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Chapter Two
“Alright this is the room, my dude! Damn I can’t wait to get a buzz on, I’m so psyched I’m finally here!”
Keegan was nearly shaking with excitement as we neared the room he had heard about. Walking down the hall, we began to hear the bass thump of loud music reverberating against the thin dorm walls.
“This isn’t exactly incognito,” I said as we drew closer, “can’t freshmen get in trouble for drinking here?”
Keegan looked at me with a guffaw. “Ha! Look at this square! Nawh man, the bossman on this floor is cool. No worries!”
He knocked on the door with a wide grin. It opened at first with a crack after a heavy lock was turned. A face popped into view, then the door flew open in recognition.
“Awwwh, shit Key! Suuuup?”
The two embraced and slapped each other’s backs. From head to toe, they were almost indiscernibly similar to one another. In place of brand name sneakers, the one who opened the door had loafers. And he sported a very visible drunken sway with a red cup in hand.
“Zack man, yoooo! Zack, get a load of this kid, he’s my roommate. Let’s show him how sig nu’s DO!”
They awkwardly pawed some sort of high five together and made some animal like noises. Putting his arm around Keegan, Zack turned his back to me and announced to the room, “Someone get this pussy a beer!”
Left in the doorway, I took stock of the room. Filling the majority of the empty space were two small dressers facing one another with a large gap in between. They were made into a make shift beer pong table as two teams of two shot balls at opposite cups and talked trash. Stuffing the sides of the room, positioned on top of various sitting spaces, beds, desks and the one window sill were all kids with cups. The loud music underlined any conversation any of them could be having; it was blaring.
Not recognizing a single other person besides Keegan and his eerily similar boy buddy who were currently arm over shoulder and reciting some sort of drinking chant, I slowly shut the door behind me and made a move towards the fridge and hopefully some drinks.
Edging between conversations, drinks, arms, and a few dirty looks, I finally managed to open the fridge next to the window and grab a can of brew. I cracked it open, taking a sip when someone shoved a cup in my hand.
“Pour it in this. That way, anyone busts in here and you finish it up and can’t be tagged with shit. The room owner will get busted down for all the empties,” he pointed to a large stack in the corner as two freshly hollow cans were thrown on top.
“Uh, thanks,” I said to his back as he turned to whatever he was doing. Alone again, I noticed a thick, skunky scent to my right near the small window. An older kid with a ‘RESIDENTS ASSISTANT’ polo stood bent over trying unsuccessfully to blow smoke out of the screened window. “Fuck man, we need a fan,” he grumbled as the large cloud of smoke briefly exited and then entered the room in again. I approached him.
“Aren’t you supposed to be preventing this sort of thing?” I said gesturing towards the twenty plus new students bouncing around the room, drinks in hand, care free.
“I’m supervising. Who are you anyways?” His low, red eyes narrowed further in suspicion.
“Just a new student. I live on the floor below, the name’s Dan. Keegan over there is my roommate.”
He relaxed. “Haha that sucks, my dude. He’s an annoying little shit. His brother’s not a bad guy though.” He stopped talking and looked over my shoulder.
Just then, I felt a pair of eyes on the back of my head. I turned around, looking for their owner. In the corner of the room, I spotted her. Slightly curly hair framed her round and cute face. Behind a layer of rectangular glass were two large, dark brown eyes like deeply polished wood. They shone brightly as she escaped my own gaze. She looked down into her drink.
“Looks like you’ve got an admirer. Getting pussy won’t get easier than these first few weeks, my man. None of these girls know anyone, but once they do it’s harder to get that friend shield down. Just be sure to use this,” he said, handing me a condom, “there’s more clinic visits in September than any other month.”
“Thanks,“ I took it, a bit confused by the nonchalance of it all.
“Don’t mention it, I am supervising after all. You can call me Fish.” He gave me a wink and a stoned giggle. “You ever want to smoke up or chill, I’m down the hall to the right. I like your vibes, dude.”
With that he turned back to the burning joint in his hand and left me to approach the girl in the corner. I grabbed a couple of beers from the fridge and walked in her direction, my eyes never leaving her face. She straightened up and began fussing with her hair.
“Be easy, you look lovely,” I said with a warm smile when I reached her, “I’m Dan. What can I call you?”
On the other side of the room, Fish passed the joint to his friend and told him, “Yo my man’s going to nail that shit tonight, you watch this.”
She shifted her glasses and smiled. “Olivia,” she said as I handed her my extra beer, “thanks, Dan. You’re the first person who’s made me feel comfortable all night.” As she poured the beer into her cup, I took the opportunity to take in her slender figure and outfit. She wore a white knitted top that hung off her shoulders and revealed a tight pastel-purple cami underneath. Her ample cleavage dropped off to a tight belly and a dark blue layered skirt that stopped a few inches above the knee. It could have been shorter, but as far as I could tell she was a class act. I wasn’t sure about my chances that night, but I didn’t have very many other options and she seemed like good company in a somewhat mindless and hostile crowd.
Our small talk took on an animated and increasingly comfortable demeanor while we continued to pour more and more of that light, light beer. She relaxed considerably, and began touching my arm with every joke and locking her bright dark eyes with mine more often.
The night moved on and people began filtering out of the stuffy room in search of others, bigger and better functions, and beds for the lucky or too drunk. Soon, Olivia and I found ourselves with a few strangers, Keegan, and Zack.
“Ayo Dan! Let’s blow this bitch, they’re almost out of beer,” Keegan yelled at me despite our proximity.
“Yeah Stan, we’ve got a house to go to. They’ve got a rager, full on,” Zack said, clapping me on the shoulder. He leaned a little heavily.
Keegan whispered in Zack’s ear, “It’s Dan, dude,” then to me asked, “right?”
With a smile I replied, “Alright let’s go you drunks.” I was feeling the warmth of the beer myself and didn’t want the good moods to end just yet.
It was then I made the first small step on Olivia by grabbing her free hand. I looked her in the eye and gently gave it a squeeze saying, “Hey let’s keep this rolling. You down?”
She met my gaze with a confidence I didn’t expect from the shy, bashful girl I had met an hour ago. Biting her lip, she said, “Let’s do it.”
With that we were all stumbling through the brightly lit fluorescent halls towards the elevators. Keegan and Zack ran to an open one and watched us as we tried to catch up.
“Too slow!” Zack cried.
“I’m hitting open,” Keegan said as he jammed on the ‘close door’ button, “It’s not working!” He said with a snigger. The two of them doubled over with laughter as the elevator closed shut on Olivia and I.
“I guess we’ll have to wait for the next one,” I said turning to face her. She inched closer to me and I moved in turn, putting my hands on her hips.
“Some friends you have,” she said.
I felt her hot breath on my neck as we drunkenly closed in for a sloppy kiss. Olivia turned out to be much more aggressive than her non assuming looks put on; she shoved her tongue into my mouth and grabbed me around the neck. Grabbing her around the midsection, I pushed back in return. The elevator door opened behind her. She jumped on me, wrapping her slender legs around my body and she began kissing my neck. We both fell into the elevator and I slammed her back into the wall, as she let her breath escape in a gasp.
“Sorr-,” I started to say before her mouth met mine. The doors closed and we began to travel upwards, neither of us paying attention. I slid my hands along her smooth thighs and up towards her tight, hard ass. She wasn’t even wearing any panties.
She clawed with strong fingers along my back and moved her hands up to my head where she pulled my hair in fistfuls. The elevator echoing with our clumsy smacks, bangings, and soft groans opened on another floor with a soft ding. We heard snickering behind us. Flustered and confused, we turned around, Olivia still wrapped around my midsection, her hands around my head. Both our faces were flushed red with excitement and our hair was mussed in different directions.
Fish had his closed hand around his mouth as he quietly shook with laughter. His friend was cheesing it, eyes closed, mouth agape making stoned laughter.
“You fucking called it. You called it!” His friend breathed when the fit ended. Olivia clambered towards the consul, hit a floor, and gave them both the finger as it closed. When we began to travel down, she hit emergency stop.
“Fuck that party,” she said as she came closer. She ripped my shirt off over my head and started kissing my bare body. I backed into a wall as she took my belt off and pushed my pants around my ankles. She kissed my thighs while stroking my hard cock. Looking at me, she spit on its head and let the wetness cover my shaft. I pulled her mouth to mine while she continued stroking my erection between us.
I gave a quick pull to her skirt and it fell to the floor revealing her wet slit and a small bush that rested just above it. I put two of my fingers in my mouth to wet them. Olivia grabbed my wrist, pulling the fingers out. Then, looking in my eyes, slowly sucked from the tips down to the knuckles. Letting the suction up as they slid out between her reddened lips, she said, “Put them in me,” and lowered my hand.
I slowly circled her wet pearl above her hole and she gave an excited moan. She let go of my dick and I slowly inserted my pointer finger into her warm, tight twat and she gave me a gasp in return. Working in and out, I started the second finger as her grip tightened on my arms.
“Just fuck me,” she said.
“Yes ma’am,” I replied happily.
We embraced again as I unhooked her bra and in one fluid motion threw the three piece top to the corner of the elevator where her skirt and my pants lay. Her nipples were lightly colored and seemed to disappear into the rest of her skin. I put my full hand on one and let my thumb flick lightly over the hard top while I kissed her neck gently. She spat in her hand again and worked the head of dick while we slowed things down for a moment.
“Excuse me for just a second,” I said, reaching down into a pocket of my pants on the ground. I took out the golden condom wrapper and drunkenly concentrated for a moment. Olivia continued to play with my member. I took the rubber out of its wrapper, slowly unfurled it down the length of my shaft, and took her mouth in mine with the same amount of force as before.
Once again she jumped up and wrapped her legs about my hips and I slammed her into the door. She directed the head of my wrapped penis straight up and into her soaking wet and ready cunt. Sharply inhaling, she closed her eyes as I slowly put my full length into her. Then I began pumping. Each thrust made her bounce upwards while she held on tightly around my neck. Her glasses still on, she closed her eyes in a wild, drunken oblivion that can only come from fucking a stranger in a dorm building elevator.
Then she stopped me for a moment.
“Let me turn around for you,” she said in between kissing my neck and shoulders. She pushed me back and spread her legs towards the opposite walls of the small area. Then she bent over slightly. Showing her wet lips to me, I stepped towards her and grabbed a hold of her hips. Without warning, I shoved myself into her once again, and furiously humped. I felt her entire body shake as I moved a hand to her shoulder for better leverage.
“Pull my hair,” she said through gritted teeth.
Complying, I took a handful of her thick, curly black hair and pulled her head back as I continued to thrust myself deep inside her.
Olivia’s mouth was perpetually open as I continued to ram her with my full length. Soon, I felt the first waves of orgasm pulsing through my loins. I groaned in pleasure.
She must of sensed how close I was as she straightened up, letting my hard, quivering cock slip out of her, and turned around once again to look me in the face. She squatted, never leaving me eyes, and grabbed a hold of the condom. Snapping it off and over her shoulder, she took me in her wet mouth and worked her tongue around my head, pumping my shaft with vigor.
I leaned back against the wall and raised my head as I finally blew off inside her willing mouth. She let most of it trickle down my cock, and the warm semen slid down my leg. Swallowing, she licked my leg and said, “Let’s do this again sometime,” casually.
“Sounds good,” I replied. “Listen it’s pretty early if you still want to head to that party.”
“I already found what I was looking for tonight. I’m going to go back to my room, but you should meet up with your friends,” she said matter of factly.
“Oh, uh, okay,” I said a little confused. Earlier, she seemed to be a quiet good girl. Then it turned out she was a quiet freak who likes it in elevators. Now she’s totally caught me off guard with this fuck and flee shtick. But I was alright with it.
We exchanged numbers. Then she calmly put on her clothes, straightened her glasses and pressed the button for her floor. “That was fun,” she said, kissing me on the cheek and lightly bouncing out of the elevator doors as they opened.
I was bewildered, naked, and alone in the elevator except for the used condom, slumped against the wall. I pulled my pants up, and hit the button for Ground floor.

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2012-11-24 01:28:11
I wonder why only guys put their numbers online... Don't get raped. Exactly.


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I loved it! You kind of described me when you told us how Olivia looks, which was definitely plus in my book :D I'm gunna go read part 3 now c:

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