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Double Dose of Bad Seed 6.9:

Revelations: Part 1

Alessa crawled in bed beside me snuggling her sexy belly and her growing breast into my side.
She laid her head on my chest signing heavy frustrated after not getting my hot cum inside her
little pussy.

“She’s something else, I don’t know what I’m going to do with her” Alessa says.

“Maybe you need to start disciplining that little ass” I say.

She had never spanked Lily and I was suggesting she spank her five year old daughter for
stealing her cum. The look on her face told me she was beginning to realize just how fucked up
life really had become and how powerless she was to stop it.

“Let me rephrase that, you will start disciplining her little ass” I say reinforcing her feelings of
submission and servitude.

“Yes Master” she weakly says after a minute of self-loathing.

Hailey was still snuggled into my other side wide eyed just looking at me. I rolled over to her side
and kissed her. She was nervous and her lips quivering as I pushed my tongue into her mouth.
Her little body was stiff as I rolled her on her side and tucked her little flat ass into my crouch.

She gasped and started to tremble when I raised her little leg and put my semi hard cock
between her legs. She wasn’t resisting in the least just lying there breathing heavy thru her
nose. Her eyes closed so tight I’m sure they hurt.

Her top little baby teeth biting into her lower lip so hard they were on the verge of breaking the
skin. I slowly rubbed my cock head up and down her little bald slit. Her body shivered and a little
whimper escaped her mouth each time the head passed her little hole.

I teased her until her little pussy got nice and wet. I wasn’t going to fuck her I just wanted a nice
warm wet spot for my cock as I slept. Her little slit would be that spot for tonight as I tucked the
head into her wet little slit and closed her legs to hold it in place.

Lily even though only 5 had a much fatter little pussy like her mother but Hailey’s little slit would
have to do for tonight. In the morning as the sun broke thru the window I was wakened to Lily
whimpering and shaking her cage door having to pee.

“Let her wait” I whisper in Alessa’s ear sliding my cock from Hailey’s wet warm little slit to roll
over and slid it into Alessa’s fat little pussy.

Alessa moans deeply as my cock slides all the way into her in one stroke.

“Ssh you little slut Momma’s getting her little pussy filled with cum first” she tells Lily as she
whines looking thru the little cage door at her mother.
I pulled out and had Alessa get on top and ride my hard cock. Hailey was up as soon as I had
taken my cock from between her legs. I wanted to taste that little sweet pussy.

“Sit on my face and suck Alessa’s tits” I tell her.

She didn’t hesitate to straddle my face and press her wet little bald slit to my mouth. I know it’s
just my imagination but virgin pussy always taste so much sweeter I think as I stick my tongue
into her tight little pink pussy hole.

Her mumbled moans as she sucked Alessa’s hard nipples told me I was in the right spot. Her
little hips started humping slowly at first then increasing in speed as she pressed her little cunt
hard and harder to my mouth.

I stuck my tongue into her little pussy hole as she ground her little cunt into my mouth. I let her
fuck my tongue with her little virgin pussy until she came on my face. After licking up her fresh
cum she laid beside me panting slightly and snuggled into my side.

Alessa had done rode her way thru one orgasm and little pussy was squeezing my cock and
pulsing ready for another. Lily was whimpering loudly and shaking her little cage door waking
everyone up. Aunt Lisa was standing staring at me with a look of disgust in her eyes when Hailey
pulled her little pussy from my mouth.

“Let her out to pee for gods sake JJ” Aunt Lisa tells me.

“Ok as you wish” I tell her stopping Alessa and making her get off my cock.

“Lie on the floor and open your mouth whore” I tell Aunt Lisa.

I open Lily’s cage and she jumps out, she had to pee so bad when I told her to use Aunt Lisa’s
mouth she squatted and her little yellow stream of pee was squirting into Aunt Lisa’s mouth
before I even finished telling her.

It was that strong dark yellow pee you have in the morning and the room was instantly filled
with her urine smell. Aunt Lisa coughed and gagged as the strong acidic pee burned her throat
as she tried swallowing it before her mouth overflowed.

Lily was squatting facing me so I had a perfect view of her little sweet pussy spraying the pee
out. Lily had her little hand between her little thighs spreading her little pussy wide to make sure
I got an even better look. I almost came just looking at the sexy little nymph.

Her little lite chocolate creamy little thighs spread wide contrasted by her lite pink little bald slit
and dark pink little hole with that dark yellow stream of pee squirting out. Alessa was lying
beside me on her side so I slid my cock into her ass while I watched.

Lily finally finished pissing and Aunt Lisa’s face was covered in pee and her hair dripping wet
when she got up and looked at me only inches from the bed.

“Your going to go to hell for this JJ” she says crying.
“I know that’s why I’m trying to get my hundred virgins while I’m still here” I say laughing as I
push Alessa off my cock.

“Now get on my cock whore” I tell Aunt Lisa laying on my back with hold my hard cock up.

She started to bend down to clean the Alessa’s ass juice from my cock with her mouth.

“You’re a dirty whore don’t bother just get on and ride bitch” I tell her before she can take my
cock in her mouth.

Aunt Lisa straddled me with her big belly sticking out, she rose up and took my dirty cock and
slid it between her pussy lips and pushed back taking my cock into her hot wet pussy with a

“And little Samantha here will be one of those Virgins” I say rubbing her belly and smiling at her.

I thrust up hard into her several time causing her to yelp loudly with each thrust. Her milk was
already leaking down her chest. Lily was only too eager to get on the bed and straddle my face
when I told her too.

“Suck her breasts Lily that’s your breakfast so you better fill up” I tell her before she puts her
little pussy to my mouth.

Lily’s little pussy had much fatter little lips then Hailey’s little pussy so I licked and sucked her
little lips into my mouth teasing her before sliding my tongue into her little virgin fuck hole and
letting her fuck my hard tongue until she came.

I laid there licking up her sweet little pussy cum until I felt Aunt Lisa’s pussy start to tense up. It
was her first orgasm in days and she held out as long as she could not wanting to give me the
satisfaction of making her cum.

She had a look of disgust and self-loathing on her face as her eyes hazed over in pure lust as her
pussy spasmed and squirted her cum on my hard cock. She was moaning and screaming “Oh god
Fuck Me” “Fuck me harder” As she rubbed her clit vigorously. After her pussy quit pulsing she
climbed off my cock to ashamed to even look at me

Lily was on my slimy cock in a flash her little lips covered in Aunt Lisa’s cum as her mouth slides
down my cock thru the thick slimy layer of juice Aunt Lisa had left. Lily was standing straddling
my chest her little sweet chocolate but up in the air as she tried deep throating my cock.

Her little legs only long enough to elevate her little pussy a few inches above my chest. She had
one hand wrapped around my cock as she fucked it with her mouth. Her other little hand was
between her legs spreading her little pink pussy lips. I almost filled her little mouth with cum
watching her little baby fingers going into her wet little pussy.

Alessa let her suck my cock until I was about to cum then she grabbed her by her little ponytails
and lifted her of my cock. Alessa quickly squatted on my hard throbbing cock as she placed Lily
across her legs. Her little butt sticking up Alessa smacked her little ass hard.

Lily cried out and looked at me with her big brown doe eyes filled with tears as her mother
spanked her little ass hard. She got a stinging slap each time my cock hit bottom in Alessa’s
womb. When my cock exploded into her pussy she came with me moaning as she spanked Lily.

“Oh god Lily, his hard cock is filling Mommies pussy with hot cum” she says spanking Lily even
harder as the hot cum fills her womb. Lily’s little ass had her mother’s hand prints all over it and
her face was covered in tears.

Alessa got of my cock and looked at Lily

“Now clean his cock then you can get the rest of your breakfast from mommies’ pussy” she says
lying on the bed beside me and spreading her legs.

My cum oozing from Alessa’s pussy hole and covering her fat little pussy lips as in slowly leaked
down to her little brown puckered asshole. Lily happily sucked and licked on my cock stopping to
smile at me several times as her little eyes stared at me until she was done cleaning my cock.

After she was done she wouldn’t relinquish my cock and keep sucking it and teasing the pee
hole sticking her little tongue inside. She glanced over at her mother’s spread little pussy
covered in my thick white cum several times. She wanted the cum it was in her little lust filled
eyes each time she looked.

Lily may have only been five but she was determined to still defy her mother even now as her
little ass still burned from her spanking and bore the hand prints of her mother that had put
them there. Alessa knew what her little baby girl was up to and grabbed her by her little pony
tails and shoved her face into her slimy pussy.

Lily tried to resist as Alessa ground her little face into her cum covered pussy. Holding her by the
back of her head as she rubbed her little daughters face up and down roughly between her fat
slimy pussy lips.

Lily's little nose was acting little a scoop as it was force between her mother’s cum covered lips
gathering the cum as it was forced up thru her slit. The cum oozing off both sides of her nose.
The down stroke force the cum into her little pug nose and caused her to sneeze. Cum flying
from her little filled nostrils and splattering back on her mother’s sloppy cunt.

Lily resisted as long as she could her face was covered in cum and cum drizzled from her little
red nose when Alessa pulled her head back to look at her little 5 year old baby. Lily had enough
and stuck her little tongue out in surrender to her mother. Alessa pressed her daughters face
back to her sloppy pussy and released her head and started rubbing her little hard clit.

Lily was a little cum slut so when her little tongue came out and tasted my cum on her mother’s
slimy pussy she forgot about her feud with her mother. Her little mouth was slurping and licking
up the cum from Alessa’s pussy when I headed for my shower.

Elizabeth and Jenny followed me in to bathe me with a smile. Jill was already in the bathroom
sitting on the toilet the bathroom had a big counter with double sinks. Jenny climbed up and sat
on it and leaned back against the mirror rubbing her little hard clit with her legs spread wide.

“Make love to me like a whore, I want it hard” she says trying to force all four of her little fingers
into her wet pussy.

I picked Elizabeth up and sat her next to Jenny then stood between Jenny’s legs. Her little hand
grabbed my cock and pulled it to her hole and I thrust into her hard. I fucked her hard as I
fingered Elizabeth’s sore little pussy gently.

Jenny was ready to cum in no time and started moaning loudly. I thought it was her at first
screaming until Jill pulled my head to the side and started kissing my all over the face bouncing
up and down like a school girl.

“It’s positive” she screams waving the little white stick in my face with a smile from ear to ear.

It sure enough was positive when I finally got to see the stick when she calmed down. After my
shower the house was buzzing with excitement. Jill was making a doctors’ appointment when
Alessa looked at me.

“You know JJ I need to get a doctor as well” she says rubbing her big round belly.

“Well I got one for you to see, this little baby here I think we’ll keep her off the books” I say as I
stand behind her and reach down and rub her belly.

“Off the books” she says looking at me confused.

“Yes no birth certificate, no death certificate, be like she never existed” I say feeling my cock
twitch as my head fills with thoughts of my father’s CD’s.

Alessa’s whole body shivered as the goose pimples popped out all over her belly as I rubbed it.
She took a deep breathe then a second shiver ran thru her. Too scared to ask what I meant she
put her head down and exhaled.

Me, Jill, Alessa and Lily headed into town after breakfast, after dropping Lily and Alessa at the
apartment and setting up Lily’s little kennel. Me and Jill headed over to my lawyers to fill out the
paper work for her insurance and expenses to be taken care of by the trust.

He gave us a pile of papers to fill out, well Jill to fill out I just signed my name when she finished
each page. John went to his book case and took down a book and sat back at his desk and
started writing in it. The name on the large old hand bound book was what caught my attention.
It said Johnson down the side of the leather binding.

“What’s that” I ask curiously

“This is your family history, a family tree of all the births and deaths of your ancestors” he says
after several minutes of staring at me.

“Let me see that” was of course my next statement.

“Well I really shouldn’t until you turn 18, but I guess it can’t do any harm” he says handing me
the book.

It went all the way back to the 9th century detailing each birth and death. It listed every child
that was born to each generation and how they were disposed of beside the name. I also
noticed like my mother and father it was a family tradition to marry with in.

When I made it to my grandfather he had actually married a woman outside the tree to my
surprise. That was also when the trust system started and it was the only listed divorce in the
book. Mom and dad were brother and sister which I already knew, but listed below them was
their children.

I figured out quickly why I was born so late in my parent’s marriage I wasn’t the first son. I also
wasn’t the second child in fact I was my parents fourth child. The first was my brother but
according to the book he was killed in an accidental fire at the hunting cabin in Montana.

I fit what I knew the cabin had been rebuilt around the time listed as his death. He was 21 at the
time and his listed wife was my oldest sister Amanda 12 at the time of her death in the fire. The
third listed child was another girl born 9 months after the fire.

She would be 28 years old today and there was no listed death date only the words given up for
adoption 5 years after her birth. The given name listed was Lisa.

Aunt Lisa was the right age according to Jill who couldn’t remember the day but the month was
correct. John when questioned said it was before his time his father was handling my families’
affair then. He offered that he would speak with his father and find out what he could but it was
just a formality in my mind.

Aunt Lisa was my sister, my flesh and blood born from the same pussy as I. My mind raced thru
all the things I had done with my sister, all the things I had forced her to do. She was fixing to
have my niece on top of all that.

When I walked into the house it was quiet Hailey and Elizabeth were sitting watching cartoons
and combing their naked little baby doll’s hair. I found Aunt Lisa well just Lisa now in the
bathroom kneeling as Jenny bent over and shoved her bloody pussy into her mouth to be

The full weight of what I had done to my sister sunk in as she pulled her face from Jenny’s pussy
to look at me with disgust. Blood smeared on her cheeks and lips as her tongue came out and
licked the clumps of blood off. It was involuntary on her part now not even noticing the vile
taste of Jenny’s period blood as she swallowed it.

I had enjoyed even relished in the things I forced my sister to do but she was my Aunt then in
my mind. My cock twitched and throbbed as I looked at my sister I was going to make her do
them all over again but it was going to be so much sweeter this time knowing she was my sister.

My precum was already leaking from my hard cock as I let her finish cleaning jenny’s pussy. I
grabbed her by the hair and drug her to the bed as she finished and thru her on the bed. Her
pussy was even looser then this morning but I savored each of her screams as she begged for
mercy. I shot my first load inside her unable to hold back when my little niece started moving in
her belly. I could see her little arms and legs moving under my sister’s skin of her stretched belly.

Her little foot pressing again the skin and pressing it out as it crossed her belly. Lisa’s chest was
cover in a heavy coat of her milk as it squirted from her full breasts as I fucked her hard. Her
pussy squeezing my cock hard as I pumped cum into the womb shared by my unborn niece.

I figured she was orgasming with her tight squeezing pussy and cries of pain but as I pumped my
cum inside her it all came gushing back out before my cock even stopped shooting it inside her.
Her water broke and covered me in her nasty baby womb juice.

I knew from my time with Cheryl my time was limited once her water broke. Her little puckered
ass was well lubed from all the slimy juice that leaked from her now gaping pussy as she started
to dilate. I raised her legs to get a good angle on her little puckered asshole.

“Hold your legs to your chest whore” I say as I drive my cock inside her ass.

Her pussy easily accepted my fist as I pounded her tight ass until I filled her bowels with cum.

“Well I guess we should get you to the hospital after you lick me clean” I tell my sister shoving
my cock into her begging mouth.

“Suck thru the pain whore” I told her as she stopped and gasped when the next wave of
contractions ripped thru her body.

The girls helped her to the truck for the ride to the hospital.

“Put that whore in the back I got leather seats” I tell Jill when she opens the back door on my

“Its 20 degrees JJ” she says looking at me.

“Here” I say tossing her the blanket from me and Melody’s picnic out the back seat.

We made it there in time and drop Lisa at the emergency room. Jill looked at me as I drove

“You think she’ll be alright JJ, what if nobody finds her” she asks concerned for Lisa.

“yes she’s only 100 feet from the door, being naked and screaming in pain like she was someone
is bound to take notice and help her the rest of the way” I say as I drive toward the little drive in
where Melody worked.

All the excitement had me starving for a burger and Melody was working so it was a double
bonus a full belly and a hard cock as I watched her serving the meals in her skimpy little outfit.
She bent over and wiggled her tight little ass teasing me every chance she got.

Luckily my windows were dark so after she dropped our food and I got my long hot kiss she
couldn’t see little Hailey trying to deep throat her first cock. I was the best blow job I ever had as
Jill, Jenny and even Elizabeth tried giving little Hailey suggestions on how to suck my cock and
get into her little 7 year old throat.

My cell started ringing as my cock exploded into her already stretched mouth. I ignored the
phone and allowed the first two shots of hot cum to shoot down Hailey’s throat and into her
belly before pulling my cock back slightly to fill her little mouth so she could get a good mouth
full of cum.

I was giving her a little taste of her future and from the way her little tongue was lapping up the
overflow from my cock shaft her future was looking bright. My phone rang continuously during
this so I relented and answered as Hailey finished licking me clean.

It was John my lawyer “JJ I talked to my father and I guess I should have before you left earlier
but your Aunt Lisa isn’t your sister. Your sister was adopted outside the family and the records
were sealed but I’m working on it” he says before hanging up.

My day had been so well and now the bad news, even though I had just found out hours ago my
heart actually hurt at the loss I felt hearing that. I had already been dreaming of my little niece
Samantha when I took her cherry in five years and he had just taken that from me before I even
got a chance to taste the sweetness of her.

Jill was my bright spot at least she was pregnant and with luck it would be a girl to replace the
empty feeling I had inside. Before we left Melody came over and sat with us on her break
making my day a little brighter.

On the drive home to drop the girls and shower for me and Melody’s date something made me
think about the drive in. Melody I sat in the truck with the girls in the back and made out and
fondled each other it got pretty heated, I even got to touch her wet little pussy. She used her
own finger to let me taste her pussy as I sucked her juice from her finger.

What struck me odd was she didn’t seem to care the girls were watching in the back seat. She
also said nothing about the fresh cum in Hailey’s hair which would be next to impossible to miss
when she talked to her. The smell of wet horny girl pussy filled the truck and thinking back when
she got in I recall her pausing for a second when she first sat down.

Then inhaling deeply thru her nose before a little wicked smile came across her face and she
started kissing me passionately. I’m sure it was imagination though just wishful thinking.

After I dropped the girls and showered I headed into town I wanted to stop at the bank and get
a safety deposit box to keep the CD’s in to keep them safe. With Christmas in two days it would
be closed to after New Year’s.

The bank manager handled me personally and I was a little curious when he offered me the
discount since my mother still had a box there. It took a few hours and my lawyer had to come
down to the bank but the box was opened.

The only thing in the box was the CD wrapped in paper lying at the bottom.

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