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Caught by a neighbour, in another neighbours house
Caught Masturbating

All names in this story are replaced so that no one gets into trouble, but this is a true story...

As a trusted neighbour, I am an 18 year old rugby player and often work out. I don't have an amazing body, but it seems to work with the ladies.
I have a girl friend, Jenny, of nearly 4 years- and we often have hot, open and loud sex with each other. But things are getting a little predictable, so we made an agreement to openly fuck anyone we wanted, whilst still in a relationship- a young mans dream. We don't often talk about it, but this particular incident turns her tight pussy wet and horny.

I often babysit for my two milf neighbours, both of different families- the Smiths and the Jacobs. Mrs Smith, a shorter brunette women, in her early 40s, I have lusted over since I was 15 and we moved to the area. I always tried to somehow get to babysit at their house so I could catch a look of her perky ass and 32C breasts. She's the kind of women with three kids, a fuck load of money, looks about 28 with a range rover and an attractive husband. But I really wanted to fuck her hard. Mrs Jacobs, a taller more discreet women, also in her early 40s. Blonde with an equally perky ass, but with a bigger bust of around 36DD. She often winked at me on my drive as I got out my car, and she was was washing her Mini Cooper with a strappy top and hot pants. Also, I wanted to fuck her, hard.

Mrs Smith went on holiday to Spain, to go and see her parents in law with the rest of her family- and this also gave her chance to flaunt her assets in her bikinis. (Which I regularly checked out over the garden fence when sunbathing, she had caught me a few times which ended in her laughing and walking inside). As I already had been in their house a few times, Mr Smith asked if I would house sit their farm house to make sure it went all fine- this was an awesome opportunity as I could bring my girlfriend round and fuck her on the stairs, in the kitchen and in Mrs Smiths bed only visualising Mrs Smith- so I did do.

Me and my girlfriend are not know for being a sexual couple around my neighbourhood, but in hers we are known as 'the fuckers'. This is because we (she) are/is so load when we do have sex. So when asking the incredibly hot Mrs Smith if it would be ok for her to come, it was absolutely fine.

After a week or so, me and my girlfriend had run out of sexual fantasies and places to fuck, so we decided to fuck other people for abit... But my usual fuck buddy from work (Lucy) was out of town.

One day, when checking the house out and feeding the cats, I noticed Mrs Smiths knicker draw, and my dick started to rise in my pants. I could start to feel it pulsating and I started to jack myself of whilst imaging MrsSmith swallowing my cock with her throat and married hands... Then suddenly I heard the downstairs door open, and I leapt up. I thought I was the only one with keys.

I put my now solid cock back into my pants, and walked slowly down the stairs. Trying to find who had come in, I heard the Hoover and radio being put on in the lounge.. The other side of the house. I thought that Mrs Smith had just employed a cleaner and as a cum filled young cock, I thought Id surprise her. But it was me who was surprised when I walked round the corner, when bent over trying to get something off the floor, was Mrs Jacobs. Her beautiful ass pointing in the air in some soft hot pants, with a little wet smudge where her Pudsey was. She turned around...

Part two.

"Oh hey scott, what are you doing here?" She said turning around revealing here tight bust filled top.

"Oh I'm just, just looking after the house for Mrs Smith" I said, nervously and conscious of my cock telling more of a different story!

"Oh cool, well looks like you're doing a great job..." She said winking at my budging crotch and looking obviously at the sofa, which looked like someone had had a very hot fuck on. She was very attractive herself, although her husband earned enough money for her and her two girls to love in luxury, she liked to keep busy.

"Thanks, not doing a bad job yourself" I said, trying to be a little cheeky. I knew that she had an idea I fancied her, because once when I got really drunk I sent her a text saying 'Fancy a fuck? ;)'. Regretted that for a while!

I sat down on the sofa and tried to get rid of my hardon by distracting myself by watching TV. But I could tell Mrs Jacobs was horny and very wet. After provocatively hoovering the floor, she sat down next to me on the sofa.

"I've been cleaning all week you know..." She said, as I thought 'shit, she must have heard me and Jen'.
"Sounds and looks like you've used Caroline's (Mrs Smith) house in more ways than one.." She winked at me and started to bite her lip.
"I heard you and ..."
"Jenny" I said shyly
"Yes Jenny, that's it! Yeh I heard you giving her a very, very good time" She seductively whispered in my ear whilst groping my semi-member.
"Did you see any...?" Was the only thing I could think of to keep this sexual tension going. This milf wanted cock, and I wanted her pussy, maybe I had overlooked her- good in bed? Probably!

"No, but I definitely imagined it when Gary (Mr Jacobs) tried to satisfy me. Annd again when I was in the shower the other night... Just imagining your hot cock drill another woman turned me on and I sucked all of Gary's cum twice. The second time whilst he was asleep and I was still really wet."

Although quite experienced in sex, no one had ever been this explicate with me, apart from Lucy and Jenny. I was very taken back by this milf groping my dick hard, and telling me she wanted it.

"Would you like to make use of Mrs Smiths house better then?" I winked at her and gestured upstairs.
She then leant over, pushing her perfect but slightly mature boobs into me, and whispered "nope" and bit my lip...
"I want to fuck you hard in every single room. I've been dreaming about it for months. Since Christmas in fact when I heard you and Jen in your house." She said to me.

Shocked, I started to kiss her neck to start to get her even hornier. I don't boast about my sex life with other people, but for the milf next door to have heard, I found that very very hot.

We could both feel each other being turned on by us wanting passionate sex in a friends house, My dick was becoming too my for my pants at the time, and her fabric hot pants were sodden... I knew what I had to do.

She was sat on my left, and I reached over with my right hand to grab her ass. She let out a little squeal as though she loved being treated rough. I started to massage and grope her ass and said "Do you prefer rough or soft" she replied with, "I'm not that old, fuck me as hard and as rough as you can and I'll tell you after" as I but her glossy lips.

So with this extra drive age had given me to fuck her, I put my jeans down to release my hard dick, and she immediately stopped enjoying my neck kiss, to start kissing and sucking the top of my dick. I reached over her back so I could start to play with her ass.

She started to attempt to swallow my dick (Lucy my work fuck buddy has only been the only woman to have successfully do this. Which has told me, I'm larger than usual). Mrs Jacobs wasn't able to fit all my dick down her throat but it was awesome. She took a breather and said;
"So do you like my cleaning technique?" Whilst winking at me..
To keep the hot passion I said "well how do you like my house siting technique" as I started to forced my middle finger into her tight ass. She groaned and told me to put another in. Fuck it was tight. I'd never had anal before, but I had a feeling this may be my lucky day.

After filling her mouth and getting her to cream on my fingers, I pulled her up on to my lap. Both fully clothed, I pulled her strappy top off, and pulled her nipples out of her obviously slutty, but classy bra. So then I started to lick and suck as hard as I could get her really horny and a guaranteed fuck.

Her head flung back as she started to 'dry' hump my dick... But with hot pants that wet it seemed impossible... So she reached back and raised her ass. I was a little confused so I kept groping and licking her perfect nipples, then suddenly I felt her married hand on my cock, and then her wet tight pussy being forced open with my cock. For a mother of two, her pussy was tight and she knew how to fuck!

I started to moan as so did she, hers were more intense and I started to feel her pussy widen and contract.

"Fuck me Scott, what a giant cock you have. Fuck. Me" she shouted whilst cumming on my dick. She immediately took it out, and sucked my dick clean, and swallowed it completely. "Wow, you left that a surprise to swallow all of that"

"Well you know Scott, I have a lot of surprises for you..." She winked at me, and led me by my shaft to another room...

Part 3

We got to the stairs and she sat down level with my dick, and started to suck. This really caught me by surprise so I lent over to hold onto a couple of stairs above, and fucked her mouth really quick, chocking her on my 18 year old dick... This just turned her on me and started to rub her clit really hard.
"Wow!" I exclaimed as she gagged on my cock and spat it out trying to regain her breathe.

"Mm" is all she said, then she got up and led me to Mrs Smiths bed.
"You know i and Caroline use to be really good friends?"
I did, I use to watch in hope when they both went for a run. I nodded.
"Well we arent anymore because I Fucked Mr Smith on here before, and Caroline found out she had competition... Obviously she can't take dick like me." She said whilst flinging the duvet off the bed and climbing in...
"Now Scott, I want you to give me the best fuck I've ever had, alright?" She winked whilst biting her lip and rubbing her wet pussy. All I could do was nod and fuck at this point. So I climbed on, and threw her onto all fours, which seemed to have a positive result as she moaned, hard.

We had really hard loud sex that afternoon, I filled her pussy and her ass on two different occasions... And we fucked on Caroline's bed untill Mrs Jacobs sprayed... Then in shower, on the hall floor and in the garden.

After she regained her energy a little it was dark.
"Won't your husband wonder where you are?" I said with her lay on my chest...
"Nope, I told him I was going to go and fuck a young hard dick."

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I've fucked this guy's mom, you know.
Best piece of pussy I've ever tasted.
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my girlfriend would not go all the way but liked us to strip down to ouw under wear and hump. My dick was hard and rubbing up and down on her pussy. her panties wer wet and so were mine at the end of my dick with pre cum. Then she pulled my underwear off and jacked me off on het tits.Lil sister opened the door and saw me over big sis with my hard on cumming on het tits. too late to stop so we kept on and she letf all red faced.

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