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Chapter 1
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Supernatural Nation: Chapter 1

Chapter 1: An Elemental or Four

The day after their honeymoon Anthony awoke and stretched carefully so as not to disturb Eliza, who was sleeping naked and peacefully beside him. He ran his gaze down her golden skin tempted to touch her but he restrained himself and cautiously rolled out of the bed. He looked over at the clock and realized that Sar-Rah and Liz had gone off to school taking Megan to enroll her in the school as well so she would have something to do to occupy her time. Wind and Moonlight had gone also riding covertly in one of the girls’ hair. Anthony let out sigh thinking about seeing them off tomorrow then head for the bathroom to get ready for the day. Eliza was still asleep when he exited the bathroom after a quick shower and head for the kitchen to see about breakfast.

"Wow," he said to himself when he walked into the kitchen. Laid out on the table were eggs, bacon, sausages, pancakes, and toast. He sat down at the table filled up a plate with a little of everything and began eating. Eliza came in and, just as he was finishing his food, headed for the coffee pot. When she saw him she made a detour to him and leaned down and kissed him lightly licking the syrup of his lips.

"Hmmm," she said with pleasure and then continued on her way to get coffee.

"That stuff is toxic," Anthony said disgustedly as she inhaled deeply from her mug. She stuck her tongue out at him and took a tentative sip of the steaming brew. Shaking his head Anthony rose and took his plate to the sink and washed and dried it before putting it away.

"What are your plans for today," Eliza asked when he made no move towards the door.

"I don't know. I don't have to work, financially we are doing ok. Until Liz gets home we can't try to get in touch with the elementals. I was thinking of taking up another hobby or just veg’ing out in front of the television."

"Well you could come down into the lab and work with me," she offered.

"What are you working on now," he asked.

"Matter Transmission," she replied. His eyebrows shot up in surprise at that.

"Teleportation," he asked stunned and she nodded in confirmation.

"Sure I'll come down and at the very least watch," he said. She smiled happily at him and led the way down to the lab. He was amazed at the changes to the inside of the lab since his last foray into Eliza's domain. The large warehouse sized room was split into three levels now. On two opposing sides of the large room rising from the floor like building blocks were opaque glass rooms. A stairway zigzagged up to the third floor and a metal walk ran the length of the front of each room. The overall image making the setup look like a fire escape. He could see shadows of people moving around in the rooms but they couldn't hold his attention. What really grabbed his eyes was sitting in the center of the room, on a large platform. There were several but on the largest sat what looked like a top balanced on its point. He couldn't see any supporting legs holding it up but the huge engines up near the top of the five hundred foot height clued him in as to the things purpose.

"Is that a spaceship," he asked Eliza, who was standing next to him, with awe.

"Yes and no. It is the beginning of a space station once launched additional pieces could be launched to grow the capacity and usefulness. She motioned over at what looked like a silver ford focus.

"That is the completely environment friendly car that doesn't have to be re-fueled only need to be checked over once a year. And that is the fusion engine that runs it," she said pointing to a sphere of red light, about the size of a beach ball, that four goblins were struggling to lift from a black box. Anthony hurried over to lend a helping hand and with his Djinn strength easily lift the orb out of their hands. They led him to the car and had him gently set the orb in place before they began slapping little sticky suction cups with wires attached to the end to the orb, in what looked like a hap-hazardous way the Anthony.

"That is an underwater terraforming unit," she said taking up her tour as if never having been interrupted. The vessel she motioned to was a clear bubble that a large muscled goblin was pounding away at with a diamond topped sledge hammer and not leaving a mark. Mechanical arms were attached to the sides and another goblin was inside soldering away at what appeared to be the control panel.

"Want to give it a try," Eliza asked motioning at the buff goblin pounding at the glass. He shrugged unenthused by the offer but she grinned and pushed him toward the goblin with the hammer. When he approached and asked if he could give it a shot the big goblin looked at him in disbelief but shrugged and handed the heavy tool over. The goblins around them began taking bets on whether Anthony could crack it or not. They all bet against him except for a small thin goblin who bet for Anthony. With a grin at the little goblin Anthony lifted the hammer over his head bowing his spine back letting the hammer tilt father and farther back. Then he tensed his whole body using it like a whip and with a pop like an explosion going off a crack ran from the impact point of the hammer up and down the length of the bubble. The goblin inside startled at the noise and looked up with curiosity before returning to his work at the controls.

"Good job," the little goblin said before scurrying off to collect his winnings. The large goblin laughed loudly and clapped Anthony on the shoulder before hoisting the big hammer and striding off. Anthony rejoined Eliza who sent a goblin scurrying off just as he was approaching. She beamed at him as he approached and he couldn't help but grin sheepishly back at her.

"Why is everyone so happy that I managed to break that bubble," he asked.

"Well if you can break it with just a hammer then more than likely the pressure of the ocean would crush it. No one wants to be in a submersible that will fold up like an accordion it's not conducive to a long life. It's better to catch the problems here where no one’s life is hanging in the balance,' she explained.

"That is your reward that we owe you, but I haven't worked out all of the kinks yet. So you'll have to wait for it," she said motioning to a sheet covered object. Anthony couldn't tell what is was, the sheet even obscured the shape. He saw that goblin she had sent running panting next to the sheet draped form still holding the edge. She led him to the back wall where a humongous fish tank stretched the entire wall.

"This is where we are cultivating under water vegetables," she said motioning to the small fields of plants waving in the current. Goblins swam back and forth tending to the plants and writing notes on the glass for other goblins outside the tanks to record.

"How are they breathing in there," he asked. Eliza walked up to a table at the bottom of a ladder leading up to the rim of the tank. She grabbed something from the table and came back to him handing it to him. It looked like a mask that a surgeon would wear but the texture felt more like rubber.

"Is it safe to try on here," he asked her and when she nodded he slipped it on. The masked molded to his face skin tight as soon as it was in place. He could breathe through it and the air was surprising fresh through the device.

"That is amazing," Anthony said after he pulled off.

"You can have it," Eliza said when he tried to hand it back to her. He shrugged and slipped it into his pocket as she led him to one side of the room.

"On the other side is all weapon development. Each level has a different purview of weapon and armor type. The ground floor is vehicle weapons and armor, the second level is automated weaponry and surveillance, and the third level is personnel weaponry. The second and third levels on this side are medical enhancements while the first floor room is my personal space," Eliza said and opened the door and enter with Anthony on her heels. As soon as they were in the room the lights automatically came on an Anthony reached out and grabbed Eliza's arm. He spun her to face him and crushing her to him kissed her passionately until he had to pull back for air.

"You’re amazing," he said to her. And grinned down at her until her, passion glazed, eyes focused again. She returned his grin and gave him a light kiss before extracting herself from his embrace.

"Are the medical labs looking into the problem of aging a vampire," he asked her as she walked deeper into the room. She nodded in answer to his question as she approached to black platforms near the far wall of the room from the entrance. The platforms were two feet tall and five feet in diameter and appeared to be solid metal blocks. Eliza ran her hands over the closest side of each platform and a small panel popped open on each. She began tinkering around on the wires and circuitry inside the panel.

"Eliza in need some advice," Dililah said as she opened the door. Anthony spun to face the door as soon as he heard the clip of it opening and she froze when her eyes met his and blushed. She stood there unmoving, with the exception of her tail which whipped rapidly back and forth, in the door. In the hand not holding the door open she gripped a cage with two rabbits inside.

"Good morning Dililah," Anthony said and took a step toward her but stopped when she tensed at his approach. He stepped back away from her and moved out of the way so she could make her way to Eliza without having to come near him.

"I'll wait outside," Anthony said and walked out the door, closing it behind him without waiting for a response. He stood back to the wall to the left of the door and watched as the goblins hurried around doing various things that he mostly didn't understand. He stood out there watching the furious activity of the labs occupants for nearly twenty minutes before the door opened. Eliza motioned him back into the room and closed the door behind him when he squeezed past her.

"Well tell him," Eliza said to Dililah who was standing there looking at Anthony. Dililah said nothing but swallowed audibly and continued to stare.

"Fine, I'll tell him," Eliza said with a sigh, "Dililah feels like you have been neglecting her. You never take her anywhere and you haven't made any alone time together with her like you have with the rest of us. She feels unwanted and envious of us who have had more time with you, and she doesn't like feeling envious of her fellow wives."

Anthony looked at Dililah and thought back considering everything that had happened since Dililah's release from the bottle.

"Your right, I am sorry," he said looking into Dililah's eyes.

"After I let you out of the bottle everything was happening so fast I didn't make any time alone for us. However the reason I haven't taken you out since then is because of your tail and horns. Remember on the honeymoon? People kept staring at your tail and horns and whispering and staring," Anthony explained.

"Are you ashamed of me," Dililah asked. She reached behind her and pulled her tail around it front of her. She gently ran a hand over the flared end as she looked sadly at him.

"NO," he said in almost a shout of emphasis on the word he took a deep breath and calmed himself.

"I am not ashamed of you or your body at all. I find you beautiful and the tail and horns are kind of sexy. When we were at the beach you seem uncomfortable with the stares and whispers. I figured in a city like this your reception in any public place will be the same or worse than on the beach. However if that won't bother you I will be glad to go anywhere with you," Anthony said in a more even voice. Dililah grinned and her eyes brightened with obvious happiness at his words.

"Will you take me shopping," she asked giddy.

"Sure," Anthony said. She punched a fist in the air and launched herself into his arms. She smashed her mouth against his and then ran out the door to get ready.

"Do you want me to go with you guys," Eliza asked but he heard the reluctance in her voice and could see the glances she was shooting her project.

"Nah, that's okay. She said she want alone time," he said walking to the door. Halfway through the door he paused and looked back into the room.

"What are the rabbits for," he asked curiously. Eliza answered without turning around her focus once again on her task.

"They will hopefully be our first teleportation passengers," she explained absently while continuing her work. Anthony turned and closed the door heading for the door back to the basement. He got up the stairs and into the house before Dililah was back dressed in a pair of tight low riding black jeans and a red tank top that exposed most of her midriff. He grabbed his wallet and car keys off of the hall table on the way to the front door. They got in the car and he pulled out and headed off to the mall downtown.

"Alright since this is our alone time how about we get to know one another better," Anthony suggested and caught her nod from the corner of his eye.

"You go first ask me anything you want to know," he told her.

"How do you like having so many wives," she asked after a moment of thought.

"Straight for the throat, huh? Having ten wives isn't that bad, the way things stand. If I was still human it would be impossible to satisfy that many women at once on a continual basis. But I love you all and I am not human anymore so while it is sometimes a little over whelming I'm still happy about it. Even if I am confused about the reason you all liked me enough to marry me in the first place."

"What is your aspect," Anthony asked.

"The easiest way to put it is I am a Djinn of Illusion. But putting it that way is kind of misleading since most people think and illusion is only something you see and isn't real. What I can do is real so long as I keep up the power flow. For instance I could conjure an illusion of a cow that would feel, smell, and look perfectly normal. You could even butcher the cow, cook the meat, and eat it, and it would satisfy your hunger. However if I stopped the power flowing to the illusion it would vanish and you would once again be hungry as if you had never eaten."

"How long have you been in love with your sister," she asked after answering.

"Years. I'm not sure exactly when it changed from the desire to protect her and have her happy to the desire to protect her and be one of the things that make her happy."

"How did you end up with horns and a tail," was Anthony's next question.

"You know of my father's Djinn slave, Razark," she asked and he nodded.

"Well when I was younger I was cruel and often taunted the Djinn. One day he managed to slip my father’s hold and permanently changed me like this. Father ordered him to undo what he had done but it can't be undone," she finished just as he pulled into a parking space in front of the mall. They got out and headed for the mall her tail whipping in nervousness as she clutched Anthony's arm to her chest. Anthony felt her tense slightly as they walked into the store and people began to notice her tail and small horns.

"This way," he said and led her towards a clothing store. She relaxed against him even though people continued to stare and whisper as she walked. She released his arm once they were in the store and began examining the clothes. A sales women came over toward the as she browsed.

"Can I help you with anything," the woman asked Dililah her eyes didn't flicker once to the still moving tail.

"Just browsing, thanks anyway," Dililah said turning to smile appreciatively at the woman. The woman was startled as Dililah's black eyes met hers but she smiled back as readily and sincerely. The woman gave Dililah a curious once over before she hurried off to help someone else. She eventually picked a white sundress and a few skirts and pulled him toward the dressing rooms. She furtively looked around when they reached the dressing rooms and seeing no one watching them she pulled him into one of the rooms and closed and locked the door.

"I don't think I am allowed in here," Anthony said but his protests were cut off as she undid her jeans and pushed them down her hips taking her underwear with them. As her tanned legs and hairless pussy came into view he lost his train of thought completely. She freed herself from her jeans with a flick of her ankle and looked into his eyes. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled herself slowly up his body dragging herself over his straining erection. She wrapped her legs tightly around his hips and ground tightly against him. She caught his moan in her mouth and kissed him to muffle the sound. He reached down and placed a palm on her naked ass and lifted so he could undo his zipper. He freed himself and then positioned his cock so she would drop onto him then he let go of her ass.

"Yesssss," she hissed ripping her mouth away from his as her own weight and gravity impaled her completely on him. He grabbed an ass cheek in each hand and lifted her again until he almost fell free then he slammed her back against him and thrust with his hips at the same time. She threw back her head and her mouth opened and she silently screamed out her ecstasy. He continued with that fast and brutal slamming until they were both close, she was whimpering softly now unable to remain completely silent against the waves of pleasure.

"Shhh," he whispered through gritted teeth as he fought against his own pleasure. After a few more strokes her orgasm hit her and she bit hard into his shoulder and screamed. He could feel it but doubted anyone not standing within a few feet would be able to hear it. Her body convulsed and her pussy tightened and rippled along his length causing him to follow immediately after her in his own release. She went limp in his arms, her head lolled against his shoulder and her arms and legs remained loosely around him but she made no other movement.

"Come on Dililah time to get dressed," he said. She looked languidly up into his eyes then smiled wickedly. She put her legs down and as he pulled out of her she shuddered. When he went to put his cock into his pants she grabbed his hands stopping him. She smiled at him devilishly then dropped to her knees and took him into her mouth. She looked up through her lashes at him and sucked hard on him and he began to swell immediately. She began to bob her head taking all of him into her mouth and throat then sucking hard as she pulled back. After only a few minutes he was again reaching his limit.

"I'm going to cum," he warned her. She once again looked up at him and then smiled without removing her mouth. She began sucking even harder and moving her head faster all without breaking eyes contact.

"Oh god," he groaned just before he came. At his words she pulled back until only the head was in her mouth. She licked the head back and forth until his cum filled her mouth then she swallowed and took him all the way in again and slowly licked every inch of him as she pulled off. He shuddered and shivered as she cleaned him with her tongue then released his cock and licked her lips. She then took his cock and placed it in his jeans and carefully zipped them. The act of her putting him in his pants and zipping him up was oddly intimate and when she turned to get her clothes he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her back into his chest. He kissed her neck and nibbled her ear as he kneaded her breasts in his palms. She practically purred under his caressing hands and let out a small protesting sound when he reluctantly released her.

"Time to go," she sighed as she began to dress.

"Time to go," he said matching her wistful tone. She giggled as she dressed and they left the clothes she hadn't tried on in the changing room as they left. They wandered around the stores in the mall talking and eventually Anthony noticed that she was having such a good time she stopped tensing whenever she noticed others staring at her. When he noticed this he smiled at her and kissed her passionately which she enthusiastically returned. Once while they were walking she accidentally slipped and her head slammed into his chest when he caught her but her horns painfully dug into his skin.

When she tried to pull back he stopped her by reaching up and lightly gripping one of her horns. They had skin covering them which surprised him for some reason. They appeared to be as if her skull was just shaped with horns under the skin. The entire time he was feeling her horn she stood stock still except for shudders running through her whole body.

"Does that hurt," Anthony asked pulling his hand back.

"No... feels... good...," she panted trying to compose herself. With a mischievous grin Anthony put a hand on each side of her face and before she realized what he was doing he pulled her head down and ran his tongue from the base of her horn to the tip. She moaned loudly and collapsed against his chest, drawing the attention of several of the passing shoppers. They looked curiously but none seemed to realized she had just collapsed in orgasmic bliss. Anthony chuckled and lifted her into his arms and strode to the nearest exit heading back for their car. When they reach the car he set her down on shaky legs and opened the door then helped her in before running around to the driver’s side and getting behind the wheel.

"Have fun today," he asked as he pulled out of the parking space and he laughed when she nodded weakly. As they drove she quickly drifted off to sleep and he remained silent allowing her to rest. Sar-Rah and Liz were heading to the front door when he pulled up but paused and turned back when they heard his car approach. He hopped out and held up a finger to his lips as he hurried around to Dililah's door. He gently lifted her sleeping form into his arms and her silken soft tail wrapped around his bicep. Sar-Rah and Liz hurried to the door and held it open as he carried Dililah into the house. He took her to his bedroom and laid her on the bed before slowly unwinding her tail from his arms and tiptoeing out the door and shutting it without a sound.

"What's wrong with Dililah," Sar-Rah asked as soon as he walked into the kitchen.

"Nothing just tired from walking around all day," he answered and grabbed a can of soda from the fridge.

"How was school," he asked.

"Same as always," Liz said.

"That jackass John was bothering me again but nothing I can't handle," Sar-Rah said. Anthony's eyes narrowed as he stared off into the distance and his eyes glowed dimly like a fire that had burnt down to coals and was only waiting for some wood to flare back into a bonfire.

"Is the plan for today still the same," Liz asked quickly to distract Anthony from his violent thoughts. She shot Sar-Rah a questioning look and Sar-Rah nodded in agreement that Anthony needed to be distracted.

"What," he asked focusing on her again and she repeated her question.

"Yeah, we need to get the elementals on our side if we can. It would make contacting the other supernaturals easier. Not to mention that they would be a tremendous help to us if it comes to a fight also," he said.

"Okay let’s do this in my room," Liz said and rushed out of the room with Sar-Rah and Anthony on her heels. When they got to the room Liz was trying to push her bed to the side of the room to give her more room. Anthony waved a hand and her bed vanished making her stagger but Sar-Rah who was standing close to her grabbed her arm and steadied her. Liz shot Anthony a frown but he only grinned at her and she huffed before walking over to her dresser. She grabbed a large knife that was almost big enough to be a sword. She gripped the haft tightly and closed her eyes and her face scrunched up cutely in concentration.

"What...," Anthony began but stopped talking as the blade began to glow. She opened her eyes and they were a milky white like all of the color and her pupils were missing. She placed the blade of the large knife just above the floor and walked a perfect circle in the middle of the room. As if the knife was a giant pen a thick black line appeared on the carpet behind the passage of the blade. When she reached the starting point of the circle she lifted the blade and began to draw symbols all around the outer edge of the circle. Once she was finished with the circle of symbols she drew another circle around the symbols enclosing them between the two circles. She raised the knife so it pointed toward the ceiling the blade in front of her face and hilt gripped firmly in both hands in front of her chest and began to speak.

"Fero elementa mundi. Ignis, Terra, Spiritus et Aqua vos vocavit," she said and her voice resonated through the room causing the windows and the dresser mirror to rattle in their frames. For a moment nothing happened then with a flash four whirling pillars of power spun and danced in the circle. The roar of flames clashed and blended with the scream of the wind, the grinding of stone, and the subtle but unending crash of the waves of the sea slowly grinding everything to sand. After a moment the noise began to die down and the pillars each shrunk down into a more or less human form.

"Once again you call me and not just me. You are either brave or foolish," Liz said speaking as a mouth piece for the Wind and her eyes glowed the grey of a storm.

"Both probably," Anthony muttered under his breath as he stared warily at the four figures.

"So very wise for one so young," the wind said with a tinkling laugh, "maybe you will be called 'The Wise' like the previous owner of the ring you bear."

"I hope not," Anthony said. The wind element cocked her shimmering head at his words in an almost bird like movement.

"Why not," the wind asked.

"Because if people start calling you wise they will come to you expecting you to be wise," he said and after a moment the wind nodded her luminescent head in understanding.

"Enough, why have you called us," a hoarse voice issued from Liz's mouth. Her eyes were now glowing a mixture between brown and green so he figured that earth was speaking now.

"I have had my sister call you here at my behest to bargain with you if possible. The humans technology advances more with each day and soon the supernaturals all over the world will not be able hide. I wish to expose our existence in a controlled manner to see if we can be accepted by the humans. I want you all to join with us and help us," Anthony explained.

"We have a deal already. Do you seek to ask more of me instead of fulfilling our bargain? Are you saying if I don't comply you will not pay what is owed," she asked her voice becoming angry.

"No," Anthony said quickly.

"I have every intention to fulfill our agreement as soon as I figure out how," he reassured and the wind
figure calmed.

"I have spoken with the elves and their queen has read in an old tome that to do what is needed you will need a body. If you have a body that means you will be at risk from physical attack and it would benefit you as well as us for a peaceful co-existence with the humans."

"What deal have you struck with the wind," said the water in a quiet voice, Liz's eyes glowed a dark sea
green. Anthony looked over at the wind figure who shrugged in unconcern.

"The wind traded information for my help it to procreate," Anthony said.

"And if we wanted the same thing," asked the water's soft soothing voice. Anthony looked at the four figures and though carefully before he made a decision.

"I will offer the three of you the same bargain but I don't need information. What I want from you is to
travel and let every supernatural creature you can find know that their leaders are invited to a summit that pertains to their future and a chance at not having to hide anymore. We would like them to join us in a months time. Here in town at the dance club Eternal Night after six o'clock pm, they are allowed to come with two representatives and no more then five guards," Anthony explained.

"We will do this," the water element sighed and the wind, fire, and earth forms nodded in agreement.

"I hope you will consider joining with us. Once you have bodies you will be vulnerable too and your help would be welcome," Anthony said.

"We shall see," the wind said and with a clap of displaced air they all vanished and the circle vanished with them. Liz sighed tiredly and sat down abruptly as her shaking knees gave out.

"Well that was useful and interesting," Sar-Rah said walking over to Liz and plopping down next to her. Liz leaned tiredly against her and rested her head on Sar-Rah chest and in seconds was out like a light. Sar-Rah and Anthony chuckled when she let out a cute little snore. Anthony walked over and lifted Liz into his arms and with a flick of his wrist her bed reappeared and he set her gingerly down on to the bed and began pulling off her clothes. When he had her down to her panties he pulled the blankets out from under her and tucked them up around her neck. He followed Sar-Rah from the room and plopped down on the couch and flipped on the T.V. and Sar-Rah curled up against his side. Anthony wrapped an arm around her and they both drifted off to the hypnotic sound of mindless television banter.
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