Their rescuer needs them
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If you haven't and don't feel like it: the situation is that two teenage Russian girls were abducted to Syria to force one of their fathers to toe the party line over Assad. They escaped into Turkey with the help of a big, beautiful Russian woman who has now been captured by the FSB and taken to Istanbul. The girls are now on their way to rescue her…

This is a long girlie adventure story – if that’s not your thing please quit now rather than start and be disappointed. If it is your thing, I hope you enjoy…


Episode 16

After two hours or so Tali noticed Lena making a couple of mistakes: letting the car drift over to left or right of their lane, and not noticing a car in front slowing down until quite late. Well it was to be expected, with having to concentrate so hard after everything. Teaching herself driving in a stolen car, in a foreign country, at night! Lena had been stellar already.

“Let’s stop for a rest babe,” Tali suggested, “we can’t go the whole way in one go anyway can we?”

Lena nodded, and when they saw a small lane off the main road they took it; a hundred metres along it they found an abandoned warehouse with a yard. They pulled in, parked out of sight, and a few minutes later were in the back, jeans off, under their rug. Tali ran her hands over Lena’s thighs and up under her T-shirt.

"Are you sure you still want to do this babe?” joked Lena, “you seemed to be having so much fun with all those guys!"

"Well fun, OK, but not THAT great really, was it?" Natalya smiled but answered the question, not quite sure if there was a bit of a real thing there. She kept running her hands up inside the back of Lena's tee, lifting her own hip so that her girlfriend could slide her panties off. "Not like this..." She did the same for Lena's panties, then pulled her T-shirt up and off. In a few seconds they were both naked and she was luxuriating in the unique feel of Elena's warm skin everywhere, stroking over her lovely firm C-cup tits and everywhere else she could reach.

"This is so much more special, don't you think? I mean, when I cum with you it's like the closeness just gets even, I dunno, climbing inside you almost!"

She pushed a leg in between Lena's and ran her fingertips up and down her spine, feeling her breathing change. God, she was so beautiful, so sexy...

"The guys, I mean they were all different, from like Assad who was the pits, to Ben who was quite nice; but that's it really. None of them were like you, or Katya either."

Natalya's pussy was tingling madly. She rolled back a bit so she could get her fingers onto Lena's pussy, and Lena took the hint. WOW Lena's fingers were so fabulous, so delicate and sensual...well the whole of her was so perfectly coordinated, just like with her driving and bike riding and the other sports.

God in a couple of minutes Tali was there already!

She let the orgasm grip her, rush through her, then leave her panting and grinning. She resumed her work on Lena's pussy’ then moved to her gorgeous tit for a bit - so firm, jutting, and sensitive, producing those incredibly sexy little half-gasps as Tali's fingers glided around on it or cupped it or squeezed it or tweaked the nipple...

A few minutes later the girls shared another orgasm, before dropping off to sleep.

When they woke it was broad daylight and time to get going. Tali, feeling a lot fresher, had some practice driving around the yard of the abandoned warehouse, getting the hang of the gears and clutch and brake and throttle, so that she could share the long drive with Elena. She’d always been interested in cars, watched her mum and dad driving, and knew the theory about the clutch and gears, which pedal was for what, and it wasn’t that hard really, was it?

They set off again towards Istanbul, with Lena driving.

Natalya was still half thinking about sex: "All that time babe. I mean, we were seven when we met, right? And when did you start playing with yourself? Eleven, I was. We're nearly sixteen now, so that's like five years we wasted!!

“And just think! It’s Monday, and only last Wednesday we thought it was perverted and wrong! That’s so stupid! So we need lots of time, to learn and so we can try things and practice and everything. Some toys maybe, I dunno…I mean think about Katya’s vibrator – that’s like Mousa’s cock isn’t it? And if it was YOU doing me with it that’d be miles better than some guy we just met! It did feel nice to have something inside, for my pussy to grip, you know, so that’d be nice to try between us wouldn’t it?”

The girls chatted on about sex and trivialities as the kilometres rolled by. They stopped for lunch, then Tali tried some driving. It went alright, apart from stalling once when they had to go through a little town and stop at some lights.

It was tiring though, doing it for the first time: she had to concentrate like mad. After an hour she swapped back with Lena, who was more used to it now.

She did another drive later on, then another: a longer stint which took them to the outskirts of Istanbul, so Lena would be fresh to do the difficult bit in the city. Then they stopped to plan exactly what to do.

“Thinking about Katya,” Natalya started, “she’s Russian, you know, working inside an Assad palace; all tough and ruthless and knowing about guns and everything, and like SO just happening to be there when we girls get delivered, after being kidnapped by the FSB, to a place where nobody speaks Russian…well…do you think she could be FSB? I mean, they could have someone in every Assad palace, quite likely.”

“You know, I was thinking that same thing!” Lena said.

“Then she got too attached to us, with the sex, fell in love with us even, and just lost it and hit Assad and now she’s like a rogue agent, like in the films?”

“Agree babe,” Lena was nodding.

“So now, she’ll be in danger won’t she?” Tali pursued the thought, “and it’ll be worse than if she’d just hit Assad and the other things, she’ll know secret FSB stuff and be a traitor and everything, so…so…”

“…we HAVE to find her, and get her out!” Elena finished the sentence.

They talked round and round about how they might be able to rescue their rescuer, now the tables were turned and she NEEDED them so desperately, but eventually they realised they had to go and look at the embassy to have any idea. They got back in the car and stopped at a garage to buy a street map. At least now that they were back in Istanbul there was nothing too strange about two Russian girls on their own who paid for things without speaking.

Tali navigated and watched for lights and lanes while Lena drove. On the way Tali saw their old hotel, that they’d been so carefree in just five days before! God, it was like five YEARS before!

A few minutes later there was the street, with the embassy…they drove slowly past it, a huge building with a guardhouse and an enormous motorised gate. They could see straight away it was hopeless: it was so well guarded that if they got in at all it would be as two teen girls, under supervision; until the FSB got to hear which would be straight away!

Defeated, they drove slowly down the street and back out of the city. On the way they went past their old hotel again.

“Babe!” Tali sat up suddenly, “I need some jeans! Looser than these.”

“Oh yeah?” Lena played along, waiting to get the real story.

“Listen,” Tali carried on, “we go back to the hotel! Maybe our room is still there? Or we get another one! With our FSB card Anyway, we stay, and what happens? The FSB find out and come and get us don’t they? Someone there is paid to tell them, or actually perhaps that’s why it still works, the card, they left it on so they can track it!

“So they come into the room and we’re naked together and the agents are SERIOUSLY distracted haha! So they watch us get dressed and then they don’t need to search us do they? BUT…

“My jeans are a nice loose fit and the gun is on the inside! We sew it in with the little sewing kit the hotel gives you in the room; with the handle at the top of the legs and the barrel hidden up…you know where! Hehe!”

“Doll!” Lena was a bit stunned.

“Maybe after I’m dressed they pat the pockets on the outside, but that’s all. We’re just teenage girls aren’t we? They’ll be all embarrassed and distracted and want us to get dressed really quickly. Then they take us into the consulate, right to Katya even! And maybe we can even get the gun to her or something; anyway they’ll all be totally taken by surprise and we can all escape!

“And they might still have our phones at the hotel! But anyway we can phone home, email and text and get back to the twenty-first century!”

So they stopped at a clothing store, found some nice loose-fitting jeans, and then when they got back to the hotel they found their room was still waiting for them. Reception even had spare room cards, so in a few minutes they were back where they’d been before the kidnapping nightmare all began. The relief was wonderful, feeling almost back in control of their lives again. The only problem was that their phones had gone, and the hotel didn’t know anything about them; but still there was the proper shower and the hotel phone…

After some experimenting Tali used a condom from the minibar to put over the barrel, carefully checked the chamber was empty, then slid some of the barrel into her pussy! It worked! She cut a back pocket off her old jeans and sewed it inside the crotch of her new loose-fitting ones. The gun had to go at an angle and it was pretty uncomfortable, but with some practice she got to be able to look fairly normal as she put the jeans on and shuggled in it inside. Lucky it wasn’t a big gun! It helped too that Lena being near her and naked was keeping her pussy nice and moist!

She hoped she wouldn’t be doing too much walking like this though! And all sorts of things might go wrong with the plan; but it WAS a plan and the best they could think of so that was that.

She laid the jeans, with the gun inside, carefully on the chair beside the bed, on the far side from the door, and had a shower; but seeing the phone by the side of the bed had her thinking too much about calling her mum and dad to get too playful with Lena - for once! - though they did wash each other. But what WAS she going to say? And what was Lena going to say? Now suddenly they did NOT want to be rescued, not yet, because their parents certainly wouldn’t let them go and take on the FSB to rescue a rogue FSB agent! Never mind one who had, strictly speaking, ravished them and forced them into lesbian sex!!

Anyway their mums and dads must be dead worried, so they had to call and say something, now they finally could. But presumably the FSB had told their parents something? What? She had no clue. Well she’d just call and say they were back, and see what they said, and wing it from there.

She picked up the handset and dialled her home. After a couple of rings a woman answered: “Hello.” That was all! And it wasn’t her mum’s voice!

“Hello,” Tali answered, “Can I speak to Svetlana Frinoskeya please?”

“I will see; who is calling?” The woman sounded rather severe! And what was she doing there?

“I am Natalya Mikhailovna, her daughter,” Tali answered.

“One moment please.” The phone went quiet; silent, in fact, without any room noises or anything. Tali started to realise the woman had sounded slightly like Katya had in the beginning, all unemotional…

Oh!! Her parents’ phone had been intercepted, by the FSB! God! What was going on? Had Elena’s dad still been sounding off about Syria?

They were so out of touch! She’d have to get on the internet and find out…

“She is coming, please hold,” the woman had come back on. Tali waited, then listened as the same woman came back on again and said that unfortunately her mother would have to call her back, in half an hour.

Tali realised the phone would have been traced. They wanted her to stay here for half an hour so that agents could come and grab her and Lena again!! Christ! She said alright, gave the hotel number, and ended the call.

“They’re coming Lenushka babe,” she told Lena. God, it was scary now!

For the sake of realism Lena called her parents too, and got the same response – wait to be called back in half an hour. Tali thought it was a bit obvious, really: both lots of parents going to call back in exactly half an hour?? It made her think perhaps the FSB weren’t always so super clever after all!

Anyway they had to get ready. They pulled back the cover on the bed and lay down together, naked. Would the agents knock, or use a master keycard and burst in? If they knocked she or Lena would have to put a towel round to answer the door - maybe it could fall off, while the other leapt out of bed naked …anything to distract the agents and show they didn't need to be searched.

As they opened their legs and overlapped them, their fingers in each other’s bushes and pussies, Tali had to admit to being a bit excited! She was terrified, but at the same time…and how sexy did they look??

Automatically her fingers started to move through Lena’s lovely bush and then down over her clit. Lena’s wonderful fingers started on hers…

For once they couldn’t get into it though, knowing that FSB agents were coming for them, to abduct them back to their headquarters where nobody could help them or even find out about them. In Russia the FSB ruled; there wasn’t anyone who defied them. And this time Tali and Lena had no big, strong, wise Katya to help them.

In fact she was being incredibly stupid, Natalya was thinking, and not fair on Lena, taking on the FSB when any single agent could eat her and Lena for breakfast!

Oh! The was a sound at the door…too late for second thoughts…it opened!

Two big men in suits walked in and closed the door, gaping at the naked teens. One of them got himself together: “Get up and get dressed,” he said in Russian. He knew he didn’t need to explain.

They were as professional as the first kidnappers, but as Tali had hoped the nudity kept them at a distance, by the door.

The girls got up and Lena made a bit of a show, looking for her panties first and turning round, then bending over, all slowly, while Tali turned away. She quickly slid her panties and jeans on, pushing the panty gusset aside and sliding the gun in just as she’d practiced. She could open her pussy whenever she wanted now!

The men hadn’t noticed anything. “Come with us, quietly, and you and your new friend will be fine,” the lead agent said with an unconvincing attempt at a fatherly manner, “we want to talk to you, that’s all, then we’ll bring you back. If you try to escape we will just catch you and say you are wanted for murder, so don’t.”

“Alright,” said Lena, nodding, and Tali nodded meekly too. It didn’t take much acting to look scared! They didn’t believe they’d be brought back, at all.

They were walked out of the hotel, Tali trying desperately not to wiggle more than usual, to a car, in which they were driven to the huge gate of the embassy. It slid open ominously, and closed even more ominously behind them. The car drove round to the back of the big brick building, where the men ushered them down some steps and through a small door into the lower regions of the building. They were taken along a corridor and to a door with a big handle and no glass in it.

The quiet man opened it, revealing a large, dark, unlit room with no windows. Tali was just starting to register a figure slumped on a chair in the middle of the room when she was given a shove and everything went black as the door closed behind her! Lena was right next to her.

The girls felt for each other; They needed the contact because they couldn’t see a thing!

“Katya?” Lena asked.

There was no reply.

Episode 17

The girls felt around with their hands. Tali took a step towards where she thought the figure in the chair was, but felt nothing. Took another step, Lena moving with her, next to her...nothing. Another step…nothing.

It was disorientating, the blackness being so absolute and their eyes trying to see but not giving their brains any information at all. The girls took another step, touching each other, waving their arms in front…still nothing. Another…

“Ah!” Lena gasped, and Tali felt her jump. She moved round, feeling…Oh! Skin! Hair!

A body, naked. Katya. She’d know those shoulders anywhere! She felt over her, sniffed her…it was her!

“God!” she said to Lena.

“I know!” Lena replied. “We found her! But what’s the matter with her?”

Tali could feel Katya was in a wooden chair with arms…quite a big chair. She was warm and breathing, but unconscious, and…handcuffed to it by her wrists! And ankles! Was she drugged? She must be, probably. Tali said so and Lena agreed.

Tali tried to think! Get her brain working through the terror - now they were here, what should they DO? She realised she’d been depending on Katya being conscious and knowing what to do! She’d been thinking that what they’d been doing was bringing Katya the gun…

So now what?

Katya being naked was not good: if the bad guys stripped Tali they’d find the gun! Also the agents had just tossed her and Lena in here, not even searching them because they’d seen them getting dressed, but someone more senior might come and have them stripped and handcuffed into chairs as well. God! That would be total failure! Also as Tali contemplated being helpless and naked with men again she felt a rage start to build. She realised that the episode with Assad would always be with her; well, it could be managed. Used. She knew Lena felt the same, though perhaps not as much; she reached for her and gave her hand a squeeze.

She slipped her jeans down and got the gun out, did her jeans back up, pulled the condom off and worked the slide to load a bullet into the chamber. In the dark! She gave herself a grin to bolster her courage; helpless she was NOT going to be!! Not this time.

She could work the gun in the dark because she’d practised. Katya had encouraged her, and now, incredibly, that might be going to save her. Save them all. So; she would practise some more.

She put the gun in a back pocket and practised pulling it out a few times. She got quite quick. Well she was generally quick; she had a good body, like Lena: well-coordinated. Not very big or strong, but quick and deft.

She put the gun away while she and Lena groped their way over to a wall and round to the door, looking for a light switch. She tried to keep thinking about what they had to do and not about their situation: locked in a room with no light, by a huge ruthless organisation that was feared all over the world. There was a good chance they might never see daylight again. Unless she could stop thinking about that!!

She made her mind up that she WOULD shoot someone and perhaps kill them, if she had to to get out with Lena and Katya. Katya so vulnerable now, not like herself at all. Tali hated the people who’d done this to her! And why did she have to be naked? So they could letch at her? Humiliate her? Had they raped her? Would they do that to Lena? To herself?

The girls couldn’t find a light switch, or a window or anything else useful. A table and three chairs; a steel cabinet, locked; a radiator on the wall with pipes; a basin with taps; something like a folding bicycle; a pile of clothes, that were Katya’s presumably. The room was eerily quiet: soundproof if the movies were anything to go by.

As the fear and desperation built, Tali practised drawing her gun more; she cleared the chamber, removed the magazine and mimed pointing it at someone and pulling the trigger. Moving the aim and pulling the trigger again…

She practised firing with the hammer down – she had to pull quite hard with her finger and the gun did move about more, but she got better at it, definitely. Next she practised with the first shot cocked then several more working the hammer. Over and over.

Time dragged on. More practice, till it felt like she knew what she was doing. She put the magazine back and loaded the chamber. They sat down in the chairs, held hands, and said a few comforting words to each other. There was only so much to say though.

Then, finally, suddenly, awfully, the lights went on in the ceiling! Tali instantly stood up, with Lena, blinking in the glaring brightness. There was the sound of the lock being turned and the door opened! Instinctively Tali took a step sideways to have space behind her.

Four men walked in – the two from the hotel and two others in better suits, looking like they owned the place! Tali focussed through the bright light, seeing the hotel men advancing on her and Lena straight away! Even as the door closed! Christ! Shit!

Her mind raced at lightning speed: the scene with the Hells Angels at the crash flicked though; Assad, moving her round like a doll; her girlie face with its big eyes, her longish, thick girlie hair and her slight girlie build with her pert tits and little waist. She knew.

They wouldn’t believe her till she shot someone. She knew she had to be fast, do it right NOW while she still had space and could move, before they put her in a chair, naked, handcuffed - now the door was closed and the room was soundproof…

She pulled the gun from her back pocket and pointed it at the man who was awfully close already! Both hands on the pistol. Cocked it. “Stop!” she said, taking a step back.

The man only hesitated for a fraction of a second, then reached for the gun, not believing it was real or that she’d do it! A big man who didn’t get shot by little girls. She lowered her aim to his leg and squeezed the trigger.

BANG! It was deafening in the room! She’d shot him! She dodged sideways out of his way as he sort of capsized to his left, falling to the floor, and moved the aim onto the legs of the second hotel man, who was almost upon Lena! No time to say anything at all, he might use her as a shield! BANG! It was easier the second time, she didn’t even notice lifting the hammer. He staggered but was still on his feet. BANG! she shot again and he went down.

She moved the aim onto the other two men, who were standing near the door. One was just starting to move, but towards the door – they weren’t carrying guns. They stopped.

“TALI!” she heard Lena call and looked quickly – the first man was pulling a gun out of a holster under his arm! The arm that was on the floor luckily, so it was slower. She put the gun on him and he stopped. Her brilliant Lena was there straight away and took it from him! It was the same sort of gun as the one they had, thank goodness. Lena would know how it worked.

Tali looked back at the second man, who wasn’t interested in his gun but only his leg which was bleeding fast. He got a thumb over the wound and at least stopped it actually spurting! Tali realised she didn’t care, she had enough to do getting Katya away from them. Lena was taking his gun too, how cool was that!

Natalya moved her aim back onto the nearer of the two suits, who was wearing frameless glasses. He looked a bit stunned, like his partner. Christ! She had to MAKE herself stop shooting!

She gradually realised why – as soon as the light had gone on she’d caught a glimpse of Katya, whose head was dangling with her mouth open! What had they done to her? Tali loved her! The urge to protect her had taken over.

“No more legs,” she said to the suits, “if I have to shoot you it’s for real.” God! She sounded ferocious, not like herself at all!

She’d also seen that the thing that had felt like a bicycle was a wheelchair, folded up. THAT’s what they even PLANNED to leave Katya needing! Shit!

Tali actually wanted to shoot them, hoped they’d defy her...but they seemed to sense it and didn’t even say anything. Not that they looked really scared now; that was a bit frightening, but she'd have to settle for it unless they did something.

She made them do each other’s jackets up and slide them half-way down their arms, like she’d seen in a film once. They definitely weren’t carrying guns. “Where are the keys to the handcuffs?” she asked. She was going to shoot them and search them if they didn’t say.

The one in the glasses looked down, indicating his jacket pocket.

While Tali kept them covered Lena reached in to the pocket, pulled a set of keys out, and went round Katya’s handcuffs undoing them.

Katya was still more or less unconscious, but stirring a little now.

The girls moved the suits over and had them lie on the floor between the two agents, then handcuffed them all in a circle to each other and to the radiator. Now the girls could put the guns down and get Katya dressed and into the wheelchair, which was hard work and took all their strength, but they managed it.

Now what? If they just wheeled Katya out into the corridor anyone who saw them would raise the alarm! And then there was the guardhouse and the gate.


Episode 18

Tali and Lena wheeled Katya to the corner near the door, following their instinct to get her as far away from the FSB men as they could. Tali stroked Katya’s head with one hand and Lena’s ass with the other.

Think! That’s what her dad said; he was always saying you should think about problems for minutes not seconds…

Well…some of it was obvious wasn’t it?

“We need a car and a driver that the guards won’t stop and can open the gate, ” she whispered to Lena, “like in Syria.”

“Yeah babe,” agreed Lena, looking at the suits.

They went over to them. Tali pointed her gun at the one with the glasses and put on her fiercest voice, thinking about Katya and Bruce: “Okay you are going to drive us out of here, then you get to live!”

He wasn’t even scared though: “I don’t think so, little girl; if you were going to kill us you’d have done it straight away. You even shot my men in the legs when the chest would have been much easier, so you’re not going to shoot me in cold blood.” He looked coolly at her. A boss man; a dominant character older than her dad, who saw her as a little girl.

She moved her aim onto the other suit, but he was copying the first guy, even looking back with a slight grin! Shit! She decided to shoot him in the foot – that would make the glasses one cooperate! She took aim.

She looked at the foot.

She couldn’t do it! Shit! In the time it’d taken to dress Katya she’d cooled off and now it WAS cold blood! And she WAS a little girl. Not even sixteen years old and she never even had fights or anything. She was hardly ever even rude to people! Not that she couldn't get cross with people or say things to make them shut them up or do something, but that was different.

She looked at Lena, but Lena shook her head. Well Lena had an impressive temper sometimes but otherwise she was even softer than herself.

“Undo us, hand over the guns, and then we can talk, see what we can do,” said the glasses one persuasively, "after all you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

“We’re not that little!” Natalya shot back.

He didn’t say any more, perhaps catching the tone in her voice: it was just possible that if he kept going with the insulting bullshit he could wind her up to do a bit more shooting!

She looked at him, still thinking. What did she and Lena have that they might be able to use? To beat this guy who was so hard and unfeeling and awful and had done God knew what to Katya.

Well, they didn't fully know what they had in fact did they? So the first thing was to find out. "Pockets?" she suggested and while she covered the men Lena went through all their pockets and put everything on the table, neatly organised. There were four phones, various keys, wallets, pens, and tissues.

What would Katya have done? She always seemed to know what to do. Well, Tali and Lena had learned a LOT from her hadn't they...

The phones. Katya had found that card PIN number in an FSB guy's phone, hadn’t she? And commented about FSB guys doing that…Tali picked up the glasses guy's phone, a big new one, and switched it on. He was watching her! There was nothing obvious on it though: a home page; phone numbers that just looked like phone numbers. She picked up the other suit’s one and turned it on…

Oh! There was a page in a browser, already open. A table, with names and dates in it! She showed Lena and the two girls stared at it; because one of the names was Katya Ivanovna!

“Idiot!” the glasses guy snapped at the other suit, who looked away guiltily. Well he’d been coming in to interrogate (or whatever) two slight teen girls, with two big armed agents, so Tali could see why he hadn’t been expecting to have his phone hijacked!

“It’s a database,” said Elena, “we’ve been doing them haven’t we, at school. He’s left it open; he must’ve been looking at it and just put the phone into standby, so we don’t need the password.” They both liked Computer Studies at school but Lena was just a bit better at it than Natalya, unless it was something that depended on a lot of determination.

So Tali passed the phone to Lena and they went back over to Katya with it. Lena was looking through the database.

“It says she was in the Linguistics Department, Middle East Division,” she whispered, “here’s some dates and places…oh, Damascus! And here, Istanbul, and some others! And then a date when she became a trainee Agent-in-Place! That must be when she joined the FSB?”

Tali worked on that revelation. “So…that must mean she was in the linguistics department BEFORE she joined the FSB? Like just on the embassy staff?”

Lena nodded: “Looks like it. Here in this embassy even, it seems to be saying. Then some other places; I suppose they move around practising al their different languages all the time, Turkish and Arabic and everything.”

“So…” Tali could feel she was on the verge of something! What??


“So if there’s a Linguistics Section or something here, upstairs somewhere in the embassy proper, she might’ve worked there and some people might know her! Might be friends even, who’ll want to help her!” she whispered. “We just have to find them. She’s so gorgeous, there might be lovers even, or people in love with her who’ll do anything!”

Her wonderful Lena was nodding. It was a risk to go out of this room, but one they had to take, sooner or later. The FSB men were too tough for them to force them to do anything like pretend to be escorting them, so they’d have to try it on their own, eventually.

They checked that the men were secure, took the keyrings, and cautiously opened the door. Luckily, the corridor was empty. The biggest key locked the door behind them and they ran down the corridor looking for a lift or stairs to take them out of FSB territory and up into the embassy where they could at least say they were lost or something! Hearts in their mouths and a gun in each of their pockets under their untucked tees, they searched for a way up.

There! There were some stairs, behind a door with a window in it, narrow and not very well lit, like emergency stairs. They ran up the stairs, up and up, until on the third landing there was a door saying

Visas Zone 2'.

Yes! Now what? They pushed through the door into a carpeted office corridor.

Tali found it hard to even register the risk they were running! What WAS going to happen? Every instinct was screaming at her to avoid people, and here they were TRYING to meet someone! Who?? How did they find this ‘help’ they’d talked themselves into imagining and not the FSB?

A woman came out of an office, a few metres down, and looked inquisitively at them. Shit! In their jeans and tees there was only one way Tali could think of to play it, anyway:

“Excuse me,” Tali walked towards her, smiling, “I wonder if you could help us? We’ve lost my mother, somehow! She’s up here looking for an old friend, Katya Ivanovna.”

She hoped her smile and Lena’s looked natural! Normally they did make people smile back…

“I’m afraid not,” the woman was friendly, not suspicious, “I don’t know that name I’m sorry. You could try Alexei in 314 though, he’s been here longer than me.” She pointed along the corridor and the girls thanked her and walked on. Phew! It all seemed quite casual around here.

Lena knocked on the door of 314 and a man called ‘come in’. She repeated the story.

“Ah, Katya isn’t here now,” he was friendly too, “they just circulate round, you know, the linguists, brushing up all their different languages, but your mum is likely to end up with Dmitriy, everyone knows he and Katya were SUCH great friends; 325, along that way…”

They thanked him and walked quickly down to 325. They knocked again, and were invited in.

“Hello,” a man behind his desk smiled at them, “how can I help?”

Tali knew straight away this was the guy: his build was a bit like Captain Bruce’s! A little bit taller perhaps but very lean like Bruce. Also he had that same good-natured twinkle in his eyes – a twinkle that seemed to grow as he looked at them! He was in his thirties and sexy. She’d bet anything Katya had fucked him; and that he had to have loved it and grown pretty fond of her!

“We’re looking for my mother,” Tali repeated their story, “and Alexei thought she might come and see you because she’s looking for Katya Ivanovna.”

“Katya?” The man leaned forward, reacting strongly, “is she here?”

Tali could see he was eager to see Kaya again. They were running out of time, she just had to go with her instincts. She could feel Lena felt the same way too.

“Well, yes!” she blurted. “It’s not my mum really it’s us - Katya needs your help, urgently!”

“Katya? Help?” he stood up. An action guy, and a guy who dreamed about helping girls in distress it seemed like! And it sounded like he did love Katya!

“It’s the FSB!” said Natalya: “They’ve drugged her! To interrogate her! Downstairs!”

“What? Those bastards!” he said, “I knew it was a mistake for her to get mixed up with them! But it was a way to get more money, which she needed for her family I think. Anyway, come on, show me!”

Just like that they were walking quickly down the corridor together, and the girls led Dmitriy down the back stairs. There was still no-one around, so they went along to the torture room, as Tali thought of it, and he waited in the corridor while they went back in to get Katya. The FSB guys were where they’d left them, fiddling ineffectually with the handcuffs.

Tali gathered up their wallets, keys and phones, while Lena wheeled Katya out; then they locked the door behind them. Tali bet there were orders not to disturb the FSB in that room! But eventually someone would have to check.

"My God!" said Dmitriy, "What have they done to her ?" There was a dribble of spittle on Katya's top now, where her mouth hung open. “Follow me, quick.” He took charge of the wheelchair and the girls followed him to a lift, which took them up a floor, then along another corridor and to a door to the outside.

“Wait here,” he said, and walked briskly across the car park to an old estate car. In a minute he’d driven it to the door.

“We need a bit of luck,” he said, “but there aren’t many FSB people here, they’re mostly out and about snooping. Anyway I keep a blanket in here, in case of a breakdown, so that’s lucky…”

Dmitry hefted Katya out of the wheelchair and onto the back seat, pulled her right in from the other side, then rolled her unceremoniously half off onto the floor, where he covered her with his old blanket. Next he ushered the girls into the luggage area at the back and rolled the load area cover back over them.

“Lucky we fold up nice and small babe!” Tali whispered, and Lena gave her an answering squeeze. There was a quiet minute or two while Dmitriy presumably got rid of the wheelchair somewhere, then they were off.

They could feel the car drive slowly across the car park, along, round a corner, round another corner, and then stop. Tali guessed Dmitry would be swiping his pass card.

An agonising few seconds later the car set off again, bumped over something, turned a corner, and gathered speed.

“OK we’re out,” they just heard him shout. “Fifteen minutes, are you OK?”

“YES!” they shouted together. It was hard to believe, but they might just have done it. So far, anyway.

Episode 19

Dmitriy took them all to his apartment, where they put Katya to bed in his spare room. She was still unconscious.

“Barbiturates,” said Dmitriy bitterly, “they just inject more and more, they don’t care. Just in case they might get another few words. Look at her: one more injection and quite likely she’d have just stopped breathing I expect. But we are in time I think. YOU were in time I should say. We lay her on her side, like so, yes, in case she’s sick, and leave the door open so we can hear. Now, I hope you’ll come and sit and tell me what’s going on.”

First though Dmitriy put Katya’s clothes in the washing machine, which made Tali think about her and Lena’s clothes too, but she couldn't say anything. Dmitriy sensed something however and in a couple of minutes he’d produced a huge T-shirt for each of them and their clothes were in the machine as well – all in one wash and to hell with slightly blue panties, bras and tees.

Tali and Lena sat on his sofa and Lena started trying to explain. There was no sense trying to hide anything or make up a story – how on earth could they explain it any other way than the absurd truth? - so while Lena described their incredible saga Tali just gave a huge sigh of relief and tried to take stock herself.

Somehow they’d gone right into the FSB’s lair and come out with their Katya. They’d made a plan, held their nerve, and executed it. Shot two men, handcuffed others and left them locked up. Then made up another plan and executed that. Before that they’d driven a stolen car across Turkey, more or less taken part in an armed assault, taken part – in fact starred - in a biker gangbang, smoked dope, ridden stolen motorbikes, hijacked a boat, lost their virginities…

It was all too much. What had happened to the innocent schoolgirls who’d come to the seaside for a holiday last week? They’d never be the same. She had a gun in her pocket; she was a bisexual who already had a job counting her sex partners and thought about sex constantly when she wasn’t shooting people...

Tears were rolling down her cheeks. A second later she was sobbing violently and Lena’s arms were round her. Dmitriy was hovering uncertainly, sympathetic but a stranger. Tali put her arms round Lena, who was crying too!

In five minutes she felt better though. They were alright after all; it was something they had to adjust to, that was it. Survive and get home. And they were surviving weren’t they? They’d just needed a good cry.

Dmitriy cooked supper for them. He felt so sweet! He didn’t seem terribly strong or brave now, with the emergency over; Tali just knew he’d have been bossed about by Katya like anything! The thought made her smile, and she went through to check on their great big gorgeous guardian angel: no change, still breathing OK. Well probably she’d improve by the morning? Tali would sleep in here anyway, next to her and touching, in case she was sick or started choking or something; there was room on the bed. Next to their saviour, who needed saving herself for a bit. Or on the floor if Lena wanted to, or something. Gosh, Tali was sleepy though! She went back through.

“Thanks so much for that lovely supper Dmitriy,” she gave him a grateful touch on his arm, “can we stay please? Just till tomorrow? I HAVE to go to sleep right now! Where do you want to sleep, Lena?”

God! She’d been a bit confident! It must’ve been a bit obvious she wasn’t going to let Dmitriy say ‘no’! Dmitriy didn’t seem to mind though.

“I’ll sleep on the couch babe,” said Lena, “I can see you’re in there? Let me know if you want me to take over.”

Dmitriy was saying ‘no no he’d sleep on the couch’, but Lena was already laying down on it and so that was that and he found a blanket for her, wished them goodnight and went off to his bedroom.

Tali had a bit of a wakeful night, worrying about Katya and trying to make sure she’d know if anything changed, and once or twice the gun under her pillow dug into her a bit; but the morning came sooner than she expected so she supposed she must’ve slept more than she’d realised.

Katya had rolled onto her back but was still fast asleep or unconscious. Tali got up, then by moving Katya’s splendid big legs first she managed to roll her over onto her other side. She gave her a little stroke: Katya was warm and her breathing was steady, so hopefully she’d just wake up eventually, though what sort of state she’d be in then Natalya had no idea. She gave Katya’s broad, muscley shoulder a little kiss, feeling her lovely skin with her lips. Gosh, she was gorgeous!

She went through to the living room; Lena was nowhere to be seen, so presumably she’d been enjoying Dmitriy’s nice lean body in his bedroom! Tali had a grin at the thought, then she had a quick shower and put the big t-shirt back on.

She made herself a coffee – he wouldn’t mind would he? - and sat in the living-room going through the contents of their jeans pockets, which she’d emptied out hastily before the jeans went in the machine. From the baggy pockets had come, apart from her own stuff, the FSB suits’ wallets, ID cards, phones, the third gun, and keys; and the microSD card from the Antalya consulate, that she’d completely forgotten about.

The ID cards had photos on obviously so they were no use; she put them on one side. Then the keys too: she and Lena were NOT planning on going back there! The wallets had credit cards and cash – both Turkish Lira and Rubles. The rubles would be useful, hopefully!

The phones!!! She hadn’t given them a thought. She pressed the on button on one and was immediately asked for a password. Well she didn’t have it, so she closed the database. Otherwise it looked like it worked though, just like her own phone.

The little memory card…Hmmm. It’d just been lying on the floor so probably it wasn’t important, just a spare or something, or somebody’s music collection. Still…perhaps she’d pop it in something and see.

Just then Lena and Dmitriy came out of the bedroom so she stopped and had breakfast with them; then Dmitriy went off to work, fortified by a long kiss from Elena! At the last moment Tali thought to ask about using his laptop, so they could get on the web; but while he hadn’t exactly said ‘no’, he hadn’t exactly been keen either. He’d recited his password rather fast, as though he wouldn’t mind if she and Lena couldn’t quite remember it!

She’d seen that sort of look on a guy’s face before, she thought; where? …Ah! boys caught looking at porn! Haha! Well Dmitriy was living on his own, wasn’t he? She brought the laptop over to the sofa anyway. His password was not even slightly hard for her to remember: Ivanovna. He must be as smitten with Katya as she and Lena were!

Lena sat down on the sofa next to her, with those legs and her sexy presence – getting sexier by the day it seemed like! It made Tali tingle, with both of them having this apartment to themselves for the morning, and naked under their tees. There was stuff to do, but they had time after all; Tali lay her fingers gently on Lena’s ankle, and slowly stroked up; up over her knee, up her thigh…God! When had she last had a cum? In a moment their tees were off and they were naked together again.

"Check his browser history." said Lena before Tali entirely put the laptop down. "Maybe there’s something he likes that we can do?"

“Haha!” Tali laughed as she started looking: the searches and sites were about Amazons and schoolgirls! ”Obviously Dmitriy can’t believe his luck!” What was this one? Tribbing??

Five minutes later she was manoeuvring herself to scissor into Lena, both of them watching their clits get closer and closer! Oooh it was sexy! AAAhhhh, there they were…oh, no they’d slipped a bit…aaahh back again…nooo off again…

It was quite tricky, even with them both being pretty agile! Also Tali was thinking the contact was a bit on-or-off: either not touching their clits or bashing into each other! But the IDEA was so sexy! And the sight of it! Ow! that one pulled on a hair a bit!

It was fun though! For ten minutes they moved around rubbing their clits, sometimes on the other’s clit and sometimes on another bit of them, giggling and getting hotter in both senses! Tali wasn’t getting to cum though, which was not like her! And not what she needed either!

“OK, let’s call that done girl, I reckon it’s hotter to look at somebody else doing it than to do it yourself! Or it needs practice…here gimme that beautiful face…”

For now Tali consigned clit-grinding to her fast-expanding history and swivelled round to kiss Lena all over her stunning face. She put her hands gently round Lena’s head, in her hair and round her ears. She kissed her neck, then her tits, then up to her gorgeous mouth. While they gently snogged she was rubbing her body full-length on Lena’s. She felt fabulous! Sounded fabulous!

Tali nudged a knee in between Lena’s and Lena opened her legs. Tali slid her fingers into Lena’s pussy, feeling it alive, wet and ready. AAAhhhh Lena’s magic fingers were in her own pussy, and on her clit! God! How did she DO that?…

I less than a minute Tali was enjoying her cum. letting the ecstasy grip her as she held onto her girlfriend, then subsiding into her arms. She tried to feel what Lena needed, and sensed she was alright without a cum – she was still quite freshly fucked after all!

After a minute or two they got up and went into the spare room to check on Katya; she was still out, but now seeming a bit more asleep than unconscious somehow. She’d rolled back onto her back, which the girls thought would be safe enough, with not much likelihood of her being sick any more.

Still naked, they went back to the sofa and the laptop, sitting on their T-shirts out of consideration for the upholstery. They sat leaning against each other, looking for news about the Assads and Lena’s dad.

There wasn’t any that they could see; it looked as though Lena’s Dad hadn’t been saying anything about Syria one way or the other. Well the Putin regime would settle for that wouldn’t they? People would be suspicious if he’d suddenly started supporting Assad, after all.

“So, Lenushka,” Tali wondered out loud, “d’you think it’s a bit over the top for the FSB to be like nearly killing Katya? And still chasing us hard enough to be intercepting both our family’s phones? And I guess email and everything too. If they’ve basically got what they wanted?”

“Yeah,” nodded Elena.

“I mean, they might be pissed that we got the consulate stormed, but it’s not the FSB’s consulate is it? And they’ll be pissed at us now that we’ve gone in and shot a couple of them and everything, but they were already going a bit nuts weren’t they? All ready to grab us in less than half an hour…”

What was it? There had to be something else. Well Katya had possibly killed a minor Assad and two FSB agents; Tali didn’t know if they were dead or not. Still, Tali had always thought the FSB were too…well, unemotional… to worry about stuff like that. They were far more likely to worry about something that might happen in the future…

The microSD card? That was the only thing they had that they hadn’t looked into. She looked at the side of the laptop – a standard SD slot. She googled it – ah, you used an adapter that’s all, she remembered now her phone card had come with one. She got up and looked in the drawer of the desk where the laptop had been: all sorts of little cables and batteries…and that looked like an SD card shape but translucent…Yes! It opened.

Natalya put the card into the adapter and pushed it into the laptop. The card didn’t show up in Explorer at all. Why was that? Hmmm. What did that mean? Have to think about that…

She ought to clean her gun, she had a vague idea. She’d have to look that up. Oh and did she have that CCTV DVD still? She supposed they could look at that, if it was still in her jacket. They knew what was on it really and the jacket was still in their room in the hotel... still, she felt her dad would've said to be thorough...

There was a noise in the spare room… unsteady footsteps, then Katya appeared in the doorway!

“Katya!” Tali rushed for her, wrapping her naked body round Katya’s. Lena had done the same. Just as well Katya was nice and big with plenty to go round! “Gosh are you OK? How are you? Should you be up?”

Tali immersed her senses in their guardian angel, savouring her feel and fragrance, stroking her and kissing her, running her fingers through her hair. God, she’d missed her! She was a bit unsteady though.

They led her over to the sofa so she could sit down. She was quite doddery.

The front door opened suddenly and Dmitry came in, looking on, amazed! Of course, they were all naked! Tali had stopped noticing! She worried he might be jealous, or feel left out. She looked at him as he came in and then stopped, shuffling nervously.

“You can take your clothes off, I don’t mind,” she said.

God! It came out as a bit of an order! Or giving him permission or something! What sort of way was that to be speaking to their host; a guy in his own home and probably not much younger than her dad? It had just come out. He didn’t seem to mind though: “OK,” he said, and disappeared into his bedroom.

“Darlings,” Katya was hugging them, “tell me…how … with Dmitriy? I can’t remember much after they took me… into the op centre.”

Tali and Lena told her how they found her drugged and handcuffed to the chair, and how they’d found out about possible help on the third floor and how they’d found Dmitriy.

“But how did you get in? And out again?” Katya was puzzled. The girls told her about everything that had happened after they split up on the bikes: the Hells Angels, the assault on the consulate in Antalya, the drive to Istanbul, getting caught on purpose and smuggling the gun in.

“God! I heard the bangs I think,” Katya was trying to get to grips with it all. “Well Darlings you have been magnificent; I’m going to give you SUCH a seeing to as soon as I’m recovered!” she smiled and kissed them.

Dmitriy reappeared, naked, looking trim and nice Tali thought. His cock was dangling but quite big. Lena obviously thought he looked nice too as she shuffled along a bit and invited him onto the sofa next to her. She put her arm round him and his cock started to move! Lena delicately put her hand over the end and surrounded the shaft with her fingertips. In an instant it was hard and Dmitriy was making little groaning and gasping noises! Lena looked across at Tali, offering him! Well, it was Tali’s turn and she was feeling a bit sexy again, what with all this contact with Katya and Lena, and the thought of a cock in her pussy…

Natalya got up and reached for his hand; Dmitriy obviously didn’t mind WHICH slender schoolgirl was going to fuck him! She lay him down on his back on the rug in front of the sofa, and lowered her pussy over his pulsating cock. It was a nice size: maybe fourteen or fifteen centimetres, and a good four thick she reckoned. It just stretched her wet, tingling pussy nicely! As she bottomed out onto his bone and started grinding her clit a little, she realised she’d impaled herself almost as easily as Katya had Bruce! Christ! She could never have imagined that. But now it had been so easy – just because her pussy had known how great it was going to feel! Well this was probably her twelfth cock at least, and by no means the biggest! She started to fuck: up and down, side to side, to and fro, a grind…

She smiled down at Dmitriy’s handsome, enraptured face, then leaned forward and kissed him. Sat back up, fucked some more, stroked her hands sensually over his chest and played with his nipples a little. Fucked some more…oooh her pussy felt wonderful! She smiled at Katya, who was looking a bit dozy again, and her beautiful Lena, who was playing with her pussy and a tit.

She fucked a bit more, holding off from the big orgasm that was right there now whenever she wanted it. OH! Lena was behind her! Straddling one of Dmitriy’s legs by the feel of it. Lena’s arm came round her and her hand with its magic fingers cupped her left tit! Lena was kissing her neck, just at the base… Tali started to cum, with a loud groan, and she could feel Dmitriy pushing up and hear him groaning too! He was cumming in her like crazy! How hot! Tali came even harder.

After a few seconds she was winding down again, still with Dmitriy’s cock inside.

But almost straight away Tali felt her pussy coming back to life! She moved on Dmitriy a bit and tried squeezing his cock with her pussy – it worked! She could feel his cock was still quite big, just a bit less hard now. She slid it in and out a bit, teasing the head with the entrance of her pussy where she could make like a ring of pressure slide to and fro over his cockhead! It felt great! And Dmitriy seemed to think so too! He was getting hard again!

“Wow you’re pretty sexy Dmitriy,” she smiled at him. He smiled back, such a warm smile.

“You two can kill me if you like,” he gasped, “just do it slowly, is all I ask”.

“OK,” Tali grinned, reckoning that with her hyperactive pussy she could definitely cum again before Dmitriy could! With a bit of help anyway…”gimme a hand then Lenushka, a kiss and a frig, then he’s all yours…”

Some five minutes later Tali was enjoying another lovely cum, fucking her pussy on Dmitriy’s nice cock while her gorgeous Lena kissed her all over the place, squidged her clit with one hand and stroked her neck and tit with the other.

She got her breath back a bit then eased her pussy off, leaving a nice erect and slippery pole ready for Lena. Tali kissed Dmitriy and sat back on the sofa with Katya.

Katya was awake, just leaning back dopily. Natalya leaned into her, trying to be close with her without turning her on; it was fabulous just feeling her warmth and texture.

“So did they interrogate you in Antalya?” she asked, “What was it they wanted to know anyway? Dmitriy reckoned they nearly killed you! That wasn’t just to find us, was it?”

“They were after you actually, Tali,“ Katya was speaking slowly, forming her words with an effort. “It was OK in Antalya, they were annoyed and wanted to find you, but it wasn’t urgent. Then while we were here they started asking again and doing a real interrogation - they think you probably have a DVD they don’t want people to see, from their cameras. I think it must show somebody coming or going who wasn’t supposed to be there; I don’t know, it could be anybody.

“It must be quite embarrassing anyway. Did you take a disc?”

“Wow yes I did, cos it had the Angels on it obviously so I popped it out of the machine.“

“OK darling that was smart; but where is it now?”

“In my jacket in the hotel…OH! I thought it was but they’d have found it wouldn’t they? After they captured us they must’ve gone back and searched. Gosh! Did it fall out? I don’t remember. Perhaps it’s in the car!”

“Well they won’t believe you haven’t looked, or won’t dare to believe that, so the only thing we can do is try and get it and try to see what the secret is.” Katya was quiet for a moment. “Then we can find some way to threaten them with it, and make them leave you alone.”

“Leave US alone you mean,” said Natalya, but Katya had dozed off again.

Tali gave Dmitriy and Lena a few minutes to finish, which was very sexy to see but not the main thing now. Thinking through what Katya said changed everything.

“Listen,” she said when they’d wound down again,. “The FSB are really seriously looking for us! They’d have killed Katya to find us! Whoever is on that DVD it must be a big deal, something that would look really bad obviously!

“Shit! Thinking about it…how long did it take US to find a friend of Katya’s in the consulate? Once they start seriously trying to work out how we and Katya all got out, how long is it going to take for the FSB to find out Dmitriy was a friend of Katya’s and come calling, asking questions?

“We have to move out. Right now! With Katya. Then Dmitriy you have to clear up all the traces of us being here, OK?

“Are our clothes dry yet? SHIT! Come on! They could be on the way any minute to ask questions. Dmitriy clear up and be cool, OK? Make up a story that we came to your office and you didn’t take us seriously and sent us away.

“Can we buy your laptop Dmitriy? Please? We really need it, for the DVD. Here’s some Lira, how much should it be? Do you have a bag? Car cord?”

Dmitriy was looking a bit overawed. Tali felt sorry for him, but there was nothing to be done; his Amazon and schoolgirls had to go. Tali and Lena gathered up their phones and guns, got dressed, and managed to wake Katya up enough to get her dressed as well.

Thank God the phones had Internet! Tali quickly phoned one phone with the other, stored the numbers, and got Google Maps loaded on one of them; then with Dmitriy’s help she set the apartment as the start and the car in the hotel car park as the destination. Now they could follow the route through the streets. They’d have to find a way to change the car, or get across a border with it, as soon as they could, but for now it was all they had. It had just better be there!

After twenty frantic minutes they were ready. Tali put the laptop in its bag with all the other bits and pieces. In the car they could charge the laptop and connect a phone to it to charge the phone and give them internet on the laptop. Her gun fitted in her baggy jeans and so did the magazine from the third gun. They had money. Not bad. It would have to do anyway.

“Thank you SO much Dmitriy!” Tali made time for a decent kiss. Lena and Katya kissed him too, then they were off. They had to take the lift because Katya was too weak to manage the stairs, and Natalya realised she couldn’t walk to the car. She was going up and down and right now she was down, not even speaking.

“Babe,” she said to Lena, “one of us has to go and get the car, and one of us has to stay here with Katya, out of sight. I’ll go, OK? They’ll be looking for two girls so I’ll be OK; I’ll just take my phone and call you OK? Do you want to be seeing where we ought to head for, on the laptop? See you in a bit babe.”

She gave her a quick kiss, then putting some money and the FSB card in a pocket, Natalya set out for the car, thinking if she passed a clothes shop they could all do with a jacket.

Lena and Katya hung around in the basement garage for a few minutes, then gradually Katya slumped to the floor and dozed off again. She was too heavy for Lena to hold up, and clearly there was no way she could travel with them was there? She needed to be in bed still.

Lena gave her a few minutes to see if she perked up, but she didn’t; she would have to go back to Dmitriy's apartment. When Katya came round again Lena managed to get her up, then they got back in the lift and went to knock on his door.

Dmitriy opened the door a fraction, and peered out at them. "Back so soon?" he asked as he saw who it was and ushered them in.

"Katya is too poorly to travel. We have to think of something else." Lena told him.

He pondered this for a few moments and then his face lit up: "Alright, Mrs. Osmandias knows Katya, likes her, and would look after her I think. Her son is away at University and so she has a spare room. Wait here." he disappeared for five minutes then came back.

"Here, help me with her. Mrs. Osmandias is on the ground floor. She is sort of the building superintendent. I told her that Katya's husband beat her up, and is looking for her. Her eyesight isn’t very good so hopefully the lack of bruises won’t be a problem, she'll hide her for a few days until she is on her feet." They both guided a semi-lucid Katya out into the hallway again, down in the lift, and along the hallway to where a woman was holding a door open.

"Come, Come," she said. "I'll take her. I spit on her bastard husband." She was very old, well into her eighties it seemed. The shuffled Katya into the son's room, laid her on the bed, and closed the door most of the way. Katya was already asleep by the look of her.

"I have to go." said Lena. "Tali will be here in a moment. Take care Dmitriy, and thanks for everything!" She kissed him properly, gave his ass a light squeeze, and then went back down into the garage to wait for her girlfriend.


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