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A simple massage turns to the best sex ever...
It had been a long day, and I was happy to be back at my apartment. Shawn, my best friend, was out of town. If you've ever roomed with people you know after a while you just need some you time. I called my girlfriend, Larissa, and asked if she wanted to come over and watch a movie. She came right over and we sat down to As Good As It Gets. Great movie by the way. Her back was really bothering her. I had learned how to give great massages in highschool. She said it was stiff in the morning and after getting off the couch she was really having trouble. I wanted to give her the full experience.

I scooped her up and carried her into the bedroom. I turned down the lights and put on some soothing music.

"I feel better already," she said.

I laid a towel on the bed and put some lotion on my hands. I removed her clothes and started gently pressing around her shoulders. I slid my hands down her back as I felt the tension. I squeezed and pressed on her muscles and I felt her relax. I couldn't hold myself back from touching other areas. I grabbed her ass and she giggled as I massaged it too. I loved feeling her soft skin. I went back to her back and she sighed with relief as I pressed and pushed at her. She was always so stressed. She needed relief.

After working her body for a good 30 minutes she got up and went to get a shower. I cleaned up everything and wandered into the bathroom. She didn’t even notice me. I watched her drop her bathrobe and step in. She was the prettiest girl I had ever laid eyes on. I shed my clothes and stepped into the steaming water behind her. She was still clueless to my being there. I put my hands on her waist and she jumped. I slid them up to her breasts and pressed up against her. I was filled with desire as my hands explored the all curves of her body. She turned to me, her arms coiling around my neck. I looked deep into her eyes as my hands migrated to her perfectly round ass. She reached down and slowly stroked my cock. My desire for her took over. I pushed her to the wall of the shower as I kissed her neck and rubbed her thighs. I couldn’t resist her perfect breasts and I sucked on them ravenously. She moaned softly in my ear. I continued to lick and play with her nipples. Then it was her turn. Her delicate hand stroked my hard cock while her lips met with mine. My hands traveled down to her ass again. I couldn’t keep my hands off her body as the hot water flowed over us.

She knelt down, taking my penis into her mouth. I pushed her hair back as she stroked it while playfully licking the tip. She held my balls in her other hand. They were perfectly smooth from my morning shave. Her mouth migrated to them, and back to my penis again. My legs buckled as my cock tingled. I slid down the wall onto the floor and my cum squirted all over her big tits. She pouted as the water washed it away. I went for her amazing breasts again, sucking on her nipples as I fingered her sweet pussy. I moved down and swirled my tongue around it, licking up and down, left and right. I slipped it in and she groaned as I brushed it up her g-spot and tongue-fucked her. She orgasmed and pushed me away as the stress drained from her body. She turned the water off and we got out of the shower still dripping wet. I embraced her and we kissed passionately. Yet again my hands wandered to her firm butt and we continued feeling each other up until we were dry. I picked her up and her legs hugged my waist as I carried her to the bed. I ground my cock into her as I put her down. My cock hardened even more as I began to push it into her insanely tight pussy, my girth stretching it. She gasped as I pushed deeper, slowly.

“Enough Miles. Fuck me hard. None of this slow shit tonight,” she groaned. “Slam your cock deep into my pussy. Fuck me wildly.”

“Your wish is my command,” I whispered back. I was so ridiculously horny. I thrust my cock as deep as it would go into her hot pussy.

“Pound my sweet we pussy!" she said loudly, “Fuck me so hard I can’t stand it! Fill my ass with your steaming cum! FUCK ME HARD!” She was screaming.

I did as she said. I pounded her tight hole, slamming my cock into her so hard I thought it must hurt her. But she screamed for more. “FUCK ME!” Like a spoiled little girl she yelled for more. I fucked her like a machine. She was screaming in pleasure. I was sure the neighbors would complain. I didn’t care. Her perfect set of tits jiggled all around as my thick cock railed her.

Still, she screamed more. “MILES I WANT IT! RAM YOUR HUMUNGOUS COCK INTO ME!” Of course she was exaggerating; my dick wasn’t overly big. But it turned me on. My desire to satisfy her reached a new level. My hips hurt as I put everything into it. My balls hit her ass so hard it was turning bright red. She gasped and moaned in satisfaction. Her whole body shuddered and convulsed as she went through a massive orgasm. She was starving for my cum. It came pouring out of my cock, filling her pussy and flowing back out again, covering my still rock hard penis. She sat up, squeezing my cock in between her lovely breasts, alternating them up and down. More cum came gushing out, squirting onto her tits. She licked up every last drop from her tits and my penis. We had had one monster fuck, and we passed out on the bed.

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