Annie & Frannie share Frannie's son who is also Annie's nephew for wild sex
I almost felt like a schoolgirl prepping for her first date. Funny that, I was driving to the airport, my 27 year old nephew was arriving on the 6:30 flight from Columbus, Ohio; he’d accepted a position with a new firm that headquartered here in Orlando, Florida. He needed to report on Monday morning for orientation; he’d fill out all the new hire paperwork, get his health insurance card and be issued keys for his company car. The job is an assistant vice presidency and a big career move.

I’d just stepped out of the bath, I’d bathed rather that showering as I’d had my hair done earlier in the day and didn’t want to risk getting it wet. Just having my hair styled was a treat, I am a strawberry blonde (with only a few tinges of gray interrupting) and, although my hair was slightly below shoulder length I usually simply pulled it back into a ponytail; not today, though. Oh well, I’d done all I could to look nice, some things I simply couldn’t change. As I looked at my naked body in the mirror I knew I couldn’t alter my pendulous breasts, blue veined and sagging slightly nor could I shrink the little roll that was my protruding tummy and, most evident, my porcine backside. What the heck, I’m 51 years old and, all in all perhaps not so bad. I have a cute face, not beautiful but cute, I know I have a winning smile and my eyes are as blue as an arctic glacier; perhaps my best feature. Now, what to wear?

I chose not to wear stockings and certainly not electing to endure the strangulation of pantyhose so I went with a dressy pantsuit, beige with a chocolate brown blouse, bone pumps, gold drop earrings and a small broach as accessories. Known only to me, my lingerie was my fanciest, hipster panties with the legs trimmed in lace and my brassiere matched, the same lace design, my favorite color, pale lavender. Finally I daubed a little Elizabeth Arden's Red Door between my breasts and thighs and pulled on my slacks. A quick turn in front of the mirror and, Oh darn, a panty line. I considered not wearing panties but, I'm a 51 year old lady, we wear our panties; I'd live with the panty line.

Why the fuss and honestly the nervousness? My nephew, Jonathan Walters is movie star handsome, 6’1” tall and a well proportioned 190 pounds and he’s taking me to dinner this evening; it does feel like a date.

I met him as he came out of the concourse, when he saw me his eyes lit up, he rushed to me and gave me a monstrous hug and a kiss on the cheek then held me at arms length; “God, you look fantastic,” Aunt Annie, “This outfit really stands out with your hair color, you’ll be the hottest gal at the restaurant tonight.”

We got his bags, his gold clubs and his photographic equipment, Johnny is a scratch golfer, an amateur photographer and a good one, dropped his things off at my house and left for the restaurant for our 8 o’clock reservation.

We went Italian and after having two cocktails in the lounge went in for dinner. The special of the night was osso bucco which we both ordered. Johnny selected a Rosso di Montalcino as our wine. We talked and teased each other, the conversation grew a little intimate; I confess, my tongue was loose, perhaps the drinks and wine, I don’t usually consume nearly so much alcohol and I was a little flirtatious, so was Johnny, then I was a lot flirtatious; I did feel like a young person out on a date.

Johnny offered to drive, I gave him the keys and we walked toward the car. I was close by his side when he put his arm around my waist. It felt good, he was steadying me, I snuggled against him, he helped me into the car.

At home he asked for a nightcap, I wasn’t ready for the evening to end so I joined him. Later, at the top of the staircase he kissed me goodnight, a real kiss, then we went to our respective rooms.

My house is an older home, one bathroom upstairs in the hall and a downstairs half-bath. Having undressed, I was wearing only my lavender panties and a light housecoat. Absentmindedly, not used to guests I didn’t give it a thought as I went into the bathroom for my evening ablutions. My hand was still on the doorknob; I stopped and stared, slack jawed. Johnny had just finished showering and was standing naked facing me. I wanted to back out of the room, I wanted to apologize for the intrusion, instead, I froze; mesmerized. He had the body of Adonis but that wasn’t the only thing that held my attention, his flaccid penis hung nearly half way to his knee.

When our eyes met I stammered. He was walking toward me with a smile on his lips. He held my shoulders then whispered, “Don’t just look,” as he took my hand and guided it to his now swelling cock.

One of his hands slipped into my robe. He massaged my breasts, God I was so aroused I thought my nipples were going to explode then the other hand, still on my shoulder gently pushed downward.

Slowly I sank to my knees as he whispered, “Take me in your mouth Annie, I want to feel your sweet tender lips.”

I’d never given nor received oral sex, my deceased husband Heinrich believed in sex only in the missionary position, the only experimenting we’d ever done was the couple of times we’d tried doggie style but now I had an immense erection at my lips. I gripped it with both hands and took the head in.

“Lips and tongue, Annie, just your sweet lips and tongue.”

I’d never felt sluttier in my life, on my knees performing fellatio, I moved up and down his shaft licking.

After a few minutes he took my arm and lifted me back up saying, “I’m not going to cum in your mouth tonight.”

He kissed me and walked me backwards toward my bedroom; he eased me onto the bed then followed me down, spreading my legs and positioning himself between my thighs.

Things were moving too rapidly, his hands were on my breasts then his lips on my nipples. I whimpered, “Johnny no, we can’t do this.”

When he started to roll my panties off, I grabbed the elastic of the waist, keeping them up, all the while saying that I was his aunt, that this wasn’t right.

My mouth was saying no but my body betrayed me. When he cupped my sex through my panties then traced my vaginal slit with his finger the fabric was sopping I was lubricating so heavily. I only realized that he’d slid the gusset of my panties aside when he pushed into me.

He entered me quickly, thrusting deeply; I groaned as he slid in. I’d never felt such a large penis (like I had all that much experience, two boys when I was in my late teens and my husband) and he was stretching me. He rested, giving me a moment to catch up then he started gently and slowly stroking.

“Annie, I’m in heaven, I’ve desired you since I was twelve, so round, so soft, so utterly desirable. I’d fantasized about you, masturbated to thoughts of you, you’re everything I dreamed about and more. God your pussy’s so tight, it’s like I’m having a virgin; Annie you’re the best, the very best.”

I thought, no kids and no sex for over ten years, no damned wonder I was tight then I didn’t think, I felt, I felt wonderful, I hadn’t even ever considered how much I missed sex. My spayed calico tabby and I enjoyed (or suffered from) exactly the same love life…none. She didn’t seem to mind but I had the occasional erotic dream, awakening with my hand buried in my knickers but now was no dream. I’d quit trying to convince Johnny of the error of our ways. Like they say, lay back and enjoy, and I did.

With a shudder I experienced my first orgasm in over ten years, I was trembling in his arms, Johnny whispered, “I’m gonna cum in you Annie, is that ok?”

“Yes,” I answered, I felt his penis jerk as he growled and, pumping faster, gave me his seed.

Afterward, he stayed atop me, resting on his elbows as he nuzzled my breasts.

“God, I love your body Annie.”

It made me feel sexy to hear him say it. But then my mind went back, what we were doing wasn’t right. When I said something he responded, “I think we both took pleasure, what’s wrong about that?”

He’d lifted my legs and was now rolling my panties off; I didn’t even try to stop him this time. With my legs resting on his shoulders he leaned forward pushing them back toward my breasts, exposing my genitals, parting my labia; he entered me for the second time, pushing deep, deeper than he could go in the previous position. Again I groaned, he was reaching new territory, places where no man had ever gone before and it gave me a sensual ache up in my abdomen.

He took me harder this time, rapid, pounding strokes, riding high on me so his penis was massaging my clitoris with each thrust; causing the most exquisite pain imaginable. He was squeezing my breasts and tweaking my nipples, rough sex while he told me things, things I’d never heard, words I’d never used.

Oh Annie, you’ve got the world champion titties, I’m gonna fuck them, I’m gonna cum between them. God, your cunt’s hot, tight, scorching, fantastic, he said those things to me, things no one had ever said before. It excited me, I felt it build, my chubby tummy trembled.

When I climaxed this time it was nearly like a convulsion. My uterus contracted, my vagina clenched, I could even feel it in my anus, wave after wave flowing over me, out of me, crashing; I screamed out, I heard myself but it was like an out of body experience, I saw me; writhing and moaning the pain/pleasure nearly unendurable; then Johnny joined me. With a roar he pounded me, deep into my vagina, I felt his pulsing cock, his burning cum; he collapsed on me, holding me in his arms, whispering sweet words to me as I contentedly cooed.

Johnny whispered, “Still think it’s wrong Annie?”

“Oh, I know it’s wrong.”

“Want us to stop?”

“Johnny, what I want is for you to take me in your strong arms, hug me, kiss me, whisper sweet nothings to me while you screw my brains out; but first, Annie needs to tinkle.”

Johnny got up then offered a hand, pulling me to my feet. I walked down the hall to the bathroom, he followed.

“Privacy, a little privacy,” I said as he entered.

I sat.

“Unh unh, no privacy, I want to know your body Annie, all of your body.”

He fondled my breasts while I urinated then he handed me a folded pad of tissue; I wiped and flushed.

As he led me back to the bedroom I told him, “Johnny, that was embarrassing, I mean, having my breasts played with by a man while I’m having a pee. Why did you do that?”

“I told you, I want to know your body, everything about you, what gives you pleasure, how I can make you feel good.”

“Oh you’re learning how to give me pleasure but please, don’t do that again, it was humiliating.”

“Annie, sweet Annie, not only will I be there again, eventually you’ll invite me to come with you, to watch you, to listen to your sound, won’t you?”

“Johnny, I won’t, no way, some things are meant to be private.”

I bent to pick up my panties from where he’d tossed them. He said, “Leave them Annie, you won’t need them tonight,” as he took my hand and lowered me back to the bed.

He held me tenderly, kissing me passionately, tongue probing my mouth, teeth nipping at my lips, as I responded he moved to my neck, I’m particularly sensitive there, I shivered. His hands were at my breasts, a finger tracing the blue vein evident through my alabaster skin then his mouth fell to my bosom. He took a nipple between his lips then sucked it into his mouth. Nursing from me as though he was my baby, I held his head to me, the suckling creating a sensation I’d never experienced before; a clutching of my uterus, he changed nipples, the feeling was repeated. My breathing was becoming raspy, my desire evident, my breasts swollen, my vagina lubricating. His fingers opened me, slowly and gently he entered me.

“Does it feel as good for you as it does for me Annie?”

“God yes Johnny, it’s fantastic.”

Our climax was mutual, not explosive like before, a comfortable, pleasant, mellow flow.

“It’s been a long time and never like this has been Johnny; Aunt Annie’s a little sore, can we take a break?” I asked as we lay together.

“Sure Annie but maybe it would help if we used a little lubricant, do you have any KY Jelly?”

“I’m afraid not, only Vaseline, I’ll get it.”

From the bathroom medicine cabinet I retrieved the jar and set it on the bedside table then crawled up beside him laying on my tummy.

He stroked my shoulders, down my back, along my sides then my bottom.

“You’ve got a great ass Annie,” he said, grinning at me.

“I’ve got a fat butt, who are you kidding Johnny.”

“I think you’re perfect, I like my girls to have a little meat on their bones.”

“Well, I’ve got more than just a little.”

“Annie, I’d be the very envy of Peter Paul Rubens, he’d die to paint you, you’re beautiful and since I can’t paint I want to photograph you; will you model for me?”

“Nude? I can’t do that.”

“Of course you can, I’ll use your long hair to obscure your face and filters and lighting to put you in shadows, for me, please?”

I couldn’t deny him, I was starting to believe he really did like my body, that certainly gave my ego a boost, my handsome nephew…no, my handsome young lover.

“Ok Johnny but you can’t share them.”

“I wouldn’t, they’d be just for me.”

“I’ll do it; just for you.”

“Like I said earlier, Annie, you’re the best.”

He kneaded and caressed my bottom then traced a finger along my crack and touched me there. It gave me a shiver.

“Come here and snuggle with me, we need to get some sleep, we’re going to have a big day tomorrow.”

I wondered what was on his agenda and said, “The only thing I have to do is the grocery shopping, what do you have in mind?”

“I’ll go to the market with you, help carry things but let’s put that off ‘til afternoon. Morning and evening I want you, your time and your body. I want to make it your day, things I think you’ll enjoy. Now snuggle with me.”

I nuzzled against him, he held me and we dozed off.

Johnny obviously was an early riser, he was gone from the bed when I awakened. I did the things I needed to do in the bathroom, showered then put on my panties and brassiere and covered up with a light wrapper before going downstairs.

The smell of brewing coffee led me to the kitchen. Johnny obviously had some culinary skills, bacon was sizzling, scrambled eggs were scrambling and toast was toasting. Orange juice was already poured.

I sat down at the table, Johnny set a plate of bacon and eggs in front of me then kissed my neck.

“Good morning beautiful,” he said as he lowered my wrapper and unfastened my bra.

“I want your breasts unfettered when we’re here alone,” he told her, “I want to be able to admire them.”

He took one in each hand and massaged them before giving my nipples a little twist. I felt the heat rise, reddening my chest as my nipples swelled, he kissed me then took his seat.

I felt a bit odd sitting topless, I was usually a modest woman but, then again, I was reveling under his smiling gaze.

“Perfect,” he said, “Absolutely perfect. Stay this way for me.”

After breakfast I cleaned up. I’d never done dishes attired quite like I was, he dipped his finger into the suds and put them on my nipples.

“Like luscious cherries topped with whipped cream,” he told me.

When I was done he walked me back upstairs.

I was still standing when he rolled my panties off. They were pooled at my feet, he gave me a swat on the bottom saying, “You didn’t call me, I asked you to call me.”

“You’re serious, you want me to call you when I need to use the bathroom?”

“Well, only when you pee, ok?”

I nodded my understanding as he lowered me to the mattress.

“Do you like oral sex?”

“I’ve never done it or had it,” I told him.

“Well, I’ve never met a lady who didn’t like it, maybe we can find out.”

He lay beside me then kissed me, wet, wild and wonderful with tongues and teeth clashing, he bit my lip, I tasted my blood, I bit back. He went to my ear, nibbled for a few moments then trailed kisses down my neck to my breasts. He nipped me then circled my areolas with the tip of his tongue. He was hurting me, my lip, my nipples and it made my tummy quiver, God I thought, I can’t be liking this, it’s perverse, but I did, I did like it.

My trembling belly got his attention, he kissed and licked, teasing my little innie bellybutton with the tip of his tongue then down. My mons veneris, my mound was sparsely covered with the same strawberry blonde hair as was on my head. He smelled me then slid down and split me with his fingers.

My vulva was wet, I was lubricating, it was dark pink, my vagina weeping in anticipation. He snaked his tongue along my slit, dipped into my vagina then continued down over my perineum. The next sensation startled me, he had the tip of his tongue in my anus, I couldn’t imagine anyone doing that, I started to try to squirm away but he held me fast licking me there. And then it felt wonderful. He started back up, tugging at each of my labium with his lips until he reached my clitoris.

When he sucked my ruby stem into his mouth and batted its pearly tip with his tongue I thought I would swoon (Do women still swoon? I know I nearly did), it was the most pleasurable feeling I’d ever had until he sucked then my body did things I thought impossible.

I was bucking my hips, slamming into his face, my stomach muscles were rippling, my internal organs contracted then released then contracted, each time I was ejecting my nectar and Johnny was swallowing me, licking me, taking my offerings. I screamed, no words just incoherent sounds then begging, pleading for more, for him to stop, no, don’t stop, please don’t stop, then I couldn’t take anymore, I couldn’t imagine that pleasure could be so intense that it hurt, I learned.

He kissed my tummy then came up and kissed me; I tasted myself on his lips, I didn’t mind, not at all, it really was erotic.

“Annie liked?”

I could hardly speak, I stammered out, “Yes, Annie liked, Annie liked a bunch.”

A complete non sequitur, he said, “You truly are mirror image twins aren’t you?”

His enigmatic smile was disconcerting, why would he say that now? Then I recalled, before he took me with his mouth he’d licked my left inner thigh. I had a mole there, not large but, still there. I was left handed, my internal organs were angled to the left, my sister was right handed, her organs in the normal places, my mole on my left thigh, way up on my left thigh, barely visible in the fold between thigh and torso, Frances, known to all as Frannie, my mirror image twin had the same mole only hers was on her right thigh; I wondered, he should have only been there once and that was 27 years ago at birth, how did he know? I thought to query but I was afraid of the answer.

As we rested, as I settled down I had to ask, “Johnny how could you lick me “there”, you know, “there”, it’s dirty isn’t it?”

“Is it, did you like it, did it feel good?” He asked.

Shamefully I muttered, “It felt nice Johnny, yes, I liked the feel but…”

“Would you feel better if you knew you were clean, I mean clean down there?”

Johnny was working her and he already knew how she’d answer, she’d liked the feeling too much, she was excessively anal sensitive, he knew he could make her cum just from contact there, he waited, he’d found her equipment under the sink in the bathroom, he waited.

I knew, I wasn’t sure how he knew but I knew, I asked, “How could we do that Johnny, how?”

“Come on Lover, don’t play with me,” he told me, “Get the things under the sink then we’ll take a bath together, right?”

I used an old style bulb enema, big red bulb, fat black nozzle, that’s what the Vaseline in my medicine cabinet was for, I didn’t have any sex toys, no vibrators, no dildoes just my enema. It was relaxing, it was sensual, I saved it for Saturday night, afterwards I’d put an old romance movie on the DVD and, with my calico tabby beside me we’d watch a movie, tonight it was going to be different; I walked to the bathroom, filled the bucket with warm water and came back.

Johnny set the bucket beside the bed and took the syringe. I’d only had enemas that I’d given myself, I mean it’s such a personal thing, you like them or you don’t or you’ve never had them; what? I didn’t know what to do; Johnny did, it seemed he’d done these things before; again I wondered.

“You’ve done this before?” I asked as he eased me down over his waiting lap.

“I have,” he answered as he parted my cheeks. I felt his fingers, coated with the Vaseline rub me then penetrate me; it felt nice, better than when I did it for myself.

“Ready Annie?” He asked.

“Yes Johnny, I’m ready.”

No question, I’d never felt that I’d surrendered so utterly to a man as I felt when the nozzle of the enema penetrated me. Across his lap, my chubby cheeks spread and that big black tube buried into my bowels, then the warm flow, the wonderful warm flow; I mewled like a satisfied kitten. I felt like a satisfied kitten. The tube came out and then back, a second then third and again a forth and fifth before I accepted the sixth and final insertion. My tummy was cramping, my abdomen was bulging, hanging down between his knees as though I was pregnant; I wanted to go, for a few minutes he held me in place.

“Let it work Annie,” he cajoled me, “You want to be clean, don’t you?”

I moaned, “Please Johnny, take me to the bathroom.”

He did, he helped me to my feet, I was bent, painfully cramping as he took my arm, walked with me and sat me down. On his way out he turned on the water, filling the tub.

I expelled, God it seemed forever, as I flushed I called out, “Johnny, I’m done.”

He rejoined me, he was naked, he helped me to the tub and climbed in behind me; the water was hot and he’d added a little of my scented bath beads, fragrant, he took up my loofah sponge, soaped it and began washing my shoulders.

“I’m melting Johnny, God, do anything with me, I don’t care, anything you want, I don’t care.” That was all I could say, all I could think.

“Annie, this is your day, remember? I just want to make you feel good. Would you like a massage when we finish here?”

I’d never had a massage and it sounded exotic, of course I did, I said so. He asked if I had any body lotion; I did, again in the medicine cabinet, lilac scented, I liked it although I rarely indulged myself…this afternoon I would.

“Yes, in the medicine cabinet,” I replied.

I’d never been treated so much like a Goddess, Johnny helped me from the tub then dried me, three towels, fluffy towels with accompanying kisses, he worshiped my body, no, he worshiped me. He took me to the bed and laid me down on my tummy saying, “Let me get the lotion.”

When he came back he had the lotion and took up the jar of Vaseline from the nightstand, I was concerned; why the Vaseline, how was he going to use it? I suppose my face conveyed my concern. He smiled at me, “Maybe you’ll like this,” he told me as he took a finger full and greased my anus; my fright heightened before he squeezed a handful of the lotion out, warmed it between his hands and began to massage my shoulders.

I was tense, maybe even frightened but his hands felt so nice; he parted my cheeks, I expected the worst, I nearly froze but he simply rested his cock along my crack, stroking against me, letting me feel a little pressure against my tight ring as he rocked back and forth with my massage.

Breathlessly I asked, “Johnny, are you going to?”

He knew what I meant, “No, not tonight Annie, I told you this is your day, mine will come.”

I relaxed, his hands were exquisite, my shoulders, my back, my sides and his rhythmic riding of my bottom, my breath was coming in gasps when he took my right hand and guided it under me.

“Feel yourself Annie, touch yourself, your cunt, help me, I want you to cum, this way, I want you to cum.”

My fingers sought myself out, my clit, two fingers, one on each side, riding my fingers in time with Johnny riding my bottom, my breath catching in my throat, I felt him jerk and his hot juices, not in me but against me, I pressed harder, I caught up, my flow was fantastic, as my anus clenched, I was sure he’d slide into me but he didn’t…I believed him, this was my day; I loved him; no, he owned me, whatever he wanted I was prepared to give.

I was still laying on my right hand, my fingers were dripping when he turned me over, kissed me then took my hand to his mouth. He cleaned my fingers with a smile, “Good wasn’t it?” He asked.

“Johnny, first you scared me, I thought you were going to sodomize me but it was fantastic.”

He just gave me an ironic smile, “In time,” was all he said.

“How about some lunch then let’s get the shopping out of the way?” I asked.

“Sounds like a plan, who’s cooking tonight?”

I teased, “Hey, you’re the chef, I mean you scramble some mean eggs.”

“What sounds good, I’d like something light, maybe some linguini in a white clam sauce if you know a good seafood market, I like to use fresh clams.”

Decided, he checked my pantry for what he’d need…God I must be pathetic, just for tonight he needed half a dozen ingredients but finally we set off to the store.

When we got home he carried two bags of groceries into the house, I only had one. I ran to the kitchen table and set it down, I was dancing, the potty dance, I was unbuttoning my shorts as I got to the bathroom. I sat down, whew, relief. When I finished Johnny was in the kitchen putting things away and getting ready to prepare out meal.

When I walked up to him and gave him a hug he delivered a firm swat to my bottom.

“Forgot, didn’t you?”

I had to think for a moment then it struck me, yes, I had forgotten, I’d forgotten to invite him in.

“I’m sorry Johnny, I won’t forget again. Forgive me?”

“You’re forgiven, after all it’s your day but don’t let it happen again, ok Annie.”

I thought it was a good time to make my exit. I said, “Let me get changed then I’ll make the salad while you fix the clams.”

I went to my room, took off my shorts, top and bra and put on a robe, just dressing or undressing for him gave me a little tingle in my tummy. I went back downstairs.

I was at the counter slicing a tomato for the salad. He made it all worthwhile, he came up behind me, hugged me and nibbled on the nape of my neck then opened my robe and caressed my breasts.

“Fabulous Annie, spectacular, the world’s greatest tits.”

I reveled in the compliment but did tease back, “Oh Johnny, I know where there’s another set just like these.” My twin, of course.

He answered, “Nope, not the same, your left is a little bigger than your right; her right’s a bit bigger than her left.”

My dear sister had told me several years ago that she’d taken a young lover, one with a nearly insatiable sexual appetite, now Johnny’s mentioned that my mole is on my left thigh while Frannie’s is on the right plus our breast size. The difference between the two is so slight that you nearly had to heft them to notice. I wondered?

After dinner and clean-up we took the remnants of our bottle of Soave to the bedroom. At first we just lay together and talked. Plans for tomorrow, he had to report in at his new job but just for the paperwork, when he’d been hired he and a friend had a camping trip planned for what was now the next two weeks, he’d arranged to actually start work two weeks hence. Now, the friend had suffered a broken ankle, the camping trip was off and Johnny still had the next two weeks free to play with Moi; I was almost drooling.

I didn’t work, my late husband had provided well for me, well, I did work; I volunteered at a charity thrift shop that supported the homeless, I had a four hour shift the following day.

Johnny was nude beside me, I admired his body then crawled up and kissed him, saying, “God, you’re a beautiful man, Johnny.”

He pulled me further up so I was laying atop him; he caressed my shoulders, my sides and down my back to my bottom. He kneaded me and massaged me, I began to rotate my hips grinding my groin against his. As my arousal rose I felt him stiffen under me.

“Bring your feet up Annie, squat over me, I want you on top.”

I’d never had sex where I was in the dominant position, I followed his instructions, one of his hands helped to balance me, the other parted my labia, the head of his penis rested at the throat of my vagina, he said,

“Now ease down on me Annie, let me fill your succulent love canal.”

I slowly descended until I was sitting on him.

“It’s your show now Lover, ride me however you want; back and forth, up and down, play cowgirl. In fact, that’s what this position is called, cowgirl.”

I started first slowly moving up and back down then I picked up my speed and combined this motion with a rocking back and forth. Johnny slid a hand under me, he gave me two fingers, one on each side of my clit…God what a nice sensation. As I picked up my pace my breasts began to bounce. Johnny admired them and smiled,

“Having fun?” He asked.

I was having a ball and told him so.

“Good, that’s what I want for you Annie, I want our sex to be fun, pleasurable sure, but fun, too.”

I must have ridden him for twenty minutes or more when I shuddered with an orgasm and fell forward onto his chest.

“Johnny that was wonderful but you didn’t cum,” I pouted.

“Not to worry, I will in a few minutes.”

I rested for a while, he was still in me as I lay on his chest, kissing and nuzzling him. He whispered,

“Annie, get me hard again, take me in your mouth and suck me.”

When I dismounted his penis glistened wetly with my juices, I just looked, it would almost be like licking myself, I hesitated.

His hand was on the back of my head, he applied gently downward pressure saying, “Go ahead Annie, for me.”

I’d slightly tasted myself on his lips earlier but this was different, I’d climaxed and he was awash with me; I took him into my mouth.

“Oooooh, yes, that’s right Annie, lips and tongue, lips and tongue.”

My tongue was serpentine, the way it encircled his shaft. I cleaned him, the remnants of me, a stray thought struck me, I wondered if Frannie tasted the same as me. I’d never know but I’d bet Johnny could tell me.

I was working up and down his mighty rod, he told me to get some of the Vaseline.

“Put your finger in me Annie, toward the front you’ll feel a bump; massage it while you suck me.”

I found the spot, I pressed and rubbed while at the same time my mouth pumped up and down on his shaft. I could get less than half into my mouth without gagging when he said,

“I’m gonna cum Annie, swallow me, take me into your belly.”

He groaned as he began to spurt, pulse followed by pulse of salty, viscous fluid, hot on my tongue. I swallowed, the quantity nearly overwhelmed me, I stayed on him until he began to soften; I looked up. Our eyes locked and he chuckled.

“What’s so funny, wasn’t that good?”

“Annie, it was superb and, to answer what’s funny, well,” He wiped the sides of my mouth, “You’re dripping.”

I licked my lips, “You’re salty.”

“And you’re citrus, a little acidic.”

“I thought so, too,” I replied.

We lounged for a while, talking, trading kisses, exploring each other’s body when he asked, “Is there anything you’d like to try?”

I thought, with my limited sexual experience nothing came to mind except that I’d liked it when Heinrich took me from behind. That’s what I told Johnny I wanted.

He lifted me to my knees then nudged my thighs apart.

“Beautiful Annie, simply beautiful, the nicest I’ve ever seen.”

He was admiring my posterior, he kissed each cheek then dipped his tongue into my vulva before licking upward, laving my perineum then rimming me (I’d learned the term from him), inserting the tip of his tongue into me.

“Spectacular, absolutely lovely.”

I’d been afraid to ask, I guess afraid what the answer might be, I wasn’t afraid anymore, I said,

“You’ve seen another, one just like it, haven’t you Johnny?”

He chuckled, “Nosey little thing aren’t you?”

“Have you Johnny, tell me.”

“No, not exactly like yours.”

“Don’t fib to me Johnny, I’ll know.”

“You’ve got it figured don’t you Annie, but no, not exactly the same, her little strawberry birthmark is on her left cheek, yours is on the right.”

Indignantly I replied, “I don’t have a birthmark.”

“Of course you do, right here.”

His finger pressed against me at a point I couldn’t see.

“I don’t see anything,” I said.

“Of course you don’t you’d need a mirror, want me to get one?”

Intrigued I said, “Please.”

From my dresser he took up my hand mirror and held it behind me.

“Can you see, right here,” he asked as he again touched me.

There, smaller than a dime was a star shaped strawberry birthmark, he kissed it.

“I didn’t know,” was all I could say.

He moved up behind me, parted my labia and entered me.

The angle was different, the penetration a little deeper, I felt a twinge of pain, a stretching, a little moan then satisfaction, God it felt good, I think I even liked a little pain, it made the pleasure more intense.

Even as he stroked into me Johnny’s hands were on my butt, he parted my cheeks, I felt pressure against my anus, pressure in synchronization with his thrusts; not penetrating me, still, I don’t know, erotic?

I liked it when he reached around me, his fingers finding my clitoris, deep in me, creating a little ache up inside as he pounded me. God he fucked me in a way I’d never been fucked before (I didn’t say that word but I certainly thought it), I bucked back, trying to force him deeper, further, my cunt (Again, only thought), my 51 year old cunt, filled, I began to tremble, contractions, nearly sucking his probing fingers in, clasping at his cock as I tightened then released, then again and again. He thrust against me, hard, then held me, our throaty cries of pleasure melded, he filled me with his exotic juice as mine poured from me; he rode me down to the mattress.

He was still on my back, his now softening cock still filling me and yet, I had to ask, “Which one of us Johnny, which one do you prefer?”

It was obvious, he took my question seriously as he answered, “Two sides of the same coin I suppose. I had her first, I was only twelve when it happened so she’s been my lover for fifteen years, you just two days although I’ve desired you since I first entered puberty. I knew you’d be spectacular and, of course you are. I wouldn’t want to be forced to choose Annie, I feel blessed to have you both.”

We curled up together, it was getting late and he had his appointment the next morning. I offered to drive him but he told me to sleep in, he’d take a cab, after all the company was paying.

He spooned with me, that’s how we fell asleep.

Johnny was up and gone by the time I got up. I smelled the coffee, he’d made a pot, I had a cup then a second as I sat and thought. I couldn’t remember ever being happier, a handsome man who really seemed to appreciate me. After breakfast I tidied up the house and changed the well used sheets on my bed. I could smell us, the scent of sex on the bedclothes.

My shift at the thrift store was from one ‘til five, I’d be home by 5:30, I got out two steaks to thaw, maybe I could talk Johnny into grilling them out of doors.

Johnny got back just a few minutes after two, he was driving a 2012 Chevrolet Volt hybrid, his new company car. He changed into a pair of gym shorts, got a beer and barefooted went out on the back patio to the pool to enjoy the warm Florida sun.

He must have dozed, it was after four when he awakened. He went into the kitchen to get another beer. Noticing the steaks that Annie had thawed, he got out two Idaho baking potatoes and the ingredients for a shrimp-avocado salad. The avocados were in a fruit bowl on the counter.

He steamed about half a pound of the shrimp, peeled and diced two avocados along with two tomatoes and a small onion. When the shrimp were done he peeled them then mixed everything together and dressed it with lime juice and a pinch of kosher salt. He covered it and refrigerated it so it would be chilled by meal time.

I got home right around 5:30, Johnny was in the kitchen seasoning the steaks. He gave me a big welcoming kiss then pointed toward a pitcher, “Want a Martini?” He asked.

I told him that sounded delicious. Bombay Sapphire martinis in chilled glasses. He put the potatoes in to bake then we traipsed out to the patio to sip our drinks.

“I see you got your car, what is it?” I asked.

“A Chevy Volt, suppose to get fantastic gas mileage, I hope so, the company covers the gas when I’m on business but personal usage is on me.”

“Nice,” I said.

“Cute outfit,” he said, commenting on my attire. It was our uniform for the thrift shop, pink shorts and a red pull-over T-shirt emblazoned with “Help Feed the Homeless.”

“Thanks, real classy isn’t it.”

“Annie can you get away for a few days, I want to rent a cabin up in the Georgia mountains, maybe fish and swim in a lake, take some photographs, that kinda stuff, maybe three days toward the end of the week, we could leave Thursday morning and come back Sunday, fly to Atlanta and rent a car there.”

“Wouldn’t that be a bit expensive?”

“I didn’t mention it but I got a $50,000 recruitment bonus, they gave me the check today, it would be my treat.”

I thought, yes, I could arrange for someone to fill in for me at the thrift shop, it sounded like fun.

“Care for another martini,” he asked as he got up.

I got up, too saying, “Please, I’ll be just a few minutes, don’t go anywhere.”

I walked to the downstairs bathroom, closed the door, dropped my shorts and panties and sat; never thinking I’d be dropping them again in a very short while.

Johnny was just coming down the staircase when I came out, I wondered what had taken him up there, I thought he was pouring our drinks.

“I’m ready for another martini,” I said.

“I think we need to go upstairs first,” he said, the playfulness was missing from his voice.

I climbed first, I could almost feel his eyes on my bottom, I had an ominous feeling.

In my room he stopped me by holding my shoulders from behind then he lifted my T-shirt over my head and unfastened my brassiere, freeing my breasts. He walked to the bed and sat down saying,

“Come here Annie?”

I walked over and stood in front of him, my feelings had gone from ominous to fearful when I saw my hairbrush beside him.

As he reached forward unbuttoning and unzipping my shorts and letting them fall to the floor I asked in a little girl voice,

“What is it Johnny?”

“A memory lesson,” he answered.

It felt like there was an iceberg in the pit of my stomach. Downstairs, the potty.

“I’m sorry Johnny, I forgot, I was just so wrapped up in what we were talking about.”

“I know but you’ve forgotten several times,” he said as he took my hand and guided me down over his lap.

“You’re going to get twenty-one strokes. Ten on your panties, ten on your bare bottom and one with the hairbrush so you’ll know how it feels. It’s what I’ll use if there’s a next time.”

His spanking was slow and rhythmic, alternating cheek to cheek. At ten he stopped and rubbed my bottom then he lowered my panties to my knees.

Again I said, “I’m sorry Johnny, please don’t do this, you’re making me feel like a bad little girl.”

“Maybe that’s how you should feel Annie, I expect you to obey my requests…you didn’t.”

He began to spank. The sound was different, the crack of flesh on flesh and it stung more. At five strokes my eyes teared, by eight I was sobbing at ten I just lay there and cried, cried from the pain and, even more from the humiliation then lightning struck my ass, the hairbrush had fallen.

He helped me up then laid me on the bed, pulling a pillow over for me to cry on. He turned my head toward the wall then said, “Don’t move.”

I didn’t, my panties were still down around my knees I couldn’t see what he was doing, I’d felt it when his weight got off the bed then I heard, the sound of his camera’s shutter, he had his first pictures of me.

He came over, sat on the bed and rubbed my back.

“Why don’t you just lay here for a few minutes and give things some thoughts, your drink will be waiting when you come downstairs.”

I did, I lay there and thought. Is this worth it? Yes, it is. Had Frannie felt that nasty hairbrush? I imagined so, I’d ask, not him, I’d ask her, she was going to tell me. Then I thought, either I had company in the lavatory or I had a sore bottom and tearful eyes; guess I’d have company. Then I thought, I want him in me. I tossed my panties on the floor and carried my robe downstairs, I was naked.

Johnny was out on the patio. My yard has a tall hedge surrounding it, no one can see in, I walked out, tossed my robe on the table then bent over it.

“Take me Johnny, fuck me.”

He dropped his shorts, moved up behind me and entered me.

This was the most wanton thing I’d ever done, maybe the most wanton thing I’d ever do but his cool body against my smoldering bottom, his cock cleaving me, I wanted to feel submissive, I wanted to surrender to him. With my breasts crushed against the glass tabletop, with him rutting me like an animal, I was exactly where I wanted to be.

A churning deep in my belly then an eruption, I wailed as I came. The contractions of my vagina squeezed him, he must have liked the feel, he gripped my hips and pounded me chanting,

“Do that again, do that again, squeeze me, God, do it again.”

I tried and found I actually could, I could consciously tighten the muscles of my vagina. Maybe Johnny put it most succinctly when he moaned,

“Oh yeah Annie, jack me off with your cunt, your sweet hot cunt, damn, do it again.”

He gave me the biggest load ever when he climaxed, I thought he’d fill me to overflowing as pulse after pulse of his scalding semen was pumped into me.

Johnny sat back down, I stepped away from the table and faced him, my hair was disheveled, my eyes still tear stained, his cum was leaking down the insides of my thighs and I was totally naked.

“I won’t forget again Johnny, I won’t.”

He got up and hugged me, “You’re a princess Annie, absolutely precious. Now I want you to do something for me.”

He turned me around so I was facing the table then had me use my arms to support myself, he finger combed my hair and brought it forward so that my face was obscured. I hadn’t noticed but his camera was on another of the chairs, he picked it up and stepped back.

“Thrust your chest out Annie.”

I did, displaying my breasts in profile, I heard the shutter several times then he moved behind me.

“Arch your back, raise your hips, show me your bottom.”

Again the shutter.

“Now I want you to spread your legs, give me a peek at your feminine treasures.”

Click, click, click.

He put the camera on the chair then walked into the kitchen; he returned with two Bombay Sapphire martini’s, sat down and pulled me onto his lap. There we sat, totally nude, both of us, sipping expensive gin.

I commented, “You spank hard.”

“Well, don’t give me a reason to spank.”

“I won’t Johnny, I darned sure won’t.”

I had to ask, I wanted to know.

“Johnny have you ever had to spank Frannie?”

“Annie she graduated to the hairbrush years ago. She either likes it or she’s a slow learner.”

We snuggled for a while and finished our drinks. He asked if I was ready for dinner yet; I was.

“If you’ll check the potatoes and steam some asparagus I’ll light the grill and get the steaks going.”

I did, he did.

When the steaks were done he brought them to the table, mine looked to be a perfect medium rare, his looked like a freshly killed cow.

“Does that thing still moo?” I asked.

“Moo,” he laughed at me.

A tasty and interesting avocado-shrimp salad, perfect rib steaks, succulent baked potatoes with sour cream, butter and chives and, my favorite vegetable, still crisp thin asparagus spears that he’d dressed with just a little sesame oil; no dessert but I was fine with that, I didn’t have room for another single bite. I failed to mention the wonderful wine he’d served, it was a Stag’s Leap Cabernet Sauvignon, he must have picked it up, I certainly didn’t have such an expensive selection among what I had on hand.

“Johnny that dinner was superb, maybe you should have been a chef.”

“I’ve been told that before but, truth be told I have too much fun cooking for people I like to ever want to make it a job.”

“You like me Johnny?”

“I adore you, I always have. Hey, do you have any bubble bath, let’s take a bath then I want my dessert, “Annie on the Mattress,” heavenly.”

“Race ya,” I said as I leaped, well as fast as a chubby 51 year old can leap, off his lap and streaked for the stairs; the dishes could wait.

The water was already filling the tub when he got there, I added bubbles and, when the water level was high enough to accommodate we climbed in.

Again he was behind me, I asked,

“Hold my breasts, I want to feel your hands on me.”

He cupped one in each hand then massaged me, my own hands dipped below the surface, one on him, one on me.

He took up the loofah sponge and bathed me I’d never been treated quite like this and I reveled in the attention, I leaned back against him, my tummy molten, my pussy leaking, my body given to him.

We turned on the shower to rinse off the suds then dried each other. Once in bed he held me, kissed me then started down my body. He’d done it once before, I hadn’t know what awaited, this time I did, I was already quivering in anticipation when he got to my breasts.

When he got to my tummy he looked up.

“Annie, I’m going to put a finger in you this time.”

“Oh God Johnny, I’m so wet I think you could put a whole arm in me,” I said.

“Unh, that’s not exactly what I meant; can you hand me the Vaseline?”

I was a little scared, I mean, nothing had ever been in me there but, whenever he’d touched me in that secret place it had felt good, I offered him the jar.

His lips were on me, my arousal was acute when I felt his fingers between my cheeks.

“Now Annie,” he said as his finger penetrated me.

I gave out a little, “Ungh,” as his finger slid home. Not really pain, no, not that, no more that my big black enema nozzle but it wasn’t an appliance in me, it was a man. As he gave me his tongue he gently pumped my bottom.

I think I understood even then, he’d pressed me “there” when he was in me from behind now he was penetrating me. Johnny was prepping me for what was to come, acclimating me to my anus being implemented for sex, reading me for sodomization; when?

It did feel good but then how could it not, his tongue on me was the most fantastic thing I’d ever felt, then a second finger joined the first, I gasped, now he was stretching me.

But then he took control, I felt it building, it wasn’t a flow, it was a crashing wave, he pumped me, he licked me, he sucked me, he swallowed me, he owned me but he couldn’t control me, my hips thrust upward burying his face in me, I screamed, I could even hear myself as I wailed, God, this was better, impossible but this was better, I saw stars, no I walked among the stars. Finally he pinned me down, his mouth came away from me but his fingers, his probing fingers didn’t. As I regained control of my body it felt like I was getting an enema, two fingers still buried in me, still gently pumping me, why? Did he want me to cum from just that? I wouldn’t, I wanted to, yes, I wanted to but I wouldn’t.

“You are one hot babe Annie,” he said to me.

My voice was low, quiet, raspy as I asked, “Johnny what are you doing to me? “

I asked because I wanted, no, needed to know, I mean, nothing like this had ever happened to me before, I wasn’t sure but maybe, just maybe I’d be willing to kill for him and my mind was awhirl.

“Annie, I don’t want anything that you aren’t willing to give, what have I done, what have I asked for?”

I thought of the spanking but, no, maybe in some way I’d earned that; there was nothing else, nothing.

Finally he withdrew his fingers, I didn’t comment, I knew what awaited.

He took me into his arms, “Let’s get some sleep,” he said.

Again tonight he spooned with me though this time his penis rode along my anal split, I could feel him pressing against me, I backed up, I thought he’d enter me; not tonight, we slept.

Surprise, I was awake before Johnny and I needed to get up but, with the memory and still a little stinging from hand and hairbrush I shook his shoulder.

“Johnny, honey, Annie needs to potty.”

Johnny didn’t really want to get up but after what he’d put her through yesterday he felt he didn’t have much of a choice, he got up then took her hand and walked her to the bathroom.

I was in a little bit of a hurry, the pressure on my bladder was building, I sat.

“Hold it for a minute Annie,” Johnny said to me.

“Johnny, it hurts, I’ve got to go.”

“Just a moment,” he said. He put his hand under me and strummed my clit.

“Ok, you can let go now.”

I received a clitoral massage as my bladder drained. It might have been the most embarrassing, most humiliating thing that had ever happened to me. He folded a pad of toilet tissue and wiped me then flushed and, taking my hand pulled me to my feet and led me back to bed.

“Why did you do that Johnny,” I asked as he lowered me to the mattress.

“Annie, my beautiful Annie, I can’t think of anything more erotic than touching you first thing in the morning. I want you from behind, can you get up on your knees for me?”

Rolling over I rose on my knees, spread my legs and arched my back, presenting myself to him. I saw as he dipped his thumb into the Vaseline jar then he was behind me and thrust in.

Once he started to pump me he spread my cheeks; he pressed the pad of his thumb against my anus and rubbed then, I gave a little gasp as his thumb penetrated me. His thumb pumped my bottom in rhythm with his cock pumping my pussy.

“You’re getting me ready, aren’t you Johnny,” I said.

“You think?” He asked.

“I know Johnny, I know. When?”

“When you’re ready, accustomed to accepting penetration, I want it to be good for you when we finally do.”

Well I was certainly being penetrated now…both orifices were plugged then he curled his arm around my hips and let me have his fingers, aaaah, sweet.

Maybe he thought there was nothing more erotic than touching me first thing in the morning but I’d argue. Nothing beat having an orgasm while skewered on his fine cock, with a tremble and a quivering tummy I came.

Johnny withdrew both his penis and thumb then lowered me down on my belly, he straddled my hips, rested his cock in my crack and rode me. The head was pressed against my anus when he came, he rolled off.

Johnny patted and rubbed my bottom, “Damn I have one hot auntie,” he told me.

“I’m glad you like your old auntie,” I answered.

“You want to get a shower then I can make some breakfast?”

My stomach was rumbling, I got up saying, “That sounds great but first, I think your semen must make a fine laxative, Annie’s gotta go.”

Several minutes I called out, “Shower’s running, come on Johnny.”

Finished and dried, we went downstairs, I fixed the coffee while Johnny stirred up pancake batter.

I glanced at the calendar, there was a note on the upcoming Friday’s date, I looked closer, darn, in the euphoria I was feeling about Johnny I’d completely forgotten, my brother had to take a business trip, a week in Europe and I’d agreed to a visit from my fifteen year old niece Jennifer Winston. She was arriving Friday evening.

Larry, my brother had cautioned me, Jenny could be a handful and she wasn’t happy about coming to visit me. She wanted to go to Europe with her father. Larry told me that it was going to be all business, he didn’t think it would be any fun for Jenny, he’d even promised her that they could go back on a vacation as a present when she graduated. After her tantrum she was still pissed. Additionally, she’d started acting out, teenage rebelliousness so, if I thought she deserved it I had his permission to discipline her. Then he told me, “I spank.”

“Johnny, have you done anything about plans for the trip to Georgia?”

“No, I was going to take care of that today, why?”

“I’m afraid I have to cancel.”

Then I told him about Jenny.

“You know her, don’t you.”

“Of course I do Annie, after all, she’s my cousin…in fact she calls me Jon-Jon, I don’t know that’s from old ‘The Walton’s’ reruns or what.”

“We have to pick her up at the airport Friday evening.”

Johnny and I had fun for the balance of the week, sex at least twice a day, usually more. I played ridem cowgirl several times but I guess I really liked it when he took me from behind. It felt like sweet surrender, like he controlled me. Though, to tell the truth, I’ve gotta confess, I liked the touch of his tongue best.

We went together Friday to pick up Jenny. I don’t know, maybe I expected a kiss and a hug when we met her but all I got was a surly, “Hi Aunt Annie,” and a “Hey Jon-Jon.”

Johnny got her bag off the luggage carousel and we drove home. Jenny was quiet and when I tried to engage her in conversation her answers were snippy and sassy; I gave up trying and thought, God this next week was going to be tons of fun.

At home Jenny stayed in her room until Johnny called us to dinner, a tossed salad, spaghetti and meatballs, garlic bread accompanied by a bottle of Chianti.

The first civil words I heard from Jenny were, “May I have a glass of wine?”

Trying, I guess, trying to bring her out I permitted her a small one. After we’d eaten she was back up the stairs without even an offer to help with the clean up.

Johnny and I shared the last of the Chianti while we sat out by the pool.

“She’s a real pleasure, isn’t she?” Johnny said.

“Oh yeah, an absolute dream but, I remember growing up, the hormones start moaning and you can become a little bitch.”

“Well, so far she qualifies, now doesn’t she.”

“Johnny, we’ve only got her for a week, cut her a little slack unless she does something totally outrageous.”

“And if she does?”

“Larry said he spanks, I can’t imagine me spanking her, she’d probably kick my butt. If it comes to that, could you do it?”

Johnny could understand Annie’s comment about Jenny kicking her butt. She’d gotten the family genes like Johnny. At only fifteen Jenny was already 5’9” tall with an athletic build, long legs like a thoroughbred filly, unlike her aunts she had small, high breasts and a tight little bottom, a pretty face and, like her aunts, strawberry blonde hair.

“Well Annie, I’m her cousin not her father, I don’t know.”

“Please Johnny, don’t let her run rough shod over me, help me with this.”

“Alright Annie, if it comes to that, I suppose I can, I mean, you know I know how to spank, don’t you.”

It gave me a little chill, darned right I knew, “Yes, I know Johnny, God do I know.”

The weekend was tense, Jenny only spent time with us at the table, she did have a good appetite, but the rest of her time she spent in her room or at the pool. Even there she was standoffish, if we went out with her she got in the water and moved as far from us as she could, I regretted having helped Larry, this girl was simply a pain.

Monday I did have four hours scheduled at the thrift shop, one ‘til five as usual. There were two of us working and no customers, Michelena, a pretty dark girl from somewhere in Central America said,

“No need for both of us; you wanta take the afternoon off?”

I didn’t need any prompting, I was outa there. I stopped at the Fresh Market, picked up some veggies and headed home.

Johnny had patted my bottom then told me it was ok if I kept on my bra while Jenny was with us, he’d also told me he wouldn’t join me in the bathroom but I was still to tell him before I went, so, it was, “Johnny, I’ll be back in a couple of minutes.” So far, so good.

After I’d left for the thrift store to work my shift, Johnny was out on the patio and Jenny, per the norm, was in her room.

Johnny looked up at Jenny’s window, it was open and he noticed what looked like smoke drifting out, he walked over to check. On the ground below her window he found several fresh butts, no, not butts, roaches and not insects. He picked one up, yeah, it was marijuana, he went in and climbed the stairs.

Jenny’s door was slightly ajar, he entered without knocking. Jenny was sitting on the sill of the open window, furtively she tossed something out.

“Hi Jon-Jon, what do you want?”

He held his hand out saying, “Give.”

“What?” She replied.

“Jen, please don’t play games with me. I know what you’ve been doing, so give.”

There was an iciness in the pit of Jenny’s stomach, busted, she thought.

“Jon-Jon what do you think I’ve been doing?” Still trying to get out of it.

“Jen, it’s not what I think you’ve been doing, it’s what I know. I found the remnants of several joints outside your window and this room reeks with the sweet odor that I haven’t smelled since my college days, now, give the marijuana to me.”

Jenny went to the dresser and opened a drawer, secreted among her panties was a baggie, she took it out and handed it to him.

“What now Jon-Jon?”

“What would Uncle Larry do, what would your father do?”

She was scared, her voice reflected that as she answered, “He’d spank me.”

“Do you think that’s what I should do Jenny?”

She thought she saw a way out, she pirouetted and patted her bottom asking, “I think you could find something better to do with this cute little butt, Daddy does.”

Johnny was shocked, what was he telling him?

He said, “He has sex with you?”

“Not my pussy, I’m still a virgin there.”

“What are you telling me Jen, what am I hearing?”

“Daddy likes my ass, he broke me in when I was ten, he tells me I’m the best, don’t you want to find out?”

Johnny thought, damn, this was one dysfunctional family. None of the three siblings, Annie, Frannie nor Larry had a spouse. My father had been killed in an auto accident when I was young, Annie’s husband had died of a heart attack and Larry’s wife, Jenny’s mother became addicted to drugs and disappeared into that life when Jenny was only seven. Now, her father was corn holing her and I was screwing both my mother and my aunt, we were one totally fucked up bunch. Why not, she was right, she did have a cute little tush, my favorite and I hadn’t had any since I’d been staying with Annie, still, she wasn’t going to get out of the spanking.

“Jenny, you’ve been smoking marijuana, you’ve earned the spanking. Go to Annie’s room, there’s a hairbrush on her dresser and a jar of Vaseline on the night stand, get them and bring them to me.”

“Please Jon-Jon, I don’t want to get spanked.”

“Jenny, get the stuff and get back in here, let’s get it over with.”

She tried once again.

He growled, “Just get them, now.”

Jenny slunked out of the room, she was sniveling when she brought the things back, she placed them on the bed and stepped away.

“Do you want to get undressed or do you want me to do it?” He asked.

Her fingers were trembling as she fumbled with the button on her jeans.

He said, “Take off your shoes Jenny and come over here,” he was sitting on the bedside.

First he lifted her T-shirt over her head then unfastened her little bra, he liked big titties, hers were small but pert, cute. He unfastened her jeans and unzipped them.

“Take them off Jenny.”

She stood in front of him clad in only her panties, pale yellow hipsters, he rolled them over her slim hips and let them fall.

“What you do when you get home is between you and your father but, while you’re here I don’t want anymore of your pouting, your sass and, for sure, no more smoking. You’re going to get ten whacks, but if there is a repeat it will be twenty, understood?”

Jenny couldn’t speak, she felt like she was going to pee herself she was so scared, she simply nodded her understanding then he pulled her over his lap.

Jenny was sobbing when he’d completed her spanking. He began lubricating her.

It was earlier than usual when I got home, I put my purchases in the fridge then went upstairs to change from my “Help Feed the Homeless” T-shirt and my pink shorts, I was in bra and panties when I heard strange sounds, sounds I didn’t recognize, sounds I’d certainly never heard in my house. I followed the noise.

The guest room where Jenny was living, the door was slightly ajar, the sounds I was hearing, a groan then an ugh,

Ungh, then groan, then an a louder ugh, like someone was in pain, I went to the door, I couldn’t see much of the room but I did see a pair of jeans and a pair of panties tossed on the floor, then I noticed that I could actually see, the mirror on the dresser, I could see what was happening in it.

Mesmerized, I watched in the mirror, my niece Jenny was on the bed on her knees, her butt in the air, her head on a pillow and Johnny, my nephew, my lover behind her and it was obvious he wasn’t in her pussy.

The smell of the room was different, obviously the odor of sex but different. I realized it was Jenny’s bottom. She sounded like she was in pain, Johnny was pistoning into her, he’d pull nearly out then slam back, she groaned on his back stroke then the loud unh when he shoved into her.

I’d never seen a porno flick but what I was watching was pornographic, it wasn’t pretty, Jenny was still sobbing along with her other sounds.

I couldn’t watch any more, I went back to my room, put on shorts and a top then I just lay down on my bed. I couldn’t block my ears, I could still hear, then I got frightened. Johnny was grooming me, getting me ready for what I’d just seen, my bowels turned watery.

Shortly after the sounds stopped Johnny came into my room and greeted me with, “Hi beautiful.”

“Johnny, what’s going on?”

“I caught Jenny smoking marijuana; I dealt with it.”

“But…,” I started.

“Annie, I took care of it, leave it there, ok? I’m going to get a beer, want one?”

“I’ll be down in a few minutes, you go ahead.”

After he’d left I went to Jenny’s room, the smell I’d noticed was more pronounced; Jenny was still on the bed, naked, curled up in the fetal position. I sat beside her, stroked her hair and asked,

“What happened Jenny?”

At least she answered honestly, “Oh Aunt Annie, Jon-Jon caught me smoking some marijuana and he punished me for doing that.”

“Are you going to be ok Jenny,” I asked.

“I’ll be ok in a little while, go ahead downstairs, just give me a little while, please.”

I poured a glass of white wine then went out on the patio. I looked at Johnny, I saw him a bit differently, he’d always been a gently and affectionate lover with me but I’d seen a different side of him. I tried to ask again about what had gone on.

“Annie, like I told you, leave it alone, she made a mistake, she paid for it, now it’s history.”

The phone in the kitchen rang, I got up to answer.

When I came back out I said, “That was Frannie, I think she’s missing you, she wants to come for a visit. She’ll get here Sunday evening, she’ll call back when her travel plans are completed.”

I’ll say one thing, Jenny was so docile and polite for the rest of her stay, the transition was amazing. We took her to the airport Sunday morning, she thanked me for my hospitality, kissed me goodbye then waved as she walked down the concourse to her plane.

Frannie’s flight wasn’t scheduled to arrive until 9:00 so we drove home.

In the house he rubbed my bottom, “Let’s go upstairs Annie.”

He undressed me then stripped himself, “I want you from behind,” he said.

No complaints from me, I liked it that way, too.

God, it felt good as he slid into me but when he slipped a finger into me I tensed up, remembering what I’d seen with Jenny.

He stroked my side with his free hand, “Relax Annie, take it easy, ok beautiful.”

I tried but I couldn’t shake the feeling entirely, still, when his fingers found my clitoris it didn’t take long, I gushed as he pumped his seed into my hungering vagina then we lolled around in the bed, talking and teasing.

When we finally got up I fixed sandwiches for our lunch along with some cole slaw and chips, we ate out at poolside.

We planned to leave for the airport at 7:00 but at six thirty the phone rang, it was a flustered Frannie, her flight was delayed, she said, “I think a wing fell off or something,” but she anticipated she’d arrive at 11:00. We should phone the airline to confirm that her flight had gotten off.

We picked her up at 11:30 so it was nearing 1:00 by the time we got back. She was beat from the travel and Johnny had to report to work the next morning so, we went straight to bed.

Johnny was up and gone by the time I arose, in panties, slippers and robe I went downstairs and poured a cup of coffee. Several minutes later Frannie joined me.

I looked at her, she looked at me and we both laughed.

Like me she was braless in panties, slippers and robe.

She got a cup and sat down.

“I see Johnny’s started training you,” she chuckled, “Did you know about us?”

“He didn’t tell me, I figured it out, so, yes, I knew.”

“So how did you figure it out Annie?”

“Mostly things he said. He mentioned that you have a mole on the inside of your right thigh, mine’s on the left but it isn’t where someone could see it without being a lover or your gynecologist, but, I guess it was the birthmark that sealed it.”

Frannie said, “But I don’t have a birthmark Annie.”

“Yeah, I’ll bet you do, I didn’t know I had one either ‘til Johnny pointed it out to me.”

“Well I don’t have one, I mean, I think I would have noticed.”

“Want to see it Frannie, it takes a mirror.”

“Yeah, I do, I still don’t think I have one.”

“Come on, let’s go upstairs, I’ll show you.”

I got the mirror.

“Take off your panties Frannie then get on the bed on your knees, I’ll show you.”

Her legs were clamped together, I nudged her thighs apart and put my finger on the little star shape, “Right here.”

“Show me,” she said.

I positioned the mirror.

“Well I’ll be darned, I do have one.”

“Told you. Frannie, you smell like me, too, we must have the same chemical make-up.”

“What do you mean, I smell like you?”

“Your woman smell, your genitals. It’s not a strong or bad smell, don’t misunderstand.”

“Well, let me check, come up here.”

I dropped my panties then sat where she could sniff.

As her head moved toward my crotch, in a quivering voice she asked, “Annie have you ever tasted yourself.”

My voice was just as quivery, “Yes, have you?”

“Probably the same way you did, on Johnny’s cock.”

“Me, too,” I replied.

Her hands were on my thighs, she spread me a little more, “Can I touch you, I want to taste you Annie.”

I couldn’t answer, I just nodded yes.

Her fingers split my labia, her fingers swabbed along my vulva. I was getting aroused, I started lubricating. She looked into my eyes and held my gaze then she brought her fingers to her lips and sucked them, I couldn’t look away.

Finally I was able to respond. I said, “My turn,” as I helped her to lie down beside me on her back.

I crawled over her, between her legs. When I opened her, I breathed in her scent, it was the fragrance of an aroused woman, her vagina was leaking.

“You’re beautiful Frannie,” I breathed.

She was raspy when she said, “Of course I am I look just like you.”

I forced her legs further apart and leaned toward her.

“Can I, Frannie?”

“Annie, I’ve never been with a woman.”

“Neither have I Frannie, but please.”

Like she’d done with me, I locked eyes with her, “Please Frannie.”

She reached up, I was close to her, she stroked my hair, “Yes Annie, please taste me.”

My head dipped down. I tried to do the things Johnny had done to me, I licked, sucked and teased, I even gave her my tongue in her bottom, when she came she came like I do, the same quivering tremble, the same sounds.

We were side by side afterward then she sat up and pulled me up beside her.

“That was nice, God, that was nice Annie,” she said as she took my robe off and shucked hers.

She laid me back down and took me; everything I’d done with her she did with me, I was a screaming mess by the time her mouth came off me.

As we laid side by side she said, “I found a difference.”


“Yours is tighter than mine but I’ve had some rigorous potty training, I don’t think you have.”

“What do you mean Frannie, mine’s tighter?”

“Your rosebud Baby Sister.”

Baby Sister, yeah, I was…by one and a half minutes.

“My rosebud?”

“Your anus Annie, are you still virgin there?”


“I’m not, not by a long shot, Johnny took me that way the first time when he was fifteen and does me at least twice a week. It can loosen you up a little.”

“I think he wants me that way and it scares me.”

I told her what I’d seen with Jenny.

“Does he do it like that with you?” I asked.

“Not usually, what had Jenny done?”

I told her about her marijuana episode.

“That’s what I thought, he’s done it a couple of times when I really got out of line. Once I had too many drinks with the girls and ended up parked in the front lawn and another time when I lied to him. He calls it a punishment fuck, it always follows a blistering spanking and when he’s done with you, you feel like a gutted trout.”

“The spanking’s bad enough, I’ve already had one.”

“Yeah, I get more than my share, I even had to bring his chosen hairbrush for him in case he needs it while I’m here. What did you do, forget to invite him along?”

“Un hunh, exactly. Why does he do that, it’s so embarrassing?”

“I can only speculate but I think it’s a control issue, he likes us to be submissive; don’t worry, it only lasts a little while then he’ll just tell you to go ahead, but don’t forget to ask, he’ll still spank for that.”

“Why do you put up with it Frannie, why do we both put up with it?”

“Annie, Johnny is usually so gentle, so attentive to my needs, he’s a wonderful guy on top of being a spectacular lover, so I endure a little pain to be treated like a princess the rest of the time.”

“It was a stupid question, wasn’t it, I mean, I’ve never been nearly so happy, so sexually satisfied as I’ve been the last two weeks but I’m still frightened about anal sex.”

“Annie, he’ll be gentle with you, don’t worry plus I can coach you, what to expect, how to prepare.”

“Thanks Frannie, I’ll need it.”

She rolled over so she was partially atop me, “I want to suck your breasts Annie, can I?”

I thrust my chest out, inviting her.

We spent the morning rolling around on the mattress, exploring the images we saw when we looked in the mirror.

I asked, “How are you going to deal with him being here when you’re in Columbus?”

“Annie, I’m going to hate it, how do you think I’m going to feel but what can I do about it, this is where he has a great job?”

I’d had a thought, I believed it would work beautifully, I said, “Frannie, you could sell your house, I could sell this one and we could pool the proceeds, buy a nice big house and all of us could live together if I could get you to share Johnny with me.”

And so, the planning, plotting and scheming began.

Before we got up Frannie said, “Annie I think this morning should stay our little secret, if Johnny found out he might feel we’d earned a spanking.”

I agreed, good idea.

That night Frannie and I did the cooking then sent Johnny to the patio while we cleaned up.

“I think you had a good idea Annie, it looks like we could work together, don’t you think?”

“Yeah Frannie, I do and just to show you my good faith Johnny’s all yours tonight, after all it’s been several weeks.”

Later, after we’d all gone to bed I heard a sound in the hallway, I looked to see what it was, there was Frannie, bent and clutching her abdomen. I also heard her expel.

Over coffee the next morning I asked.

“He gave me an enema.”

“Why, were you sick?”

“No Annie, he wanted my bowel cleaned, after he gave me his tongue I gave him my bottom, that’s his favorite.”

“God Frannie, did it hurt?”

“Not anymore, I love it, I’m really anal erotic.”

“Not anymore?”

“When we first started it use to hurt but not anymore unless it’s for punishment, otherwise I really look forward to it.”

“Will it hurt when he does it to me?”

“Probably the first few times, yes, but like I said, I’ll be your coach.”

He alternated with us during the rest of the week, he’d figured out that we both knew about the other; that was easy to see, when he got home Monday night we were dressed like twins, same slippers, same robes, same white cotton panties and same blue veined breasts unfettered by a brassiere.

Thursday night, Frannie’s turn, he told me,

“Tomorrow I’d like you to dine light, maybe just coffee and juice for breakfast, a small salad for lunch and, let’s have something mild for dinner, just some fish or something like that, ok Annie?”

“Sure Johnny, if that’s what you want,” I replied.

As usual he was gone before Frannie and I climbed out of bed, the coffee was poured when she came down.

I was at the stove, she came up behind me and patted my bottom saying, “Tonight’s the night.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“I mean my little anal virgin won’t be by tomorrow morning.”

“Why would you think that?” I asked.

“The way he told you what to eat, he wants your bowels to be empty, Baby.”

“Hunh,” my dumb expression.

She patted me again, “Don’t worry, we’ll get you ready.”

“Frannie, what’s going to happen?” I asked, I wasn’t looking forward to tonight if she was right.

“I’d guess that you’re going to get the best oral sex of your life; he’ll want you absolutely aroused and so sopping wet in anticipation you’ll be salivating at the thought of his cock then, he’ll probably take you over his lap, let you feel his cock against your belly, he’ll rub your back and talk to you, sweet words, soft touches with one hand while the other lubricates you, getting you ready. When he helps you up onto your knees, pulls a pillow over for your head and pushes your head down he’ll massage your bottom, rub your sides and back then you’ll feel the head of his cock against you. He’ll tell you to push down like you’re trying to move your bowels; when you do that he’ll push into you.”

“Will that hurt Frannie?”

“Yes, I won’t lie to you, yes, it’ll hurt when he pops in, it did with me and he was smaller, after all he was only fifteen, he’s grown. You’ll moan, you’ll groan and it may even tear your eyes, then when he pushes into you you’ll feel the most incredible fullness you’ve ever experienced. This first time you’ll swear you’re about to have an accident, a messy accident; if you’re like I was you’ll beg him to let you up so you can go to the toilet. He won’t let you up though, you won’t really need the bathroom, it’s his cock that will be filling your rectum.”

“Frannie, you haven’t consoled me, I’m still terrorized, what can I do?”

“First we’ll get your body ready, I’ll help you with that, then, after lunch we’ll take a nap.”

“Why the nap?”

“I doubt if you’ll get much sleep tonight Annie, he’ll want to break you in so he’ll probably fuck you four or five times and every time will be in your bottom, do you have plenty of lube?”

“I’ve got a jar of Vaseline.”

“Not good, it’s messy, I have a bottle of Astroglide Strawberry, it smells nice and it is really slick, I’ll give it to you for tonight, give it to him when he gets ready to lubricate you.”

“What else Frannie?”

“Let’s go upstairs and get started; do you have enema equipment of your own?”

“Yes, why?”

“I’m going to give you your enema, yeah, we’ll eat light but I’ll be sure you’re really clean, come on,” she said as she took my hand and led me upstairs.

“Give me your equipment.”

I got my little water bucket and enema syringe from under the bathroom sink and handed them to Frannie.”

“Annie, go in the bedroom, take off your robe and panties and wait for me, I’ll be there in a couple of minutes.”

God, I’d done a lot of trembling recently, I was trembling when Frannie carried the water and syringe in, she also had the Astroglide.

I won’t share all the dirty details except to say that it was really weird laying across my sister’s lap being pumped full of warm water.

My tummy was distended when she took my arm and helped me to the commode.

“How do you feel Annie?”

“Right now, drained.”

“Yeah well, why not get dressed, we need to do just a little shopping then we can get lunch somewhere.”

At Victoria’s Secret she picked out the sexiest pair of panties I’ve ever seen, pale blue with bows and lace in all the appropriate places along with strawberry scented bubble bath.

“We want to wrap his gift beautifully,” she said as we walked back to the car.

At lunch I had an avocado salad and a glass of white wine.

“Let’s go back upstairs and lie down for a nap.”

I never imagined I’d be able to sleep but with Frannie rubbing my back I dozed off.

When I opened my eyes she was looking at me, “Ready for your bath Baby.”

She climbed in with me and scrubbed my body then toweled me off and sprayed a little perfume between my breasts.

“Let me brush your hair,” she said.

She brushed until my hair glistened then said, ok, now put on your panties. She gave me a little spritz of the perfume between my legs and helped me into my robe.

“Frannie, I want a glass of wine, do you want one?”

“Sure but let’s not drink too much.”

With our wine we went out by the pool, “Frannie, I’m still scared, I don’t want to be hurt.”

“Annie, I told you the truth, it will probably hurt the first several times but I’d bet by morning he’ll have opened you up pretty well.”

I didn’t really know how to ask for what I wanted, I was still trembling like a leaf on a Quaking Aspen tree, so I just blurted it out.

“Come with me Frannie, come in with me tonight.”

“Annie, what’s going to happen tonight is pretty intimate, maybe it should be private.”

“Please Frannie, I want you there.”

“Annie, he’ll probably say no.”

“Then I’ll say no Frannie, I want you there, I need your support, please, please, pretty please?”

“If that’s what you want then, yes Annie, I’ll come with you. I’ve never watched sex and, because it’s you I’ll know what I look like doing it.”

I don’t even remember eating the broiled fish we had for dinner, I do remember the three glasses of wine, I was feeling mellow when Johnny said, “Let’s go upstairs.”

“Johnny, I want Frannie to come with us.”

“Annie, I don’t know whether that’s a good idea. Things are going to be pretty intense tonight, I’m going to spend the entire night with you, I’ll be in you a lot before morning.”

“Please Johnny, I want her with me, please?”

He glanced at Frannie who nodded, yes, she wanted to be with me.

“Ok, if that’s what you ladies want I won’t stand in the way.”

He led me up the staircase with Frannie trailing. In the bedroom Frannie took a seat in my overstuffed bedroom chair, evening was falling, there was a little diffused sunlight remaining, none the less Johnny switched on the low watt night light then helped me out of my robe. He took a step back and admired me.

“My what pretty panties,” he commented. I was surprised he’d noticed.

He knelt in front of me, lowered my panties and nuzzled my pubic mound before laying me on the bed. He dropped his shorts and followed me.

Our lips met before he trailed down my body, I was already shivering in fear and anticipation when his fingers, lips and tongue sought out my womanhood. He took his time, bringing me to the edge then letting me down then back up. Time after time he did this, I was on the verge of screaming out in frustration when he took me over the top. I bounced, I wailed, I screamed as prodigious quantities of my nectar poured from my vagina. Johnny stayed with me, drinking me, as wave after wave of orgasms flowed through me. My tummy was aquiver as my vagina and uterus contracted almost painfully, it seemed to go on for ever and ever. By the time I begged for mercy I was drained.

He rolled beside me, kissed me then, taking my arm he turned me so I was stomach down, he pulled me over his lap.

I knew what was coming and he knew I knew when I took the bottle of Astroglide from the nightstand and handed it to him.

Like he was reading from the script Frannie had laid out for me, he stroked me with one hand while the other was busy between my cheeks preparing me.

He took his time, massaging me, kneading me, encouraging me to relax, finally I was as ready as I’d ever be, he crouched over me and lifted me to my knees.

The pillow was placed below my head, with gentle pressure he pushed me down.

“Get comfortable and relax for me Annie, when you feel me press against you I want you to push back like you were going potty, ok?”

First he probed me with a finger, I clamped down.

He petted me, “That won’t work beautiful, you need to relax. This may hurt but it’ll be a lot worse if you don’t work with me.”

From the corner of my eye I noticed Frannie getting up, she came over to me, stroked my hair and held my hand.

“Just relax Baby,” I took a deep breath then slowly let it out.

“That’s the way Annie, Johnny, get ready,” then she said, “Ok Baby, push like he asked you to.”

He penetrated me, the pain was searing, I cried out, “Noooooooooo,” Frannie was trying to sooth me.

Johnny gave me a little time then pushed forward. Once he was in the pain wasn’t so severe, an ache as he stretched me, his cock felt twice the size that it had been, I could feel as he inched deeper into my guts.

“Good girl, Annie,” he said as I felt his pubic hair against my bottom and his balls grazing my pussy, he was in me, I moaned, he had me stuffed.

He rested letting me feel him. In spite of what Frannie told me I would feel, I started begging to be let up, I had to go, I didn’t want the embarrassment of pooping.

Frannie squeezed my hand, “You don’t have to go Baby, you’re bowels were empty, remember. That’s Johnny, his cock has filled your rectum. You’ll feel like you have to go again when he cums in you, I know I do, you’re doing great.”

Johnny started stroking me, long but gentle strokes, filling me then emptying me. When he withdrew it felt like my poor little anus was being turned inside out and when he pushed back in it went back in.

I couldn’t believe what I heard next. He told me to turn my head to the side then he said to Frannie,

“My camera’s on the dresser, I want some shots of me in her, take them for me Mom.”

I told him, “No, don’t do that Johnny.”

He was on the backstroke, he thrust into me faster, harder and deeper than before. I felt it, the pain, I could only imagine what it had been like for Jenny, I got one, she got a hundred. I turned my head to the side, the flash ignited the room, the shutter clicked, then again and a third time.

He started fucking me again.

“God you’re tight Annie, your ass is fantastic,” he told me as he pumped me; he kept it slow and gentle.

Then he whispered, “I don’t think you’ll cum, not this first time but I am Annie, I’m gonna cum in your magnificent derriere.”

He thrust forward a little harder then gripped my hips and pressed tight against me, I felt his cock jerking, he pumped into me, his ropy hot sperm bathing my bowels, it felt like he’d deposited a quart in me, it went on and on, spewing.

Even when he was drained his big cock was still in me, he said to Frannie, “You’ve done your duty, thanks, but now I think it’s time to go to your room.”

He slid out of me and as she left the room I got out of bed.

“Potty time Annie? You’ve forgotten to tell me again.”

“No Johnny, I just wanted to clean up.”

He reached out and took my hand, pulling me back.

“No need for that, I’d just have to lubricate you again.”

I lay in the bed beside him on my stomach, he petted me, stroking my back, sides and bottom.

“You were fantastic Annie, your spectacular ass was tight as a virgin.”

“It was virgin Johnny, remember.”

“How could I forget.”

He straddled my hips, his weight was on my back and I could feel his erection pressing against me. He opened me and, like he’d done when he rode my crack, I felt his cock against me.

“We’re going to do it a little differently this time, I’ll just keep you on your tummy; push back for me Annie.”

For the second time he penetrated me. It was not the same, less painful this time, he wasn’t as deep. Slowly he thrust into me.

“We’re going to take it slowly, I’m going to be in you for a while and, maybe this time you can cum, too, help me.”

He took one of my hands and guided it under me. He held my hand against me until I began to rock back and forth on my fingers. It still felt like I needed the bathroom when he was fully in me and I still groaned when he filled my bowels.

After about ten minutes I brought myself to a little shivering orgasm but he wasn’t ready. He rhythmically stroked me for another twenty minutes before I felt the jerking and the pulse of him ejaculating.

He rolled off.

“How are you Annie?”

“A little sore, how many times are you going to take me tonight Johnny?”

“Annie, my beautiful Annie, the night’s still young. At least three or four.”

I hoped that my vagina would get some attention and, the next time I was sure it was, but alas that wasn’t to be. He put me on my back with a pillow under my bottom, elevating my hips then pushed my legs back, he asked me to hold them there, God I felt so exposed. Then his penis pressed my anus, he thrust his hips forward and he was in.

I heard myself moan as he filled me.

His eyes locked with mine, his hands found my breasts, he told me to masturbate myself and while I fingered my clit, his hands massaged my titties and his cock split me.

He seemed to like looking into my eyes, seeing my facial expressions, he fucked me harder and I grimaced. He smiled at me then resumed.

I managed another small orgasm before he forced himself deep into my belly and emptied into me.

The rest of the night was not uneventful just repetitive, he took me three additional times, each time from behind with me on my knees. It was after four when he spooned with me, had me arch my back and entered me for what was the seventh time. I went to sleep with his cock buried in me.

Of course Johnny had to work, he was awake before me but his movements in the bed brought me up from sleep.

“Need to potty Beautiful?” He asked.

I kissed him, telling him, “I can wait.”

“I can’t,” he said as he lifted me to my knees.

I think I now understood when Frannie had alluded to vigorous potty training. Johnny was rougher with me, I think I sounded like a choo-choo train the way I moaned as he stroked me and groaned when he bottomed out. He didn’t help me to cum, he mounted me and rode high on me, I was supporting some of his weight on my hips and his cock was piston like, driving into me with powerful thrusts, I wailed as he came explosively, pounding me fast and hard.

When he finished and pulled out I buried my head in my pillow and lay mewling, my tummy hurt, way up inside me, my tummy hurt. He’d ridden me pretty hard and I had eight loads of his cum in my bowels.

“You want the bathroom now?” He asked.

“You go ahead, you have to get to work, I’ll wait.”

“No work Beautiful, today’s Saturday but I think I’ll go out and find a golf course, I’ll be back in four or five hours. You take it easy, get some rest. I’ll go to Frannie tonight but you’re on my dance card for Sunday.”

In truth I wasn’t sure I could move and when I did I wanted some privacy. I wouldn’t need to move my bowels but I hoped that some of his cum would drain from me if I sat for a while.

That’s what I did, after he left I staggered to the bathroom and sat then I took a shower, put on my slippers, panties and robe and shuffled downstairs.

Frannie was at the breakfast table sipping coffee, she saw my pathetic state, got up, took my arm and led me to a chair asking, “Want a pillow?”

“God what a night Frannie.”

“Tell me, tell it all.”

“Frannie, we didn’t get to sleep until nearly five, he fucked me six times then put his penis in me from behind, that’s how we went to sleep and this morning, well this morning I got what I think you termed vigorous potty training.”

“My God Annie, he came in you eight times since last night, I’m surprised your belly isn’t swollen. Did he say, is he coming to you again tonight?”

“No, your turn, I’m for Sunday.”

“I’m not sure I’m too excited about that, he gave me a wicked look before he left; I think he’s pissed off that I was in the room last night. If you hear me, stay away, you don’t want to get involved.”

“What do you mean Frannie?”

“I think I’ve got a spanking coming tonight and maybe a punishment fuck, from the look I got he feels I was interfering where I had no business being.”

“But Frannie I’m the one that asked for you, why not punish me?”

“He’ll cut you some slack, it was your first time and you were frightened but I should have know better.”

“I’m so sorry Frannie.”

“I ought to hide his hairbrush but he’d only get yours and then double the number of strokes.”

“How many do you think you’ll get?”

“Probably ten.”

“Fannie, he gave me twenty-one.”

“Yeah and I’ll bet that was ten with his hand on your panties and ten with his hand on the bare then one with the hairbrush, all of mine will be with that damned hairbrush. But like I said, you stay out of it or we’ll both be sleeping on our tummies with blistered bottoms.”

Johnny got back just after two, I tried to engage him in conversation, asking if he’d found a golf course and how he’d played.

Tersely he said, “Yeah, I found a nice course, I’ll tell you about it later, right now there’s something I need to do.”

Then to Frannie, “Mother, would you come upstairs with me, we need to straighten something out.”

He took her arm and shooed her up, I overheard him say, “Let’s get this out of the way, I want you ok for tonight.”

Her bedroom door slammed.

Maybe I am nosey like he told me the first night he was here but, stupidly I snuck upstairs and listened at the door. His voice, although not a shout, was slightly raised, I heard him tell her,

“Mother you had no business intruding last night, you should know better.”

“I’m sorry Johnny, I won’t let it happen again.”

“I hope not; now bring me the hairbrush.”

She must have complied because the next thing I heard was, “Ten on your bare bottom,” then the sharp crack of the brush meeting a fleshy butt followed rapidly by nine more. Frannie was sobbing. I started to leave but the door flew open, he’d heard me outside, I must have gasped.

“Snoop,” he said as he tugged me along to my room, sat on the bed, pulled the seat of my panties down and gave me ten firm swats with his hand. Then he left me, a little stunned, laying on my bed.

I checked on Frannie she said, “I knew I was in real trouble when he called me Mother but I’ve had worse, I’ll survive but the worst is coming later. He said he’s going to fuck the shit out of me; I think he may mean it literally. Go on down stairs, I’ll be down in a few.”

Johnny was in the living room with a University of Florida football game on. He had a beer in his hand and a bowl of peanuts on the coffee table.

Switching off the TV he got up asking, “Still interested in the golf course, come on.”

He poured me a glass of white wine and led the way to the patio. I learned more than I really wanted to know about golf and golf courses.

As though nothing had happened Johnny prepared dinner, chicken piccata served on a bed of angel hair pasta and a side of Italian green beans accompanied by a loaf of freshly baked foccasia topped with fresh rosemary and crushed garlic and a bottle of Valpolicella. He’d brought home tiramisu from a good bakery and served it with cappuccino.

Frannie was walking a little gingerly when she came down to dinner.

He’d served a meal fit for a king or, as he noted, fit for two princesses; us. But then he explained that what we’d done the previous night was totally unacceptable, the transgression was major and didn’t we understand that? What he did with us in bed was private.”

He asked if we’d like an after dinner drink, we both accepted, accepted if for no other reason than to delay the inevitable.

We both took our port in a single gulp, then, before Johnny could say anything more Frannie asked, “Johnny, can I have a little while alone with Annie, I mean before you come upstairs?”

“Sure Frannie, just give me a call when you’re ready for me.”

Up in my room she was frightened, “He meant it, he’s gonna fuck the shit out of me and he will, Annie, I haven’t moved my bowels in three days, please don’t let me embarrass myself that way, give me an enema, will you?”

After I’d taken care of her we both went back downstairs to confront him as a united front; and we collapsed like Republican Guard in the first Gulf War when he said,

“Mother go upstairs and wait for me in your room,” Frannie scampered up. He said to me, “Annie, go to your room and stay there.” I scampered up, too.

The sounds I could hear, even through their closed door were horrific, Frannie moaned and sobbed, I could hear flesh meeting flesh, his groin pounding against her bottom, as she groaned, God, I thought, she’s hardly a virgin but he’s destroying her, then the flesh on flesh sound stopped and I could hear her plead,

“No more Johnny, I’ll be a good girl, but please, no more.”

Then I heard the crack of a hand on a bottom, Frannie shrieked but then went silent, only her whimpering, “Please Johnny.”

I heard her door open and then close, there was total silence except for Frannie’s nearly quiet sobs; the silence was ominous; fearfully I waited.

With no light illuminating him from behind, with no light save pale moonbeams coming through my curtains it was like a ghost entering my room, I couldn’t really make him out but I knew he was there, even his voice, when he spoke was as though it was emanating from a sepulcher, “I’m sorry, but it really is your fault, isn’t it? I mean Frannie would never have been punished except for you, would she? And now she can’t take any more, I’m afraid you’ll have to be her surrogate.”

Now that he closed on me I could see that Johnny was nude, he had a huge erection, he forcefully rolled me onto my stomach then climbed on the bed and pulled me up to my knees. I tried to fight him, no success, he held with one arm, not even bothering to remove them he pulled my panties down to mid-thigh, then I smelled strawberries, he lubed me then thrust in.

He left me there, moaning and went back to his room.

Sunday morning he was gone before either Frannie or I could open our eyes, finally I reeled to her room, she was still a mess, her hair sweaty and knotted, her eyes deep set and blackened, her body obviously still pain wracked, yet she still was able to smile a me.

Her first comment amazed me when she said, “Guess we fucked up didn’t we Baby Sister?”

I gave it back, “Seems like that, Old Lady.”

“He’ll be ok now, we screwed up as far as he’s concerned but now he’s punished us and it’s over.”

“Damn, his punishment was really severe, “ I said.

“Yeah, he thought we’d really done something wrong, usually it’s only a little spanking; he doesn’t really want to make it hurt, in fact you can even begin to look forward to those.”

“A spanking, not the ones I’ve gotten.”

“No, yours have really been for discipline but I make it a point to screw up just a little bit; he stings me, I get so wet then, it excites him a little when he has/gets to spank, he’s so hard when he gets in me and he cums quarts.”

Nothing of great note happened over the next several weeks, we were good girls, our bottoms were unscathed, our vaginas were happy, Johnny paid a lot of attention there, his fantastic tongue lit up our evenings, his cock sated us…life was good.

Of course we also engaged in anal sex, particularly with me, since I was new to it he often took me that way, breaking me in. I now found it arousing, he was gentle with me and, with the help of my nimble fingers I came nearly every time.

And, if I’m truthful, Frannie and I continued our clandestine assignations. I loved sucking her large breasts and she adored having them sucked. During our rest periods we continued our discussions about her moving to Florida; finally the decision was made, yes, she wanted to move and she wanted all of us to live together. Now we needed to talk to Johnny.

We weren’t sure how that conversation would be received but we were pleasantly surprised. He was all for it with only a single caveat.

“I wouldn’t want living together would cause jealousy to raise its ugly head, would that create a problem?”

Frannie and I looked at each other and smiled, “No Johnny, we don’t think that would create any problems, we love each other and both of us love you.”

He must have read something into our shared smile, he said, “No, I agree, I think you ladies have worked that out, haven’t you?”

Just from his tone I was sure he knew something we didn’t think he knew, I thought he knew about us.

Frannie was the one to reply, “Yes Johnny, we’re comfortable with it.”

“What would the sleeping arrangement be? I mean, one bed or three, would the two of you be comfortable with the other engaging in sex while you were reduced to spectator status?”

“What about the privacy you demanded Johnny,” I asked. The memory of the punishment we’ve received for that was still fresh in both of our minds.

He chuckled, “I think I can make the sacrifice, besides there ought to be some spectacular photo opportunities.”

The evening was still young but he got up, took each of us by the hand and led us toward the staircase saying, “Let’s go find out.”

In the bedroom he took off first my robe then Frannie’s.

“God I love your breasts,” he said, the comment directed to both of us.

He rolled my panties off but he didn’t go to Frannie, instead saying, “Annie, the last time Frannie got to watch us. Let’s return the favor, I want you to get her ready, her nipples swollen and her vagina flooding. Can you get her aroused for me?”

My first thought was, he knows about us, he does know. I walked to Frannie, knelt in front of her and took her panties off. Her strawberry blonde muff was right before me, I kissed her there, stood and led her to the bed.

As I lay down beside her, as our lips met she whispered, “Oh Annie, Annie.”

I kissed her stealing her words, her breath.

Her breath was coming in gasps as I took a nipple in my mouth, she swelled, her chest reddened and the camera flashed. I trailed my lips across her tummy then over her mons, as my tongue split her labia the camera flashed again, I fell on her, licking and sucking her sweet treasures.

Frannie was in the throes of a magnificent climax, the camera flashed again, Johnny said, “Beautiful, absolutely beautiful.”

Spent, Frannie lay catching her breath.

“Annie, I want her bottom, lubricate her for me please,” as he handed me the Astroglide.

Frannie crawled across my lap presenting her bottom to me for my attention.

Ready, I helped her up to her knees and positioned her pillow. She rested her head on it.

As Johnny moved up behind her he said, “You’re the camera operator, Annie.”

I didn’t immediately get up, I watched.

As he pierced her, the head parting her sphincters, she groaned; I groaned with her. Maybe the bond between twins but it was as though I could feel everything she was feeling.

I watched as she accepted him, slowly he slid into her, deep in her throat she moaned, “Oooooh, God I’m full, so very full.”

My bowels rumbled sympathetically. As he started to pump I got up; the camera flashed, click, click, click.

Then I sat on the bed beside then I gave her my fingers, I looked up and as our eyes met she mouthed, “Thanks Sis.”

She drenched my hand, her orgasm was wet and wonderful, I retrieved the camera, I wanted a shot when Johnny came in her.

“I’m gonna fuck her a little harder now,” Johnny told me.

I watched, saw what he did and how he did it. He planted his feet at the outside of her splayed thighs, then rose up in a crouch, changing the angle, allowing deeper penetration, he was riding her, on her hips, he began to thrust with powerful strokes, the volume of Frannie’s moans rose, I could see his cock pistoning in and out of her then Johnny growled,

“I’m gonna cum, gonna cum.”

I got the camera ready, with a roar he delivered his load in her. He pumped rapidly, hard thrusts then he pulled out, the camera was still clicking. His cock was still spurting, spewing cum. Frannie’s anus was distended and open, I just stood there, awed, I’d never seen anything like it. Slowly she began to close.

She said, “Johnny I need the bathroom.”

He gave his approval, he rarely came with us any more. I said, “Me, too.” He nodded his approval.

She sat first, I followed, her body heat still on the seat.

“Frannie, that was unbelievable.”

I explained how she’d gaped, how I could see into her, I wondered if I did the same.

Frannie said, “Find out; when we go back in get him in you, ask him to pull out and cum on you like he did me. I’ll be poised, I’ll get the pictures for you.”

We took a warm washcloth and wiped Johnny off then I told him what I wanted.

“Ok, Frannie can get you ready while I rest.”

Just like he had with Frannie, he ended with a powerful flourish, he gave me an ache way up in my bowels, I felt the first gush when he began to cum, but like I’d asked, he pulled out and delivered the rest of his load on me rather than in me.

Frannie’s photos were revealing, my anus was agape to the size of a silver dollar.

Frannie and I both were a little sore, we were massaging each other’s abdomens when Johnny asked if we’d enjoyed ourselves. We both just smiled.

The next morning she and I met in the bathroom, neither of us had asked. We giggled like schoolgirls committing a prank and, in a way, we were.

Sisters to the end, we went back to the bedroom where we both knew a spanking was waiting.

Ten with his hand on bare bottoms, Frannie got hers first, I immediately followed.

We didn’t even bother with panties or robes, down stairs, sitting on warmed bottoms Frannie put in a call to a Realtor friend in Columbus to put her home on the market then I made mine.

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