Just A short chapter hope you enjoy.
Double Dose of Bad Seed 6.8:


Lily looked at me with tears in her eyes her little lips quivering as she gasps for air.

“D Do y you l l love me D D Daddy” she ask.

She was still lying on her belly with her little hands holding her little brown butt spread exposing
her slightly red little anus. Her head turned towards me looking at me with those huge little
brown eyes with tears flowing as she begged for an answer.

That’s when I learned to true power of those three little words. Using them with Elizabeth had
made her relaxed and made her fell it was right. With Jenny even though I abused her little ass
she quickly forgave me with those words.

Lily was begging to hear them now to make herself feel better. But the true power I found out as
I uttered my next statement.

“No Daddy only loves his special little girls” I tell Lily.

She started to cry and hyperventilate putting her face back in the pillow. She eventually turned
back just one teary big brown eye looking at me.

“Please Daddy I want to be special, I want you to love me” she says between sobs.

“Daddy wants you too baby but your not big enough to be special yet” I whisper in her ear.

Still sobbing she rolls on her back and spreads her legs as wide as they can go laying her arms at
her side. Her whole little body was trembling nervously.

“Ma Ma Make me special Da Da Daddy so you can love me p please” she begs still sobbing.

I knew Alessa would beg me to stop so I knelt between her little legs and pressed my cock to her
little slit. I’ve never seen pussy lips quiver in fear but Lily’s little pussy lips were trembling against
my cock head.

Alessa right on que grabbed me and pulled me back from Lily and picked her up off the bed.
Holding her in her arms Alessa looked at me coldly.

“Do what you want to me but your not hurting her JJ” Alessa says.

I walked over and rubbed Lily back and kissed her little lips “Mommy doesn’t want Daddy to love
you Baby” I tell Lily.

I got up and got dressed and looked at Alessa.

“Get dressed” I tell her.

“Where we going” she asks nervously

“I’m dropping you two back at your mothers” I say

“Please JJ don’t” she begs.

“I don’t care about me but you know what will happen to Lily” she says starting to sob as she
squeezes Lily tight to her chest.

I thought for a minute then walked out the door and to the storage shed in the back. It was
fifteen minutes before I returned and walked into the house. Alessa was waiting in the living
room alone for me. She looked at me funny when she seen the dog kennel I was carrying.

Alessa ignored the kennel and knelt in front me begging.

“You can stay but only under my rules” I say before she cuts me off.

“I will anything I promise” she says.

“Let me finish slut, I won’t fuck Lily but I will use her and one word from you on anything I make
her do and you go back to your mothers” I say.

“Yes Master” she says nervously.

“Lily will now have a nine o’clock also and this is where she will sleep” I say putting the dog
kennel on the floor.

“JJ please you can’t do that to her” Alessa begs staring at the kennel.

“I’m not doing it to her, You are and you better make sure she knows that it’s your doing not
mine” I tell her.

Alessa was going to be punished far worse than going back to her mother’s she just hadn’t
realized it yet.

“Good take the dog kennel into the bedroom and put Lily in it for the night” I say smiling as I
head back into the bedroom.

Lily looked at me and I smiled at her, she then ran over and nearly climbed up me to hug me.
Alessa walked in behind me with the dog kennel. I sat down with Lily in my lap and kissed her on
her little lips.

“You and Mommy are staying but Mommy makes the rules for you now understand” I tell her.

Alessa put the kennel in the corner and put a large pillow and little blanket inside then walked
over to us.

“It’s bedtime Lily” Alessa says taking Lily’s hand.

I gave her another long kiss before I let Alessa walk her over to the kennel.

Lily just looked up at her mother confused, Alessa had a few tears trickling down her cheek

“This is your bed now Lily, Get in and got to sleep” she says fighting back her tears.

“But Momma” Lily says.

“Your not special Lily and you will do as I say now go to bed” she says repeating what I told her
to say.

Lily crawled into the dog kennel and even though she was only five and small it was a tight fit.
Alessa had to push her little butt in to close and lock the door.

I knelt down next to the cage and looked inside at Lily her big brown eyes just pleading with me
to help.

“You can’t seriously make her sleep in there Alessa” I say playing the game.

“I can and will, it’s time she learned she’s not special” Alessa says barely holding her tears back.

“Well at least don’t put her in the corner by herself” I say and pick her cage up and move her
next to the bed on the table so she can see the bed easily.

I opened the door and gave Lily a little good night kiss and told her I was sorry. I got undressed
and climbed in the bed. Elizabeth Jill and Jenny were fast asleep already and Hailey crawled up
and laid her head on my chest looking up at me.

“I’m scared JJ but you can make me special if you want” she says.

“In time when your ready” I tell her then kiss her on her lips.

Aunt Lisa looked at me before taking her bed on the floor at the foot of the bed. My cock was
hard and I figured I had time for one last blow job before I went to sleep.

“I need a blow job” I said looking at Alessa

She quickly started moving toward my cock but I shook my head no and pointed at the cage.
Alessa knelt down and opened the cage and Lily shot out like a compressed spring into her
mother’s arms. Alessa reluctantly pushed her away as she tried to hug her.

“Suck JJ’s cock then you go back to the Kennel” she tells Lily turning away quickly so Lily doesn’t
see her wiping the tears from her face.

Lily climbed on the bed and I hugged and kissed her before she eagerly went down and wrapped
her little lips around my cock. Lily was a pretty good little cock sucker but tonight she was just
licking and teasing trying to make it last knowing she was headed back to the kennel after kind
of like a child plays with her food if she doesn’t want to eat it.

I didn’t mind I was enjoying her teasing plus it was time to call Melody.

“Yes I love Kids” I tell Melody as I rub little five year old Lily’s wet slit as she sucks my cock.

“In fact I want a house full of beautiful little girls just like you” I tell her being completely honest.

Melody already had us married in her mind and was planning our retirement together I think. I
didn’t mind though I actually liked the idea. Looking at all the naked girls sleeping in my bed and
the 5 year old sucking my cock, her little throat swelling up as she forces my cock into it, the
obvious question came to mind. How was Melody going to take this?

After Melody finished describing her idea of a prefect honeymoon I put her on hold to cum in
Lily’s eager little mouth. Lily was still licking the cum from her lips when Alessa put her back in
the cage and locked the door.

I finished talking to Melody about an hour later poor little Lily’s big brown eyes staring at me
thru the cage the entire time. My cock was hard again and Alessa was definitely in need of some

Lily had a prefect view to watch her mother’s fat little pussy slide up and down my hard shaft
before she raised her ass slightly and slid my hard cock inside her hot wet little hole. Alessa was
nice and tight as she always was, I loved the way her hot wet little pussy squeezed my cock
every time I fucked her.

“You’ll have to teach Lily them exercises to keep her pussy nice and tight when she starts
fucking” I tell Alessa.

I kissed and sucked Alessa’s breasts as she slowly rode my cock too two orgasms while Lily
sobbed in her little cage staring at us. I was fixing to cum when Lily said

“Mommy I need to pee” she says, the look in her pitiful little eyes made her begging worse.

I also seen something else a little smile for a second like she knew I was fixing to cum and she
was interrupting it on purpose. Alessa looked at me for me tell her what to do, I wanted to see
what Lily was up to.

“Take her” I tell Alessa.

Alessa climbs off my cock reluctantly and opens the little cage door and turns to walk toward
the bathroom figuring Lily would follow. She didn’t Lily crawled straight into the bed and took
my cock in her little hands and plunged her little mouth down around my cock.

She was grunting and gurgling like a street whore trying to swallow a load of horse cum. Her
little hands together wrapped on either side of my cock squeezing and following her little mouth
up and down my shaft. Her head was bobbing with so much vigor her spit was landing on my

It only took a minute before I exploded in her mouth and she eagerly swallowed as fast as she
could before Alessa pulled her from my cock. The last shot of cum landing on my belly only to be
wiped up but Lily’s little hand as she was dragged away. Smiling as she licked the cum from her

“What do you think your doing young lady” Alessa says trying to be firm with her.

“If I can’t have no cum in my little pussy tonight your not getting any either” she says defiantly
then crawls in her little cage and closes the door. Lily looked at me thru the cage and licked her
lips and smiled before laying her head down to go to sleep.

I laid back smiling as I closed my eyes, my little plan to divide Lily and Alessa was working better
than I had hoped.


2012-11-19 12:40:34
Lol thanks A but JJ doesn't feel bad aft lily in the cage.

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2012-11-19 02:27:35
pretty good but JJ seems to feel bad about putting lily in a cage which is a little out of character i found no mistakes in this story as well so congrats on that.
sincerely A

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2012-11-18 03:27:15
lol i did not read the story but is that Angel post on the second page of the comment just some retard or from the actual story? its to late for me to read the story or i would real quick also for whoever posted that i am pretty sure it is not from the story but don't post shit about god on here not all of use have the same beliefs i for one don't believe in him. but besides that i am looking forward to reading this chapter tomorow just got to find time to fit it in.
sincerely A


2012-11-17 18:46:08
Thanks for the positive feed back :). Don't judge melody as his downfall just yet :). It is a sick and twisted world he lives in after all

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2012-11-17 18:29:50
this kid is my favorite psyco. i mean he is deranged to another level. he is on a level of dexter on showtime. i always look forward to the next issue. one thing he has always done throughout the story, he will at least eat the girls pussies. now he seems to be becoming more human in his overall mission. i think that was a good thing for his character. it was like way cool that lilly got out of the cage the way she did to keep her mom from getting the reward in her pussy. that was a great turn. it sounds like melody is going to be his down fall. she is his only weakness so far.

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