It was just another house until........
This happened along Time ago, so pardon me if some of the things seem unclear.

I lived just off the main road. A turn to left and seven houses down. I never knew who lived in the fifth house though. Until, one day i was running with my dog to try to get buff for sports at my local Middle School. My dog cut through the woods, and knowing that my brothers and sisters would hate me if i did not get him, i chased after him. We went through a few people's front yards until we got to the big red house. I was trying to wrestle my dog down when i heard the front door open. With a sigh i grabbed the dog and looked to see the most beutiful girl i had ever seen. She was blonde with hair down to her shoulders. She looked to be around 5 foot 7. I was shocked at this girl. "Can i help you with that", she said pointing to the dog. I came out of my daze and quickly denied needing any help. "well here, I'll let you borrow my dog's leash so you can bring him back to your house." Before i could resist she went inside and came back out with a blue collar. She bent down beside me. I looked down. She had rather large breast for here age, which looked to be around 14. I saw her nipples and was shocked. This was my first time to ever see anything like it. She jiggled a little bit, "you like what you see?" she asked. Oh my god, she saw me looking.
Without waiting for a reply she started walking pulling the dog behind her. I looked at her ass. My god was it nice in her skin tight blue jeans. It was perfeclty round and i could a glimpse of her black thong. " Where do you live, I think i have seen you before around here" she said. "right down there" i said as i pointed towards my house. I ran up beside her, my hand swiftly scraping her ass. She looked at me. I looked back at her and smiled. She rubbed my hand a little bit as we walked.

We became very close over the next month. I was closer to her then i have ever been to anyone.

One hot summer day both out parents were at work for the day so i called her. "hello" she answered the phone. "hey baby, want to come over" i asked her. " sure, just a sec" I hung up the phone and went to unlock the door. I could already see her walking down the road towards my house. I was feeling horny that day and her clothes made feel no better. She was bare foot, and had on a Bikini top due to the hot alabama sun, and some for short blue shorts. I opened the door and let her in. Her breast were jiggling and i could tell her nipples were hard.
I felt a bulge in my pants. oh my god, i thought to myself, what if she notices. She walked into the living room and sat down on the couch. She had her legs spread wide giving me a great view of here white panties. I sat down beside her and turned on the tv. i turned it to the movie Titanic. It was at the part where Rose was being sketched nude. Lindsey, her name, snuggled up beside me and put her hand on my crotch. Just her touch made me excited. I could not hide it any more with her hand where it was. I was shocked when she started rubbing the small budge through my jeans. I rubbed the small of her back smoothly and softly. She looked up and we embraced. I brought my lips to her glossy red lips. They were wet and smooth. I felt her slide her tongue into my mouth. I rubbed the top of it with mine. She tilted her head sideways so she could breath. I rubbed the bottom of her tongue as she lickked the top of my mouth. What can get better then this? i asked myself. My boner was now raging. we were like pros and not first timers as i moved forward she laid her back down on the couch. My legs were strattling hers. It felt so good. My boner was so hard now i wondered if it would explode. She stuck her hand in my shirt and rubbed my back and made slow clawing motions. I nearly came right then in my pants. She reached up and pulled here BIkini top up reveling her young teen tits. She had a small freckle on the side. wow, they were amazing. I reached down and licked the small mound at the top. they jiggled as i licked. wowo they were so soft. She was now moaning. I moved on to the side where i licked in her clevige. I moved then to here rock hard nipples. I licked them quickly. I got up and un did my pants and slid my boxers to the floor and pulled off my shirt. She arched her back and pulled off everything she had on. She looked at me and gasp, as did i to her. I laid back down on top of her. Here breat bulged as the skin touched. That was the most amazing part. I felt her whole naked body against mine. She turned over and got ontop of me. She moved her hair to behind her ear as she looked down at my cock. She grabbed it tight. I gasped and she smiled. Her braclet was rubbing against my balls. she mioved her hund up pulling up all the skin on my cock. "nice" she siad. She sat up on her knees and lowered herself on my cock. I could feel her soft jiggly ass rubbing my legs. I never knew how good it could feel that two could be one. Her juiced flowed over my dick. I rubbed her thighs as she bounced up and down on my cock. Her teen tits bouncing, i saw her scrinch her face as i felt my dick plow through her cherry. she continued bouncing and bouncing getting so fast that here breast were flying and i thought the couch would break. she moaned and moaned as did i. Finally i felt hot semen rising through my penis. "i'm cuming" i yelled through pants of air. She reached down and fingured her clit. We both came right then. She got off of me and laid down on the floor panting for air. Wow i said. I got up and got dressed. She finally got up enough energy to pull her cloths on. i sat down on the couch. She came and sat down in my lap stratling my legs. I saw her barefeet bents beutifull. I rubbed the bottome side which was sticking up.
Then i heard the key hit the lock to the door.................................................

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