This one starts introducing a plot arc as well as covers a fantasy of mine. Something that I have wanted to try but haven't had the opportunity to.
Stephan arrived at work just as Marie was leaving. She jumped up and hugged him. He lifted her off the ground in his powerful arms. She planted a kiss on his lips.

"Watch your phone. We are going to have some fun tonight." She winked. "I have to go shopping first and pack an overnight bag from home. That is if it's alright."

Stephan smiled. "Anything you want is alright."

"Good meet me at Outback at 8 and wear a tie."

He put her down and she ran off to her car giggling. Stephan was a bit confused about the choice of restaurants. Outback was okay but not spectacular. A bit too family oriented to be romantic. He trusted Marie's instincts.

When he got into work he realized that he would be paying for playing hooky the day before. Things had spontaneously broken. He spent most of the day fighting fires, writing estimates and doing odd jobs that always seemed to be top priority.

He took it in stride. After all, "as soon as possible" has the same literal meaning as "when I get around to it." His anxiousness about the weekend and thoughts of Marie were making it hard to work, and making him hard for that matter. He walked through the day with a painful boner and sweaty balls. Marie wasn't helping matters much. Through out the day she would send him pictures. It was a game she called, "Guess the body part."

Stephan thought the first one was easy, it was her nipple. He laughed and texted "Nipple"

"No Points." "Not Specific" "Wanted Left Nipple." "Would also accept Tina"

"You name your nipples?"

"Of course. And you can't kiss them until you know their names. No kissing girls without knowing their names manwhore!"

"What if I kept you from kissing my testicles?"

"I know their names. I named them." Another picture came through. It looked like a different nipple.

"That would be your right nipple."

"Very good, but what's her name."


"Oh. She'll be so angry with you for getting her confused with that 'Ho. You can only kiss Tina."

"What if I said you couldn't touch my balls without knowing their names."

"Of course I know their names silly! I named them. Jonas and Grumby"

"Jonas and Grumby? What kind of named are those?

She sent back a picture of a finger. "Who am I and I will explain the logic."

Stephan looked hard trying to figure out which finger. Middle was a logical guess but it seemed to short. There were fingers on either side so it couldn't be the pinkie on index finger. That left the ring finger. Looking at the finger on either side he could tell it was the left.

"Left ring finger?" He texted her.

"How do you do it Holmes!"

"Elementary my dear Watson."

"Guess her name and I will reveal all. And then some."

Stephan thought. "Uma" he sent.

"Very good, the Bride from Kill Bill." "My right nipple is Louise." "Jonas Grumby was the proper name of the Skipper on Gilligan's Island." "Appropriate for your testicles because they're large and round." "Also :) Semen LOL!!!"

She continued inventorying her body to him throughout the day. She sent her elbows, the inside of her mouth, and a photo that would have made her gynecologist blush. Finally Marie shared just who or what Anita was. Anita was her round puckered asshole.

"You owe Anita a kiss."

"Can I give it to batgirl instead? They are neighbors."

"We'll see."

Stephan finally got everything sorted out about 4 pm when his boss called him in. On the bosses desk was a thick folder. The boss pushed it over to Stephan. Stephan grimaced when he saw the cover. Not only was it marked urgent, it was marked "Due by 12/31"

"I can't do it." Stephan said flipping through the folder of specs.

"It has to be done. It's compliance."

"It can't be done. This is at least 200 hours of work. That is five weeks uninterrupted, which I never am. Also don't forget that I have vacation the next two weeks. It's been scheduled since June and it's use it or lose it."

"I can get your bonus raised. Kick it up the next tier."

Stephan knew his boss was lying. Payroll and accounting were sloppy with their reports. Stephan was getting the equivalent of a senior analyst bonus while his boss's was only a couple of steps more than Marie's.

"I want it in writing. Annual bonus, one tier above last years."

The boss readily gave in and in ten minutes a secretary was hand carrying a letter signed by both his boss and a vice president. It also outlined extra vacation the next year to make up for the lost vacation this year.

Stephan knew something was up. He started to wonder if this project was actually a golden noose. Stephan started pouring over the specs of the project. A new set of models to be run, data generation, not his normal job, but something that he has done in the past. He had a rough idea of what he was going to have to do and a timeline in which to do it. It would be close but he thought he could do it.

It was almost 7:30 when Stephan ran out of the office and rushed back to his apartment and grabbed a button down shirt and tie. He made it to Outback just in time. When he go there he started looking around for Marie but he didn't see her. He checked the dining area. The only person he saw in the waiting area was a little girl in a pink dress and parka with a Dora the Explorer bag sitting next to her.

The little girl ran up to him and buried her face in his chest and she shouted, "Silly daddy! Didn't you see me?"

Stephan looked down and realized it was Marie. Since she was so much shorter than he was and dressed in a juvenile manner she looked to be ten or twelve at the greatest.

"Sorry Pumpkin. Just distracted." He hugged her back and took a deep breath inhaling her bubblegum scent.

"Hard day at work daddy?" she said surreptitiously fondling his crotch. She felt his cock start to harden in his pants.

"Yeah. Big last minute project. Christmas is canceled."

She pouted. "But I was going to make Santa my special cookies. Special ookie cookies."

"Don't worry pumpkin. Christmas may be canceled but we can do New Years in Hawaii."


"Well, maybe not New Years itself but early next year. How does a week on the big island sound."

"Oh Daddy, I love going to Hawaii."

Stephan looked down into her dark eyes and smiled. He didn't know where exactly she was from. Her light brown skin and rounded features suggested somewhere in Pacific, but he wasn't sure. He was sure that he would follow her to the ends of the earth.

The hostess offered to take them to their table. Marie reluctantly separated from Stephan and Stephan did his best to keep his obviously erect penis hidden by Marie's body. They ended up sitting in a booth. Stephan sat down and Marie asked "Daddy can I sit next to you?"

Stephan made to stand up but Marie stopped him with "No. I want the outside."

Stephan wasn't sure where she was going but he knew he was going to enjoy the ride.

"Can I have the peachy drink?"

"The frozen peachy drink? Aren't you a bit young for one of those?"

"Am not I'm 10. That's almost as old as you are."

The waitress came over with a platter of bread and butter and asked for their drink orders. Stephan thought fast. He knew Marie wanted the full alcohol version of the drink and if he got two alcoholic beverages there would ID hassles and would break the carefully crafted illusion. "A Wallaby Darned and an Iced Tea."

Marie smiled and started talking in a squeaky child's voice. "Mommy was so mean to me. I'm glad I don't have to see her all weekend. I was going to wear some of her pretty panties this weekend but she wouldn't let me. She said little girls shouldn't wear things like that. So I didn't."

She lifted up her skirt and revealed a freshly waxed pussy, completely devoid of all hair. "Mommy said that panties like that are for girls who have started growing hair down there. Do you see any hair Daddy?"

Stephan was staring hard. He new if there were any hair to be seen he would have seen it. There were a couple of other customers staring at her as well but mostly she was blocked by the table.

"No Pumpkin. I'm sorry I don't see any hair there. Don't be in such a rush to grow up though. I like you just the way you are."

Marie slid a finger over her cunt lips and spread them slightly. The tip of her finger came back a bit wet. She wiped it on Stephan's nose. It smelled like sex and bumblegum. She noticed a waitress coming over with their drinks and quickly put her skirt back down.

The waitress set the ice tea in front of her and the Wallaby Darned in front of Stephan. Before the waitress left Marie took a big gulp of the mixed drink. The waitress was about to say something and Stephan said, "It's okay."

The waitress asked for their orders. Stephan ordered the porterhouse and Marie had a half rack of ribs. While ordering Marie continued to drink the Wallaby Darned and Stephan had to reassure her it was okay. The waitress even offered to replace it with a child friendly version.

The waitress walked away but soon she and the hostess were staring at them from the reception desk. Stephan wondered how long this would go on before they would be asked to leave. He also wondered if it would escalate straight to the police and a weekend getaway at chez fuzz.

"You are the bestest Daddy in the world."

"And you are the bestest Pumpkin, Pumpkin."

"You're silly. I got back at mom though for not letting me wear her pretty panties. I took her toys."

Marie put her Dora the Explorer backpack on the table and opened it up carefully shielding it from the reception area, but at the same time displaying it to the half of the restaurant that hadn't seen her pussy. The back contained a half dozen sex toys. Mostly dildos but there were a couple of butt plugs as well.

"This one looks just like yours Daddy!" She said pulling out an extremely long and thick dildo. Stephan was proud of the comparison but new she was exaggerating. There was a crash behind them as a waitress who saw the dildos dropped a loaded tray. Marie quickly closed and hid the bag.

Stephan put his hand on Marie's thigh and started talking about his day. She smiled and for the most part stayed in character. "Oh you're so smart Daddy. Tell me more Daddy. Why don't they listen to you Daddy." All the while she was finishing the drink.

Stephan's hand wasn't idle while he was talking. He had been slowly sliding one side of her skirt up. Then he worked his finger hand down between her thighs. As he slid his hand down she slowly parted them. His thick fingers started working their way towards her womanly folds, all the while keeping up a banal conversation about the ins and outs of computer programming and troubleshooting issues.

"Oh Daddy" Marie said as his finger found her clit. "You are so clever." His fingers then started to spread her lips and he worked a finger into her pussy. He delighted with how wet she was. He slowly worked his finger in and out talking about a particularly thorny issue with a bug that disappeared when he ran the debugger.

"Oh Daddy. You know how to do so many… wonderful things."

"Thank you pumpkin." Marie was sweating profusely now. Without thinking she fanned the front of her dress exposed her small breasts and coffee bean nipples to Stephan. He could see they are erect and the areola were crinkled. She sighed and relaxed as Stephan felt her tighten around his index finger.

Just then the meal arrived. "Can I have another one of these peachy drinks." She asked the waitress.

"Full strength." Stephan said.

"Can I see some ID?" Stephan started fishing for his.

"No, for the young lady."

Marie pouted and then opened the back pack. She pulled out a butt plug and handed it to the waitress saying in a matter of fact adult voice, "Hold this". She fished out her purse and revealed her drivers license showing her to be twenty four. The waitress almost dropped the butt plug when she realized what it was.

"I think it might fit you." Stephan said to her with a wink. She handed it back to Marie who put it into her bag.

"That was a buzz kill."

"At least you got off."

"We'll see what we can do about you." Marie took the long brown loaf of bread and cut a slit most of way down. She then started hollowing out the loaf, eating bits her self and feeding the rest to Stephan. As she started to butter the inside of the crust she slid back into character.

"Daddy could you cut apart my ribs for me."

"Sure sweety." Stephan said as he slid her plate in front of him. As he started to split the ribs into individual bones her hand disappeared under the table. He felt her pull his erect member out and then felt something both rough and greasy slide across it.

"I want to show you how mommy eats the ribs when the pool boy is there." She was jacking him off with the hollow loaf of bread as she started to demonstrate.

"Mommy holds the rib like this." She grabbed one of the rib bones by the end. "And then she sticks the whoooollle thing in her mouth." Marie lowered her head down onto the rib until it was all the way down to her fingers. Stephan saw Marie's cheeks pucker in as her throat was making swallowing motions. Her lips were working the base of the rib near her fingers and slowly pulling back as her lips pulled back they revealed bare white rib bone. When she reached the end the rib bone came out bare with a pop.

She faced Stephan and looked him in the eyes. "You like seafood Daddy? See Food!" She held her mouth open and showed him a bit of the remaining rib in her mouth. With her eyes locked on his she swallowed.

All this time her other hand had been working the loaf of bread on his cock. The warm bread sliding back and forth. It was a sensation he had never felt before. It was soft, but not as yielding as real flesh. As she was jacking him she varied the pressure and just as she swallowed he came. She tucked his butter covered penis back into his pants and pulled the loaf of bread up. She then took a bite of the cum covered end.

"I love you Daddy."

"I love you Pumpkin."

The waitress was already on her way over with to go boxes. She was not looking happy. Stephan handed her a hundred and he and Marie dashed into the night laughing.

"I guess that's one restaurant we won't be allowed back in."

"Was I naughty Daddy?"

"You deserve a spanking." He said swatting her ass.

"Yes! Yes! First the spankings and then the oral sex!"

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