Night camping
Seriously, guys, if you aren't into b/b, gay, young, read something else. Please. You won't be happy with this.

Now for my readers, a short response to comments you guys have made to earlier parts of this story:

Point taken on the critique that I tend to write about the same type of sex over and over, and that I like frott. I apologize for that, but I'm not sure how much I can change. For one thing, I write from experiences and I simply never got into the kinkier stuff. As a kid, I was frott crazy. Most of my junior high and high school sex with boys was frott. In college, the best night of sex I had, possibly ever, was with a beautifully lean guy who loved kissing, making out, and frotting as much as me. We stayed in one another's arms for literally several hours. If memory serves, I came five comes that night, four for him.

I also enjoyed oral from the beginning, absolutely, though the first buddy I tried it with (another kid from the junior high swim team) and I literally tried blowing on each other's cocks that first time. LOL. We quickly figured out that wasn't going to work. My first anal was the same day, same buddy. We used Vaseline the first few times and never had any discomfort taking one another – we were young. We loved anal, and when I was with him, that's mostly what we did.

Those three (frott, anal, oral) in one form or another became the lifelong focus of gay sex for me, and they always satisfy. Piss fights in showers are about as kinky as I've tried. The thing is, when I write a story, I don't try to write about what I don't know. I try to stick to my own experiences.

I have a similar problem trying to introduce teenage angst like I see in so many stories. In junior high my best friend (not the swim team buddy) and his brother were my friends even before we started the wrestling sessions that became all-out frott. Our friendship might have grown romantic, but his family moved away. That was about as angsty as it got for me. When I was a junior in high school, my best friend's little brother and I fell in love. We crushed on each other first, but lovemaking followed. We grew close, but then I left for college and we drifted. Not much angst for my part because I was excited about college and being away from home and freer to look for other gay guys and more likely to find them. In later years, I was sad to look back and think what might have been if we'd stayed together. But in reality, I had great high school years. College years were full of sex, two boyfriends, and one girl friend, but no real romance. It wasn't until later that I became a romantic type, and still, not much angst.

A few years back, I posted stories about some of my closer relationships, and the one boy I loved in high school. I posted under a couple of pen names on, Btomandback, and Jack Edwards. On XNXX I found feedback to be more critical and immediate. When I noticed that I had seemed to have developed a core of faithful readers, I focused writing more for them. Quck stories, and not too deep. Not attempting great fiction, but hopefully fun.

And though the same types of sex recur in my stories, which is inevitable, I do try to make each "love" scene unique. That's more fun for me, too. And usually in each story, a relationship will develop. Always, I try to stick to what I know could happen. I try for plausible, not fantastic.

Oh, and yes, I was in the Scouts. My very first naked body to naked body sex was with another scout on a bike hike. Mutual JO, and yes, frott, on the ground, under trees in the woods. The second time was in a tent, all frott, taking turns on top. :) Memories of those early times show up in stories like this one we’re on now.

So now you know where I'm coming from. I do thank you for the comments. And like you, I like the shorter stories. So I better get on with part 3.

But first, one last item -- I've had guys ask me to repost stories from my first times on XNXX. Some of those were very popular. Unfortunately, I kept none of them. Sorry, guys. Maybe I'll try a bi story soon. I had forgotten how much readers liked those.


I looked down at Hooper. His dazed eyes drifted up to meet mine. Cum glistened on his sunken belly in the faint light. "I'm going to do David," I whispered.

We were on David's bedroll and David was kneeling on Trace's. I got off Hooper and moved over to David, pushing him onto his back. He still had on his shorts so I pulled them and his underwear down and off his legs. My own boxers had been pushed down onto my legs while rubbing with Hooper, so I scrambled out of them. "Take off your shirt," I told David. "You'll like how it feels."

David pulled off his shirt while I kicked aside my boxers. He lay back down, and I spread his knees, getting between them. I dropped onto my hands over him and swayed my back to lay my balls and dick on his. And then I lay down onto him, belly to belly and chest to chest, and I slipped my palms under the backs of his shoulders, and like Hooper had done, David wrapped his arms over my shoulders. David was different from Hooper, though. David's arms were, well, more welcoming.

Our bodies melted together the way two welcoming bodies can, and I heard David's breath at my ear. "You good?" I whispered.

"Yeah." He pressed his cheek to mine.

I ground with my hips. David's embrace tightened. His pelvis rose against mine.

There are so many warm and exciting sensations in first sex, all at once. What I remember most about what happened next was David's responsiveness to me. I will always be grateful to him for being as willing and excited as I was, though he was only eleven. I remember everything about it -- his breath at my ear, the surprising softness of his cheek against mine, the smooth texture of his skin against mine, the kiss of his stomach against mine as we breathed, the feel of the insides of his bare legs against the outside of mine, the angular leanness of his shoulders, the smell of his skin and his hair, his palms on the backs of my shoulders.

The most acute sensations were those from our groins -- his balls under mine, the firm thick tubes of our boners between us, the warmth of his, the firmness of his hairless pubic mound under my dick.

I'll always think of those moments as when I became gay.

It wasn't that I wasn't born gay. I don't know. I had thought mostly about girls up to that point, and I liked them. But like most boys that age, I had admired other boy's bodies, and my sexuality was, as yet, unfocused. It focused that night in the tent. And David's responding body focused me.

He moved with me. The way his palms pressed my back, I knew he was feeling my muscles as they worked. David wasn't normally a bold kid, but we knew each other and something about me relaxed him. His fingers and palms explored down my back and when they reached my butt, the press of them there, feeling my butt muscles flex, felt good.

Something about David relaxed me, too, like, whatever I wanted to try, he'd be wanting, too. I pressed the tip of my tongue to the nape of his neck to taste his skin. He hummed softly and pressed the side of his face to mine.

I heard movement and looked. Hooper was still on his back beside us, and he was watching us. His hand was on his dick, stroking. As I looked at him, he turned his head to look up at my brother Trace, Trace had gotten on his knees between Hooper's legs and his hands were on Hooper's knees. His boner jutted out looking big the way boners can look big on eleven-year-olds without pubic hair. Trace's eyes met Hooper's. "I wanna try it," Trace said.

Hooper nodded and spread his knees wider. Trace lay down onto him and wrapped his arms under Hooper. Hooper wrapped his around the small of Trace's back and lifted his pelvis. Hooper had already done it once and knew what he liked.

Trace humped, and watching the tentative first bobs of my brother's smooth butt bob between Hooper's legs, and seeing their two pre-teen naked bodies entwined in obvious sex, created a stir in my loins. I turned my attention back to David. I remembered his lips on mine from the previous night, and lifting my head, I placed my lips on his.

David kissed back, and as our lips pressed, we humped harder. I had been close to coming with Hooper, and could hold it back no longer, not that I wanted to. I pulled my lips from David's and pressed them to the nape of his neck with a loud whimper as my gut tightened. I whimpered with each squirt, and David held my tightly to his with his hands on my butt.

I relaxed onto him. Clutching at my butt, David continued grinding up against me, so I rolled us over and opened my legs to put David on top with his legs between my legs so he could feel what it was like. His hands went to my shoulders during the roll and now he hugged my neck. My own hands were free to roam his body, and in the warm afterglow of having just come, I traced his back with my fingertips and felt over him like he had felt over me. The skin on his bottom was baby soft and smooth. His butt was flexing the way my butt had when I was on top, and I cupped his fleshy glutes to feel them work. My dick, which had been softening, hardened all over again.

I glanced over at Trace and Hooper. They were tightly embraced and nuzzled into each other's necks. Hooper's feet were still planted on the sleeping bag and he thrust up against Trace's thrusts. They looked hot.

David lifted his head and sought my lips with his. We kissed again. I planted my feet on the bedroll like Hooper was doing and lifted my pelvis against David's thrusts. The tip of David's tongue pressed between my lips and it dawned on me that he wanted to try kissing with tongue. I opened my mouth to his and our heat turned way up. It felt as if our crotches were connected directly to our mouths.

Our mouths made sloppy noises. I heard a gasp, then Hooper's voice. "They're kissing."

I glanced from the corner of my eye and saw Trace and Hooper pause, look at each other, and then I saw Trace lower his mouth to Hooper's.

David's body suddenly tensed and he whimpered, signalling me the way I had signaled my coming to him. I did like he had done me, clutching his butt and pulling his pelvis hard against mine until he was through. I could feel the base of his cock pulse against the stretched tendons inside my left leg.

He finished, and I kissed his cheek. David nuzzled into my neck and relaxed onto me. I was hard, but had come twice already. I was okay to just lie there with his weight on me and between my legs. Even an eleven-year-old guy can be lean and densely built, and he felt good on me. I stroked my fingertips up and down his back and felt him relax even more.

Sudden boyish grunts and whimpering beside us announced two orgasms close together. A moment later, Trace slid off Hooper and backed his butt against my hips and David's. It was a warm night, and we had warm bodies. None of us needed to cover. I rested my hand on Trace's hip and fell asleep.

I heard the zipper open on the tent door while it was still dark outside. A glance told me it was Hooper going out. A moment later, I heard him pissing. At least he was downwind. David's head was on my chest and his hand rested between my legs. I wondered if he had played with me after I was asleep. Trace was asleep beside me, but with a hand on my belly, which was another reason I was suspicious. I was comfortable, though, and I didn't want to get up, but I needed to piss, too.

I moved away hands and arms and got up from between David and Trace and made my way out to stand beside Hooper as he shook off. I lifted my dick and shot out in a high arc.

Hooper glanced at me.

"We cool?" I asked.

Hooper nodded sleepily. "Next time," he said, turning toward the tent, "I wanna try cornholing."

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