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Sweet Little Sister - Part 4

One week and we argued five or six times. Almost a little fight per day. I wasn't expecting that. It looked like Carol had turned into a really mercurial girl.

Every single thing in our first week together was motive to discussion, so we consumed hours and hours arguing until I gave up and, soon later, Carol was a total sweet to me.

It looked like she was struggling with herself, sometimes being nice and loving as I used to know her. Sometimes she was just unpleasant to be with, snobbish and stubborn. My luck was that I could see through it. She was trying to show me how grown up she was, to show me that she had got her own personality, that she had personal opinions about everything and, every time I was able to surpass this, there was my sweet little sister.

Friday night was one of those lucky days. I had just arrived from the office, still wearing my formal shirt and suit pants, when she came home from school yelling, saying that she missed France, that she missed her friend Jenna, that everything around here was lame and that, if it wasn't for me, she'd never agree to live here again. Anyway, it didn't spare me from her acid behavior.

I did my best to stand it, to be cool, but after a while I couldn't take it any longer.

"Carol stop!" And, for the first time in our lives, I was yelling at her, "I can't believe you're being this rude! We weren't supposed to live like this. You know I love you and I try to show it to you anyway I can, but you... You choose when you want to be nice to me. This can't keep going. I want my Carol back, and I don't mean I want a little girl back, I want that Carol that enjoyed my company not only when we are in bed!"

She stood still. Eyes wide open.

"That's it. You know I don't have a single problem with anything you like, anything you want... But if you just want to make me angry at you, just to make a point, just to make me say that you're right, I don't know... Maybe we should just..."
"No!" She screamed and rushed to where I was standing. "No, Adam! I'm sorry!" She hugged me sobbing.

I couldn't do anything else but hugging her back.

"I... I don't want you to be angry at me, I just... I'm just confused, I guess..." She was crying on my chest. "Please forgive me, I promise I'll try to be good to you, I promise..."

And then I surrendered completely to her. Just mentioning that maybe we shouldn't be together brought her to tears. "Oh, Carol..."


Soon we were on the couch, she was sitting on my lap and we were just talking. I caressed her hair while she rested her head on my chest.

"You don't have to struggle like this. I've got your point and you should know that I don't see you as a little girl anymore. At this point you should already know that. I see you like a really beautiful and independent seventeen year old woman, as a girlfriend, someone I have to take care of, but in a different way."
"Girlfriend," she repeated, "It's the first time you say that," and then she smiled.

She reached out my lips with hers and kissed me. I reciprocated. We kissed for a good long time. She felt so happy. I had to push myself to understand her better. We had sex like 10 times in a week and, yet, a single word made her this happy, this passionate.

"Here, touch your girlfriend, cause she's all yours," she purred taking my hand and placing it between her legs. She was wearing a stylish yellow summer dress. She always loved dresses, of all forms and shapes, and I grew to appreciate them as well, as I could touch her anytime and anywhere I wanted.

I touched her through the thin fabric of her panties, still kissing. She was sitting sideways on my lap, her legs on the couch. I put my hand under her underwear and caressed her small, delicate slit and soon she was kissing slowly, falling into that trance I always managed her to get into. But I got too excited and ran my fingers all over her intimate parts, sliding it further, until I touched her little orifice.

She bent one of her knees to give me better access and, as I caressed it, she giggled.

"You want to play with it, don't you? She asked grinning but blushing.
"Play with wh... Oh..." Suddenly I knew what she was talking about. I felt a little shy too, but I certainly wasn't red, much less scarlet as she was. Blushing always made her prettier, with a look even more delicate... But look what we were talking about. Man... That was so awkward...
"It's not the first time you caress me there... You can have me there too, you know?" She whispered while snuggling her face in my neck.
"Carol... It is known to hurt... I'm not sure if I wanna do this to you. I'm pretty satisfied by having you as I already have," I answered and, for more attractive that the idea of having anal sex with her sounded to me, I was being honest.
"C'mon Adam, don't be like this. I noticed that you have a lot of videos about this. If you can't do this with me, with who then? I'm curious too and I know that if I say a single word you'll stop. And I'm kinda yours... You know?"

I took my hand away from her intimate parts and held her face in my hands.

"This just makes me even more declined to hurt you," and I kissed her hard. God, I loved her so much.
"Last week we talked about way rougher things and now you're having second thoughts about anal sex... C'mon, just play with me as you like for a while, I know you want it, it's all over your face," she giggled "You're struggling!" And then she laughed.
"You're turning into a teasing little devil!" I grinned.
"If that's what I have to be to make you speak honestly about what you want, that's what I'm gonna be!" She said still giggling and kissed me, then talked in a low and sexy voice, looking me in the eyes "But I'm serious... I can get used to it... What do you think?" The tip of her slightly snub nose touching mine. Fuck, she could be a hell of a persuasive girl.
"Ok... Let's try it" I finally said.
"Great. I'll get prepared for you and be back in a minute," she said adjusting her panties and getting up.
"Get prepared for me?" I said when she was leaving "Did Jenna taught you something?" I grinned.
She looked back at me for a moment, flushing scarlet again "Err... Yes. Now just shut up and wait for me," and she rushed to her room.

I was marveled. I wasn't expecting that. How much this Jenna did share of her sexual experiences with my Carol? I know Carol is curious but, to know some things in detail... First she tries to deep throat me on her first blowjob. Now I'm pretty sure she is getting herself clean and, just imagining my Carol talking about enemas or such with someone having only 15 or 16 years old... Geez, this is odd.

Trying to not overthink this all I stood and went to my room, opening my wardrobe and looking for a drawer I hadn't open in a while now, looking for the small pouch I kept the toys and other things I used to use on my old girlfriends expecting to find some lubricant. Then it occurred to me that, since I was with Carol, I had to get rid of those things. If I was to use any toy on Carol, I'd buy her new ones. Suddenly the image of a squirming and utterly aroused Carol, tied to the bed and moaning hard for me, was all over my head... Which I shook and dismissed the idea... For now.

Then I was back at the couch waiting. She took long fifteen minutes to get back and, when she did, it was with a really embarrassed expression and she came to me facing the ground, just wearing her white silk and short nightgown. It was obvious she wasn't wearing anything underneath, her perfect outline completely visible through the thin fabric. How long will I be amazed just by the sight of her body? Maybe someday I'll get used to seeing her... Not today.

She stood in front of me, arms crossed and teetering on her toes clearly ashamed. I held out my hands to her and when she took it I pulled her closer. I was sitting on the couch, so I opened my legs and she stepped between my knees. I looked up to her and I broke the awkward silence.

"There's always time to quit," I poked, stroking the knuckles of her hands.
"Never," she darted, still red like a tomato but decided as always "Are we going to bed or do I have to get on all fours right here on the ground?" she defied.

I just kept looking her in the eyes, smiling. Soon she threw me a shy smile that made me melt inside.

"We are staying right here, Miss," I said dropping her hands and taking the pot of lube. She gasped. "Nervous?" I asked.
"A little. You'll do it while I'm standing?" She asked sounding a little upset.
"Yes, I think this way will be interesting," I sunk the index and middle fingers of my right hand in the lube "You just need to relax, babe," I said shifting myself to the edge of the couch.

I pulled her a little closer with my left arm. With my left hand and the dry fingers of my right hand I caressed the soft skin of her buttocks beneath her nightgown, then separated her butt cheeks a little. She put her hands on my shoulders and stood looking down, right into my eyes, while I groped and found her small cavity, where I gently rubbed my lubed fingers. How did we turn something so kinky in something so intimate, so... I don't know... Passionate? I kept rubbing, doing a circular motion around her delicate button. She bit her lower lip, but the shy smile was still there and I could clearly notice the effect of my actions on her, as her nipples were clearly marking her nightgown, completely erect. As I was beneath my pants.

A little more lube on my fingers and I resumed the circular motion, always looking right into her eyes, especially when I first forced my index finger in a little, slowly and cautiously. Her mouth opened in an "O" shape, she looked surprised.
"Ouch..." she said slowly, marking every letter, sounding like a spoiled kid and scowling.
"Hurts?" I said moving it out, then inside her again, very slowly.
"Argh!" She groaned and stood on tiptoe.
"Feet on the ground or I'll to stop" I said taking my finger out.
"Don't be mean!" She scolded.
"I'm not being mean, it just doesn't make any sense doing it if you are going to struggle," I said, inserting my index finger in her again as soon as her heels touched the ground.
"Augh!" She squealed alarmed when she felt my finger intruding a little deeper, her grip on my shoulders tightened.

I started moving it slowly, in and out. Carol looked at me clearly fighting to stand it, trying her best to take the pain.
"Good girl," I whispered , looking straightly into her beautiful brown eyes, while she gasped.
"See, you're enjoying it..." She said under her breath, and she was right.

I kept fingering her for a while, feeling her squeezing my finger with the soft flesh of her insides, her sphincter twitching as she tried unsuccessfully to relax. The lube was working great, but I could feel she was a little moist inside too, probably an effect of her "preparation". Carol was struggling to keep quiet, to keep her feet on the ground while I groped her perfect ass with my both hands and her discomfort was obvious, it was also obvious that even painful, it was arousing her.

"How are you feeling?" I asked looking up.
"Awkward... It hurts..." She said looking down, her cheeks completely red.
"Do you want me to stop?" I asked stopping my finger inside her.
She took a moment to answer and, when she did, she gave me a little smile and shyly said "No... I'm fine," although I could hear the hesitation in her voice.

I circled my finger inside her, stroking her inner walls and distending her little hole a little. She tightened the grip on my shoulders even more and gasped, but she went completely still when she felt the tip of my second finger searching a way to get inside her too.

She took a deep breath, gritting her teeth and kept looking directly into my eyes as I forced it in. Her legs trembled and her eyes were getting teary.
"Aagh..." She groaned and took another deep breath when she felt that I had stopped moving and that my second finger was inside her. Carol's breath was still heavy and she was trembling all over.

I kept looking at her but said nothing. In my mind I was completely divided between letting myself go and enjoying myself and keep doing things as meticulously as I could in order to stop immediately in case she asked me. I took a deep breath and withdrew my fingers until they were almost out of her, then I forced them all the way in, in a swift and merciless motion.
"Huurgh!!!" She groaned loudly, closing her eyes tight and she bent her head forward a little with a really painful expression on her perfect face. A single teardrop ran down her cheeks.

I think my heart skipped a bit. I could feel the blood running fast in my veins. I had finally hurt her and I had no idea of how would she react or how should I react.

My body was completely motionless, my fingers still buried inside her when she slightly opened her teary eyes, breathing heavily, and then asked "Two fingers?"

It took me a while to figure out that she was just asking me what I have done... She had ignored it, the fact that I hurt her... How can this be? Is she this self-giving? Is she this committed to what I want?

"Yes... Are... Are you ok, Carol?" I asked still a little insecure.
"It just hurts... A lot. But you warned me, so that's not your fault." She said trying to put up a smile, but failed miserably. She wiped the tears on her cheeks and moved her tiny hands to the sides of my neck "I just wished we were in bed, so it would be easier for me to relax... "

Fuck... What was I doing? What was I thinking?

I stood up and took her in my arms in a single swift movement. She squealed in surprise and wrapped her arms around my neck.
"I'm sorry for insisting on this couch thing," I said taking her to the bed.
"It's ok, it can be a really hot position to do things... With you facing my belly and looking up like that... Really hot, but now I'm just geting used to this..." She said snuggling her face in my neck and I could feel her tense body relaxing.

I laid her on my bed, took off my shirt and stripped her of her nightgown. We were in our shell again, her legs on my sides and my waist pressing hers; my elbows on the sides of her head, my face hovering over hers and our chests together. I just kept looking at her for a while, caressing her hair, her fringe, tucking some long and light brown strands of her silky hair behind her cute ear.

"When will you cease to surprise me?" I said resting my forehead on hers.
She smiled, "What have I done now?"
"I just..." I can't get you. How can this decided, unruly and even a little snobbish girl be so damn sweet inside?" I asked.
"I don't know. You're the only one who proved me inside. You tell me," she said laughing and approaching her lips from mine.
"Geez, Carol..." I smiled and kissed her hard.

So suddenly I had an incredible urge to test her. I moved down my hands, unzipped my pants and freed myself. I pressed the tip of me on her, rubbing the head of my rock hard member on her.

Carol was staring at me, trying to figure out what was I going to do. When she felt the little pressure I made on her tiny little hole, soaked with lube, she relaxed her head on the bed and her arms to her sides.

"Do it," she said taking a deep breath.
I ran down my hand and touched her there. She closed her eyes, expecting me to handle myself into her. She couldn't bear two of my fingers inside her... And she just gave herself to me, to hurt her badly if I want, just to make me satisfied. She wasn't kidding; she was really mine, completely mine... What did I do to deserve this kind of love!? The girl is a goddess! She could have anyone!

I just took a little of the lube in my fingers and looked at it. It was translucent, clean. So I guided myself to her small, wet and pink pussy, and buried myself into her in a single thrust.
She groaned out loud and contracted her legs. I lowered my huge and white body on top of her, crossing her legs on my back and holding my weight with my elbows, while my hands were on her head, holding the sides of her face while I watched her features contort in sudden pleasure. I started moving, humping her slowly, inserting all of me into her then leaving, just to spread her all around myself again; just to make her most intimate place mine.

"W-Why did... Why d-did you stop?" She managed to say between moans.
"I want to satisfy you... Just as you do to me," I said, still moving with slow but strong movements.
"But... But I'm satisfied if I can... If I c-can make you happy..." Her breath was getting heavier, her eyelids were getting heavy, closing. I've seen this before. I was losing her to the pleasure. I had many girlfriends, many sex partners before, and I was never able to do something like this to any of them, to realize so fast what made them tick.
"Right back at you, honey. Now just... Just relax and be mine, ok?" I answered; she smiled and rested her forehead on my shoulder.

Soon as I felt her contracting, twitching inside, I moved faster. I made her come with me inside her once, but working on her clit, now I was giving my best to make her come just for having me inside her. Her moans were getting deeper, more urgent, almost a cry.

"C'mon, babe, come for me..." I whispered on her ear and I went even harder on her.
"Guuhh... Uuugh..." She wrapped her arms around my neck and buried her face on my neck. All her body was trembling. Her reaction was being the most intense ever.

I felt myself coming, but I kept moving, thrusting and, soon as she felt me gushing inside her, she let herself go, almost having a convulsion, tightening everything, the grip of her legs and her arms around me, her insides twitching furiously and closing on me, and she cried, hurtful groans echoed all over the apartment.

We had lost ourselves in each other. Less than a second after I had come I was already back on earth, because I noticed she was crying on my shoulder.

"Carol! What happened!? Did I hurt you?" I asked taking her face in my hands.
"No... No, I'm fine," she said with tears rolling down her cheeks.

I kept looking quizzically at her, not knowing what to do. Just wiping her tears and watching while she was regaining breath.
"Really... I'm... I'm fine," she said looking embarrassed. Then it struck me.
"Are you crying because of the orgasm, babe?" I asked touching my nose on hers.
She looked at me shyly and nodded, "It was kind of... Mind-blowing."

And her smile made me melt again. How good was that? She was crying because it was good and she couldn't help herself! Man, I was on cloud nine. I smiled and kissed her and kissed her and kissed her. She giggled and... Suddenly she shifted under me, taking me out of her, forcing me to get on my knees and fr4ee her to move. She reached out for one of the huge pillows and, visibly still numb and tottering, laid over it, bending her knees to her sides and lifting her tight and perfect little ass up in the air, just in front of me.

"Your turn, Adam."


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