Twin Japanese Nieces Pt15

Everyone just lay around in the aftermath. The girls were both breathing hard after having worked themselves to the point of exhaustion with the dildos. Shiori was on her back with one hand on her pussy and giggling like someone was tickling her feet. She looked to be rather happy with the whole turn of events. Kayko and Jennie were both full. Jennie was still leaning against the bed with Marks cum was running out of her on the inside of her thighs. She seemed to be recalling everything that had happened to her over the last hour or so. She had a nice little smile on her face as she looked at everyone lying around. My son was just staring at Jennies’ pussy. I guess he was trying to convince himself that he had just been inside a woman four times his age and had cum in her. He glanced over at me and flashed a little smile before returning his gaze to Jennies’ ass. And my beautiful Kayko was looking up at me with the nicest smile and happy look on her face. I lay down on top of her and snuggled against her. Everyone was happy.

“Damn Mike,” Jennie said as she leaned over to her right and sat down on the floor, “Is it like this all the time?”

“Pretty much every day,” I responded as I listened to Kaykos’ heart beating. “My family is the best.”

“Well I think everyone needs a bath,” said Kayko as she coaxed me up and sat up on the beds edge. “Mike and Mark,” she said as she stood up and headed for the bathroom, “You two are first.”

Kayko is a gem of all gems. She prepared everything with the efficiency of a finely tuned piece of machinery. She washed and bathed me first before she did the same with Mark. Other than when he was really small she had never bathed him in the fashion that she washes me. Mark didn’t know how to react but his dick did. By the time she was done he had another raging stiffy. He came over and sat in the hot pool next to me with a happy look on his face.

“Kayko,” I said as she came out with two more buckets of water and the short wash stand. “Call Shiori in next, I think our son can use a little more soak time.”

Kayko smiled before she headed toward the door. She knew what I meant about ‘soak’ time and she called in Shiori. When Shiori came in she looked over at Mark and smiled. The first thing Kayko did was fill the wash stand with one bucket of water. She had Shiori stand so she was facing me and Mark before she pushed the end of the hose into Shioris pussy and turned the water on. Shiori twitched just a little as the water filled her insides, but she just stood still until the overflow started squirting out around the sides of the tapered end. Mark was sitting at the side of the pool with his elbows on the surrounding floor watching intently with a big smile on his face. He had not seen this before and was looking on in wonder as Kayko pulled the end of the hose out of her. Shiori squatted down and pushed. The water that had filled her insides squirted down all over the floor and the insides of her legs. Shiori giggled and looked at Mark as the last little trickle subsided. Mark was getting anxious as Kayko filled her again and again until the bucket was empty. He wanted her, and in a big way. Kayko bathed her and rinsed her off as Mark and I watched. I can understand how Mark was feeling. I feel the same way when I watch Kayko. When Shiori was done, Kayko spoke to her.

“Go and sit on Mark,” she said as she gestured toward the pool. “Remember what I told you to do and you will really enjoy it.”

Shiori said, “Ok,” and gave Kayko a bow. She waded into the pool and coaxed Mark over to the submerged bench seat next to me. Mark was trying to get a hold of her in any way that he could so a little bit of a tussle began.

“Mark,” I said as I took hold of his left arm, “have a set and let Shiori do her thing, you’ll like it.”

Reluctantly Mark sat down, not sure of what was going to happen. Once he was seated Shiori straddled his waist and sat down on him, taking his stiff little pecker inside her all the way down to his nuts. Instantly a smile of relief came over his face as Shiori began working his dick inside her.

“Oh yes,” he moaned as Shiori did her best to milk him.

With the two of them set Kayko called in Saki next. She came walking in with a big smile on her face and the dildo still stuck inside her. She looked over at me and smiled and gave me a wave. It was kind of funny because she was happy as a clam. Kayko filled the buckets again before she pulled the long dildo out of her with a wet squish. Neither Mark nor I had fucked her but she was still full of her own cum. It dripped from between her spread legs as Kayko got the hose ready. She didn’t need Kayko to show her which way to stand, she turned herself to face me and spread her feet wide apart, almost to the point of falling down on the slick floor. Kayko pushed the hose into her as she kept her eyes locked on me. She didn’t even flinch when Kayko turned on the water, she just smiled really big as the water filled her up. I watched intently as the pit of her stomach began to swell before water started squirting out of her. I was a little surprised because it seemed like a long time before she was full. When Kayko pulled the hose out and Saki pushed, a huge gush of water flowed out of her. It was considerably more than Shiori. Kayko repeated the process 4 more times until the gallon bucket was empty. Saki had really increased her capacities since she had first started the training. Kayko bathed and rinsed her before gesturing toward the hot pool. Saki didn’t waste any time getting to me. Instead of coming down the few steps into the pool, she climbed in right next to me and immediately sat down on my raging hard on.

Her mouth opened as she sank down on my shaft and she was once again filled with her Uncle. When her ass rested on my lap she looked me in the eye. “Hi Uncle,” she said with a big grin on her face. “I’m glad you are home.”

“I feel like I’m at home,” I answered her as I pulled down on her hips.

Saki then began squeezing me as best she could while we sat in the water. She is nowhere near as good at it as Kayko, but I could definitely tell she had improved. She was also having to concentrate rather hard as she tried her best to stimulate me. Her small face would contort with each attempt to squeeze. But she kept at it as Kayko called in Erin. Erin came in carrying the double ended dildo in her hand. She looked over at the pool to see me and Mark sitting with the twins on our laps. I locked eyes with her and watched very closely as Kayko washed out her pussy and bathed her. I have said it before and I will say it again. She looks almost exactly like her mother. The only difference is that she does not have the fully grown patch of pubic hair and her nose is just a little different. That’s it. Otherwise she is exactly like her mother. When Kayko had finished she came over to the pool and waded in and sat down next to me and Saki.

“Hey sweetie,” I said as she looked over at Mark and Shiori before looking back at me and Saki. “Do you want to sit on me for a while?”

Her face lit up before she answered. “Yes daddy.”

“Saki, let Erin have a turn for a while.” I said as I pulled up on her hips.

Saki squeezed my dick surprisingly hard and did her best to stay down on me. “Just a little longer Uncle Mike, PLEASE!” she begged as Jennie walked into the bathroom.

“Ok pet, here’s the deal,” I said while trying to be as diplomatic as possible. “When your mom is done washing out Jennie you have to switch. Ok? Erin,” I said as I turned to look at her, “agreed?”

“Ok.” they both responded.

This had the beginnings of a situation. Both of the girls wanted to have me, but I have only one dick. I was going to have to figure out something, and soon. Meanwhile Jennie wandered into the bathroom looking a little lost.

“It’s ok,” said Kayko as she poured the water into the wash stand. “Just relax.”

“Trust her Jennie,” I said as I again pulled down hard on Sakis hips and forced myself back into her. “This is something you will never forget.”

Kayko got Jennie set in the middle of the floor facing the pool. When Kayko brought the hose over Jennie straightened up a little in a slightly defensive posture. “What are you going to do?” she asked with her hands covering her neatly trimmed pussy.

“We first wash inside, then the outside.” Kayko said as she stood there with the hose in her hand.

“It’s ok,” Erin said from her seated position in the pool. “It feels really good.”

Jennie looked from Erin to Kayko and then to the hose before spreading her feet apart a little. I could tell that she had never had anything like this done to her before. Kayko carefully inserted about half of the tapered end before she turned on the water. Jennie jumped a little as the water flowed inside her pussy, filling her quickly and causing her to bend her knees down in a slightly defensive measure.

“Just relax,” said Kayko as she waited for the water to start squirting out.

Jennie did straighten up a little just as the water began flowing out from around the edges of the tapered end. When Kayko shut off the water and pulled the end out Jennie grunted and sent a spray of water out onto the floor. A look of relief came over Jennies face as the water and the remains of mine and Marks cum flowed out of her.

“Whew!” Jennie sighed as her pussy emptied. “That was different.”

“Yea,” I said, “Well you’re not done yet.”

Kayko reinserted the hose and turned the water back on. Jennie was more accepting this time but still a little unsure. With each round Jennie handled it better and better. By the 8th time Kayko filled her up, Jennie was handling it like a pro.

“Wow,” she said as she took a seat on the small stool in the middle of the floor, “That was refreshing!”

“Yes,” said Kayko as she reached in to the bucket and pulled out the sponge. “It makes unity between ones inner self and the body.”

As Kayko began to wash Jennie I looked at my pet. “Ok sweetie,” I said as I pulled up on her hips. “It’s Erins turn.”

Saki didn’t argue this time. She pulled herself up from me and stepped to the middle of the pool while Erin took her place. Erin sank down onto me and began squeezing me as soon as her ass came in contact with my lap. “Thanks dad,” she said with a smile as she ground her hips back and forth a little to get herself situated. Saki sat down to my left where Erin had been sitting and just looked at me and Erin. I could tell there was a bit of jealousy starting. I took my left hand and stuck it under Sakis’ ass. When I found her hot little hole I stuck two fingers up into her, her weight kept her down firmly on my hand. A nice little smile came across her face as she had part of me inside her. Granted it was not the same as having my dick in her, but it definitely appeased the situation.

When Kayko had finished washing Jennie she came over and sat down in the pool beside Saki. “Wow,” she said as she settled back in the hot water. “That was amazing. I have never had such a wonderful bath in my entire life!” She spun around to look at Kayko. “Thank you Kayko.” She said as my wife set the two full buckets down on the floor.

Kayko gave her a nice bow. “You are welcome.”

I watched my wife wash out her pussy and then bathe. It is still one of the most sensual sights for me to see. Even though she had just washed 6 people her routine was the same. Nothing was missed and she took no short cuts. When I felt Erins’ fingers dig into my sides a little, that is when I realized that by watching my wife, I had got harder. When I looked at Erin her eyes were as big as saucers.

“You really like watching mom,” she said with a smile on her face. “Don’t you?”

“What gives you that idea?” I questioned back, fully aware that I was feeding her a line of shit.

She squeezed as hard as she could on my cock, which I could barely feel before she replied. “Oh I don’t know. Let’s just say it’s this feeling I have.” She responded with a shit eating grin on her face and a little giggle.

“Well it’s my turn to have that feeling,” Kayko said as she glided into the pool.

Erin relinquished her spot without another word and sat between me and Mark. I placed my hand on the bench before she sat down so all I had to do was turn my fingers up into her. She gave me a nice smile of appreciation as her weight drove her down on my fingers. Kayko glided down onto my dick and wrapped her legs around me. It might have been nice inside the girls, but this was heaven.

“Do you guys do this every day?” Jennie asked from her place on the end of the bench.

“This is the first time we have all bathed together,” I answered while Kayko worked me with her muscles. “The kids have their own baths in their rooms. Today was just a little bit special.”

“I’ll say,” Jennie replied as she spread her legs open. “My pussy is a little sore.”

“My pussy hurt for two days after my first time with Uncle Mike,” Saki responded. “I had to walk with my legs apart and sit down carefully until it finally quit.”

“I know what you mean,” Jennie said back to her as she shifted around on the bench. “I think I’m gonna be sore for a while too.”

We lounged in the pool for about 20 minutes before climbing out for dinner. Everyone was ready to eat by then and it was getting late. After a fabulous meal of steak and oysters, every adjourned to the living room for TV and drinks. It was nice to do a family activity without any pressures or strenuous physical activities, but tomorrow was going to be something else. I had no idea what Kayko had in mind, but she kept the girls off me all evening. When bed time came around she slept between me and Saki. Whatever was coming was going to be a doozy.


I woke up the next morning alone and to the undeniable smell of a cake baking. I was a little surprised that no one was on me, or that I had not been awakened by a blow job, but the delicious smell of the cake kind of made up for the difference. As I raised my head I saw a small stack of 4 boxes on the nightstand to my left. All of them were wrapped in the exact same kind of paper and had the exact same color bows. I picked each one up and inspected them. All of the little cards said the same thing, Happy Birthday in Kaykos’ handwriting. Ok, so they didn’t want me to know which box was from whom. I opened the first box and found a bright green remote control inside, very similar to the new one for Kaykos’ vibrating egg. Playing along with their little game I pressed the button and waited. I could hear someone coming up the stairs and then down the hall as my dick grew. Erin walked in through the door with a big smile on her face. She pulled her shirt off as she headed across the room to the bed, leaving her totally naked. She climbed up next to me before reaching between her legs and pulling the matching color vibrating egg out of her pussy.

“Good morning daddy,” she said as she tossed the egg aside and straddled my waist. “Happy Birthday.” And she sat down on my cock, taking all of me inside her before she began riding me at a nice and slow pace.

“Good morning baby,” I said as I reached up and cupped her small breasts. “Are you my birthday present?” I asked as she gently squeezed me inside her every time I squeezed her breasts.

“I’m one of them,” she said as she began rocking back and forth to grind her clit against me. “Thanks for picking me first,” And she leaned down and gave me a very tender kiss.

“Well,” I said as I moved my hands down to her hips and pulled her down, “It was really just the luck of the draw. All of the gifts say the same thing with you mothers handwriting.”

“Oh,” she said as she started riding me a little harder, “then today is just my lucky day. I am supposed to tell you about today.” She said as she switched from a rocking motion to sliding up and down my dick. “For your birthday it’s open legs day. Whenever you come across any of us we are to let you have us right there on the spot. After which you are to reinsert our eggs and turn them on until we cum. If you decide that you want any one of us in particular you are to turn on our egg and we will find you. Mom is making you a special breakfast of scrambled eggs with fried oysters so you should always be ready.”

“Is that all?” I asked while enjoying my daughter mounted on me.

“No, there’s more.” She said as she coaxed me to roll us over so I would be on top. When she was on her back with her legs wrapped around me and I was pushing into her she continued. “After lunch we are going to have some games. I am not supposed to tell you what they are because it’s a surprise, but you will definitely enjoy them.”

“I’m enjoying you now,” I said as I thrust into her harder, making her take all of me with strong strokes.

“Thank you daddy,” she said as she tilted her hips upward and offered her pussy to me. “You can enjoy me for as much as you want.”

Kayko had really done a good job with Erin. She was loving yet submissive, passionate yet resolved. Erin offered herself up to me for my pleasure and I took her for all she was worth. Within minutes I was making love to her at a feverish pace, driving into her hard as she moaned in pleasure. She embraced me around the neck and pulled me down into a passionate kiss. For a moment I thought I was on top of my Kayko and was making love to her instead of my daughter. Of the gifts I could have received, so far, this was the best. My pace quickened as she held herself tightly against me, relishing the sensations I was giving her. She started moaning louder as my thrust became more determined and I approached an inevitable orgasm. She began to buck against me as her own orgasm raced through her, coating my dick with her hot slick juice.

“Oh my god daddy!” she gasped as her body started to move without her control, “You’re making me cum, you’re making me cum!”

Erin squeezed my neck hard and pulled herself against me even tighter as her body tensed up and she ground her pussy up against me. Inside I could feel her temperature rise as she jerked and twitched. It was enough to send me over the edge and I pushed down hard into her, burying my dick in against her cervix. Erins’ mouth and eyes clenched shut as I started shooting my love juice into her, pumping repeatedly deep inside.

“Oh yes daddy,” she hissed through her clenched teeth, “Cum in me!”

We locked into place as I unloaded, holding each other in a loving embrace. The occasional twitch and jerk was all that kept us in the moment before our orgasms subsided. I looked down at my daughter who was glowing in the aftermath. Her nice smile and dark eyes spoke volumes to me as we lay there with me still inside her. “Thank you daddy.” She said before kissing me again. “Happy birthday, I love you very much.”

“I love you too sweetie,” I said as I pulled myself out of her before lying down at her side.

Erin sat up and retrieved her egg. “One last thing before I go,” she said as she handed the egg to me and then lay down on her back. “If you don’t mind,” she said as she spread her legs and pulled her cum filled pussy open with her fingers.

“Not at all honey,” I said as I took the egg and got up on my knees.

I could easily see my deposit inside her. If nothing were done it would be running down her legs in a matter of seconds. I placed the egg at her opening and gave a gentle push. It slid right in, pushing all of my cum up into her and sealing her hole. I picked up the remote and clicked it on. Erin gave a little twitch when it first started but then relaxed as the vibrations massaged her insides.

“Mmmm, that’s nice,” she said as her hips began dry humping the air.

I sped up the process for her by reaching down with my hand and rubbed her clit a little. It did not take much at all before she was jerking back and forth and cumming. The egg held everything inside her so there was no mess left behind. When she started to cum a pulled my hand away and watched my daughter have her orgasm. It is a beautiful thing to see. She moaned and groaned as she rolled her head back and forth and rode out the waves of pleasure. When she pulled her knees up to her chest and clamped her legs together with her arms I turned the egg off. She was breathing really hard, but she had a very happy look on her face. I lay down next to her so I could look her in the face. She was absolutely beaming!

“Thank you honey,” I said as I stroked her cheek with my hand, “That was beautiful.”

Erin smiled before giving me a quick kiss. “I’m sorry dad but I have to get back down stairs.” She said as she worked her way back up to a sitting position. “Mom says for you to come down when you are ready, ok?”

“I will sweetie,” I responded as she stood up from the bed and pulled her shirt back over her head.

“Whew!” she said as she headed for the door, “I hope I get some more.” And she headed out and down the hall.

What would you do in this situation? The same thing as me, right? I grabbed the next box and tore the wrapping off. Inside this one was a dark blue remote controller identical to Erins’ in every way except color. I switched it on and waited. Again I could hear someone coming up the stairs and then down the hall. Shiori entered the room next and followed in the same footsteps as Erin. She pulled her shirt off on the way across to the bed and climbed up beside me.

“Good morning Uncle Mike,” she said as she pulled the egg out from inside her. “Happy Birthday.”

“Good morning,” I said as I rolled onto my back to expose my semi hard dick. “I think you might have to do a little work first.”

Shiori looked down at my cock and just smiled. “Aunt Kayko has really worked with me since the last time,” she said as she spun around and straddled my face. “I know you are going to like this.”

Shiori grasp my cock with her small hand and gently eased the tip into her mouth. Her touch was so soft and gentle that it felt like my cock was being immersed into melted butter. The sensations were exquisite! Shiori slowly started bobbing her head up and down as she swirled her tongue around and around the big guys’ helmet. Unbelievable is the only word to describe it. When compared to the last time, when I wound up being a barf target, her technique has improved 1000 percent. It was absolutely amazing that this was the same girl! She slowly worked her mouth up and down my shaft with her small hand shadowing her movements. I was going to be hard again in record time! I reached over and picked up her egg. After switching it on I stuck it up into her before starting a full out assault on her clit with my tongue. Shioris technique did not hold up too well against the added distractions and she began to slow down. It didn’t really matter too much because she had already reached the goal of having me hard as steel again. I pulled the egg out and tossed it to the side, not even bothering to turn it off. Shiori raised herself up and spun around, aligning her pussy directly over the end of my dick.

“Did Erin tell you about today?” she asked as she slid down onto me.

“Yes she did sweetie,” I replied while grasping her hips.

This is only the second time I have ever been inside Shiori and it showed. First of all, she is tight, VERY tight. Having spent most of her time with Mark has kept her pussy rather small, even though she is doing the same exercise routine as the rest of the girls. And she is not as deep as Erin or Saki. She was only able to take about three quarters of my cock before she stopped her descent and started riding me. It was a little disappointing, but then again, I did not want to destroy my son’s girlfriend. I would be happy with her for what she had to offer and nothing more. She will never hear a complaint from me. Shiori, on the other hand, was determined to not be out done by the other girls. She started riding up and down on me with a vengeance, doing her best to take as much of me as possible.

“Easy honey,” I said as I reached up and caressed her cheek in my palm. “This is not a competition, just enjoy yourself.”

Shiori had a slight look of sadness on her face as she slowed her pace until she was sitting still on top of me. “But Erin and Saki can take all of you and I can’t.” she said as the tears began to well up in her eyes. She looked down between her legs at the remaining length of my exposed cock. “And I want all of it!” she exclaimed.

“Ok honey, ok.” I said as I grasp her hips and slowly worked her up and down. “But you have to remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

“I don’t want to go to Rome,” she exclaimed as she tried to push herself down on to me, “I want you inside me!”

“Ok sweetie,” I said as I flipped us over so I was on the top. “We will get you there, just be patient.”

With Shiori on her back I began sliding in and out of her with long slow strokes, just as I had done with Erin and Saki the first time they had taken all of me. With each in stroke I pushed in until my dick stopped. I then applied more inward pressure and held in place for several seconds before withdrawing and repeating the process. Shiori helped as much as she could by pulling me in by my hips and raising her crotch up. She was completely serious about taking all of me. Slowly and steadily a little more and more of my cock disappeared inside her until our groins were almost touching. Shiori looked between her legs at the progress we had made. She had almost all of me inside her. We picked up our pace and began moving faster. Shiori held her legs as wide open as she could, but on each inward stroke, when I would bottom out inside her, her legs would come together and close in on my sides. Unfortunately, as a man, I will never understand what it feels like to have someone pushing up inside you. Shiori seemed to really be enjoying herself, but the repeated wince that showed up on her face every time I drove in told me she was in discomfort.

“Are you ok?” I questioned her as I kept digging into her.

“It feels so good Uncle, it feels so good!” she said as she lifted her hips with each of my strokes.

We worked together for quite a while until she was able to take all of me inside. She must have cum 10 times before it was all said and done, but the look of accomplishment on her face said it all. With one last push I stopped inside her with my groin pressed firmly against hers. Instantly she locked her legs around me and shook.

“Oh my god!” she groaned out as she raised her face up to me to give me a kiss. “I’m cumming on you.”

I kissed her back with just as much enthusiasm as she showed me. This was the first time I had really made love to her and she was definitely satisfied. I held her in place until she quit shaking. I had not cum inside her but I really don’t think she minded. The smile she was sporting said to me that she was happy with her accomplishment.

“Thank you Uncle Mike,” she said with a huge smile on her face. “Happy Birthday.”

“Thank you sweetie,” I said as I pulled my hard cock out of her and picked up her egg. “That was very special for me.”

Shiori smiled back at me with pride and pleasure showing on her face. I know it was really nothing spectacular, but to her it was. And giving her some reassurance made the whole thing special. As I watched the egg disappear inside her I wondered who was going to be next. I was aroused pretty good by this time and was definitely in need of some relief. Shiori started wiggling around once I turned the egg on. It is really a sight to watch a girl have an orgasm right in front of you, especially when they are doing it for you. With her last gasp and shudder I switched the egg off. Shiori just lay there holding her face in her hands as the last few tremors escaped her.

“Thanks again Uncle Mike,” she said as she sat up. “I really enjoyed our time together.”

“So did I,” I replied as I set the remote down next to Erins. “Now scoot back downstairs.”

I know all of this seems bizarre and probably unbelievable. But the girls in my house truly do love me, and if it were not for the teachings of Kayko, and their heritage from the Far East, none of this would be happening. I guess I just landed on the right spot at the right time to meet up with my Kayko. It’s strange how luck and fate can go hand in hand.

The next box I opened had the neon pink remote in it. I already knew who this one belonged to and immediately switched it on high and began playing with the various controls. I sent it from pulse to continuous, short duration to long. I kept cranking the little wheels back and forth as I listened. I could hear someone come running up the stairs and then down the hall. Kayko burst into the room at full speed and already naked. I saw her shirt land right at the threshold of the bedroom door where she had slung it off coming down the hall.

“You’re gonna get it!” she exclaimed with a big smile on her face as she jumped onto the bed from running at full speed.

The wrestling match was on! As soon as she landed we were grasping and pawing at each other in a wild frenzy. Kayko was trying to pull the vibrator out while I kept pushing it back in. We rolled over and over all around the bed, tickling and biting each other until I let her withdraw the egg.

“I’m gonna suck your balls dry!” she said just before she opened her mouth and slammed her head down, taking my cock into her mouth and down her throat.

WOW!! She was serious!! She bobbed her head up and down like she was trying to feed from me as I flopped backward onto my back. It was very intense and I was going to explode quickly if I did not do something to distract myself. Seeing her ass just off to the side I reached between her legs and stuffed three fingers into her. I could almost hear her moan with her mouth full before I closed my fingers on her pelvic bone and lifted her ass off the bed. I could hear her squeal with my cock stuffed down her throat as I swung her over me and lowered her onto my face.

“Holy shit,” she said once she pulled my cock out of her mouth. “You’ve never done that before!”

“Just eat your dinner,” I said before I dove into her snatch and began licking her clit.

Kayko started right back where she had left off. She rammed my cock into her mouth all the way to the back of her throat and began sucking on me hard. I was doing everything I could think of to return the favor. I jammed three and four fingers into her at a time while I sucked and licked at her clit. You could describe our actions as a frenzied feeding feast, that’s how aggressive the two of us were. Kayko began pumping my cock with her fist while her head bobbed up and down. I used both hands to pull her pussy wide open, sticking my fingers into her as far as possible before pulling her open hard. I could see all the way in to her cervix and alternated licking her clit with stuffing my tongue into her as far as I could. Kayko began to shudder when I used two fingers on her G spot and licked her clit at the same time. She raised her mouth up from my cock and let out a loud moan. She never got to finish her orgasm before she spun around and slammed her pussy down onto me.

“All right!” she said as she dropped her full weight down onto me with each stroke. “You wanna cum,” she said while grunting from her effort. “Then you fucking cum in me!”

Kayko began pounding herself up and down on me while her first orgasm poured out of her pussy. She was almost in a craze as her animalistic side overpowered her and drove her to abuse her pussy on me. I grabbed her breasts and squeezed as she did her best imitation of a pile driver with her pussy. It was almost maddening!

“So you want it hard?!” I said as I threw her off me and stood up. “Ok little girl,” I said as I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her up into the doggie style position. “Then that’s how you’re going to get it!”

I rammed back into Kayko from behind and stood up while holding her hips. My cock, forced into her pussy to its maximum depth, acted almost like a lifting pole as her ass rose up with me. Kayko let out a bit of a whimper as I repositioned her on the bed and got her on all fours. “It’s time to mow the lawn!” I said as I started fucking my wife with a possessed fury. Kaykos’ body jerked back and forth violently from the force I was using, causing her arms to fold up under her and her face to be buried in the pile of covers. I plowed into my wife as hard as I ever had. Only a little whimper came from her buried face with each inward thrust as I tried to fuck her body apart. Kayko had her fists clenched tight into the mattress top as she held on for dear life. I love my wife incredibly, but her pussy was not going to be the same after this! I was pounding into her so hard that I did not even realize that her knees had come off the bed. She was basically suspended between her face and my dick. I still wasn’t getting the kind of penetration that I wanted so I tried something completely new. I released her hips one hand at a time and grabbed the insides of her thighs and slid my hands out to her knees. This spread her legs wide apart, like when she does a split, and held her pussy out for me to dive in deep. With my first inward thrust I plainly heard Kayko gasp, and I swear I heard her fingers tear through the sheets and into the mattress top. I was into new territory and I was on an expedition! Kayko could not move. There was no way for her to rise up, spin to the side, or defend herself in any way. And with her face buried in the blankets, I could not hear much at all. She was completely defenseless and at my mercy. I pummeled my wife for a good 10 minutes, driving into her as far as I could with each stroke. I was going to thoroughly enjoy the birthday gift she was giving to me, even if it meant killing myself.

The onslaught Kayko was receiving was due to the fact that the beast in me was on the full rampage. I pounded mercilessly into my wife, fucking her as hard as I could. My balls were slapping against her clit and cum rained out of her pussy as I pistoned in and out of her faster than a NASCAR engine at full speed. Kaykos’ hips bucked up and down as many orgasms crushed her. My pace was being fueled by my lust for my wife and my desire to cum. Kayko, however, was starting to go limp. The multiple orgasms she had were draining her of her energy and it was becoming more and more difficult to hold her up. An Idea hit me right in the heat of things. I dropped her right leg and reached for the one remaining box. Without missing a stroke I brought the box up to my mouth and literally bit the end off, twisting it back and forth to tear my way through the paper and cardboard with my teeth. The remote inside it was strawberry red but I really didn’t care. I mashed all of the buttons at once and threw it down before picking Kaykos’ right leg back up only to continue fucking her to death. A few moments later Saki came running into the room. She was still pulling her shirt off when she came through the door so she did not see what was happening right away. As soon as her face was clear of the garment and she opened her eyes she froze in place, her mouth and eyes wide open. I was looking at her with a crazed look in my eyes when I tossed Kayko down onto the bed and started for her. She never made it one step. I scooped that little girl up in my arms and threw her onto the bed next to Kayko. Saki was going to finish where others had started.

Saki landed with a surprised yelp and looked over at Kayko. She was just beginning to move her head a bit as I closed in on Saki and pulled her legs wide open. Saki looked up at me and quickly yanked the vibrating out of her pussy just before I drove into her. I had not realized it until I heard Saki yelp but my dick was swollen up larger than usual, and I was a bit longer. Saki quickly grasp my shoulders as I hoisted her up and began pumping her up and down on me like a plastic fuck doll. Her legs were hooked over my arms and I had her by the waist as I drove her up and down on me like a weightlifter operating at high speed. Saki let out a long “AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!” as I hammered away into her. For almost 5 minutes I pummeled my pet before I could feel that familiar tingling in my groin. I was starting to get close, the beast was becoming satisfied. I could not tell if Saki was cumming or not because her body was just a blur before my eyes. But her pussy was bringing me right to the edge of a major eruption. I threw her onto the bed and slammed myself back inside Kayko just as my orgasm began. Saki landed in a pile in the middle of the bed and brought her legs up to her chest as I pumped into Kayko again. She was still motionless as I slammed my cock into her a few more times before thrusting in to the hilt to finish cumming. Holy fucking shit! I was breathing so hard I felt like I was going to pass out. Sweat was pouring off me from everywhere as my body jerked and strained to fire every last drop of my cum into my wife. I hung on until my orgasm subsided before falling onto the bed between the two girls. No sooner had I hit the bed when Saki crawled on top of me and wiggled her pussy back down onto my slimy dick.

“Uncle Mike,” I heard the voice of my pet say. “Can I have some more?”

I looked up at her and then over at Kayko. Kayko was just lifting her head from the pile of blankets as Saki began to grind against me. “Sure you can sweetie’” I replied while grabbing her hips and holding her down.

Kayko looked over at me while Saki slowly fucked me. “Wow!” she said as she rolled over onto her back. “That was incredible!”

“I hope I didn’t hurt you,” I said as I reached over and grasped her hand.

“Oh no!” she said with a smile and a laugh. She squeezed her legs together and rubbed her hands up and down the pit of her stomach. “That was good. That was very, VERY good.” The nice smile on her face and the response by her body told me she would be happy for quite a while. Kayko leaned over to me and gave me a deep kiss. “Happy birthday honey, I love you very much.”

“Me too,” said Saki just before she kissed me. “Happy birthday.”

“Thank you pet. And thank you Kayko.” I said as I took my hand and petted Kaykos’ head, running my hand down her long and beautiful black hair. “I will remember this birthday for a long time.”

End Pt15.

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