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My girls hot friend in a real threesome
Welcome home Poppy

Thank you very much to all comments and constructive criticism. Sorry if you do find these rushed, it's just because with just a vivid memory and recollection my cock quickly fills up with cum and I have to go have a quick cold shower. Again, the names have been all changed to keep anyone out of trouble!

If you haven't read my other stories, I'd recommend it! Instead of retelling stories and background etc. I hate to be boring for you guys! ;)

Anyway, this story is about my first ever three-way. As a very, very sex driven teen, I have always desired a three-way. Not necessarily just two girls either- open minded! But being in a relationship with Jenny- we often masturbated to each others stories of lust and fantasies to get each other to cum in and on each other. Around our 2 year anniversary, aged around 16/17- we started to talk about the possibility of a three-way. I had suggested her older sister, Kate. A brunette cheerleader with an ass to die for. A flat and toned body, with supple B/C cup breasts that I had been furiously maaturbating to on holiday until she caught me in her knickers draw- but that's another story!

Jenny seemed up for the conquest, as she had had some lesbian experience before. This was when we went to a friends 18th birthday party, and she got incredibly drunk. I slipped off to the toilets with her best friend (Poppy) and fucked her hard in the toilets. She didn't know that Jenny and I had decided to become open to sex, so it made it even hotter. We started dancing together, and she started to gyrate her wet pussy on my ever growing crotch- until I couldn't take it any longer and took her off to the toilets. Too drunk to really remember, we still joke about it a little behind Jenny's back.

When we got into the toilets, she did the usual slut thing and went down on two knees to release my thick cock to suck and lick from tip to base. She didn't seem to swallow my dick very far, so I decided to try my luck and fuck her head against the wall... Much to my surprise she just took it. After a disappointing knock on the toilet door as I was close to unloading my load into her 18 year old throat, she quickly jacked me off to make me shoot my cum as I squeaked "just coming, hang on". Releasing my load into her drinker mouth was bliss. Her mouth felt so so good wrapped around my cock. Quickly after, she stood up adjusted herself and started to lick her lips as I opened the door. She had obviously felt a little bit of cum on the lower side of her lip to leave on purpose so when she left, she used her index finger to wipe it off, lick it and wink seductively as I walked into the door frame with distraction.

We later drank and danced hard until about 2am, when me and Jen called it a night. We got a cab home to my empty house. A bonus, as I'm sure you can remember- a free house a teenager= hardcore sex.

I later told Jenny what had happened, as I did this, I started to feel some movement under the covers. I reached over to find her pussy full with thereof Jens skinny fingers. We fucked the night away as I kept calling her poppy and she called me Jess (the girl she had gotten off with infrobt of everyone in the kitchen- whilst I was being blown) although not possible, Jen was imagining being fucked by Jess' strap on as my cock widened her teenage pussy. As I said before- sex crazy.

Anyway last year, Jen admitted to me that her, Poppy and Jess regularly had sleepovers and talked about how their boyfriends would satisfy them. Jess' boyfriend liked her eating sushi of her hard cock whilst blowing him. Poppy's boyfriend struggled to get it up. Whilst me and Jen seemed to have the most daring and wild sex life led by anyone in our county!

In detail, she also told and showed my how they all French kissed each other and fingered each other whilst at these sleep overs. A young guys dream. Although a little pissed off only to have just learnt this, open to this concept of horniness. Poppy had been off in Uganda for 6 months as part of her gap year. Before this time, she had split up with her boyfriend, Brad, basically because he couldn't last without sex for 6 months.

So when she came back, we threw her a private little party!

A few weeks before, Jen suggested to go ahead with this three way idea, to spice it up. Although disheartened from Jens rejection of asking Kate to participate, Kate often suggestively gestured at me of her sucking my dick. Huge turn on.

Anyway, Jen decided to take the plunge and ask me if introducing poppy into our sex lives would be alright? Obviously I put up a huge fight and said no.... Not!

Poppy is a taller girl, around 6'2" (closer to my 6'4" physique) and she was also a cheerleader with Kate. Poppy has a bigger bust of around 34D, and I often think about that party when she goes swimming and I'm life guarding! As well as having a love cleavage, Poppy knew how to carry herself. Always dressed in a classy, but sexy 'come and get me' sort of way. We invited her to Jens, on a night when we knew we wouldn't be disturbed. To do this act of horniness, the girls wanted to be drunk- like off their faces. 8 shots of vodka later, they were on the sofa, showing me their 'homework'. Watching poppies delicate hands down Jens young sweatpants rapidly fingering her tight pussy, made my cock go instantly hard. They were also making out too, hard and fast. As each others tongues played with the others, lipstick from each girl covered one another. Jen lifted her neck to signal to Poppy to start to kiss her neck. After what felt like just a few seconds later, Jens hands were firmly on Poppy's wrist, pushing her three fingers deeper into her tight pussy. With the release of Jens climax, Poppy withdrew her fingers to make me lick them clean. The girls kissed passionately as Jen groped my crotch and Poppy forced her cum covered fingers into my mouth. Jen started to rub Poppy's clit fast, which just made Poppy dig her fingers deeper into my throat. Turned on by the situation, I flung my 8 inch member out out my jeans, nearly hitting poppy in the eye. Still with her cummed covered fingers in my mouth, she started to suck the pink bell end of my cock, with passion and moans. As she started to climax over my girl friends fingers, Poppy suddenly remembered that night at the party, and started to swallow the whole of my cock.

Screaming and creaming all over Jens fingers, Jen started to lick them clean whilst watching Poppy's throat being filled with my thick cock. She started to play with her tight pussy as watching her mans cock being swallowed by another cum-hungry slut turned her on.

Releasing my dick from her lips, Poppy lent over to kiss Jen firmly on the lips, and jacked me off. I quickly took charge of the situation, as Jen had told me how Poppy likes being told what to do.

"Put your hands on top of the sofa top, and get on all fours. Then still your ass out for me to fuck" I demanded to both of them. Horny as fuck, both of them obliged and started to kiss so that I could see. I grabbed Jens ass and hips to started- and fed her desperate pussy with my long cock. Pushing against me, Jen immediately started to filled her pussy up with her mans dick. Making it difficult to kiss her, Poppy held Jens face firmly at the the chin as I fucked Jens pussy hard, and very deep.

Dying for my hard cock in her pussy, Poppy grabbed my ass with her long nails and attempted to pull my never ending cock out of her best friend.

I moved quickly over, without whipping Jens pussy juices off and fuck Poppy even harder and even deeper. She had never had a hard dick that far before so she squeemed a little at the depth of my cock. But soon got use to it, cumming on it hard. I didn't stop though when her tight pussy climaxed on my cock, I pulled her hips even closer to go in even deeper. Moaning simultaneously, Poppy came all over my cock again, letting out a loud scream. Jenny was quick to her knees to swallow her mans cock- covered in her best friends cum.

Jenny had never sucked my dick so hard, or as deep before- I wasn't sure if it was to show off to Poppy her sucking skills- but I liked it. I quickly pulled Poppys collapsed body close to mine so I could tongue her throat as my cock was swallowed by Jen. As Poppy came up for breathe she said; "Scott, if Jens okay with it, fill my ass with cum... Now!" Without much more hesitation, I took my cock from my girl, and positioned both so that Poppy could tongue Jens clit as I fucked her in the ass. I needed to widen Poppy's ass, so I fingered it with lube as she licked my girls pussy... Which made them moan really loud at the same time. Poppy was reaching back, stretching her ass cheeks and trying to grab my cock to slip in.

I teased Poppy's 19 year old asshole, and dipped my bell end into her tight ass, and she started moan and push it up towards me. Obliging, I slipped at least 4/5 inches into her ass before hitting a wall of some kind. It was enough though. She ferociously fingered Jens tight pussy whilst screaming my name! She and Jen sprayed from their young pussy's at pretty much the same time, covering me and Poppy's face in cum.

Although she wanted it in her ass, I quickly pulled my cock out of Poppy's ass and stood up beside the sofa. I got both of them tonging each other like they had been practicing- whilst running each others pulsing pussy's. I was able to jack my slippy cock off, from base to tip of all 8 inches... They stopped kissing though.

They looked at each other with a knowing look, and it was as if they had pre-arrange it. Poppy took my cock by her hand and mouth and start to give my cock the best blow job I have ever had- this was whilst Jen started to finger Poppy's pussy again. I could feel my dick fill with cum, and so could Poppy. She looked over to Jen giving her a wink and opened her mouth as I came 4 or 5 shots straight down her throat as she jacked me off. Trying to get it back from up her throat to mouth, she carried on stroking my cock as she lent over to Jen and they swapped my cum between their mouths. Tongues covered in cum slapped each other as they swallowed my love juices...

Poppy is currently away again, so let's hope for a similar arrival party!

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