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Fucking my hot neighbour and being caught by her 4 year old child
Some of you asked for an incident that I was caught in whilst babysitting with any kids? That has happened before.

(All names have been changed so I don't get in trouble)

As some of you may have read in the previous one, me and my girl (Jenny) now have such a better relationship and sex life, now that we fuck whoever we want. But this incident I haven't told her...

I was just 17 at the time, just having passed my driving test, I was driving all over the place. However driving my little car, was costing me an arm and a leg. I started to stop using my car so irrationally just to save on fuel, and asked my neighbours if I could catch a lift with them.

As my last story explained, my house is in the middle of two milfs and I tried them first to get a lift. I tried Mrs Jacobs, but she was unsure because she would have to go out of her way... But Caroline (Mrs Smith) was more than happy, so long as I babysat her 3 boys every Tuesday when she did body blitz at the local gym. This was a golden opportunity as her husband was often away with work on Tuesdays.

I agreed, and I would babysit every Tuesday, and try to fuck her as quickly as possible. As I left her house to go back to mine, I could feel my tight jeans filling around my crotch area. I thought it must have been from watching Caroline strut around in her sweat sodden sports bra and hot pants, but as I walked out of the door, it stopped. I turned round and caroline winked at me, to suggest she had been feeling my package as I had hugged her! I couldn't take advantage of this, because her hubby was home.

The following week I had lifts to college from this milf, staring at her beautiful C cup breasts through the wing mirrors, being caught the odd few times too. Tuesday came round, and after I came back from a particularly hard day at college, I showered, shaved my 8 inch cock and wore my best aftershave.

Walking over to Caroline's house, I couldn't stop thinking about a fantasy I had have about bending her over their kitchen counter, and fucking Caroline deep. But when I got there, she wasn't in her incredibly tight and suggestive gym kit, but a medium length floaty dress, tight on her ass and boobs, with high red heels. She opened the door, and tried to lie some accuses. But throughout, I could just her start to stare at my growing young crotch and she started to bite her lips.

I gave her a look of "seriously?" Annd I asked whether her hubby was around because I 'needed to ask him something'. I don't really, just needed to know whether he was around. He wasn't.

She lead me into the kitchen and made a drink, and asked me about college. Asking me how I had been getting on and where I wanted to go to Uni. All quite normal. So then I genuinely asked about her family, she responded with "The boys are okay, but chris has been really off with me lately. He hasn't touched me in ages".

With this hot milf infront of me, obviously gagging for a cock, all I could response with was, "Oh no, how come? I mean you're beautiful!"

She blushed and said she didn't know, but suggested that he may have been cheating on her. I took a step towards her and grabbed her petite ass. She was very taken back, but looked like she enjoyed it. She was only 5,4" (a whole foot shorter than me) but with these heels, it felt like a lot less of a difference. She immediately started to grope and feel my cock and balls through my jeans. Which made my dick so hard, so quickly. She started to toss my ever growing cock through my jeans, I started to make her moan by lifting up her dress and groping her ass. I started to kiss her neck.

She made the first move by practically ripping my t-shirt off, and flung it across the room. Purring, she moved her hand slowly down my chest towards my pants. Unbuckling my pants, I started to take her bra off and g-string too. Passing it through her heels, I noticed she had creamed all over her thong. I tried my luck, and slipped my middle finger between her ass cheeks and into her asshole, she let out an orgasmic moan that could have made me dump my load all over her dress and kitchen floor. Keeping my finger fucking her ass, she bent over and released my cock. It slapped her in the face, and she swallowed it whole. Wow.

No one had ever managed to deep throat my dick before, this was amazing. Her silky warm lips wrapped around my big cock, and stroked all the way down coking her milf mouth. She cupped my balls with the other hand and started to massage me.

I started to move my hips in synchronisation with her hot mouth swallowing my dick, and I could feel my cock pulsate in her mouth. This turned her on more, and she sucked my cock hard to drain it of my young cum which exploded all over her hot mouth after she had gone to her knees and used her hands to toss me off. My load landed on her face in 3 big shots.

"Mmm, I've been wanting that for a while" she said. I could feel the cold metallic feel of her wedding ring stroke my young cock whilst she cleaned my cum on her face up.

She led me by my cock into the lounge along a long corridor. I stopped half way, and she seemed disappointed. Being a small petite woman, she was easy pick up- so I grabbed her ass to pull up against the wall and we kissed passionately up against the wall. I could feel my flaccid cock grow against her wet and warm pussy. She seemed a little more happy as she grabbed my long dick to slip into her mature pussy.

It was the weirdest feeling I've ever had, it was like I had imagined fucking a glory hole was like! In the dark, up against a wall with a whore taking my long young cock and screaming too!

"Aghh! Scott, fuck you're soo deep! I can't be too loud, the kids will hear! Mmmm" she struggled to hushed into my ear. Hearing my balls slap against her wet and hungry asshole just turned me on more, so I fucked her deeper and harder. I could feel her long red nails dig into my back and scrap along my neck- I knew I was hitting a spot.

"Mummy, what are you doing..?" Came a quiet and cute voice from my left- immediately the passion was gone. She hoped of my dick, leaving it soaked in her cum and stiff.

"Come with me Michael, mummy's just showing Scott around our house" she said innocently taking her 4 year old back up the stairs. I know it was bad of me, but I couldn't help but start to stroke my hard cock as I watched her perky ass move as she walked along the now lit corridor. It was perfect, something I was desperate to cover in cum!

As she returned back down the stairs, she looked ready to send me out of the door. But She came down the stairs seductively in a silk red dressing gown her husband had brought for her. It looked as soon as she saw my thumping wet dick, she but her bottom lip, and took my hand to lead me to the conservatory.

She lay on the sofa and whispered "come and duck me scott, I want you" with a cheeky wink, I was quickly ontop of her. Somehow she managed to get my long cock into her wide pussy and the wet sensation just made me gyrate my hips deep into her experienced pussy. Gasping, she grabbed my hand and placed it on her milf tit, so I could grope it and release it from her loosing dressing gown.

Contracting around my thick young cock, I could feel here sweet milf pussy climax and cum all over my dick. She screamed "Scott I'm cumming, fuck me- fuck me!" Suddenly I felt my thighs soaked in her spray... After she had been rubbing her experienced clit, hard. As soon as my cock was squeezed out of her tightening pussy, she sprayed al over the sofa.

After letting out the loudest orgasmic sound I have ever heard, she grabbed my cock and dug her long nails into my ass and started to finger my ass hole. I could feel my cock fill quickly with hot, salty cum. She finger fucked my ass hitting gspot hard and as soon as she started to do this and suck my bell end- I unloaded my hot stream all over her mature face. Load after load, I let my cum down her eye lids, lips and tongue. She managed to swallow all of my salty cum, and the whole of my thick dick down her petite throat. She looked up at me with my cock in her mouth, winked and slapped my ass.

Part two, to come...

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Big ass


2013-05-20 03:12:24
This is one sexy story

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2012-12-14 13:37:42
can't wait for part 2 loved the story .... thank you for a great story

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2012-11-25 18:19:48
Good story line, however, it was a bit hard to read because of spelling nd typo errors. Try proof reading before you submit.


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I didn't think it was too rushed, this is supposed to be a quick story. A bit more detail couldn't hurt though c:

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