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this is just a quick story
I was sitting at home horny as hell, I didn't know when my boyfriend would be home from work because they gave him random lunch breaks, so I decided to take a shower and lock the door incase he did come home and catch me using my dildo. I striped off and jumped in a nice warm shower. I grabbed the shower head and pushed it to my clot and moved it in circles, I always did this when I wanted to get off.

I stuck a couple of fingers into my Liszt and finger fucked myself hard. It only took me a few minutes till I got what I wanted. 'arghhg ahh ohhh urghhhh' I was moaning louder and louder. Than my orgasm ripped through my body, I fingered myself faster and pushed the shower head closer to my clit and than
Second orgasm ripped through my body 'OHHH YES YES YES ARGHHH NGHH UGHHH' after my second orgasm I finished having a shower.

Johnny came home not long later and wanted lunch, I cooked him some snags and mashed potatoes. While I was cooking he cam up behind me and grabbed my ass, moved my hair from my neck and slowly kissed up my neck to my lips, he grabbed my head and held it close to his so he could kiss me harder. He stuck his tounge in my mouth and I returned the favour. He started kissing me down till he was at my panties, he slid them aside and spread my legs a bit, he than started licking my clit. "god you taste so sweet babe" he said to me "well thanks babe".

'aughhh, ohhh, yes that's the spot, don't stop I'm gunna, ahhh' I started thrusting against his tongue. He pickers me the way I liked. He brought me to my third orgasm. It felt so good to be in his mouth, licking and sucking my clit. I pulled his head away and told him to stand up and he did. I kissed him and said thank you. He went and sat at the table. I had to hold myself up to cook.

He ate his lunch and we went to the loungeroom. I was cuddling up to him. He turned his head to me and started kissing me again. This time I knee what he wanted, I got down in front of him and pulled his pants and underwear off. I pulled out his already hard cock and started stroaking it. I put his balls in my mouth and sucked on them for a little but just to tease. I grabbed his cock and placed my mouth over it. I sucked on his cock, teased the head with my tongue and played with his balls in my hand. He loved when I done this.

"babe come up here for a second please" I pulled his cock out of my mouth. "yes?" My face was allined with his, he grabbed the back of my head and pulled me closer to him and he started kissing me again. He stated pulling me off the ground and sat me on his lap. I was grinding myself along him. I put one hand on his cock and one hand at my crotch, he pulled aside my undies and put his cock head to my slit. He teased my clit making me want him so bad. He had the head at my hole and he started pushing it in. "god that feels good, your cock feels incredible today" I said "Fuck your so wet and so tight" he replied.

I looked at the clock 11:43 hmm he has to leave in ten minutes. " we have to hurry we only have ten minutes to go babe" I told him "we can do it in that time now concentrate on an orgasm" he replied "i am babe talk dirty to me, while I ride your cock" I panted " okay babe. Just think of us at the beach at night all alone, we start kissing and touching each other all over. I get you on all fours and penetrate you from behind. I start off slow so you can adjust to my cock, than I ram it in hard and fast just how you like it" "keep going I'm getting real close" "same here babe" "cum with me than, cum inside me and we will cum together" "okay than babe get ready cause I'm gunna blow" 'arghhhh aughhh ohhh' "cum inside me, deep inside my pussy" "im cumming babe" he panted. He started spurting his cum inside me which triggerd my fourth orgasm. It felt good being filled with his cock and seman. We got up and cleaned ourselves off and Johnny got dressed and went back to work.

I started on dinner, stew sounded good enough. I was thinking of what had happened at lunch, he hasn't done that in ages, we have a healthy sex life but we don't usually do that on his breaks.

I went out side and met our dog in, it was his dinner time and he knew it, he was out side crying and scratching at the back door. I met him in and he went running down the hallway to the kitchen to where his food bowl was, I went to the kitchen and watched him eat, when he finished I went to the lounge room and he followed and went and sat in his bed.

He kept on licking himself I kept telling him to stop but he didn't listen so I went back to my show. I fell asleep and woke up to johnny kissing my forehead. "your so peaceful when you sleep" he said "i know, dinner is in the oven for when your hungry".

He walked off to the kitchen and I fell asleep again. I awoke the next day to the alarm clock, I was in bed. Johnny carried me to bed last night. "good morning beautiful" he said "good morning yourself, I'm sorry I fell asleep early I was just so tired" I replied.

I jumped on top of him and got him all hard, than I got of and got in the shower, he followed. He grabbed my ass and slid his cock up and down my ass trying to loosen me up. He shoved his cock straight in my ass and bent me over, he pounded me harder and harder. He came very quick but I made him pull out first, I let him cum over my face boobs and in my mouth. And I swallowed he loved when I done that.

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2012-11-20 00:24:52
I gave it a positive rating because of your content. However, the spelling and grammatical errors made it difficult to read. At least you can use the spell check feature on your computer before you submit your next story. Taking a refresher course in grammar would be a good idea, if you are going to author more stories.

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2012-11-19 21:32:27
You slammed your fingers into your Liszt? The composer?

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