A 12 year old boy takes his 52 year old mother as his woman
My mother was a beautiful red head. The loving mother of five. Three girls and two boys. I was the youngest. When this happened, I was 12 years old. Already 6 feet tall and weighing in about 180 pounds, and able to put in a days work beside most any man around. The men in our family ran large. My father was 6'6 and tipped the scales at a solid 250 pounds.

Mother had been 40 when I was born. She was a petite 5 feet tall and weighed about 110 pounds after a big meal. Her long red hair speckled with occasional gray now that she was 52, hung down to just about her well formed behind. Her breasts were small and pendulous with upturned nipples. About the size of a grapefruit. But the shape of a pear when she bent over. She always wore loose fitting t-shirts with no bra. Her favorite pants were denim cut-offs. Her shirts always hung low enough to cover her shorts, for some reason. I found out later that she liked to wear panties only a lot of the time. She never had been much for binding clothing, preferring comfort over concealment.

The morning this all happened for the first time was early fall. The first day of school to be exact. The rest of the family was off working the ranch. I was at the house with mom, getting ready for school. The bus ran past about 7:00 or so. It was 5:30 when mom asked me to go to the barn to gather the eggs which had been left out from the evening before. I had been sitting at the kitchen table, watching her go through her routine. Clearing the breakfast dishes and quickly washing them. Wiping the cabinet and stove. Putting things away. I was always entranced by her swaying breasts as she moved about. The fabric causing her nipples to harden. The stood out prominently beneath her thin cotton shirt. Her rounded, heart shaped butt gently swaying seductively as she moved across the room. She never seemed to be fully aware of her own sexuality. I suppose it was due to the fact that we lived a hard, demanding life. Raising cattle and various crops. Work started early, ended late. During the school months, I was always sequestered to the house. Doing numerous chores after school. We started for the barn. Me falling into my usual spot behind her so I could see the gentle sway of her butt cheeks as they moved in perfect harmony to the sounds of nature around us. Her hair in a pony tail, swaying gently back and forth with each step. It was that morning when I noticed something stirring inside me. Some tingling in my brain that pervaded my nervous system. Sending signals to my adolescent cock. Causing it to begin to stir quickly in my jeans. It became immediately hard. A full six inches in length, well rounded and a prominent head.

I could feel something seeping out of the tip. Not knowing what pre-cum was, it kind of worried me at first. But the feeling was so amazing, so animalistic, that I soon ignored it. Upon reaching the barn, she opened the door to step inside. When she did, she turned slightly toward me. Her small breasts swaying under her shirt. The hard nipples straining outward. That caused my hard cock to flex and throb even more. Moving in behind her, she went to the nest boxes and began gathering eggs. I was fully aware of her body then. My senses heightened to almost super-natural extremes. Moving close to her, I could smell her. Her natural, womanly scent pervaded my senses. Overwhelming me. My cock was leaking hard now. Causing a wet stain to spread across the front of my jeans. The hardness of my cock straining against the denim, causing it bulge in obvious conclusion. She dropped an egg, it falling onto the hay covered floor. Turning back toward me, she bent over at the waist to pick it up. Her loose fitting t-shirt dropped down, giving me a full on view of her gorgeous tits. The skin at her chest stretched thin, her tits slinging downward into a pear shape. The up-turned nipples sticking out of the grapefruit size tits. Her pale skin giving the perfect background to the hard, peach colored nipples and areolae. They swayed gently as she stood back up. her glance catching the spreading wetness and throbbing bulge at my crotch. Her eyes widened slightly as she looked up into my eyes, quickly diverting her gaze from my hard cock. She smiled nervously as she quickly turned to finish her chore.

It was then she stumbled slightly. Dropping the egg basket. When she bent over to pick it up, I saw she didn't have her usual denim cut-offs on, but a pair of sheer panties covered by her shirt. Something snapped in my brain. I lost all sense of consequence at that moment.I quickly moved in on her. Having no idea what to do, but instinct taking over very quickly. The past months of sexual frustration claiming my mind. The frustration of being so close to a woman so utterly sexy, so dominantly natural, that my nervous system was flooded with impulses from my primitive brain functions that went straight to my pulsing cock. My hands reached around her slim chest to grasp her soft tits. My pelvis moving in to grind against her heart shaped ass cheeks. She gasped loudly as my big hands enveloped her tits. The hardness thrusting against my jeans rushing to slam against her sheer cotton clad behind. She started to try to move away, but my grip was strong. Fueled by my overwhelming desire to follow the natural course that had pervaded my senses. My desire to relieve the straining pulse in my crotch. She had never been a physically strong woman, capable, but never very strong. She seemed to realize as she jerked her head around to look into my lust and passion filled eyes that she was going to surely be her own son's first sexual experience.

Being a practical woman, her mind started looking for ways to regain control. But the wanton desire exhibited by her youngest son was hard for her to accept, much less control. She knew from experience that young male animals would hurt a female who didn't cooperate. This seemed to be the final aspect that allowed her to give in to the moment. The thought of hurting her never crossed my mind. In fact, I would most assuredly simply backed off had she ordered me to. But, having no experience in these matters, and her own lack of experience with dealing with me in this state of mind, as I had always been easy to control. Never being disobedient. Her mind simply went along the path of her experience, being cattle and horses. I began to push her down to the soft, hay covered floor. She went with my lead. Wanting to get this over with quickly. Something in my mind, buried deep, had told me she would resist. But here she was, being submissive. A gorgeous, 40 year old mother, allowing her youngest son to have his way with her without even the slightest struggle.She was on her back, her eyes closed tightly. My body coming to rest on top of her. My mind told me to strip off my pants. So, who was I to argue, right? Standing up, I quickly jerked my belt loose, then unbuttoned my jeans, letting them fall to my ankles. My under wear following suit. My boots coming off as I shoved my toes into the heels and jerked my feet out of them. My cock, standing straight out, The blood engorged head almost purple it was so hard. Long streams of pre-cum dripping for them piss hole.

I moved back down to kneel beside her. I reached for her tits, falling evenly to each side of her slim chest. I lifted her shirt up to gain full access to them. Her eyes opened as my hands grasped them. Reveling in the feel of those hard nipples in my palms. The very nipples that had nursed me just a few years back. Again, my instincts went into over drive. I turned my attention to that wonderful, strawberry colored hair at her pussy. The gray specks showing in the small strands escaping the sides of her panties. I let my hands move to that forbidden zone for the first time since I had emerged from those hot, silken depths. The panties were in the way, so they had to go.She had still not uttered a word to this point. The only sounds she made were slight moans of some sort as my hands made contact with her skin. Were they moans of pleasure, despair? I didn't know, and didn't really care. All I knew was that she was not resisting me, and I wanted her more than I ever wanted anything or anyone in my short life.I started to pull them down.

Her eyes opened wide with fear at that moment. It was then that the actual reality begin to settle into her overwhelmed brain. She also knew that this had gone too far to stop now. No matter what happened later, she was going to give herself to her son. Her own mind struggled with this process. She simply could not understand why she was allowing this to happen. Why she felt her pussy begin to tingle with anticipation. Her husband had not shown much interest in her sexually for some time now. He had wanted her to suck his cock, but the thought of a cock in her mouth sickened her. She had watched her own mother suck her fathers cock when she was a girl. Her father roughly shoving his big cock into her mothers' unwilling mouth. She did this only out of a sense of duty to keep her husband satisfied. She always gagged loudly when he would shoot his huge cum load into her throat. Holding her head firmly in place as his cock pulsed violently in orgasm. Thick, heavy wads of semen running out of her mothers mouth as her gagging lips opened slightly. The thought of sucking a mans cock terrified her after witnessing that. Her husband had also tried to bend her over the bed a few times. Wanting to take her tight, virgin ass. She would simply refuse. He didn't push the issue, but had soon begun to lose interest in her sexually. Perhaps this was her own way of dealing with the fear of rejection. Even though the cock desiring her was slung from the pelvis of her twelve year old son.

She raised her hips to allow him to slide the sheer panties down the length of her creamy, pale thighs. Her even patch of pussy hair, nestled softly above her now wet and tingling labia. She began to help me along at this point. After her panties were gone, she slid her shirt off. She was now exposed fully to me. Her naked body laying before me. Her eyes now showing something else...desire. Although I still didn't know this. I was just going with the flow of my brain at this point. She raised up to start unbuttoning my shirt. Sliding it off, she grasped me by the shoulders and guided me between her spreading thighs. Positioning me, she reached down and grasped my jerking, dripping, throbbing, twelve year old cock and guided it to the wetly dripping opening of her motherly pussy. She grasped my ass in her hands and started pulling me into her. I couldn't stand it any longer. My cock began to swell even impossibly harder and then began to spurt pulse after pulse of hot, steaming cum into my mother's splayed pussy. She pulled my face down to hers and began to kiss me deeply. Her tongue sliding into my mouth, trying to go down my throat it seemed. She wrapped her arms around me and began to thrust her pussy up onto my still pulsing cock. Her own orgasm coming from out of nowhere, brought on by the feel of her own son's semen gushing into her wetly clasping cunt.

Her pussy literally began to gush fluid around my now softening cock. The feel of that wetness flowing brought my cock back to instant hardness. I began to thrust roughly into my mother's cunt. My cum and her pussy juices making a juicy sound as I bottomed out into her with each thrust. I pounded away for about five minutes, my mother seemingly cumming in a constant stream. I felt my cock begin to swell again. My balls drew up and I slammed into her as deep as I could. Her legs pulling up and opening as wide as possible. My balls slamming onto her puckered little rosebud of an ass hole as they sent gushing spurt after spurt of my seed to splash onto her awaiting cervix. Into the womb that bore me. I collapsed onto her. Her lips gently kissing my lips, my neck...Her hands grasping the back of my head as she slowly worked her cum filled pussy over my deflating cock to get every last drop of my sperm into her wanton, incestuous cunt.

We lay there for a bit, our breath evening out. My now soft cock nestled between her cum dripping labia. My sperm running out of her cunt to pool beneath her as it seeped down the crack of her ass. She lifted my head and looked into my eyes...speaking for the first time since she had given herself to me...

"Honey, I'm not sure what just happened, but we need to talk about this"

She pushed me up off her. I stood up, gathering my clothes. My mind now returning to a normal state and realization just setting in. I had just fucked my own mother and she had not only let me, but had obviously liked it.

"Did you hear me, young man?" She asked. Her voice now exhibiting some authority.

"Yes m'am" I answered flatly, unable to look her in her beautiful eyes.

My gaze resting on her feet and ankles. My cum now dripping down the inside of her thighs and running down the length of her legs. That seemed to pull me out of the trance I was in. I had taken this woman as my own. I had been inside her, ejaculated my sperm into her womb as she opened her cunt to me. My mind began to wrap around this new ideology. I had just fucked my own mother. My father's wife. I had just filled her with two loads of life giving sperm. It gave me a new sense of confidence. A budding light beginning to open in my brain.

My eyes lifted to hers. Stepping in close to her, I looked down into her eyes. My actions taking on a new of authority. Of new found strength. I took her into my arms and followed her earlier example of kissing. My tongue moving to press against her lips. She struggled to resist, common sense beginning to regain a foot hold. But, I would not take no for an answer now. I pushed my tongue harder. She finally submitted. Her lips parting. After all, what could she say? She was standing naked in a pool of her own son's cum mixed with her own pussy juices, that had ran down her legs...It was then that those images my friends and I had viewed in those forbidden pornographic magazines came to the forefront of my brain. One that stood out clearly and caused a new stirring in my cock, was one that I had seen where a man had woman on her knees, his cock thrust into her mouth. The more I envisioned this woman whose tongue was thrusting against my own, on her knees with my cock in her throat, the harder my cock grew. I broke our kiss, and placing my hands on her shoulders, I began to force her to her knees.

She suddenly realized what I was doing and tried to get away.

"No!, Not that! I won't do it!"....she paused a brief second before asking..."Where did you learn about that anyway?"

"In a magazine. And, yes, you will do it, mother, so get on your knees and put my dick in your mouth."

The forcefulness of my voice seemed to scare her. She paused another brief second, which allowed me the time to regain a solid hold on her shoulders. I was stronger than her, and the uncertainty of all that had transpired still had her literally vulnerable. She soon found herself submitting yet once again to her youngest son's demands. She sank slowly to her knees. Wanting to shut her eyes, but unable to, as her eyes came level with the now throbbing cock awaiting her wet, warm mouth. I grasped her hair and head and pushed my cock against her tightly closed lips.I pushed even harder against her resisting mouth. Her full lips being crushed beneath the hardness of my pulsating cock. Finally, she opened her mouth and I slid my cock in. Not fully understanding the gag reflex, I found myself utterly loving the feel of her moist mouth, and the sight of this beautiful woman kneeling before me in total submission.

My cock slid quickly down her throat. Her teeth almost biting me, but catching herself quickly, she tried to resist the gag reflex. I held her down on my cock until she had to breathe. I let her slide her lips quickly off my pulsating hardness. Pre-cum once again starting to flow. She resisted only slightly for a moment. Then opening her mouth willingly and letting her lips close around the swollen head of my throbbing, dripping cock. Having no experience at this act, she just clamped her lips around my shaft and starting sliding back and forth on my cock. When her tongue would brush the shaft or the head, I felt something so wonderful I still cannot define the feeling. She soon realized that her tongue gave me pleasure...She then began to slather my cock with the full attention of her tongue.

My thrusting pelvis was soon driving my cock back into the depths of her throat. Evidently, she had overcame the gag reflex rather quickly, for her head was now moving in rythyme with my thrusts into her mouth. As my cock began to swell, I knew I was going to cum. I hadn't considered this. What did I do? Cum in her mouth? What?...She sensed that I was ready to cum as well. The thought of this horrified her and she tried to pull off. But, too late...I was too far gone at this point. I grasped her head and tried to hold it still as my cum began to gush forth into her mouth. Stream after stream of foamy cum. Gushing across her tongue as she had almost pulled off of my cock as I began to shoot my spunk into her throat. My mother seemed lost for the briefest of moments, as she allowed my spunk to flow freely into her mouth. Her mind began to reel as she realized that she actually liked the taste and creamy texture of my sperm.

Not knowing what to do it as it rolled around in her mouth, as being so young, I was able to quickly recover and produce a rather copious amount of the sperm she was having trouble deciding what to do with. So she just swallowed it. Her mouth and tongue beginning to work of their own accord now. Her tongue swirling around the head of my cock. I was amazed as it began to get hard yet once again. But she pulled off my cock...

"Son, the school bus will be here shortly. You have to get ready for school. We can deal with this this afternoon when you get home."

With that, she turned to bend over to retrieve her clothing. My now solid, masterful gaze took in the soft curves of my mother's splayed ass cheeks. The remnants of my cum still seeping from her cunt. I spotted something that instantly piqued my interest. That little rose bud ass hole. Why I found it so interesting, I couldn't tell. But somewhere, in some magazine I was sure, I had seen a man fuck a woman in her ass. I decided that this was as good an opportunity as any. My cock still hard from the ministrations of my mother's hot, wet mouth and tongue earlier. As well as the immense feeling of power of having had her on her knees before me, taking my load of ropy cum into her mouth and swallowing it. I deducted that pretty much any goes at this juncture. Why not? I deduced. She had given in to my every demand to this point, so I decided to have a go at that beautiful little budding hole, too.

As she was shaking out her panties, I moved up behind her again and put my hands on her shoulders. She stiffened slightly. Waiting to see what I was up to. I started to bend her over at the waist. She tried to protest.

"I said you had to get ready for're gonna miss the bus"

"Mom, I don't care right now. I want to try something else. I can miss today anyway. It's only the first day. In fact, I heard about those families over next to the mountains that home school their kids...Maybe you can do that for me. I would love to be home with you all the time now."

"What!?" she exclaimed..."Son, what we did was wrong. It can't happen again! I'm your mother, not your wife. This will just be a memory from now on. Our secret. You must never tell anyone about this, not ever, do you understand?"

I thought about that a moment. Then shook my head.

"No, mom, this will not end here, not now. I liked it too much and you did too. I'm not sure exactly what I'm doing yet, but you can teach me everything I need to know. Our secret? I guess if you do what I want, it can be. Otherwise, I guess I can tell dad about it."

The concept of blackmail being foreign to me, I did know that she didn't want anyone to find out about this, so, it was a place to start I figured.She got mad then...

"Young man, you will NOT tell your father about this, or I will..!"

"What, mom? What will you do? are going to do what I say from now on. I'm your man, you're my woman. You are also my school teacher staring this year. Dad won't care. He barely knows I exist anyway."

The school bus honked down at the road. The sound seemed to bring about the realization to my mother that her son had just taken over her life. She was now her son's lover. His...his...oh, god, how could she even think this...his slut. She knew the moment the sound of that bus horn reached her ears, it marked a change in her life that altered the dynamics of the mother/son relationship. I knew she had accepted this as well...Now, back to my hard cock that needed more of this beautiful woman's, my mother's...attention.I renewed my grasp on her and started to push her downward. She relented, going to her back, her legs starting to spread to receive me. But I moved around and bent over to roll her over. Confusion came across her eyes as she tried to figure out what I was up to. But, she allowed herself to be guided to her hands and knees.

I dropped to my knees behind her. Her body stiffening. She turned her head to look back at me, her neck straining. My gaze was locked onto that tight little nether region nestled within the little valley between her ass cheeks. My hand took my pulsating cock to guide it to the well lubed puckered little hole. As soon as m y cock made contact with it, she fell flat on her belly...

"No way, young man. Not that! That is where I draw the line!"

But she may as well have been talking to one of those knot headed chickens out side scratching around for all the good it did.

"Get back up here, mom! Now!" I yelled.

She tensed up at the forcefulness in my voice. A tear beginning to form unseen by me in her eye. She hesitated a second too long to suit me.Do it now!She jerked at the shrillness of my voice that was beginning to deepen with puberty coming to an end. But she complied. Hesitantly, but compliance, nonetheless.She drew her knees back up under her, getting back on her hands as well. I took my cock back in hand and guided it again to that forbidden hole. Placing it against it, I saw it pucker tightly in anticipation of my pending invasion of it's virginal depths.

"Easy, son...go slow, please." She pleaded and whimpered as I began to shove the large head of my youthful cock against the resisting anal ring. The hole well lubed by my sperm and her cum. The head starting to penetrate. She tensed up...pulling forward. Still in position, but just enough to avoid penetration.

"Wait, son...go easy, I'm begging you. I've never had a penis in there before, Go slow and easy. Let me get used to taking you. Your pretty big for a boy your age, so be easy with me".

I waited as she moved back into position, readying herself to receive her new man's cock into her virgin hole.

"You never let dad do this?" I was amazed that he hadn't taken advantage of such an appetizing hole before. The thrill of being the first to take her ass caused my cock to swell even harder. My balls working over time now to fill to the brim with cum that I would shoot deep into my mother's belly.

"No, son, he hasn't, I wouldn't let him. I never let him put his penis in my mouth before either. You are the first for both of these."

That confession drove me over the edge once again. The blood rushed fully head on into my already engorged cock. I began to shiver slightly I was so excited. I placed the head of my cock against her ass hole, holding it in place with firm pressure. Moving my hands to her slim hips, I grasped them firmly and began to push into her. My cock head starting to invade her virgin ass hole. The sudden pop as the head penetrated the barrier caused her to gasp loudly. I paused a moment, then began to push into her deeper. Pre-cum lubricating the way for my invading cock.

"Wait, son...wait. Easy. Hold on a sec..."

I paused in my penetration. My cock throbbing in her tightly clasping ass. The feeling was so sublime, so utterly delicious, it was all I could do to wait for her to grow accustomed to me filling her ass hole. Suddenly, she began to push back onto my engorged cock. Taking me in deeper. I began to thrust forward. Easy at first, then harder, ever harder. Her ass began to open slightly, lubricating the clasping walls, making my cock feel like it was enveloped in a silken tunnel. My strokes became savage. My pelvis slamming against her splayed ass cheeks. My tight balls moving forward enough to slap her clit. Her breathing became ragged, deep. Her whole body was quivering now. Her attempts to meet my thrusts with her ass long forgotten...

"Oh, baby! Fuck me! Please son, fuck mommy harder! I'm cumming again! Oh god, I'm gonna cummmm"!

Suddenly her vagina erupted in another gushing torrent of pussy cum. It sprayed against my balls and the underside of my cock with enough force to drive me insane with desire to drive my pulsating cock completely through her beautiful body.Her tits were swinging so hard now that they were slapping her solar plexus. The sight of those pendulous tits shaking and swinging beneath my mother, flaring apart to be seen on either side of her heavily expanding ribs cage, drove me utterly wild. My cock began to convulse wildly, cum rushing up the shaft to begin spurting into my mother. I drove my cock home, as deep as I could into her wanton ass hole. Dumping my load of foaming sperm into yet once again.The mature mother closed her eyes as the intensity of the resulting orgasm filled her body with such force and pleasure, that she almost blacked out.

She was totally overwhelmed by today's events. Nothing in her life had prepared her to deal with it. But, she knew beyond any doubt that she now belonged to her son. Her heart and marital bed may belong to her husband, this child's father, but her body, every single hole, existed now for his pleasure, any time, anywhere he wanted her. She no longer tried to rationalize what had happened, but had just chose to blindly accept it and go with the flow. Hell, she thought, as she shuddered with the convulsive reflex of another orgasmic wave hit her as her son slowly pulled out and slammed back into her cum filled ass, letting another drizzle of cum squirt from the tip. She flexed her ass, grasping and milking his cock for every drop of the semen he was giving to her. Semen she had in effect created in her own body, squirted from the penis she had also created.

It was then that she looked up from the hay covered floor. Her eyes coming to rest on the amazed gaze of her own mother standing in the barn door just a few feet away. Her eyes wide, her face flushed, her hand inside her polyester flex waist pants, obviously rubbing her own pussy. I felt my mother jerk violently.Coming back to reality, I looked at her, then followed her intense stare to see my grandmother standing there staring at us. My grandmother had her hand down her pants....

"I hope you two saved enough of that boy's pecker to work my old twat over...." She smiled mischeviously as she started toward us...her hands now taking off her clothes...

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