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woman feels unloved on her birthday and turns it into a very special one.
A Special Birthday.

Turning 38, it's just a number not a date of significance like 18, 30, 40 or 50 but for some reason I was excited about it. My boss had given me the day off to relax. My husband was back from his business trip so I was hoping for a birthday love making session.

Usually my husband is horny as when he comes back from his business trips but he arrived home late and was asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow. I know he doesn't mind a bit of morning glory so before the alarm went off I slipped out of bed and into some sexy lingerie.

Once the alarm went off I was still having trouble getting either head to react to my attentions when suddenly my husband realised he had overslept so he jumped out of bed and went straight into the shower I had thoughts of joining him, even leaving my lingerie on.

Over the sound of running water I heard him yell out for me to see if he had a clean shirt ironed for work. There were several in the wardrobe but as always not the exact one he wanted to wear. I grabbed my satin wrap from the end of the bed and went in search of the missing shirt.

Ten minutes later my half dressed husband came looking for his shirt. I let my wrap fall open to display my lingerie as I handed him the shirt, his only comment was "coffee?" so with a sigh off I went to the kitchen to fix him a cup to take in the car.

In he came, in a rush, bag in one hand reaching for the coffee with the other. I got a kiss on my forehead and a see you tonight as he went out the door.

I started to make myself a cup of coffee and noticing a bottle on the shelf added a few shots of scotch to the brew hoping that would perk me up. I bypassed a second cup of coffee and just tipped some more scotch into the dregs of coffee in my cup.

I stood and faced the mirror on the hall wall, pulling back the wrap I checked myself out trying to see what my husband could not.

5ft 7 in my stocking feet and those fishnet stockings travelled to the top of my shapely and firm thighs. Those thighs formed a sharp V when they met at my pubic area. The black fabric of my thong panties only highlighting the area. Flat stomach from lots of pilates and yoga, 36C cup breasts still firm without any outside work.

I sat down and took another swig of my coffee and while I pondered the mysteries of life my 17 year old son came in looking for breakfast.

He had just come from the shower and had a towel wrapped around his lower half and used another to dry his hair. For 17 I had to say he was in great shape, hardly any fat and nicely defined chest and ab muscles.

I began moaning about it being my birthday and he asked what his father had given me. I stood in front of him and threw off the wrap showing him my trim and fit body as well as my lingerie.

"Nothing. I offered him this and he gave me nothing, not even a second look."

I turned around and showed my backside to my son, the thin strip of material fitting between my butt cheeks.

Turning to face him I noticed the tent forming under the towel. He just stood there and stammered "er ah um mum". Then I think the scotch kicked in and everything went out the door.

I moved towards him, sinking down to the floor in front of him. Reaching up I began to stroke the bulge in the towel. I could hear he was breathing quickly as I reached under the towel to slide my hand around him. He felt hard in my hand as I pulled the towel away to free his cock.

He hissed softly as I ran my fingernails along his shaft. Looking at it from this level it was clear to see that he was hard, and long, longer than his father.

“Holy crap!” He gasped as I took him into my mouth. I slid my mouth right down him, sucking all of him into my mouth. His pubic hair tickled my nose.

I had learnt a long time ago that if you took all of a guy in your mouth he totally loved it.

It was a skill I had learnt in senior high and quickly mastered in later life. A good blowjob and the guy would be really hyped to give you a good fucking after. I fully intended to give my son a better than good blowjob.

I slipped my lips along him. Sucking hard on him, taking him fully into my mouth. Moving slowly at first, letting him feel my mouth around him. Then speeding up, moving my mouth along him faster, sucking softer on him as I did.

I ran my tongue around him, licking him. He groaned, wrapping his fingers in my hair as I pressed my face once more into his groin. I took a moment to look up. He was leaning back against the doorframe.

His eyes closed, his face screwed up in pleasure.

Seeing that he was enjoying it seemed to increase my desire to make it good. I slowed up, deliberately sucking on just the head before taking him back into my mouth. I moved my lips along him, sucking hard until I felt the head of his cock at the back of her throat. I held my mouth all the way down on him, gagging slightly as I sucked for breath.

Then with just my lips wrapped around his cock I slid back to the point where I was just holding the head in my mouth. I coated it with saliva by licking my tongue over it. I tasted a drop of his salty pre-cum and smiled at what was still to come.

By now he wasn't the only one enjoying it so I repeated the manoeuvre, again holding all of him in my mouth before sliding my lips along him.

If once was good and twice even better then I should do it again, and again, all the time he moaned deeply. His fingers curled tightly in my hair but I wasn't going anywhere. He did not try to push me down on him, just held his fingers wrapped in my hair and the side of my face.

I began to feel the build up of pressure. Moving along him faster now, each time sliding my mouth down to take him fully.

His moans were growing louder, faster, as I moved my mouth and pumped my fist along him. I curled my tongue around his cock, over the head. I could not remember a time when I had given such a frantic blowjob.

Not wanting him to go off too early I let go of his cock and sat on the edge of the table and spread my legs. He stood still and stiff for a moment getting himself back under control. I could hear his deep athletic breathing caused by my intense cardio workout.

Grasping the patch of material between my legs and pulling it aside gave him a clear view of my pussy and made clear my intent as to what I wanted. The smell coming from my pussy was now highly arousing.

He is a smart boy and didn't require any extra instructions. He pulled the chair into position and resting both hands on my thighs to push my legs back he buried his face between my legs.

His attack started aggressively by licking, sucking and biting on my labia, filling the room with slurping noises and my pussy with saliva. Soon our mingled fluids began to run down my crack to my arse.

It was now my turn for moaning loudly and I was tightly grabbing the sides of the table, my body thrusting upwards out of pleasure as he was flicking my clitoris. The musky smell of sex filled the air and made for intense feelings for the coming fucking.

"Do me now, finish it off" I yelled.

I leant back on the table and he got himself into position. I lowered one hand and adjusted his cock so that it was resting at the entrance of my pussy.

"Push .... hard"

With sudden force he pushed the tip of his cock into my vagina. Another thrust and he began to push his cock deeper into my vaginal passage. His cock made my pussy feel even tighter than I remembered; well he was bigger than his father, but also warm and moist inside.

His entire penis slipped into my tight pussy and we lay face to face on the table. As I moaned with the feeling of fullness in my belly he slipped his tongue into my open mouth and began to play with my tongue as if he was still sucking my clit.

He broke our kiss and began to pump his cock in and out of his birthplace. I held onto him and his head was buried in my neck. He was kissing and biting my neck from ear to shoulder and his attention was even further turning me on. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he kept on pumping furiously.

The lining of my vagina was contracting and grabbing his entire dick on each stroke. He kept on pumping it into me driving me closer to climax. Suddenly my body began to shake violently and I started to buck my own hips and lift my arse off the table. All this just caused him to pump even faster.

I could hear swearing mixed with cries of pleasure as our climax drew near. Then he stopped thrusting and arched his back to drive his cock as deep as possible. The first spurt of cum hit my insides and I screamed with pleasure. I don't know if I startled him or he was worried about filling me with his seed because he pulled his cock out.

I raised my head to tell him to put it back and saw him gripping it tightly then he released his hand and the second spurt sailed between my spread legs like a field goal and splattered across my belly. He moaned loudly and ejaculated a third spurt, cum hit everywhere. It completely soaked me in semen; there was a puddle in my belly button, some on my breasts, even a few white spots on my trimmed pubic
hair and some drops flicked as far as my face.

He sat back on the chair and took the towel from the floor and wiped the sweat from his body. He passed me the other towel to clean myself off but I decided not to I'd just keep wearing what my son had given me for the rest of the day.

One last kiss and he went to get dressed for school. I could feel the cum leaking from my pussy so I re-arranged my panties to hold in the rest of his present.

I finally rolled off the table when I heard the front door close. I sat in the same chair my naked son had sat in before. From the way the light came through the window I could see the spot where our combined fuck juice had pooled. I was too tired to wipe it away right now. I took another mouthful of my cold coffee and closed my eyes feeling full but not quite satisfied.

Would I try sex with my son again ... I'd just have to see how he reacted once he got home.


The next thing I heard was the doorbell. From the angle of the sun on the table I knew I must have dozed for at least two hours. The doorbell rang again and I dragged myself off the chair and pulled the wrap around my sticky body heading towards the door.

I opened the door to be confronted by a large bunch of roses and a sneeze. Behind the flowers was a deliveryman who was about to sneeze again so I grabbed the flowers freeing a hand to cover his face.

The flowers were from my sister with a message to "enjoy my day in every possible way". The deliveryman had now regained his composure and asked me to sign for the flowers. He sneezed again and blamed the pollen for his allergy. He took a tablet from his pocket and asked could he please have a glass of water.

I told him to follow me and bring the flowers. In the kitchen I found a vase in a cupboard and put water and the flowers in it. Then as I filled a glass with water the delivery guy put the vase on the table. When I turned around he was sniffing at his hand, which he had put in the sticky spot on the table.

I turned away quickly to grab a wipe and then spun back so fast that I didn't even notice that my wrap had come open and the delivery guy was getting a good look at me. Instead of taking the wipe he licked his palm without taking his eyes off me. My face as well as the rest of me blushed.

I told him it was my birthday and that "someone" had given me their present this morning. He reached with his cum sticky hand to his shorts and began lowering the zip.

"How about I give you a present as well?"

His semi hard cock came out of his shorts and I could see it was big and going to be bigger. A twinge of anticipation sparked inside my panties. That not quite satisfied feeling I had had after fucking my son returned and for the second time today I was on my knees on the floor in the kitchen.

He pulled me up and walked me into the front room, stepping out of his work shorts along the way. He took a seat on one of the armchairs his cock rising at a 45-degree angle.

I moved to close the front door but he ordered me to the floor in front of him. Most of our neighbours work and it being school hours there shouldn't be many passers by but the thought of being caught added that extra spice so again I was on my knees with a cock in my mouth.

I wasn't as intense as I'd been with my son but I still gave him a good seeing too and the grunts and deep, sudden breaths told me I was doing what he wanted. By this time, his hardened dick had darkened due to the strain. I reached for his cock and wrapped my fingers around it just above the base.

There was a patch of pre-cum on the tip, and I realised I was only moments away from tasting his cock. I tugged down his shaft, and his raging cock sprang up pointing directly at my face. It was un-cut and about 7 inches long, standing up from a nest of dark pubic hair.

I grinned, before I gently extended my tongue and lapped at the end of his cock. He tasted warm and a little bit salty. He gasped and pushed his cock toward me, nudging his tip against my lips. I opened my mouth and slid it along his cock, bobbing my head gently back and forth. As I gained in confidence handling this stranger, I took him deeper until my nose nestled in his pubes.

His balls were swollen and obviously full to the brim of hot cum. and I planned to milk them completely! He groaned as I deep-throated him and gently humped his hips against my face. I continued bobbing my head, listening to his moans and groans as his salty pre-cum coated my tongue.

He forced me to stand, spreading my legs and pulling my head down again to take his cock. In this position he could thrust his cock and fuck my face while giving his hand access to my pussy. He laughed as his hand felt the still damp fabric of my panties using one or more fingers to push the fabric into my hole and force out the previous dump of cum.

He quickly grew tired with fucking his cock deep into me throat until I gagged. One last gasp and I spluttered over his cock, trails of saliva coating it making it greasy for him.

He turned me around and had me squat, reverse cowgirl, on his throbbing cock. He held the strip of fabric aside until his cock found my opening. Again in this position anyone walking by could clearly see what we were doing.

“Hurry up, before we are seen, I want you in me.” I said this clearly, carefully saying every word so he was sure I was consenting to being fucked by a stranger.

He pushed upwards, I felt his cock probing at my pussy, and then with a single thrust he buried himself inside me. I was sure my scream of pleasure would bring a curious neighbour but next we both just took a deep calming breath at the same time. He felt so long and thick in me, filling me once again.

“Holy shit. Fuck me with that cock.” I almost shouted.

He did so, rapidly increasing the speed of his thrusts. His hands were gripping my hips tight as he began to ram his cock in. I cried out with pleasure at each hard thrust. His cock was slamming into me, hard, fast, piston like. Thrusting in and out, repeatedly, and harshly. He buried himself to the hilt within me each time he entered.

Pulling me down on the up thrust to meet his cock. Shaking my spine and rattling my teeth as he sank into the armchair. Ramming in harder, breathing loud as he fucked me. I could feel his breath on my neck as he bent me back and over his chest.

His mouth was kissing my neck and biting my shoulder. I placed both of my hands on arms of the chair for support so he could free up his hands to grab at my breasts. I moaned loudly, my hands curling into the fabric. I was pushing back against him, wanting to take more of him in me.

I was panting like a bitch in heat. My soft moans turned into stifled screams, and I knew that I was on the brink of orgasm. I did everything I could to prolong this fucking. I flexed my hips back and forth; I rotated my butt in little circles feeling his cock hit parts of my vagina he might have missed before.

Meanwhile he continued ploughing into me with every bit of strength he had. My pussy felt so good on his cock. Then with a deep, loud, feral groan he started spurting shot after shot of cum into my pulsating cunt. I tried to hump him faster without letting his cock escaped my clutches.

I was close to orgasm myself but even after years of married sex I lacked the discipline to hold it back much longer.

Slowly, uncontrollably, muscles reacted spasmodically, I started shaking as I realised I was coming in the wildest of ways.

First he went stiff and then shuddered vigorously, his cum-filled cock was shooting the last of his juice deep within my belly.

I slumped down on him, coated with sweat, cum and saliva, sensationally wet and filled, as I have never felt before. Then his cock flopped from my vagina and I made a final move.

Tasting myself on his cock was as delicious as I had imagined, making him feel as good as he had made me feel gave me a degree of satisfaction. I took all of his remaining juice in my mouth as his cock sank back to its flaccid size and his ball sack sagged empty of cum.

Suddenly the room was filled with a buzzing sound and the two of us started looking for his shorts. On the floor by the kitchen door he found them and quickly grabbed his phone. He was putting his shorts on one handed while he typed a text reply for his message.

Shorts on, shirt tucked in, he gave me one last, long, deep kiss and then excused himself. He handed me a business card and asked me to call him some time. Me I was totally done, two sex sessions and it wasn't even lunchtime. Standing still I could now smell the familiar odour of sex. I headed upstairs for a shower to wash the sticky cum off my body and drain the excess cum from my pussy.

Once I felt clean I slipped into another pair of thong panties and lay on the bed for just a moment, I kept thinking there was something I should have done but the softness of the bed combined with coming down off the adrenalin rush forced me closed my eyes for only a second.


Feeling something cold and wet against one of my nipples woke me but when I opened my eyes I found that I was masked somehow. When I went to move my hands I discovered that they were tied to the bed head by what felt like my fishnet stockings.

Lips that tenderly kissed me replaced the cold on my nipple. I wasn't about to panic yet, not much point if I was already tied up. The slow seductive nature of the kiss made me think that it was a woman not a man who had me secured.

A smooth, ladies hand on my right breast brings my attention back to the here and now. It slowly caresses the side cupping my breast as if checking its weight. The hand moves and trails hard, sharp nails towards my hardening nipple. Taking it between thumb and finger, a slight twist, a gentle squeeze and stretching until it pops back to its original position.

Now I can feel renewed wetness between my legs as the fingers caress my skin. After the events of this morning my body is now ultra sensitive. I cannot hold back the moan that escapes my lips as the hand rubs firmly and smoothly towards the gap between my breasts.

The fingernails continue to make lines across my cleavage for a moment then the hand moves, now my left breast is subject to the caress and weight treatment that had me panting with anticipation.

The lips came back to kiss my chest, hands push both breasts into one doughy mound so both nipples can be sucked together. My legs start squirming as the heat and wetness between them increase.

My legs seem to have a mind of their own and part as the hand brushes over my belly, the fingernails are leaving small trails of goose bumps wherever they touch. Down and down the hand moves, pausing for a moment just past my navel before sliding effortlessly under my band of my thong.

The hands now push the thong off of my hips and pull it down to my legs, gently lifting each foot to release it then it gets tossed on the bed beside me, I can smell my odour right before my face.

My mystery lover moves on the bed and is now between my legs their hands pushing my knees apart, I do nothing to stop it happening.

Various moans fill the room as the fingers brush over my clit, still swollen and tender from my previous sex acts, parting my folds and tracing cuming tracks until one finger pops into my pussy.

A second quickly follows it inside of me. I start to thrash my head from side to side as these experienced digits feel their way towards my g-spot and pull back, only to repeat a moments later. I press my hips forward as a third finger is pushed into me, arch my back and spread my legs even wider.

I feel the weight of each breath as my breasts, now covered in sweat move, as my breathing increases. My moans have turned to squeals of delight as the fingers continue to pump in and out of my heated wetness.

The fingers come out of my pussy once again and I take the moment to get a deep breath but as I open my mouth it is filled with the greasy fingers of my tormentor but like a starving man I can do nothing but lick them clean of my own juices.

The fingers cleaned were pulled from my mouth and again I felt movement on the bed. Mystery lady slipped her tongue between my lips and I offered little resistance because now with the head so close to my nose I believe I know that subtle shampoo tang as being the brand used by my boss.

Could it be her, the fiery redhead from work? I had always wondered why such an attractive 28 year old never had a man in her life. The tension of an unknown person vanished as I made my mind up that it was her.

I fully welcomed the downward press of her lips. Soon our tongues were intertwined and the two of us were in a full French kiss. Next the tongue was replaced with a nipple and I latched onto it like a newborn sucking and biting it as I washed it with saliva and my own tongue. Did I just hear a faint moan?

I decided not to call her name in case it broke the mood of the moment and I was enjoying all the attention. I could feel a trickle of juice leak from my pussy and slide down my crack to my butt.

I could feel her roll off the bed and I was wondering if our game was over when she returned to her place between my knees. Just I was beginning to fantasise about pussy licking I felt the old familiar feel of a cock prodding at my pussy for entrance to my dark, warm passage.

Without warning she drove her hips forward and buried the entire dildo in my pussy. The sharp slap of her thighs against mine echoed across the room. The shock drove the air from my lungs as her full weight bore down on me. Just as quickly, I felt the amazingly erotic sensation that only comes from having a massive penis- whether it's flesh or silicone- filling up my pussy.

She slammed the dildo back into me almost as violently as the first time. Behind the mask I closed my eyes and scrunched my face from the unbridled sensation of her hard fucking as it washed over me.

Her stamina far exceeded my husbands as her breasts were mashing mine flat as she fucked me with a long steady rhythm. Her body sliding up and down mine as she pulled back just enough to keep the head in my hole.

The sound of bodies slapping together was punctuated by my constant use of the F word. I could only moan as the sensation of her powerful strokes overwhelmed me. Each thrust brought a new wave of pleasure as her strap-on hit home, again and again.

Her kisses to my lips, face and neck were punctuated by my gasps of pleasure as I rode a rollercoaster of emotions towards another climax for the day.

Again my body shuddered as the plastic phallus finished its work and popped clear of my pussy. I lay exhausted on the bed, feeling her weight lift and I breathed deeply waiting for her to release me.

That wasn't to be just yet as I heard the buzz of a vibrator. I wasn't sure my body could handle any further stimulation but she gently ran the joy buzzer over my nipples, down my body, around my pubes, the insides of my thighs each touch now like fire on my skin.

Then she stopped and again I waited. I could still hear the buzz but I had no idea what was going to be next.

That turned out to be her lips once more forcing my mouth open as her tongue pushed past my teeth to wrap itself with mine and explore all parts of my mouth. She placed the buzzing vibrator on my stomach and moved away.

This teasing only made me more aware of how tired my arms were from being confined for so long. Still waiting I jerked my wrists and the left seemed to have more movement so I pulled again while flipping my body to roll the vibrator off me.

She didn't do anything as my hand came free, I pulled off the sleep mask to finally see my mystery lover but the room was empty. As I twisted to remove the other wrist restraint I heard the sound of a car start and quickly drive away.

Putting my wrap on I went to the front door where a note was stuck telling me to lock doors in future.

I went to the kitchen for a glass of water and noticed a crumpled ball of paper towels, she had cleaned the sticky spot off the table and going to the armchair I saw she had cleaned the evidence of my sex play from there as well.

I sat there for a short while until the phone broke my train of thought. I was my husband calling and oddly he said he had just spoken to my boss "at work" so if she was there then who?

I was trying to process that information when my husband told me to be ready to go out for a meal this evening.


Later that afternoon I took a long, hot bath, with scented oils, to mask the smell of sex once my husband was near me. I then went all out in the dress up stakes. Black Stockings, suspenders, lace panties and no bra. Red sheath mini dress that just about finished at the same level as the stocking tops. High heels, make up and hair finished the ensemble.

Once my husband was home he took a quick shower and changed into cream chinos, black t-shirt and sports coat. Then he whisked me out the door and into the car and off to one of our favourite places to eat.

It was between ordering and the first course arriving that he gave me the present, a sapphire and diamond pendant shaped like a bunch of grapes. The food was excellent as usual but I did notice that he drank less of the wine than I did.

He didn't need to get me drunk to have sex later I was already aware that would be on the cards for tonight. Him not drinking was probably more to do with him hoping to keep his end up.

When we got home the lights were off and I assumed our son was already asleep so we didn't bother closing the bedroom door as we stood and kissed like school kids. The dress was soon around my ankles and my husband was pawing my tits as I fumbled to undo his pants and get his cock out.

As soon as I touched it I could tell it was harder than most of our previous couplings, maybe he was hornier than normal. This might be better than our usual fuck sessions.

He turned me around and as my hair was piled up he had a clear shot at my neck and he kissed me down my neck and across my shoulders. His arms wrapped around me and his hands played with my breasts like a couple of stress toys. I could feel his cock between my butt cheeks as he dry humped me.

Seeing as I'd done so much, sexually, today and feeling horny as hell as my butt was being humped I turned my head to see my husbands face and then decided to give in to his favourite fantasy.

I could feel my husband's erection pressing stiffly against my bum. I knew that he fantasised about anal sex and I right now I wanted his cock in my ass so badly. I wanted to feel the warm, burning sensation spread from my butt and over my entire body.

I had used a dildo on my butt hole several times when he was away now it was time for a real cock to fill me with cum. I had also found a few DVD's of anal sex in his attaché case after some of his trips so I hoped he knew how to do it right.

He was stripped naked in seconds and I could see his cock was long and hard and dancing with the beat of his heart. He reached into his bedside draw and fumbled around for a tube of lube he had hidden at the back. I smeared it on his cock while he slipped a greasy finger in my back door.

I knelt on the edge of the bed to make it easier for both of us to get it in the right position.

His hands now totally slick with lube, he very gently begins to insert a finger just inside my butt, and for a change, I push back against him, and before he knew it, his finger was inside me past the second knuckle.

In a whispered voice I told him how good it feels, and that "Yes" I like that. I wasn't going to stop him tonight.

"More please?" I asked and he just smiled, moving his finger slowly out, then back in. When he noticed that I was moving more and more against him, he added a second finger, and I looked at him with eyes filled with fire.

He kneels on the bed and taking my weight on my shoulder I reach behind me and pull my butt cheeks apart he drops a few more drops of lube there and once again I shiver with anticipation. His fingers fuck my hole as he slowly spreads them to open up my butt hole so it's with enough to take his cock head.

Now he has his cock in his hand and is rubbing along my crack until everything is good and slippery. I try not to tense up as his cock settles in place. "Pop" it's in and he pauses and I try to relax. With my face planted in the pillow I give him a thumbs up signal to go deeper.

He inches forward then pauses repeats and goes deeper until he is flush with my bum. I manage to mutter an OK and ask him to start fucking me.

We began to move together slowly in and out as the lube warmed and his cock pumped. I could feel the throbbing of his cock when we rested while fully inserted. I could feel the strange heat building from deep inside me like nothing before, I feel like I will explode.

I moaned for him to smack it deep in to me again and fuck me hard, I could feel I was close to coming from this new experience. He did as I asked, pulling back to just the head and ramming it back, deep inside as I cried from the friction and the overpowering pleasure.

That did it for both of us he stuck it deep, gushed cum deep inside my butt. It was an entirely new sensation but strangely he stayed hard.

I could feel the cum leaking from my butt and now my husband planted his cock into my pussy and fucked me until I shuddered and shook. After a full day of fucking I had lost count of how many times I had come but my husband showed no desire to slow down.

I turned my head to tell him to hurry and finish when I noticed a darker shadow by the door, our son was watching his father fuck all of my holes and this turned me on even more so I stopped holding in my cries of pleasure and screamed for my husband to fuck me until I passed out.

Finally after several minutes of banging away my husband clenched my hips, pressed his groin to my butt and grunting like a bull off loaded yet another spray of cum into my womb for the day. This seemed to have the effect of taking the wind out of his sails and his cock reduced in size until the now semi flaccid penis slid from my well fucked hole.

We both collapsed on the bed and the morning found us in almost the exact same positions. My leg muscles ached as all the bending and flexing of yesterday took its toll. I struggled to walk to the bathroom. After we were all showered and dressed it was back to work and school as if nothing unusual had ever happened.


Turning 39, it's just a number not a date of significance like 18, 30, 40 or 50 but for me all birthdays are a celebration of one special birthday and as I lay in bed with my tiny 3 month old daughter I thought back to last year.

People say she looks like her father, some say she looks like her brother but just in case they were wrong I had named her Rose, my special birthday flower.

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