The story of a long standing love affair between a sister and her brother
I was nervous and excited during the drive back from the deli. On the passengers seat was a bottle of Zinfandel and a couple of neatly packaged tarts in tissue paper. I also had a canvas bag with some groceries and candles in it.

My car was running nearly empty and my mortgage was late this month but I was spending more than I could afford on a romantic dinner at home, moreover, it was just dinner with my sister, Chorale. Even so, I could feel myself get more nervous the closer I got as I wound my way down from Strouhecher's Deli to my house on Ferndale rd. I wanted this to be special. Things had become special for us recently.

My sister had been living in the house with me for the last month and a half. Before that, I had been living alone for almost five years. Ever since my wife moved out. It's a big property to live in alone. A rambling architectural one story compound built in a 'U' shape around a courtyard garden. The house is tucked up into the hillside and is overshadowed by the tall trees on the property of the neighbor uphill from me. Below me is only the street and a view of the corner of mount Tam. It's about as secluded a place as you can have in the city and I'd pretty much kept myself inside ever since Camara left.

My sister moved in because her Husband had lost everything. He had started losing ten years ago and never stopped. He lost his money, his job, his self esteem and eventually his will. Gavin was a slow motion train wreck but boring and sad to watch. The last time I was over visiting the two of them together, he sat on the couch the whole time watching TV with the sound off. He just didn't care about anything anymore. Now he had lost his wife. Chorale couldn't take it anymore and moved out. I was tired of living alone and invited her to come live with me for a while. She didn't bring much with her, a bag of clothes. Some books. A sewing machine and her laptop. Everything else she was content to leave with Gavin. She said she had told him she would come back when he wanted to really try and pull it together. That she loved him but needed air. A month and a half later and she seems less likely than ever to go back.

I'm happy with that. I've been in a pretty deep rut for years. I think I'm still shell shocked. The whole house is still just like it was when Camara left. It's nice to have company again and Chorale is great company. We set up the spare bedroom for her and made a table into her sewing and project area. She's been pretty happy just to spend time reading and making bags to sell online. The groceries are in one of her bags. We spend time talking and cooking and reading together. To tell the truth, I haven't been this happy in years.

Things have gotten pretty interesting though. In a way that most people might not approve of. Interesting in a exciting and dangerous kind of way. We've crossed a few lines that maybe we shouldn't have but, God, I know I needed to. I think she did too. It feels really good and I'm nervous and terrified by it.

I pulled into the big two car garage with my workspace in once side. I glanced at my hobbies. A partially completed wooden model and a sprinkler I have been trying to fix. What have I been doing the last five years? I thought. Hiding, that's what. I continued on through the garage entrance into the kitchen.

Chorale was standing at the counter chopping veggies and organizing them into bowls. Being my prep cook. She was whistling and I just had to take in the sight for a moment. It made me ache. I had missed this kind of thing so much. Having a woman in my house. Cooking together. And, yes, I was looking at her like a woman instead of my sister. A beautiful, well preserved woman of forty-nine with a great figure, she was dressed in all blacks and dark grays in her bare feet, tights and a ruffled skirt, standing with one foot crossed behind the other and a silver ring on her big toe. I loved just the thought of her being here.

“Hey Songbird.” I said, putting my groceries down next to the sink. This was partly because she was whistling but also because of her name. I used to use musical references for her when we were kids. “I got some treats.”

She turned, putting the knife down and draped her arms over my shoulders. “Hey there.” She said smiling and drawing me in close. My hands encircled her waist and it felt like the most natural, comfortable thing in the world. She pecked me on the lips once and then again, more slowly. We fell into a deep kiss and her hands played in my remaining hair.

Within a couple seconds I began feeling a stirring in my pants and my hands slowly lowered to her wonderful round ass. Her nicely proportioned chest pressed against mine through her loose gray sweater and my hands pulled up on her ruffled black skirt. When she felt my pants hardening, she pressed her pelvis against me and kissed me hard, playing with my earlobe. “You're a treat.” she said, when she broke the kiss.

“Oh Sweet-Sounds, this feels so good. I don't want it to stop.”

“It doesn't have to stop, Jas. I'm okay with it. Last night was great. I think it's okay.”

I kissed her again and then we turned to begin the work of cooking. I kept finding reason to pass her close at her workstation, each time placing my hands on her hips or caressing her back as I passed. It was wonderful to have someone to touch again. Once I had the soup simmering and all the veggies had been dumped in I hugged her from behind, wrapping her into my arms and we stood there for a few moments, just enjoying the closeness.

She placed her hands over mine and pulled me in tighter. She leaned her head back and I kissed her neck and caressed her belly. “This feels nice, Jas. Really nice.” She moved my hand to cup her breast. It felt heavy and full in my hand. My groin pressed against her ass and she pushed back into my fresh hard on. There was something about the way the shape of her ass fit so well against my hips that turned me on like nothing else. My other hand moved to her hip to pull her into me. Soon I had a hand on each hip and I was pulling as I pushed my hardness deep into the cleft of her ass. “Yes, that feels nice.” She was tweaking her nipple through the sweater and the undershirt and I began humping her like an animal, her skirt riding up higher and higher on her ass.

“You make me so hard, Harmony. You make me so damn hot.”

“You do too, baby. You're making me wet with your cock.” She placed her hands down on the counter and used the leverage to push hard against me. I felt like I could just push through all the layers of fabric and enter her right there. Her dress had ridden entirely up around her waist and I was humping against her black tights. I switched my grip on her hips so that both hands were under her dress. She spread her legs a little and used her cheeks to grip me through my pants.

After a moment I started to push down on the waistband of her tights as I pulled on her hips. I thought she would stop me but she didn't. I sank to my knees as I pulled her tights down and began kissing and nibbling her ass cheeks. I was beyond reason now, my lust was so great, I began opening my fly. When the tights came down past the bottom of her butt I caught a whiff of her cunt and it drove me crazy. I had the tights down to her knees and I was stroking myself. She spread her legs as far as the tights would allow and stuck her ass out. I buried my face in her cunt and plowed my tongue right into her hole, covering my face with her moisture. “Yes, Jas, oh yes.”

I couldn't take it any more. I wanted to be inside her. I undid my belt and button with one clumsy hand and stood up behind her, my penis finding it's way to her opening right away. She reached between her legs and grabbed it, smearing it around in her juices but held it so it wouldn't go in. “Wait, Jas,” she said and reached into the cupboard above the range-top. She simultaneously stroked my cock in her juices. She placed a bottle of olive oil on the counter and unscrewed the cap with one hand. “My ass” She said handing me the bottle. I poured a tablespoon full in the palm of my hand and began rubbing it over my cock and then rubbed it between her legs. I put another palm full on her ass and rubbed it all around. The feeling of my slippery cock sliding between her slippery ass cheeks was delightful and excruciating. I grabbed her hips and slid my cock up and down her ass crack for several minutes, reveling in it. I would bring my cock down far enough that the head would brush her her rosebud anus on each pass. “Oh yes!, yes, yes, yes.” She said. Finally, she used her cheeks to trap the head of my cock at her puckered opening.

The pleasure was close to agony as I pushed it slowly past her sphincter. She pushed back against me hard until I was buried up to the hilt. The look of her skirt hiked above her naked ass and my cock completely swallowed by it was so sexy I could have almost cum right then. Everything fit so well, like we were two puzzle pieces in this position, there was no gap anywhere between us. I grabbed her hips and pulled myself deep, deep, inside her and she pushed back against me. I loved the feel of my balls laying into the folds of her wet vulva and her anal ring gripping my cock. I could not be closer to her if we were one person. “Oh, I love your big perfect ass,” I groaned.

“Fuck it. Fuck my ass, baby.” I did; slowly I drew my penis out and pressed it back in, my hips fitting against her round cheeks, nesting like Russian dolls together. My sister frigged her clit rapidly and, in a startlingly short time, came, bucking back against me and griping the countertop. “Holy fuck!”, she screamed as she shivered, her legs wobbling.

I held her up, wrapping my arms around her waist and pushing my cock all the way inside. When the crest of her orgasm began to recede, I returned to sliding my penis in and out of her in long, deliberate strokes, sending her jumping and bucking again. I still had my orgasm coming. I kneaded her oil-slick ass cheeks and drove my cock like a rail spike deep and firm to the base and then retracted it to the tip. It was too soon for her to achieve a second orgasm but she wriggled and yelped as her first one extended through the anal pummeling.

As I picked up speed, I gripped her hips with white-knuckled hands and pulled her beautiful jiggly rump hard into my pelvis where it would clap loudly and ripple like carmel pudding. Something about the fact that is was my sister drove me on hard, as I closed in on a ferocious orgasm. For the second time in two days I came inside my sister’s ass.

We stood there at the counter for several minutes, just recovering. My slowly softening cock still buried in her ass. As it deflated I would hump into her again and it would rise slightly. If I were younger, not so exhausted, I might be able to get hard again inside her, go again, just never stop coming with her, my dear, beautiful sister. But, eventually we parted. She expertly ripped a paper towel of the countertop dispenser and pressed against the place where we separated. We cleaned up, quickly. Washed hands. Adjusted clothes.

“You wanna get a shower? I can finish dinner. It’s almost ready anyway.” She asked.

“Sure thing, that would be great.” I said. Kissed her on the cheek and went quickly to my master bath as I heard her begin humming a song in the kitchen. Songbird. Singer. Chorale.

So, yes, we had crossed a few lines.

I undressed fully and started the shower as I thought about how we got to this point. When we were kids Chorale took care of me a lot. Being four years older, she was always the designated babysitter, and, in our house where both parents worked, that was often. Mom was a Registered Nurse at Highland Hospital, a huge facility in the Oakland hills. Father was a Journeyman Stevedore on the docks, working his way up to Shop Steward. Two jobs which took up a lot of their lives, though they did them heroically and set my sister and I up with a comfortable middle-class life full of security and love. Most of those early years it was just her and I though. Mom would work from four pm through until three am. Father was often at the docks from seven in the morning until six in the evening. So from the age of ten until she left for college, my sister cooked dinner, our mom cooked breakfast and the only time we all saw each other was on Sundays, the day neither of our parents worked.

Sundays were for Church in the early days but that faded away. Mom was generally an Atheist and Father was a fallen Catholic. Church mostly just got in the way of us having real time together, so Sundays were for camping. Sundays were for boating on Lake Merit. Sundays were for drives through Napa Valley. Sundays were family time.

I think the earliest sexual contact started quite innocently, when I was five or six and Chorale was around ten. I remember one camping trip where Chorale and I were in the kid’s tent, playing house. More often then not, I played her child instead of her partner. She had started to get the smallest of budding breasts and she had me lay in her arms and pretend to be her baby--something that I was humiliated by, but I so adored my older sister that, I would do anything for her. She was rocking me in her arms and saying baby stuff to me. Then she got the idea to lift her shirt and have me suckle on her nipple. Had our parents come into our tent at that moment, I’m sure they would have put a stop to all of it. Perhaps none of what followed ever would have happened, but they didn’t. I think it felt good to her and so we continued it for a couple of years, until I was just too old to tolerate being babied. By the time she was twelve, she had real breasts and we had moved on to other, slightly more audacious sexual explorations.

Partly because our parents were never around and probably because my sister had some level of discretion, we were never caught. Or, perhaps because we were never caught we never developed a sense of taboo around incest. I don’t remember our mom ever telling us anything that restricted our affections. She may not have noticed or assumed it was harmless but, by the time I was ten, my sister and I were thoroughly exploring one another's bodies.

Chorale was fascinated with sex at fourteen. She talked constantly with her friends at school about it and gathered all the information she could. At night she would try things out on me. She did learn that incest was considered disgusting and from that, she learned to keep what we did a secret and she passed that on to me. Somehow she managed not to let on to her friends that anything was going on even as she pumped them for information about their older brothers, parents sex lives or boys they had fooled around with.

She learned about blow jobs one day and that evening, after our father had gone to bed and mom had gone to work, she slipped into my room.

“Hey”, she whispered, “Wanna hear about what I found out from Emily?”

I sat up in the darkness of my room. I never went to sleep early, knowing that my sister would usually come into my room and want to play. “What?”, I asked.

“Emily told me that girls can make boys orgasm with their mouths and not just their pussies!” By this time the two of us were quite knowledgeable about anatomy, though we were both still virgins. My sister had played with my penis many times and recently I had started getting hard when she did it. It wasn’t exactly a handjob, more of a tactile assessment of my equipment. She had scrutinized my hairless balls and peeled back my foreskin and, once I got hard, played at ‘sproinging’ my penis. This is what she called it when she would pull my penis down so that it pointed to my toes and let go, giggling, “Sproing!” as she did it.

“Pull off your jammie bottoms.” She said. I did so, feeling pretty eager. I was already getting hard as she spoke. Looking back, I think she probably accelerated puberty for me with her experimentation. Once I was naked from the waist down, she grabbed my penis and inspected it, moving it to and fro like an Atari joystick. She sniffed it. “Smells kinda gross.” She said. “Did you take a shower?” I shook my head. I usually took showers in the morning. “Take a shower and wash it really, really good. I’m gonna give you a blowjob,” she announced.

I did as she instructed, washing carefully and using soap under the foreskin and then was extra careful to wash all the soap away. The idea of her putting my penis in her mouth boggled my mind. I had no idea what it would feel like but I was shaking with anticipation, my washing motions hurried and frantic.

Toweling off and returning to my bed, I was suddenly terribly nervous. I lay like a board, stiff, with my hands balling the sheets next to me. I was eager but also so scared. “Don’t bite me, okay?” I was shivering, still slightly wet and exposed to the cold air of the room.

“Don’t worry, silly. Emily told me how to do it. I just have to keep my lipf ober mah teef leik disf.” She smiled at me and I laughed because she looked like a cartoon grandma with her lips wrapped over her teeth so they disappeared. She began stroking my penis and I stopped laughing because it suddenly felt really good. “You ready?” She asked and I shook my head affirmative, vigorously.

She sniffed around my dick again and seemed to like what she smelled. She then, experimentally stuck her tongue out until the tip touched the head of my dick and it was like an electric shock. I jumped slightly and dug deeper into the mattress, my body as stiff as concrete. “Calm down, silly,” she admonished and then licked the head of my penis like an ice cream cone, making me jump and yelp. “Quiet!” She hissed. I stuffed one hand in my mouth and she licked me again. It took several more licks before I stopped jumping every time she did. Slowly the terror and uncertainty melted away as the pleasure moved in to take its place.

My sister licked and kissed and then sucked my penis for about fifteen minutes which felt like many hours or just a few nono-seconds to me. Looking back, I think that first blowjob was probably not very good, actually, but I was in heaven. I was feeling sensations I had never imagined before, regardless of the occasional nip or rough tooth dragged over the shaft. I had my first, sort-of, orgasm. A powerful itchiness and heat developed in my groin which made me feel like I was exploding inside with ants. I produced no spunk but my sister seemed very pleased with herself and my reaction.

After that I received regular blowjobs and my sister got much better at them. Soon I was actually cumming and she seemed to have no hesitation sucking me until I came in her mouth and then swallowing it down, theatrically. That year I also learned to lick her pussy and, eventually, make her cum as well. All, right under the noses of our parents and her friends.

We probably would have moved on to actual fucking and giving one another our virginity except for a tragedy. Her friend, Bekka, got pregnant. Actually, she had gotten pregnant right around the same time that Chorale had first started giving me blowjobs but she didn’t show until a couple months later.

There was a huge fuss about it with the parents and school. It was suddenly the talk of everyone around and it was nasty talk. I had never heard the word ‘slut’ before or ‘cunt’. I had heard of whores but it was in context with Dickens novels and sounded weirdly quaint and strange when talking about my sisters friend. The word ‘whore’ conjured up visions of bawdy women in huge dresses and low cut bodices, yelling cockney-tinged come-ons at gentlemen in the swill smeared alleyways of Victorian London. The idea that my sister’s friend who liked cable-knit sweaters in Harvest-gold was a ‘whore’ was ugly and grating to my ears.

Bekka was whisked away to an aunts house and we, literally, never saw her again. Kids in the neighborhood told rumors that she had died in childbirth because she was too young or had been beaten to death by her father. Rumors that made me sick in my stomach and terrified. For both my sister and I, sex suddenly seemed scary and dangerous. Our innocence had been lost and the fun and games seemed to be over.

It was a couple years before we resumed our sexual experimentation. By then, I had fully entered puberty and I think I was just about ready to bust. In truth, I think my sister was too. She had several ongoing boyfriends by that point and I knew she would fool around with them a little. She was sixteen and rebelling by that point. The 80’s were beginning but no one had yet heard of AIDS. My sister was dressing in spandex and teasing her hair into enormous, impossible structures which made her look constantly shocked by electricity. I spent a lot of time in my room, masturbating constantly. Chorale and I didn’t see all that much of each other.

I remember coming home from the theater one evening, depressed even as my mind was totally blown. I had just seen the second installment of Star Wars with a couple of my friends and the world of the Jedi had completely captivated and enthralled me. I couldn’t believe how bad the movie had turned out for the heroes. It was amazing and I was devastated. Solo trapped in Carbonite and sold to Hutt, Luke missing a hand. Vader, Luke’s father! I was traumatized!

I came home to find my sister there. She had not been home to cook dinner but it didn’t matter. She wasn’t on the best of terms with our father at that point. He was likely spending time at the dock bar with friends. Mom was already off to work at Highland. Chorale was sitting on the couch in the living room, looking dejected. Rumpled. Messy. “What’s up, Songbird?” I asked.

“Nothing. Just stupid Brian.” Brian was a guy she was kind of dating at the time. I had met him a few times. He seemed like a doofus to me. I did have slight twinges of jealousy regarding who my sister dated. I sat down next to her.

“What about him?”

“Nothing. He’s just kind of a butt.” We sat in silence for a minute.

“How do you mean?” Sis was being unusually talkative. We hadn’t had much conversation in the preceding few months. “Butt, like how?” I pressed.

She blushed ferociously suddenly and I had some idea though it was total speculation.

“Let’s go in your room and talk.” She glanced toward our parents bedroom, letting me know that our father might be home instead of at the bar as I had assumed. We retreated to my kingdom.

I was instantly embarrassed by it. It had been a long time since Chorale had been in there with me and it was a mess. I was suddenly hyper aware of the smell of ‘Boy’, not perfumed or laundered or refined in any way. My heart skipped a beat when I noticed I had an overflowing trash can filled with crumpled tissues. There was a strong odor of musk and the faint odor of pot, pervading everything. She seemed to only vaguely notice, peering around like an explorer in an undiscovered cave, before moving to my record player and dropping the needle on a Bowie record. She fiddled with the volume control to get just the right ambient level. She then sat down on my bed, pushing aside some of my magazines.

“Jas,” she said. “Brian wants to go all the way.” She looked up at me, her eyes conflicted. I had some sense what this meant to her. Despite her sexual curiosity, this told me she was still a virgin. I knew the Bekka thing had really put the fear into her but this was my first confirmation that it had kept her from doing ‘IT’. She looked at me for several seconds and I looked at her. Then she patted the bed next to her. After a moments pause, I sat down next to her.

“And?” I asked, swallowing.

She bit her lip “I fucking want to but he’s a dick. I don’t know if I want to with him.”

My mind instantly jumped to where a teenaged mind is expected to. ‘maybe she wants me’, I thought. My heart raced. “Who do you want to do it with?” I asked, heart in my throat.

“I don’t know. I’m fucking scared. I’ve given him and a few other boys a lot of blowjobs and I’ve let them play with my puss and even put fingers inside me and they all want to fucking go all the fucking way but I just don't know. Maybe no one.”

I was let down slightly but also turned on. Chorale seemed like a total adult in that moment. She was cursing like a sailor and her vulgarity impressed me. I was also surprised she was talking so much with me after the long silence.

“That’s another thing!” She said, “He won’t fucking eat my pussy. Hardly none of them will. I’ve gone down on him something like twenty times and he won’t do more than a couple pansy-ass licks. Then he wants to crawl up and stick it in me. The other guys are practically just as bad. At least Ted got me close to cumming - once!”

I licked my lips, suddenly dry. Thinking of how to phrase what I wanted to say. Finally I just mumbled something inarticulate while blushing and hiding my head between my shoulders.

“What?” She asked.

“Remember how I used to lick y-you?” I repeated, not making eye contact and twisting my hands together between my knees.

“You were a hell of a lot better than any of these guys.” She said, her face turned away from mine. After a moment, we both giggled a little. Then she turned her face toward me. We were both blushing. In that moment, she looked severely cute, grinning lopsidedly as she was. I had never seen my sister look so goofy. A combination of embarrassment and lust made her into a lascivious cartoon of her normal self. “I, um. I really liked it when you, um, did that.”

I could barely believe it and I was beside myself. I had been fantasizing about what it would be like to return to our playful past but my sister had seemed out of reach the past two years. I, at that point, felt I barely registered on her radar much less a body in her orbit. She was then opening a door that I had thought was permanently closed and I seized my chance; “I, I, I could… do that…” My face burning and my earlier depression over the space-opera forgotten.

When we had experimented earlier, one thing we had never done was kiss. We had gotten close a few times but embarrassment and some faint sense that that was “too far” had always prevented us. At that moment I began to lean in, perhaps to kiss her for the first time but she backed off, quickly-her face changing into a frown of consternation. I thought I had blown it. I cringed inside, flailing and panicking. My sister didn’t comment. She just leaned back further until she was on her elbows and then raised one leg off the floor and brought it around behind me so that I could see up her miniskirt to her spandex covered crotch. She then regarded me, cooly. Like a lioness.

I looked at her, uncertainly and then, slowly, waiting to see if she would take it back, reached out and put my hand on her inner thigh, right next to her pussy. When she didn’t slap me away, I began to lean down until my face was close enough to her that I could smell her pussy through the shorts. Soon I was nuzzling my nose into the cleft of her pussy and being taken back to earlier times.

It was a little like being reunited with a much loved stuffed toy, I just wanted to bury my face in it. The warmth and humidity of her pussy came through the fabric and I pressed my face into it, breathing in her smell. Her puffy lips hugged the bridge of my nose and I relished the feel of her warm thigh on my cheek. I pressed my face in like a cat. I was getting her scent all over me. Bathing in it. I opened my mouth and suctioned it over her mound and she closed her legs around my head. I was soon grabbing at her ass and trying to pull myself into her. She was wet and I was sucking her juices through the fabric, tasting her for the first time in years. I groaned involuntarily, from hunger, from relief, from excitement. Her shorts were quickly wet through the crotch from my suckling.

My sister began to breathe heavily as well and then to whimper. Realizing she was making too much noise, she stuffed the heel of her hand in her mouth while I ground my nose into her clit. I grabbed at the waistband of her shorts and began pulling them off even as I continued to plough my face into her snatch, leaving her butt bare but me still sucking through the cloth. She put her hand on my forehead and shoved me back long enough for me to yank her shorts to her knees. I plunged back in, my face instantly wet with her juice. She pushed me back again and, with scrambly, frantic gestures, pulled her shorts off over her sneakers and yanked her skirt up to her waist.

Her pussy was different from when I’d seen it last. No longer a mostly hairless cameltoe with only a small wisp of fluff at the top. She now had puffy lips and an exposed hood over her clitoris. She had much more hair now, creating a nimbus around her opening. She had the pussy of an adult woman now and it was exciting to me.

This time I approached slower, savoring the anticipation. I explored all her various folds and licked daintily at her clit with the tip on my tongue. I applied all the skill I could remember and added everything I had read about since in the Penthouse forum. I imagined myself a master pussylicker and while I was probably still very clumsy it seemed enough to increase her breathing to a pant and get her to bite down on the heel of her hand.

I made Chorale cum twice that night. We changed the record. The second orgasm was not one she was expecting. I had read that women could have multiple orgasms and so, when she came the first time, I continued with the determination to make her cum lots more. I might have but we heard the front door open and we were both, instantly quiet, hearts pounding. Our father had come home. It turned out he had been out after all and we were keeping the noise down for naught.

Chorale quickly dressed and snuck out of my room to the bathroom. I used a t-shirt from the laundry to clean my face. I couldn’t leave my room that night for fear that our father would read what had happened on my face. I felt like I was glowing, radiant with the evenings adventures.

It happened again a few nights later. Chorale came home after being with her boyfriend, irritated at him after having given him a blowjob and received nothing but pressure in return. I made her cum three times that night before she stopped me, exhausted and went to shower.

Over the next few months, our play progressed again. In the beginning, I just ate her out. A few weeks later she began giving me blowjobs and we returned to a closeness we had lost. Some of those oral adventures happened in the morning when we would wake up with mom asleep and our father having already left for work. Chorale would slip into my room and peel my blankets up from the bottom. I would feel her hands searching the fly of my briefs and releasing my morning erection. There was no better way to wake up than with her mouth on my penis.

Things advanced further during our last camping trip of that season. It was early September and our father wanted to get into the redwoods for one last weekend before the rains really set in. I engineered a way to get closer to Chorale by sabotaging my tent that Saturday night. Our camping gear was stored in the garage and above it were shelves of old paint cans, remnants from painting the house over the summer. I made it look as though one can had fallen from the shelf and split open all over my tent which was stored in a duffle. The next morning, we all talked about how glad we were that the paint hadn’t ruined any of the other camping gear. I’ve never told anyone I did that.

Mom was a little hinkey about my sister and I staying in the same tent but we just made ourselves as innocent as possible and pretended it would be a big yucky deal and we would stay as far away from one another as we possibly could. I made comments about my sister farting all night and she said I was probably going to snore and keep her awake forever. Our parents seemed convinced and thanked us for putting up with the bad situation.

That night we did not stay as far apart as we could. Not at all. We placed our tent on the other side of the crackling fire from our parents tent and slightly down a slope. Our hope was that we could make a little bit of noise without waking them up. Late that night we did hear them, however. As I snuggled up against my sister, we could hear our parents making love in their own tent and Chorale and I got pretty turned on. It was cold and so we had plenty of excuse to spoon. Eventually, she ditched her sleeping bag and crawled into mine. Before long, my boner nestled into the crack of her ass and she encouraged me, by pressing back, against me.

“I’m really horny,” I whispered, and I was. I hadn’t been able to get this close to any of the girls I’d been interested in the last few years and I was starved for it. It hadn’t helped that I had been an early bloomer, with the help of my sister. I was certainly more sexually advanced than the other kids in my class. Most of the other boys were still trying to decide whether girls were still yucky or not. Many of the girls were barely ready to peck on the cheek. Actual kissing was still a year or more away. Meanwhile, I was masturbating like crazy and fantasizing about every girl and woman I met.

“Me too.” My sister whispered back and I was so glad. I hugged her close to me and we ground together furiously. “Play with my nipples.” She requested as she pushed my hand under her pajama top. I soon had glorious breast in the palm of my hand. Her teenaged tits were now big enough to hold and they felt warm and weighted, a small, soft planet with its own gravity. Her nipples were small and hard, tender little gumdrops waiting to be sucked. She opened the buttons and I did, with relish. “Slow down,” she had to tell me for we were getting too noisy.

We groped and pawed, rolling around in the sleeping bag together, becoming reacquainted with one another’s new bodies. It was different from our experiments as children. We were now driven by hormones and genuine lust. My groin was on fire and, as my fingers found her pussy, they found it drenched and molten.

Before long we had both discarded most of our clothes, or were tangled in them. Our sleeping bag was boiling hot and we were softly grunting like pigs, every few minutes reminding one another of the danger of our parents tent just twenty or so feet away. I don’t know if I was ever so excited before or after. But when it came to the point where my body and desperate hormones were driving me to plunge my aching manhood into her, she stopped me and I saw fear in her eyes.

“I want to,” she whispered, “but we can’t.” I nearly collapsed like a black hole, crushing into myself and pulling all of existence into the nothing with me. I nearly cried. “Let’s keep fooling around but calm down a little.” My heart and groin ached, too full and far from satisfied.

Within a few minutes, I was spooning her again and the head of my prick was sliding along the wet soft folds of her pussy. She grabbed the shaft and pulled the head of my penis up against her clit, grinding against it. I nearly came then, her hand was so soft and insistent and her vulva wrapped around my cock, so wet and hot.

“Wait”, she said again and I groaned inside but she kept grinding my penis against her. “Do you ever play with your butthole?” I was confused, feeling like things had taken a weird and unexpected turn, I couldn’t even answer her. “I play with my butthole sometimes. It feels really good,” She continued. I couldn’t even imagine it. I had my cock. There was never any need to go further than that. It always made me feel as good as I wanted and I was myopic in my examination of it’s potential.

“Here,” she whispered again, “rub it here.” and she moved my cock back to the crack of her ass and pressed against me. I was a little repulsed at first but my cock was so wet with her juices that is slid easily between her buns. “A girl told me you can fuck in the ass and not get pregnant.” She reported. “She said you’re still a virgin as long as it’s not in the pussyhole.”

I was aghast. “In the butt? With poop in it?” I said, incredulously but I was still rocking my hips and grinding my penis in her crack. My mind and body were moving in two different directions.

“Well, no. I mean, I pooped. There’s nothing in there.” I felt like bursting out laughing. I almost did out of pure surprise. This was my old sister, the one I knew from before she retracted. “We can do it, you just gotta be careful.” I could feel her finger tips were rubbing her pussy in circles. The kept brushing my balls.

“That’s nasty.” I said. I was fully repulsed even as my hard-on raged and poured pre-cum onto the very hole I was detracting.

“Come on. It’s clean. Really, I pooped!” I could see her teeth grinning in the dark.

That time I did bark a laugh but my head was so fuzzy with hormones I was also past caring. My penis was already making up my mind for me. She reached back and grasped my penis and began rubbing the head around her asshole. I groaned deeply as it pressed against her soft flesh. I gripped her breasts as I felt the head slowly enter the tiny hole.

“Ooch,” she said. “Your a lot bigger than my finger.” She panted. “Hurts a little.”

A moment later the head popped past her sphincter and it felt amazing. Again, I nearly came, I could feel my balls jumping and I moved my hands to her hips. I wanted to pull myself into her but she slowed me down.

“Careful, it hurts a lot.” She admonished. “Just go slow.”

When I was about half way in, she made me stop and we laid there, panting for a bit. Just being inside her felt so great, I was glad for the pause. I didn’t want it to end and I was constantly right at the tipping point. Even her breathing was near to bringing me over the edge.

After a while we started up again, me pressing slowly in and then backing out slightly. I was being careful not to just lose it.

“Oh my god.” She whispered. “Oh my god.” She was panting hard now and groaning and I didn’t know if something was really wrong. I started to pull out. “No, no, no! That feels really good. That feels really, really good. Just keep moving slowly.” I did and she groaned long and loud.

“Shhhhhhh!” I whispered through gritted teeth but she groaned again. “You gotta be quiet!” I was panicking now. This could be really, really bad. A vision of our father unzipping the tent angrily and catching us, with my dick in my sister’s ass, made my heart seize. I covered her mouth with my hand and she groaned into it. She was rocking her hips back and pressing against me and my penis was sliding deeper and deeper into her. She whimpered into my hand and then, to my surprise, bit me. Not hard but it shocked me. She pressed harder against me and then bit harder on the heel of my palm, slobbering and mewling.

Soon, I was in her to the hilt. I couldn’t believe it. My cock was in my sister. All the way inside her. I was scared, confused by the biting, my ears attuned to the slightest noise outside the tent and the feeling of Chorale’s ass cheeks pressed flat against my pubic bone was impossibly good. I slid out slightly and pressed back in and she cried into my hand and bit down harder. I couldn’t tell if she was crying in pain or pleasure or was going insane in the tent with me.

She began rocking her hips and pounding back into me harder. Panting like a dog and growling. She was so animal in her intensity it pushed me over the edge. I grabbed her hips and pounded hard into her, my balls erupting and pouring into her. She pushed her face into the pillow and screamed and my cock seemed to blow like a fire-hose. We twitched and spasmed and noises I’d never heard a human make, came out of my sister.

I heard rustling in our parents tent and froze. Then the soft conversation of our mom and dad. Something in their tone sounded worried. I was terrified, and Chorale, coming out of her fit was ridged next to me. The next instant we were both scrambling for our clothes as quietly as we could. My cock popped out of her and I barely had time to be sad about it. She put on her pajama top hurriedly and I dragged on my t-shirt. She sprang to the other side of the tent and into her bag and I grabbed every errant piece of clothing and stuffed it into mine. just as I heard footsteps outside the tent and then our mom unzipped and poked a flashlight into the tent.

“Are you two alright?” She asked.

“Fu- Uh!” My sister nearly swore. “Mom! Momma, I just had a terrible nightmare!” Her face was messy with tears and hair was clinging to her sweaty forehead.

“She’s been having it for a while.” I said.

“Well, why didn’t you wake her up?” Mom asked, exasperated.

“I thought you weren’t supposed to wake people up, isn’t it bad for them?”

“That’s sleepwalking, you dummy!” Mom said crossly. “next time you see your sister having a nightmare, you wake her up, okay?”

“Okay.” I said, feigning chagrin.

Mom peered at us both grumpily for a moment and then softened. “Are you gonna be alright sweetie?” She asked my sister.

“Mom it was really bad!” She said. “There was this tiger in a cave…” I was shocked.

Mom spent a moment comforting Chorale and I tried to bury myself in my sleeping bag. I used a sock to clean up my parts and then turned it inside out, not wanting to think about it. I was mortified by the fanciful nightmare Chorale was spinning, full of charging rhinos and deep slippery wells. My face burned until our mom finally went away.

When she was safely back to the parent tent my sister grinned and said, “I’m not wearing any pants... or panties… and I’m touching myself.” I realized most of her clothes were still in my bag. I couldn’t believe the balls on my sister.

After that camping trip we found ways to indulge our sexual explorations, risky though they were. My sister loved anal sex and we engaged in it a lot. My sister also gave me head and I ate her out frequently. Chorale had a great, round ass and I would become aroused whenever I was in her presence, especially when she was wearing a short skirt. Sometimes that meant that she would hike it up and not be wearing undies if we were around the house. She would stand against a wall, spread her legs and hike her skirt up over her hips and invite me to bury myself in her fabulous rump.

We never did this if there was any chance of our parents or friends being around though. Chorale could not control herself and made guttural, animal noises. When my cock was ploughing into her rectum she turned wild and feral, growling and grunting. It was such a turn on for me to see her lose it completely like that.

Eventually my sister prepared to leave for college and we knew things would come to an end. One of the last times I fucked her was her Senior Prom. She was seventeen and I barely fourteen. In a couple months she would turn eighteen and leave to go to Davis. Only a few hours away but I knew things would change forever. We both did.

She looked beautiful in her giant ruffly white and turquoise gown. She was waiting to be picked up by her current boyfriend, Mike, a guy I was ragingly jealous of but I hid that jealousy from Chorale. I sensed that that was the night she would finally break off our sexual play and I sulked around the edges of the evening while mom preened over her and our father admonished her about boys and their expectations. My heart was heavy and black and I retreated to my room, now covered with Sabbath posters, to fester in my impotence in the face of an unfair universe.

That night I contemplated many things. I might die of rejection or somehow expose Mike as an awful villain. Maybe my sister would go out with him and realize what a jock-douchebag he was and come home to me. It was all the worse because I was still in my last year of Junior High and we had no Prom to keep me busy. All I could do was sit and think about all the things my sister was doing with some strange guy. I also reminded myself often that what we were doing was not sustainable and it had to end eventually. As much as I hated it, we could never be a real couple and that fact too was devastating.

Late that night, long after mom had gone to work and just a few hours before father was set to wake up my sister came home. I had fallen asleep in self pity but I awoke to hear Chorale and our father talking in the kitchen. I crept down the hall and listened and they talked for a couple of hours. Our father, coping in his own way with his little girl, finally growing up and preparing to leave home. I listened to them talk about college and housing and all the things Chorale was going to need on her own as she left for a new life. It made me sad for him as well as me and it helped me put it in perspective too. Eventually he got up from the table and left for work.

I went back to my room and in a moment I heard a knock on my door. I opened it and she came inside. We sat on the bed, in long silence together, both staring at our hands. This was the talk I had dreaded.

I won’t bore you with all the details. We talked a long time and came to resolution. She told me she had lost her true virginity that night to Mike but that she probably wouldn’t see him after she went to college. I admitted my jealousy but I also let it go and we ended up snuggling in my bed for a long time in my bed.

After a while she said, as the light came through my bedroom curtains and I could tell she was near falling asleep, “I want it one more time, Jasper. Just this last time and then we’ll put it away.”

We did then. It was as close to lovemaking as we had ever gotten. We touched one another with great tenderness in a long, pleasurable good bye. We still did not kiss on the lips, for that was still our unspoken Rubicon, but I nuzzled her neck and carefully kissed every part of her body before shedding her gown and lapping at her pussy. I didn’t like to think that another boy had put his penis in there but I was comforted by the fact that she had made him use a condom. I poured all my love for her into making her feel good and then she returned it as we moved into sixty-nine. The energy and passion of our farewell became an unbroken circuit and we apologized for the coming loss with our mouths. We became one swirling body and abandoned grief.

My sister then lay, welcoming on my bed with her legs wide and her arms outstretched as I moved to my place above her. My penis touched the opening to her vagina and I so wanted to push it in but she deflected it with her hand, rotating her hips upward and placing the tip at her anus. “The last time, baby brother. Make it last for me please.” She cooed as my wet penis slid slowly into her ass and her heels coaxed me in, pressing on my buttocks.

We had never done it missionary and I lay my head on her sweaty breasts. I listened to her heartbeat quicken as I slipped my penis in deeper. I relished the closeness and her legs encircled me and encouraged me. We tried to never let go. Tried to make it last all day, but my sister was so tired. She lay back and dozed, even as I stayed inside her. Eventually I slept too.

We woke up, hours later, tangled in each others arms. I was flaccid and my cock had pulled free of her. Neither of us had orgasmed but we both felt very close and content. With little time left before mom got home from the hospital, we showered together and made love again under the warm falling water. That time we did both cum.

My sister moved away to college and I got a wonderful girlfriend named Andrea. My sister started dating again after breaking up with Mike and Andrea and I explored vaginal intercourse. My skill building in the cunnilingus department paid off but Andrea never did try anal. I got letters from Chorale and I wrote her back but we never flirted or talked about sex. We both did our best to put that time behind us.

It did happen, one more time, ten years later at a family reunion. By that time, Chorale was dating Gavin, whom she would later marry and I was married to Camara, who I had met in a photography class. Insert your own joke regarding her name. For various reasons, neither Chorale or I had brought our spouses to the gathering. I believe Camara had to work. I don’t know if I ever found out why Gavin couldn’t come. It was the first time Chorale and I had been together in years for any length of time. We caught up and we got really, really drunk. It happened at a resort hotel in San Diego on the beach. The air was warm and the sounds of the party were still going on inside. It was near two in the morning. The two of us had kept away from all of the rest of the family and some high voltage current was sparked between us. We groped each other behind a bungalow and, pressed against a boardwalk handrail, she hiked up her skirt and I fucked her eagerly in the ass with barely any concern for being caught. We came noisily and hungrily but, surprisingly drew no attention from the raucous party inside the ballroom. It was the first and last time I ever cheated on Camara, though I would find Camara had cheated plenty on me.

And that was it, until last night. Twenty odd years after our drunken tryst, fucking like apes in the night at a family reunion, we were making illicit love again. It happened slowly. Chorale and I never talked about that night--or anything that came before it, for that matter, but when I invited to come stay at my house, it was underneath everything. There was slight hesitation for her, accepting it, but also, I think, excitement. It was the first time since high school that we were both, more or less, unattached. Gavin, aside. It was the first time since then that we were to be living under the same roof.

We spent a week or more, being overly courteous and feeling nervous. We spent another week talking about our spouses and our various heartaches. We became cozy again and watched movies on the couch. Began making dinner together. In the last week my sister has become flirtatious and I have been aroused non-stop. Ever so slowly we have gotten closer. Back-rubs and hugs and doing laundry together. Feeling like a couple.

Last night we kissed and it was all over. The whole house of cards collapsed and we were suddenly and rapturously, teenagers again. It wasn’t ten minutes before all our clothes were on the floor and we were becoming reacquainted with each others, somewhat less toned, bodies. I had been worried she would judge me now that I was older and sagged or was plumper in places but she plunged forward and greedily took my cock in her mouth. She worshiped it, rubbing my cock all over her face, seeming hungry for it, she assuaged my fears. I, too, devoured her ripe flesh, suckled her large wonderful tits and rolled helplessly on the floor with her, kissing and fondling. When she invited me into her ass, her glorious, round and excruciatingly fuckable ass, it was like coming home. No power or propriety could stop us now. Whatever the taboo, whatever the consequences, we were consummating and lasting and long-unrequited love affair. We made love like Olympians.

I toweled off and put on my robe, my core buzzing. I was quivering with excitement even as my soul was deeply satisfied. I sat down at the table with Chorale and we ate like lovers, close and by candle light with glasses of Zinfandel and youthful giggles. We kissed often, as we had never done as children, and we spoke excitedly with the vibration of anticipation, making fragrant our words. We rubbed noses and gazed into one another’s eyes like love struck players in an opera of our own making.

We retired to the couch and watched a movie together. My sister, adorable and kitten-like, snuggled up with her legs tucked beneath her, laying with her head on my shoulder. We basked in one another’s warmth.

About half way through the movie; a silly romantic comedy about a cheese maker and a New York pet shop owner--during a sex scene, Chorale reached into my robe, bent down and put my cock into her mouth. I watched the scene with my fingers running through my sister’s hair, enjoying her voracious attentions and marveling at how lucky I suddenly was.

“I love you, Songbird.” I said. “I have always loved you.”

She looked up at me and smiled, my cock still in her mouth and pressed her mouth as far as she could go, taking me into the back of her throat. Her eyes sparkled, holding my gaze, as she swallowed my penis and nuzzled her nose in my pubic hair.

She drew off and pushed my robe open, kissing her way up my belly to my nipples, licking each one before bringing her face to mine. She straddled my lap and took my cheeks in her hands. “Me too, Jasper. I have always loved you.”

I could feel that her legs were bare. She still wore the ruffled black skirt and the gray sweater but she had discarded her tights and, suddenly, I could feel her wet, bare pussy touching the tip of my cock. There, tantalizingly close, her soft, slick folds caressed the head and she rocked her hips ever so slowly.

“I love you so much baby, brother.”She said and began to sink down on my shaft, my raging cock entering her pussy for the first time. “I want to go all the way with you, now. I wish I had done it sooner.”

“Condom?” I asked, not really wanting to stop and go through that whole mood-killing mess.

“No.” She kissed me and sank all the way down, my cock wet and hot, enveloped by her silky sweet vagina. “I want you to come inside me, Jasper. I want you to fill me with your sperm. I can’t get pregnant anymore, Jas, and, anyways, I don’t care. If you fill me with your cum and I get knocked up because of it, I want that too.”

With that she kissed me again, deeply and rode my cock deep and slow, gripping it with her cunt. It was the deepest, most complete connection I have ever felt. I was enthralled.

“Cum inside me Jasper. Cum inside my pussy. I lifted her sweater and sucked on her nipples, full circle to what had started us down this path as kids, and I grasped her fantastic ass and I drove my cock just as deep as I could go. Centuries went by and we were encircled in a universe of our own making.

When I did cum, I poured my soul into hers and when she came we mixed. We were volcanic and unstoppable. We screamed for the world to hear and held back, not at all. New stars do not have as much light. New worlds, not as much life. It was spectacular.

As I write this now, Chorale is asleep in my bed just ten feet from me. She is beautiful in the moonlight. Her naked shoulders curve into her waist and, blanket shrouded hip, like the shape of a cello, refined and perfect in every way. She is music to me. I almost can’t believe I have spent enough time not touching her to write this piece, but to touch her is to want to wake her and make love. And so I type my story, sleepless in the dreamy quiet and imagine the future. I cannot tell you what it will be. I have no idea. I only know I have not been this happy in years.

Peace to you and may you find the kind of love and serenity I have. I am sure I am the luckiest man alive. Follow love, even if it scares you, there is nothing more in life valuable.

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