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In our last chapter Sam’s Godfather Captain Ron Davis and his friend Sergeant Reese Hansen decided to attend classes with JJ in order to leave the military. Both served more than the minimum time and have their own reasons for separating from the military. JJ’s class merely afforded them the means to support themselves once they start their civilian lives.
Kathryn and Sam are still sleeping as I think over the conversation about Daniel, there’s no way I want to see Kara hurt. That is a situation we must approach very delicately. If we stay out of it, who knows it may turn out well, then again. With matters of the heart sometimes it’s best to be an observer, and support your love once in their choices. Sometimes no matter what, heartache is going to find them and all you can do at that point is helped them pick up the pieces and start over. I wouldn’t want to see Kara used by someone who didn’t care for her. I also don’t want to destroy any chance she has to true happiness with Daniel by interfering. Perhaps just a casual talk with Daniel would not interfere too much, but provide enough information to ease my mind and that of her father.

I’m lying there with Sam still sleep on my chest Kathryn cuddled in close to us with her head on my shoulder. My right hand gently strokes Sam’s back as she sleeps. My left hand gently strokes Kathryn’s back as she sleeps. For some reason I think Sam has not slept so well, she’s sleeping longer than her usual nap.

Mom and Reese are there, they notice that I am awake and Mom whispers, “Dinner will be ready in half an hour JJ.”

I don’t say anything because that will wake Sam immediately. I raise my hand from Sam’s back and give a thumbs up signal to let Mom know I heard. I go back to caressing Sam’s back as Mom and Reese leave, both giggling as they go. Ten minutes later I gently increase the speed at which I rub Sam’s back not so much as shake her awake, but to gently bring her back to consciousness. Kathryn seems to wake up as soon as I make the decision to wake Sam.

Kathryn moves forward giving Sam a kiss, the instant Kathryn breaks the kiss Sam comes awake with a giggle. When she sets up on my stomach is the first time I notice how full my bladder really is. Sam giggles at my expression saying, “Daddy you’re making a funny face.”

Kathryn giggles jumps up and runs to the bathroom before I can roll Sam off me. Giving Sam a kiss I tell her Daddy and Mommy has to go to the bathroom. I can tell Kathryn is relieving herself at that instant it’s all I can do to hold myself. Apparently our bond has a few more drawbacks then we realized.

Although I seem to know exactly what Kathryn is craving for, this makes it a lot easier to find. I have to admit that sometimes her deion is very lacking. At 1 o’clock in the morning she shook me awake to tell me she wanted something to eat. I stumbled into the kitchen and got her a glass of milk and some gingersnaps. Returning she asked, “How did you know that’s what I wanted?”

Smiling I say, “Because that’s what I wanted too.” I thought I brought enough for the two of us, but apparently not and I had to make a run to refill the glass of milk and bring more gingersnaps. Eating a couple in the kitchen I had all I wanted, and when I return to Kathryn she was already contented and going back to sleep. I just snuggled in against her and we were both asleep in an instant.

Kathryn moves out of the way as soon as she is finished and I take her spot to relieve myself. Kathryn returns with Sam as I’m washing my hands. I tell them dinner will be ready very soon as I leave the bathroom. Kathryn Sam washes their hands, and brushes their hair before they reappear. Sam comes into my arms and asked before we start downstairs, “Daddy can I sleep with you and Mommy tonight?”

Caressing Sam’s back which I do a lot I answer, “I guess it’s okay, Reese used to sleep with her Daddy too.”

Sam grins and kisses me on the cheek before she says, “When I don’t get to sleep with you, it’s hard for me to sleep.”

Concerned Kathryn ask, “Why is that Sam, do you have bad dream still?”

With a giggle Sam says, “No, not normally. I wake up because I’m cold and I’m lonely. Even if I pull the covers up over me I can’t fall back to sleep.”

Hugging her I say, “It’s a good thing I don’t mind you sleeping on my chest then.”

Sam giggles, “I like being close to you and Mommy.”

Kathryn giggles, “I love being near you too Sam.”

Jokingly I say, “What’s not to love, sleeping with the two most beautiful girls I know.” Both Sam and Kathryn blush and giggle at my comment.

We arrive downstairs to a very full table it seems the whole family has shown up for dinner tonight. Like always only two chairs are for Kathryn, Sam and I. We will spoil Sam tonight, feeding her as she sets in one of our laps. Sam’s stomach grumbles at seeing the table she must’ve been hungrier than she had let on. Then again she seems to be growing again probably will put another inch on before Christmas.

Reminds me to start planning what to give Sam for Christmas, I know the coach is buying a pony for Sam. Helen will buy the saddle and tact for it. Maybe I have Daniel sketch out a stable that we can add to the property. That will not work very well is not something you can put under a tree that a four-year-old would appreciate.

I know she enjoys reading, maybe I’ll get her one of her favorite Arthur’s first edition books. That would be something she can keep for a long time. Maybe I’ll just have Sam help me buy Christmas presents for toys for tots, that would give me a good idea what she would like. She has a few stuffed animals the family has gotten her, and I have caught her reading aloud to them from her e-book. It was just so cute to watch her doing that. I think she was rehearsing reading to her baby sisters. Sam really is going to enjoy being a big sister.

Alyssa has made Sam’s and mine favorite dish tonight, the three layer meatloaf, Spanish-rice, sweet peas and carrots, broccoli with cheese, and mashed potatoes round out the menu. Like always Alyssa dishes out the food and hands plates out to each person. My plate gets some extra to share with Sam and from the way her stomach is growling she may eat all of it.

Alyssa finishes handing out the food. I began to feed Sam which causes Ron chuckle seeing Sam acting similar to a little bird. As soon as her mouth is empty it is open and ready for another bite. Sam like always eats quickly, getting three bytes to my one.

The plate is nearly empty when Sam is full and she snuggles against me and closes her eyes. Giggling Alyssa takes my plate adds a little more food on it. She says, “It looks like Sam’s going to have a growth spurt the way she is eating.” I shake my head yes as Alyssa gives me back my plate.

I give Sam a kiss on the four head before I begin to eat. It doesn’t take long for me to finish and I enjoy the company at the table as Sam sleeps on my lap. Ron asks, “Does Sam do that a lot?”

I ask a question to clarify his, “You mean sleep on my lap, or eat from my lap?”

Ron chuckles before he says, “Now that you mention it, yes. Sam sleeps on your lap all the time? How often you feed her like that?”

With a chuckle I say, “Sam only eats in my lap when the family is all here, and sometimes Sam sets in Kathryn’s lap too. She seems a little tired today because she doesn’t sleep often on my lap, but she does enjoy sleeping on my chest at least two or three times a week. Apparently last night she woke up and couldn’t fall back to sleep. We didn’t know how you would act or feel about Sam doing that. So I asked her to stay in her room unless she had a nightmare. Normally when she wakes up at night she will come and crawl in bed with us. She climbs onto my chest and gives Kathryn a kiss before going back to sleep.”

Ron shaking his head after wiping a tear away he says, “Nancy said she always missed that being deployed. She said Sam would do that, climb on her Daddy’s chest and give her a kiss before going to sleep.”

I can’t help but notice Reese is openly crying over the loss of her friends, and more than one member of the family moves to comfort her. Ron moves faster than anyone else and he pulls her into his arms and she moves into his embrace. He holds her as other family members begin to caress her back and shoulders. No one says that’s not how a soldier should act or any stereotypical psychobabble, we simply allow her to cry and not suppress the emotions that need released.

Ron kisses Reese and it’s a lot more than friends normally share, it answers a lot of questions I have in the back of my mind. It must be one reason there leaving the military, with their difference in ranks they cannot have an open relationship other than their professional one.

The look of surprise on both their faces it must be something they have kept from each other as well. Maybe it was always in the back of their mind something they could explore finally once they left the restrictions of the military behind.

Reese looking at Ron says, “I’m sorry Ron I just miss Nancy. Here I go and let our secret out.”

Ron says, “I think we’re among friends. We can share our secret with them.”

Ron and Reese move apart slightly and they scan around the room seeing expressions of concern and caring from each and every member of the family. Sam is awake and she says, “Don’t worry no one will tell on you. We know you love each other and it is okay.”

Ron says, “I do love Reese, but her being a noncommissioned officer in my unit the relationship isn’t allowed by the military. If it gets back to our unit we’ll be in trouble. So please no one say anything it doesn’t matter what both leaving the military shortly, mainly to be together.”

Reese smiles and says, “You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting to say this openly. I love you Ron.” There are more than a few chuckles and giggles around the room as the feeling of happiness spreads outward from them. It is like the two of them have had a weight lifted from their shoulders, no longer face the burden of concealing their love the two kiss openly.

Tonight we hear Ron and Reese from Ron’s bedroom, Sam giggles saying, “Ron and Reese like making funny noises too.”

With a chuckle I say, “Most adults who are in love, love to make those funny noises.”

Kathryn raises an eyebrow but remain silent. I realize Sam will never forget what I just said. I wonder how I’m going to explain the difference in loving someone and being in love with someone. The English language only has one word for love. I know other languages use more than one to describe the type of love, from the love of a parent to the lust filled desire of lovers. The love you have for a friend is quite different than the love you have for family, the love you have for a wife is quite different than the love you have for your child. I really wish English had several words to describe that, it simply uses love and lots of adverbs. The trick is choosing the correct adverb or adjective to make your meaning clear, although sometimes it just sounds like babbling when you do.

Picking Sam up I say, “Sam you do know there’s differences in how people love each other, I love my Mom but I don’t want to make funny noises with her. I love Kathryn and I love making those funny noises with her.” Sam giggles merrily. I hope she knows what I mean, but I’m hesitant to explain more. Sam is a little precocious as it is, and I feel her time with Lester wasn’t good for a four-year-old, I’m sure he exposed her to many things a child Sam’s age should never been exposed to.

Kathryn is holding her hand over her mouth trying to keep from laughing out loud. I look around the room many of the family are doing the same. After a moment or two Sam stretches gives me a kiss on my cheek and laser head on my shoulder sleepily she asks, “Daddy can you take me to bed now?”

Several of the family breaks out in to open laughter, although what Sam said was totally innocent. I ask, “My big girl getting tired?

Sam sleepily replies, “Yes Daddy, I’m tired and want to go to sleep.”

Chuckling I say, “I guess Kathryn and I could go to sleep now.” I give Kathryn a look says please don’t leave me alone, and she gets the message coming with me to put Sam the bed.

After we get into our pajamas and doing our nightly routines the three of us slide in the bed together and Sam falls asleep immediately. I’ve gotten into the habit of caressing Sam and Kathryn. Kathryn whispers, “I love sleeping with Sam, but she will get older eventually will not be able to do this anymore.”

Whispering back hoping not to disturb Sam, “We’re going to have a lot of daughters and they will all love to sleep on my chest too. Sam may have to share with Amanda when she gets a little older. It wouldn’t surprise me that the bed is full of our children more nights than not.”

Sam mumbles in her sleep, “That’s right Daddy, all us daughters love to sleep on your chest.”

Kathryn is doing her best not to crack up and wake Sam, eventually she does calm herself. She slides up gives me a kiss on the cheek and whispers, “You’re a good Daddy to Sam.” I can feel Sam shake her head in agreement even though she is sound asleep.

It only takes a few more minutes for Kathryn to drift off, and sometimes I do worry what the future holds in store for us. We’ve changed so many things from our premonition and I hope for the better. I smile as I too drift off to sleep still caressing my two loves.

Early morning and I awake to Sam straddling my lower chest and she giggles she is straightening up from giving her Mommy a kiss. I realize where she’s at she probably leaned forward to give me a kiss too. When she sees that we are awake she asks in her sweet little voice, “Daddy can we had pancakes? Please get up I’m hungry.”

We take a quick shower, well Sam and Kathryn take a shower then I take one. We dress and then head down to the kitchen to make Sam’s Pancakes. Sam having gone to bed early has gotten us up before anyone else in the house, and I start the coffee before mixing the pancake batter. I’ve actually gotten pretty good at making bunny shaped pancakes that always brings a smile to Sam and Kathryn. That makes it well worth the effort to make them.

Ron and Reese are the next two awake, probably because of the early mornings they always have. They look a little more relaxed and satisfied as they headed for the coffee. Reese has her head in the refrigerator looking for creamer when Ron notices that I’m making bunny shaped pancakes.

After they set the table Sam and Kathryn await their morning treat. I use a griddle and I have both Sam’s and Kathryn’s pancakes ready. Placing their food on plates and then in front of my girls they both giggle and start spreading butter on their bunnies. Ron shakes his head seeing how the two act alike. I started another and a short stack ordinary pancakes for Ron. Reese is looking at Ron smiling and hasn’t really paid any attention to the food so far. When I slide her plate in front of her she acts just like Sam and Kathryn had. Ron chuckles realizing some people hold onto a little of the kid inside, and it takes a little whimsy to bring that out.

I knew Reese’s playful side would come out easier today her being so happy. It’s funny when our childhoods are very happy that in adulthood when we are very happy our playful childish nature can come out. Reese is no different than Ron playfully made a grab for a bite of her bunny playfully defended it. In a little girl voice she says, “My bunny get your own.”

Ron made a pouty face with the big puppy dog eyes, and Reese gives in. Giggling she says, “If you’re going to cry about it I will give you a bite.”

Mom comes in and I start her a pancake bunny too. By the time she’s finished making her coffee her bunny is just about finished when she sets down beside Sam she notice Sam is eating her bunny. When I set the plate in front of Mom she giggles and says, “Goody I get a bunny this morning too.”

That causes Ron to chuckle. He leans in and shares a maple sugar kiss with Reese. He looks at the happy faces before he says, “I didn’t think something so simple could bring such joy. Thank you for teaching me that JJ.”

I smile and start two more pancake bunnies for Joan and Alyssa as they come to breakfast. Alyssa giggles seeing what I’m doing and Joan exclaims, “Pancake bunnies!”

Ron finishing his ordinary pancakes looks up to see me getting ready to drop a pancake bunny into his plate he chuckles as Reese butters one of the ears and then she adds more butter to the rest, mischievous look comes across her face and she quickly cuts in ear off and moves it to her plate. Ron only chuckles at her antics. Giving her a kiss he skillfully steals it back. Reese has a very disappointed expression discovering her plate is now empty again. I chuckle as I create a small bunny for her. Ron gives her a bite of his which is at least a fourth of the ear Reese took. Reese has a happy smile on her face as she eats.

Kathryn’s plate is empty, and I can feel the longing as powerful as my own hunger, watching Ron feed Reese another bite I decide to give the bunny to Kathryn who looks up with a smile as I placed a small bunny on her plate. I had made myself a stack of five medium-sized pancakes, before take my place at the table I asked if anyone wants seconds before Joan can even ask start a small bunny for her too.

This is about all the early risers in the house, Johnny usually doesn’t get up for another couple hours. When I finish with Joan’s pancake I can take my seat. Sam immediately sets in my lap. She only takes a bite or two of mine but I think she really did it just to get into my lap. Kathryn finished her small bunny and I give Kathryn a couple bites as well. Kathryn leans against my shoulder and Sam’s leaning on my chest. It feels so nice to have them close to me like this.

I realize this will be one of the happiest moments of my life I only wish it could last forever. No one knows exactly how many of these perfect moments you will have. Who knows what it takes to earn them. Was it something as simple as making the pancake bunnies for my family or helping Ron and Reese have a life together? These moments are too short to wonder about them, when they happen just enjoy that moment.

The moment is over all too soon, it will always be part of me and something I can reflect on even until the day I die. A happy place I can go to whenever I absolutely need one.

As for trading that day we don’t do any, we had made our buy in corn yesterday and the price had risen somewhat, we would’ve made another quarter million if they sold today, but I know tomorrow on that news from the agriculture department that will be a very small gain compared to tomorrow’s closing. We talk about other things I show them a few stocks and bonds and we go over why they will be a good long-term investment, one is a utility stock that is making excellent profit now that the price of natural gas is dropped.

I explained that most of tomorrow’s money should go into the stocks minus what will be held to pay taxes and seed money. Roughly half of what tomorrow’s profit, we will be buying the stocks on Thursday mornings trading.

Ron asks, “I understand now about the due diligence, I’ve seen and read all the research Misty Marshall and you put together. What you didn’t put in was a projected profit only a sale point for the automatic sale. I figured the entire family has a little money in corn on your research. What is the profit we are actually looking at?”

I smile and say, “Somewhere between one thousand four hundred and one thousand four hundred and seventy-five percent.”

Ron and Reese have expressions I would never expect on battle hardened veterans, I could wave a feather at them and knock them over. Reese recovers and says “Are you saying were going to have over seven million dollars by Thursday morning?”

Marshall coming in as caught enough of the conversation so he answers, “Actually Wednesday afternoon you should have a little more than seven and a quarter million in each of your accounts.”

Then I state, “That should get you to near ten percent of your retirement goal.” Their shocked expressions have not changed much, and it’s something I hadn’t really discussed with them before where I wanted to get them to. I hadn’t told them I wanted to get them to around forty million after taxes so their residuals would net them over a million a year after they pay the taxes on them. I simply told them I was going to help them retire. I guess now would be a good time to discuss with them where they would like to be at once we do finish this class.

Marshall grins and says, “JJ had us to seventy-eight million when he ended the last class, with tomorrow I should make more than a hundred million this year. Although I probably will never touch most of it is still is fun to do. JJ isn’t the only one that’s going to have a lot of fun this year giving to the local charities and a few beyond. That reminds me Jeremy wants you to give them a call about that Give a Gift program you two started, I got a feeling the family is going to help out a lot more than you realize with it.”

Chuckling I say, “That’s great, they can use a tax write off.”

I catch Marshall up on what we’re talking about then walk out to give Jeremy a phone call. Kathryn and Sam are setting on the balcony enjoying the sun in their bikinis. I playfully tickled both girls for instant before they tickled me back and make me surrender. I give them a kiss and they go back to their sunbathing.

Giving Jeremy a call when he answers I say, “Hello Jeremy. You needed me to call you?”

Jeremy begins, “I know you promised to match whatever I took in donations for this new program. By the way were calling it, Give a Gift of giving, or Give a Gift for short. Several anonymous donations have come in and the total is slightly more than ten million dollars. Are you sure you still are able to match that?

I give Jeremy a chuckle and say, “Jeremy I’ll make it what I make tomorrow that should be a little more than just matching your current donations.”

Jeremy swallows hard before he asks, “JJ this is the most money I’ve ever had to handle for any charity. You know how much of the temptation most people would have with money like this.”

I think about it quickly and Jeremy is correct, I know the Red Cross and other charities pay some of their top people quite well to manage their money, and resources like any other business. I tell Jeremy this, “Jeremy it isn’t fair to make you do this much work for absolutely free, let’s set down and work out a salary for you and your support staff you’re going to hire to run this program.”

Jeremy chuckles and says, “JJ, are you starting another business, one for you to just give money away.”

Jeremy has a point. I tell him, “Jeremy it would have to be a nonprofit business, we can hire some people to help us administrate and distribute the donations, some permanent people for accounting, and contacting people for the charity. That way we can hire at least six or eight people permanently and maybe twenty or thirty during the holidays on a part-time basis.”

Jeremy chuckles and says, “JJ you’re thinking too small with the amount of money that you’re talking about will cover the state easily. Maybe sixty to eighty people permanently with nearly a thousand on the holidays, that’s just this year.”

Before I tell him anything else I chuckle realizing he is correct. I say, “It seems you have a better idea of what we’re going to need. If you need any legal worked done here’s the number for my law firm in LA, if they can’t do it here have them suggest someone locally who can. First thing you need to do is hire an accountant. Since you have been the principal fundraiser and soul person behind the project till today I think a good bonus would be in order. Have an oversight board set up, ask Judge Thurgood if he will set on it, I will too, please ask the Judge to pick a couple more people from the community. By the way Jeremy I will pay the bonus out of my own pocket so it doesn’t take away from any funds you gathered. Just tell me what you need for me and I’ll make it happen. I hope it helps with the temptation. You’re a good man and I wouldn’t want to be the cause of your downfall.”

Jeremy chuckles mostly from relief before he says, “I do appreciate all this JJ. When we started the program at the restaurant I had no idea it was going to be this large, this fast. Mostly because of some very generous people, I think you know most of them, you even married one of the ten of them.”

I chuckle knowing the rumor gotten around about great grandpa JT’s treasure, but I also know the rumor has the amount of money far short of what it truly was. I guess it’s our families way of paying back a little of what was given to us, with Kathryn in my help our family should be able to continue on giving back for a few more decades easily.

I set a time with Jeremy to meet him tomorrow, Jeremy tells me he knows an accountant who is currently unemployed, and he used to work in New York and just forced to return home here. He was unable to find work after the state outsourced his government job. Smiling brightly I tell him, “Bring him by tomorrow, he can help set up the nonprofit organization, he can act as CFO and by the way Jeremy you’re the CEO you may want to get new business cards printed soon.”

Jeremy asks, “JJ, you have not even asked me anything about this guy. Does it matter, if he is my son?”

Still smiling I say, “It’s going to be a pleasure to meet your son. If he has the skills to do the job it doesn’t matter to me. You wouldn’t have suggested him if you didn’t think he could handle it. Besides that if he’s anything like you he’s perfect for the job. Besides that he’s not going to be working alone, he can hire as many people as he needs.”

Generally relieved Jeremy says, “I’m sure he can handle the job considering what his job was for the state of New York. I think he will like this one a lot more.”

With a chuckle I say, “I’m sure we’ll figure out a way to keep you two busy all year round.”

I say my goodbyes to Jeremy and hang up. Kathryn raises her head and asks, “Can I come tomorrow?”

Chuckling I say, “Just trying get out of it, you too Sam after all it was your idea.”

Sam giggles as she raises her head to look at me she says, “You mean I get to help?”

Thinking I say, “I want you to explain it. That way we adults can understand what it means to you. What it really means to be able to give back to the adults you love.”

Sam giggles and says, “I can do that.”

Kathryn asks, “What exactly are we doing tomorrow?”

Smiling I say, “We’re going to hire Jeremy and his son to run a nonprofit based on Sam’s idea, where the child gets to give a Christmas present to their parents and siblings.”

Kathryn remembering says, “That was the best thing about earning money, you paid me enough that I got to actually give presents to my Mom and Dad, and brothers and sisters.”

Setting down by Kathryn, I lean over give her a kiss. After we break I say, “The one thing I didn’t like about Christmas when I was little is not being able to give a surprise present to my Mom.”

Sam listen to us ask, “Is Christmas just about giving gifts?”

Smiling I tell Sam, “Hardly, it’s really about showing the people you love that you love them. Giving someone a present is one way to do that. For me Christmas is really all about love, and sharing it with family and friends.”

Kathryn giggling says, “I barely remember what you bought me back when I was ten, but I definitely remember the Christmas card you made. I still have the cards you made me. A couple still makes me laugh when I look at them, like that very first card with you on the phone.”

I inform Kathryn, “Your Dad saw it before you did, he laughed so hard he fell out of his chair.”

Kathryn remembering says, “Mom still had a tear running down her cheek when she shown it to me, she had been laughing so hard. It was a good thing I was in bed or I would’ve fallen over too.”

Sam hearing our exchange beseeches, “Can I see it? Please, please.”

Kathryn says, “Okay Sam but be very careful with it. It is very special to me.”

Sam says, “Okay Mommy, you can just show it to me. I don’t have to hold it.”

Kathryn leaves going into the house in our master bedroom closet she pulls out a scrapbook that holds a lot of cards and some pictures from our early time together. When Kathryn gets back outside she pulls Sam into her lap. I’m surprised there are so many pictures of us from back then, and I realize a lot of them are from her parents or brothers and sisters. Of course there’s a lot with Kathryn setting on my lap and us kissing.

Sam giggles and points to a picture of us kissing and says, “Who set little girl Daddy is kissing?”

Kathryn giggling says, “Sam that’s what I looked like when I was ten.”

With a chuckle I say, “You’re still just as cute, just now you got pretty stacked on top of it.”

Sam giggles and says, “Daddy thinks you’re pretty cute Mommy.”

With a chuckle I say, “Of course Sam, I also think Kathryn is beautiful, gorgeous, the most desirable woman in the world for me.”

Ron from the doorway chuckles and says, “I think every man describes his love that way.” Turning to Reese he says playfully, “Isn’t that right the most desirable woman in the world to me.”

Reese giggles and pulls him into a long passionate kiss. Kathryn has found the card in question at the beginning of the scrapbook. After Ron and Reese break and they smile at each other for a while, Sam is laughing at the card and that brings their attention to it as well. They look at the card a little confused because they don’t know the story behind it.

They sit down across from us and Sam begins, the first day Mommy and Daddy met. Mommy was a little upset at her brothers, when she introduced herself to Daddy she said her name was Kathryn but everybody calls her Katie Cat, and she hated that. Daddy promise to never call her anything but Kathryn, later that day Daddy convinced her brothers to never use anything other than her name to address her. That card there is to remind them.”

Giggling Reese asks, “JJ exactly how did you convince them? I couldn’t get a boyfriend that would even try to convince my younger brothers to stop making fun of my name.”

Ron chuckles, “Are all of your brother-in-laws older then you?

Giggling Kathryn says, “Yes they all are, and were believed to be the toughest boys in the County at that time. JJ proved he was tougher than they were that afternoon.”

Sam giggles, “I like that story, because Daddy did it without hurting my uncles.”

Reese asked, “Was that one of stories you were talking about yesterday in the barn?”

Sam and Kathryn both giggle and shake their head yes. Ron looking through the scrapbook sees how young Kathryn looks four years ago. There’s a picture of me and Kathryn in the front porch swing of the Edward’s home a little after I gave Kathryn her necklace. We were kissing in the picture.

Ron asks, “Just how old are you Kathryn? You look awfully young in this photo.”

Chuckling I look at the photo and tell Sam, “That was twelve days before you were born Sam.”

Reese says to Ron, “You’re not supposed to ask a woman her age.”

Kathryn giggling says, “It’s okay Ron, I’m fourteen and yes we are legally married. I finished high school, and because JJ and I have made a billion dollars together we both decided we’re not going to go to college, even though JJ was offered a full scholarship to a few for his football.”

Ron shakes his head a few times trying to get his head around everything Kathryn said. He asked, “You mean you’re really ready at fourteen to be a mother?”

Sam immediately comes to Kathryn’s defense she says, “Mommy is great. She’s as is good with me as Angel Mommy, a whole lot better than old Mommy was. When I first got here I was so scared, and Mommy never let go of me. Mommy and Daddy kept all the bad dreams away, Mommy let me get clothes like hers. She wants everybody to know I belong to her and Daddy. Mommy and Daddy love me. I don’t care how old she is. She’s my Mommy.” Sam clutches to Kathryn who comfort Sam.

Ron leans over and rubs Sam’s back he says, “Princess I was just worried for nothing I see. Obviously Kathryn is ready to be a good Mommy to you.”

Sam for the first time I ever heard her pouty voice. She says, “Okay Ron, as long as you know Kathryn is my Mommy now. My Daddy is JJ and will always be from now on.”

Ron still caresses Sam’s back as he says, “If they are who you love as your Mommy and Daddy. They love you as their daughter. Then you are with whom you should be with.”

Sam looking into Ron’s eyes says firmly, “Yes I am, and they belong to me.”

Smiling I say, “My daughter is absolutely right I do belong to her, I can’t see my life without her as my daughter. I knew that when we brought her home from the hospital on the night we were married, for the second, third, fourth, and fifth times.”

That’s gets a confused look from Ron and Reese and I say, “Maybe it would be better to show you this time.”

Kathryn’s eyes light up and she asks, “It finally got here our weddings video?”

Picking Sam up and helping Kathryn to her feet I say, “It got here yesterday while we were trading. Mom signed for it.”

Sam giggles and says, “I finally get to see it really was you that I wished for you to be my Mommy and Daddy.”

Leading everyone to the elevator I say to Sam, “Yes you do Princess, Mom says there are a few other things that came with it.”

It takes a few minutes to put it in the player in the TV room and get it all set up. Sam is squirming in Kathryn’s lap she so excited she can’t sit still. Kathryn is almost as bad and I feel her impatience. The video starts and I quickly take my seat beside Kathryn and Sam. Sam leans back against me still setting in Kathryn’s lap. The video begins as a pan around the crowd focusing on me for a moment as I stand there nervously. They move off of me and in the background I see Sam being held by Lester and Nicole by their side. I point out to Sam and she says, “There are old Mommy and that asshole Lester. Daddy Lester was so cruel to me he hurt me a lot.”

With compassion in my voice I say, “I’m sorry Sam I couldn’t stop them, if I could have I would have. If I had known I would’ve tried. I can never hurt you like Lester.”

Looking up into my face Sam says, “I know that Daddy, you love me. Lester never did. There’s no mean in you, I think Lester only had mean in him.”

The music starts and the doors open, the bride maids and the groomsmen step out then it’s Kathryn’s turn with her father they step out, Sam practically squeals seeing her Mommy in the wedding dress. It still takes my breath away on how beautiful Kathryn is at that moment. Kathryn’s father quickly hands her off to me on the video and Kathryn squeezes my hand and my heart starts again and I take a heavy breath. I know Kathryn felt my emotions because I feel hers then too. We feel a strong mixture of love, pride, joy and a dash of lust top the list.

The clouds roll in as we reach the end of the dock and the cameraman catches people looking up. He swing back to Kathryn and I just as the music stopped the sunlight illuminates us giving us the illusion of being brighter than our surroundings. Sort of like they did on the TV show about Angels, and Sam whispers Angel Mommy.

It only takes the cameraman a second to adjust, but I swear there’s a second face over Kathryn’s shoulder for a moment. Ron and Reese notice it too, and they both suck in a breath at the same time Sam was whispering. Sam says, “That’s right when I wish you will be my new Mommy and Daddy.”

Ron asks, “Did you use a Spotlight, to get that effect?”

Sam says, “The clouds opened up and it’s the sun shining on them.”

The video keeps going as Judge Thurgood and the three ministers gave the marriage vowels stopping before you may kiss the bride. As the fourth minister steps forward and gives the vowels can just see Lester and Nicole walking back towards the house there the only two people that move during the ceremony. All the ministers step forward and Judge Thurgood they each say simultaneously you may kiss the bride. I lift the veil in the sunlight strikes the rubies of Kathryn’s necklace. A warm glow shows between us, I lean in and kiss Kathryn. The glow from the rubies and the way we stand create an image of a red heart during our kiss. The crowd roars watching the two of us kiss. Then our in-laws begin congratulating us, the cameraman focuses in on Mom, Helen and Michael senior, all three have tears of joy.

Reese and Ron both ask to see the beginning again, we watch it in slow motion this time the face is definitely there, and it is a woman she leans in kisses Kathryn’s cheek for only an instant and disappears. When it is over Sam stands and kisses Kathryn in the same spot with tears running down her cheeks she says, “I miss you Angel Mommy.”

Kathryn pulls Sam to her; rocking Sam in her arms she too has tears. Kathryn says, “Sam I love you, I know you miss your Angel Mommy, and that’s okay. We both love you.”

It takes Sam a long time to calm down and stop crying but as the two of us caress her and give her light kisses she eventually stopped crying. Sam in a shaking voice asks, “If Angel Mommy was there with you Mommy where was Angel Daddy?”

The answer comes from my heart and I say, “He never left your side Princess. He was always with you even though you didn’t know he was there.”

Sam asks, “How do you know Daddy?”

Again the answer comes from my heart saying, “Because Sam that is where I would be. Whenever you were in trouble or endangered I would never leave your side.”

Sam points out, “Daddy you did leave me and Mommy in the safe room when Lester was coming after me.”

I point out to Sam, “Your Angel Daddy and Mommy was there with you Sam, your uncle Marshall was with you, Mommy was with you, and I wasn’t going to let Lester anywhere near you.”

Ron and Reese have a questioning look on their face before Ron asks, “What exactly happened to Lester no one seems to share that story.”

I’m looking at Kathryn and she knows what I’m going to ask without asking she says, “Come on Sam let’s go get us a glass of water and wash our faces.”

When Sam and Kathryn have left the room I tell the story, for the first time without leaving out a single detail. When I finish Ron and Reese look at me and Ron says, “JJ you did what you had to. You protected your family using what you had available. You did this without a firearm of any kind?”

I say, “I’m more than capable of killing a person if I absolutely have to, I did kill a bear that was threatening my family.”

Reese asks, “I knew a lot of guys that were pretty good at martial arts. Exactly how did you kill the bear?”

In a matter-of-fact voice I say, “I kicked him in the neck hard enough to crush his spinal cord, throwing it back about six feet.” I walk over to the intercom button pressing the one for the kitchen I asked Kathryn if she can bring the bear skin when she comes back. I know they both her the story before, but I don’t believe they have seen the skin yet.

Kathryn giggles, “We hadn’t shown the bear skin to them yet.” That was more for Sam than us.

It takes a few more minutes but when they return Kathryn has the bear skin draped over her and Sam with Sam on her shoulders the bear skin still drags the ground. Ron shakes his head seeing it he says, “That looks more like a grizzly than a black bear.”

I shrugged my shoulders other than the zoo I haven’t seen a live bear other than this one. So I have very little to compare them to, and really don’t care to increase the sample size I have in my memory.

I take the bear skin and spread it out on the floor, Kathryn and Sam giggles as I tickle them to get even with them for wearing the bear skin. They giggle as I say, “That’s what you get for trying to scare me.”

Sam giggles and says, “Daddy you’re really brave, nothing scares you.”

I don’t want to bring myself down in Sam’s estimate of me but I have to confess that I was very scared when it came to the bear. With a smile I say, “Sam that bear had me scared half to death.”

Sam shaking head no says, “Mommy said you were really brave stood right up to the bear.”

I continue telling Sam, “I did Sam, but I was still scared if I didn’t stop the bear it was very likely to hurt your Mommy and your Aunts.” No use telling Sam the bear would likely have killed all of us.

Ron interrupts he says, “Sam that’s what true bravery really is. Never letting fear stop you from doing what you need to do, especially when you’re protecting your family, your friends and the people who depend on you.”

Reese says, “Sam it’s good that JJ is really brave, Nancy your Angel Mom was like that too, so was your Angel Dad.”

Sam says, “Reese Angel Mommy saved you and Ron because you are very good and are worth saving. You didn’t cause her to die, bad men did.”

Reese taking a deep breath with tears streaking down her face says, “I try to tell myself that everyday Sam. But I always wonder if I’m doing enough to pay her back.”

Sam goes to Reese and wraps her in a hug. Sam says, “You’re doing pretty good now. You and Ron can watch me for Mommy and Daddy. I think they’re going to need some private time to hug each other and make funny noises.”

Sam is right about that, Kathryn and I deftly need some time alone, we hadn’t had enough in the last days. This afternoon should be good for us to spend some time together.

Ron and Reese would be fine with Sam, just like Kathryn and I, we know both would die for her if need be. The family feels good about Sam’s Godfather, and I wonder if Reese when she marries Ron would consent to be Sam’s Godmother. That’s a question that will wait until I see a ring on Reese’s finger.

Ron asks, “JJ tomorrow after we sell. Is there a way that I can get some of the money?”

Realization hits me he is planning on buying something for Reese and I say, “We should be able to we may need an new account at the local bank or use an account you already have transfer the money into it won’t take very long.”

Ron smiles and says, “Good I really need to pick up something very special.”

I ask him, “Any problem with you watching Sam for a couple hours.”

Chuckling Ron says, “Sam was right wasn’t she? No, we’ll not have a problem watching Sam.”

I chuckle my reply, “Sam is very intuitive, you’ll find that out the more you deal with her.”

Kathryn playfully runs her hand up my back and tugs on my shoulder she pulls me along to the elevator and we disappear to our bedroom. Kathryn teasingly runs into the bathroom, the last few steps she swings her hips trying to tease me into following. Who am I to deny my wife what she wants so I follow.

When I arrived there Kathryn is already stripped and placing her clothes in the hamper. She walks to me very seductively by the time she reaches me, I have my clothing off and my manhood is fully hard. Kathryn put herself on the countertop. Spreading her legs for me she knows I love to taste her, and smelling the aroma of her sex I’m beyond resisting. There’s no teasing now I lick through her slit spreading her labia with my tongue. It doesn’t take a couple minutes before Kathryn’s labia is open and her inner lips protrude her clitoris stands erect and longer than I remember seeing it.

Kathryn only being just over fourteen years old I realize her body isn’t finished changing fully, our impatience wouldn’t let us wait for Kathryn to completely mature. I will love watching her body change into the woman that I will love for the rest of my life.

Kathryn quivers as I take her clit into my mouth teasing it with my tongue. Sucking on it, Kathryn thrust her hips forward as she pulls my head into her. Kathryn moans, “Oh I love my husband licking my cunt.”

I enjoy giving Kathryn pleasure, and I work her into a shaking orgasm quickly, continuing teasing her into a second and third before she covers herself and begs, “Please husband I need you inside me.”

I pick Kathryn up and she lines herself up and slides down my manhood, we are moaning as she becomes fully impaled. She holds on with her legs around my waist and arms around my neck, instead of carrying her to the shower I take her to our bed. She giggles saying, “I thought you would like a shower.”

Chuckling I say, “We’ll have a shower after we work up a really good sweat.”

Kathryn giggles, “Promise.”

We kiss passionately as we situate ourselves on the bed. Our bodies seem to find the rhythm on their own and it isn’t long before both of us are breathing hard and beginning to sweat. Kathryn meets every one of my thrusts with one of her own although we are careful not to push too deeply. I moan, “I love you my wife.”

Kathryn smiles brightly and returns, “I love you my husband.” And she spurs me into a faster rhythm bringing us closer to our first mutual orgasm. The bond Kathryn and I share allows this, causes our bodies to climax together. Time seems to slow and our climax seems to last for minutes instead of seconds, huge spurts of semen flood Kathryn’s belly as I push against her cervix and it flows directly into her womb. As the warm cum now erupting from me filling her expanding belly Kathryn howls. Kathryn’s need is greater than my need for rest and I continue on even after my balls are empty. The rhythm we set on my sensitive member sent us both into shakes and spasms. It doesn’t seem like five minutes pass before I press and again and emptying my balls for the second time. Kathryn screams, “I LOVE YOU.”

The pleasure is too great and our bodies can’t stand anymore, I barely manage to roll us so Kathryn is on my chest, before darkness takes us to a blissful sleep.

I wake up to giggling, and Sam stands there alone at the edge of the bed. I ask, “Sam where is Reese and Ron?”

Sam with a giggle says, “They laid me down for my nap and Reese got up later I got cold and woke up. They are in their bedroom making funny noises now.”

I tell Sam, “That’s what newlyweds do.”

Kathryn wakes up realizing she’s nude lying on top of me she looks over at Sam. Kathryn giggles, “It looks like you found Mommy and Daddy not ready to stop making those funny noises.”

Sam giggles and says, “You and Daddy were taking a nap. That’s why I thought I could come in.”

I look at Kathryn and we both want to continue, but we know it’s more important to be a parent to Sam. I say, “Sam I guess we will get cleaned up really quick, and then we’ll take you down and get a snack. Is Alyssa here?”

Sam shakes her head no and she goes over and sets picking up her e-reader she continues on with the story she had been reading. I get Kathryn a quick kiss and she quickly runs towards the bathroom followed by me as Sam reads.

Kathryn immediately starts the shower and as soon as the temperatures right we get in. I tell her, “I love you more than anything. There’s going to be times like this when we have to be parents.”

Kathryn giggling says, “Just wait till I can talk to Ron, I’ll point out that they should have been still watching Sam. Now who’s not ready to be a parent?”

Chuckling I say, “We’ll have to make sure they understand that Sam needs to feel someone beside her to sleep well.” I wash Kathryn from head to toe; she loves it when I wash her hair for her. She makes me get on my knees so she can wash my hair, and she washes me from head to toe as well. We dry and dress in our robes, back in our bedroom Kathryn gets her underwear and goes to the closet she dresses in one of the outfits that matches Sam’s. Once dressed Kathryn takes Sam down to her room she’s going to give her a quick bath and dresser in the matching outfit. I change into blue jeans and button-down shirt once they’re out of the room.

I meet Sam and Kathryn in the kitchen and I made grilled cheese sandwiches for them. I have heated some Misty’s tomato soup to go along with it. Sam and Kathryn come in giggling. Kathryn asks, “That looks good doesn’t it Sam?”

Giggling Sam says, “Daddy is my fourth favorite cook, for lunch.”

Thinking about who my competition is that is a very good rating. With a chuckle I say, “Thank you my lovely Princess Sam.”

I see Reese headed toward Sam’s room, she standing in the door and nearly panics when she realizes Sam isn’t in her bed. So I call to her, “It’s okay Reese Sam’s here.”

Kathryn seeing the panic Reese has doesn’t follow through on what we talked about earlier. Kathryn says, “Reese calm down Sam’s fine. She just got up early from her nap. That’s all. Come and have a grilled cheese in some of Misty’s homemade soup.”

Reese still runs over to the table kneeling down by Sam she hugs her and says, “I’m sorry Sam I should’ve stayed with you.”

Sam giggles, “It’s okay, you and Ron needed to make those funny noises, it’s something newlyweds do.”

Reese blushes brightly, realizing Sam was up longer than she thought. Kathryn giggles at Reese’s expression and says, “It never fails you put one down for their nap they wake up before you think they will or sleep a lot longer.”

Sam giggles brightly and teases, “A kid has to keep their parents on their toes.” Reese giggles and gives Sam a hug.

Chuckling I say, “Sam you are a very good parent trainer.”

Reese says, “I can strip down an M-4 or M-16 in the dark and clean it put it back together and be ready to fire it. I can keep track of eighteen soldiers, half dozen Humvees, and make sure everyone is where their order to be at all times. But a four-year-old kid has me panicked.”

I say, “That’s because you don’t know what to expect from a four-year-old. Sam behaves very well. I have not yet needed to even raise my voice with her. Once I’ve explained what I wanted Sam is followed every rule I’ve given her.”

Sam says, “Daddy you make rules to keep me safe. Like me not going swimming by myself. Even though I know how to really good now, there’s still a chance that I might get hurt. So I always stay out of the pool area when I’m by myself like you want.”

Reese takes deep breath and says, “That’s really good Sam. A little boy was killed because he didn’t follow that rule any fallen in couldn’t get out of the pool.”

Sam says, “That’s really sad. Daddy taught me how to float first thing. He said if I couldn’t swim I could always float once I knew how.”

Reese has a confused expression for a moment she asks, “What does floating have to do with not drowning?”

Sam giggles and says, “I’m only part mermaid that’s what Daddy says, I got to breathe air.”

Reese is confused for a moment then begins to giggle she asks, “So floating helps you...”

Still giggling Sam cuts her off saying, “Keep my head above water.” Reese smiles brightly and hugs Sam again.

Kathryn adds, “Reese you ought to try floating it’s a great way to relax and meditate.”

Reese’s expression gives it away immediately, although she can swim rather well like Kathryn she has not learned how to float. Before she can say anything else I ask, “Reese how far can you swim without having to stop?”

Reese admits, “Actually not as far as Sam can.”

Sam brightly says, “That’s because I’m training to swim the English Channel.”

Reese’s expression is a little shocked at that and more than concerned as she asks, “Oh and when are you going to make your attempt?”

Sam brightly says, “When I’m fourteen and ready.” Reese relaxes at that answer.

Chuckling I say, “We’ll not make Sam do anything she doesn’t want to try. But Sam knowing how to float is very important, Kathryn’s father nearly drowned after a boat accident. If Sam happened to be on a boat and it sank more than a mile and a half or more from shore my opinion would be that Sam would make it to shore. She would be able to swim all the way after stopping a few times to float.”

Reese asks, “So if there is only one lifejacket?”

Chuckling I say, “I’ll hand it to you. Kathryn, Sam and I can float without one.”

Kathryn asks, “Did you learn to swim like I did? My Dad just threw me in.” Reese’s expression says it all, if it wasn’t her Dad, it was exactly how she learned to swim.

Sam giggles and asks, “So that’s why you only let Daddy teach me to swim, right Mommy?” Kathryn giggles in just shakes her head yes and takes a bite of grilled cheese.

Reese asks, “You think you guys can show me how to float?”

Sam giggles and says, “Daddy is really good at teaching people to float. He taught me and Mommy and most my aunts in just a couple afternoons.”

Kathryn giggles and says, “Dad learned how to float watching JJ teach Sam and I, my sisters that JJ didn’t teach Dad did copying what JJ did. Dad even taught my Mom finally.”

Sam giggles, “It was fun having Daddy pool me around in the pool as I floated, Daddy can pull six of my aunts around at one time.”

I explained to Reese, “It’s teaching them how to be drowned proved. Once they learn how to float and will trust someone to pull them to safety. There’s very little chance that they would drowned.”

Reese finally sets down beside Sam. I bring her a plate with a grilled cheese sandwich in a bowl of soup. She is just begun to eat when Ron stretching walks into the kitchen, he asked Reese, “I thought you were going to just check on Sam?”

Reese giggles and says, “Apparently four-year-olds don’t follow schedules very well, and Sam woke up early on us.”

Kathryn flashes Ron an expression that says everything without saying a word. Ron seeing it says, “Okay I get it. Sorry for this morning. Did Sam get into trouble?”

Kathryn giggles and says, “No she just woke us up from our nap.”

It’s a good thing Sam has mouthful of food, because she didn’t add the fact she found us nude. I give Ron a plate with a grilled cheese sandwich in a bowl of soup. Despite himself Ron chuckles at how I serve him. He smiles and says, “Thank you JJ.”

Ron taking a bite of my grilled cheese raises an eyebrow and says, “That’s a really good grilled cheese.”

Sam giggles saying, “Daddy does good grilled cheese, but you really need to taste Alyssa’s, hers is great.”

I ask, “Where is Alyssa? She’s normally here this time of day.”

Reese says, “She said she was going to make a quick run to the grocery store and be back before Sam got up.”

I chuckle and say, “Sam you really did get up early from your nap.” Sam just shrugs her shoulders not wanting to make Reese feel any worse.

As if on cue Alyssa carrying a few bags of groceries comes through the garage entrance. As she walks into the kitchen she smells grilled cheese she says, “JJ you were cooking again.”

I stand and walk over to help her with the bags, and give her a peck on the cheek. I say, “Sam woke up a little early from her nap. She was just a little hungry so I went ahead made her a grilled cheese along with everyone else. Would you like one?

Alyssa says, “Actually yes if there’s any of Misty’s soup left.”

With a chuckle I say, “I think we can scrounge up a cup at least.” As we set the bags down on the counter, Kathryn comes over to help with things.

Alyssa sends me out to the car. There are a few bags left in the trunk and a couple of twelve packs of soda. Ron meets me on my way back, and I send him after the two twelve packs of soda that I couldn’t carry. When Ron comes back in with the soda he smiles and says, “I realized that you see more like any other average eighteen-year-old than a multibillionaire. I always expected the ultrarich not to be bothered with day-to-day things.”

With a chuckle I say, “They may be a few more like me that realize money isn’t everything. Your love ones, family and friends should always mean more to you than your money. You can never get the time back you spend away from them, no matter how much money you have.” Looking at Sam I say, “That’s why I’ve been trying to retire myself; now that I’m a father I want to try to spend as much time as I can with my daughter and wife.” Sam and Kathryn smile brightly at me.

Ron asks, “JJ you’re multibillionaire, why can’t you just retire?”

I answer, “I have more or less, and I will teach a class, actually two in self-defense at the high school. I help a few friends make enough money so they can retire as well, and that is something my daughter asked me to do.” I blow Sam a kiss, she giggles brightly. And I continue, “I help with some charities but none of that doesn’t take up a lot of time or keep Sam off my lap. So I guess I have more or less retired, because I’m only doing what I like.”

Reese begins, “I called an hour ago, back to the unit and had them start my separation paperwork. Two weeks after I get back I can start my terminal leave. I have another two months saved after I leave I can come back in two weeks.”

Ron says, “I made a phone call yesterday afternoon, is going to take me a month after I return to separate.” He looks at Reese and deeply into her eyes before he says, “Reese you want to come back here, will be apart for two weeks that I’m really going to hate. But if you stay near where I’m at, I won’t be able to keep my hands off of you.”

Reese says, “The two weeks were going to be there together is going to be hard enough. That’s why I’m coming back here once I can. I can wait here for you, easier than I can be there with you and not be able to be with you.”

Kathryn says, “Reese you’re more than welcome to come and stay, and when Ron can he can join you.”

Ron and Reese move to each other they hug and had a quick kiss before turning to Kathryn. Reese says, “I appreciate that Kathryn, and I’ll help out however I can when I’m here.”

The coach comes over a little later and asks, “JJ you ready for tomorrow. You have to come in on the second with the rest of us teachers. The school board has decided because you are over eighteen and have the necessary education background they can’t simply allow you to teach the two classes a day. They can’t allow you to teach them unpaid too. You’re coming in as an assistant coach, one of my assistant coaches left this summer. You’ll have your two periods for self-defense training, and three others normal gym courses, or economics classes depending on the school needs for the semester. Sorry son but it’s the only way you get to teach your self-defense classes.”

I look at Kathryn as she rolls on the floor laughing, Sam and Reese giggles merrily, Ron chuckles. I throw my hands up and say, “So much for my retirement.”

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