Sleeping Beauty wakes a sexual angel.
Our 11 year old daughter Sarah came jumping into our bed Friday night as we settled down for our movie night. My wife Beth was lying beside me eating popcorn and with a glass of wine in her hand. The long week was at an end.

“What did you get dad?”

I looked at a tiny version of my wife in her flannel pjs. Her long blonde hair, mousy blue eyes, and soft, tender complexion was beaming with excitement.

“Well, I got Sleeping Beauty, an old Disney movie.”

Sarah was very familiar with the new generation of kids movies, but Beth wanted me to get an old classic. I figured I couldn't’ go wrong with it.

“Sleeping Beauty? What’s that?”

Beth smiled with her own doe eyes, wide set and deep blue.

“Oh, honey, it was one of my favorites when I was a girl.”

I put in the movie, got under the covers, and Sarah lay on her stomach, steeling the popcorn from her mom.

My wife looked at me and smiled. Her blonde hair was up in a bun, giving her a youthful appearance. Sure, she was 41, but she put many 30 year old's to shame. She kept her firm, voluptuous figure in shape, hidden beneath her own flannel pajama’s.

As a speech pathologist for the school district, she did a lot of walking to classrooms. So, her but kept it’s round, well proportioned look. I marveled every time I stared at it watching her get into the shower with two dimples above each cheek. And, her breasts were round and full also, but losing their battle with age and gravity. Still, I was lucky.

My week at the law office was long, so even though Sarah was wide awake and ready for the show, I was ready for bed. I did my best to watch, but as Beth read her book, my eyes slowly became heavy and I found myself going in and out of sleep.

I was remembering our honeymoon, Beth pregnant with Sarah. We spent the week in Hawaii, cozy in our hotel room, enjoying our last bit of freedom. Beth had always been a pretty outgoing girl sexually, and she would routinely just roll over onto her stomach without any prodding from me.

Despite being pregnant, Beth did her best to be sexy on our honeymoon. She would surprise me with a different pair of panties each night, most with a soft lacy feel. I remember how instantly hard I would get, watching her turn over and present her butt to me. My favorite pair were the thong panties that traveled well over her hip.

Beth had turned over, looking back at me with a smile, scotching up slightly on her knees. The dimples on her back smiled back to me like small vagina's. I just stroked myself, looking at her beauty, smelling her aroma waft up from her butt. Then, as she put her head on the pillow, letting me know I was free to explore, I pulled the thong of her panties aside.

I loved her asshole. But, she refused to let me have anal sex. “That’s for pooping.” But, she still let me stare, sometimes letting my put Vaseline in her thighs as I pretended to fuck her butt. That night was no different. Her deep brown anus winked back at me, surrounded by long hairs protecting it from unwanted entry. I held her thong aside and stared at her most biological center.

God, it always made me so horny and hard. Rubbing my penis into her crack, feeling the texture of her asshole rubbing against the head of my shaft.

“Careful….” Beth warned me, feeling the pressure on her ass.

I leaned into her, feeling the soft skin of her back, imagining myself penetrate her anally. Reaching under her chest, feeling the firm swell of her hormonal breasts. The nipples that were turning a deep, dark brown. I was fucking her from behind, even though I had not penetrated her.

Back and forth I moved. Desperate to let her give in, open her ass, and let me penetrate. But, she wouldn't let me, and I felt a soft barrier pushing me away. Harder I pushed while feeling the soft fabric of her breasts, feeling her head nestle under my chin. As my hands kneaded her, I moved my hands around, wondering what happened to the soft globes of flesh I was just massaging.

My eyes opened, confused. It was dark. The honeymoon was years in the past, but I felt myself hard and aroused, pushing into a small body, hands rubbing against a flat chest of flannel. I was spooning my daughter!

I froze, feeling my hardness pushing through the opening of my own pajama’s, right into Sarah’s ass. I was holding her, loving her, trying to fuck her in my sleep. My wife lay on the other side of the bed, lost in her own dreamland. The clock next to her shined 1:30am.

“My god.” I thought to myself.

My body was rigid. I didn't want to move for fear of waking up Sarah or her mom. Yet, I had to move and back away from the position and tuck myself back in. My hardness, my excitement and sexual urges were pulsing. But, I had to settle down.

Suddenly, Sarah adjusted herself. I was now wide awake, fearful for her response. Scared that she would wake up mom and ask what daddy is doing to her with his penis pushed into her butt.

Instead, Sarah slowly reached behind herself, pulled won the back of her pajama bottoms, and brought her hands back under her chin!

“What the fuck?!” I thought to myself.

My dick was now pushed into the narrow butt of my 11 year old daughter. Her head pushed into my chin as she adjusted herself, forcing her butt back slightly. My hands were still on her chest, frozen in position. Unable to control myself, horny as hell, I pushed forward.

I felt myself slip into her butt cheeks, pushing into a sliver of damp skin. My hands pushed between the buttons of her pajamas, finding the small swell of flesh that had her tender nipple.

I moaned out load. “Oh, Sarah…”

Sarah said nothing. But, her hands pushed my hands into her undeveloped chest, happy with the feelings they generated. My eyes were fixed on my wife, 3 feet away from me, wondering if she would wake. I was well aware that what I was doing was unthinkable. Yet, it was unstoppable. Thankfully, when Beth has wine, an earthquake wouldn't wake her.

My daughter and I began a steady rhythm. I wasn't penetrating her, but it was the most sexually gratifying situation I had even been in. The taboo that was trumped by a lustful desire. Sarah was opening herself up to me. I don’t know how or why, but the little girl who hadn't even started her period yet was ready for sex.

Her small, 60 pound frame molded into my body. I could sense that I was ready to release just from our brief encounter. I pulled open her pajamas, breaking the buttons, exposing herself to a sleeping mother. I looked down at my hands, pushing into the small dime sized nipples. I pushed my hands over her flat stomach, pushing the covers into her mother.

Grabbing the side of her pajamas, I pushed them onto Sarah’s thighs. A small wisp of pubic hair floated gently above her pussy. I rand my fingers into it, almost able to count the number of hairs they were so few. Sarah raised her left leg, creating a butterfly appearance from her spread legs.

I could see my penis push into her pubescent vagina. My palms smothered her soft center, creating a mock vagina. Sarah was bending her head up, eyes wide, looking at me. Her mouth was slightly open. I was about to explode.

My fingers found her asshole. A soft, smooth opening, and unlike her mom, Sarah was letting finger it. It pushed me over the edge. I exploded.

“Sarah,,, I’m cumming…”

She looked down in wonderment as my penis sprayed white semen onto the bed. I felt my finger gently enter her asshole, and jerked again, this time erupting on her sleeping mom. Another jerk, feeling myself push into her tight pussy, unable to penetrate her thin opening.

I stared at my wife, ejaculating between our daughters legs. I watched some of my sperm slowly drip down her right arm, almost wanting her to wake up and be a part of the experience.

But thankfully, Beth didn't wake up.

Slowly, I settled down. Sarah lay perfectly still, not sure what to do next. I shook my head, shocked at what I had just done. I reached over and pulled the covers back over us and slipped her pajamas up over her exposed butt.

I snuggled into her, satisfied from my sexual release. Sarah held my hands as they pushed into the warmth of her belly, sliding gently lower. I twirled the fine hairs of her young pussy, feeling the softness of her virginity.

Lower still I went, keeping her hand in mine. We rubbed the top of her fold of skin, both finding the small tic tac of her clit. Sarah was still excited, still ready for her own release.

Together we began rubbing it, moving our fingers over her soft fold of skin. Sarah pulled her hands away and began to move her body into my palm, pushing herself to orgasm. After just a few strokes, Sarah began to shudder.

Her body jerked violently and she chirped loudly. “Eeeeeeeee!”

Her mom’s eyes flashed open.

“Honey! What’s wrong?!”

Sarah shook, letting her body adjust as her orgasm quickly passed through.

Sarah looked at her mom with glassy eyes. “Ugh…. Nothing….. I just…. was dreaming….”

Beth leaned forward and kissed her, glancing up at me, smiling at the innocence of our daughter.

“Just snuggle with daddy and he’ll take care of your dreams.”

Sarah squeeze her legs together with my hand still in her small pussy. She sighed deeply, letting her body relax as her mom rolled over to get comfortable.

I kissed her on the top of her head.

“I love you honey….”

“I love you daddy….”

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