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First story ever
I am not using real names.

Okay so my sister, Madi, came into my room asked me to go swimming and let's just say if she asked you you say yes. Now my sister Madi is a cute blonde with 36B Breast and a smoking butt. But don't get me wrong with her body frame and curve her tits fit right in. So now to myself I am a average built guy I do sports and all black hair and about 6inch dick and I was 14 she was 15. I got changed into my swimm trunks and went down stairs. When she came down she was wearing a two piece bikini that was all redone my opinion it was a size to small. So I had my Sister in a Bikini a size to small that loved to water fight I had a tough on coming. So we drove our golf cart down there and yes no one here score. She got and started walking to the door and that bottom piece was all up in her ass. I was glad I chose the trunks a little big. Cause I was getting hard fast. I jumped in the pool to find it freezing and so did my sister. So we both got out and fighter for the towel cause we only brought one. She got it and I tried to pull the towel off and her top and she didn't notice but I did and I got another binder that I was sporting and I go nice tits. Madi scream for the towel and covered her nipples and as much of her boobs as possible. I grabbed my phone and ran like crazy I turned and took a bunch of pics (about 25 pictures) and changed my password and gave her top and the towel. She put it on and we went home little did she know about the pictures. When we got home are mom left a note saying she went to town for a couple hours and then to see our dad at work. Which gave us 5 or 6 hours home alone. I went into my mom and dads room looking for money and came across a special box. It had all my moms kinky stuff to turn my dad on and three dildos. I looked at the big one around 8 or 9 inches and realized it vibrated and rotated. I turn it on perfect it had new batteries. I took it and headed up stairs I was going to think of a way to fuck my sister. Just asi thought of something my mom called and say she was staying with our dad for the night and we would be alone. It hen came up with something else since my sister was a deep sleeper. I waited till 1 in the morning adnd grabbed one of her tits and squeezed it nothing. I then rubbed her pussy on the outside of her shorts and nothing so I tried sldding off her tank top and she wasn't wearing a bra. I sucked her tits each for 10 minutes and then slid off her short shorts and panties and slowly slid ithe dildo in her vagina and she let out a moan I slowly worked it all the way in and turned it on. Then she sprung up looking at her pussy and letting out some deep moans I say you say anything to mom and I leak your tits on the Internet she shakes her head. Madi let's out more moans and I wip out my dick and take out the dildo and slid in my dick and get faster and she starts moaning. Ohhhhhh Joshh haaaarddderrrr Harddderrrrrr. Fuckkkkkkk Yeahhhh. Ohhhh Yeahh and I am in full rhythm with her hips and I start cumming in her pussy I lasted maybe a minute. After my last shots he cameee. And I put the dildo in other hole and put my dick in her pussy and went to sleep sucking her tits. Later when I woke up my ass was hurting bad and I was tied up. I lifted my head and saw my sister had taken pictures of me and tied me up. I said what the fuck is in my ass she went over and pulled out the dildo and said this. She quickly shoved it backed in my ass and turned it on fuck. She said paybacks a bitch isn't it? She got up and came over to me got on the bed and she was naked and I was too. She sat her ass on my face and say eat now until I say stop.i started licking around and in and out of her clit. Madi started Moaning ohh yeahh. josh like that and started rocking her hips on my face. I keep eating until she came for times. She stay it was time for toture and. She started suck my dick. I said toture this feels good and then a timer went off about 30 seconds after she started I said hey keep going it went off again she started sucking damn not this.She had planned to do the start stop start stop. It feels good and then stops pretty much pressure building then dieing a little then building back up. She finally took the dildo out of my ass I was glad to. She then untie a arm then tied it up differently to turn me to all fours. Then she found a strap and strapped on a dido. She got on the bed and started rucking me and it hurt. Mainly cause I am a guy but my ass is tight. My sister stopped after five minutes untied me. She said it was my turn I put her face into the bed and pulled her ass into the air and started fucking her ass.madi started moaning ohhhhhh yeahhhhh. Oohhhhh Joshhhhhh harder harderrrr. Fuck my pussy hard. But we both forgot about one person,mom. We heard the door open and we started throwing stuff around and putting clothes on. We were screwed I know it.
-Thanks to the readers hopefully you got some pleasure it took a while I know grammar problems I know I am sorry. Let's see about a Sister Takes Dildo 2. I don't know you decide

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2014-08-22 03:05:11
These people are stupid good story

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2012-11-21 14:51:37
Holy hell are you retarded this is the worst story i ever read on here hands down

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2012-11-21 14:51:28
Holy hell are you retarded this is the worst story i ever read on here hands down

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2012-11-21 01:29:07
WTF. three stories ive read and the people can't spell for shit, and i gather english is not your 1st language, am i right?

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2012-11-20 20:54:03
Jesus Christ! Do any of you fucking idiots know what a paragraph is??? Must be miserable to go through life being this stupid! Stop writing! If that is what you call this rubbish!

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