Just a heads up, These are the ages of the people in the story. Mom (Sherry) - 37 / Andy - 17 / Tammy - 14 / Sam - 12 / April - 11 / Meagan - 14 / Kim - 37 / Angie - 11 / Crystal - 14 / Sara - 40
Our Family And My Sisters Friends 2

Recap: My name's ANDY, I’m a male, 17 about 6’ blond hair, blue eyes. I work out and I like to run so I’m good shape. I’ve been told numerous times, I’m what women like to call a “Hunk”. I don’t think I’m that good looking, but I always appreciate the compliments.
My Mom’s (her names SHERRY) pretty short about 5’4", she’s also in great shape. Her DD breasts look kind of large on her because she’s such a small woman. My 2 younger sisters, one’s SAMANTHA (We usually call her SAM for short) she’s 12, and the other’s TAMMY she’s 14. Both are also on good shape about average height and are developing nicely for their age. Then there’s Sam’s Friend APRIL she’s 11 and Tammy’s Friend MEAGAN who’s 14, both also look damn hot.

Mom and I had a talk, she told me everything. She said “Samantha has had a crush on me since she 8 and Tammy since she was 5.” I kind of knew about it, but let it go. I figured they grow out of it. She went on to say, when Tammy was 12, she caught her masturbating in her room. (She had left her bedroom door open a little and when Mom heard sounds she looked in). Tammy was saying your name, over and over. “I didn’t admit it to myself at the time, but I was turned on by what I saw. A year later I found both your sisters in your room. Again I didn’t let them know I saw them. They were in a 69 position. I had to admit it then to myself. I was really turned on just watching them. I went to my room and got undressed and took care of myself. “

Mom then told me “Then about 6 months ago, I came home and found them in my room. They had gotten a couple of my toys out and were using them on each other. That’s really how they broke their cherries, using a 6” dildo. Anyway, I decided the hell with it. I got undressed and joined them. They both loved feeling my body. When I started using one of my toys on Sam, she really enjoyed it. When she hit her orgasm though, she was screaming out your name. The three of us talked a lot over the next several months and finally planned out a weekend. Everything we did worked” I told Mom it was the best weekend I’d ever dreamed of having. She smiled and said “not yet.” Before I could reply she got up and left.


It’s been a week since my encounter. It’s Friday around 5p I just got home. I hadn’t pushed anything with anyone all week long, and everyone’s been pretty busy. I also haven’t been masturbating; I was looking forward to another awesome weekend and wanted to be ready. To my disappointment no one seemed to home. Usually my sisters were home from their school by now; they must be at a friend’s house.

I decided to sit down and watch some TV. There wasn’t anything on so I decided to turn it off and lay down on the couch. It was then I heard the noise. I could barely hear something but couldn’t make out what it was. I got up and started moving around. The noise was coming down the hall from one of my sister’s rooms. What do you know, they were home. I guess I should’ve checked.

I looked in Sam’s room 1st, it was empty. So I checked Tammy’s room, Bingo. Tammy had her friend MEAGAN (14) over, and Sam had her friend APRIL (11) over. All 4 were naked. It was like living last weekend all over again. This time, though all 4 were on the floor. I started getting undressed.


Tammy was on her back with Sam straddling her head. April was on her knees with her head between Tammy’s legs. Meagan was on her back with her head between April’s legs. She was also fingering herself with one hand.
Sam was grinding herself down on Tammy’s face; she was rubbing her breasts at the same time. I could hear her “OH yeah Tammy, Oh my god. I’m cumming, OH GOD I’M CUMMING” Tammy was arching her back and lifting her hips into April’s face. I could hear her muffled moans getting louder and louder she had one hand on April’s head and the other on her breast rubbing and pinching her nipples. She never moved her head away from Sam. I could hear her screams of ecstasy as she humped into April. April was letting out her owns moans as she ground her little pussy into Meagan’s face. Her muffled voice was real loud as she hit her own orgasm. It was like a chain reaction. As Sam started screaming and forcing her hips into Tammy, Tammy went, then April. The three were going crazy over each other. I watched as my little sister bucked and jerked her hips as her orgasm started to subside. Tammy had her ass off the floor now, driving into April’s face just about suffocating her. April was moving her little ass up and down, fucking herself on Meagan’s tongue.

Meagan was the only one left out. I got down placing my cock at the entrance to her pussy. She was already pretty close to her own orgasm. She looked right at me “OH my god fuck me now Andy I want to cum with you inside me.” I started slowly at first, but Tammy was so aroused she couldn’t wait. She lifted her ass off the floor just like Tammy had done with April. She buried my cock right to the hilt, screaming my name as I went all the in. I knew she about to cum, which was good for me because I was ready cum the moment I stepped into the room.
I started slamming into her, she kept getting louder and louder. I could feel her already tight pussy get tighter as it gripped my raging hard on. As I started to cum so did she. I blasted away load after load “OH YES ANDY, I CAN FEEL YOU CUMMING, OH MY GOD AHHHHHHH UHHHAAANAAAAN” Her body would jerk with every load I sent into her. I was buried as far as I would go. I didn’t think I’d ever stop cumming

When I finally pulled out, to my own dismay I was still hard. April came over to me and started sucking my cock. She was only eleven but she was doing a damn good job, especially for someone who had never sucked dick before. I watched in amazement as my cock slid past her tiny lips. She would move her head back and forth making my cock go deeper into her throat. Sam came over and kissed me passionately, letting her tongue move through my lips to meet mine. I reach up caressing her young tits; they felt so good in my hands. I could hear April’s moans as sucked and licked up and down my shaft. Sam broke from our kiss and whispered in my ear “I hope you like what April’s doing, we’ve been training her all week with one of mom’s toys” That certainly explained a lot.

Suddenly April stood up and went over to the bed. She got on and spread her legs. I didn’t need anymore encouragement. I went right over got on the bed. I placed the length of my cock against her pussy and slowly slid it up and down. I did this for several minutes. Finally I moved the tip of my cock to her little pussy lips and gradually entered her till just the head was inside her. I backed out and then in again, letting more go in. I couldn’t believe how wet she felt. Her body looked so sexy, I could see her nipples were hard. As her young breasts were swelling.
I couldn’t wait anymore. With one thrust I buried my cock all the way in. I could feel something give way, which must have been her cherry. She was amazingly tight, even tighter then Sam.

At the same time I thrust, she let out a scream. I could see the pain in her face as I busted through. I kept going not wanting to give up the feeling. She just clenched her teeth and squeezed her eyes shut not wanting to give up. I knew I wasn’t going to last long, she just felt to good. I kept going and watched her face as it relaxed. I could tell she was in a lot of pain, but she was starting to get some pleasure as well. It looked like her mind couldn’t figure out what to do. I was probably going at it about 5 or 10 minutes when I started to cum. April’s eye’s flew open as she felt me start to explode inside her. I was in total bliss, I felt like a volcano erupting for the first time. April let out a long moan as she felt load after load, shoot her insides.


When I finally pulled out Sam helped April up and into the bathroom. April was walking funny, as she passed me, she kissed me on the cheek and said, “thank you, I know it won’t hurt like this every time”. I smiled and gave her a hug. I went to the upstairs bathroom for my own shower. When I got out, I decided to lie down for awhile. I put some shorts on, and passed out.

I was only asleep for a few hours. I got up thinking about what happened earlier. It gave me an instant hard on. I went downstairs wondering what everyone was up to. I got to the bottom of the stairs and stopped short. They had taken several of the mattresses from the rooms and made huge square in the middle of the room. The couch had moved out of the way and the windows were all covered.

Everyone was dressed and at the dinning room table. Tammy and April were still there. Mom was sitting there talking to a lady and there were 2 other girls I’d never seen before. I said “good evening”; everyone turned and looked at me. I just smiled. Mom introduced the lady as a long time friend. They had known each other since they were kids. She said they use to share everything and smiled at me

She came to visit and had brought her two daughters with her. Mom said we were having a sleepover (and winked at me). Her friend’s name was KIM; she was the same age as my mother. Her 2 daughters were ANGIE who was 11 and CRYSTAL who was 14. Kim looked a little taller than Mom, Angie and Crystal were about the same size the as the other girls were. They both had on one of the uniforms you see from private schools. They were all sitting down so I didn’t have a great view of anything.

Everyone got up and we made a circle of chairs next to the table so we could all see each other. That’s when I got my first view. Kim was about 5’9” she was defiantly in good shape. I couldn’t believe the size of tits. They had to be at least 2 sizes larger than Mom’s, and it was obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra by the way her nipples stood out.
Angie the 11 year old had tits the size of a 14 year old, and Crystal’s tits were the size of 16 or 17 year old. They looked damn hot in their uniforms and I could tell neither one of them had anything on under their white shirts.

All the girls had little skirts that showed nice legs. The 2 new girls sat across form me and by the way they sat, I could tell they weren’t wearing anything underneath. I noticed there was an extra chair. Mom saw me looking at the empty seat. She said she had one more friend on her way and should be here any minute. Sure enough a few minutes later the doorbell rang. Mom answered it, and brought in the new guest. It was SARA, a friend from across town. I’d seen her a few times. She was 40; she was always pretty skinny, not much for tits but had one of the nicest asses you ever saw. She was wearing a tank top (no bra) and very tight stretchy pants.


Sara came over to and asked me stand, we were about the same height. Suddenly she moved in, pressing her body against mine then forcing her lips to mine. I didn’t need any encouragement; I opened my mouth and let my tongue mix with hers. She ground her hips into me it was obvious she could feel my hard on against her. I reached down and grabbed her hot ass, pulling her into me. She started moaning as soon as I touched her. Ever since I first saw her I wanted to play with her perfect ass. Anytime I saw her she would always find a reason to bend over in front of me. It always gave me a woody. She broke away from the kiss long enough to whisper “oh god Andy, I want you so bad. Your cock feels so good against me”. When she moved her lips back to mine, she brought her hands down groping my own ass. I moved my own hands under her waistband, so I could feel her bare skin. I couldn’t believe how hot her ass felt. It was practically about the same size as my little sisters. I moved one hand up under her shirt, she was almost flat chested but the feel of her small breasts and very hard nipples really turned me on.

She moved her hands to my sides gripped the waistband of my shorts and started to remove them. They were pretty loose shorts, so all she had do, was slid them down past my stiff member and they dropped. I started to do the same with her. She helped me along, the pants were pretty tight but they slid down easy enough. She quickly removed her shirt and told me to sit down.

When I did she down right on my cock. She wasn’t as tight as my sisters or their friends but she still felt damn good.
She was so hot she climaxed in about 20 seconds screaming “HOLY SHIT, I’M CUMMING ALREADY, OH, AHHHHHHHHH” She didn’t stop though, she just picked up the pace. She actually had 2 more orgasms screaming even louder, I couldn’t believe how easy she came. After her 3rd one, she got up and turned around, she placed my cock at the entrance of her ass and started to slide down. I couldn’t believe how well lubed her ass was; I slid in pretty easily. She started sliding up and down, her ass felt incredible. She knew how to grip my cock and let it go at just the right time. I knew I wasn’t going last much longer. She really loved it in the ass and she let me know it. “OH yeah Andy, I love your cock in my ass, Oh, Oh, OH GOD YES, God Sam eat me, fuck me Andy. I’m cumming, OH MY GOD I’M CUMMING AGAIN” It didn’t register what she had said but as she hit her climax so did I. I shoved my cock up as she was coming down, so I was all the way in when I started blasting away. I shot my first load back out a little and slammed in as I shot my second and did for the third and so on. When I was done, it occurred to me what she had said.

I looked around the side of Sara and Sam was there on her knees. I realized then why she had cum many times. Sam had been back there all the time. She must of came over as soon as Sara started fucking me. Sara got up and just about collapsed. Sam immediately went for my deflating cock. I loved watching her cute little face as she took me into her mouth. I suddenly noticed the three of us were the only ones in the room. When I was hard again Sam said let’s join everyone else. Sara was still a little week in the knees, but she followed us to the other room.

Sam said, “We’ve been planning this for several weeks. We weren’t sure how you’d react till last week.” I replied, “So that’s what Mom meant”. When we got to the other room all I could do was just stand there and look in awe. Mom and her friend Kim were both naked lying on their backs. Their pussies were a couple of inches away from each other. They were using a double-ended dildo. They were really enjoying the sensation it was causing. Their moans were getting louder and louder as they fucked each other. Sara just went over and laid down on her stomach on one of the mattresses. It was more like stumbling, but she made it.

Angie (11) was lying on her back. Her skirt was pulled up to her waist and her shirt was unbuttoned almost all the way down. It was spread in a V shape expose her really nice size tits. Her sister (Crystal) had her face buried in Angie’s Crotch. Tammy was straddling Angie’s face; she was turned so she could reach down rub Angie’s tits. Angie had plenty of access to Tammy’s ass and pussy and it looked like she was taking advantage of it. Meagan was on her back with April between her legs, April was using a 6” vibrating dildo on Meagan.

Sam told me “I want your cock now, I want you to fuck me in the ass like you did to Tammy and Sara, I’ve been using mom’s toy to get used to it. It did feel wonderful. She got down on her knees, right between Sara’s legs. She placed both hands on Sara’s ass and spread her cheeks. She stuck her own ass out and then buried her face in Sara’s ass. I moved towards Sam, the first thing I did was to bury my tongue in her little backdoor hole. I watched as she arched her back the second my tongue made contact. She shoved her ass back onto my tongue; I made sure she was well lubed before I went on. Sam was going crazy, as I was licking and sucking her sweet ass. It looked like Sara liked what was being done to her. Sara reached back, using both hands and spread her ass cheeks apart. She also pushed her ass up into Sam’s face. Both girls were really moaning, finally Sam turned her head long enough to “Oh my god Andy, fuck me now, stick your cock deep in my ass. I can’t wait any longer”.

It was quite a sight, seeing Sam licking out Sara’s cum filled ass, as I was getting ready to fuck her. I placed the head of my cock at Sam’s little hole. I could feel Sam’s anticipation as she readied herself. I slowly entered her bit by bit until I was about half way in, then I pulled out and went in a little deeper. I did this several times till I had my cock buried as far as it would go. I sat there for a few seconds, enjoying the feeling of her tight ass around my cock. Sam had gotten hold of a 10” dildo and was fucking Sara’s ass with it. I started fucking Sam slowly at first. I gradually built up speed. Her ass felt incredible, it was tighter than April’s pussy was.

I took a second to look around. Meagan and April had gone over to where my Mom and Kim were. April had her head between Mom’s huge tits. I look like she was licking them all over while her little hands did the same. Meagan was doing the same to Kim licking her nipples, burying her head between the two massive mounds then back to the nipples, she her hands cup one then the other. Mom and Kim kept fucking each other. There pussy were touching now and I could see them mashing there clits together as the double ender as buried deep inside both of them. Both Mom and Kim were screaming, I watched as Mom grabbed April’s head forcing her against her tits. Kim was doing the same to Meagan. Both women started to cum. The kept screaming and moaning. “OH, YES, OH YEAH FUCK ME, OH MY FUCKING GOD I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE UH, UH, OH AHHHHHHHHHHHHH”. Both were very loud as they exploded against each other.

I heard another noise from my side. Angie was forcing her pussy against her sister’s mouth. I could hear her muffled sounds as she approached orgasm. Tammy’s noise is what drew my attention. She had started screaming “OH MY GODDDDDDD, I’M CUMMING AGAIN. DON’T STOP, OH GOD DON’T STOP”. I looked like she had been through several orgasms and was going through another. I kept going faster and faster. My little sister’s ass felt to good. Sam was now forcing her ass back to meet with my forward thrust. I looked back to what I was doing. Sara was having another huge orgasm. I could hear Sam as I started to cum. She was actually cumming herself. She picked her head up and was moving it all over as her orgasm hit. I felt her shudder as I pumped load after load deep inside her hot little ass. There were 7 of us all cumming at once. I was turned on by watching everyone else, I felt my cock start to get hard again while I was still in Sam’s ass. I pulled out, and sure enough I was stiff as a board again. I couldn’t believe I had become hard again so soon.

I look around and saw Crystal staring at me, or should I say staring at my cock. She got on all fours, her little sister got under her. Angie went right for her older sister’s clit. I got behind her; I placed my cock at the entrance to love tunnel. I could feel Crystal’s tongue move along my shaft as started fucking Angie. It made for a great sensation. Next to me, Tammy was on her knees with April behind her. April had 2 good size dildos, and was fucking Tammy’s ass and pussy. Tammy looked like she was in heaven. Mom and Meagan were in a 69, with Mom on the bottom. Kim had her ass touching Tammy’s ass and I could see the double-ended dildo going from ass to ass. Kim also had a vibrator she was using on herself.

I started banging Angie as hard as I could, I was rewarded with her screaming “OH yeah, I’m cumming already. Fuck me, harder, HARDER, FUCK ME HARDER”. I felt her pussy tighten around my cock as she reached her climax. Crystal was fingering herself into frenzy, as she watched her sister’s pussy spasm around my shaft. I had already cum a few times so I knew I wasn’t going to cum right away. I didn’t let up; she didn’t even get a chance to come down from her climax when a second one hit her. “I’M CUMMING AGAIN, OH YES, OH YES, OH FUCK, I’M CUMMMMMING”.

She kind of passed out, as she fell forward Crystal jumped on me pushing me on my back.
She straddled me and buried my cock in one swift motion. I could tell she already about to cum. Her pussy was damn tight to. She was riding my like I was a bronco, sliding up and down my shaft like she was possessed. She her peak and went over but kept going. Her tight pussy kept contracting around my dick making her feel even tighter. She came again, that’s when I felt my own start to come on again.

I yelled I was about to cum, Crystal suddenly jumped up. She moved right in and buried my cock down her throat. She was moaning like she was crazed. She deep throated me while at the same time jacking me off. Her mouth was too much. Something that really caught me by surprise, as I started to cum so did she. I watched her body go into orgasmic jerking motion as she let my cum fill her mouth then swallowed every last drop. We both came pretty hard to, it was amazing.

I could hear the room filled with erotic noises, I looked over and watched Sara’s body jerk against the toy Sam was using. It looked like she was having multiple orgasms. Her body would shudder start to settle then come alive again and shudder and shake. Tammy was passed out with April in her arms. Mom, Meagan and Kim were all cumming at the same time. I watched as Mom buried her face in Meagan’s sweet pussy, while Meagan was doing the same to Mom. Kim still had the double cock going from her ass to Meagan’s ass; they were fucking each other and it was obvious both were enjoying it. Kim still had the vibrator she was using on herself. Since she was on her hands and knees with one and shoving the toy deep inside her, I had a great view of her huge tits dangling down. Damn they looked incredible. Crystal had moved over to her sister now and they were both cuddling each other. It looked like they were still feeling the affects of their experience; both their bodies would shake every so often.

Just looking at Kim’s huge tits I wanted to go over and. What was I saying, I just did it. I went over, got underneath her and started sucking and rubbing those beautiful breasts all over. Kim was loving it; I also took over pushing her toy in and out. I heard Meagan scream “OH GOD, OH GOD THIS IS MY 5TH ONE. OH YES, OH MY GOD YES. I’M CUMMING, CUMMING AHHHHHHHHHHHHH”. Meagan couldn’t take anymore; she got off of mom and collapsed.

Kim looked down at me and smiled, then she looked at Mom they gave each other a wink. I didn’t know what that was about, but I had a feeling I was going to find out. Mom went over to where the sofa was. There was suitcase filled with all kinds of sex toys. I had been wondering where they all came from. She brought over 2 weird shaped ones. Kim said, “I can’t wait to feel that in my ass, I love a good size but plug”. So that’s what they looked like.

Mom went over to Kim and slowly inserted it into her ass. Kim took the other one and did the same to Mom. Watching both of them had gotten me hard again. Kim laid on her side and told me to fuck her from behind. I got behind her she guided me in. I could feel the flat end of the plug against me. Mom got behind me and started licking my ass. I couldn’t believe how good it felt. Between her tongue and Kim’s wonderful pussy I think my cock actually got harder.

The big surprise was to come. Mom starting inserting the something in my ass. I looked back in shock. She was inserting one end of the double-ender in my ass. I was about to protest, but she just said “trust me”. When she got enough in, she moved up behind me and placed the other end in her pussy. I couldn’t believe how good it felt. It was like nothing I’d ever felt before. Mom still had the plug deep in her ass, and made sure it stayed there. Kim was moaning pretty loud now, the feeling of double penetrating was really getting to her. She knew just how to grip my cock as I slid in and out. She grabbed one of my hands and placed it on one of her wonderful tits. The feeling of having my ass fucked and knowing it was my Mom and fucking this hot woman was incredible. It felt like my cock was being fucked inside and out. Mom was actually the first to go. Her sweet voice getting louder and louder as she screamed out her orgasm.

Mom moved away and pulled out the toy from my ass. Kim jumped up pushed me down like her daughter had done to me earlier. She climbed on top of and guided my hard as steel cock right into her pussy. She moved back and forth while she leaned down kissing me passionately. I could feel her awesome tits against my chest as her hard nipples pressed into me. Kim just let her hips do the work, never letting her lips leave mine. Our tongues fenced with each other the whole time. I could feel my cock getting ready to explode. She picked up the pace, sitting up. I loved the way her breasts bounced as she rode me. She started yelling now, getting louder and louder. “OH GOD, I’M CUMMING LIKE NEVER BEFORE, OH MY FUCKING GOD Sherry you were right, his cock is wonderful. OH, OH, OH MY GOD, YES, YES, YES, YES AH, AH AHHHHHHHHHHH” I came the same time she did. I thrust up; burying myself as far as I could go and blasted away like it was my first time. I kept pumping load after load as I watched her body tighten up like she had been shot.

When my own orgasm subsided things got all hazy and I passed out. When I came to, everyone was asleep and still naked. April and Sam had cuddled up to me. Their little body’s felt good against me. April looked at me and said “I can’t wait to stop feeling sore so I can have you inside me again.” I just smiled at her and kissed her on the forehead. She closed her eyes and laid her head on my chest. I was so tired I could hardly move. I just put my head down and went to sleep. Knowing the morning was going to be great.

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