts.

“If it means anything at all to you, I’ll be masturbating from the movie we made.” Ingrid laughed, clapping her hands together. James had to laugh with her as she reminded him of it, he had completely forgotten about that.

It was 4:00pm when James pulled in to the circle driveway of the villa. He only had one hour to get to the airport for his next client. Getting his folder from his briefcase, he looked one more time at the name. Tracy Gleason sounded familiar for some reason and he thought to look her up. It didn’t say as directed either so maybe he was just bringing her back to the villa.

Grabbing his phone and typing her name in the browser, the very first thing to pop up was Chairman of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs. A representative of the U.S. congress; the first woman ever appointed to the position, and the youngest in congress ever. If there ever was topics James knew to avoid for sure, it was politics and religion. They don’t mix, they don’t have a correct protocol, and they both piss people off. You can talk about the weather or the newest gizmo invented but you can’t say what religion you are or what party you belong to.

James saw a picture of the woman and was impressed with her looks. If he had to fuck a congress person, that would be a good choice. James had to chuckle at that thought, ‘They fuck me all the time but now he might be able to fuck at least one of them back.’

But then he remembered Gloria and his body guard role that was needed. Maybe he didn’t have to have sex with her, just get her back safely to the villa. He has learned not to assume anything with Cathleen’s discretion. She apparently knew what she was doing and everything was working out fine in his opinion.

Arriving at the airport, he was parked on the tarmac in perfect time. The jet his client was on pulled up to his vehicle and his client disembarked. No crowd greeted her as she stepped off the plane. James thought, ‘See? If you were a movie star, you’d get a police escort.’ Three others followed behind her, too young to be aides and assistants. They could be servants like the twins Cathleen had, for all he knew.

Just looking at them, James thought it sounded like the beginning of a bad joke; ‘So this congresswoman and three foreigners got off a plane…’ but he held back his chuckle. The young Latino and two females were clean but lacked any grooming. All had long hair that seemed unkempt. One of the females had extremely long hair to the point of being able to sit on it easily; it hung well past her ass. He couldn’t guess what nationality the girls were specifically but the very long haired girl looked like a very dark Hawaiian.

Opening the doors for the group, he then went for their luggage. Completing his task, he climbed in behind the wheel. He was surprised to see the congresswoman sitting in the front passenger seat instead of in the back. “Greetings; my name is James. How may I be of assistance today?”

“Take me to Cathleen please; I have a proposal I need to offer.” Tracy ordered, so James headed off to the villa.

“So, are you in to politics James?” Tracy asked while James climbed the onramp to the freeway.

“It is a complicated topic I prefer to refrain from madam.” James replied, getting behind a truck on the highway.

Tracy smiled and said, “A safe place to be in, for your position.” she then asked, “What is your opinion on illegal immigrants?”

James wasn’t going to answer; he could only give a wrong one anyway so he replied “I haven’t one madam.”

“I am sure you do indeed have an unspoken opinion.” she said, and then stated, “These three were illegally in the U.S. and set to be deported. I took the liberty of going through the process of getting them citizenship.”

James thought that was a gallant effort on her part, “A noble gesture madam.” he replied.

“It saves them from a life of struggle as you can imagine.” Tracy explained, “I can employ them with room and board, safely in a good environment.”

“A very generous offer, I’m sure.” James said, taking a move from traffic into a less traveled lane.

“I have done it before for others you know.” and she went on, “They seemed quite happy with the arrangement.”

“It sounds like a successful solution to an ongoing problem.” James stated, concentrating on the road ahead.

“Perhaps you know of a few of them.” she wondered aloud.

“I’m not sure that I would madam. I don’t find them often in my life.” James said, paying close attention to an approaching semi approaching on his left.

“Let’s see now, how about Ying Chung?” Tracy offered, which caused James to sit straight take notice.

Looking at Tracy, he asked her seriously, “Did you set Cathleen up with Ying?”

“No, of course not; I just got her citizenship here.” Tracy explained. “She was a gift from a Chinese businessman Cathleen helped from bankruptcy.”

James focused on the road again and said, “I know Ying personally and I believe she is quite happy with the arrangements made for her.” getting a bigger picture of the requirements Cathleen must have to go through for her servants.

“Good, then you won’t have a problem with Cathleen helping me with mine.” Tracy replied, looking straight ahead instead of at James.

“I’m not sure how she can assist you with your servants. Perhaps she can help them with domestic skills or menial tasks but I can’t see her being of significant help. I would recommend one of Cathleen’s servants; perhaps they can offer their advice.” James replied, puzzled why she would think his opinion mattered with Cathleen’s tutoring of servants.

She looked at him sideways and said, “But you, James, have the type of servant that I want.”

A light bulb went over his head as he realized her full statement. Why Cathleen would jeopardize his relationship with Ying was his first worry. A congress member, able to call government agencies on him, was his second concern. “I would hope that whatever relationship I have with Ying would remain private. Our mutual agreement is not illegal, I can assure you.” he rambled on, “I would be interested to know what you have learned about my relationship with her.”

“Calm down James, you have no trouble with me; I just need some confidential help. Someone has to train mine.” she explained, “You did know that kidnapping is a federal crime, yes?”

James thought about this and did indeed know and said, “Has this something to do with Miss Spencer’s kidnappers?”

“It is how I am aware of your relationship with Miss Chung. I took notice when the news crossed my desk.” she replied, letting him sink in that knowledge.

James had to tread lightly, not wanting to purge himself and said, “So, you investigated the scene of the crime.”

“Not I per say, but I had it started and followed up on the work.” she admitted, watching James squirm a little. “I’m intrigued by her servants and seek her help in training some of my own.”

James shook his head at her confession and said, “I can’t guarantee you her compliance.”

“Oh, I think she will see things my way.” she quipped, and started telling him of her wishes, “Now; the girl I want trained will service my husband, of course, the boy is mine. I can guarantee Cathleen that no harm will come to either, I have their fullest consent, and my husband is the humblest of souls.”

James shook his head, “I find it hard to believe that a woman is advocating such an arrangement.”

Tracy smiled, “I must admit that my husband and I have our vices. They just happen to be in partaking of young flesh.” patting James on the leg, “It is perfectly legal you know, just like you and your Ying.”

Looking in the rearview mirror, James could not detect any fear or nervousness from the three. “Do they speak any English?” he thought to ask.

“Yes, but with one having a heavy accent.” she informed him.

“What nationality are they?” James asked, although it wasn’t any of his business but he wanted to satisfy his curiosity.

“The boy is from Porto Rico, found in a drug raid. The short-haired girl is Cuban, supposedly arriving here by a small boat, and the dark-skinned girl is from Somalia, apparently stowing away on a merchant ship.”

“All three have interesting backgrounds. But you only mentioned having two trained. Is one to be a domestic servant?” James queried, odd that she hadn’t mentioned her plans for one of them.

“Ah, that is what we need Cathleen for.” Tracy replied, patting him once more on the knee, and left it at that.

James pulled into the circle drive right behind Lisa. She was letting out the target and his wife. Dressed in a mini skirt and white blouse, Lisa made one fine looking chauffeur. The Prime Minister was certainly dressed for the occasion as well. James opened the door for his group and stood by the car until they were let in by Isaac, also dressed in formal attire. James sat their luggage in the doorway for Isaac to take care of.

James still had time before his eight o’clock appointment and didn’t know whether to remain there or park in the garage. Lisa came over to greet him, “Want to go eat?” she asked.

“That’s a good idea. I guess dinner for the guests are happening now. Where do you want to go?” James asked.

Lisa mentioned the kitchen by the elevators and James followed her black SUV to the garage. He and Lisa rode the elevator to the kitchen and Lisa went for a TV dinner from the freezer.

Hoping to find something healthy, James opened the fridge to plunder. He was attacked from behind as Ying jumped on his back. “Master!” she exclaimed, grabbing a firm hold around his neck.

“Hey sexy, are you having fun?” James asked, rubbing her arm wrapped around him.

“I bored, they all at dinner party.” Ying said, hanging on while James stood up.

“Oh baby, I’m sorry about that. I packed your laptop, you could get it out.” James offered, heading for the pantry with Ying on his back. He was going to eat a turkey sandwich and hoped they had wheat or rye.

“I might do that.” she replied, letting her feet dangle in the air, “You smell good.” she sighed, nestling her face in his hair. James knew it was the shampoo he used at Shelia’s home.

“James” someone called from behind him, while he rummaged for the bread.

“Yeah, just a second.” he replied, thinking it wasn’t Lisa’s voice he heard. Grabbing a loaf of rye, he turned around and faced Tracy Gleason. Cathleen and the three foreign youths were behind her and he had one naked Ying dangling on his back.

“Oh… uh, hello there!” James stammered, keeping his front side forward, shocked to see her in the quarters.

Cathleen stepped forward, “What are you doing?”

“Um, just grabbing a bite to eat before my next appointment.” he said sheepishly. Ying was struggling to hold on so he reached behind him to support her. Of course, he would have to get a handful of ass with a butt plug in the middle.

“Is that Ying Chung?” Tracy asked, walking over to get a closer look. She got an eyeful from James’ side. A smile crossed her face as she seen the immigrant she had worked to gain her citizenship.

Cathleen said, “You are to be at the Bayside Resort at eight. That is right next door just down the beach. Until then, Representative Gleason needs your help.”

James eyes widened, “I’m sorry, I was under the impression that I had completed my services for her, being given no further instructions.” trying to let Ying down easy behind him, “I must apologize for my misunderstanding.” he finished, while Tracy squatted down to talk to Ying.

“Indeed” Cathleen replied, “Surely you didn’t think I could train these servants on my own did you?” crossing her arms in front of her.

James blinked a few times and said, “So… you want me to… what exactly?” with a questioning look on his face.

Cathleen cocked her head and looked at him like he was daft, “You know, train her servants?” she said through clenched teeth, nodding at the three foreigners. Thankfully, Tracy was too busy talking to Ying about her new piercings and dog tag to notice Cathleen’s demand.

James’ eyebrows rose high on his forehead, “What?” he responded, “I’m not training them, you are supposed to, from what I was to understand.”

Cathleen stepped closer to him and said, “What the hell do I know about training a… a… sex slave?” she whispered vehemently, “Get your act together and... fix these… people for her!” waving at the three confused foreigners standing around.

James shook his head but before he could respond, Cathleen whispered, “This is important to me James. Please get it done.” and stepped back away from him and nodded ‘yes’ at him.

“Fine, whatever... She wants the boy for herself, what girl would she like for her husband?” he asked.

Tracy stood up from hearing that, “It doesn’t matter to me, or you can have either one you want.”

James, just as confused as ever, asked for clarification, “So, you’re giving Cathleen a servant?”

“No, you can have her for training them. Just pick one and give me the other.” Tracy explained. “I know she will be in good hands with you.”

“But I don’t want one either.” James said, “I have one already.” placing his hand on Ying.

Cathleen stepped closer to him again, “Never look a gift horse in the mouth James.” she said in a whisper, and nudged him on the arm.

James dropped his shoulders and gave up. Turning to the two girls, he asked, “Are either of you a virgin?”

The Cuban and Porto Rican raised their hand and the other shook her head no. “Tracy, let’s give your husband the virgin.” knowing that would be a bond for him with her.

Tracy hadn’t even given that consideration. ‘What a wonderful gift she could give to the love of her life!’ she thought. “That is an excellent idea James!” she said, nodding her head.

“Lisa, I need your help. What time is your next appointment?” James asked, turning her direction.

She was sitting there watching the fiasco while she ate, “Um, I have to take the Prime Minister back to the airport after the party.”

“Good, would you get the young gentleman started on his training?” James asked, pointing at the boy.

Lisa smiled and said, “Hell yeah.” and dropped her fork. Getting up, she walked to the young man. “Get naked.” she ordered, then crossed her arms.

James turned to the girls, “Go on, get naked.” he instructed. Watching the naïve girls look at each other. They shrugged and started getting undressed.

Cathleen started to stop this before Tracy got bent out of shape but just looking at her, she seemed to get pretty interested in it. Thinking better of it, she let it ride for now. For some reason, James always made these situations seem so… normal.

Tracy watched her new charge strip. He was a little hesitant but relented none the less, losing his flip-flops and pants, but then he stopped. A boxer style shorts were underneath and he wasn’t making any effort to remove them.

Lisa doesn’t play and this boy was going to get used to it, “Fine, I’ll get them.” and yanked them down for him. She slapped his ass for disobeying, “You do what I say.” she chastised, shaking a finger at him.

The two girls were pretty slow at it too, especially the virgin. “Come on, we’ve seen it all before.” James urged. “Tracy, do you have names for them all?”

Tracy pulled out the paperwork, “This one is Nikki.” pointing to the long-haired one. “The male is Tobi.” nodding his way, “The Cuban is named Fresca.”

Like it couldn’t be predicted, Cathleen offered her two cents worth, “But you can name them anything you want. Just legally change their names.”

“Thank you, I’ll keep it in mind.” Tracy said in a trance. She was too busy being interested in the male’s appendage.

Who’d have guessed, Lisa wasn’t wearing any panties as she lifted up her mini skirt and made the young man get on his knees, “Suck it!” she demanded and rammed his face in her. “Watch the clit ring too.”

Cathleen was intrigued but had a dinner to host, “Um, Tracy? We have to get to dinner. Are you ready to go?” and waited for a response. After many seconds ticked by, she asked, “Tracy?”

“Hmm?” Tracy finally responded; tearing her eyes away from the cunnilingus Tobi was performing.

“Yes, dinner, remember?” Cathleen reminded her, “We have to go?” she replied, offering her the way out with a hand.

“Oh, yes, yes…” pausing again, “Can we, perhaps, check on them later?” she asked, licking her lips.

“Sure, but dinner is in 15 minutes, we have guests to greet.” Cathleen said, gathering her by the arm.

James thought to inform the 28 year old representative that, “We will save his virginity for you.” as Cathleen led her down the hallway. Tracy turned her head and said, “Thank you!” and actually skipped a little.

Ying was looking over Nikki while she covered herself up. “Master, should I get butt plugs?” a thoughtful look crossing her face.

At that very moment, James had a revelation, “Ying, how would you like a slave of your own?”

“Crazy, slaves don’t own slaves master.” she replied, passing him off as being silly.

James shrugged his shoulders, ‘What did he know?’ he thought, “Ok, but we can have her be under you. Is that ok?”

Ying lit up on that one, “Yes master, she can be slave two.”

This was all too confusing for the new addition, “Wait, I’m whose slave?” Nikki asked, looking between the two.

Ying spoke up on that question, “You both of ours for now. So, you sucky.” and Ying pointed at her pussy.

James just shook his head at the Ying before him. He knew for sure that girl was just as much of a nympho as Lisa was. Directing his attention to the Cuban, he instructed her on her task. “I want serviced.” and watched her look at him. “Come on, don’t think, and just do.”

Ying was having her own problems, “Why you so stupid?” she asked the young dark beauty. “I say sucky.” then instructed the girl to sit on the floor and lean back.

Nikki gave in. James saw it when it happened. Once she sat down and leaned back, Ying straddled her face, forcing Nikki to her elbows to get under her. Jutting her breasts out, James took notice of them for the first time. Firm and round, they met the qualifications for the title of tits.

Looking over at Fresca and her young breasts, “I thought you agreed to this.” watching her pause and stare. He waited for her to give an affirmative nod and she did a little hesitantly. She seemed pretty innocent and he could tell she was a virgin just by the way she acted.

James saw how nervous the girl was and decided to make it even and started stripping himself. He was wearing a ton of crap from earplugs to vest. Pulling off the tee shirt that kept the vest from chaffing, Fresca gasped at the view. Kicking his shoes off, he looked her in the eyes and lowered his pants. When they dropped, so did Fresca’s jaw. James wiggled his bikini underwear down, revealing his sex to her.

Ying said, “Pussy over here.” trying to get her slave to stop ogling James. “Cock over there.” Nikki replied, nodding at James from between her legs. Ying pulled her head back to her crotch and said, “Pussy now, cock later.”

Tobi moved away from James after seeing his unclothed body. Lisa kept him on track, guiding his head where she wanted it. “Make sure you work out every day. You want a body like James has.” Lisa said, winking at James.

James said, “Make sure you girls work out every day too, you want a body like Lisa has.” winking back at her. He motioned Fresca over and had her kneel. “Hands on my cock.” he instructed, and then watched her breasts squeeze together between her arms.

Fresca was more compliant this time and did as James instructed. James nodded for her to go ahead and take his semi erect cock in her mouth. She licked at it first, taking in the taste. Obviously, it was a foreign object to her as much as the girl was foreign to James. Coaxing the girl, James caressed the side of her face and brought his manhood to her lips. Giving her instructions, she was soon servicing James the way he wanted.

Nikki was having a hard time focusing as James’ manhood grew and grew beside her. Ying was watching her master as well, seeming to have forgotten about Nikki and her assignment. Once she remembered, ‘Hey, I no get service!’ she got Nikki back on her. Nikki had pussy before but would rather have cock and took a little offense at not getting the driver she came here with. It seemed a shame to waste that meat on a girl that didn’t know what to do with it.

Tobi couldn’t believe he was eating out a gorgeous brunette and his first taste of pussy was absolutely delicious. The girl sure knew what she wanted and had made him a pro in record time. She was nothing short of a magazine model and to him, better than his fantasies by miles. If this was the life of servitude Tracy mentioned, then he was in for the time of his life!

While words diminished, sounds took their place and the room filled with sucking and slurping. A word or two every now and then came out from the ones getting serviced; “Right there” was popular along with “Keep it up” and “Faster”. The moment grew intense with Ying’s cries of, “Sucky, sucky!” and humped into the face of the dark vixen. When she lost control of herself, Nikki was trapped in the pint-sized claws and thighs while getting flooded by an unending supply of pussy juice.

Tobi fared no better as Lisa blessed the virgin male with her essence… lots of her essence, but we all know how that goes. The young man swallowed and swallowed to no avail as the cream flowed around his cheeks and down his neck. Shaking his head and giving up on taking it all, Lisa kept him right there. She felt it wasn’t her fault if he moved and she squirted up his nose. Besides, she liked him coughing into her cunt; it kind of tickled.

James couldn’t hold on anymore, the sights and sounds put him over. Being the gentleman he was, he warned the virgin, “Get ready” and she stroked him faster with instruction while sucking. While the others came down from their climax, James was having his. “Try to swallow it all.” was Lisa’s advice. “Make it squirt over your tongue.” was Ying’s. “Share it with Nikki.” was James’, so Ying, hair in hand, drug Nikki over beside Fresca and let her get some. Fresca, fascinated with the power of the man’s squirting, pointed the hose at her co-slave for a couple of shots, and then put it back in her mouth, savoring the flavor. Nikki did the same with the shots she was given, raking the spillage off her chin and licking her finger.

James was impressed with the virgin Fresca as she had stroked and aimed perfectly and went right back to finishing his orgasm and praised her for the effort, “Wow, that was a good girl!” he said while she milked him dry of seed. Nikki leaned in and licked the last drop off the head, receiving an annoyed look from Fresca.

James was figuring out the order of things, “So, we have Fresca practice on Tobi, Nikki can wait since she doesn’t have a time limit… where did Link and Mike go?”

“They both put on the outfits for Cathleen; they’re pretending to be statues in the garden.” Lisa informed him, “I think Link his holding the grapes and Mike is holding the wine jug.”

“Well, I can’t use them then, maybe later tonight. After that, we will have to let Ying train them with some videos I suppose.” James replied. “Ying, you’ll have to make sure they keep their virginities when I go back out for my clients. Save that for their masters now, that is important. Anyone wanting serviced though, they can practice on them.” and Ying nodded agreement.

“So, Fresca how was your first taste of cock?” Lisa asked, grinning.

“I liked it.” she replied, still kneeling on the floor.

“Ok Tobi, get over there and let her practice on you. Make sure you tell her how you like it. She needs to learn to please a man.” James instructed. “Nikki, I want to try you out. Feel like getting your pussy eaten?”

She smiled as she nodded rapidly. James picked the girl up and sat her on the counter. Inspecting her, he grabbed her long hair, thinking it would make a nice rope, and checked out the length, “That is nice hair but it does need evened out. We will get it fixed up nice for you.” pulling it over her shoulder and letting it drape across her breasts. Grabbing her breasts, hair and all, the dark skin made the wine colored areolas the size of 50 cent pieces stand out threw her strands. “You have really dark skin. I bet you would really look good dressed in white.” tweaking her nipples. They popped right out; the sex scene probably had her aroused already.

James had her lay back, guiding her hair so it would drape over the counter. Surprisingly, her breasts stayed up on her chest as if they were implants but James knew they weren’t. “Those are nice breasts, they would be easy to tie up.” he said, grabbing her long black hair and wrapping it around the mounds. Nikki shivered from the hair tickling her. James used the tips of her hair to brush her nipples and watched goose bumps form around them. They were just too tempting and James had to suck on at least one nipple.

Following the countertop, James picked up a leg, studying the muscles. “Nice legs; but we will get them toned up nicer.” he stated, caressing her inner thigh. Setting her foot on the counter, he reached for the other leg and did the same. Now caressing both inner thighs, he worked his way down to her pussy lips. “I think we could shave your lips and leave the patch of hair on your mound.” he commented while petting her lips. He didn’t know who took her virginity but he bet the man regretted his loss.

Looking at her pink clit peeking out of the dark lips, he said, “That dark skin makes your rosy colored clit pop right out.” rubbing his thumb over it. He even checked the elasticity of her cunt lips, spreading them apart and letting go. Her moistness reflected light every time he did it. “I’d say you have got one sexy looking pussy.” he thought out loud, dipping a finger in and probing her. “I think I’ll take a sample.” Pulling it out, he sucked and savored on it while she watched him intently.

Nikki was aching for attention and the man just wasn’t giving enough. It was pure torture as he barely touched and caressed her and then made her watch him suck her juices. ‘That was one sexy son of a bitch right there!’ she thought, as he kissed softly down her inner leg. Now that he was approaching her achy pussy, she looked forward to him getting to the goal. If this was the life of service she was going to have, then she was happy to have it all day every day.

James could tell how impatient she was, fidgeting under him. He smiled when he licked between her cunt lips and she humped up to his mouth. “Delicious!” he said, blowing hot air on her. He almost laughed when she groaned. Keeping her from losing interest, he nestled his mouth and chin into the crevasse of her sex. Smelling her hot pussy, he moaned into her. She reacted with a moan of her own. James licked from ass to clit, a move he was quite fond of. Making his tongue flick over her clit, she responded with a scream of, “Please!”

James stopped his attentions and stood up. “Please what?” he asked, wanting a specific answer.

She shook a little from the abandonment and stuttered, “Pah… lease sir!”

“Please master, slave two!” Ying corrected her, and tweaked her nipple. “Master fix you, you call him master.” She was getting into the domination pretty heavy James thought.

Nikki rose up from the sudden pain on her nipple, gasping from it. “Please master!” she screamed on her way back down flat on the counter.

James rubbed her sensitive nipple and said, “That’s a good girl. I’ll take care of you. It’s going to be ok.” and dropped to her sex again. This time, he fucked his face on her a few times and felt her getting used to the rhythm. When he heard her panting, he raised his hands to her breasts and prepared to give her a nice ride.

Whatever the man wanted, he was going to get as long as she got her rocks off. The man tongued her hole like a mini cock and his nose struck her clit expertly. His hands on her breasts where driving her wild and bringing her to climax quickly. He literally bounced on her sex; plunging deep in her and her clit was throbbing from the attention. She was too afraid to hump up into him, losing the wonderful pounding he was giving her with his face.

James felt her tense up and worked even more vigorously on his goal. He felt her hands grab his wrists as they held onto her breasts. She wasn’t pulling him away but trying to get him to massage them harder. James got the hint and squeezed fairly hard on them. Apparently, Somali girls had good vocal cords as this one screamed a very high note when she climaxed.

Tobi was grunting his out on Fresca with Lisa holding her back by the hair. He painted her face, even though her mouth was open, with his cum. When he finished, she had Fresca get up, walked her over to Nikki, and made Nikki clean her face. Lisa licked some off too.

Both Fresca and Nikki laughed afterwards. James helped Nikki sit up. Tobi was mesmerized by it himself. Ying was smiling at the act and was playing with a piercing on her nipple.

Fresca went for her clothes but Lisa beat her to it. “No, no. You can’t wear clothes anymore.” and kicked them to the side. Fresca gave a surprised look, “What? I go naked?” she said in awe.

“Not while you are in these quarters and when you get home, you won’t wear them there either.” Lisa explained. “As slaves, you must be ready for sex at all times and you can’t be ready if you’re wearing clothes. If your masters want you to put something on, then go ahead and do that.” she tutored, talking between the two.

James remembered the next lesson, “Ying, get your laptop out and teach all of them about the lifestyle.”

Ying headed out to get it. “Ok Tobi, you got yours, now get Fresca off. You need to practice.” James instructed, the girl deserved to get hers.

James put his bikini underwear on and gathered his gear. He wanted to take a shower. Trekking down the hallway, he went for the bathroom. Vicky met him there. “Dressed for a special occasion?” she asked.

“Not yet, but I’m working on it.” James replied, pausing at the bathroom door. Snapping his fingers from a thought he had, James said, “Oh, I have a new… servant that will need a physical. Well, you might as well make it three.”

“Vicky raised her eyebrows at that, “Oh? How is it that you can have two and I still haven’t even one?”

James forgot about her last conversation regarding slaves on the couch back at the rec room, “Oh yeah, um, a client gave me this one.” he said with a defensive smile. She was going to shit a brick when she saw Tobi though.

“Oh really, a client you say?” she said, pondering that information. “Do tell, where does one find a client just out of the blue to give someone a servant?”

“Um, I went to Uncle Sam to get the new one.” James answered with a shrug, stepping into the bathroom. “They’re in the kitchen studying.” and closed the bathroom door. He could actually feel her piercing eyes aimed at him through the door. Letting out a sigh, he relaxed against the door.

He took a hot shower, prepping for his eight o’clock appointment. He thought about the family he was picking up. If they were staying at the resort down the beach, why wait till eight to get picked up? They would miss dinner and any mingling afterwards. Cathleen was discreet to the core, he thought, usually to a fault. She needed to learn to trust him with information so he didn’t go off half blind to the plans she had.

And speaking of not knowing plans, did she really know about the sex slave training in advance? He just bet that if she told him, he would have argued and fought against that. Thinking back on Ying, it was the same scenario. No information led to Cathleen getting her way, every time. How do you counter what you don’t know is coming? He could only hope Cathleen knew what she was doing and wasn’t leading him to a slaughter.

He got out of the shower and toweled off. Grabbing his pants, he took out the phone to check the time. He still had almost two hours to kill. He could help with the recruits and make sure the client got what she wanted. Getting dressed, he headed out of the bathroom. He carried his vest and shirt, saving that torture for later when he left for the last people on his itinerary.

He headed straight for the kitchen and discovered a man with his back turned, pants around his ankles, and getting serviced by somebody. His steps slowed as he approached, looking at the man from behind. Hearing his moans, apparently whoever was working on him was doing a good job. Stepping around to his side, James saw Fresca swallowing the man’s cock with Ying directing her from behind.

Looking at the side of the man’s face, James recognized the Prime Minister in a state of rapture. If ever he had an urge to sneak out on a scene, this would be one he could do it with. He actually backed away a couple of steps and bumped right into someone behind him.

Turning around, he saw the man’s wife looking at her husband’s awkward state. She was about to call him out on his misdeeds but James covered her mouth. “Shush, it’s ok” he whispered, and dropped down on his knees, laying his gear to the side. Raising the long dress over his head, he ducked in and yanked her panties down. Hearing her gasp, he sucked her pussy lips in, which was about all he could do in close quarters. Forcing her panties the rest of the way off, he tried again for the target.

She was dry as hell, probably from being so pissed at her husband. James wasn’t giving her a chance to complain though and set to work licking her where he could. Not gaining much access with her standing up, he forced her legs wide apart, putting his arms between them. The next thing he felt where her hands on his head, trying to push him away through her dress. He didn’t give up and licked deeply in her folds, adding his saliva to it.

After a few seconds of her pushing at his head, she eased up a little on him which allowed him better access. James could hear her husband complimenting Fresca on the wonderful service she was giving him. “Ah, darling, that feels wonderful!” he said, in a thick foreign accent. “You have good skill!” he proclaimed.

The wife backed away from James, apparently renewing her struggle, so he knee-walked with her to the wall behind her. She couldn’t get away now and James forced a leg up on his shoulder. James couldn’t believe he was actually molesting royalty right behind her husband’s back. What else could he have done except let the shit hit the fan? He just hoped it would work thinking that if she got serviced, she would be less likely to be upset about her husband getting serviced. Yes, the plan sucked royally, quite literally actually, but it was the only one he could think of at the time.

Speaking of sucked, she was getting wetter. That was a good sign and he kept up his work on her. Reaching up, he supported her by grabbing an ass cheek. He felt her try to back away but she would have to climb a wall to do it. “Long strokes, yes.” her husband was saying. James hoped to match the same rhythm Fresca was giving and relied on his hearing to do it.

The woman responded by pulling his head instead of pushing it away. That was an excellent sign and James felt her wilt on his tongue, giving up her fight. He hoped she would be watching her husband while he worked on her relenting pussy. She finally started grinding into him. It wasn’t hard but it was definitely better than fighting.

James heard Ying instruct Fresca, “Cup balls and massage.” So James pinched the lady’s clit with his other hand. He raked is tongue over it rapidly, and then dropped to her entrance again, still thrumming her clit between his fingers. Stabbing his tongue to match the throbbing on her clit, James felt more wetness from her. She was doomed to his play, getting fucked with his mouth.

James heard the man groan and warn Fresca of his impending climax so James urged the woman to hump her climax on him by forcing her ass to move. She got the hint and picked up the pace. James eased on her clit and let his tongue and nose do the work. Removing his hand there, he placed it on her other bare cheek, taking the full thrusts of the woman. She climaxed in his mouth and he tasted her orgasm as she gave it. James was given the treat of her shivering from his effects.

Ying told Fresca to not spill any and James made sure he took what juice came out of his wife. She stayed stiff for a while but finally melted from it. James hoped her husband finished at the same time. Patting her on the ass, James gave her a final lick and backed off from the work he had done.

Now he was in a dilemma not knowing whether it was safe to come out or not. Just as he started to raise the dress, he heard the husband exclaim, “Catalina, how… how long have you been there?!” and James knew he had to have spotted her. “Long enough to watch you my dear.” the lady replied slightly out of breath.

“But it isn’t what it seems dear. I was looking for the toiletry and happened upon this…?” he couldn’t finish, instead, he changed course in his explanation, “They forced me to, and on my life I swear!”

James smiled when he heard that knowing he forced the lady to cum on his face. She would have a hard time thinking otherwise after this. “Oh darling, I believe you!” she exclaimed, and James got kicked by the husband coming in for a hug.

“What is this?” the husband asked, kicking James one more time. Ok, that was twice he had done it and there wasn’t going to be a third. James scrambled out from under the wife and stood up.

“Please stop kicking Me.” he said, dusting off his pants and straightening his tee shirt.

“Catalina; who is this scoundrel?” he asked, pointing at James.

“I am sorry darling, he forced himself on me! He… gave me kisses below.” she explained, “That is why I believed you dear. It has happened to me too!”

James made sure the wife didn’t see him and gave the man a wink, hoping he understood why James had done what he had to. He seemed to catch on and said, “You poor darling, to be taken so.” he soothed, holding her head in his hands, “Was he gentle dear?” he asked, looking back at James with understanding in his eyes.

She looked at James and dropped her eyes off of him, “He was… sufficient, my Stephan.”

‘Right, sufficient she says, after cumming all in my mouth.’ James thought, and then he said, “I am sorry madam. I will try to improve. I intended better treatment.”

“Tell me charlatan, what this is?” the man asked, waving around the room. James glanced at Fresca and Ying looking back at him. Honesty being the best policy, James admitted that they were training servants for a particular client.

“Does the scoundrel have a name?” he asked, looking James up and down.

“I am James Farlow.” he admitted, hoping not to regret his honesty.

“Well James, tell me, are these servants well trained?” Catalina asked, looking at them with curiosity in her eyes. The piercings in Ying made her look so erotic and the young breasts of Fresca stood out nicely.

“Ying, the shorter of the two is trained and is my charge. Fresca, the girl that serviced you, is still in training and belongs to another client.” James explained.

“I have heard of such things and thought it beneath civility. It is too progressive for many.” Catalina said, having some doubts.

“Oh you see; it seems to be a trend in the upper class here.” James stated, trying to defend the kinkiness of it all.

“Well, if it is a sign of superiority, perhaps we should obtain some of our own.” Catalina thought out loud, her ego showing through.

James had just stuck his foot in his mouth and realized it. Now, she wants ‘serviced’ at will thinking the upper class had such luxury. He needed to find a way of getting out of this. Just as he was going to address it he heard “James!” behind him. Turning around, Cathleen was staring at him. “Hello madam, I was just conversing with the Prime Minister.”

“Yes, Miss Spencer, I wandered astray and turned up here seeking toiletry. It appears you have the best of us and we seek to be of your equal.” Stephan responded, bowing to Cathleen.

“I am afraid you have me at a loss at the moment, please tell me how that is so?” Cathleen asked, looking at him then back to James.

“It is our understanding that James provides servants for upper class personal service.” he started, “My love flower and I am interested in purchasing.” he paused, deciding between Ying and Fresca, “Please inform us, how much do I pay for that China doll? She is absolutely exquisite.” he asked, pointing at Ying playing with her clit ring.

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