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This is my very first story. I have been a fan of sex stories for a very long time. This story is a true story with a couple fantasies of mine.
To start things off I'm going to tell you about myself and a little background. At the time I was 20 years old

and I built hot rods for a living. I stood 6' 2" and weighed 180lbs. My hair was always slicked back and eyes a

deep green. I had an average sized cock of 7 inches long. I loved sex and everything to do with it. I had tried

about everything but anal.

I had many past lovers but there was one girl I couldn't stay away from. Abby was my very first when I was

16 years old. We were together about 4 months before we first started to become sexually active. She was very

special to me but after she moved a few hours away, our 2 year long relationship fell apart. I started dating

a few different girls here and there but none where the same. In between girl friends, I would talk to her and we

would meet up and have some fun. One thing we agreed on is it wouldn't be good for us to be in a romantic

relationship again, but could be friends with benefits. The thing that kept me coming back was she was

beautiful. She was 5'4" and weighed about 135 lbs. she had the nicest, roundest ass ever. She had nice large

breasts at 40C that didn't sag a bit. Abby had the prettiest eyes that you could stare at for ages.

I had been in a relationship with another girl for 2 and a half years that fell to pieces. I was heart broken. So

a few days pasted by and I decided to talk Abby. I told her what had happened and she immediately made me

feel better. We texted each other for a few days and just caught up. She informed me that she had a boy friend

and was pretty happy. I kinda felt shot down because I knew a weekend hook-up wouldn't happen.

It was the day before Thanksgiving, and Abby had been going through a rough time. She asked me if I would

be able to come down that weekend. I said yes, not just to matey have some fun, but just to be a good friend

and be there for her. The night of Thanksgiving I asked what she wanted to do while I was there. She hinted

that she wanted some old time fun. I was extremely excited to here that. Later that night we exchanged some

texts regarding what we would do to each other.

I left my home town Friday morning, bright eyed and filled joy. After a 2 hour drive I arrived to her house. She

came out to greet me, Abby was stunning. We chit chatted for awhile and decided to go to the next town over to

get a bite to eat and take a stroll around the zoo. After the zoo Abby mentioned she wanted to go check out this

new sex shop. I agreed and we headed on over. The sex shop was very big and full of erotic merchandise. We

walked through the different sections just checking things out. Abby pointed out some different lingerie and toys.

After an hour or so of shopping the store we left with some lube and a really interesting toy. It was a butt plug. I

had never really thought about anal sex, but was cool with the idea.

We returned back to her place and put our things away. She showed me to her room to put away my things.

I set my bag on the floor and turned around to see the sight or all sights. Abby was bent over puting her things

away under her bed. I could see her sexy thong peeking out the top of her skinny jeans. My member instantly

stood to attention and there was no hiding it. Abby turned around and immediatly noticed my problem.

"What do we have here." She asked siductivley staring directly at the tent in my pants.

I couldn't resist my self so I grabbed her by the waist and kissed deeply and passtionalty. Sparks flew. I was

an amazing moment time seemed to stop. To my suprice she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me

closer. We stood there for a while and embraced the moment. Abby pulled me toward the bed and broke away

our kiss and fell on the bed. I crawled on top of her and started kissing her again this time taking a handful of tit.

Abby let out a moan of approval. I lifted myself off of her and and pulled her up with me and lifted her shirt over

her head. I then reached around her to unhook her bra and let those amazing tits free. They plopped right out

as if they were needing to be freed. Abby reached up and pulled my head down to give her breasts some oral

attention. I started by flicked her left nipple with my toung and squeezing the other. Switching back and forth

with mouth one and hand on the other.

"Oh my God" was the only thing she said over and over again. I then pushed her back to lay on the bed and

ran my toung all the way down her body to the waist of her pants. I undid the button with my teeth. With one

swift pull, her pants hit the floor leaving her in nothing but a sexy pink lace thong. I dropped my head to her

pussy and took a deep breath. Her smell was very sweet and lustfull. Her wetness was soaking throught the

thin panties. It was a great sight. Abby lifted her ass off the bed, motioning that she wanted me to take her

thong off. Again with one swift motion the underwear join the pants on ther floor. I was blown away by what

was in front of me. Her pussy was glistening with wetness and had not one hair. I lowered my head down to do

my thing. I started off by slowly running my toung up and down her slit, stoping to suck in her swollen clit.

After teasing her hot pussy I pushed her knees up to chest and buried my face between her legs. While

probing sweet fuck hole I was using my thumb to play with her clit. Deep moans of pleasure escaped from her

lips in approval of my job. I began lowering my toung lashing to her little asshole. Never have none it before it

was very kinky. Abby immediately screamed out in pleasure.

"Oh my fucking God, please don't stop" , she yelled.

I continued to rub her clot with my thumb. Abby began to buck her hips pressing my toung harder onto her

ass. Her then started to have her first orgasm of the night. She came long and hard due to my service. Her body

went limp and she was breathing very hard. All of a sudden the sensation of my bladder about to explode came,

to so I got up to use the restroom. I came back to the bedroom to see Abby laying on her side with her hand

behind her. I noticed a bottle of lubricant that we had just bought laying next to her. Abby got on her hands and

knees and turned her ass to me.

"Look what I have for you", she said.

I was now staring at the butt plug buried in her ass. It was a very sexy sight. Abby ran her hand on the bed

next to her and said my turn. I nearly ran to the bed taking off my shirt, pants, and boxers and hopped on next

to her. She leaned in and kissed me deeply. She then pulled away and ran her toung down my chest to my

waist. She took my cock in her hand and and locked it from base to head. I shivered in pleasure. She teased

the head and then took nearly the whole length into her wet mouth. I grabbed her head and guided her up and

down my dick. She sucked and swallowed all at the same time as twirling her toung around. I wanted to cum

right then and there but held it back. Her head bobbing up and down was so sexy. After a couple minutes she

turned around and lowered her soaking pussy on to her face my dick still filling her mouth.

Deep moans of pleasure were bursting out of our mouths. Abby then turned around grabbed my cock and

guided it into her pussy. Instant pleasure erupted. She bounced and grinded her mound against me screaming

and moaning. I squeezed her tits with one hand and took a handful of ass with ther other. My finger tips brushed

against the butt plug, I had almost forgot about it. I grabbed hold of it and began to fuck it in and out of her

asshole. She exploded with a series of organisms. Shaking and twitching she went. She then collapsed on top

of me drained from her cumming. The room was hot and humid and smelled of list full sex. Abby forced her self

up and hold me to get on top of her. I started to push my cock back into her wet pussy she grabbed it and told

me no not there. She then pulled the plug out of her ass. I squeezed the bottle of lube on my dock and some on

her ass.

"You ready?" , I asked.

"Oh God yes!" She replied.

I slowly guided my dick to her ass and and began to push in. She looked like she was in pain so stopped.

She said it hurts really bad. So we decided to save that play for another time. I wasn't upset about her saying

not now because I was uneasy about it anyway. So I pushed my cock into her wanting pussy. Thrusting in and

out of her over and over again. I picked up the pace and Abby came hard yet again. I couldn't hold back

anymore. I pulled my raging hard cock out of its warm home and stradled her chest. Abby lifted her head and

took my cock into her mouth. As she sucked it she took her other hand and jacked me off. That was all It took. I

exploded. The first shot hit her in the back of her throat, I pulled back and the second landed on her face. I then

pointed my dick toward her tits to unleash the rest of my load. Another 5 shots covered her tits. I squeezed the

last couple drops on her stomach. I then collapsed on the bed next to her to see her smiling covered in cum

licking her lips and rubbing her fingers on her tits.

To be continued.....

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2012-11-28 20:29:53
Not too shabby. Go back and fix the spelling and grammar errors. Then get going on part 2

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