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An 18 Year Old Girl is on her way home from dance class when she gets a horrible surprise in a park toilet.
It was 16:30 on Friday evening, Becky was walking alone through the park, she had just finished her after college dance classes, which she regularly attends, and was now heading home.
Becky was wearing a long black coat, to her knees which covered her tight dance pants and equally tight white vest. Her hair was straight and black, flowing just down below her shoulders, on top of a face that surely belongs to an angel. Her body was firm and tight, no small part down to the dancing she does, however it was still womanly and smooth, not muscley. Other than her beautiful face, the most noticeable part of her body, well, certainly from a mans point of view, was her impressive chest. Her breasts stuck out proudly from her chest, large, but firm and in place, not a bit of sag to them, which was a miracle due to their size.

"Oooh, i'm busting for a pee," Becky thought to herself. She was walking through the park and knew there was a small public toilet there, however it was rarely used due to its reputation as a hotspot for drug deals, rapes and murders (according to the news). "Screw it, this can't wait," Becky hurried, knees closed tightly together towards the small, graffitied toilet in the corner of the park.

"Hey baby," Becky looked over at a group of four black, old homeless men sat on a bench eyeing her. Becky shrugged off the mens lude comments and whistles as she rushed into the toilet. There had been an increase in homeless people recently in the town, probably something to do with the economic situation, especially in the black community of town. Which was a shame as the town used to be a nice place, now however it has had a vast increase in crime.

Becky shut the door behind her,removed her long coat, lowered her tights and panties and sat down on the toilet.
"Aghhhh," Becky released with a pleasurable sense of relief, as she peed she took time to study the horrible cubicle she was in, vulgar graffiti and images were on all sides, and confusingly, she also noticed three fist sized holes, one infront, one left and one right. Becky jumped as she thought she heard something outside the cubicle, but after listening closely she shrugged it off. Becky stood up, put her coat back on and reached for the door handle, it came off.
"SHIT!" Becky shouted at her predicament, she clawed at the sides of the door frantically trying to force it open, but with no luck.

Becky then heard multiple footsteps outside the cubicle.
"Hello? Can you help me please i'm stuck in here!" She shouted to the mystery people on the other side.
"Are you okay in there miss?" A man on the other side asked.
"Oh thank you, can you help me out of here please?"
"Sure, sit on the toilet and cover your face and close your eyes, i'm gonna break the door down!"
Becky complied by getting in a ball position on the toilet, arms covering her face. She heard noises and mumbled discussions outside but after a minute the man had made no attempt to break the door down. Becky removed her arms from her face and opened her eyes.
"Aaaargh!" Becky screamed when she saw the sights infront of her, through the 3 holes she had noticed earlier there were 3, monstrous,flaccid black cocks. Becky backed away and crawled back onto the toilet, she kept backing up until she felt something bump the back of her head. Becky turned her head around only to have another giant black cock brush across her cheek and rest on her nose.
"AAAAAGH!" Becky screamed again and fell backwards onto the cold tiled floor of the cubicle, Becky started to panic as she assessed her predicament, surrounded on all four sides by black cocks and with no way out.
"What do you want from me?" Yelled Becky at her captors.
"Haha, isn't that obvious sweetheart?" Said the man infront of her. Becky gulped loudly as she already knew what they wanted. She couldn't imagine having to 'do' things to these horrible men.

"Listen up baby, this is what you have to do, you need to pleasure me and my negros here, we want you to suck and fuck our big nigger cocks until we all outa cum! Got it?" Said the man behind her, whose voice she recognised as the homeless man outside who heckled her. This made her feel sick, not only would she have to put out for these men, but they were disgusting old tramps! This made Becky sad, at the knowledge that she would be robbed of her precious virginity.
"Please don't do this please!" She desperately pleaded, as if the gang would pass up this golden opportunity.

"Listen bitch you better get started or we gonna come in there and bust you up!!!" Ordered the man to the left, Becky was frightened by the mens tones now, she reluctantly accepted that she would have to endure this or face grave consequences.
"Why don't you stand up and take off them clothes", Ordered the front man. Becky slowly stood up, a tear slowly running down her pretty cheek. She grasped the top of her vest and slowly pulled it up over her head, revealing her sports bra she wore whilst dancing. She dropped her vest and proceeded to pull down her tights.
"Slower! And move yo hips from side to side like a naughty slut!" Yelled the man behind her. Becky sighed and started crying harder. With extreme humiliation she began moving her hips in a seductive manner as she slowly pulled her tights down her smooth legs. It was only at this point that Becky noticed the eye holes further up the cubicle wall, which made her feel even more humiliated.

Becky was standing in her white panties and her black sports bra.
"Now lets see them titties girl", laughed the tramp to the right of the cubicle. Becky took a deep breath, then reached back and unclasped her bra, she peeled it off her breasts and dropped it on the floor.
"Wooow look at them, they perfect titties!" Becky's eyes widened as she noticed that the four cocks had grown from their flaccid state into full 10 inch rock hard poles. Becky's mind was now full of disgust and horror, but also of fascination and wonder, she could never have sex with something that big!
"That's right get a good look baby, don't worry you'll find out soon enough how good they feel, now take off your panties and get on your knees!"

Becky nervously pulled down her white panties, revealing her hairless, beautiful pussy and kneeled down on her pile of clothes, trembling in fear. Becky was looking into the eye of the cock infront of her, she couldn't believe how thick it was.
"Now grab my cock bitch!" Ordered the tramp infront of her. Hesitantly Becky reached out, almost in slow motion and softly placed her hand around the middle of his thick shaft. Becky was in shock of how warm it felt, it felt as if it was going to burn through her hand.
"Mmmmm, your hand feels good girl, now pump me", Becky reluctantly began to move her right hand slowly up and down the shaft of the tramps mammoth member.
"Ohhh yes, now spit on my cock baby, get it nice and wet, comon don't be shy!", Becky was confused, she had never spat before, she thought it was disgusting and wrong, but these rapists wanted her to do it, so she gathered the fluids in her mouth and spat onto the top of the tramps shaft. She placed her hand back on his cock, cringing at the slimy spit and continued to rub up and down the long shaft.
"Rub the head!" Ordered the bum, Becky had been avoiding touching the shiny purple mushroom out of disgust. Becky wrapped her hand over the head of the tramps cock, it was smooth and slimy and made his whole body shake with pleasure.
"Oooooh yes that's the stuff!" Screamed the homeless old man, Becky continued to rub all the way up and down the mammoth cock. Becky continued to rub the massive cock up and down for a few long minutes, before the tramp told her to stop.

"Now baby I want you to suck me, I want you to suck me until I cum, then you will suck all of us". Becky was scared now, it was the moment of truth she has to do what she always thought was disgusting, she had heard girls talking about blowjobs and the idea repulsed her, now she is being forced to do it to four horrible black tramps. Becky composed herself, wiping away her tears, she exhaled deeply and moved her head closer to the giant cock infront of her. Becky closed her eyes and cautiously extended her tongue. Her wet tongue dabbed the tip of the old tramps cock and moved all around the head slowly. Becky cringed at the salty taste of the pre-cum that was oozing from the tip.

"Don't just lick me bitch! Get your mouth on my cock! And don't neglect my niggers, get your hands pumping on their cocks!" Ordered the homeless rapist. Becky looked from side to side at the twitching hard cocks coming out of the other holes. She sighed deeply and moved both of her hands onto two hard cocks, pumping slowly up and down the thick shafts. Becky moved her head forward again and nervously placed her mouth around the large mushroom head of the tramps cock.
"Now move your mouth up and down and use your tongue!". Becky wet the cock with her tongue as she began to push forward with her head, she reached halfway down the long pole and then pulled back up. She felt completely abused and humiliated in this position, being forced to suck a cock and wank two more at the same time. All three of the tramps were moaning as Becky pumped with her hands and sucked up and down the cock in her mouth. New tears of despair ran down her cheeks as she ran her tongue over the head of the bums giant cock, hearing moans of ecstasy from the bum.

Becky was becoming more comfortable by the minute and the task was becoming easier to her, as horrible as it was. Becky's mouth was gliding half way down the tramps 10 inch cock, as she had developed an easy rhythm pumping the two cocks to her sides. The tramp whose cock Becky was sucking told her to stay still. Becky froze her mouth half way down his massive cock. The tramp then began to move slowly back and forth, fucking Becky's warm little mouth, the increased depth the tramp could get caused Becky to gag a little when he pushed forwards. After a few minutes the tramp picked up his pace, banging hard against the cubicle door with his body, slamming his cock into Becky's mouth, ropes of spit hanging from Becky's chin as she choked and gagged from the mouth fucking. After a couple of minutes of the rough mouth fucking, Becky heard loud animal type groans from the tramp, he picked up his pace to a rapid speed, then stopped with his cock just over half way into Becky's mouth.
"Ooooh fuck yeah here it comes bitch!" The tramp shouted as he dribbled a few heavy dollops of thick white jizz into the back of Becky's mouth. Becky got a shock by the thick white fluid and gagged on the dirty salty taste, she didn't take her mouth off of his cock as he told her. Becky also didn't want to swallow the horrible stuff.

"Take your mouth off and show me the cum on your tongue!", the tramp ordered. Disgusted, Becky gathered the thick goo on her tongue, looked up toward the eyeholes and showed it to the perverted rapist.
"Wow that's hot, now swallow it!" Becky sighed in despair of the order, she closed her mouth and struggled to swallow the jizz, gagging a little as it slid down her throat. Throughout focusing on her previous ordeal she completely forgot that she had been wanking the two cocks to her sides, and that now she would have to give the same service to the three other cocks.

"Come here girl!" The man to the right commanded as if he were talking to a dog. Becky begrudgingly moved across the cold tiled floor on her knees to the tramps massive cock to her right. Becky took the mammoth cock in her slimy hands and slowly rubbed it up and down. Becky was robotically following orders, she knew she had no choice but to get through this, she knew what to do now after the last man.
"Oh yeah suck me bitch!" Barked the tramp, Becky took a deep breath and placed her mouth over the shiny large head of the cock, she ran her tongue around it, tasting his salty pre-cum.
"You gonna give me a titty fuck now bitch!"
"W-what?" Becky didn't know what he was talking about, she had never even heard of a tittie fuck before.
"Jesus christ bitch, put my dick inbetween your titties and move up and down!" Becky reluctantly responded, resigned to giving the disgusting tramp whatever he wanted. Becky shuffled on her knees in order to reach his mammoth pole with her tits, and then took her large, firm breasts in her hands, and starting rubbing them slowly and shakily up and down around the bums thick slimy cock. She nervously rubbed her soft breasts around his dick for minutes, trying her best to stimulate the horrible black tramp to keep them happy.

She felt completely humiliated, with her large breasts exposed, surrounding his huge, hard penis, as a few trickles of tears continued to run down her face.
"Comon slut faster!" Yelled the tramp, Becky increased the pace of her movements, her feet were getting tired and her legs were shaking, she wondered how long this could possibly go on for. She got her answer when she recognised the grunts coming from the tramp, she kept up the titty fucking until he told her to stay still, Becky froze squeezing her large breasts around his cock, the tramp started to thrust his hips with a rapid pace, burning between Becky's breasts from the friction then hie too froze.
"Ohhhhhh my god fuck yes!" He screamed as Becky looked down at the slimy pink head of his cock, she saw it slowly open as a stream of creamy white jizz flowed out of his cock and down between her cleavage and surrounding his cock.

Becky looked down at her chest, a large slimy black cock throbbing up and down inbetween her massive tits, drowned in sticky white cum, it felt like acid on her heaving chest, so warm on her soft skin.

Over the next 20 minutes Becky was ordered to suck the remaining two giant cocks in the cubicle wall, Becky had begun to follow all her orders from the rapists without response. The experience from the two previous cocks had made it simpler to carry out her task, no matter how disgusted she was by it. After she had finished her final two cocks she was exhausted, she was shaken and afraid, she had ropes of spit dangling from her chin and running down her large breasts to her stomach. As with the first, Becky was made to swallow the last two loads of sticky white cum, leaving a foul taste lingering in her mouth, the cum on her breasts and chest had soaked into her soft skin, leaving a shiny sticky trail.

"Can...can I go now?" Becky asked nervously looking to the eyeholes on the four sides of the cubicle.
"Haha, the party is not over yet, you little cock sucking slut." The voice came from the man directly infront of her, Becky noticed that the rapists large black cock had grown back to it's full size since it came in her mouth, and was now throbbing up and down, still slimy with her spit and his cum.
"Pleeeease!" Becky pleaded desperately with the four men, a fresh sense of panic setting in.
"You gonna fuck our big nigger cocks until we are done with you. But don't worry pretty baby, I'm sure you will enjoy it like the white slut you are!" Becky looked down and sobbed, it was impossible for her to take it all in, it was just too shocking. Her head was in a daze, never could she have imagined she would be so humiliated, and yet it was only just starting as now she would have to give herself to these disgusting tramps.

"Stand up bitch!" Becky slowly got to her feet, legs wobbling like jelly.
"W-what do I have to do?" She whimpered, looking directly into the eyes of the man behind the cubicle door.
"You gonna turn around and bend over, showing me that tight little pussy and ass." Becky turn around, she put both her hands on the toilet lid and bent over from the waist.
"Deeper bitch!" Becky arched her back more, her flexibility from dancing meant she could stick her arse high, a glorious sight for the rapists.
"Wooh shit! Now that's an ass, just look at that tight pussy, i can't wait!" Becky looked up and saw the cock in the wall behind the toilet was back to full length, about a foot from her face and throbbing violently, leaking slime from the tip.

"Now the fun can begin, grab my dick and rub it all over that tight young white pussy." Becky took a few steps backwards, she put her right hand on the side wall to steady herself, still bent over at the waist, her left hand shook with fear as she reached back and wrapped her soft hand around the base of the monster cock, it's touch was hot and slimy.She extended her ass backwards and jumped when first contact was made, the large head of the tramps cock parted her tight lips.
"That's it girl, now move my cock up and down with your hand, get that little pussy all nice and wet." Becky's hand was still shaking, but she took a deep breath and slowly began to move the giant member up her pussy.

Becky got another shock within a second as the slimy cock head made contact with her clit. Becky let out a loud yelp as the sensation sent shivers through her body.
"What's that bitch? You like that don't you, you filthy little bitch!" Becky's eyes began to well up again at the humiliation, Becky continued to rub the sticky cock head slowly up and down her pussy, which was getting wetter and wetter as the slime from the rapists cock lubricated her, every time it made contact with her clit she let out a reluctant moan, she tried to stop it coming out but she couldn't. The moans from the tramp were getting louder, he was in ecstasy, but he wanted more.

"Okay that's enough of that, time for the main event bitch, push back against my cock until i hit your little cherry."
"Please, I don't want to do this!" Becky begged in a last desperate attempt.
"Shut your mouth whore and do as i say!" Becky sighed, there was nothing she could do, she would just have to be strong and make it through unharmed. She put both her hands on the wall and began to push back, warmth ran through her body from her pussy as the tramps mammoth cock slid 2 inches in to her opening and Becky stopped as it began to stretch her hymen. The tramp moved backwards and ordered Becky to move with him until Becky's ass was up against the cubicle door, the rapists cock head still pressed against her hymen.
"Okay bitch brace yourself, I'm about to bust this fucker!" Becky held her breath as he pushed forward, her tiny pussy trying resist the intrusion, but the tramp pressed harder, and slowly the enormous head ripped through the barrier.
"Ahhh" Becky yelped as she gritted her teeth, though it wasn't as bad as she expected and the pain subsided quickly. The massive black dick entered her body a millimetre at a time. He moved steadily forward until her tight pussy was filled with 8 inches of his hard 11 inch tramp cock. The rapist stopped for a moment and savoured the feel of his throbbing cock being gripped by her vice like pussy.

Becky's eyes were wide open, as was her mouth, unable to close them, the wind had been taken out of her completely by the size of the cock in her tight pussy. The tramp remained still for a long moment as he gazed down at Becky through the eye holes in the door, then he slowly began to pull his enormous black pole out of her. Becky exhaled loudly as the giant cock slowly dragged out of the tight walls of her pussy. When he had pulled it almost all of the way out he slammed it back into her with all of his might.
"Ughhh" Becky yelled at the shock movement as a huge mixture of pain and pleasure hit her like a brick wall.

"Yeah you like that you white slut, you love it when I fuck you hard" Becky couldn't respond to the humiliation, she didn't have any breath to speak after the tramp had plowed his mammoth cock into her. He slowly withdrew his cock again, right until the large tip was barely covered by her now dripping lips. And then he slammed it in again, and again, over and over. His dick slammed
into her just as hard and fast as he could, the sound of his flesh slamming brutally into hers filled the cubicle. Becky's eyes squeezed shut, she gasped loudly and uncontrollably with every powerful thrust of the tramps huge cock.

Becky's was finding it hard to keep control of her hands which were pressed flat on the cubicle walls, supporting her, she felt her wet hands slipping from the walls, she didn't know why, but she moved her hands and grabbed onto the two massive cocks sticking straight out from the walls like handle bars.
"Woah look at this slut, she just can't get enough of our nigger dicks!" Becky was still being rammed hard and fast from behind, the tramp had been fucking her like this for a good 10 minutes. Becky had stopped moaning, she was no longer able to make any noise, but the intense feelings coming from her pussy were still pumping through her body.

As a couple more minutes passed, the tramp felt his balls tighten and his orgasm near. Becky's entire body once again surged with a strange sexual sensation. Her pussy was on fire, her heart was pounding, but all the while she was still distraught, horrified and disgusted.
"Okay bitch, I'm just about there, I'm gonna pick up the pace a little, hold on tight!" Becky's eyes widened as he hammered his cock in and out of her, her heavy tits flailing beneath her, slapping around her chest. The tramp kept on plunging in and out, as brutally as he
could until he finally exploded.

"Fuck Yeah!" he screamed as he felt his mammoth cock fire deep in her gripping pussy. He went rigid as his cock exploded, his thick warm seed splashing deep inside her as he came, long and hard. Becky wept as she felt the tramps cum fill her, with thoughts of getting pregnant through this ordeal. The tramp stood backwards from the cubicle door, releasing his giant flaccid snake from her ravaged pussy. The tramps cock made a loud pop as it was pulled from Becky's tight pussy, cum dribbled out of the abused hole and made it's way down her thighs. Becky's legs were weak and she stumbled forwards and fell to her knees, Becky jumped as she noticed she was still holding tightly on to the two massive cocks to her sides and let go quickly, making the giant poles bounce furiously up and down.

"Get up bitch, no rest for the wicked!" Commanded one of the rapists, Becky was exhausted and dazed, she needed time to rest.
"Please, that's enough, let me go, please"
"Plead all you want, it's only gonna make things harder for you, now get on my dick!" Becky looked down to the dick on her left and sighed deeply, there was no way they were going to let her go until she fulfils all of their perverted needs.

Becky slowly turned to face away. She bent deeply at the waist, placing both of her hands flat on the wall infront of her either side of the monster cock petruding from the glory hole, raising up on her toes a little, and backing reluctantly onto the ten inch pole. The huge organ behind her was slowly engulfed by her hole, stretching her, filling her, Becky gritted her teeth, it was easier than the last cock because of the cum in her pussy but it was still painful. Becky halted her movement, the pain was still intense, the cocks were so large. There was still several inches of cock between her cunt and the cubicle wall. After a few moments she gathered her strength and she pushed hard.
"Oh fuck, yesss!" This wasn't from Becky, but from the rapist on the other side of the wall.

Becky's eyes rolled upward with the pain, she was once again stuffed full of black meat, she could barely breath or move. Now that the tramp was buried fully inside her he began to slowly pull in and out of her pussy. Becky was looking straight into the eye of the thick cock infront of her, it was almost inviting her mouth.
"Suck it, you know you want to" Called the tramp infront of her, she didn't want to but she realised she needed something to take her mind off of the ravaging of her pussy. She looked again at the cock, bulging and twitching, a clear fluid dripping from the eye.

"Beg me to fuck you in the mouth with my nigger dick!" Barked the rapist. Becky didn't respond, she was still gritting her teeth due to the slow, painful fucking she was enduring from behind.
"I said! Beg me to fuck your mouth!" This time his words pierced Becky, she looked up at the eye holes, she saw the evil in his eyes, she looked back down to the mammoth twitching cock inches from her face.
"Please, fuck my mouth" She barely whispered.
"Put it in your mouth, get it nice and wet" Becky opened her mouth and extended her neck, moving towards the dick, but the tramp wanted some fun. As Becky was about to cover the giant head with her mouth the bum twitched his enormous member, sending it flailing up and down, missing Becky's mouth and hitting her nose and chin. The men laughed at Becky's attempts to catch it with her mouth, degrading her, the pace of the fucking from behind had increased rocking her body with the tramps thrusts. The degradation went on for what seemed like minutes, the tramps cock rubbing all over Becky's face until her mouth finally found its target. Her lips closed around the head, and her tongue licked the pre-cum from under the collar of his gathered, crusty foreskin, the taste of his foul cum still there from her previous blowjob.

The tramp gathered his pace, with each new stroke Becky was forced let out a tiny moan, and he soon was sliding the full length of his rock hard member into the hot girl's trembling body, making her ample tits flail underneath her. She continued to whimper as the disgusting bum fucked her hard and fast from behind the wall, against her mind waves of intense pleasure shot through her body, she tried to fight the feelings but she couldnt help it, she began to moan loudly in pleasure, her body was betraying her and she hated herself for it.
"That's it, you fucking love it, we told you you would, look at you, you're a dirty whore, scream for me!"

Becky was moaning and slurping against the thick cock in her mouth, she was being fucked hard and fast from both ends, with each penetration, a ripple of sensation shot up her body as the dirty tramp slammed his way inside her. The vibrations from her moans sent shivers down the spine of the tramp fucking her mouth, he had to stop his thrusting to avoid blowing his load. Becky was under a spell of pleasure and lust, she sucked and gulped at the now static cock, but still couldn’t keep herself from gagging and drooling, her chin and chest were covered in her own spit.
“She is loving this the little whore, have you seen how she's sucking his dick?”

Becky moaned around the solid cock in her mouth,
pushing herself back into the one in her pussy. In her mind she could hardly form coherent
thoughts as the new feelings surged through her young, inexperienced body. The cock in her mouth was close, it became more and more rigid, throbbing furiously. He pushed forwards hard and grunted like a hog, exploding with jet after jet of thick cum, filling her mouth,
dripping past her lips and dripping off her chin to form a sticky pool on the cold tiled cubicle floor. Becky spit out the softening cock, leaving it resting on her sticky face.

"Oh my god here I come girl!" the tramps cock in her pussy went rigid as he slammed deep into her,
shot after shot of hot sticky cum filling her wet cunt, dripping out as he continued to pound her like there was no tomorrow. Becky felt each hot blast inside her, coating her inner walls, flowing down her legs mixing with her own juices. Never before had she had a feeling as good and she cried out loud enough when he erupted into her that the whole park might here. Becky felt herself aching and empty when the soft cock slid wetly out of her slimy cunt. She stood on unsteady legs, wobbling and shaking as she tried to balance, her foot slid on the mess of cum and spit on the cubicle floor.
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