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This true story may or may not take place when I was 16
At this time friends for me were a rarity, the few I had I clung to. This may have been do to the fact that my appearance was rather unappealing. I had been going through an emo boy faze. Long black hair covering my face, tight black jeans outlining my scrawny legs, tall doc martens, and tight fitting band t-shirts. I wasnt really athletic, nor smart, and I had very few interests.
Despite all of that I did have one friend that never left me. My best friend Bryan. Now me and him, we where complete opposites. He was the popular guy in school, the guy who could get any girl he wanted. He was sporty, being the wide receiver of the football team. He also did parkour and free running after school along with martial arts. He even managed to keep a 4.0 grade point average. He was also openly Bisexual.

One day after school I was walking home along the river listening to moving water when the rapid steps of a follower grabbed my attention. Turning around I saw Bryan's giant grin across his face as he ran towards me waving a hand, “Heyyy! Wait up!” He shouted. I stopped walking and waited. As he approached he slapped a arm around me and we began walking again as he talked about how Casandra had asked him out. “But I told her I was sick and faked a cough, she totally believed it! Haha!. So, you want to go catch a movie or something?” he asked in a flirtatious tone. I knew Bryan had a crush on me, however I never let that get in the way of our friendship. Even though lately his advances had been more frequent and insistent. “As friends, sure.” I replied. “Awww Why do you always have to say 'as friends' can't we ever just go on a date and see where it goes?”

“You know I'm not into guys...”

“How would you know when you've never tried!?”

“No Bryan, lets just go hangout in town”

“Pfft whatever, but you owe me a soda.”

“Sure.” After stopping by my house and dropping off our bags we walked to the skatepark in town. Filled with people that he knew Bryan was busy skating and chatting while I was left sitting at the top of the half-pipe listening to music. I didn’t mind, it gave me time to think, that and I didnt mind being alone most of the time. We spent most of the day here and at one point I had drifted off to sleep. Hours later I was awoke by a severe pain in my back I opened my eyes and saw nothing ut the blackness of the night sky and the little white specks of stars. I was now laying on my back. “Get up faggot!”
Standing up, I saw a rather big and ugly looking guy standing at the top of the halfpipe holding his board, glaring at me profusely. “I hope that fall helped you wake up!” I realized that he had thrown me off the top of the pipe and down into the middle. “Sorry... I didnt mean to start anything...”

“The fuck you didnt! I knicked your foot with my board and ate shit!” He ran down the halfpipe and grabbed me by the collar of the shirt. “How are you gonna repay me for my grievance?”


“Good, I guess I get to just beat you until I feel better.” His fist sent out a wave of pain throughout my entire core as it struck the right side of my rib cage. I slid to the ground barely able to sit on my knees, keeled over holding my side. Looking up I again saw the same stupid grin on Bryan's face. Sirens heard in the distance. “We should probably run.” He said still smiling as he put out a hand towards me. I grabbed it and he lifted me to my feet and we began to run. Looking back for a second I noticed the ugly man laying there motionless on the floor with everyone staring or recording with their camera phones. Bryan had busted out his martial arts training and knocked him unconscious. “...Th-thanks..” I managed, still running and breathing hard. “No problem, what are friends for?” He said, only looking back for a second to smile at me.

When we had stopped running we had found ourselves in the dark open football field of the middle school. “We'll hangout here for a while until things settle down, there’s no lights here so we should be good.” He was right. It was a summer night so there was nobody at the school and the school its self was in a rural part of the town. I looked at him, just barely visible I could see him sitting there breathing hard, no doubt wondering how long it'll take before the skaters give the police a deion and they go back to there office to do paper work. “...Thanks again, he would’ve totaled me..”

“Don't worry about it man. That guy was a tool anyways.”

“No, really. It means a lot to know that I have someone standing up for me...”

“Tristen, you know that you'll always have me...”

“Ye-” He had climbed ontop of me and pulled me into a kiss. I was paralyzed. I could feel his tongue moving around in my mouth, his lips against mine. All I could do was sit there and stare in shock. He pulled back for a second and said, “I've never actually been with a guy before, but I want you to be my first.” He then looked at me with passion in his eyes and unzipped my pants.

I felt a tingle as his fingers first brushed the head of my penis and then worked there way down and wrapped around the base. He kissed me again passionately, then stood up, took off his shirt and unzipped his pants. My body twitched with a certain yearning as he pulled out his hard penis. He put one firm hand on the back of my neck and pulled me close enough to smell the precum dripping out of him. “Suck me off.” He said, firmly but with love also. “No.. This is wrong..” I muttered as I gripped him at the base. He pulled me so close that his head touched my lips, His precum whetting them. Sensing my unwillingness he forced it into my mouth so that it lay on my tongue with my lips wrpaaed around it.

I couldnt believe it. Bryan's cock was in my mouth. And I had never tasted something as delicious as him or his sticky precum. I wanted him to stop, but at the same time I lost control of my inhibitions and I began to slide his warm hard cock in and out of my mouth, Licking the head in circles as I did so. He moaned, “Augh Tristen...” That was all the motivation I needed, and I began to suck faster. Periodically pulling it out of my mouth and licking it from the base to the tip while looking up into his green eyes. I used the hand that I wasnt gripping him with to cradle his balls and massage them with my fingers which caused him to moan out with even more pleasure.

I could feel his fingers running through my hair as I changed from a slow to a fast pace. “Tristen... faster!” He said as he grabbed both sides of my head and shoved it all inside my mouth. I could feel him deep inside my throat. Then I realized, I couldn’t breathe! He sat there for a minute with his cock shoved deep down my throat. As he finally pulled out I gasped for air coughing and sputtering. He watched me for a second and then grabbed me again and shoved his cock deep inside my throat again. But this time he did not stay for long, and pulled out. He repeated this several times very quickly as he moaned in pleasure. Finally he loosened his grip on me and said, “I'm gonna cum soon!” I grabbed his shaft and began to jerk him slowly at first but then faster and faster until he yelled out, “I'm cumming! Please, be my cum slut!” Almost as if naturally I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue under his head as he shot his hot sticky load into my mouth.

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2012-11-21 20:12:47
Nice story, great build up too. Keep at it ^_^

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2012-11-20 01:48:12
Lol at the comment below me... Well I would have to say the same thing, sorry

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2012-11-19 16:46:18
this may or may not have sucked

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2012-11-19 09:26:04
Sadly your name was the only interesting part of this crap

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great begining. cant wait for the next part.

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