Two young cousins left alone on a hot night; what could go wrong/right?
Wouldn't you know, it was the first time our parents had ever left Kit and me stay home alone. When we were little, whenever they went out for an evening (Kit's mother and mine are sisters, and the four of them went out together at least once a month), Kit got brought over to our house and the parents hired a babysitter. When we insisted we were too old for a babysitter, they arranged to Kit's older sister Erica to be here – not as a “babysitter,” but just to “hang out,” as if we weren't supposed to know we were still being babysat. I suspect she was paid for her time.

But now I was 13 and Kit was 12 and even though they were going to be further away than their usual nights out (some 70s group was having a final reunion tour about an hour away), we convinced them we could survive on our own: we'd always gotten along well, we had DVDs to watch, we both had school assignments to finish up this weekend, and, as I'd pointed out, we'd never burned the house down in the past... so they agreed.

And of course that was the night the power went out all over the four-state area.

Kit's parents brought her over a little earlier than usual, because they wanted to all get an earlier start: it was already starting to rain, an August rain that was supposed to finally break the heat wave, and the drive would probably take longer than usual. The pizza delivery guy came just a few minutes before Kit's family did, and the silly cap they make him wear was already soaked through. My dad tipped him an extra five bucks.

This was an indoor concert, by the way, but our parents probably would have gone even if it had been outside: that's how into this band they were.

The grown-ups left, and we ate. Then we washed all out dishes, which is something neither of us usually did without a fuss, but we wanted to make the point of how responsible we were.

Except just as Kit was drying her glass, there was a house-shaking crack of thunder and the sky lit up. Startled, she dropped it and it broke, and then all the lights went out. “Where are you?” she shouted.

It was only 9pm in August; but the sky had turned so dark, it might as well have been the middle of the night. In the darkness, I became aware of just how hard it was raining and how hard the wind was blowing the rain against the side of the house.

“I'm still right here, right next to you. But stay put for a second. There's usually a flashlight in the drawer by the stove, and I can find it in the dark.”

I did and, miraculously, the batteries were still good.

“Now what?” she asked once we could see again.

“Well, we have a good excuse for not doing our homework,” I said.

“Ha ha.”

“What we don't want to do is run down the flashlight batteries,” I said. “We might have more flashlights in the house, but I have no idea where.”

“Steve, I really don't want to sit in the dark all night.”

“Wait, we have the DVDs. We can watch the DVDs.”

“Duh,” she said. “No electricity.”

“Duh,” I said back to her, “my laptop plays DVDs. I always keep it charged, and it'll go about 6 hours before it dies. And it's not as if I can use it to go online or anything, so we might as well run it for as long as we can.”

I grabbed the DVD, and we went upstairs. My laptop booted up fine, and we tried watching the beginning of one movie while sitting on the edge of my bed, with the laptop on my desk, but the screen was way too small for that.

I paused the movie and said “We shouldn't do this, because my parents don't like me to hang out in their room – like it's this holy shrine or something – but come on.” I grabbed the laptop and while Kit shone the flashlight ahead of us, I led us to my parents' room.

Just as we reached the door, my cell phone in my pocket, began to ring. My father's ringtone. The sudden noise almost made me jump, and my first thought was How the hell did he know???

I dropped the laptop onto my parents' bed and answered the phone. “How is it there, Chief?” my father asked.

“Like the end of the world. We lost power.”

“Are you guys okay?”

“Sure. I grabbed the flashlight from the kitchen. Do we have any more floating around?”

“Not sure. Check the bathroom closet.”

“Will do. How's the weather where you are?”

“Just as bad, though it looks like this part of the state still has power. Roads are closed, and the concert was called off, and... we're not going to make it home tonight. Too dangerous to drive, especially in the dark. Uncle Scott is checking us into a motel. Will you and Kit be okay for the night?”

“We'll be fine.”

“Kit can use our room.”

The Shrine??

“The what?”


“Okay, you call us if there's any problem. And Chief?”


“Don't burn down the house.”

“You're a riot,” I said, but he'd already disconnected.

“What's up?” Kit asked me.

“Are parents are stranded, so we're here alone for the night. Let's invite all out friends over for a party.”

“You're a riot,” she said.

“But seriously,” I said, “we have permission to use my parents' room. Which makes it less fun, I guess, but at least we won't get in any trouble.”

We set up the laptop on the bed, near the foot of the bed, and we both stretched out on our stomachs, propped up slightly on our elbows, our feet on my parents' pillows, and our faces a couple of feet from the screen.

It was fun lying there watching a movie by the glow of the laptop screen– or at least more fun than not having a movie to watch – but after a while we couldn't ignore the fact that it was still over 90 degrees outside, the air conditioning was off, and we couldn't even open a window without flooding the floor. “It's supposed to be dangerous taking a shower during a storm, right?”


“I'm dying here. Listen, Steve... turn around for a moment. I'm serious, no peeking.:

“Um, okay.”

“Okay,” she said a few seconds later. “You can look. I mean don't really look. You can't see anything, right?”

She'd taken off her t-shirt, and was lying flat on her front, her arms folded under her to prop her up just a little bit. “Just your back,” I assured her. “Nothing else.”

“Good. I'm sorry, I had to do something. This is so much more comfortable.”

I pulled off my own shirt. “There. Now we're the same.”

“Not quite, smartass.”

“It's not as if I can see anything,” I teased.

“That's the idea. Still, I am lying here topless, and that's no big deal for a boy. We wouldn't be even unless, I don't know, your butt was showing.”

That's not going to happen,” I said.

“I didn't think so... chicken. So shut up and let's watch the movie.”

She turned her attention back to the screen, but I was suddenly very aware of her half-naked body lying next to me, even if all I could see was her bare back. Yeah, I reminded myself, she's my cousin – our parents wouldn't have left us here together if she weren't – but I was thirteen, and she was a girl, and the thought of seeing more of her, even if only under the glow of the laptop screen, fascinated me.

“How about if I take off my shorts?”

She turned back at me. “Huh?”

“My shorts. Will that make us even?”

She shrugged. Oh god, I think I could see maybe a quarter inch of her breasts when she did that! “Okay, that's fair.”

I stood up, and stripped off my shorts. They were a pretty thick denim, and very uncomfortable in this heat.

I was naked now except for my briefs. Kit couldn't really see anything but still, no girl had seen me in my underwear.. well, since I was six years old and our parents caught me and Kit playing doctor.

After about 10 minutes, the movie ended. “Ready to call it a night?” I asked her.

“It's only about 10:30. I'm not going to get to sleep. Are you?”

“Probably not. We did pick up another DVD, I was going to watch it myself tomorrow. I can run downstairs and get it.” I grabbed the flashlight and switched it on.

“Be careful.”

“Thanks,” I said, playfully shining the flashlight in her face.

“Hey!” she said.

I lowered the beam to where her chest was pressed against the mattress, hoping I could “accidentally” see something. I couldn't.

It felt a little weird walking downstairs in just my briefs; but it was hot, and nobody else was home.

When I climbed back onto the bed I noticed that while I was gone, Kit had removed her shorts, and was lying there wearing nothing but her panties. Very small panties, or at least that's the way it seemed to me with my zero experience in these things, which left some of her butt exposed. I also couldn't help thinking that to take off her shorts, she must have been standing up just a minute ago, with her breasts completely exposed.

My cock suddenly became almost painfully hard, and I climbed onto the bed as quickly as I could: Kit was going to be watching the movie lying flat on her stomach so her breasts wouldn't show, and now I was doing to have to lie flat on my stomach so she wouldn't see my cock trying to poke put of my briefs.

I knew I shouldn't be having those thoughts about my little cousin; but could you blame me?

Awkwardly, I put in the disk and the title screen came on. “Ghost house?” Kit asked. “That's what you chose for a dark, stormy night?”

“It's all we had. We mostly stream movies now, and of course that's not going to work tonight. Is it okay?”

“Sure, whatever,” she said. “I'll keep you safe.”

I smiled. “Thanks.”

It didn't take long to realize this was one bad movie, despite what my friend had told me. I was actually trying to remember where my parents had stashed our old Disney DVDs.

While we were watching, I took a lot of quick looks over at my cousin. I thought her panties covered less of her butt that the bathing suit we wore last week at the beach, but I couldn't be sure And I'd have killed to see just a little bit of her breasts.

I think I caught her taking a glance or two over at me as well. Well, she probably hadn't seen any boys wearing only briefs.

And that was pretty much the first half hour of the film. And then suddenly, while the teenage girl in the film was getting ready for bed, a headless ghost stepped through the wall.

Kit shrieked and grabbed onto me, rolling me onto my side. She buried her head against my shoulder, shaking slightly. I didn't know what to do, so I very awkwardly put my hand on her back to try to calm her.

And as her breathing slowed, I realized I had my hand on her naked back. And her bare breasts were pressed against my chest. And she could probably feel my boner poking against her upper leg.

“Um, Kit,” I said, “your... uh...”

“Oh god, sorry,” she said, puling away. Exposing her breasts to me completely as we faced one another about a foot apart. They were smaller than anything I'd looked at on the Internet, but bigger than I'd imagined Kit having. And her nipples were red, and very hard. I couldn't help staring. “Oh god,” she said again, rolling over onto her stomach. “That's so embarrassing.”

“Sorry,” I lied.

“I don't have a boyfriend yet. You're the first boy who ever saw me like that,” she said. “I didn't expect that.”

“I hope you're not upset about it,” I said, “but I'm glad it was me. They're. Your breasts are beautiful.”

“I knew you thought so,” she said, looking over at my briefs and giggling. My cock was pushing so hard against the front of my briefs, I was surprised it hadn't worked its way out.

“Leave it,” she said. “And hold me again. That was nice.”

I moved closer to her, and wrapped my arm around her again. I pulled her close against me, and she started very deliberately rubbing her breasts against my chest. “Oh. Oh, Steve, this feels good.”

I slid my hand down her back until it was on her butt – outside of her panties – and pulled her crotch against mine until my hard cock was pressing against her pussy. I couldn't imagine how this could feel any better if we hadn't been separated by our underwear.

Almost beyond caring about right and wrong by now, I rolled her onto her back and ground my cock as hard as I could against her pussy. “Please, please,” she said, “don't stop, keep going just like that.”

She was breathing hard, and her small breasts shook as I continued to fuck her.

No, I reminded myself, I wasn't fucking her. I'd never kissed a girl before and I wanted to kiss her, but I didn't: She was my cousin, not my girlfriend; and we weren't fucking, because that would be wrong. We had our underwear on, and we were just playing around, rubbing against one another.

Yeah, I say that, but my cock was pressing up against her pussy as if it were trying to push its way in. And Kit was breathing heavily, her legs spread as far apart as she could force them, moaning “Steve, please, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me...”

And then she threw back her head and went ”OOOOOOOH!”, and with one final thrust against her pussy, I came inside my briefs, and kept cumming, as I kept trying to force my cock into her pussy until my cock started to go soft and I had to stop.

I lay down next to my cousin, out of breath, my briefs soaked through with cum. “Wow,” Kit said. “That was...”

“Yeah,” I said.

We lay there for a few minutes more, and finally I said “I hate leave, but I have to go to my room and change. The last thing I better do is mess up my parents' bed.”

Kit grabbed my hand as I got up. “Steve. Don't put on pajamas, just put on some fresh underwear, okay? And when you're done, come back here and sleep next to me.”

“Are you sure?”

“I'm very sure. And maybe in the morning, if you want to do this again...”

I spent the next seven hours cuddled up against my sexy, almost naked younger cousin; and without question it was the best night of my life.

Until Kit's sister Erica woke us up...

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this is a cool story, it made me wet, but feelings towards my cousin don't change, my cousin will ALWAYS be my cousin, nothing more nothing less, I can't imagine me and my cousin fucking, its a little disturbing for me haha, but this was an awesome story.

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2014-12-02 15:42:20
My cousin was the first to see me naked once I grew breasts. He walked in on me masturbating. I looked into his eyes and just kept going. After that we would do it in front of each other all the time. Some times I would stick my finger into my panties and run it under his nose while the rest of the family had no idea what was going on. I eventually let him fuck me in high school. Boydid he have a nice dick.

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this makes me want to fuck my cousin

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Wow..i had a related experience ones

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