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So there Alex laid, Broken by a single hit, His body twisted in ways no body should, Too late did Lily realise why Alex had pushed her away from him, Too late did she realise the car was speeding and would of hit her had it not been for Alex, Had she known what fate was about to deliver she would of never been so insistant on Alex walking her back home, He had just saved her life at the cost of another, His very own..

So back to where it all began or shall we say where it all ended, Alex had just been hit by a speeding car, He laid broken in the middle of the road, Lily was kneeling by him while people flocked around to see the devastating accident. Lily knew that Alex was fading , His eye's were one of the big hint's, She could see them clearly closing ever so slowly, His breathing had become shallow

Alex:- *Lily don't ever blame yourself for this, I did the right thing, Guess it's true what they say, Love makes people do stupid things, Guess this was my stupid thing*

Lily:- *But..*

Her sentence could not be finished, The tears were streaming down her cheeks as she watched Alex's eye's close for one final time, Too late did she realise what Alex had just said

Lily:- *I love you..*

Too late did she tell those three little words, Alex was gone, Soon to become nothing but a memory that she would cherish till the end of time. A short time after the accident an ambulance was on seen to no avail, Within a few seconds of the arriving the paramedics pronounced Alex to be gone, All was too much for Lily, She didn't truly believe he was gone until she heard the words spoken, She thought it was all a nightmare and she would wake up any second until that very second, As soon as the words were spoken she couldn't bear it, She got up and ran from the scene, She needed to be alone, Away from the nightmare that had just occured.

It was early morning, You could also say it was late at night depending on how you look at it, We will go with early morning, One in the morning to be precise, Anyways it was early morning when Lily finally made it home, She had been wandering the streets ever since the fatal accident that cost her best friend Jonah his life, Finally tired she had headed home to bed knowing she would have to deal with everything the following morning, All the hurt and all the pain, All the despair and all the guilt, All the mixed emotions.

Many hours later Lily awoke to the sound of someone knocking on her bedroom door, Even half awake she knew that it had to be her mother, The only other living thing that lived in the house with her that is unless you count the goldfish Skittle (Don't worry I wouldn't count it either), There used to be a father that lived with them but he dissapeared without a trace a few years before, Anyways Lily still in bed, Mother outside her bedroom knocking on the door trying to wake her up, Lily refusing to answer, It was around the fifth or sixth knock before Lily heard her bedroom door open and footsteps walking towards her

Mother:- *You thinking of getting up today or do you feel like spending all day in bed, God such a lazy child*

Lily- *I..I'm ge..*

That was all she said before she burst into tears again, All the memorys of the accident were flooding back to her, She had seen Alex laying there, Slowly dying because he had given his life to save her

Mother:- *What's wrong, What happened*

Lily:- *He..He..Gave life..Save me*

What her mother understood between sobs must of been more than anyone else could probably understood, She sat down on Lily's bed and just stared out the door, There must of been silence for two minutes before she finally found her voice again

Mother:- *Who*

Lily:- *A..Al..Alex*

That was more than enough to bring more than a tear to her Mother's eye's, Alex had been a good friend of the family for many a year, She saw him as a son and treat him like one whenever he was round, Knowing he was gone, Knowing he had died saving Lily's life was way too much for her to bear

Mother:- *What happened*

She had to ask although she doubted she could bear hearing the horrific details of how Alex had given his life to protect Lily, Her soul existence for life. Lily of course didn't want to go through the horrific accident again but she knew that no matter what she did her mother would not leave until she was told the truth, She would sit there in silence till the end of time if she had to and that is not what Lily wanted, She wanted to be alone

Lily:- *I asked him to walk me home, I stepped out into the road, I didn't see the speeding car, He pushed me out of the way and got hit instead of me..It's all my fault he's gone*

Till that point it hadn't really dawned on her that it was all her fault, It hadn't dawned on her that if she didn't step out into that road, If she didn't make Alex walk her home..

Lily:- *It should of been me, If I didn't make him walk me home I would of been the one to have been killed..*

Her Mother was silent for a long time, Sure the details were sketchy, Sure Lily had chose to miss out pretty much everything and just give the most basic of details but that was more than enough to make her Mother stand up and leave the room, For the next five minutes or so all's Lily could hear were the sobs coming from the room next to her's, Her mother's bedroom, Of course at that time Lily didn't really care about her Mothers feelings, She just felt empty, Hollow, Broken, Asif a big piece of her life had just been taken away from her

It was three days before Lily left her bedroom, She had missed school, Hanging out with her friends and even meals just so she could be alone, That's all she wanted, She didn't want to talk to people, Didn't want to carry on asif nothing had happened, She just wanted to be alone with her memorys, Listening to sad songs and spending most of her days and even most nights crying over the realisation that Alex was gone and there was nobody to blame but herself.

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2012-11-25 00:35:24
While it was a sad story it was still good and thank you for making it feel like life


2012-11-19 10:08:43
I know there are grammar and spelling mistakes in this story but I hope you can put them aside and enjoy the story anyway

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