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This is the second part of my affair with the babysitter and another.
It’s been five years since that afternoon when me, my wife Patty, and our baby-sitter Rebecca became pretty close. So close that I suspect that they have had an affair going off and on since then. I can’t complain if they have. Patty and I have had better sex in the last five years than we did since our boys were born. While I thought I was a pretty cool guy, liberal in my approach to life and sex, I found that I am quite content to have sex a couple times a week with my wife of twenty-five years who has come to be as adventurous as she once was straight-laced. Sure in the past five years, Rebecca and I have seen a lot of each other. She has been in my classes, she has still baby-sat occasionally, we played golf together several times a year, and our two families get together almost every weekend. It's just that Rebecca and I haven't had sex since that first weekend. And there are times that I wonder 'What if?'

"Professor Daniels, I have a couple of questions, if you don't mind?" a coed voice broke me from my latest drift into R-rated sexual misadventures of an imaginary kind.

"Certainly," I responded, putting down an exam I wasn't really reading anyway. "What can I help you with?"

"I was wondering if you could explain...." her questions were mundane and ordinary. She had post examination anxieties and was pumping for information on her test. I answered all of her questions sincerely and with what I hope was accurate information, because, quite frankly, a voice from the hallway had diverted my attention and sent three-fourths of my brain into some kind of flashback haze. It was Rebecca's voice and she was laughing. No matter how hard I tried to focus on the young woman in my office, I couldn't get the thought of the baby-sitter out of my mind. Finally I resorted to standing up suddenly and throwing the window open.

"It's very stuffy in here," I said, interrupting the young coed's next in a series of questions that weren't phrased well and weren’t likely to demonstrate her intelligence. "The spring air is so crisp this time of year. It's much too stuffy to be inside on a day like today. A lovely young woman such as yourself should be outside, enjoying your youth and not sitting inside some old codger professor's office trying to find out how well you did on your exam. You are a bright girl and I am sure you did your best."
Okay, so I embellished the truth about her intelligence. What caught me by surprise was the way she was looking at me. Actually WHERE she was looking at me was what caught me by surprise. Since I had stood up, and she had not, her eyes were directly even with my crotch and I was suddenly embarrassed that I had perked up at the sound of Rebecca's laugh and hadn't noticed. I wasn't raised to full embarrassment stage yet, just the swelling that strains against my brown corduroy pants, giving my cock a nice outline.

But catching her staring caught me by surprise. It also caught my cock by surprise which responded to the attention the way a proper cock should, it swelled up a bit more and attempted to raise itself to a better position, perhaps to wink at the young lass. When my cock stirred, I actually saw the coed's head move back and her mouth open slightly, as if in shock. I sat back down, returning my eye's to their proper place in front of hers, and shifting my legs back under my desk, thumping my cock on the drawer on purpose just for its insolence. I looked her in the eye, daring her to admit she saw my cock, perfectly satisfied that she would snap out of it at any moment and return back to reality.

"That's just it, Professor Daniels. I am not really as bright as all that. I struggle a great deal with all of my courses. Spring Break is coming up, and my father has promised me a trip to Cancun if I can raise my grades to a B average by midterms. I studied SO hard for this exam, if I didn't do well, I won't be able to go to Mexico. Please, please, PLEASE would you look at my exam and tell me if there are any extra assignments I could do to make it into a B?"

For the first time, I gave her a good look. I suppose that was really her problem, no one ever took the time to give her a good look. She wasn't unattractive, just a little plain. She wore a plain white blouse a little too large for her frame, a pair of plain blue jeans, a little too out of style to be fashionable, plain old sandals, and had her straight brown hair in simple barrettes on the sides of her head and her hair barely reached her shoulders. She wore very little make-up, if any, and no perfume. She had just a few freckles on her otherwise clean white face and her hands were clutched her notebooks to her chest, as if she were preparing to ward off a blow. She wore the uniform of the unconfident woman. There was something about the sincerity in those hazel-green eyes that touched my crusty professor's heart.

"Let's take a look." I dug through the pile of exams until I found hers. Until I saw her name 'Dawn Zimmerman' I couldn't remember it. But that's not out of character for me. I tend to remember the names of only the brightest and the least bright of my students, either deion did not fit her. I scanned the content of her first several answers. Though they demonstrated some mastery of the subject matter, they were hardly complete answers.

"I see you recall most of what we discussed in class and most of what was in the assigned readings, but none of your answers are really what I grade as 'above average'," I told her honestly. Selecting the fifth question, I rephrased it and asked it of her again. "Describe to me how a free-market economy in Cuba might affect the economy of the neighboring Caribbean Islands." The exam question didn't deal with either Cuba or the Caribbean, but I was looking for a list of market factors, economic impact zones, and interactions with domestic and foreign goods and markets. Her oral answer was much better than her written answer.

"That's correct. In fact, that's excellent. Why didn't you write that answer on your examination?"

"It's just that I am never sure what to say or how to say it."

"You did very well just now. I suggest that you set aside your fear of being wrong, and allow yourself to be right."

She nodded. I wasn't sure if she got it or not.

"I will grade your examination tonight. Come and see me during office hours in the morning. I’ll be here from 8 a.m. until 10 a.m. If your exam is under a B, I will allow you to retake it under the following provisions: You may not 'cram' tonight. It won't help in the long run. You will surrender one full letter grade from your mark for taking a makeup exam."
I held up a finger to silence her protest. "Losing a letter grade is the standard for this situation. You will have to do A quality work in order to get a B." She nodded. I waited. I looked her right in the eye and gave her the finally provision.
"And you MUST answer each question as thoughtfully and thoroughly as the answer you gave about free markets in Cuba. Do you agree?" She thought for a moment and then answered.

"If this morning's exam is not good enough to earn me a B, I agree to retake the test under the provisions you have outlined. I won't go study, I will accept my grade as one lower than I earned, and I promise to be as thorough as I can be." Her earnestness and sincerity was refreshing. I stood up to signal the end of our conference. As she stood up, I watched her glance more than once at my crotch, probably checking to see if her eyes had betrayed her before. She left my office and as she was leaving I asked her to leave the door open.

"I thought she would never leave, Professor." The voice from the hallway took my attention away from Dawn's exam. "I was beginning to think I wasn't going to get a chance to see you at all."

"Hello Rebecca. How is graduate school?" There was my lovely baby-sitter, still long and lean, her breasts just a bit bigger, and her hips a tad wider than they were at eighteen. She was still captivating in her beauty, even more so with her more womanly curves. Her brown hair was still long; her bearing was still upright and regal. She sat on the edge of my desk, sticking her tan legs out so her feet could reach wooden chair I used for guests. She looked magnificent, a white satin camisole blouse, black leather skirt that was long enough to be in good taste, short enough to demonstrate how athletic her legs were. She was wearing thin sandals and had a toe ring on the second toes of each foot. She kept her legs demurely together.

"Graduate school is just more of the same. I don't know why I bother." She sighed and looked at me for sympathy.

"You bother because you want to have a good job with lots of money and you want to work in a multinational corporation and see the world. With your looks and intelligence, it won't surprise me when you are running a Fortune 100 company in ten years."

"Ten years?" she laughed. "I can't wait THAT long." She giggled and I knew she was joking.

"Not that I don't mind seeing you, but what brings you up to my office on such a beautiful day?"

"Mother said you might be hiring a TA and I am in need of a job to keep myself from going crazy."

"Your mother suggested that you become MY teaching assistant?"

"Yes. She already has Mark as hers. You don't see a problem with that, do you?" What problems could I see? Let's see: First, when I hear her voice, I get an erection. Second, when I see her face, I just want to kiss it. Third, it has been five years since we had sex and didn't want to screw up that record. Fourth, her mother was a colleague. Fifth, her father is my best friend. Sixth, I strongly suspected she was having a casual affair with my wife. Seventh, I wanted to rip her clothes off and ravage her again and again.

"No, I don't see a problem at all. You can start right now by helping me grade these exams." I picked up a pile of exams and slapped them into her lap. "I pay ten dollars an hour. You are expected to be in my office twenty hours per week and work an additional twenty hours per week outside the office doing scut work like exams, study groups, and teaching the occasional class."

"Fine with me," she answered, hopping up from my desk and taking a seat next to it, giving herself some room to work. When she hopped up, her skirt caught for a second, giving me a good look at the rest of her legs and the back of her thigh, right where the legs met the curve of her luscious young ass. My cock answered with a standing ovation. I also caught a whiff of her perfume. It was sweet and light, much like her.

"Since we are going to be working, would you please close the door? Privacy might be best." I really just wanted a chance for her perfume to linger in the office longer before the breeze from the open window blew it down the hall and out of my range.

We worked that way for several hours. The young lady from earlier, Dawn, didn't do much better than C work on her exam. I took a few moments to access another exam from the computer, make a couple of modifications to the questions, and print it out. Finally the last exam was graded and I spent an additional half hour checking Rebecca's grading as compared to mine. Our styles were remarkably similar.

"You did very well marking these tests. Almost identical to the way I would. How did you manage?"

"Well, I thought 'If I were an uptight, middle-aged, hunky economics professor, how would I grade them?' and the rest was easy." She laughed at her dead-on characterization of me.

"Is that any way to treat your new boss?"

"No," Rebecca answered quietly. "But this might be...." She rose from her chair and slipped her arms around my neck. She kissed me on the lips with a passion that took me by surprise. In the past five years, she learned a great deal more about kissing. She broke off the kiss and walked to the door. It was after six now, and the building was silent. She opened the door and looked both ways down the hall before closing and locking it. She flipped off the lights and we were illuminated only by the fading sunlight coming through the window. I could hear voices in the distance, students walking by on the sidewalk four floors below, cars moving in the distance, and the first crickets of the year were beginning their mating songs.

She came back to my desk, pushed my chair away from the desk and turned my body to face her. She hiked her skirt up slightly and sat directly onto my crotch, painfully crushing my hard-on. I shifted my hips until my cock found a more comfortable place, centered under her lap. Rebecca kissed me again and I kissed her back. I could feel her hips slow grind on my cock. Oh God that felt good! I let my hand roam on her back and sides, my thumbs grazing the sides of her breasts. I kissed her cheeks, her forehead, her eyelids, and her neck. Oh how I kissed that neck! Up and down every inch of it, I tasted her sweet salt and I could feel her shivers as I danced along, just my lips and tongue providing the contact. I nibbled at her earlobes, letting my tongue dive into her ears. I could feel her heat rising between her legs. It was moist and hot. She began to grind with a purpose, using the bulge in my pants to stimulate her labia and clit.

"Oh David! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, oh oh ooooohhhhhhhhhh! You do that so well."

I buried my face in her heaving breasts, lifting her from my lap to give myself better access. I nuzzled and bit and licked and teased until she was thrusting her breasts into my mouth to make me suck them. I reached down to the edges of her camisole and lifted it over her head. Rebecca was wearing a strapless bra, fastened only with an S-clasp in the front. I give this a little flick and her heavy B cup breasts burst forward, nipples hard on the light brown aureoles. She threw her breasts at my mouth, determined to make me suck them. I did. I could get almost her entire breast into my mouth if I opened as wide as I could and sucked in hard, and this made her crotch even wetter. I was beginning to fear that she would stain my pants. It was time to take action. I lifted her off of my lap and set her ass on the edge of my desk. She leaned back, chest heaving, bearing her weight on her elbows as she reclined. I lifted her knees and put them on my shoulders and drove my face down into that cloth covered Nirvana that is her pussy. I spent the next five minutes eating her pussy through her white satin panties. Finally I couldn't take any more and I hooked the waistband with my thumbs and pulled them from her hips. Rebecca responded by lifting her ass and helping me ease them down her legs. I slipped her sandals off too. Now she was wearing only the leather skirt. I kissed the inside of her ankle and I could feel her shudder. A woman's ankle is often overlooked as an erogenous zone. I took my time, nibbling and licking my way across her foot and to her toes. I sucked them each in turn, letting my tongue dive between her toes. I nibbled up her calf to her knee, and worked the second area behind her knee before switching to her other leg and repeating the whole process. I could smell the desire of her pussy as I worked her other foot. She was very wet and very fragrant. The smell and my own desire overtook me and I dove tongue first into that tender region. Her pussy is so small and delicate, like a peach with on bite taken out of it. I lapped at it eagerly. Her labia were engorged and hard. My lips, my nose, my tongue worked her inner and outer labia until she was ready to burst. She lifted her arms off the desk and grabbed the back of my head, holding it steady while she ground her pussy into my face.

"Suck my pussy David. Suck it! Oh God that feels good! Oh God Oh God Oh God Oh GOOOOOOOOOOOD!" Her orgasm made her shudder and only my hands under her ass was keeping her on the desk and she pulled my head deeper and deeper into her folds. I kept busy, tongue diving and darting, lips sucking and pulling, teeth delicately nipping until Rebecca could take no more and forcibly pushed my head from between her legs. I looked up and grinned. Her whole body was shuddering and heaving from the exertion. Her legs were shaking as she tried to put weight on them.

"My turn," she promised, her voice raspy and deep. Rebecca sank to her knees and unzipped my fly, her fingers working to unbutton my pants. I gave her a little help. Being a devoted freeballer meant my cock was able to spring free easily. It slapped her on the chin. "Ahhhhh!" she exclaimed. "Long time no see." She went right to work licking and kissing my cock from top to bottom. Her tongue swirled around the hood, diving into the cleft on top. It was driving me crazy. Her left hand gripped the base of my shaft; her right hand cupped my balls. She aimed it right at her mouth and in a flash I could feel the head of my cock in the back of her throat. The sensation was phenomenal. She slowly closed her lips around my shaft and swallowed. I nearly lost it right there. She was trying to swallow my cock and there is nothing in the world to describe how much I wanted to help her achieve her goal. Ever so slowly her head began to bob and her right hand began to fondle my large testicles. I leaned back in the chair, trying to leverage my cock down her throat and into her stomach. She responded by driving more and more of my cock into her mouth until her nose was pressed against my stomach. Her cock sucking technique had improved in five years.

"I am not going to last much longer," I told the top of her head. She responded by face fucking my dick, first slowly and then faster until I was well past the point of control. My orgasm started behind my thighs and erupted out my cock and down into her stomach. I came in waves, she responded by swallowing it all. The last blast hit her under the nose, taking her by surprise.

"I thought you were finished," she laughed, as she used her finger to push it into her mouth. "The boys around here sure can't cum like that."

"Mrhbhenaom maohto mtho;qha" I replied, trying to make coherent sounds but missing by a mile.

"Easy for you to say!" Rebecca laughed.

"Mrumph and asho abla again."

"What was that?" she laughed from between my legs. To add insult to injury, she started licking my shaft again, causing it to regain its glory long before my powers of speech returned. With my cock hard again, she stood up and turned around, backing up into my lap. I was in no condition to argue. She reached between her legs and guided my hard shaft into her tight little box. Once we were fully engaged, she leaned back, lifting her legs onto mine until I resembled a human chaise lounge.

"Aren't you the insatiable one?" I asked, finally able to speak again. She responded by nuzzling against my neck, her hand caressing my sides and tickling my crotch under her ass. I began to appreciate the advantages this position offered. My hands could roam all over her body and that's what they did. I used my left hand to caress her neck and shoulders while my right hand stroked her breasts and stomach. She began to undulate; I could feel her pussy slide up and down on my dick. I responded by fingering the edges of her pussy, spreading it wide and then pressing it against my dick. I teased her clit and she began to buck in earnest. I held one hand at her throat and one hand on her pussy and we fucked like that for five minutes, ten minutes, fifteen minutes. Finally I could take no more and sat up, turning my chair back toward the desk. I leaned her over the desk and started to fuck her from behind. She writhed and squirmed and we rode the crest of the wave together, finally reaching a mutual orgasm. When my throbbing cock finally began to soften, I sat down to regain my breath and my composure. Rebecca remained chest down on the desk, her pussy red and puffy right in front of me. My cum was seeping out of her, oozing down her leg. I reached out and fingered her slit, soaking my finger in our commingled juices. I rubbed her ass with the juice, teasing her little brown rose.

"No more, boss man! Please…. no more," she pleaded with me to let her be. "I haven't had that many orgasms in five years. Let me catch my breath." I leaned forward and kissed each globe of her ass, but I couldn't resist sticking my tongue into the rose before letting her be. She stiffened and the giggled.

"I should have expected that from you." She smiled as she stood up. "Not bad, not bad at all. Not for my first day of work anyway."
The next day I still couldn’t believe it had been five years between my first sexual encounters with the baby-sitter and my next. She was a college graduate with a bachelor’s degree in economics and now she was in graduate school. Yesterday she had come into my office and asked me for a job as a teaching assistant. Since I had known her all of her life as well as her mother and father and brother, I didn't have any problem with her as my teaching assistant. When Rebecca was eighteen, we had a thirty hour affair that started as a drunken fling at the golf course and ended with a three-way with my wife. And since that time, though we were in each other's company for most holidays and birthdays, we hadn't done more than exchange a smile and maybe a look or two with more meaning than met that eye.

I also have suspected that my wife of twenty-five years and my baby-sitter have been having sex for the last five years. No way that can't be true. Not for the last five years. It was Patty my wife that put Rebecca up to seducing me in the first place, with her blessing. How could I have been so blind? I wasn't the first person in my marriage to have sex with the baby-sitter: Patty was!

Now here I sit in my office on a beautiful Spring morning considering the fact that Rebecca and I had had sex the evening before and coming to the epiphany that not only had my wife been having affair with the baby-sitter since I first had sex with her, she had had an affair with her since BEFORE. How could I have been so obtuse? I mean, I am a learned man. I have a doctorate in economics from one of the most prestigious Ivy League schools to allow football players to study economics. I have had sex on numerous occasions, though with only a few partners. I have read books, literature, internet stories, seen movies, read Penthouse Forum Letters, and I never really put it together.

How stupid I was, utterly without a clue. I sat there, staring at the volumes on the shelves above my desk; fingers interlaced, hands behind my head, and chuckled at my own ignorance. I was smiling for no particular reason when I heard a knock at the door. It was odd, I thought at the time, that someone would knock on the door since it was standing wide open, but I realized that I must look like the perfect simpleton, staring at nothing and laughing about whatever it was I was seeing.

"Dawn! Good morning," I smiled and offered her a chair. "I'm afraid I have bad news. Your examination grade wasn't impressive. C minus in fact. But you will be allowed to take the makeup examination. Do you remember the conditions?"

Dawn Zimmerman sat at my desk, hands folded in her lap, knees tightly together. She had agreed the previous afternoon to accept certain conditions if I allowed her to retake the midterm exam. She had a trip to Cancun during Spring Break if she could manage B's or better on her mid semester grades. The conditions were simple, she could not cram for the exam, she must accept a letter grade lower than she earned, meaning she would need an A to get a B, and finally she must answer each question thoroughly, demonstrating her breadth and depth of knowledge of the subject matter. I knew she was really bright enough to get an A. She had answered a somewhat complex question about market economics concerning Cuba the afternoon before; I knew she had the ability. I knew she lacked the confidence. Still she nodded the affirmative.

"You CAN do better. I know it," I assured her, making my point by using my pencil like a gavel on the corner of the desk. "Answer each question thoroughly, take your time." I could sense that she was still tense, so I reached out and lightly touched her shoulder, attempting to reassure her. She moved like I had zapped her with a static shock. I jerked my hand back, afraid that I had done more harm than good. My attempt to be reassuring and fatherly had been misinterpreted, I was almost certain.

"I will have you leave your book bag here. Bring three pencils and come with me." I stood up and squeezed by her, careful not to touch her again. We crossed the hall to my lecture hall which would remain empty until my graduate seminar that evening. I pointed at the desk in the front of the room. "Sit there. I will leave the door to my office open and the door to this room open. If you have any questions, you may come to my office and ask them. I will be able to work while proctoring your examination. Okay?"

"Thank you Professor Daniels. This is really more than I should have expected. I promise to hurry."

"No Dawn, don't hurry. I want you to be thorough. Take as long as is necessary. You must get an A to receive a B, remember?" I reminded her.

"Yes, I remember. Thank you again."

I only smiled and indicated the seat, took note of the time, ten past eight, and walked back to my office. I spent the remainder of the morning reviewing the tests that Rebecca had graded the night before. I was as pleased with her grading style that morning as I was the night before. But checking the exams was only a pretext. I really spent the morning pondering my earlier Eureka! Finally I could take it no longer; I closed my door halfway and picked up the telephone. I didn't consciously dial my home number, but my wife answered the phone after my fingers worked from muscle memory.

"Hello," answered my wife.

"Hello my darling wife, my wise companion, my significant other, my confidant, my muse, my dear...."

"What on earth has gotten into you David?"

"Just the realization that you are married to one of the most brilliant men in the entire Pacific Northwest and he has been oblivious to what you have been up to these past five or six years." I was chortling. She could tell.

"Really?" She asked amused by my mood and the mystery of its origin. "And just what is it that I have been up to that you have been oblivious to these past five or six years, that you have just now realized and it has put you into such a giddy mood?"

I paused.

"Well?" she asked.

I waited.

"Come on David, are you going to be like this for long? I have laundry to do and shopping to get done. I don't have time for this."

Finally I could take it no more.

"Rebecca." Now it was her turn to go silent. Then I could hear laughter. It wasn't just my wife's voice either.

"Oh my God! She's there NOW isn't she?"

"Yes she is. Would you like to speak to her?"

Again I found myself at the disadvantage. Just when I thought I had it figured out, my life threw me another curve ball. I took a long second to gather my wits.


"Hello David," said a voice that I recognized immediately. "How are you this morning?"

"Apparently I am still running behind the pack. Just when were you two planning on telling me?"

"Tell you? We thought you KNEW!" They both broke down into hysterics. I hung up without saying good-bye. I remembered the student across the hall and I opened my office door fully again. Dawn was in the lecture hall, seated at my other desk, head down and concentrating. I gave her my full attention. 'She could be quite pretty if she had a tan and dressed a little more....' I was thinking when I caught myself considering her as more than just a student. I averted my gaze and considered what was happening in my house that very moment. My wife and the only extramarital affair I had ever had were likely naked, intertwined, having hot monkey sex, and I was here, proctoring a make-up test. Suddenly my beautiful spring day was not quite so crisp. I was jealous.

It took Dawn until a little after noon to complete the makeup exam. She came into my office and took her seat next to my desk and handed me the papers. Her hands went back to her lap, and she sat upright on the edge of the seat. Very proper.

It took me less than a paragraph to realize that this was superior to her previous efforts. Quite superior. "This looks very good," I assured her, when I finished with her first answer. "If the remainder of the test is as good as the first answer, you will be pleased with the results." I set the test aside, face down on the pile of completed exams, intending to go home and get some lunch and then go play golf. I would come back in the afternoon and grade it, teach my graduate seminar, and then go home and make passionate love to my wife after making her confess to her affair in sordid details of course. If I couldn't have the affair, at least I could live vicariously through hers.

"Please Professor Daniels," Dawn beseeched me. Her hand was on my arm and she was pleading. "If it's not too much trouble, could you grade the exam now? My father knew I was taking the test yesterday and I need to know. I wouldn't ask except I really want to go to Cancun with all my girlfriends. Could I impose on you to grade it now?" Her hand was small, the fingers long and delicate, like a pianists. Her hands were smooth and cool. She gripped my forearm, not with power, just sincerity. To sweeten the pot she added, "If you grade it now, I will buy you lunch in the Commons."

I laughed.

"The Commons? Not even the cockroaches eat there. That sounds more like a stick than a carrot. I'll tell you what, I will go ahead and grade the exam and if you get a B, I will buy you lunch at the country club. I plan on playing golf anyway. Is that a deal?"

"Anything you say, Professor. Anything at all, I just need to get my grade." The way she said 'anything at all' seemed a little out of character for her. Did I imagine that she had just propositioned me? I gave her a good hard look, and her look back neither confirmed nor denied what I had imagined.

I turned my attention to her examination. I had only quickly read her first answer, I made a more thorough reading of the answer, pausing now and again to circle part of a sentence and make a notation in the margin. I use a sky blue pencil to correct exams and students have a long standing joke about getting 'blue-marked' by Professor Daniels. Students who get a great deal of blue on their exams either do quite well on those exams or the exact opposite. This exam had a great deal of blue-marking. It took me twenty minutes to mark up her exam. I reread my notes and observations, did some mental calculations, and wrote her grade on the front, circling the final mark with the blue pencil.

"Are you sure you want to see this? After all, I did subtract a full letter grade from your actual mark." I held the paper so she couldn't see the grade. She thought for a moment, studying her hands which were clasped firmly together on her knees.

"Yes I'm sure," she replied. I held the paper out to her, careful to keep the letter grade on the side away from her gaze. She reached out slowly, almost afraid to touch it, lest it carry terrible news. She held it in her hand, closed her eyes and turned it around so she could see it. Then she opened her eyes. She shrieked and jumped back in her chair, startling me in mine.

"A B+! I GOT A B+! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!" she gushed and crowed and leapt over the corner of the desk and grabbed me by the neck. I know she didn't realize it but she kissed me on the cheek, not once but five times, once after each thank-you. Then she stood up, barely able to stay earth bound, she flitted like only a college girl can flit.

"I get to go to Cancun! I get to go to Cancun!" She was fairly singing. She sat back down. "A B PLUS! Can you believe it?"

"Yes I can, as a matter of fact. Yours would have been the top mark in the class if I hadn't deducted a full letter grade as per our agreement." That reminder seemed to catch her by even greater surprise.

"Do you mean that I actually got an A+?" she asked, incredulous to the notion that she could be bright. I nodded.

"You show a significant understanding of the field of economics and world politics. What is your major?"

"Well, I'm, well...."

"You are studying for your Bachelors in Undecided, aren't you?"

"It's that obvious," she admitted. "Isn't it?"

"You should consider Political Science, World Policies, or Economics. You have an aptitude."

"Me? I have an aptitude?"

"Yes you do. But you can consider that in Cancun on Spring Break. Try to work it in between margaritas and cabana boys." She blushed at my insinuation. Again I thought I had gone too far. "Anyway, you don't need to think about that now. I'm so hungry my belly thinks my throat's been cut. Let's go get some lunch." I stood up, grabbed my coat and held the door for her. "A deal is a deal."

We drove to the country club in my convertible. It was nearby and it would be no trouble at all to run her back into campus after lunch and before my tee time, which was rather fluid anyway. We sat in the lounge and had Shrimp and Crab Louie and iced tea. Dawn was fairly talkative over lunch, I suppose from the good news she had received. We talked about her family in southern Oregon. She was from an old established lumber tradition. I got the impression that she was only in college to obtain a Mrs. degree and return back to southern Oregon with the heir apparent to the old established lumber tradition. Somehow the conversation got shifted around to more personal matters and she asked if I was married.

"I've been married twenty-five years to my college sweetheart," I answered, gladly filling in all the details about my boys. "How about you? Is there a special someone in your life?"

"Oh," she admitted. "There is someone I have kind of a thing for. He's a little older and he is involved with someone else. I've had this kind of crush on him since I first met him. He just doesn't seem to notice me, Professor Daniels. He just looks through me."

"Call me David. All my friends call me David. Do you mind if I offer a bit of 'fatherly' advice?"

"You can say anything you like... David," she replied, test driving my name to see if it fit.

"You are an attractive young woman. But you have the potential to be simply stunning. You have excellent posture, a comely build, and enticing features. But you wear clothes that don't flatter you at all. You let your hair cover your face too much and though you don't need much make-up, a little bit of color will certainly catch his eye." Again the look on her face gave me the impression that I had gone too far.

"It's time I got you back to campus. Are you finished?" I tried to move quickly to another subject, desperate not to do any harm to the confidence I had hoped I was building. She arose without a word and we left in silence. Every so often I could feel her look over at me; I could feel her eyes studying my face. A couple of times I think she meant to speak, but when I turned toward her to listen, she quickly looked away.

"Where should I drop you, Miss Zimmerman?"

"Oh shoot! I left my book bag in your office. It has my room keys and my student ID in it."

"That's no problem. We can simply go and get it."

I pulled into the faculty lot and into my assigned space and we walked together into my office. I unlocked the door and opened it for her. She entered and picked up her bag. She turned around and spoke.

"David, I have something to ask you. Could you please come in and close the door?" I stepped in and shut the door behind me. When I turned back to face her, she was right there in front of me. She reached up and put her arms around my neck and pulled me down to her. She kissed me on the mouth, catching me by complete surprise. I jerked back in shock. For the fourth time that day I did the wrong thing. She turned bright red and pushed past me, opening the door and rushing out the hallway and down the stairs. I felt terrible. I was simply not that adept at understanding women of any age.

"Well she certainly left in a hurry," said a familiar voice from the hallway. "Did you get a little fresh?" Rebecca was giving me a wicked little grin. "Well boss man, what work do you have for your indentured servant for today?"

"I am heading to the golf course. I have time for a quick nine before dinner and my seminar tonight. But now that I have a TA, maybe I should let HER teach that seminar."

"Don't you think your TA should be more than a semester ahead of the class she is teaching?" she asked.

"Why? I'm usually only a lecture ahead. Would you like to join me for a round? My foursome has probably left without me."

"I thought you'd never ask." Rebecca came with me out to the course, riding beside me, head back, face toward the sun, eyes closed. She looked so beautiful riding there. I could hardly take my eyes from her. We separated in the lobby. She went to change into golf attire and so did I. The bag attendants already had our clubs on a cart when we came out within a few seconds of each other.

"Which nine?" I asked Henry, the starter who knew which side of the course would be more open and conducive to a fast moving twosome.

"Better play the back. There are a couple of gaggles on the front. I don't know if they are golfing or grazing." Henry referred to older, heavier women foursomes in several disparaging ways. We took his advice and headed for the 10th tee. Rebecca is a very good golfer. She played competitive golf in college, though not good enough to warrant a stint on the LPGA. I was still a hack and my skills were diminishing. After six holes, I was three stroke behind her. I don't know if my lack of ball striking skills had anything to do with her, her looks, or her appearances in my fantasies with her and my wife, but I could scarcely concentrate.

"Let's play the last three holes for something worthwhile," she suggested.

"What do you have in mind?"

"The winner can decide."

"Agreed." That was the extent of the wager negotiations.

I won the first hole by sticking a five iron from 225 to eight feet and two putting. She won the last two holes easily. On the tee at seventeen, she bent over in front of me on purpose, allowing me a full view of her ass and legs from behind. I was shaking when I finally addressed my ball, slicing it badly. On eighteen, I was bent over my three foot putt for a tie when she walked up, ran her nails down my right arm, blew gently into my right ear and said "If you miss, I am going to fuck your brains out." I missed badly.

"I'll meet you in the sauna," she exclaimed happily. "You can settle your bet there."

Our country club has a Jack and Jill sauna. You can enter it from either the men's or ladies locker rooms through doors on either side. Each door comes with a lock, and when men use the sauna, they lock the women's side and vice versa. I stripped naked, slipped a towel around my waist and entered from my side. The hot cedar smell was wonderful. I have loved saunas since I was a teenager. I locked the door behind me. A minute later, Rebecca entered from the women's side and she locked the door behind her. I was already beginning to perspire.

"You aren't in such bad shape for an old man," she joked, taking a seat on the bench next to me. Her towel slipped off, revealing that she had nothing at all on to keep her modest. "Tell me about that little student girl who came out of your office this afternoon."

"Dawn Zimmerman? What's to tell? She took a makeup exam this morning and wanted to thank me. I think she got a little carried away and might be embarrassed. It will pass. Why don't you tell me why you and my wife have been having an affair for more than five years and you never said a word to me."

"Honestly David, I thought you knew. I figured that Patty would tell you. You sleep with her every night."

"I don't ever recall her having a lesbian affair with you ever came up."

"Really? What DID come up between you then?" Her hand crossed my lap and tugged at my towel, revealing the beginnings of a nice erection. "Is this what you discussed? I'm jealous that Patty has had this all to herself for the last five years."

"You're jealous? I'm the one who ought to be jealous. After all, you have been having an affair with each other and I haven't been involved. That doesn't seem fair."

"I can try to make it up to you," she purred as she lay on the bench with her head in my lap. "Lean back." I did. Her mouth felt strangely cool on my cock as she sucked on it. "You taste salty. I like it." She gobbled at my cock, taking it out of her mouth to lick it and my balls. When it was good and hard, she straddled me and I felt it plunge into her in one deep stroke.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh! That's what I needed." she moaned. Her hips rotated around the base of my cock, I could feel my head rubbing against her cervix. She kept grinding her hips. Finally I pulled her forward and kissed her. Our mouths locked, tongues intertwined. I imagined that I could taste my own salty cock on her lips. I moved my mouth down to her neck, nibbling and licking all the salty sweat that she was beginning to ooze. I rubbed her breasts, pinching the little nubs of her nipples lightly, pulling on them and rolling them between my fingers. She responded by coating my dick with her juices. She pressed her breasts into my face. I responded by taking each into my mouth in turn. She began to ride my cock like a carousel horse, up and down on the pole slowly, rocking forward and backward to a calliope song that only she could hear.

"OOooooOOOOooooOOOOOooooooOOOOOoooooh," she moaned on the up and down strokes. "Fuck me. Fuck my pussy. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me." The words hissed out her mouth like the strokes of a steam engine. I thrust up from the bench, trying to push through her cervix to deposit my seed directly into her belly.

"OH OH OH fuck fuck fuck OH OH OH fuck fuck fuck OH OH OH OHHHHHHHHHH! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!" Her orgasm rocked her world. She responded by scratching my chest with her finger nails, red welts appearing immediately. The pain was exquisite and excruciating at the same time.

"You didn't finish, did you?" she asked when she finally caught her breath and her heart rate returned to some semblance of normal. "I can fix that."

"Yes you can," I agreed. "And I know how." I pulled her from by pole and put her in the same place I was just reclining. I knelt between her legs and dove right into her pussy, gobbling all of the juices that seeped from it. I put her legs on my shoulders and pushed back on them, exposing her ass to me. I let my tongue dive deeper and deeper into crack until I was rimming her rose with my tongue.

"Okay boss man," she said. "I see where this is headed. You'd better loosen me up a bit first. I don't want you to split me in half with that giant cock of yours."

I responded by sending my tongue deep into her ass, enjoying the taste of her musk and the salt of her sweat. I took a break now and again to suck her clit and make her moan. I worked my finger into her ass, letting her get accustomed to the intrusion. I diddled with her clit, making her secrete juices from her pussy to help lubricate her ass. She moaned and writhed.

"You are the only man who has ever fucked my ass."

"Let's keep it that way," I answered, now kneeling between her legs, positioning my cock against her sphincter. I rubbed her clit with my left thumb while my right hand pressed my cock into her pussy, getting it well lubricated. I pulled it out and thrust it hard into her ass. Not deep, just hard enough to spread her ring of muscles around my shaft behind the head of my cock. She pulled back involuntarily but I was prepared. I held her tightly onto my cock, waiting for the shock and pain to subside.

"That was for fucking my wife for five years and not telling me or inviting me to participate."

"Okay, okay, I get the point." She laughed through her pain. My thumb on her clit was helping her relax. She slowly slid toward me, welcoming my intrusion into her ass. I responded by making shallow thrusts, each one a bit deeper until I was driving my full length into her ass. She dropped any pretext of protest and lifted both hands over her head until she could press her palms against the wall to gain leverage and fuck me back.

"That is fucking fantastic! Fuck my ass, David, fuck my ass. Fuck it, fuck it, fuck it, fuck it, fuck my ass!" She was matching my thrusts with her filthy epithets. I only lasted a few minutes until I was emptying my balls into her ass. My cum and our sweat made her ass slick, bringing a whole different sensation to our lovemaking. I kept fucking her ass until my knees were raw and I could take no more. Finally I pulled out, exhausted. I rolled over onto the bench, gasping for air and sweating profusely.

"That's it. That's all I got. I can't fuck no more," I admitted. I felt lips on the back of my neck in response.

"That's okay. I am one well-fucked woman. I am good for at least twelve hours before I am going to need another shot of Vitamin David." Her hand draped across my chest, fingers twisting in my gray and black curls that grow there. I patted her hand.

"The pharmacy is closed for the day." We shared a laugh.

"Oh I don't think so. I think Patty might have other plans."

My wife. I groaned to my feet, knees protesting. I grabbed my towel and replaced it on my waist. "I am going to take a shower and go home. If you want a ride, you'd better do the same."

"No thanks. I am going to stay here a while and bask in my orgasmic glow. I'll get a ride from someone."

"Suit yourself." I was in no mood to argue. I was just in need of a hot shower and cold beer.

If I had known how right Rebecca had been about Patty's plans for me, I might have also had a couple dozen oysters and a Viagra.

The ride into work the next morning was vibrant. The crisp morning air was better than ten cups of coffee. There was just enough salt in the breeze to remind me that we live close to the Oregon coast. The oak and cottonwood trees were beginning to change colors and the Douglas firs were their usual fragrant selves. I pulled into my customary parking lot in the faculty lot by my building. It was my customary spot because I am usually among the first faculty to arrive for my day at this small yet renowned institution of higher education, so I get to chose. The night before had left a glow in my cheeks. I count myself as the luckiest man I know.

I left my car in the lot and headed up to my office. I stopped in the secretary’s vestibule and started a pot of strong Seattle coffee brewing. I don't drink much coffee anymore, but I do enjoy the smell of it brewing. I keyed my door open and felt a rush of stale air, unstirred by the buildings unwieldy air system. I opted to open my window and let in some fresh dawn breeze to clean the stale rancor from the room. I looked down from my window and spied a young coed jogging by in the traditional garb of our campuses runners. I appreciated her youth and energy, not really passing any thoughts of her attractiveness or feminine figure. Spring really is a time for rebirth.

The passing runner looked up. Even though her brown hair was pulled back and tied tightly in a ball, I could see that it was Dawn Zimmerman, the young woman who I had let retake an exam the day before. She waved and I nodded and half-waved in return. She kept running and I kept watching, the words of my graduate assistant still ringing in my mind from the day before. Where I hadn't been thinking of Dawn in a sexual way, the sex from the night before was still fresh in my mind and I could help a quick fantasy that it was Dawn and not Rebecca that I had had sex with. I was pleased with the thoughts but not so much that my battle-worn cock was considering rising from its slumber. Too bad.

I left my office and strolled back to the secretary’s alcove and poured myself a cup of strong rich coffee. I heard the door in the lobby downstairs open. The woman who delivers the Oregonian usually arrives after I do and I expected that this was her. I moseyed over to the stairs and started down. As I round the turn I see Dawn Zimmerman headed right for me.

"Good morning Professor. I'm surprised to see you up so early. Classes don't start for another two hours."

"Three for me, Miss Zimmerman. I come in early to answer my mail, read the paper, catch up on my work, and enjoy a cup of coffee. I don't recall ever seeing you out running before." She looked a bit guilty at that.

"I don't usually run," she admitted. I took a moment to appraise her comely shape and found that she certainly wasn't lacking in muscle tone. Her nylon top fit snugly and her breasts seemed larger than I remembered, but she had a habit of wearing loose fitting sweaters and sweatshirts to class. Her thighs were long and had that definition along the side that showed her thigh muscles were developed and her hamstrings were taut. Her calves were high and defined with nice edge to the muscles. "I usually work out doing Pilates and spinning, but since I get to go to Cancun for Spring Break, I thought I'd better burn off a few more calories so I won't be embarrassed in my two-piece."

"I don't think that's possible, Miss Zimmerman. You have a lovely figure and will make all the young men you see take notice."

"You are just too nice, Professor Daniels. The boys don't ever notice me. I just don't want to look fat." She patted her flat stomach.

"You are wrong on both accounts, Dawn. The boys DO notice and you are far from anyone considering you fat."

"Do you really think so?" she asked honestly. She peered down at her own figure, turning her head to try to get a glimpse of her own behind. "What about my tummy?" She pulled up just a small piece of her shirt and revealed what was clearly the flat stomach of someone who takes her Pilates seriously.

"You have nothing at all to be ashamed of. Like I said yesterday, you hide your light under a bushel basket. Perhaps that's out of kindness. If you let your light shine, you'd distract the other students in my class, driving the boys crazy and the girls insane with jealousy."

"Stop it!" She turned and blushed. "I try to get noticed sometimes, but when I do, it never works out the way I plan." I took a sip of coffee.

"Perhaps you are being too subtle. Have you ever thought about being direct with the boy?"

"No," she answered honestly, clearly bothered. "I don't know how."

"Well," I replied equally honestly, "I don't know either, but I will buy you a cup of coffee and we can discuss it up in my office if you'd like."

She looked past me and down the corridor on the second floor. She looked down the stairs in the first corridor. I couldn't tell if she was looking for an escape route or for an excuse not to come up.

"I don't mean to be pushy, Dawn. I thought you might want to talk about it. If I have made you uncomfortable again, I apologize. I was only offering an ear to listen. Why don't you go finish your run and I will see you in class after the break." I turned and started up the stairs alone.

"No professor, that's not it at all. I just don't want to get you into trouble, that's all." That should have set off an alarm in my head, but I'll be honest, it didn't.

"Dawn, I am a tenured professor and you are my student. Just what kind of trouble do you think I would get into?" Our eyes locked and then it occurred to me that the kind of trouble I might get into is the kind of trouble that causes tenured professors to lose their tenures.

"You're right professor. No trouble at all. How about that cup of coffee?"

We walked together to the secretary’s station and poured her a cup and proceeded down the hall to my office. I made a point of allowing her to enter first and then coming in and leaving the hall door open. As I sat down she got back up and crossed to the door and closed it, locking it as well. I was beginning to see the light.

"Just what is it that makes you think the boys don't notice you?" I asked, ignoring for now that I was embarking on what is professionally known as 'thin-ice' with this young coed. Dawn took a sip of coffee, and stretched her tan athletic legs straight out in front of her. She let them relax and twisted at the hem of her running shirt. She seemed at a loss for words. I waited, as all good professors do, for her to come to grips with her thoughts and attempt to articulate them with her own words.

"It's just that I.... well. It's just that I don't... I mean they, well I....." she stammered and started, stopped and began again. "I don't know, they just don't!" She dropped her head and put her chin on her chest. She was frustrated and I wasn't letting her off the hook.

"You are pretty, you are in good shape, and you are very sweet. You need to give me some sort of evidence that you have been trying to get someone's attention and they have been ignoring you." I waited.

"OK," she finally spoke. "There's this one person who I have really had a crush on for weeks. He acts like he can't be bothered to notice Me."

"He's either blind or gay," I assured her. "That or he's slow on the uptake or maybe even involved with someone else."

"There is someone else," she answered. "I am certain of that. It's just that I have such strong feelings for him I can't help it. I think I am in love with him."

"No," I cautioned, "You are not in love. Love requires more than liking someone from afar. Love requires action. A crush is not love. Desire is not love. Love is something that isn't ashamed of itself. If you really and truly think you love this young man, then be bold and take the opportunity to tell him you'd like to have a cup of coffee with him sometime."

"We have had coffee together," she replied. "But nothing has come from it yet."

"Then perhaps you should make an even bolder move. Something he can't ignore. Paint your sign in big neon letters so that he knows. Men aren't as astute about women as you give them credit for. You might have to just come out and say what it is you want."

"I want him to want me."

"Then figure out some way to tell him that."

She sat quietly for a moment, pondering what we had discussed. She stood up abruptly, and I was certain she was going to leave. Instead she reached down and grabbed the bottom of her shirt and whipped it off over her head. I was shocked, nearly spilling my coffee in my reaction.

She did have a nice abdomen, taut and refined. Her breasts were larger than I had previously noticed. She was nearly topless but she didn't stop there. She grabbed the bottom of her sports bra as well and pulled it off over her head, releasing her ample breasts to the cool of the morning air coming from my open office window. She grabbed the sides of her running shorts and in one swift move she sat down and had them off over her shoes, which soon followed. She stood up again, naked as the day she was born and a thousand times more attractive.

"Do you get the hint NOW, Professor Daniels?"

I blinked. I stared. I opened my mouth to speak and could not find the words to describe the length and breadth of my astonishment. She was not just lovely, she was nearly flawless. I looked away, staring past her out my window, but I could not look away long. I turned my eyes back to her and began to drink from the cup of her vibrant beauty. She had beautiful breasts, high and firm. Her stomach was flat and well defined; her hips were narrow, but not so narrow that the bones poked out. Her thighs and legs were comely, athletic and feminine both. Her mound was sprinkled with delicate brown hair, slightly on the curly side. I could smell her scent carried forward by the slight breeze of the early morning. I was intoxicated. Sore as my groin was, it couldn't help but show it's appreciation for the feast laid on its table. She closed the distance between us until she stood over me, her legs between mine.

"Well Professor?" she asked again.

I stared into those eyes, no longer uncertain and asking. They were confident and intense, the eyes of the predator about to move in for the kill.

"Call me David," I replied. I reached up and felt the cool flesh of her arms and she took that as a cue to wrap them around my neck and reach down and kiss me. There was no doubt that a line had been crossed and that in doing so, I was jeopardizing not only my career at this college but at every university in the United States. I was placing my carnal lust above everything. I dropped my hands away at the thought, averting my gaze.

"What's the matter?" she asked, feeling my sense of panic.

"Dawn, you are beautiful and I would love nothing more than to take you and ravish you and enjoy this wonderful gift you are presenting me, but you are my student and I am your professor. I will lose everything and you will bring shame on your family. That is too high a price."

"No one will ever know, David. Just you and I. I loved you from the first moment I saw you. I can't help it. You are the only man I have ever known that has ever looked at the ME that I am." She began to kiss my neck, her firm breasts pressed against my chest, her nipples like thimbles announcing their intentions. She sat in my lap. I could help myself no longer. I let my hands roam all over her body, lingering her or there just to get familiar with her curves and junctures. Our lips met, softly first and then with growing hunger. I finally had to come up for air.

"No, not here. It's too dangerous. Get dressed. Quickly." She must have sensed the urgency of my plea and complied. As she completed getting herself in order, I grabbed her cup and mine and unlocked my office door quietly and opened the door. "I'll get us some more coffee."

The air in the hallway allowed me to clear my thoughts of lust and focus on the real dangers. I discreetly checked the hallway for an unusually early arrival of one of my colleagues and hearing none, I strolled back to my office, somewhat more relieved, my cock nearly half subsided.

"Dawn, I don't know what to tell you other than my office is not the appropriate place to discuss this matter." I handed her back her cup.

"My house might be a better place," she replied. My roommates have all left for break and I have the whole upstairs to myself anyway." She quickly scrawled an address on the top sheet of my notepad and stuffed it into my pocket. "If you start now, you might be able to drive there before I get there on foot. It's about half a mile for me, nearly four miles for you." She took another quick sip of coffee and darted out the door. I sat there for only a couple of seconds pondering my dilemma. It wasn't that the cheating on my wife that bothered me, it was the thought that I was cheating on my wife AND my girlfriend. What kind of horny old bastard was I, really?

I took the coffee cups back to the alcove and washed them out. I took the liberty of turning off the coffee maker and emptying the pot, cleaning up my efforts to the point that it looked as if I hadn't been there at all. I let myself out of the building and headed for my car. The morning air still felt vibrant as I made my way to the address in my pocket. The neighborhood was heavily wooded, the houses spaced a long distance apart and set well back from the road, each one announced only by the mailboxes along the asphalt lane. I pulled into the proper number and pulled my car under the covered portico in front of the front door. I looked back along the driveway and could no longer see the lane. I felt pretty comfortable that this was a discreet location.

I went to knock on the door but it opened before I could raise my hand. Dawn stood there, naked as before with the exception that her long brown hair was now loose from its knot and flowing freely behind her and around her shoulders. She leapt up and latched onto my neck, pulling me into an embrace and kiss at the same time. I responded in kind, gathering her in my arms and thinking for a moment about how light she really was.

"Come with me," she commanded, leading me up the open staircase to the second floor. "My bedroom is this way." She pulled me along a balcony that overlooked a large open living room, replete with river stone fireplace and into the double doors at the end. These opened onto the master bedroom suite. In the center of the wall to the left was a king-size bed. To the right was a wall of closets and a doorway that I would correctly assume was the bathroom. She half pulled, half pushed me to the bed. She knelt down before me and loosened my belt and unsnapped my trousers. She pulled these down and my free-balling nature was instantly revealed, as was my aged, but still fully functional, eight inch cock, now at three-quarter staff. She took this into her mouth, the warmth sending a signal to my cock-control to increase engorgement to full-staff. She began to gag a little.

"My God you have a big dick!" she exclaimed.

"All the better to fuck you with, my dear," I replied. I pulled my shirt off over my head, lifted her off the floor and nearly flung her on the bed, kicked off my shoes and pants and climbed on top of her. I kissed her long and hard and decided to forego the usual pleasantries and give this young lady what she clearly said she wanted. I slipped my hand between her legs and let my middle finger lightly graze her pussy lips. She responded with a shudder and by opening her legs to accommodate my hand. I traced her lower lips with my finger, occasionally letting it slide between them to moisten my finger. I was teasing her and we both knew it. To let me know that she didn't like it, she grabbed a hold of my cock and pulled it hard.

"Hey!" I protested. "Go easy on that. I need that for certain things."

"Stop being such a tease David and fuck me. I need to be fucked. I want to be fucked. I want to be fucked right now. I want to be fucked right now by you. I NEED you to fuck me RIGHT NOW!" Each time she raised her voice, she pulled hard on my cock. I got the message.

I rolled over on top of her and let my cock glide over the narrow slit of her cunt. The juices were lubricating my shaft and when I felt the time was perfect, I let the head of my dick fall into the opening of her sex. I slowly pressed forward, feeling her vagina adjusting to accommodate it. She was so tight! After I sank half of my cock into her, I slowly pulled out and worked it back in. Back and forth I sawed, sinking a little more cock in with each slow drive. After five minutes, she could take the whole thing and I sank my cock into her pussy up to my balls. She started to raise her hips up to meet my thrusts. The whole time we kissed, tongues intertwined, sharing moans and her orgasms as she died the little death time and time again.

She could accommodate the full length and thrust of my cock as I began to increase tempo.

"Oh fuck this is good. Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck!" The tightness of her vagina milked my cock and I couldn't take it.

"I am going to cum soon. I am not wearing any protection. Are you OK with that?"

"Of course I am. I've been on the pill for years."

That was all of the encouragement I needed, I came in waves, each inward stroke punctuated by a copious burst of semen. She felt loose and slick now. Her orgasms built to a mighty crescendo. We both lay spent, and I was too tired to even roll off of her. Finally I shifted to my side and my cock pulled out with a soft plop. It lay hanging down my leg as I drank in the afterglow of our lovemaking.

"That's what I have been waiting all year for," Dawn gushed. "I knew it would be so wonderful and it was even better than that." She ran her fingers through her well used cunt and came up with a large gob of my cum which she then put in her mouth. She savored it and swallowed and went back for more.

"I love the taste of freshly fucked cum," she stated. “Almost as much as I like the taste of freshly fucked cock." She lowered herself down the bed until my cock was at her mouth and she began licking and sucking me clean. Her attention soon woke up my libido and I was back to full staff again. This time I could feel her pressing hard to fit my entire cock into her throat. The head slipped down into her gullet and still she pressed on. She must be able to breathe through her ears, I thought, because my cock had to be fully blocking her esophagus. She fucked me with her face, my cock stretching her throat. After two minutes she ripped her head back and took a huge breath. Apparently she was unable to breathe through her ears. She didn't whistle, wave or ask directions, she just went right back to deep throating my cock. After five or six minutes of throat fucking I came again. Now I was well and truly spent. I rolled onto my back, basking in the glow of two climaxes in ten minutes, my fifth and sixth of the last 24 hours. Dawn nuzzled up to my neck, our shapes becoming one as she molded to my body.

"That was fantastic," she whispered. "How soon can you do that again?"

"Not for a while," I replied honestly. "I am not like one of the young college studs you are used to. I take a while to get my charge back."

"None of those boys can hold a light to a man like you, David. It was better than I hoped. Much better."

"I don't know whether to be flattered or insulted." We laughed together. As we laughed, I felt a hand slide down my belly to my now flaccid cock. The light touch coupled with the smell of our fucking and my fingers playing with the crack of her ass created a hardness where there was no hope only moments before.

"It looks like you are ready to go again," she observed. "This time we are going to do it MY way." She rolled onto her side, facing away from me, and reached back and grabbed my cock. She guided this to her backside and when I got adjusted behind her, she let it slip into her cunt. We were now fucking like stacked spoons. With my hands free, I used them to roam all over her body, occasionally pulling her nipples because they were both large and erect as well as sensitive enough to send electric jolts to her pussy that would then contract on my dick. Even with the extra contact, it took me almost thirty minutes to cum again. This would be my last fuck until after lunch, maybe after dark. I could literally fuck no more.

"That was wonderful David. You were right; there IS a difference between love and lust. I don't lust after you anymore. But I do love to make love to you."

"Maybe after you get back from Cancun, we can get reacquainted."

"I've got a confession to make, David. I am not going to Mexico. I had already decided that I was going to spend spring break trying to seduce you. Now that that is off my list, I am going to spend the rest of spring break trying to fuck you senseless."

"OK," I replied. "I'm in." And I was. Several times over the next week and a half.

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