My parents had always said that I was strange when I was a little girl. I was forever scared to go outside unlike the other kids, But that was because of the terrifying man that was always watching me.

We lived in a community called Wimbleton Drive. There was a forest just behind our line of houses that could take a person out of the city, In the forest were trails and a park, But I never wanted to play there. I didn't want to be outside unless my parents were by my side, He was always there if I was by myself...the figure. From what I had seen a hundred times, he was wearing black slacks, some well-polished leather shoes, and a black suit like that of a business man. But his face. The figure's face was abnormal...terrifying.The skin was pale, whiter than the snow in winter. There were no eyes, nose, or mouth on the figure's face. I would always find him staring at me though the window into my room. That was why I always insisted that the shades be closed up in my bedroom at all times. My parents didn't believe me when I told them about the man--who would? I quickly learned to keep the chilling figure to myself. Who was he, and what did he want?

As I got older, the figure visited me less, until he was only returning to my home about once every month or so. I had tried everything to get evidence of this stalker--I had tried to catch him on camera, but when I looked at the camera afterword the camera had mysteriously broken. Whenever I stared too long at the figure's white face, my mind would feel fuzzy and I'd almost pass out. I was going mad. I had manged all these years to keep these visits to myself, except for the one incident with my parents when I was about seven. I had to find out who this was. So I searched the internet for weeks trying to find any information about this man. Maybe he was some crazed escaped criminal or something. After a while I stumbled upon an online horror game called 'Slender'. My browser had led me to the game from my search 'tall man with blank white face'. When I looked at some pictures from this game, I couldn't believe my eyes. The monster in the game looked exactly like the figure visiting my house. I did some more research with the Slender name, and I quickly found what I was looking for. This was no man visiting my home, apparently. It was some kind of demonic spirit. There were a lot of claims on the internet of other people seeing this thing. I wasn't alone. From what I read Slender had been abducting children, teenagers, and some adults for years. Some people said he takes them to some cave and eats them, but I could hardly believe that. He didn't even have a mouth.

After a half hour or more of reading up on this Slender man, I was thoroughly freaked. The figure outside my house scared me ten times more now. He had killed hundreds, possibly thousands. After all, many versions of the 'myth' said that he had been around for hundreds of years. From what I read, Slender could paralyze you if you stared at his face too long. Then he would abduct you. That explained the drowsiness and headache I got when I looked at the figure outside for a long time. The myths stated that Slender got around the world by teleporting. He was capable of teleporting right into people's houses. Why in all these years had he not come into my house? The myths said that Slender sometimes would torture the people in their houses for years before actually taking them.

I was going to disappear just like all the others. It was only a matter of time. Eventually Slender would teleport inside my own room, and I would probably never see this world again. But I couldn't let him do that. I was going to do something crazy and stupid. There was only one way to get rid of this monster, and that was by killing it.
My dad used to be in the S.W.A.T force, but he had retired to work in the police department. He still had a riot suit he had kept from his days in the S.W.A.T. force. The suit was equipped with a shield, a baton, and a 9mm compact pistol. Now that I was sixteen years old I was nearly as tall as my dad, so the suit fit me almost perfectly. My parents weren't home--they had gone to take a short two--day vacation for their anniversary. Hopefully I would be back home before they returned.

The sun was beginning to go down as I walked out the back door of my home. I looked around for Slender, but he usually didn't appear around these parts until evening. I took a deep breath, then entered the forest.

It was much darker in the forest because of the all the thick trees. When I was very little, before Slender had started visiting my home, I had come to play in the forest often. Now it felt like I was entering Hell. I was wearing a helmet, looking through the reinforced plastic visor. If I was wearing something over my eyes, would Slender's face not affect me? There was only one way to find out. With my shield held high in one hand and my pistol loaded in the other, I ventured into the center of the forest. I was nearly a half mile away from any of the houses now. There was barely any light in the forest. I flipped on the lights in my helmet, staring wildly around the wood. I was beginning to have second thoughts of fighting this monster. He was a demon, after all. Demons aren't injured by bullets, right? All resolve leaving me, I turned to go back home. My heart stopped. There was the man from my nightmares, standing right before me.

He was even more terrifying up close. His long arms stretched grotesquely down to his shoes. His face was white, and bright with a horrible light. To my relief I felt no drowsiness in my head as Slender stared at me. The creature towered over me by nearly four feet. He was just standing there--unmoving. As if frozen in time. "FUCK YOU!" I yelled, and I aimed my gun at Slender's head and fired.

What happened at that moment I will never forget. The moment I fired, two objects appeared in the space between me and Slender. They were floating in mid-air, weightless. They were the bullets I had just fired. He had stopped them. Seconds later the floating bullets exploded in little balls of white light. There was no chance against him now. My bullets wouldn't kill him. I stumbled back, terrified. Then the lights on my helmet went out.
I was in darkness. I heard a cold, hissing voice in my head that made the hairs on my neck stand on end.

"You cannot kill me, child. I knew you would come to me someday."

I suddenly felt something tug at my helmet, and I instinctively pulled out my baton and swung it wildly about. The baton met something hard with a crunch, and a cold hiss filled the wood. I started to run. I had to get away. I was going to die. Slender was limited in his movements towards his victim when there was light, such as a flashlight. But what happened when there was no light...? A moment later I fell face first into the ground. Something had grabbed my legs, tripping me. My helmet was pried off my head in the darkness.

I began to cry. The monster was going to kill me like all the others. "I want you to see me..." the voice hissed in my head, and the lights in my helmet turned on. Slender was holding the helmet up to his face. I tried to look away, but I had already seen him. My mind went fuzzy, and sleep overtook me.


"Wake, my beautiful girl."

I opened my eyes.

I was lying down on a slab of white marble, naked. Black ropes were wrapped tightly around my arms and legs. My legs were spread apart wide. I turned my head the best I could. I gasped. Surrounding the slab I laid on were tall, white walls. Above me was a domed ceiling. There were hundreds and hundreds of naked people hanging up there--dead. All dead. Black tentacles were wrapped around them all, the tentacles buried grotesquely in their chests and coming out their mouths. There were a heap of bones piled near my slab. One of the skeletons had only been partially eaten. The head was still intact, and it was that of a young boy. I looked up again to the ceiling, noticing that all of the people up there were girls.
I tried to keep calm. This was all just a bad dream, and I would wake up eventually.

"Little girl..."

I heard that hissing voice in my head again, and my eyes traveled down from the ceiling to rest on my kidnapper. He was standing at the foot of the stone slab. Slender had shrunk in height, now only about six feet tall. "What do you want from me?!" I yelled. Slender did not reply. He lifted his long arms from his sides. In this horrible chamber he could move normally. Slender rested his talon-like white hands on my thighs. I shivered at the touch. Slender's hands were strangely warm. The hands gently rubbed up along my thighs and onto my stomach.

"Such a beautiful girl..." Slender was saying. "You really will be a treat."

"What do you mean?!" I gasped, struggling in my bonds.

Slender's white hands traveled up to my breasts. He touched them gently, feeling my nipples. I couldn't help but let out a soft moan as he felt my body. Slender's hands made their way slowly down to my vagina. On his touch I shook. No one had ever touched me there.

Slender withdrew his hands. A sickening cracking sound came from his back as a mass of black, oozing tentacles erupted from his body.

The tentacles inched forward toward my pussy, and I started to cry. Not only was Slender a murderer who ate children, but he was also a demonic pervert. At least he was somewhat gentle.

A single tentacle brushed the lips of my pussy. I gasped. Just like Slender's hands the tentacle was warm and smooth. I stared at Slender's expressionless face. In this place he did not affect my mind.
The tentacle began to push into my pussy, and I cringed with pain. I shut my eyes tight, feeling as if my pussy was being cut apart. Suddenly I felt my hands being held, and I opened my eyes to see Slender holding my hands. What could I do? I held onto Slender's pale hands tightly as the tentacle pushed further into my pussy. Only an inch or so in the tentacle pressed through my hymen. I screamed in pain. A trickle of blood oozed out of my pussy as the tentacle pushed further in.

The tentacle continued inching further into me until it felt as if the thing would come out my throat. It must have already gone nearly eight inches into me. Finally the tentacle withdrew, pulling slowly out of me. Just when I thought it was over, the tentacle penetrated me again along with a second one. Tears flowed down my cheeks as the two tentacles began a pounding rhythm inside me. I tightened my grip on Slender's hands, gasping,

"Please, please, please...please stop.."

"I cannot," Slender whispered in my head.

The tentacles were pounding harder, their slick forms hammering my pussy at a blurring rate. Another tentacle inched forward from Slender's back, touching my asshole. "NO! Please no!" I screamed, but Slender didn't listen. The black tentacle surged forward, penetrating my ass. I screamed hoarsely. Tears were running unchecked down my face and onto my breasts. The pain was unbearable. It felt like my whole torso was stuffed to the point of splitting apart. Yet another tentacle inched forward towards my gushing pussy. "Three?!" I gasped. The tentacle penetrated my pussy with the other two.

I couldn't stop myself, a jolt of electricity raced through my body, and I let out a cry of pain mixed with pleasure. I cummed all over the three tentacles inside me, holding onto Slender's hands for dear life. My mind felt like it was on a roller coaster. I could barely think. My pussy was stretched to the limit, and the intense pain inside me was gradually being replaced by indescribable pleasure. Only seconds later I cried again and cummed all over the tentacles inside me. Suddenly, the tentacles inside me began to vibrate in unison. I threw my head back in ecstasy. My friends had described their experiences with vibrators to me, but I had never grasped how great they felt. These had to be ten times better than any vibrators.

I felt a hot liquid fill my virgin womb and ass up as Slender's tentacles unloaded nearly a gallon of cum into me.

"You are very good," Slender whispered in my head, "Usually girls become unconscious at this point."

"I'm...not any regular girl," I gasped, feeling another orgasm coming on. Slender retracted his black tentacles out of my pussy and ass. Strings of cum were attached to them as they came back to Slender.

Slender undid the fly on his black slacks, allowing his cock to spring out. My eyes widened. Slender's cock was pure white, just like his face, and glowing with a very faint light. It was fat, and must have been at least seven inches long. "No..." I whispered, as Slender inched forward, his erection near my pussy.

"Yes," Slender chuckled in my head, and he plunged his cock forward.

I shrieked in pain. It felt like my pussy was getting split apart. Slender began a steady, pounding rhythm as he hammered my pussy violently. I threw my head back into the stone again, biting my lip to keep from screaming. Still holding Slender's hands, I held them tighter until my fingers hurt. I closed my eyes, and then something strange happened.

I began to experience flashes of memories, like a dream. I saw flashes of a young boy, wearing a tunic like they did in medieval times. He had a ring of candles around him, and he was writing something on a bit of parchment with a bottle of ink and a quill. As he sat cross-legged in the circle, the candles burned out and the wax began to rise in long strands into the air. The strands of wax encircled the boy, wrapping around him. At that moment a light filled the place, revealing that the boy was sitting in a cave. Someone was carrying a torch, and from the light it revealed the torch's holder to be a man with a short beard. I could not hear what the man was saying, but it was evident that he was yelling at the boy. He must have been the boy's father. The boy's father stomped out the remaining bits of candles and dragged the boy roughly off the floor. He boxed the boy in the ears, then pushed him out of the cave. The memories shifted, and I saw the boy being tied to a stake in the middle of a pile of wood.

Many people surrounded the boy, including the man with the short beard. They were all yelling and mocking him. The father came forward with the torch to set the wood on fire. But at that moment a white light emanated from one of the sticks surrounding the boy. It flew through the air, impaling the boy's father through his stomach. The people fell back, horrified. The ropes on the boy seemed to melt and become black things. They retracted into the boy's back. He stumbled off the pile of wood, glaring at the people with rage. The people seemed to find their courage again, and one of them rushed forward with another torch. Before the boy could do anything the man hit the boy's head with the torch, setting the boy's head on fire. Another stick flew through the air, catching the man in the eye and going clean through his skull. The boy was screaming in pain. He collapsed to the ground, trying to swat away the flames on his head. In moments his hair was gone, and his skin was peeling away like paper.

The memory shifted yet again, showing the boy trudging out of a village. His mouth was stained with blood. Behind him were the people, all impaled on sticks. The men and boys had been partially eaten, while the girls had all been raped. The boy's face was grotesque. It was rotting away, and the boy was barely recognizable. He walked a ways until he came to a river. There he threw water on his face. His eyes became wide as he looked at himself. Little spots of white had appeared all over his skin. The spots began to widen and grow larger. With a cry of despair from the boy his skin began to shed from everywhere on his body, until there was nothing left but a figure all in white. His eyes had fallen out, his nose had shrunken up, and his mouth had closed itself seamlessly.

The figure walked on for a long time, completely naked. He found another village, where he murdered all the inhabitants and found himself some new clothes; a black cloak.

The dreams shifted again. It showed the dark figure standing in the middle of a wood. The figure held out his hands, apparently uttering something. A sphere of white light appeared in the space between his hands. The figure stepped back. The sphere of light was floating in mid-air. The figure reached out and touched the sphere, and he vanished.

The figure appeared in a world of white light. The place was completely blank, with not a single living thing anywhere in sight. The figure began to make motions with his white hands. Walls of white rose up from the blank ground, until the figure had created a kind of chamber. The figure formed a kind of domed ceiling to cover the walls. He then exited the chambers out a door. Outside was the blank world again. The figure made more motions, creating a kind of corridor that stretched far away from the chamber. At the end of the corridor the figure formed another room, with a strange-looking table in the center of it. Here the figure made appear a sphere of white light, like the one in the forest.

The flashes of memories suddenly dimmed, and I opened my eyes with a start. My pussy was still being violated from Slender. He was pounding even harder now, gripping my hands back. The pain that had been in me was gone. Every time Slender's cock pounded back inside me I moaned with pleasure. He was a pervert, a murderer, and some kind of demon-man. But he did know how to fuck.

I glanced around me, noticing that the dark tendrils that had been holding my arms and legs had disappeared. Slender pulled his dick outside of my pussy. He reached forward, grabbing my waist. He lifted me up off the slab and turned me over. I was bent over, my face on the white marble and my ass stuck up in the air. Slender entered my pussy again and started fucking me doggystyle. I secretly had been hoping he would do this. I always had thought lustfully about a guy fucking me in that position. "Oh, fuck yes," I gasped, feeling Slender's entire member entire me over and over again. Though my mind was clouded with pleasure, I managed to open my eyes and lift my head off the stone. I looked around the chamber. "Stay alert," my father had always told me. "If you're ever in trouble, look around at your surroundings and see if there's a way out."

My clothes had been cast in the corner of the chamber, along with my S.W.A.T. armor. My gun was lying next to the clothes. From what I remembered there were still two shots left. There was something I had also not used--one grenade. I couldn't believe my father had one of those in his house, but I had put it on my belt. If I could just get to my clothes...

Slender's pounding was out of rhythm now. He was losing control. His glowing white dick inside me began to vibrate violently. "FUCK!" I screamed with delight. I was so caught up in the incredible feeling that I began licking the stone under me.

A steady hiss filled my mind as I could feel Slender's mind getting lost in pleasure finally. With a final shudder his cock filled my pussy up with more of the hot, sticky cum.

Slender pulled out, and I lied there on the slab. Slender turned me over on my back, then actually collapsed on top of me. His featureless face rested on my breasts.

"You...are like no other girl I have made love with..." Slender whispered in my head, "over the countless years that I have been alive."

I could feel Slender's thoughts in my euphoric head. He had always been searching for the perfect girl...but nearly all the girls had died of heart attack before Slender had even begun fucking them. Even the ones that hadn't died immediately didn't last long. Slender had preferred his girls to be alive and breathing if he was to climax in them.

Slender's face felt warm on my breasts, pulsing with energy. After all this, I understood Slender. He was a foolish boy that had practiced some kind of dark magic. People were going to kill him, and he had lost it. He had found pleasure in eating boys and men and violating girls and woman. He was evil...but he was also so intoxicating. I had become addicted to him. I had never had sex before, and I didn't think I would ever have it better if someone else fucked me. But deep down I knew he was still going to kill me, like all the other girls. I wanted him, but it would only be my downfall if I did not act.

I wanted to fall asleep in the afterglow under Slender's strong body, but I forced myself to stay awake. Slender was sleeping gently on me. I slowly began to move my naked body out from under him. I took his white head in my hands, gently lowering it down onto the white marble. A minute or so later I was finally out from under Slender and off the stone slab. I tiptoed barefoot away from the slab, looking back every few seconds to make sure he hadn't gotten up. I reached the corner of the chamber, stepping over a skeleton on my way. There was my clothes and armor. I didn't bother with wasting time putting them on, I only picked up my gun and fished the grenade out of my belt. I turned. And when I saw Slender standing only feet away from me, it scared me just as much as it had in the wood.

"Anna," Slender whispered softly in my head. He had learned my name. "What are you planning to do with those?"

"I am planning to kill you," I muttered, "if you don't back off. I am getting the fuck out of this hellhole and escaping back to my world."

"I saw your thoughts," Slender said in my mind. "I know you want me."

My gun faltered in my hand, and I looked down.

"You are so unlike the other girls," Slender whispered. "You understand me. You are strong, brave, and beautiful. From the things you saw in my mind is only a fraction of my powers. I can do things that you could not imagine."

Slender began to walk ghost-like toward me, with small, slow steps. I knew I needed to raise my gun at him, but I couldn't. Soon Slender was standing right before me. He reached out one of his warm, white hands, gently feeling my face. I began to cry again.

"You'll kill me," I sobbed. "You'll kill me like all the others."

"No," Slender replied, "I won't. If you stay here I can make you immortal. I can make your greatest wishes come true. If you'd like I can build more chambers that would better suit your liking. I can create elaborate palaces with their rooms full of comfortable beds. Together we can go anywhere we like in your world, taking people back here we choose to enjoy. You would have me forever."

I wanted to believe him. My addiction to him was only becoming stronger by the minute. I wanted him to fuck me again. But as I looked into Slender's featureless face, I heard something above me. I glanced up. A mass of black tentacles had been slowly inching down toward me from the ceiling. The tentacles were very unlike the ones in Slender's back. They had sharp ends like that of spears and knives. I knew Slender had been lying.
With a yell I brought my pistol up and with one quick motion unloaded a round into Slender's stomach. He had not expected this, and so he had not had time to stop the bullet. Slender fell back, hissing in my mind. While he was subdued I took steady aim and shot my last bullet at his head.

A bullet hole appeared right in the middle of Slender's skull. His head glowed with blinding light. Slender was howling in pain in my mind. His screams sounded like metal scraping a chalkboard. He collapsed on his knees to the ground. There was no time to lose. I ran as fast as I could across the chamber. At the other side was a tall door. I pushed it open, and ran outside.

I was in a long, white corridor, exactly like the one in my dream. I ran full speed through the corridor. I looked back. Slender was rushing toward me, the bullet hole closing up in his head. He was healing himself. Slender's screams had become a steady roar of rage. I cringed in pain as I ran, my head felt like it would split apart.
At the end of the corridor was the second chamber. There was the table, and floating not two inches off of it was the white orb of light. I didn't dare glance back; Slender was probably only feet from me now. I felt several of Slender's tentacles try to grab my feet, but I kicked them away and kept running. I reached the table, and I threw out my arm, touching the orb with my finger.


When I opened my eyes, I found myself in the forest. I turned. Behind me was a floating orb of light. It was a portal back to Slender's domain. From what I had learned when Slender opened up his mind to me, there was only one portal to Slender's realm. The portal would move whenever Slender teleported to a new place on the earth, and be waiting for him when he wanted to go back. I knew what to do.

Taking the grenade, I unpinned it and set it on the ground directly under the white orb. I then ran like hell as far as I could away from the orb. Seconds later there was a deafening bang that ripped the forest. I looked back to see the orb falling apart. Fragments of white light were flying everywhere. The orb finally exploded. The shockwave from the explosion propelled me to the air and into a tree. I stumbled onto my hands and knees on the ground. Staring up at the damaged orb, I could hear Slender in my mind screaming in dismay. Then the last remains of the orb flickered and disappeared, along with Slender's screaming.

It was pitch black outside, but I could see a very faint line of lights in the distance. I walked on for a while before I finally reached the massive development of houses I lived in. It took a few minutes to find my house, as I had to be careful not to let anyone see me. I finally found my back door, and I opened it. When I entered the house, I noticed that the lights were still off in the entrance room where the front door was. My parents hadn't come home yet. I ran upstairs into my room, where I went into the bathroom. I took a long, hot shower to clean the sticky cum off my body. When I was done, I got out of the shower and dried off. I put on some pajamas and went back downstairs.

I heard my parent's car pull up just as I slipped my dad's gun back into his drawer. I ran back upstairs and shut my door. As I lied in my bed, I could hear my parents talking quietly downstairs. I heard footsteps ascending the stairs, and I quickly turned over and shut my eyes. My door opened, and I heard my dad whisper, "She's asleep." I heard him walk over to my bed, where he planted an affectionate kiss on my forehead. "See you in the morning," he whispered, exiting my room.

As I lied there in my bed, a million thoughts raced through my mind. I had injured Slender. I had destroyed the portal from this world into his realm. He wouldn't be coming back. How was I going to explain the fact that my dad's old riot suit was missing? And his grenade?

I yawned. I would figure it out in the morning. My dad would be mad, but he'd get over it eventually. That's just the kind of person he was. But as I started to fall asleep I thought something else. Now that my virginity had been taken, I wanted desperately to have sex again. 'Tomorrow I'll talk to one of my friends,' I thought, smiling to myself. 'I think he'll have no problem taking me after school to his house.' I shivered as I remembered what I had just so narrowly escaped. What if Slender found a way to get back to earth from his realm? What if he created another portal? If he did, I knew one thing: I would be ready for him. If he did return, I would make sure I killed him once and for all.


"Anna," Slender whispered softly in my head. He had learned my name. "What are you planning to do with those?"

"I am planning to kill you," I muttered, "if you don't back off. I am getting the fuck out of this hellhole and escaping back to my world."

"I saw your thoughts," Slender said in my mind. "I know you want me."
My gun faltered in my hand, and I looked down.

"You are so unlike the other girls," Slender whispered. "You understand me. You are strong, brave, and beautiful. From the things you saw in my mind is only a fraction of my powers. I can do things that you could not imagine."

Slender began to walk ghost-like toward me, with small, slow steps. I knew I needed to raise my gun at him, but I couldn't. Soon Slender was standing right before me. He reached out one of his warm, white hands, gently feeling my face. I began to cry again.

"You'll kill me," I sobbed. "You'll kill me like all the others."

"No," Slender replied, "I won't. If you stay here I can make you immortal. I can make your greatest wishes come true. If you'd like I can build more chambers that would better suit your liking. I can create elaborate palaces with their rooms full of comfortable beds. Together we can go anywhere we like in your world, taking people back here we choose to enjoy. You would have me forever."

I wanted him. I needed him. My pussy was aching already for more. Was he lying? Was what he was telling me just what he had assured all the other girls before he killed them? But I knew that couldn't be true. Even now Slender was opening up his mind to me, and I knew that he had never lied like that before, because there had never been a girl like me in his domain. No one had survived as long as I had. I was his perfect girl. I glanced up at the ceiling, hoping that those horrible sharp tentacles weren't coming for me. They weren't. There wasn't a single one in sight, save for the ones impaled in the other girls.

"What about my parents?" I asked. "They'll go mad wondering where I had disappeared to." As I read Slender's mind, I knew he understood me. Under that cold shell he was a human being, just like me.

"I can make them forget," Slender replied. "I can make everyone that ever knew you forget that you even existed."

I thought for a minute. I was about to make a huge decision. Would I go back to my parents? Or would I live forever with Slender?

"Do it," I said. If Slender had a mouth, I was sure he'd be smiling.

Slender's body glowed even brighter than ever. Then the blinding light dimmed. "It is done," Slender said.

I reached out and hugged him in a passionate embrace. I kissed him hard though he had no mouth. Slender responded by taking his warm hands and wrapping them tightly around my waist. I felt the change immediately as his clothes disappeared off his body in a black smoke. Our naked bodies mashed against eachother in a frenzy. In moments we were on the stone floor, overcome with pleasure.

When I awoke, I was lying on a soft, white bed. The room I was in was white. There were several bookcases, a chest, and some shelves for clothes. The room was--colorful. Was I back home? Was this all a dream?

I almost cried. I hoped it wasn't, not after all that. There was a dress lied out at the foot of my bed. I got out of bed and put the dress on, not minding to put on any panties or bra. I walked across to the door, and opened it.

I stared. Outside the door was a cobblestone path that led far down a hill. The path was surrounded on both sides by a flood of flowers--roses, tulips, pansies, and violets. At the end of the path was an enormous garden. There was a high golden fence surrounding the garden, with white vines wrapped around the fence. The sky above was a bright blue--more beautiful than I had ever seen it before. The sun was big and golden, casting its warm rays on the land below. In the far distance were purple mountains...and a white Castle. It looked like something out of a fairytale. I walked dream-like down the path. At the garden's fence was a gate, and I opened it. I walked into the garden. Dozens of multicolored birds flew over my head. A pink bird landed on my shoulder, nibbling my ear affectionately. High walls of hedge were everywhere, infused with dozens of flowers that I had never even seen before. Some of the hedges had been sculpted into figures of animals. At the center of the garden was a large water fountain. A steady stream of water sprayed up from the sculpture of an angle playing a trumpet, rising nearly ten feet into the air. And standing at the water fountain was my man. He was dressed in a white tuxedo inlayed with sparkling black diamonds. I gasped. Slender's face wasn't featureless anymore. A pair of eyes had appeared...a stunning blue pair of eyes. A mat of white hair had grown out of his head. His nose had appeared too, and some color had come into his pale face. And the best of all--Slender was smiling with a real mouth. He looked stunning.

"I got rid of all those corpses," Slender said. "I got rid of that whole chamber, actually."

I ran to him. I hugged him tightly, and he hugged me back. "I love you," I said, kissing him. On contact with his newly formed mouth I shivered with pleasure. It felt like my brain was melting in my head. I was so in bliss. He was--perfect. "By the way..." Slender said, taking his lips off mine, "My real name, my human name, is Aron." "Aron..." I whispered, kissing him again. "I love you, Aron." "I love you too, Anna," Aron answered. He gently withdrew, taking me by the hand. "Come on," Aron said, smiling, "Let's go to the castle I made." Together we walked out of the other end of the garden. Beyond was the white castle. As we walked, I looked over at Aron. Many people say that heaven didn't exist. They were wrong.

The End


(Author's Note: I hope you enjoyed this story. I apologize for the last time I posted this...the format was whacked. I had to completely re-write the story in another software on my computer, then paste it again on the website. Just curious, which ending did you think was better? Also, do you think I should continue the original story in another part?)

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I loved the alt. Ending

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2012-11-23 22:49:46
Luuuuved it! Amazing work! Liked the alternate though.

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