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So this is my first story/ post i hope you enjoy it and i cant wait to write more ..

I was sitting at my desk finalising a deal I had with my fellow managers over Skype "ok then is it all settled?" I ask them
They reply with their yes's just as my 9 year old daughter walks into my office. My face hardens along with another body part as I take in what she's wearing
Fuck I think and try to rid the thoughts from my head
"Finn" ... "Finn"
"Dude what's up man?"
"Nothing guys I gotta go I will see you at work in the morning. "
I shut off Skype and turn to my daughter "hi Hunny what you doing up?"
"I couldn't sleep daddy I had a nightmare" as she said this she yawned stretching her arms over her head making her short nightie ride up giving me a great view of her Dora the explorer panties. The Hardon I had managed to ignore came right back and my dick strained on the zipper of my pants.
Uhh ok Hunny o back to bed and let me Finnish up I will come read you a story in a minute .
"Ok daddy"
As she left the room I tried my hardest not to look at her butt only me eyes did not listen and my dick got so hard I thought it would rip my trousers!!
I re-arranged myself and quickly went to her room to get her asleep before going into the bathroom turning the shower to cold and relieving the erection that my daughter managed to create!
I lay in bed an hour later waiting for my wife to come home from work as she was on lates tonight just as I'm about to dose off I hear the door close , I get up and go downstairs and push my wife up against the wall and kiss her deep and roughly when I finally pull apart we both gasp for breath. I look down at her brief case and at her sexy little body that looks so much like our daughters. her lust covered gaze immediately made me kiss her again.
"I'm gunna fuck you hard and deep tonight like we did before we had our daughter"I whispered whilst pushing my hands up her skirt. I had to get rid of this sexual frustration that my daughter made me feel and since the shower and my hand didn't work.
My sexy wife lexi moaned as I plunged 2 fingers into her tight cunt , even after having a kid she is tight and still squeezes my fingers as I push and pull them in and out .

I rip her blouse off tearing a few buttons off with it, seeing her pert boobs bounce in her bra I can't help but rip that off too . I suck on her tits hard making them stand out like mini dicks, I nibble and suck on her boobs as she moans loud and arches her back into me. " I don't give a shit that our daughter is just up the stairs and I don't give a flying fucking shit that we are in the hallway I am going to fuck the shit out of you here" I stick a finger in her pussy"here" I move my finger and push it into her ass "and here " I say as I force my pussy juice covered finger into her mouth " and you can't do anything about it"

She moaned uncontrollably and I warned her that if she wasn't quiet that Zara would wake up. She but her lip to stop the moans and groans from waking our daughter.
I finished undressing her and she stood naked before me "undress me slut" I said remembering how she used to love being downgraded and treated like a whore.

She did as I asked and tossed aside my clothes, I stood in just my briefs till she pulled them down and said "gag me in your dirty underwear" my already hard dick turned harder and harder as our fuck session progressed. I put my briefs around her face and in her mouth making sure the dirty bit was in her mouth "urgahhh" she moaned as she savoured the taste of my dirty briefs like the slut she is. I turned her round and bent her over and told her "put your fucking hands on the wall and do not move them or else" as soon as I finished the sentence I plunged my 9 1/2 inch dick into her waiting pussy.

"Holy shit your so fucking good take it all you fucking whore" I fuck her and fuck her till she's on the brink of orgasm before pulling out and shoving my whole dick into her ass without prep. She groaned I pain and pleasure and immediately orgasmed as I aggressively whispered " you dirty fucking whore, when I'm done pumping my load I'm gunna get one of those butt plugs and imma shove it in your ass and you will only take it out when I say or when you need the toilet" I slammed my dick harder and faster into her ass and she moaned loud into my pants coming to another orgasm after just finishing her previous one. I fucked and fucked not giving a shit about how she felt and we both orgasmed 2 minutes later and we both lent against the wall. I catch my breath pull my dick out her ass only to see it covered with fuck juice and slimy shit. I turn to lexi removed my briefs from her mouth and told her to get on her knees and suck her dirty shit and fuck juice from my limp dick.
As she slurped up her shit and fuck juice from my dick like the whore she is, my dick hardened in her mouth again rising up to its full length

" take my whole dick In your mouth you little slut or I'll force it down your throat balls deep and I don't care if you puke or not!!" Lexi started taking it in deeper loosening her jaw allowing my dick to slide down her throat " that's it you cock sucking slut" I say as I hold her head on my cock. She starts choking and coughing round my cock , I don't let her breath as I grunt and cum down her throat " you fucking slut you take my baby juice down your throat.. You like being choked by my cock Hun?" I ask as I pull and let her breath, her spluttering cum out as she did so. I slap her and order her to lick my cum up off the floor and to get it all as we didn't want Zara to find it and ask questions.

As she started to lick up the cum I went upstairs and grabbed a butt plug out our secret draw and went back down stairs. I pushed the plug into her unsuspecting ass hole and she squealed like a pig " that'll keep the cum in, now you will not take this out your ass hole at all unless you need to shit. It will be worn at all times , even at work, unless my dick is I there, is that understood?!?"
"Yes finn" I slap her and give her the look, I see recognition cross her face "Yes master"
" that's better slut now the only time I you will call me finn is in public or in front of our daughter , if I ever hear you call me finn and not master or sir otherwise you will be punished ... Understood?!?"
"Yes master"
"Good now out the clothes in the wash and go to bed, go check on Zara too, she had better not have woken up from your moans!"

As finn and lexi went to bed after checking on there daughter, Zara opened her eyes from her pretend slumber and could not get the tingling sensation between her legs from peeking at her mummy and daddy doing something that little Zara didn't understand. All Zara wanted to do was to play with her kitty like her daddy did with her mummy's .... She rolled over and sleep finally came to her but the sight of what happened and the sensation she felt was still there and the image would not go away .. It will make little Zara want to peek more and soon finn and lexi wouldn't have an innocent little girl anymore.... Little Zara would want to know what it's like to have her daddy's cock in her kitty and when that time comes no-one will be prepared!

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2012-12-20 20:50:49
Amy dit :La blouse est tre8s belle ! Par cotrne je ne comprends pas pourquoi tu fais partir ton trait de liner du milieu de ta paupie8re plutf4t que du coin interne, e7a serait beaucoup plus joli et ton regard gagnerait en intensite9. Le0 e7a te fait un oeil e9trange .

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2012-11-25 10:14:57
Great concept; do a little editing on yourself; I would like to read more though, so please continue to write.

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2012-11-22 00:20:33

As the author won't understand the above word...........................
Your writing is shit!

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2012-11-19 18:43:36
Please keep going,just remember to spell check. So far this is not bad.

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2012-11-19 01:44:35
How the fuck can anyone this illiterate be a manager, crap

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