Please read the previous parts, to better understand this. After watching Nathan have sex with her daughter's friend, Janis has made her presence known. What will Janis do about it? I will do another part if I get requests for it, otherwise this is the final part. I am working on a new series.
Nathan's dick quickly deflated in Stacy's pussy as he looked at Janis in fear. Janis stood there looking at them sternly, "all of you are in big trouble for this." Melissa started to say, "mom..."

Janis interrupted her, "zip it missy, you're in the most trouble." Melissa held her head down, figuring her mom had seen everything. "I should call the police, Nathan can go to jail for what he just did to Stacy," Janis said. "But mom," Melissa protested. "But nothing Melissa, if I was going to do that, I would have done it when I saw what you guys were doing. No I have a better idea," Janis said, smiling deviously.

Nathan's dick slipped out of Stacy's, now swollen pussy, as he turned around on the bed, looking at Janis. Janis looked at Nathan sternly, then at Stacy's leaking pussy. A small trickle of Nathan's cum, with a light red tint running out of Stacy's gaping pussy. "Nathan you're going to start by cleaning out Stacy's pussy," Janis said, laughing lightly. Nathan started to protest, but Janis cut him off, "and she's going to sit on your face, so there's no escape for you."

Nathan looked at Janis in disgust, he had no intention of doing what she wanted. Janis smiled, "either that or I call the police on you." Nathan knew she had him there, and was going to get what she wanted, or else he would get locked up for a long time.

Nathan stared at Janis as he reluctantly laid back on the bed, next to Stacy. He had no idea how this would go or taste, but he didn't want to get arrested and locked up for having sex with a young girl. Janis giggled, "that's a good boy, ok Stacy now swat over his face so he can get all of his cum out of you."

Stacy nodded at Janis as she slowly rolled over on top of Nathan, looking at him in fear. Nathan nodded at her in understanding, knowing she didn't like this idea either. As Stacy straddled Nathan's abdomen, he felt his cum drip onto his stomach, causing him to cringe a little. Stacy slowly moved up the bed, until her stomach was just above Nathan's head, her pussy hovering over his chin.

Nathan looked at Stacy's gaping slit, seeing some more of his cum getting ready to drip out. Janis chuckled, "that's a good girl, make that boy get all of his cum out of your freshly fucked hole." Nathan swallowed his breath uneasily, as her pussy drew closer to his mouth.

Janis moved to the side of the bed, getting anxious now. Janis laid her hands on Stacy's ass and pushed down, pushing Stacy's pussy into Nathan's face.

Nathan jumped in surprise, not expecting that, as Stacy's pussy was forced against his mouth. He began to choke and gag as his cum and Stacy's virginity blood leaked into his mouth. "Ah poor baby, should've thought about that before you took her cherry and came inside of this poor, defenseless girl," Janis yelled, using her hands to grind Stacy's pussy against his face.

Melissa was watching the scene, not believing how her mom was acting. "But mom, you had sex with him as well," Melissa said, staring at her mom. Janis froze, looking back at her daughter in shock, "how do you know that?" Melissa shifted on her knees, smiling deviously, "I watched you guys have sex."

Janis shook her head in disbelief, "that's a lie, you were asleep when I checked on you." Melissa giggled mischievously, "I was faking, plus that was why the couch and floor was wet." Janis then knew her daughter wasn't lying, "well it doesn't matter anyway, we are both of legal age."

Nathan was still choking on the awful taste that was filling his mouth. He could taste the rusty taste of blood, as well as a very salty, tangy taste, he guessed was his cum. He did not like being degraded like this, but also knew he couldn't do anything about it.

Melissa nodded at her mom, "that may be, but you know his mom may not like the idea of him having sex with a woman twice his age." Janis' eyes widened, "you wouldn't dare." Melissa snickered, "try me." Janis shook her head, "what am I supposed to do, let him have his way with you two?"

Melissa thought for a moment, "well, its not entirely his fault that he had sex with us." Janis stared at her daughter, listening. "I seduced him the other day, and he had sex with me twice, after I sucked him off once," Melissa continued. Janis' look changed to shock as Melissa went on. "Then tonight, I threatened to blackmail him for having sex with you, unless he did what I wanted," Melissa said.

Janis' mouth opened wide in shock, not wanting to believe her daughter, but knew that she wasn't lying. Janis moved her hands away from Stacy's ass, as Stacy kept grinding her pussy against Nathan's face. "I can't believe you did all of this," Janis said, not sure what to do about it.

Melissa smiled at her mom, "I can't believe you had sex with him, and you let him put his dick in your butt." Janis stared at her daughter, knowing Melissa had seen everything. Janis knew she couldn't deny anything, or do anything to her daughter about what she had done with Nathan. "Well I guess we need to get you tested for pregnancy and get you on pills huh?" Janis said.

Melissa looked at her mom, smiling, "so your not mad mom?" Janis scoffed, "well yes, but what can I do about it now?" Melissa giggled, "I bet I can make you unmad mommy."

Janis looked at her daughter in interest, as Stacy's moans grew louder, "ohhh, I'm gonna cum, please don't stop." Nathan had finally gotten used to the taste, as he moved his tongue around, inside of Stacy's pussy, rubbing his nose against her swollen clit. He grabbed Stacy's ass cheeks, pulling her into him, as her orgasm neared, feeling her pussy squeeze his tongue, her legs beginning to tremble and jerk. He moaned into her pussy, sending vibrations right to her clit.

Janis and Melissa both turned to watch them. "Oh yeah Stacy, is he gonna make you cum, fill his mouth with your juice, let him taste it," Melissa urged her on. Janis looked back at Melissa in disbelief, 'where did she learn about this, and talk like that?'

Janis looked back at Stacy, as Stacy's body started to shake. "Ohhh yeesss," Stacy moaned as her orgasm began to course through her. She gripped the sheets on the bed hard, as she ground her pussy harder into Nathan's face. Nathan felt her pussy squeeze his tongue even tighter, as his mouth was filled with a rush of fluids. He choked as he tasted more of his cum, mixed with hers.

Melissa and her mom watched Stacy cum on Nathan's face. "Yeah Stacy, that's it cum all over his face," Melissa yelled out, smacking Stacy's trembling ass hard.

Nathan tried to keep up with the juices filling his mouth, but it was impossible, as he continued rubbing Stacy's clit hard with his nose, and moving his tongue inside her as far as he could. Stacy's body continued to shake and shudder as her orgasm slowly began to wane. She fell forward onto the bed, breathing heavily, "holy shit," she said breathlessly.

Janis looked at Melissa and lightly laughed, "I think you guys wore the poor girl out." Melissa laughed, "yeah I guess we did." Surprised at how her mom's attitude had suddenly changed. Melissa looked down at Nathan's dick and noticed it was hard again, "but it looks like he's not done yet," she giggled. Janis looked at Nathan's dick as well and chuckled, "nope I guess not."

Janis looked back at Melissa and asked, "so what did you mean by making me unmad?" Melissa grinned shyly at her mom, "well we have a guy here with a hard dick, and I bet he would enjoy another hot pussy." Janis smiled, "I'm sure he would."

Janis began to crawl onto the bed, anxious to get Nathan's dick inside of her again. Before she could straddle him, Melissa stopped her, "but don't you think your pussy needs some attention first?" Janis looked at her quizzically, "what?" Melissa grinned wider, "don't you think your pussy should be wet for it first?"

Stacy had recovered and rolled off of Nathan, allowing him to breath again. His face was glistening with the mixture of juices, a hint of Stacy's virginity blood on his chin, as he slowly sat up to see Janis kneeling next to him. He knew Janis wanted her turn with his dick too, but didn't know how much more he could take.

Melissa looked at Nathan and Stacy, and smiled, "why don't you guys get off of the bed for a bit." Janis looked at Melissa in confusion, as Nathan and Stacy both rolled off of the bed. Melissa looked at her mom, "now mom take off your shirt and bra, and lay down on the bed, right where Nathan was."

Janis continued to look at Melissa in confusion as she slowly pulled her top over her head and tossed it aside. She reached back to unsnap her bra when Melissa stopped her again, "wait mom. Nathan take off my mom's bra." Janis looked back at Nathan, as he came up behind her, and started fumbling with the bra clip.

Janis looked back at her daughter, amazed at how she had taken charge of the scene. She knew her daughter was an independent girl, but had no idea she could take charge like this. After Nathan got her bra unsnapped, Janis removed it and tossed it aside. Janis kept her eyes focused on Melissa as she she moved around and laid down on the bed, right where Nathan was earlier. She felt wetness against her shoulders, knowing it was from Stacy.

Melissa moved between her mom's legs, as Janis laid back. Melissa looked at her mom's hairy pussy, wondering how this would go, since on all of the videos, the women didn't have any hair covering their pussy's. Melissa used her hands to spread her mom's legs, looking up at Janis and smiling, "just relax mom, it'll be alright."

Janis tried to relax, but wasn't sure what Melissa was about to do. She watched her daughter lean forward, bringing her face closer to the same hole she came out of 11 years ago. Janis felt Melissa's hands move up her inner thighs, getting closer to her pussy, as she sucked her breath in and held it.

Melissa stared at her mom's bush as she pushed her thumbs into the hair, searching for her mom's pussy lips. She could smell her mom's scent wafting from her pussy as her face got closer. It didn't smell like Stacy's pussy, it had more of a fish smell than the sweet smell, Stacy's had. Melissa used her thumbs to open her mom's pussy lips, looking through the pubic hair at the entrance.

Janis looked down to see what her daughter was doing, when she felt her pussy lips being opened. "Melissa wait, what are you... Oh my god," Janis moaned loudly. Melissa pushed her tongue into her mom's bush, pushing the tip against Janis' hole. Janis put her hands on Melissa's head, wanting more now.

Melissa pushed her tongue into her mom's pussy, as her mom tried to pull her head in further. Melissa resisted her mom, holding her head back as she moved her tongue around inside of her mom's pussy. "Oh yes honey, don't stop," Janis cried out in pleasure. It had been years since anyone had given her oral sex, and now it was from her own daughter.

Janis moved her hands away from her daughter's head, and grabbed the sheet on either side of her. Melissa moved her hands away from her mom's pussy as she buried her face into her mom's mound, moaning as she tasted her mom's wetness. Janis' body began to violently tremble, as her orgasm was quickly beginning to build again. Her legs squeezed Melissa's head, trapping her there, as Melissa moved her face around her mom's pussy mound, feeling the pubic hair tickle her cheeks, nose, and lips.

Janis grabbed Melissa's head again, pulling at her hair as she cried out, "oh my fucking god, you're gonna make me cum honey, please don't stop, oh my god don't stop." Melissa could barely make out what she said, but she could tell her mom was getting ready to cum. Janis' legs squeezed tighter, as she pulled Melissa hair harder.

Before Janis could cum, Melissa abruptly stopped and pulled her head back, looking up at her mom and smiling deviously. Janis quickly opened her eyes, looking at her daughter with lust, "why did you stop baby, I was so close to cumming," she said breathlessly. Melissa's face was glistening with her mom's wetness as she said, "Stacy sit on my mom's face and make her pleasure you too."

Janis' look changed from lust to almost fearful as she looked over at Stacy, Janis just wanted to cum. Stacy was out of Melissa's view, as she looked at Janis and said, "no that's ok Melissa, just make your mom cum." This perturbed Melissa as she almost yelled, "do it Stacy, or our friendship is over." Janis continued to look at Stacy and slowly nodded, mouthing, 'it's ok.' Janis had no clue what she was doing, all she knew was that she wanted to cum, and was willing to do what her daughter wanted.

Stacy saw this and reluctantly made her way towards the bed. Melissa watched her friend climb onto the bed, and slowly straddle Janis' head. Melissa smiled at Stacy as she watched her lower her pussy down to her mom's open mouth. "Oh yeah Stacy, let my mom make you cum again," Melissa said excitedly, as her mom stuck her tongue out and delved it into Stacy's swollen slit.

Nathan stood there, watching the scene unfold in front of him, as Stacy started rocking her hips on Janis' face, and Melissa buried her face back into her mom's pussy. He listened to Janis moan into Stacy's pussy, as Stacy started moaning as well, Stacy fondling her own tits, as her hips moved faster. He didn't want to be left out once again, so he climbed onto the bed, behind Melissa's swaying ass, as she sucked at her mom's pussy.

Melissa sucked on her mom's swollen clit, as she moved two fingers in and out of her sucking hole. She felt Nathan get on the bed behind her and moaned into her mom's pussy in anticipation of getting fucked again. She felt him grab her hips and his hard dick pushing against her pussy. She pulled away from her mom long enough to moan, "oh yes fuck me Nathan, while I make my mom cum."

Janis was trying her best to move her tongue around inside of Stacy's pussy. She had never done this before either, but was trying to do what she really liked. Stacy was facing towards Melissa, feeling Janis' chin grind against her pussy. For this being her first time, Stacy still had the stamina to go longer. "Oh god Ms. White that feels good, yes lick me," Stacy moaned loudly.

Nathan tried to push his dick into Melissa, but it slipped down her slit, failing to penetrate her. He groaned in anger as he grabbed the base of his dick and held it steady as he lined it back up. When he felt the head penetrate her he moved his hand back to her hip, and slammed into her, hard and fast, smacking against her ass.

When Nathan slammed into her, Melissa moaned loudly into her mom's clit, causing Janis to almost scream in pleasure into Stacy's pussy. Nathan started fucking Melissa hard, slamming into her and pushing her face harder into her mom's pussy. Nathan was grunting loudly as he heard Stacy cry out in ecstasy, "oh shit, I'm cumming." Nathan kept slamming into Melissa, as he watched Stacy squeeze her tits hard, her hips bouncing on Janis' face.

Janis' mouth was quickly filled with Stacy's juices as she came on top of her. Janis swallowed as fast as she could, feeling juices running down her chin and neck as Stacy continued to cum. Melissa clamped down on her mom's clit, sucking on it hard, as she moved her fingers faster in her pussy. Janis wanted to get Stacy off of her, as she felt her orgasm beginning to course through her.

Melissa felt her mom's pussy squeeze at fingers, as a rush of fluids ran out of her mom's pussy and onto the bed. Melissa released her mom's clit, urging her on, "oh mommy, that's it cum for me." Janis' body writhed and trembled as her orgasm continued to course through her, moaning and screaming into Stacy's cumming pussy. Nathan and Melissa watched Janis and Stacy both cumming at the same time, Janis' back arching off of the bed, and Stacy's legs and body trembling on top of her.

Stacy fell forward onto Janis' stomach, her body still shaking as she came back to earth. Janis' body was still squirming on the bed as her own orgasm slowly faded.

Nathan slammed into Melissa one more time and stayed there, laying across her back, "now can I fuck your mom?" He whispered in her ear. Melissa pulled her fingers out of her mom's pussy and moaned, "mmm, not quite, she's gotta do one more thing yet."

Nathan groaned in disappointment as he pushed himself back up and slowly withdrew his dick from Melissa. Melissa moaned when he pulled out, wishing he could just keep fucking her, but knew her mom wanted his dick too.

Stacy rolled over, laying next to Janis in exhaustion, trying to regain strength. Melissa looked back at Nathan and smiled, "get off of the bed first." Nathan moved back off of the bed reluctantly, as Melissa got off as well. She grabbed Nathan's hand and pulled him up next to the bed, by her mom's head. "Mommy now it's time to get his dick all wet for you," Melissa said, smiling.

Janis looked at her daughter, then at Nathan's dick. It had a slight glisten to it, with her daughter's wetness covering it. Melissa moved behind Nathan and gave him a light push forward. Janis watched his dick bounce a little as his legs pushed against the bed. Janis slowly rolled onto her side and scooted towards him, wrapping her hand around his dick.

Janis looked up at Nathan, as he looked down at her with lust. He put his hands on his hips as he watched her open her mouth, still looking up at him and taking his dick into her mouth. His dick throbbed as Janis wrapped her lips around the shaft, about halfway down, sucking hard. Janis moaned as his dick throbbed, slowly taking more of his dick into her mouth, until her nose pressed against his abdomen, tasting her daughter's juices.

Melissa had moved to the side of Nathan, watching in amazement as her mom took his dick completely into her mouth. She started rubbing her own pussy, watching her mom move her head up and down Nathan's dick, leaving her saliva all over it.

Nathan threw his head back and groaned, "oh fuck Janis, that feels so good, yes suck my cock." He started moving his hips in time with her head movement, enjoying the feeling her sucking on his dick hard.

Janis slid her tongue along the bottom side of his shaft as she moved her head faster, rubbing her pussy up and down, with her hand. She pulled away from his dick, pushing it up with her other hand as she tickled his ball sack with her tongue. Nathan groaned louder as he felt her suck one of his balls into her mouth, rubbing the tip of her tongue against his hairy sack, "ohhh god!"

Melissa rubbed her pussy harder as she watched her mom suck on Nathan's balls, moving from one to the other, then back. "Yeah mom, get him all hot and horny, so he can fuck your wet pussy," Melissa moaned, feeling her pussy getting wetter.

Nathan was in seventh heaven, as Janis ran her tongue up and down the sides of his dick, going from the base to the head, almost teasing him. He could feel his cum beginning to boil again, as she took just the head into her mouth and tease the tip with her tongue. He put a hand on her forehead, pushing her away, just before his cum began to rush up his dick, "I don't wanna cum yet, I wanna fuck your hot pussy first." His dick throbbed, wanting its release, but the sensation slowly faded as Janis let go of his dick.

She looked up at Nathan with a wide smile and nodded, she pushed Stacy off of the bed, and spun her body on the bed, so her ass was on the edge, her pussy right in front of his dick. "Fuck me Nathan, fuck me like you fucked my daughter and her friend, fill me with your young, hot seed," Janis demanded, holding her legs up and open.

Melissa looked at her mom in shock, amazed once again at how her mom was talking. She knew her mom wanted to get fucked, but her attitude had completely changed from earlier. Melissa watched as Nathan guided his dick towards her mom's pussy and the head slowly disappear into her pubic hair.

Janis sucked in her breath as she felt Nathan's dick begin to penetrate her. She closed her eyes, holding her legs wide apart as he easily sank into her. "Ohhh god Nathan, yes, now fuck me hard," she groaned, opening her eyes and looking up at him.

As his balls rested against Janis' ass, Nathan looked at her and nodded. He put his hands on either side of her, grabbing the sheet as he quickly pulled back and then slammed back into her, grunting. He started fucking her, like a jackhammer, moving his hips as fast as he could.

Janis started frigging her clit, urging him to go faster, "that's it Nathan, yes fuck me harder." She moved her legs closer together, resting them against Nathan's chest, rubbing her clit harder.

Nathan could feel his balls beginning to tingle as they pulled into his body for their impending release. Melissa moved behind them, watching Nathan's dick piston in and out of her mom's pussy. Nathan was grunting loudly as he groaned, "oh fuck Janis I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna blow my load in your hot pussy."

Hearing Nathan talk dirty to her mom sent Melissa into orgasmic bliss. She vigorously rubbed her clit as her orgasm shot through her, moaning loudly, her hips bucking and her legs trembling.

Janis looked at Nathan, sweat forming on his forehead, his eyes closed. "Yes baby fill my hot pussy with your cum, come on Nathan, cummmm!" Janis yelled as she felt his dick grow inside of her and her insides being blasted with his cum. "Ahhhhh," Nathan groaned as his movements slowed, his dick throbbing and filling her pussy with his cum.

As he continued to cum, Janis started having a small orgasm. Her pussy squeezing his dick for all of its contents. "Oh fuck Nathan, you're making me cum too, fuck your hot cum feels so good in my pussy," she stammered out through her orgasm.

Melissa had finished cumming as she watched Nathan spread her mom's legs and collapse on top of Janis. Melissa could see Nathan's dick still lightly throbbing as his cum was beginning to seep out around it, getting caught in Janis' bush.

Janis wrapped her arms around Nathan, lightly hugging him in complete pleasure. "Oh my god Nathan, that was intense," Janis moaned, almost whispering. Nathan lightly chuckled as he pushed himself up off of her, and smiled at her. He slowly withdrew his wilting member, as it slipped out of Janis' creamy pussy, a small trickle of his cum followed it out and collecting in her wet pubic hair.

As he moved aside and laid down next to Janis, Melissa looked at her mom's pussy, seeing his cum in her pubic hair. She licked her lips as she moved to her knees, moving closer to her mom's freshly fucked pussy. She didn't hesitate, quickly burying her face into her mom's pussy, licking at the leaking cum.

Janis jumped when her daughter buried her face in her pussy. She didn't think she could take much more, moaning lightly and trying to pull away.

Melissa licked and sucked at her mom's pussy, trying to get all of Nathan's cum out of her. She dipped her tongue into Janis' pussy, scooping out as much of the cum as she could, enjoying the taste now.

After Melissa felt she had gotten all of the cum out, she stood up and laid down on the other side of her mom. She laid her arm over her mom's chest and whispered, "I love you mom." Janis smiled, "I love you too sweetheart."

Janis knew what had happened tonight was wrong, but she had enjoyed every moment of it. The four them drifted off to sleep, Stacy laying on the floor, and Nathan, Janis, and Melissa sleeping together on the bed, all of them completely exhausted.

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