Part the Third. Where Stephan and Marie encounter and counter boredom back on the job site. This picks up right where the last part left off. Marie and Stephan are coworkers. Marie works third shift while Stephan does on call support. They just spent the day of a big blizzard in Stephan's apartment. They fell asleep together in his bathtub.
The power came back on at about 8 o'clock that night. The sudden blare of lights woke them from their sleep in the bathtub. The water had grown cold but the room was still warm enough to be comfortable.

Marie climbed off of Stephan, "Thank you for the wonderful rest and shower."

Stephan lifted himself out of the tub. "I think my legs fell asleep."

"Poor boy" Marie said as she knelt down between his muscular legs. She started rubbing his legs while her head rested on his thigh. She started with his right foot working her fingers in between his toes. She pressed her thumbs into the arch of his foot. He was feeling pins and needles in his foot from lying in but didn't want her to stop.

Stephan looked down at her. Her long dark hair cascading over her body. It looked to him like he was getting a blowjob from Cousin Itt. As he thought of the blowjob his penis took that as a suggestion to wake up. His cock started to harden and elongate. Marie wrapped her lips around the tip and began to slowly suckle it.

She worked her hands up his legs. She was rubbing his meaty calf now, enjoying the feeling of his furry legs. She started to bob her head up and down on his penis. She sucked her cheeks in and was working his cock. Her hands moved up to his thigh and she was rubbing it harder now.

She pulled her mouth off of his penis and asked, "Getting some feeling back?"


She started to work his other leg and started sucking on his penis again. She was being slow and deliberate with the oral sex, she wanted to arouse him but not have him shoot off.

"That feels good Marie, keep it up."

"Nope just trying to get it up. I want you inside of me."

"Up, that's a good idea." Stephan stood and placed his powerful hands under Marie's armpits and lifted. She hopped slightly and their combined effort ended with her legs wrapped around his hips and his rampant cock brushing her pussy. Stephan shift his hands to grab her ass.

Marie used one hand to guide his cock into her soaked pussy and used the other hold onto Stephan's broad shoulders.

"I've never done it this way." Marie said.

"First for me too" Stephan said. He thrust with his hips and Marie lifted up and hung for a moment in the air before slamming down onto his cock. It took them a few thrusts to work out balance and stability issues but once they were going Marie felt penetrated like never before. She was bouncing up and down on his cock with the forceful penetrations of the cowgirl position but the ability for the face to kiss offered in the missionary position.

Marie squeezed Stephan's hips tightly. She felt a felt a familiar tingling in her loins. Her pussy tightened and started to spasm. She squeezed tighter and Stephan started pounding harder. He felt her pussy clench and that set him over the edge and he started to cum into her.

His legs were shaking and he was out of breath. He steadied himself with a hand against the wall. Marie climbed off of him. "That was intense."

"It felt like you were going to rip my dick off when you came."

"I guess that is a compliment." She giggled.

"Yeah it is. Would you like some breakfast, dinner, I am not sure what meal this would be."

"I usually call it based on what I am eating. What time is it anyway?"

"About 10pm."

"Well I have two hours to get to work. I don't have time to run home and get clothes."

"How about I make us breakfast while you raid my closet. See if there is anything that would be passable."

"Are you going to put on pants?"

"I can if you want me to."

"No I like the view" Marie said and slapped his ass.

Stephan went into the kitchen and started on bacon, scrambled eggs, and toast. "I only have rye. Is that okay?"

"Sure." She shouted back.

Marie wandered Stephan's bedroom. His clothing style was simple. Cargo pants which was large enough for her to canoodle with another woman in. Large snarky black T-shirts and the occasional flannel shirt designed to cover up the snark when management was around. Marie figured she could wear the pants she came in with. The panties and bra she could either wear again or skip. No one pays attention to the third shift anyway. She smiled Wondering just how little she could get away with.

She found one of Stephan's dirty shirts. It was like a tent on her. She slid it over her head and inhaled deeply. She could smell him in it. It was a rich manly sent. It made her feel warm and safe. It also made her slightly horny. Even though she was freshly fucked her hand slid down to her waiting box. She smiled and gently rubbed her lips and clit.

She was interrupted when he called her breakfast. She walked out wearing just his shirt. It was so large that it hung off of one of her shoulders and hung all the way down to her knees.

Stephan smiled and they sat and ate. She was wearing just his shirt and he was still naked.

"I am surprised you cooked the bacon naked."

"Good bacon doesn't splatter that much, it's the water they use to plump up cheap bacon that causes most of the splatter. Plus bacon grease is great lube."

She laughed and tossed back her hair. He realized he could never get tired of her laugh.

"Good choice on the shirt. I think it is a little bit cold though."

She smiled. "I was going to add to it. Maybe this summer."

Breakfast continued uneventfully. Marie scooped a bit of eggs onto a piece of toast and held out to Stephan's mouth. The he did the same with her. She then picked up a piece of bacon and sat on his lap. She dangled the bacon into his mouth. He ate the bacon and then began sensually licking her fingers. He fed her a strip of bacon in much the same way and as she licked his fingers she could feel his cock start to rise.

"You are insatiable." She chided.

"I'm not the one who was masturbating in my bedroom while trying on clothes."

"True enough." She said guiding his cock into her snatch. "I love how you fill me up." SHe said as she ran her hands over his hairy chest and belly. "We fit so well."

They slowly rocked back and forth, his cock sliding into and out of her. The were kissing now. Lips and tongues danced from mouth to mouth. His cock slid in and out of her as his tongue pushed in and out. She held on tightly to him. Her fingers digging into his back. He pussy tighted around his cock and she could feel him jerk. She grabbed a discarded bit of eggs and toast and went down to his cock to milk his remaining cum out onto the food.

She tugged and tugged and was rewarded with nothing. She pouted.

"Four times in a day. You should be glad I could get it up and in."

She shoved the toast in his mouth.


She ended up leaving on his shirt and threw on one of his flannel ones over it. A clean one. She slid on her pants, but left her panties on his pillow. She stuffed her bra into her purse.

Stephan got dressed and the two of them walked hand in hand back to work. At the door she reached up and kissed him. "I have some errands to run in the morning, and I need to run home, so I'll see you tomorrow night. We'll have dinner and all weekend to play."

Stephan walked back to his apartment and fired up his computer and logged into the VPN.

S> Hey! Sexy lady!
M> Opa! Gangam style.
M> You need to sleep. No skipping work tomorrow.
S> You working alone tonight.
M> No, Ben is in.
S> Did he notice you weren't wearing your bra?
M> When I saw him in I ducked into the ladies room and put it on.
S> :( Too bad, I love the way your beasts look swinging free.
M> Be good.
S> I could suck on your chocolatey nipples all night.

Marie twitched in her seat. She wanted to be with Stephan. All of the sudden Bob looked embarrassed and dashed into the computer room.

M> Bob just dashed out.
S> I told him to get off his ass and swap the tapes.
S> So where was I? Yes your tasty nipples. I do love them. I also love kissing your pussy. It is such a tasty treat. I love how your cute little clit pops out when you get arounsed.
M> Be good you are getting me all horny.
S> Your ass is nice too. I could use it like a pillow and nibble on your butt cheeks.

Marie surreptitiously slid her hand down the front of her pants and began to slide her index finger in slow circles around her clit. She smiled and thought it was cute the way it poked out when she was excited.

M> So what are you doing.
S> Stroking my cock, thinking about you.
M> Check your pillow.

Stephan checked his pillow and found her worn panties. He took a deep sniff and was instantly taken back to the smell of her fresh pussy.

S> I am jacking off with your panties now.
M> I wish I could watch. I am rubbing my clit now. My pussy is so wet and my jeans are so rough.
S> I have the panties wrapped around the head so any cum will land in them.
M> mmm… nice. I can't wait to get them back on. Get your cum against my pussy.

Bob decided to pick that moment to exit the computer room. Marie stood up and left to go to the women's room. She didn't even bother going to a stall. She shoved down her pants and began frigging her self for all she was worth. She had two fingers in her pussy and the other hand was rubbing her clit. She teased her asshole with her pinky. She had never done anal before. She hadn't even been curious but now she wondered.

Marie bent over he ass up in the air and her face on the counter. The smell of sex permeated the room and she drove her fingers in and out. She came explosively. She squirted onto the floor and her hands were a mess. She cleaned up as best she could with paper towels.

When she got back to her desk she saw the following messages.

S> It feels so good. I want to be in you right now.
S> I'm coming. I wish you were here for this. There is a little in your panties.
S> I'll save it for you.
S> Shit, Bob is back.
S> I hope you didn't get caught.
S> Feeling very tired now. See you in the morning.

Marie went through the rest of her day uneventfully. She had plans for that night.

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