This is a long one, so take your time. And if it reads like an old man's wet dream, well, there's a good reason for that.

"Hey, Daddy, don't forget you have to be home this weekend for my birthday." Tiffany looked very serious. And she almost never called me "Daddy," she was more likely to use my name. She was putting me on notice.

"Don't worry, honey, I'll be here. I cleared my calendar a long time ago." Being a successful businessman has plenty of advantages, but copious free time isn't one of them.

"You better." She smiled, but there was no doubt that I'd suffer if I missed her sixteenth birthday.

My wife Lindsey chimed in, "Don't worry, it's going to be a small party, just the Three Musketeers." That was the name we'd given Tiff and her two best friends, Hannah and Courtney, back when they were little girls. They'd been inseparable since they were in kindergarten, and never really seemed to want to add anyone else to their band.

"Okay, sounds good to me. The usual pool and pizza, I suppose."

"No, Daddy, remember, you have to take us all out to a fancy restaurant." Tiff was pouting a little bit. I laughed at her, which just made her pout more.

"Just teasing you, honey, the reservations are all made, don't worry."

"Okay, you just better not come up with one of those 'something came up at work' stories." Tiffany flounced out of the room, and Lindsey laughed at me.

"She's got you on this one, if you try to get out of it she'll probably kill you." Lindsey knew that I really wasn't all that crazy about teenage girl parties and would generally try to get out of being around for them it I could, but she was right this time - I was stuck, like it or not.

I looked at Lindsey as she puttered around the kitchen. She was twenty years younger than me, and now, at thirty-seven, was still plenty hot. She'd come into my life as a nineteen-year-old college intern just after my company had really taken off. Some day I'll put down the whole story, but the short version is that we were in bed together within a couple of weeks, and married less than a year later. I won't try to feed you any bullshit about how it was a match made in heaven, but we both got what we were after. Lindsey got a guy with lots of money, and I got plenty of sex with a hot young chick.

It didn't take long for Lindsey to get pregnant once we were married, and Tiffany was the result. I didn't know if Lindsey had decided that having a baby was the best way to make sure that she didn't lose her bankroll, and didn't really care, as long as the sex didn't stop. And it didn't. If anything, being pregnant just made Lindsey hornier, and we fucked like minks the entire time. Something about having her hormones messed up seems to get Lindsey going - she loves to fuck when she's on her period, too.

At any rate, the partnership has worked well for almost twenty years now. There's plenty of money, so Lindsey gets anything she wants, I still get plenty of rolls with a younger woman, even if she's not as young as she was before, and neither one of is the jealous type, so if one of us strays occasionally (and we both do) the other isn't going to bitch about it.

Tiffany never seemed to think the big age difference between her parents was anything strange. I couldn't remember her ever mentioning anything about it. These days, of course, I didn't see much of her. She was the typical teenage girl, always either hanging out with her friends, or in her room texting with them. Like most fathers, I was too busy with work to do much with my daughter, and left the parenting up to Lindsey. These days most parenting of teenagers gets done by the Internet anyway.

The girls had decided to make it a weekend-long affair. Tiffany's birthday was on Saturday, which was when we were going to dinner. The other two were coming over on Friday and doing the pool-and-pizza thing that night, followed by a shopping trip to the mall with Lindsey on Saturday before the big fancy dinner. That would at least get them out of my hair during the day so I could relax a little. They were sleeping over on Saturday, too, and I had no idea what was planned for Sunday, and frankly couldn't have cared less.

Hannah and Courtney were there by the time I got home from work on Friday, I could hear the noise from the pool when I walked in. Lindsey greeted me with a hug, a kiss, and a shot of The Glenlivet. She knows me well, and takes care of me, even if our marriage isn't based on undying love.

"So, are we going to have actual food for dinner, or are we just going to steal some of the girls' pizza?"

Lindsey gave me a snarky grin. "I really didn't see any reason to wear myself out in the kitchen when we have food coming anyway." I laughed. She knew I was kidding, I love pizza. "I already ordered, it should be here any time."

I glanced out at the pool, saw the three girls splashing each other. They're an odd lot when it comes to looks and personality. If they met now, they probably wouldn't want to have anything to do with each other. Tiffany takes after her mother, not too tall, about 5'3", with blonde hair, a slim build. Nothing spectacular in the body department, just nice and tight all around, but with a beautiful heart-shaped face that can melt a man. (Damn, man, are you talking about your wife or your daughter? Either one, Tiff's basically a dead-ringer for her mother when she was younger.) Smart, but not brilliant. Hannah's kind of the nerd of the bunch, she's the brainy one, and isn't exactly a knock-out when it comes to looks, either. Not really chubby, but a little more round than the others, with a face that's more cute than stunning. Dirty blonde hair, no makeup, the kind of glasses that people my age associate with Buddy Holly. You know the type. Then there's Courtney. You know that type, too. You wonder if there's anything behind those bright blue eyes. Then you look at the rest of the package and realize that it doesn't matter. She's the supermodel type, slim body but with big, firm tits, long legs, pouty lips, hair that's somewhere between blonde and brunette with highlights that seem to keep changing color. Courtney's the one who leaves the men trailing after her with their mouths hanging open, panting. Yeah, I'm no different. She might be jailbait, but there's no law against looking. At least not yet. And the bikini she had on pretty much screamed, "Look at how hot I am!"

I dragged my attention back to my drink, finished it off pretty quickly. It had been one of those days at work, and I was trying to ignore the stirring in my pants. I've never been one to turn down some young stuff, my wife was barely over the legal age when I hooked up with her, remember. Lindsey poured me another shot, and fetched herself a glass of wine. We watched the news, depressing as usual, until the pizza showed up.

The girls bounced in just long enough to grab pizza, then headed back outside. "Bounced" was definitely the right word, especially in the case of Courtney's tits, which didn't do a thing for the condition of my cock. The cut of the girls' bikinis, not covering much but their nipples and slits, wasn't helping much, either. Lindsey gave me one of her sly looks as the girls piled back out the door. I knew they'd be back in the pool as soon as they were done eating. They never seemed to get tired of the water, even though it wasn't like it was a novelty for them. All three families had good-sized pools, so they could spend as much time swimming and giggling as they wanted. Oh well, I gave up trying to understand teenage girls back when I was a teenage boy.

Lindsey and I decided to watch a movie after we finished eating, then headed upstairs for bed early. The girls were still going, probably would be most of the night. I looked out the window, down at the pool, watched the girls frolicking. I felt Lindsey behind me, her arms slipping around my waist, her hands unfastening my belt.

"Well, I can see you like the view." She giggled as her hand wrapped around my stiff cock.

"Oh, like you wouldn't be staring if it was a bunch of teenage boys out there half naked." We both laughed. Actually, Lindsey was probably having just as much fun watching the girls as I was. I knew she didn't mind a little girl-on-girl action now and then. "You don't need to play with it, it's ready to go. Get around here so I can do something with it."

Lindsey giggled again as she moved around in front of me, facing the window so she could keep watching the girls at play. She was wearing a short nightgown with no panties underneath, and she moaned as pushed the nightie up around her waist and rubbed the head of my cock against her pussy lips. Then she surprised me.

"Put it in my ass." I couldn't remember Lindsey asking for it there. Not that she had any problem with anal sex, but she'd never been the one to bring it up. I wasn't about to start asking questions. I moved my cock up from her pussy lips to her anus, wiggled it a little, then shoved it in, all the way.

"Fuck yeah! Pound it!" Lindsey shoved back against me, and I could tell that she was rubbing her clit and finger-fucking herself while I reamed her. Her head was up, staring out the window at the girls in the pool, and I could almost hear her licking her lips. I was watching the girls, too, and had a sudden vision of Courtney's tongue replacing my wife's own finger on her pussy lips while I fucked her ass. I wondered if that was what Lindsey was thinking about, if that was why she'd wanted it there. A couple of minutes later the vision reversed, and I imagined that my cock was slamming into Courtney's ass while Lindsey ate her. I've never lacked for imagination when it comes to sex.

About that time Lindsey started to gasp and moan. She shuddered, and I rammed my cock up her ass as far as it would go, feeling her ass squeeze me, and my cum exploded out, washing through her bowels. I closed my eyes, and Lindsey was replaced in my mind by Courtney, then to my surprise by mousy little Hannah. Then, just as I finished cumming, by Tiffany. That gave me a chill.

It was about 2:00 in the morning when I woke up and had to piss. After I finished, I heard giggling out by the pool and took a quick peek out. The girls were still there, but their bikinis weren't. All three were naked, and they were playing slap-and-tickle with each other. Nothing really sexual, but it didn't need to be. I was hard again almost immediately, and started stroking my cock while I looked at the three bare teenagers. I spent most of my time staring at Courtney while a jerked off, but I had a few looks at Hannah and Tiffany, too. This time the fact that one of the girls was my daughter didn't really even register. I was just having fun looking at naked young things. I beat my meat until I shot my load, then cleaned up and went back to bed.

On Saturday I fixed breakfast for everybody, then Lindsey headed off to the mall with the girls. They were going to spend just about the whole day there. Lindsey liked shopping as much as any teenager, and was even faster at spending my money. That was fine with me, just part of the price you pay for having a much younger, much hotter wife. Not to mention the fact that it got her out of my hair for a while.

Don't get me wrong, I love spending time with my wife, and my daughter for that matter. But I've always been a guy who needs to have some time to myself, and between the job and the family I don't get much of that. So I'll take whatever chances I get. And that Saturday I had the whole day. I spent it just relaxing, catching up on some science fiction reading and watching a couple of programs I'd recorded when I was working late. It was a good day.

Tiffany's birthday dinner was good, too. We had reservations for 7:00, showed up a little early so I could have a drink before. Lindsey and I had wine with dinner, the girls had kiddie drinks. It was one of the best restaurants in town, the kind where you plan on spending a couple of hours and plenty of money. We went all out, appetizers, soup, and salad to start, with desert and coffee after, along with a cognac for me.

By the time we got back home all of the women were pretty well worn out. The long, heavy dinner on top of running around at the mall all day had done them in. Lindsey gave me a kiss and headed for bed, while the girls all trouped off to Tiffany's bedroom. No flouncing around in the pool tonight. I was actually a little disappointed, especially since I wasn't really tired. The drinks with dinner had me wired instead, so I headed to my study. If I couldn't see naked teenagers running around the pool I'd have to be content with naked pretend teenagers doing disgusting things on screen.

My dick was in my hand and my eyes pasted the monitor when the door to the study opened. I almost hurt myself trying to shove my hard rod back into my pants while I glanced up and saw Hannah walk in, wearing just a t-shirt and, I hoped, panties. She actually giggled at me.

"It's okay, I saw it last night." The grin on her face was somewhere between bemused little girl and evil witch-woman.

"Wha? You saw... Huh?" Real smooth, dude, way to take control of the situation.

"While we were in the pool. I saw you watching us and doing it with your wife. And then I saw you later, when we were all naked, jerking off while you watched us." Fucking shit, I could be in real trouble now. Did any of the other girls see me, too? Damn.

"Uh, exactly what did you see?" Get your shit together, asshole.

"I told you." The look on her face was definitely scheming bitch now. "But I didn't get a real good look. And you were watching Courtney, weren't you, not me?"

"Yeah, I was." No reason to lie, and I wouldn't have been able to come up with anything anyway. Hell, I could barely talk. And I never had gotten my dick all the way back into my pants.

"I know, the guys always look at Courtney. And she doesn't even like guys." There was some bitterness there.

"You mean she's a lesbian?" I was startled. Guys never really think of the hot girls as lesbians, except in their fantasies. We always assume that in real life the lesbians are the butch dykes that men wouldn't want anyway.

"I guess. She never does anything with guys, and I know she does with girls. She's doing it with Tiffany now, that's why I came out, so they could be alone.

Now I couldn't breathe, let alone talk. No father wants to think about his daughter being a lezzie. And, at the same time, my imagination was running wild, visions of what Tiffany and Courtney were doing flashing through my mind, while my cock started hardening again. Have I mentioned that I'm a dirty old man?

"Anyway, I thought I could get a better look at it." She was walking toward me as she talked, and there was no way I could hide myself from her. "I've never seen one for real before."

I looked up at her. Her eyes were big, staring at my cock, which was hardening by the second. She had her mouth open slightly, and her tongue was running over her lower lip. Mousy little nerd or not, at that moment Hannah was one of the sexiest things I'd ever seen. I managed to stand up without tripping over my own feet.

I jerked as I felt her fingers brush over my cock. I looked down, watched the fingers curl around me, looked back up at her face. She was a wild animal looking for prey. Her eyes were on what she was doing with my cock. I still hadn't regained the power of speech, so I just acted without asking first. I slipped a hand up between her legs, under her t-shirt, and pressed my fingers against her crotch. Her panties were wet. Hannah didn't say a thing, just kept staring at my cock as she stroked it, but she moved her legs apart. That was all the invitation I needed. I moved my hand inside her panties, curled my middle finger up into her tight little pussy, began finger-fucking her in rhythm with her jerking me off. She moaned, twitched a little, but never stopped. She moved her hips against my hand, thrusting out to take my finger as deep into her as she could. I twisted my fingers in her hair, brought her face to mine, and kissed her. She tasted sweet, and our tongues danced. I was pretty sure she'd kissed before, her tongue moved in my mouth like something alive and needy, but I didn't know what else she might have done. I decided to take another chance. Hell, at this point I was probably fucked anyway, and not the good kind. I broke off the kiss, whispered in her ear.

"I want you to suck my cock." She didn't even hesitate. She pushed me back onto my chair, bent over my lap, and her lips wrapped around the head of my dick. This had to be her first time at this, she said she'd never seen a real live dick before. She wasn't bad, though. A little sloppy, but she was getting plenty of my cock into her mouth, bobbing her head up and down, and moving her tongue around it, too. I knew I wasn't going to last very long like this, so I reached my hand down, slipped it into her her panties from behind, searched until I found her clit, started rubbing it. I wanted her to get something out of this, too. She purred around my cock, let a little more slip into her mouth, it was almost back to her throat now.

I could feel my balls starting to churn, took Hannah's clit between my thumb and finger, rolled it, pinched a little bit. Her body jerked, stiffened, then shuddered. Her mouth reflexively opened wider, my cock slipped back to the base of her throat, and the first shot of my cum poured into her. She gulped it as the next shot pumped down her throat. I could feel her gagging, choking a little, and she was still cumming herself. Her body didn't let up until I'd shot my entire load down into her stomach. Then she relaxed, and I let go of her clit. She looked up at me, and her face was absolutely radiant.

"Can you do it again? I want you to put it in me."

"Are you sure? It'll hurt." Yeah, that's the best you can do? Nothing about how wrong it is, just that it'll hurt. Damn, you're in great shape. I did have one more. "I don't have any condoms." Lindsey had her tubes tied after Tiffany was born, so I hadn't had to worry about that in a long time.

"I don't care. I want you to fuck me." Hannah looked like a little girl pouting to get what she wanted. Come to think of it, that's exactly what she was. And I was just enough of an old fool that it was going to work.

Hannah pulled off her t-shirt and snaked out of her panties. I watched while I peeled off my own clothes. I'd seen her body before, of course, when the girls were bouncing around the pool in the altogether, but this was close up and there was nobody else there to distract me. She actually wasn't bad. Like I said earlier, a little rounder than some guys like, but the curves were there in all the right places. Her tits weren't very big, but they were nice little cones, that looked just right for sucking on. It looked like she trimmed her pussy. Definitely not shaved, it's hard to tell with girls that age, some of them just don't have much hair there yet.

I pulled her close, kissed her again, giving our bodies a chance to rub against each other. I let my hands roam over Hannah's skin, along her sides and back, down to her ass. My cock was pressing limply against her belly, and she moved her hand to it, started to stroke again. I kissed her throat, sucked on her earlobe, was rewarded with soft, purring moans.

There was no couch in the study, it was a pretty small room, so I positioned Hannah on my chair, with her ass on the edge of the seat, her shoulders leaning up against the back. I bent over her, took one of her tits into my mouth, sucked it, let my tongue roll over her nipple. I slid down, letting my fingers and tongue brush over her belly, down between her legs. I spread her open, slid my tongue up and down her slit, a couple of times, let it poke into her pussy. Damn, she tasted sweet. I hadn't been with a young girl in a long time, and I realized that I'd missed it. She was wriggling on the chair, letting out soft moans and occasional gasps, but she didn't let me keep that up long. Her hands grabbed my head, lifted it up.

"That's enough. I want your cock in me. Now!" That was fine with me. It was plenty hard again, and I was ready. I moved up, positioned myself at the opening of her pussy, let the head slip between her lips. "Yessss! Please fuck me!"

I swear I could feel her pussy pulsing, reaching out to try to suck my cock in. I looked down at her, wanting to make sure she was really ready for this. She looked like she was going to cry if I didn't get on with it. I rammed into her, felt her cherry rip. I didn't stop until my hips banged against her pelvis. Hannah whimpered, her head and shoulders jerked up away from the chair. I've been with enough virgins to know that they all react differently to being deflowered, and to the pain.

"God, I want it so bad!" That told me all I needed to know. I started pumping my cock in and out of the little teenager, hard and fast. I wasn't trying to make it painful, but it was obvious that what Hannah wanted was a good hard fucking, not gentle love-making.

Hannah's pussy was tight and wet, and gripped me like she never wanted to let go. Her hips were matching me thrust for thrust. She was moaning and gasping, occasionally mumbling something under her breath like "God yes!" or "Fuck me!" I really hoped that Tiffany and Courtney were as occupied as Hannah said they were. It wouldn't do to have them hear something and poke their heads in the door. Which of course I hadn't thought to lock. I didn't have to worry about Lindsey. She was out, and once she was asleep nothing was going to wake her up until morning.

I paid as much attention to the rest of Hannah's body as I could while I was pumping her cunt. I squeezed her tits, sucked on them, raked my teeth over her nipples. I kissed her throat, and bit at it lightly, then did the same to her shoulders. It was tough, though, because she was seriously the best fuck I'd had in a long time, and it was hard concentrating on anything other than what my cock was feeling. I'd always gone for younger women, that's how I wound up with Lindsey after all. And for a long time I thought that as I got older, "younger" would move along with my age, and Lindsey would always be young enough. Silly boy. One horny teenager had taken care of that idea.

Hannah was writhing under me now, her breath was getting ragged. Shit, she was going to cum the first time she got fucked. That was pretty unusual, at least in my experience. Her legs looped around my hips, pulling me closer against her. Damn, I'd been planning to pull out and come on her belly. I really didn't need a pregnant underage girl following me around. That obviously wasn't going to work.

"God, it feels so good! Mmmmm, yes, fuck me!" She was staring into my eyes, holding my shoulders with her hands. "Oh fuck oh fuck! Uh uh uh uh uh!" Her back arched, her legs pulling me even tighter. Her nails dug into my shoulders. My cock was trapped inside her as her pussy began spasming around it. I couldn't take any more, and my cum exploded out into her cunt, one shot after another. She thrashed even harder when I came inside her, biting her lower lip, clinging to me like a lifeboat in the middle of the ocean. I was grunting, she was mewling like a kitten.

Then it was over and we were slumped on the chair together, holding each other. She just relaxed for a couple of minutes, and I let her, needing a little of the same myself. She was the one who broke the silence.

"God, I've wanted you to do that since I was a little girl. And it was just as good as I thought it would be."

"I thought it was pretty great, too, baby. But, just how little a girl?" I was curious, since she'd never given any indication that she had a crush on me.

"I was about ten when I started thinking about it." Oh, shit. "I always wanted you to be my first, my lover. Of course, I didn't have to try very hard not to give it to anybody else." The bitterness was back. "But now I've got you, and it feels so wonderful."

I wanted to get rid of that line of conversation right away. "Look, honey, we better both get back to bed. We don't want my wife to wake up or Tiff and Courtney to get done and somebody start wondering where we are."

"Yeah, I guess." She was pouting again. Have to watch that, it makes her look very sexy. Can't let it go to my head. I gave her a long, deep kiss.

"Get back to bed. I'll see you in the morning." Along with my wife and daughter, which ought to make for an interesting day.

I made breakfast on Sunday morning, that's part of our usual routine. It might have been just my imagination, but it seemed to me that Tiffany kept looking at me and Hannah funny, like she was suspicious. But then I thought she was sneaking some furtive looks at Courtney, too, so maybe she was afraid that Hannah had told me about the two of them. Which, of course, she had. I was on edge through the whole meal, but nothing happened.

When we were done eating, Lindsey headed off for a meeting, some group of women in the neighborhood, I never was too sure exactly what it is they do. The girls were in the game room, shooting pool or playing darts or something. I drifted back to my study. I thought about actually doing some work, but decided it was time I had an entire weekend off and curled up with a book. I'd been reading for about half an hour when the door opened. It was Hannah, of course.

"Hey, what's up? You know we can't do anything right now." I shocked myself with how casual I was, how comfortable I felt with this teenager.

"Yeah, I know. But Tiffany and Courtney wanted to be alone for a while and I didn't know what else to do. I got to see them last night, they were still fucking when I got back to the bedroom." She had a funny expression on her face.

"What did you see them doing? Did it turn you on?" I almost felt guilty about asking things like that. Almost.

"Uh, Courtney was, uh, licking Tiffany. Like you did to me last night. And yeah, it turned me on. I rubbed myself while I was watching." She was blushing.

"Did you want to join in?" Why the hell was I giving her the third degree about this?

"No. I wished you were there fucking me while we watched together." She was still red, but smiled sweetly. I realized that her answer was important to me. And that was not a good thing.

"Want to go watch something on TV while the girls are busy?" She nodded. I put away the book and we went to the living room to find something to watch. We made very sure that we were sitting on opposite ends of the couch.

The rest of the day was pretty much a blank for me. The girls headed out together a little bit later, Lindsey got back from her meeting, and the two of us spent the rest of the day watching TV, reading, just lazy Sunday stuff. That evening I had a chance to think while Lindsey took one of her long, relaxing baths.

What I was thinking about was young girls. Not Hannah in particular, although I spent some time on her, of course, but young girls in general. I'd always liked the young stuff. Even when I was eighteen my girlfriends were fourteen year old junior high girls. As I got older, my definition of "young stuff" got pushed upward a little, but I never gave up wanting women plenty younger than I was. That's how I wound up with a wife twenty years younger.

And for a long time, I though Lindsey would be enough. Well, along with the occasional early twenties appetizer, of course, neither one of us was going to give that up. But she was plenty young compared to me, even now, and I figured that would take care of me. But something had happened lately. I'd started looking at younger women again. Watching my daughter and her two friends cavorting naked around the pool had been enough to get me thoroughly hooked. Fucking Hannah was enough to push me completely over the edge to dirty old man. I realized that I wanted her, wanted to be with her. Not just fuck her once in a while, but be with her all the time. Maybe teach her to share with me.

But there was something else, too. When Hannah told me she'd started thinking about me sexually when she was about ten years old it sent a jolt through me like I hadn't felt in years. The youngest girl I'd ever had, back when I was in college, was thirteen, a buddy's younger sister. But I'd looked at younger girls, wanted them, I just never had a chance to do anything about it. Now those thoughts were back, and I was going to have to decide what to do about them.

I didn't have to think about it for the next couple of weeks. My weekdays were always pretty full anyway, I couldn't remember the last time I'd worked only an eight-hour day, and the weekend after Tiffany's party I had to work, too, big project that couldn't wait. And my nights were full with Lindsey. For some reason she was even hornier than usual, and wanted to fuck almost constantly when I was home. I wondered if she was suspicious, but that was silly. She knew I'd been staring at the girls in their bikinis, so had she, and we'd fucked while we watched them. She didn't know I'd seen them later naked, but that wouldn't have mattered to her. I finally decided she was just horny.

The weekend two weeks after the party, Lindsey and Tiffany went away for a weekend at the beach. Leaving Friday night, coming home Sunday night. Actually it would probably be more shopping than beach time, but I didn't really care. It meant that I'd be home alone for the weekend, and would be able to see Hannah. I thought about how I could get ahold of her to let her know, but I didn't need to bother. Of course Tiffany had told her that she was going way with her mother for the weekend. I got a call from Hannah almost before Lindsey's car was out of the driveway.

"Can I come over?" She was almost whispering. I didn't know if it was because she was nervous, or if she was trying to not let anybody hear.

"Yeah, as long as your parents don't get suspicious. Want me to pick you up?"

"No, I'll walk. Don't want anybody seeing you here when Tiffany's not home. And my parents never get suspicious. They know I'm a good girl." I could almost hear the smile.

Several minutes later Hannah walked in the door, flung herself into my arms, and started rubbing her body against me while she pawed at my crotch. I took her by the shoulders and pushed her back a little.

"Hey, relax. We don't have to be in a hurry this time, there's nobody else here, remember?" She giggled.

"I know, but it's been like two weeks and I want you so bad!"

"And you're gonna get me, don't worry. But this time we can take it slow." I took her by the hand, led her to my bedroom. Well, our bedroom, Lindsey's and mine. In all the years we'd been together, I'd never had another woman in our bed. Unless Lindsey was there, too, of course. Things were changing.

I stood Hannah next to the bed and slowly peeled off her clothes. She was wearing the usual Summer stuff, t-shirt and shorts. Not skimpy stuff, it was baggy and didn't show off her body. That just made it more fun for me to strip everything off and expose what was underneath. As I undressed her, I let my fingertips skim over her lightly, barely brushing her skin. I could feel the tension in her, could tell that she wanted me to grab her and fuck her. But she didn't move, except for a slight trembling when I touched her, and she didn't say anything.

T-shirt, up and over her head. Her bra was white, plain, old-fashioned. About what I expected from her. I ran my fingers over her shoulders, down her arms, then moved them to her belly and down to the waistband of her shorts. Unbuttoned, unzipped, let them slide down to the floor over her legs. My fingers touched her hips, her belly. I slipped my arms around her to unhook her bra, and that pulled her against me. I could smell her hair, hear her breathing. I pulled her face to mine and kissed her as the bra fell away, let my fingers flick across her nipples. My hands moved to her hips, my thumbs hooked the waistband of her panties, and I pulled away from the kiss as I bent down to slide her underwear down her legs. I kissed her belly, getting a small gasp from her. I said softly, "Now you undress me."

She looked at me for a few seconds before she started, sucking on her lower lip, taking a couple of deep breaths to steady herself. She looked like she was trying to keep herself from just tearing my clothes off. Finally she reached out and started unbuttoning my shirt, pulled it down off my shoulders. The touch of her fingers on my skin made me tremble. I couldn't remember the last time a woman had made me feel this way. Hannah unbuckled my belt, undid my pants, took pants and boxers down at one time, bending to slide them down the way I had with her panties. She was face-to-face with my cock, already hard as it could get. I didn't have to say anything this time. She opened her mouth, took it in. I took her head in my hands, pulled her face toward me and shoved out with my hips. She gagged a little as my cock drove back into her throat, but she didn't try to pull away. I was deeper down her throat than the first time, and this time it hadn't just happened, I was forcing my way down her throat. I'd have stopped if she gave me any indication she wanted me to, but since she didn't I just fucked her face. Her throat vibrated, like she was purring or humming around the head of my cock, and it was as incredible as any feeling I've ever had during sex. No way I was going to last very long this way, and I didn't. When I felt my cum starting to bubble up in my balls, I held Hannah's head tightly and shoved my cock as far into her throat as I could. My whole body jerked when my cum shot out down her throat. Like the other time, she gulped it down.

When I finished and pulled myself out of her mouth, I said, a little sheepishly, "Sorry, baby, I got carried away. It just feels so good when you suck me."

She grinned. "It's okay, I like it. Do you really like it when I suck your cock?" She still had some of the insecurity of being the smart, not so beautiful, girl in her group.

"Oh yeah. I love it. But now let's get you up on the bed."

"You going to lick me again?" Her eyes were twinkling.

"Uh huh, but this time not just your pussy."

She giggled. "I like it when you talk about my body like that."

"That's good, because I will. You've got a great body."

"You really think so?" She was chewing on her lip again.

"Yep. And now let's see what I can do with it."

I started at her forehead and moved down, slowly. I didn't touch her with my hands, only using my mouth - lips, tongue, teeth. I kissed, licked, once in a while gave her a little nip. From her forehead, down her nose to the tip, then along her cheeks. Soft kisses on her eyelids. Moved to one earlobe, took it in my mouth, sucked a little, then let my mouth glide down her neck, across her throat, up on the other side. At the other earlobe after sucking, I bit slightly and she gasped. By the time I reached her chest, her body was vibrating like a tuning fork. I wanted to take this all the way down, but wasn't sure if she'd last that long.

I ran my tongue over her chest above her tits, then down between them, around the base of each one. Starting with the left, I moved up, licking the underside until I reached her nipple. I sucked it into my mouth, flicked my tongue over it, then raked my teeth across it.

"Ooohhh, fuck yeah!" It was a low moan, followed by Hannah's hands reaching behind my head and pulling me tighter against her chest. I opened my mouth, took in as much of her tit as I could, and sucked, hard. She whimpered. I managed to force my head up against the pull of her hands and moved to her other tit. This time when I got my teeth around her nipple I didn't just let them scrape across, I bit her. Not hard, but enough so she knew what I was doing.

"Yes!" Her body jerked. Her hands dragged my head away from her chest, started forcing it down. I got in a few licks across her belly as I went, but it was pretty obvious she wanted me between her legs. Since that's where I was headed eventually anyway, I didn't put up too much of a fight. When her hands put me in the right position, I pushed her legs apart, then pulled her pussy lips open with my fingers. I buried my face in her crotch, holding her open while I shoved my tongue as far into her as it would reach, then pulled back and tongue-fucked her for a few strokes. Then I licked up and down the length of her slit, flicking my tongue over her clit with each stroke.

"Mmmmm, god, yes!" She was getting close. I thought about biting her clit, but figured that might be taking things a little far. I didn't think I'd need to, anyway. "Uh uh uh! Fuck!" Hannah pulled my face against her slit the way she had with her tit. She spasmed, her legs clamped around my head, and her body writhed on the bed. I held on to her thighs and kept licking her until she relaxed her legs and pushed my face away. I looked up at her and she had the same radiant expression as the first time we'd fucked.


"Mmm, now I know why Tiff and Courtney are lezzies." She was grinning.

"Hey, watch that, I've got a cock that needs taking care of, ya know."

"You better. 'Cause that's what I really want. You to shove it in me, and fuck me, and cum in me."

That's exactly what I did. I climbed up on top of her, rammed my cock into her dripping pussy, and fucked her. But this time was different. Maybe it was just that we were alone in the house and could take as much time as we wanted. Maybe Hannah was just more comfortable about being with me. Or maybe the urgency of getting my cock in her was gone now, and she could relax more while we had sex. Whatever the reason, this time was slower, gentler. Hannah wrapped her arms around my back, her legs around my hips, like she was trying to enfold me, keep me as close to her as she could. We kissed deeply as I pumped into her, and I nuzzled and licked her throat.

Not that it was all soft and sweet. I'm not a particularly gentle lover under any circumstances, and I had the feeling that Hannah didn't really want me to be. I was still pounding it into her pretty hard. But we slowed down a few times, then picked up the pace again. We held each other like we never wanted to let go. And we looked into each other's eyes. I'm not sure what mine showed Hannah, but what I saw in hers made me feel warm inside. And scared to death. What I saw in her eyes was love.

"FUCK, I'm gonna cum! Please, cum inside me!" This time Hannah didn't have to worry about how much noise she made. And, no, I can't cum on cue. But I was ready, I'd been holding it for a bit, wanting Hannah to cum. I let myself go, pounding her as fast and deep as I could. Her hands clawed at my shoulders, her legs locked around my hips, as her body started to shake. I looked down at her. Her head was leaned back against the sheets, mouth open, eyes half closed, rocking back and forth. She jerked, I slammed into her all the way and felt my cum spurt out into her. She jerked again and again, making little growling noises back in throat, as I pumped shot after shot of cum into her tight little pussy. We finished pretty much together and lay there for a few seconds, me still on top of her, staring into each other's eyes again.

"God, it's so good when we fuck." She was glowing.

"It is, isn't it?" I rolled off onto my back. Hannah shifted so she was laying with her head on my shoulder. "But we need to talk about a couple of things."

She lifted her head, looked down at me. "Oh, god, you got what you want and you're going to dump me!" She looked stricken.

"Don't be silly, little girl. But if we're going to keep this up, we need to know what to expect from each other and how we're going to do things." She relaxed, but still looked a little scared. "And the first one's about me cumming inside you all the time."

"Oh, no, no condoms. I love feeling you shoot in me." The expression on her face said she didn't want any arguments. "And I'm not going on the pill. Too many bad things can happen." Oh shit. She'd already thought about all of this.

"Okay, but if you get pregnant you can't have the baby. You know that, right?"

I got one of those eye rolls that teenage girls are so good at. "I'm the smart one, remember. I know we can't have kids yet. If I get pregnant, we'll take care of it." I breathed a sigh of relief. Although the "yet" made me nervous all over again.

"Okay. Next, how do you feel about me being with other women?" This was probably dangerous territory, if she was infatuated with me as she seemed to be. But it was something she had to know about.

"Duh, you're married. So you'll probably at least have to do stuff with your wife. At least until I can get you to leave her and marry me." I must have looked as stupefied as I felt at that one, because she giggled at me. "Hey, you don't think I just want you for a sex toy? I know we can't really be together until I'm eighteen, but that's what I want. And then when I get pregnant I won't have to have an abortion." This was a different Hannah, confident, sure about what she wanted, and sure about me. She was looking at me, waiting for me to say something. I was still speechless. "Oh, don't worry about the other women. I figure you're not a one-woman man. I might not be a one-man woman, either. Maybe we can share sometimes." She stopped again, licked her lips nervously while I just lay there silent. I could see the confidence draining away, the insecurity coming back. "Oh, shit, that's not what you want. I'm so fucking stupid." She started to turn away.

I took her head in my hands, pulled her face down to mine. I kissed her, deeply and gently, letting our tongues dance together in her mouth, and pulled her body against mine. I had to do something until I regained the power of speech. Her body wriggled against me, she purred into my mouth. Finally I was ready to say something, and broke off the kiss.

"Don't worry, baby. You just startled me so much I didn't know what to say. I didn't think you'd want to move that fast. But that is what I want. Don't worry about that." No, I was the one who needed to worry. I was walking into this one with my eyes wide open, and my mind out to lunch.

"You sure?"

I nodded. "Very sure."

"All right, but don't you ever scare me like that again. Or else."

I smiled. "I won't. Promise. But there's one other thing we need to talk about. I like to get a little kinky." Well, there was an understatement.

"You mean besides shoving your cock down my throat all the way to my stomach and biting me?" She giggled again, the confidence coming back. The young are resilient. "Bet you want to put your cock in my ass, and like tie me up and spank me. That kind of kinky?" I must have had that stunned expression back on my face, she giggled at me again. "Hey, we've got the Internet now, everybody's seen shit like that by the time they're ten."

"Like you wanted to have sex with your friend's old man father when you were ten?" I hadn't forgotten about that one. I wasn't likely to. "Yeah, that kind of kinky. And other things, too." I didn't want to get too specific. Some of the things I liked to do might be a little scary to a sixteen-year-old girl.

"Mmmm, okay, I guess I'll just have to find out when you're ready to show me." Her hand went to my cock, which had risen again, apparently on its own accord. "Right now, it feels like you're ready for some more, and I want to get on top."

Hannah straddled my crotch on her knees, held my cock in her hand while she lowered herself. Once she got the head inside her, she just dropped down and started rocking back and forth on my cock, then bouncing up and down. She braced herself with her hands on my chest. I just let her go for a while.

"God, it really gets inside me this way." She was smiling, so that was obviously a good thing. After she'd been riding me for a few minutes I reached down and got a hand behind her ass. She leaned forward so she was almost laying on top of me, and I found her asshole with my finger. I slipped the tip inside.

"Just can't wait to get kinky, huh, old man?" Her tone was light, but the expression on her face was pure lust.

"Didn't think you'd mind." I shoved my finger in, getting almost all of it into her ass, then twisted it. Hannah shuddered, buried her face in my shoulder for a second, then propped herself up on me, looked into my eyes again.

"Can you get another finger in?" Not exactly the reaction I'd expected. I didn't answer, just wiggled another finger into her ass alongside the first. She groaned, and started rocking on my cock again, letting my fingers ream her ass while my cock pumped her pussy. I pulled her head down next to my mouth.

"Want more?" She just nodded. She was gasping by now, not in any condition to say anything. I forced a third finger into her shit chute, pumped them hard while I twisted. She was making noises now with every panting breath, and I realized that she was gasping out, "Fuck fuck fuck fuck" over and over again. Suddenly her back arched, jerking her head up, her hair flying around her face. She dug her fingernails into my chest.

"Fuck, yes cumming! Shit!" I wasn't quite ready yet, I'd already shot twice and I'm not as young as I used to be. That didn't bother Hannah any. After she finished cumming, she kept wriggling on my cock and fingers, and even had another small orgasm herself before I dumped my load into her pussy. We just sort of collapsed together, both worn out, and lay there for a while before either one of us said anything. Hannah was the first this time.

"So, would you ever let me be with you and another guy? One in my pussy and one in my ass?" Shit, girl, I'm not only falling in love with you, you're turning out to be the kind of girl who's crazy enough to do what I like.

"Oh yeah, honey. Just one thing. No other guy cums in your pussy, only me. When you get pregnant I want to know it's mine." Not if. When.

"Mmm, yeah, don't worry. I only want your babies. Hey, can I spend the night?"

"No, doll, sorry, but I don't think we could come up with a good story for your parents. I'm not ready to go to jail yet."

"Yeah, that's what I thought." She was disappointed, pouting a little.

"Hey, we've got the whole day tomorrow."

We cuddled for a long time before I finally made her get up and go home. I fell asleep almost as soon as I got back to bed. She'd worn me out. I had just enough time to think that I hope to hell we get lucky and she doesn't get pregnant. Because if she does, I'm not sure either one of us will want to go through with an abortion.

Saturday turned out to be a very strange day. Nice, but definitely odd.

Hannah showed up at my door at about 7:30 in the morning, which was more than a little earlier than I expected her. Not that I minded. She popped inside, gave me a quick hug and kiss.

"Do I smell coffee?" I had a look at her. She was wearing a tank top, and obviously nothing underneath, and a shorter pair of shorts than the day before. Much more daring dress than I'd seen her in. I'd thrown on a t-shirt and a pair of jeans when I heard the doorbell.

"Yep, can't live without it in the morning." It's true. I quit smoking years ago, never been a big drinker. Even in my younger days I was never into dope as much as most of my friends. But there are two things I could never give up - coffee and chocolate. Well, and sex, but that's different.

"Me too." That was good. Even though I'd known Hannah all her life, I had to admit that I didn't know much about her, what she liked and didn't, how she spent her time. All I really knew about her was related to sex. I guess I need to do something about that.

I led her to the kitchen, poured us both cups of coffee. "I was just going to make some breakfast. Hungry?"

"Yeah. Mom doesn't really cook much, so I get cereal or nothing in the morning. Hotcakes again?" That was what we'd had the weekend of Tiffany's birthday party.

"I was thinking more bacon and eggs, with hash browns." I had quite an appetite after getting all that exercise last night.

"Sounds good." Hannah was sitting at the table in the kitchen, sipping her coffee and looking right at home. I was feeling pretty comfortable, too. I buzzed around the kitchen, getting everything ready. I'm pretty efficient when it comes to cooking. Everything was all set, and I fired up the cast-iron skillet for the bacon, threw the hash browns with onions into the big stainless steel saute pan. The eggs would go in the bacon grease after the bacon was finished.

Hannah and I chatted while I cooked, small talk stuff, her summer vacation, my work, the latest music releases. I was amazed. I've always hated that kind of chatter, but with her it just seemed to flow. We were like an old married couple who've been together for years, except that the excitement hadn't worn off yet. I couldn't ever remember having that combination of being so charged up and comfortable at the same time with a woman before. Even if I knew that the chances of it lasting more than a few months were pretty slim.

While we ate we read the morning paper. This was a lot more homey than I'd expected anything to get with Hannah, at least this early on. She'd talked about how she wanted to get me to leave Lindsey for her, maybe she was practicing for living together. That was almost reassuring, since I knew that a relationship can't only be about sex, but I wasn't so sure about Hannah.

When we finished breakfast, and another cup of coffee, she looked over at me, beaming the way she seemed to when we were together, and said, "So, now what?"

"Don't know. What do you think?"

"Mmmm, I can probably come up with something." She stood up, tongue flicking over her lips, and walked to my chair. Sat down in my lap, straddling me, grinding her pelvis on my crotch. We slipped our arms around each other, kissed. The kiss wasn't just passionate, it was hungry, like we wanted to devour each other. Her grinding had my cock rising fast, and I could tell that she was wet already. She rose up just a bit, and her hands were at my waist, undoing my jeans. I followed her lead, unfastened her shorts, but we couldn't do much about getting either one down in that position. Hannah stood up, I lifted my hips off the chair, and she jerked my jeans down around my knees. Back on the chair, I pushed her shorts down until they fell around her ankles, and she kicked them off, sat back down on me. Now her bare pussy was grinding on my hard cock. We kissed again, trying to consume each other.

I broke off the kiss, whispered, "Turn around."

She did the lip-biting thing again. "You want to fuck my ass, don't you?"

"Yeah. Turn around." It was the first time I'd ever been anything like forceful with her. I like that sometimes. I'm not a dom or anything, but sometimes it's nice to be in charge. Hannah grinned, stood, spun around, started to sit. I put a hand on her lower back to stop her for a second. "Spread your ass." She did. I held my cock, lined up the head with Hannah's asshole, wiggled a little so just the head popped inside. She grunted a little.

"You gonna put the whole thing in?" She'd had three of my fingers in there last night, but not nearly as deep as my cock would go. Still, I didn't think she was worried about it.

"Damn right." I put my hands on her hips and pulled her down onto my cock. She gasped, squealed, and moaned in quick succession as I impaled her, my whole cock driving into her anal canal. It had to hurt, but it didn't seem to bother her. She hadn't really reacted to whatever pain there was when I popped her cherry, either, so maybe she liked it. Once she had all of me inside she just sat there for a few seconds. Then she started moving up and down, using her legs for leverage, rising up almost enough to let me pop out of her, then dropping back down so I drove into her hard. I was grunting and groaning, her ass felt just as good as her pussy, and was even tighter.

I wrapped my arms around her body, pulled her back so she was leaning against me. She stopped bouncing on me, waiting to see what I was going to do. One of my hands went up under her tank top, started playing with her tits, the other dropped between her legs to rub her pussy. I shoved two fingers up inside her cunt, and she started moving again, taking my cock into her ass and my fingers into her pussy, like she'd done last night but with the locations reversed. She started with her, "Fuck fuck fuck," again.

I shoved a third finger into her tight little snatch, then a fourth. Every time I added one, Hannah moaned, and pumped even harder on my cock and fingers. I'd decided I should find out, a piece at a time, just how much of my perversions she could take. So far she'd passed all the tests.

I growled into her ear, "I'm gonna cum in your ass, slut." I pulled her all the way down onto me, thrust into her pussy with my fingers hard enough that my palm rammed past her lips and up inside her.

I don't know if it was the rough treatment or the dirty talk, or both, but Hannah almost screamed, "Yes, fuck yes, please!" and her body erupted into an orgasm just a second or so before my semen boiled out into her bowels. She thrashed against me like she was having a seizure. She didn't waste any time when were were finished, either. She jumped off me so suddenly that my hand and cock must have hurt her coming out of her holes. She flung herself on top of me again in one of those urgent kisses, practically tearing off my shirt and her tank top, mumbling things when her mouth wasn't plastered on mine.

"God it's so good!" There went the buttons of my shirt, there went her tongue into my mouth. "I was scared you wouldn't be rough with me!" My shirt hit the floor as she sucked on my tongue again. "I love you so much, but I thought maybe you'd think all the nasty things I want were too much." Her tank top flew off, and she slipped down, kneeling in front of the chair, and took my cock in her mouth. She obviously didn't care that it had just been in her ass. She was getting better at sucking cock, not an expert yet by any means, but learning fast. Her mouth was warm and wet around me, and I was getting hard again quickly. It was time for another step in finding out how kinky she was willing to get, although I was coming to the conclusion that I didn't need to worry.

"Put your finger in my ass while you suck me." Most women won't do it, even the ones who are bi and will play with another woman's ass. Lindsey would, it's one of the things that attracted me to her years ago. The words were barely out of my mouth before I felt Hannah's finger snaking into my rectum. Her fingers are kind of short, so it wouldn't go in a long way, but she shoved it in as far as it would go, then started finger-fucking my ass while she blew me. I was in heaven, but I was starting to have more worries. That we'd move too fast and burn out the relationship before it really had a chance to get going. Or that she'd kill me off even quicker than that.

After a couple of minutes I was rock-hard again. Hannah lifted her head up off my cock.

"Fuck me on the floor." She had a look on her face that was hard describe, but need was a big part of it.

"You sure, it's pretty hard?"

She grabbed my dick. "I know, that's the whole point." Giggles.

"Bitch!" I was grinning as I grabbed her wrists and basically threw her down on the tile floor. I took her knees, pulled them all the way up to her shoulders, pinned them there with my arms, and entered her. Her eyes rolled back in her head as I tried to ram her right through the floor.

"God, fuck me fuck me fuck me, hard, make me cum!" The more we fucked, the more she talked during sex. More of the process of getting comfortable together, I suppose. She came fast and hard. I slowed down a little. I'd already shot one load, this one would take longer. After she had a chance to recover a little I picked it up again. She had another orgasm, not as intense this time, and I kept going at her hard, getting closer to my own climax. I moved my hands to her chest, took each of her nipples in my fingers, and pinched as hard as I could.

Hannah's eyes snapped open, stared into mine. "Hurt me!" It was a command. I dug my fingernails into her nipples, twisted them. "FUUUCK!!!" Hannah's cunt spasmed around my cock, milking it, as my cum pumped out into her. Her muscles jerked trying to make her body buck under me, but I had her pinned to the floor. She sucked in huge gasping breaths. After what seemed like five minutes she just slumped back onto the floor, too spent to move or talk. I looked down at her, wondering how much she'd let me hurt her. It was starting to look like I'd have plenty of time to find out.

The rest of Saturday went pretty much the same. Hannah and I shared domestic bliss for a while, then fucked like rabbits. Rinse and repeat. We watched a couple of movies, listened to some music. I was surprised to find out that our tastes were similar enough in both that neither one of us was going to go crazy being around each other. Oh, of course, I had to have my action flicks and she liked the romantic stuff, but tell me what relationship doesn't have to put up with that. We were both into horror/supernatural movies, indie rock, and fantasy novels. She was also a lot better versed on what was going on in the world than I expected, and a lot more willing to talk about it. I shouldn't have been surprised, she was the smart one, as she wasn't afraid to remind me.

The thing that I was really having trouble coming to grips with was how comfortable we both were with each other. We spent quite a bit of time during the day just sitting on the couch, both of us reading. Not really interacting, just being relaxed with the fact we were together. I'd only had one other relationship like that in my life It was back when I was in college, and it hadn't worked out very well. I wasn't going to let Hannah know about that.

The sex was intoxicating. We didn't try anything else new that day. I was still a little wary that we might burn things out by moving too fast. We did try some new locations, though, like the shower and the pool. It didn't matter, though. New or the same old thing, every time we touched each other it was like being caught in a thunderstorm. No matter what we did, it seemed to be right. I have enough experience with relationships to know that part of that was because we were in love, that makes everything right. And we were. I still wasn't convinced it would outlast the summer, but I was beyond caring. So far it was the best relationship, both emotionally and sexually, of my life, and I was just going to enjoy it while it lasted.

By the time Hannah left that night I was worn out. Let's face it, a teenage girl has more energy that an old guy pushing sixty. It was definitely worth it, though. She kissed me before she headed out the door.

"Can I come over tomorrow?" The lip biting thing again.

"Yeah, but you can't stay as long. Tiffany and her mom will be coming home."

"I know, I just want to spend as much time together as we can."

"Me, too, baby. We'll talk about it tomorrow, okay?"

"Mmm, I guess. See you in the morning."

Another kiss and she was gone.

Sunday was another nice day. Very much like Saturday, actually, but even more relaxing. On Saturday Hannah and I were still learning that our relationship seemed to be part teenagers in love for the first time, part comfortable old married couple, and part sleazy kinky hook-up. By Sunday we both just accepted it, and had fun. It was a shorter day, though, and we didn't know when our next chance would be, so we spent a bigger portion of the time on sex.

And we did do one new thing, or I did. We'd been at it in bed for what seemed like hours, and it was going to have to be our last session, because I didn't know for sure when Lindsey and Tiffany would get home. I couldn't even get it up, that's how far it had gone. So I was eating Hannah, and finger-fucking her, just two inside her this time, to get her off one last time for the weekend. And this time I decided to do what I'd passed up on before. When I felt her getting close, I sucked her clit into my mouth and bit it. Not as hard as I could, but maybe a little harder than I should have the first time.

Hannah's body went stiff, her back arching up off the bed so she was suspended head to heels. She froze there. And she screamed. Not with words, just a shrieking, animalistic scream that almost scared me with its intensity. Her body felt like it was humming with a current running through it. I was afraid I'd finally done too much. She collapsed onto the bed, eyes closed, body trembling, sucking in huge gasps of air like she'd been suffocating.

"Baby, are you okay? Honey?" I was actually scared that something was wrong. Finally she opened her eyes and smiled at me.

"That was fucking awesome!" She stopped to take in a couple more breaths. "I love you, you know that, don't you?"

"I do. And I love you, too." I lay down next to her and we cuddled for a bit, knowing that she'd have to go soon. "Hey, we need to figure out how to be together when Tiffany and her mother aren't off at the beach. We've got to get around them and your parents."

"My parents won't be a problem. They know I'm a good girl who'd never do anything wrong. Besides, they're both always so busy with work and the things they cart my sister around to that they never know whether I'm home or not." That's right, Hannah had a younger sister. I'd only met her once or twice. Maybe ten, twelve, now. I sensed a little more of Hannah's bitterness. Sounded like little sister got the attention at home.

"Mmm, okay. I've still got to hide you from Lindsey, though. And don't Tiffany and Courtney expect you to hang out with them all the time?" That could be the biggest problem. Lindsey didn't care what I did with other women, and she got the same freedom from me. Although I wasn't sure what she do if the other woman was underage. But getting Hannah away from her clique might be a little tougher.

"Hey, since they've been fucking each other they don't care if I'm around or not. I can just tell 'em I'm giving them more time to be together."

"Oh, yeah, that's right." I'd almost forgotten that my daughter and the third of the Musketeers were lovers. Maybe it would be easier than I thought. Still had to be careful though. There was always that other consideration, the law.

I figured things out with Hannah without too much trouble. I had a private office in the building where my company was located. Nobody knew about it. Not Lindsey, not any of my employees. It was where I went when I needed to work with absolutely no interruptions. There wasn't even a phone. But there was a couch. No, so I could grab a nap if I was there working late. I'd never taken any other woman there. All I had to do was tell the staff I was going to be out of the office for a while, and pop in there. Nothing suspicious about that, I did it all the time. Getting Hannah there wasn't even much of a problem, it was right on a bus line. Folks in our neighborhood didn't ride the bus much, but she could walk a few blocks away and catch one. Nobody at work would have had any idea who she was.

There was one drawback. The office wasn't soundproof, and Hannah liked to make noise when she had sex. After warning her a couple of times one day that she needed to be more quiet, with no real affect, I grabbed my necktie and her panties off the floor, stuffed her underwear into her mouth, and tied them in place with the necktie. By now it won't come as any surprise that doing that made Hannah even hornier. Our fuck session that day wound up being epic.

I was slowly introducing a few new things like that into our sex. I tied her hands up one day, for example. But I was still taking it pretty slow, always keeping something in reserve. I didn't want to show her everything at once. And some of the things I wanted needed to wait until we had a few days to ourselves, somewhere we couldn't be interrupted.

We weren't ignoring the non-sexual part of our relationship, either. I took her places, to movies, out to dinner, even to a concert. I just made sure that where we were going there wasn't likely to be anybody I'd know. The dinner part was easy. There was a restaurant a few miles away where I'd been taking women other than my wife for years. It wasn't the kind of place anybody in our circle of acquaintances, either personal or professional, would ever show up. Hannah would come to my private office late in the afternoon, we'd fuck each other's brains out, then head for dinner. Movies weren't a real problem, either, everybody goes to the theater closest to home, so we just headed for places out of town.

I almost screwed up on the concert, though. I forgot how long the things can run. We had an incredible time, music was great, and we spent the night being just cuddly enough not to get anybody suspicious about the old man and the young chick. They probably thought we were father and daughter. But by the time we got out it was 1:00 in the morning, and there weren't going to be any buses. I was worried, but Hannah didn't seem to care.

"I told you, old man, my parents never know if I'm home or not. Just drop me a couple of blocks away by where I'd get off the bus."

"Okay, but if you keep calling me 'old man' I'm going to get you."

"Promises, promises. How about if I call you 'lover' instead." She had on one of her biggest grins.

"That'll work, as long as you don't slip and call me that in front of anybody else." The grin got even bigger.

"Do I have to say it?"

"No, I know, you're the smart one."

While things were going just fine with Hannah, and weren't too bad at home, work was being an absolute pain in the ass. My company does consulting for small to medium-sized businesses. Many years ago it started out being mainly accounting and such, but over the years it's evolved into working mostly on computer and other tech related issues. The problem, of course, is that technology has been evolving so fast that it's pretty tough these days to stay on top of things. Which meant that I was constantly reading up on the new tech, sitting in on webinars, and generally spending all of my time on work. Tiffany hadn't been kidding when she warned me about not missing her birthday party.

I was starting to wonder if it was all worth it. I didn't have many birthdays left before I'd hit sixty, and I was starting to think that maybe I should just chuck it all, sell the business if I could, and enjoy life for a change. But I still wasn't sure what the long-term prospects were with Hannah, which made any kind of planning a tough slog.

About the only time I saw Lindsey any more was at night when we went to bed. From my standpoint that wasn't all bad, I was feeling a lot closer to Hannah than to my wife at that point, and Lindsey and I had always related best in bed anyway. That part of the relationship hadn't suffered any. And let's be honest, as long as Lindsey was getting laid and had money to spend, she'd be happy.

As for me, I was happy when I was with Hannah, and that was happening a lot. It was summer vacation, after all, and she was coming by the private office just about every afternoon. Most days we had sex, but not always. Sometimes we'd just relax, talk, maybe cuddle. Our moods seemed to fit, we just had that ability to sense what the other needed just about any time.

It was one of those no sex, just enjoy being together days. I was sitting on one end of the couch, Hannah was stretched out along it with her head in my lap. I'd been thinking, which can be dangerous.

"What are we going to do when school starts? We won't be able to see each other as much."

She gave me a look. "I'll just come over after school. We get out at 2:30."

"But you'll have homework to do." This time I got the teenage girl eye roll.

"Dude, it's high school. I can get A's without ever having to open a book." She could, I'd done it when I was in high school. She was teasing me about being smart again, but it was true. She really was that smart. And I realized something that I'd probably known all along, but never really thought about. One of the reasons I was so attracted to her, so comfortable with her, was her intelligence. That was something Lindsey didn't have. Not that she was stupid, but she wasn't in Hannah's class.

"Mmm, okay, but what about when you start college? Not as easy to coast there." She gave me dreamy smile.

"By then we'll be married, or at least living together. I'll have plenty of time for you and studying both." I stroked her hair.

"You're serious about that? About us getting married?" She looked stricken.

"Yes! Aren't you?" She started to sit up, but I pushed her back down.

"Of course I am. But old men with young women tend to be a little paranoid. I'm a little afraid you'll dump me as soon as you find out there are guys your own age, or once I can't get it up four times a day."

She stuck her tongue out at me, then looked really serious. "No. I want you. I love you. It's like we were meant to be together."

"I know, baby, I feel that way too."

God, I thought I'd never have five minutes to myself again. It was a Saturday, early August, and I didn't have to work. Lindsey was on a shopping expedition with a couple of her friends, and Hannah was actually hanging out with Tiffany and Courtney, the Three Musketeers back together for an all-day trip to the mall. I had nothing to do but sit back and relax. I was looking for something in the shared folder on the computer when I saw a large video file named "Tiffany." I was curious, we didn't typically do any video. I opened the file. By the time I was done on the computer that day, everything had changed.

The video opened with a close-up of Lindsey's face. So close up that it was disorienting. She moved away, and I realized that she'd been setting up a webcam. The scene was obviously in a hotel room, the webcam was pointed at the bed, and as Lindsey retreated from the camera I could see that she was wearing one of those white hotel robes. A door opened. Tiffany appeared moving from the left side of the screen, wearing the same kind of robe. Tiffany sat down on the edge of the bed next to her mother. I paused the video for a second, checked the date. Yeah, it was the weekend they had gone to the beach. I hit Play again.

"So, Mom, are we really going to do this?" I was getting a very bad feeling. Lindsey didn't answer, she just reached out, pulled Tiffany close to her, and kissed her. Not the way a mother and daughter are supposed to kiss.

It really shouldn't have been a big surprise. I knew Lindsey liked girls. Plenty of her lovers over the years had been female, including more than a few that we'd shared. And the incest thing was a big shock, either. When we were first together, Lindsey had hinted often about having had sex with both her father and her older brother. She even played on our age difference by calling me "Daddy" in the early days. But somehow when you think about incest, mother-daughter just isn't the one that pops into your head. Father-daughter, brother-sister, even mother-son, yes. But not mother-daughter. But here it was.

I watched my wife and daughter kiss as they slipped the robes off, their hands slithering over each other's bodies. Watched Lindsey lick and suck on Tiffany's tits, flicking her tongue over our girl's nipples. Watched her mouth glide down Tiffany's body, licking and nipping as she went, along her ribs, down her belly, tongue sweeping over her navel. Down to her thighs, then licking back up, toward her pussy.

"God, Mom, eat me now!" Tiffany's hands grabbed her mother by the hair, pulled her face against her daughter's crotch. Tiffany moaned deep in her throat, face twisted with lust. "Yeah, god yeah!" I knew Lindsey's mouth was driving Tiffany wild as it worked on her pussy, I'd seen Lindsey in action with women before. Her fingers were doing something, too, although I couldn't see exactly what from the angle of the camera. After a few minutes Tiffany twitched, stiffened, twitched again. Her hands clawed at the bed, her head tipped back, eyes closed. She let out a huge gasp and shudder, then relaxed back on the bed.

"God, Mom, you put your finger in my butt!" Tiffany looked genuinely shocked. I almost giggled at Tiffany saying "butt." Hannah had no trouble using the crudest expressions for anything related to sex.

"You mean you've never had it there before? I'm surprised."

The video kept playing, but I was barely paying attention. It was almost too much to take in. First of all, yeah, my cock was hard as a piece of granite. Lindsey still turned me on after all these years, and I won't pretend that seeing my daughter naked getting her pussy tongued didn't get me going, too. After all, the night of her birthday party I'd looked at her down by the pool the same way I'd looked at Courtney. And Hannah, although she hadn't had my full attention then. I thought about Hannah telling me she'd seen Tiffany and Courtney having sex, and how she wished I'd been there to fuck her while she watched. Now I was wishing she was with me, sitting on my lap, bouncing up and down on my dick while we watched the video together.

There were other things going through my mind then, too. Like, had Lindsey made other videos? If she had I'd never seen any of them. Far as I knew, she'd never recorded us having sex. Or maybe it wasn't her idea at all. Maybe Tiffany was the one who liked to show off. Just how complicated was this?

But there was one thought that was forcing out everything else. I knew I could get rid of Lindsey if I wanted to, so I could be with Hannah. We had an airtight pre-nup that would give her a lot of money, but nothing that I couldn't handle. What I kept worrying about was Lindsey finding out about Hannah and using it to blackmail me. Or to put me in jail if she didn't think she could get more money out of me. This gave me leverage over her, and just might be what I needed to dump her and be with Hannah.

The rest of the video had plenty of kissing, licking, fingering. Lindsey and Tiffany thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and each had at least three orgasms. I felt disgusted with myself for watching, even more disgusted for enjoying it. But the really foul part was that, after the initial shock of what I was seeing wore off, I kept wondering how it would feel to put my cock into my daughter's pussy. Or her ass or mouth. What it would be like to have Tiffany join Hannah and me in a threesome. I have no illusions about being any better than my wife. Never have had.

After I finished that video, I went looking for more. Not in the shared folder, of course, they wouldn't be there. I couldn't understand how Lindsey had been so careless as to leave it there where I could see it. But I checked Lindsey's private folders. I had access to everything on the computer, I'm the one who set it all up. And in her folders I found plenty.

There were none of the two of us. I'd been right about her not recording us. But there were vids of her with other men, with other women. Parties with several people. Most of files were named with the people who were in them. And several of them had "Courtney" in the name. I found the first, fired it up.

Sure enough, it was Lindsey and Courtney, in what looked like our bedroom. But they both looked a little younger, especially Courtney. I checked the date on the file. I couldn't quite remember when Courtney's birthday was, but from the date on this file it was made either just before or just after she turned thirteen. So, I wasn't the only one who liked young stuff.

Even at that age, Courtney was stunning, although her body hadn't really developed much yet. I watched transfixed as Lindsey taught the little girl about sex. She ate Courtney's pussy, sucked on her clit. Finger-fucked her while she licked her tits. Turned her over and tongued and fingered her ass. Then she had Courtney do the same things to her. I saw Courtney gasp and moan through what must have been her first orgasm, watched the stunned expression on her face when her entire small hand popped into Lindsey's pussy. And every time I closed my eyes, all I could see was Hannah.

"You here? I'm home." It was Lindsey, back from her shopping trip. She saw the look on my face and stopped dead. "What's wrong?"

"We need to have a serious talk. I found the video of you and Tiffany from your trip to the beach." Lindsey dropped the packages she was holding.

"Did you go into my private files?" She was trying to push this back on me.

"No, you were dumb enough to leave it in the shared folder." That was true. I didn't need to tell about what I had found in her private files. I didn't need her to know that I'd seen them, too. "Now, what are we going to do about it?"

Lindsey didn't really have much to fight back with. She had nothing to hold over me, since she didn't know about Hannah. And even that wouldn't help her if I wanted a divorce. Our pre-nup didn't have any infidelity clauses. If we got divorced, she got a flat amount, period. She got more if I instigated the proceedings, that was the only variation possible in her payout.

"I don't know if I can stay with you after this. I'll have to think about it." I was stringing her along. I didn't really have anything to think about, but I was trying to make her squirm a little, make her wonder if maybe I could cut her off with nothing. I left her to think about that and went back to my study to read.

About an hour later, Tiffany walked into my study without knocking. She didn't usually do that. She must have gotten home not long after I got done talking to Lindsey, and gotten filled in by her mother.

"Daddy, don't be a dick." Her voice had an exasperated tone.

"Hey, I'm not the one who fucked my own daughter." I wasn't in a mood to beat around the bush.

"Oh, like you wouldn't if you got the chance. I saw you watching all of us in the pool at my party. And you were looking at me just as much as you were at Courtney." She didn't even mention Hannah.

"So, I didn't do anything about it. Your mother did." I didn't see any reason to try to deny that Tiffany could get me aroused. "By the way, does Courtney know about you and your mother?" Her jaw dropped. Literally. She looked like a fish trying to gulp water on the deck of a boat. I wondered if she knew about her mother and Courtney, but didn't say anything.

"How do you know about us?"

I decided to tell the truth, if not necessarily all of the truth. "Hannah told me." Tiffany gaped at me again. "The night of your party, when she left the two of you alone so you could fuck. I was up 'cause I couldn't sleep. I asked her what she was doing wandering around, and I guess she couldn't think up a good story, so she told me the truth."

Tiffany took a few deep breaths, steadying herself. This didn't seem to be going exactly the way she expected. Finally she was ready to try again.

"Okay, just let Mom and me do what we want. With each other, with Courtney, with whoever. That's like what you and Mom have always done anyway, right?" I couldn't argue, so I just kept quiet. "And you can do whatever you want, too. With whoever. Maybe even with Courtney and me. We've kinda been thinking we should find out what it's like with a guy." She licked her lips, struck her sexiest pose. I didn't say anything, hoping like hell she didn't notice the bulge in my pants. I decided to take a chance.

"What about Hannah?"

"Daddy, seriously?" I got a championship-caliber eyeroll. "I suppose if you want the little troll you can have her, but I'm not sure she even knows what sex is. When Courtney tried to get with her, she wouldn't do it."

I wasn't sure what shocked me more. That Tiffany could be so wrong about a girl she'd known since they were babies. Or that she could be so callous when talking about someone who was supposed to be one of her best friends. Was this really my daughter? I shrugged.

"For now, okay. I've got my week at the cabin coming up, I can use that time to think about it. We'll see how things go."

"Okay, Daddy." She smiled, licked her lips again before she headed out the door.

Shit, I'd almost forgotten about my time at the cabin, and had completely forgotten to tell Hannah about it. Actually, cabin's probably not the right term. It's up north on one of the lakes, and from the outside it does look like an old hunting cabin, but inside it's completely modern. I bought it with a couple of my friends years ago. We each go up for at least a week every year, and we rent it out when none of us is using it. I've always gone there alone. Lindsey and Tiffany aren't the outdoors types, even staying in a place with all the conveniences.

I did something I'd never done before, sent Hannah a text message and told her I needed to talk to her, told her where I'd pick her up. I didn't think about how she'd react to the way I said I needed to talk.

When I got to our rendezvous spot, she was there, but pacing nervously, chewing on her nails, and looking like she'd just found out her favorite pet had died. When she climbed into the car I could see tears drying on her cheeks.

"Baby, what's wrong?" She looked at me, terrified.

"You're breaking up with me, aren't you?" She started sobbing. God, I'm such an idiot sometimes. I reached over, slipped my arms around her, pulled her close.

"God, no, honey, is that what you thought? I'm sorry, baby. I've got good news. I'm sorry." I held her stroking her hair, letting her calm down.

"Really. When you said you needed to talk, I thought..." She looked up into my eyes, trying to smile.

"I didn't think about what I said, I was just excited and wanted to see you right away." I kissed her cheeks, where the tears were still drying, pulled her close again, whispered in her ear, "I will never leave you, Hannah. I love you. Don't ever worry about that." We held each other for a long time and I realized that we were in my car, in public, where we could be seen. And I didn't care. Finally I pulled back.

"Some things have happened that I think will let us be together more. And how would you like to spend a week with me, away from here, away from everybody, just the two of us." She lit up like a sunrise. "Let's go where we can be alone."

We went to my office building, to my private office. Once we got inside, Hannah was practically bouncing up and down on her toes waiting for me to tell her what was going on. I'd never seen her so excited. I sat her down on the couch, and she was bouncing there, too.

"Hey, baby, calm down. And pay attention, this is important stuff."

"Okay, lover." She licked her lips, was making an obvious effort to sit still and listen.

I gave her the whole story, starting with me finding the video of Tiffany and her mother. She listened intently. I could see her almost trembling with anticipation. Her eyes got big several times, and her mouth formed an O more than once, but she didn't say a thing. Until I got to the part about Tiffany offering herself and Courtney to me as a bribe. Then she stuck out her tongue at me

"Yeah, then you'll dump me, right. I know you always wanted Courtney." I looked at her closely. Her voice had a light tone, but I was afraid she might actually be worried. I couldn't find anything in her face that said so, though.

"Hey, I didn't even say I was going to take them up on it."

"It's okay, I want you to. I know it would make you happy. God, maybe I could watch you fucking Tiffany. I've never seen incest before." Damn, this girl really is as depraved as I am. The good part is I was sure she was being honest. She was okay with me fucking them, wasn't afraid any more that I'd leave her.

"Okay, now, about the week together." I explained about the cabin, that I'd be leaving the next week, that there would be nobody there but the two of us. I'd never run into anyone up there that I knew, so it would be safe for the two of us to be seen together.

"Here's the tough part, though. You've got to come up with some story to tell your parents about why you're going to be gone for a week." She giggled..

"Don't worry, I can manage that. They're a little gullible sometimes. And they still think I'm a good little girl, so they never get suspicious." She got one of her dreamy looks on her face. "God, lover, does this mean we get to go to sleep together, all cuddled up, and wake up and see each other in the morning? I've wanted that for so long."

"So have I, baby. Be careful what you wish for, though. You've never seen me before I've had my coffee in the morning."

I never did know exactly what kind of story Hannah concocted for her parents about going away for a week. I do know that whatever it was must have worked, because there were never any repercussions.

We left the next Saturday, and wouldn't be coming home until the following Sunday. I loaded up the car and actually picked Hannah up at home, her parents were out with her sister at one of the sister's soccer games. As usual. We alternated talking and listening to music on the drive. It takes about three hours, so there was plenty of time for each. I was touched when Hannah apologized for being afraid I was going to dump her. She was sorry she doubted me.

"You have nothing to apologize for, sweetie, I should have thought more about what I put into the text. I'm not very good at that stuff, you know."

"I know. It's because you're an old man and can't adapt." When I glanced over at her, she was sticking her tongue out at me.

"Careful where you put that tongue, little girl. Might get into trouble."

"I've been thinking about a couple of places I could put it." So had I, but I didn't want to say too much right then. I did decide to tease her a little.

"Maybe you can surprise me. I've got a surprise for you after we get up to the cabin."

"What, tell me now." She was doing her pouting thing, again. It was hard to resist, but I was strong.

"Can't tell you, have to show you. Not until after dinner. And if you whine too much, I might not show you at all."

"Oooh, poop!" She crossed her arms, did her best impression of a six-year-old. I forget sometimes just how young she is. She couldn't keep up the act too long, though, and we were talking again in a couple of miles.

At the cabin we put all of our stuff away, then Hannah wandered through the whole place having a look. It didn't take long, it wasn't that big, but she seemed to be pleased. Especially when she saw the king-sized bed. She stood looking at it like she was thinking. I slipped my arms around her waist from behind.

"What's up, baby?"

"Mmm, I was just thinking that maybe we shouldn't do sex tonight. It would just like make it more special that it's the first night we get to spend together. Is that okay?" She wriggled against me a little, which probably wasn't the best way to convince me we shouldn't have sex.

"Of course it's okay. Anything you want, Hannah. Anything." Actually, I'd been thinking the same thing myself but didn't say so. Didn't want to sound too sappy. "But that means you'll have to wait for tomorrow for your surprise."

"That's okay, we've got all week." She turned and gave me a quick kiss.

"We do. But right now we need to go to the store. I have a feeling we'll need plenty of fuel by the time we're done here."

The store was attached to the marina by the lake, about a mile around the shore. There was a pizza place there, too. We stopped there and ordered a pizza for lunch, picked it up when we were through shopping. All that talking on the drive up had made us hungry.

We talked more while we ate the pizza. Just silly stuff, really, about what it would be like when Lindsey was out of the picture and we could be together all the time. Would we live in my house (it was mine, Lindsey had come along after I had it built) or sell it and get a place of our own? How many kids would we want? Did we want to start a family right away, or wait? That one was actually pretty important to somebody my age. It was sweet and fun. But in the back of my mind was always a soft whisper, some rational part of me that still existed, telling me that I was an idiot, that it wouldn't work, that there was no way a guy my age could hold on to a little girl like this. I wasn't in a mood to listen.

We finished eating, rested a bit. Took a walk along the shore of the lake. Sat together on the couch, reading. Not for the first time, I was struck by how comfortable we were together. We could talk about anything, but we never had to talk. We fit together so well that we didn't have to stretch for things to talk about to fill an uncomfortable silence the way so many people do. Silence when we were together wasn't a problem. In fact, when we were together, nothing seemed to be a problem.

I opened a bottle of wine and we each had a couple of glasses. Yeah, Hannah's too young to drink. Somehow being charged with providing alcohol to a minor didn't exactly strike fear into me. The wine made us both a little drowsy, and before long we were both yawning.

"Mmm, hey lover, I think it's about time to go to bed." She had a dreamy smile on her face. I probably did, too. Being able to fall asleep in each other's arms, to wake up together, was a big step.

"Yeah, I think you're right. Let's hit it." We put our books on the table, I corked the wine while Hannah rinsed out the glasses, and we headed for the bedroom. I stripped down to my boxers, Hannah took off her jeans and bra, leaving on her t-shirt and panties. She slipped into my arms and we kissed. I held her tightly for few seconds, smelling her hair, looking down at her face. I marveled at how beautiful she looked, realized again that she never wore makeup. I kissed her lightly on the forehead and we fell into bed together, curled up with her head resting on my shoulder.

"Night, baby."

"Night, lover. See you in the morning."

"Yeah." We fell asleep snuggled together.

I woke up the next morning to Hannah's face peering down at me. Her hair was hanging to either side, and she was squinting. I realized she didn't have her glasses on.

"What'cha doin' up there?"

"Just looking at you. It's the first time in the morning. Thinking about what it'll be like when we get to wake up together every morning." She gave me one of those angelic smiles.

"Me, too, baby. Want some breakfast?" It's something about the air out away from the city. I always wake up ravenous.

"Mmm hmmm. You cook, I want a shower." She rolled out of bed and headed for the bathroom.

"Okay, towels and such are in the closet." I crawled out of the sack, threw on jeans and t-shirt and padded to the kitchen. First things first. Coffee. Lots of it.

By the time Hannah swept into the kitchen, the coffee was ready and the bacon and eggs were close. Hannah dug through the cabinets to find plates and such while I finished cooking and we sat down to breakfast together. I have to admit to not being much of a conversationalist when I'm eating, I tend to get on with the job at hand and leave the talk for later. Hannah didn't seem to mind, her appetite was as healthy as mine. Afterward we talked about how we were going to spend our week together.

And no, we didn't say a thing about sex. We were going to have plenty of that, of course, in case you haven't noticed we both just love to fuck. But that wasn't what the trip was about. We'd actually been getting plenty of sex before. This week was to see how we got along when we were alone together for a stretch and couldn't get away from each other, to see how things fit together in our lives. And, for me anyway, to see if there was a chance of making something long-term out of this. Hannah had already made up her mind that she wanted to, but I know how many times a sixteen-year-old can change that mind before she's done. And I knew, realistically, that the chances of two people as far apart in age as we were making a go of it were pretty slim. Hell, I couldn't even hang on to her with money, the way I did with Lindsey. In case I haven't made it obvious, Hannah's family had plenty of money, too, so that wasn't necessarily a draw for her. Still, the two of us seemed to be such a good fit, and I felt so damn good when I was with her, that I was willing to give it a shot.

"So, old man, you ready to see if I can break you on the trail?" Our walk the night before had been a short one, and Hannah wanted to take a real hike, several miles, to see the sights. She'd been teasing me about not being able to keep up with her.

"We'll see who breaks who, little girl." I may be old, but I stay in shape, and I've always been able to walk just about forever. "Get ready to be embarrassed."

"You should know by now I can't be embarrassed." Her grin was incredible.

We headed out along the lakeshore in the direction with the fewest cabins. Hannah had on a tank top and baggy shorts, with hiking boots. I was wearing jeans and a t-shirt, also with hiking boots. I've never been much for shorts, about the only time I wear them is when I work out.

The landscape was beautiful, with plenty of trees, and wildflowers everywhere. We held hands as we walked, and Hannah used her free hand to point out different species of trees and flowers. I was impressed, and a little surprised, although I shouldn't have been. I knew she was smart, and she reminded me often enough in case I forgot, but I'd had no idea she was into botany. I'd been a science whiz back in school, many years ago, but more into math and physics, which is how I wound up going into accounting and then computers. I admitted being surprised by her knowledge, and she giggled.

"Yeah, girls aren't supposed to be good in science. I guess I just can't get it right." She stuck out her tongue at me.

"Hey, I warned you about that." I pulled her close and whispered, "I dare you to stick it out again." She did, right into my mouth. We hugged and kissed for what seemed like a long time. Long enough for my dick to start to respond at least. I pushed her away. She pouted.

"What, you don't want me?"

"Fat chance, honey. I want to drag you off into the trees. But there are just enough people around here so that's not a good idea." She chewed on her lower lip and looked down at the ground. I wondered what she was thinking, but she didn't say anything, just took my hand and started walking again.

A couple of miles farther down the path, we ran into a dog. It was a good sized yellow lab that came bounding out of the trees and ran right up to us. And shoved its snout right up against the crotch of Hannah's shorts. She turned bright red and jumped back almost immediately. The dog followed, still trying to sniff between her legs. I shooed the dog away, figuring Hannah was feeling a little horny from our kiss earlier, I sure as hell still was, and didn't need that kind of stimulation.

"Hey, for somebody who doesn't get embarrassed you turned red pretty fast." She stamped her foot like a little girl throwing a tantrum.

"It was a dog. They're not supposed to touch you there." I shrugged, thinking she was making too much of it.

"He's gone now, let's keep walking. I'll protect you from the animals."

"Promise?" She had her smile back, and rested her head on my shoulder for a few seconds before we started walking again.

"Always, baby."

Hannah took up pointing out the flora again, and the next time we stopped I looked at my watch and got a shock.

"Holy shit, it's after Noon. We've been walking for four hours."

"Wearing out, old man?" She gave me one of her snarky expressions.

"No, I was worried that you were." I tried to make my expression match hers, but I'm not as good at it as she is. "We better get back, though, it's going to be almost dinner time as it is."

It was almost 5:00 when we got back to the cabin, and we were both worn out. Neither one of us had managed to break the other, but we were both getting pretty close.

"What do you want for dinner, lover? I think it's my turn to cook." It was the first indication from Hannah that she knew how to cook, not that it mattered to me.

"I was thinking something easy, like steaks and baked potatoes. Don't want to put too much energy into cooking. Just as long as there's plenty of it, I'm starved."

"Poor old man. Sit down and I'll get you some cheese and crackers to munch on while I make dinner." She guided me to the couch, brought me a snack, and started in on dinner. She thought the steak idea was fine, and popped potatoes in to bake while she got out a skillet for the steaks and seasoned them.

Neither one of us said too much while she was cooking, both probably too worn out from the all-day hike. At one point, though, Hannah did ask, "Hey, you going to show me my surprise tonight?"

"Oh, yeah, I almost forgot about that." I gave her a crooked grin.

"Well I didn't, so be ready when we're done with dinner."

Dinner itself was nice, relaxing, romantic. The food was great. Not that it was a gourmet meal, but Hannah showed that she knew her way around the kitchen. We finished off the bottle of wine from the night before, and mostly just made goo-goo eyes at each other across the table while we ate. After we both chipped in cleaning up, we decided to cuddle on the couch for a while. Hannah was squeezed up next to me, her head resting on my shoulder.

"Hey, baby, I'm curious. What made you decide I was the one you wanted to be with?"

"You mean at first, way back when I was just a little girl?"

"Mmm hmm. Not like the old woman you've turned into."

"Smart ass! First it was just because you were older. I was always more mature than the other girls, but I never let them see it. But when I was ten or eleven I started to check out sex sites online and all the women on there said older guys are better 'cause they know what they're doing."

I couldn't help myself. "So, are they right?"

"How should I know, old man, I've never had a young guy. Bring me one and I'll compare." I slapped her ass for that one. "Ow, that hurt.!'

"Yeah, tell it to somebody who'll believe you. So, you always just wanted me for my body, huh?"

"Well, at first. I mean, you were the only older guy I was around much, except my dad and he's a dork, and not very sexy like you are." I noticed the fact he was her father didn't enter into it. "But after a while I noticed how nice you were, too. Especially to me. I don't get that much." There was the bitterness again, I hadn't seen it much lately. "And the more I got to know you, the more I wanted you. And then I finally got lucky at Tiffany's party. So what made you want me."

"The first time? I was horny, and you were hot and ready. I've always liked young stuff." I didn't see any reason to lie to her. If we were going to be together for any length of time, we needed to be honest. I could almost see the gears moving behind her eyes. She looked like she appreciated the honesty. I sure hoped so. "But after that it was your brains, and how comfortable I feel with you. It just feels to me like we were meant to be together."

"So, you don't care about the sex anymore?"

"Don't be ridiculous, darling."

"Okay, you had me worried there for a minute." She was grinning. "Now how about that surprise."

"Oh, all right, I guess you're not going to let me rest until you see it. Come on."

I led her into the bedroom, and found the box of goodies in the corner. It hadn't been opened in a long time. I wasn't even sure I could remember all of the things that were in it. And I was taking a big chance in bringing it up here and showing it to Hannah at this stage of our relationship. There was a possibility that she'd open the box, see what was inside, and decide she never wanted to see me again.

"What's in it?" She was chewing on her lower lip in anticipation.

"Open it and see, silly."

Hannah lifted the lid off the box, stared inside for a couple of seconds, then starting pulling things out. A pair of handcuffs, real ones. The whip. Not a real bullwhip, you need too much room for one of those, but it was leather, with a nice tip. A ball gag, and a couple of other gags. Ropes of various lengths, some soft, some not. Clips, that could be used on nipples, or other things. Vibrators. A battery pack with cords leading from it. Hannah didn't say a word as she emptied the box. I was afraid to. With each item she took out her eyes got bigger, her jaw dropped further. Her body was shaking, but I couldn't tell if it good shaking or bad. I steeled myself for what she was going to say when she was done, fearing the worst.

She dropped the last of the items onto the bed, turned and looked at me, breathing heavily. She threw herself against me, arms around my neck, face buried in my shoulder and almost sobbed out, "Oh my fucking god, how did you know?"

I held her, tightly, feeling her tremble against me. "I didn't, baby, I was just hoping. I haven't used any of those in a long time."

She pulled her head back, looked into my eyes, tears flooding her cheeks. The words poured out of her in a torrent. "I read about all these things online when I was a little girl, and I started having dreams about them. And you were always in the dreams, doing terrible things to me. The more disgusting it was the more it turned me on. And when we got together, I was afraid to ask you about any of that, I thought you'd leave me, and I couldn't stand that, I love you so much, I couldn't live without you. And now." She looked down at the bed. "God, I need you to fuck me so bad."

No way we were going to get around to using everything all at once, but I decided to give her a taste. I grabbed the handcuffs off the bed, snapped one cuff onto Hannah's left wrist, then forced her down on the bed. I jerked both her hands up to the headboard, not being really vicious, but plenty forceful. I looped the cuffs around a post on the headboard, then fastened them to her other wrist. By the time I got done with just that, Hannah was gasping and looked like she was ready to cum. I pushed up her tank top to expose her tits and pulled her shorts and panties off without even bothering to take off her boots. Then I picked up the whip.

Hannah's eyes bugged out, her body tensed. Not quite time yet, though. I doubled the whip up, holding the handle and tip together, held it to her face. She smelled it, flicked her tongue out and licked it. This was going better than I could have imagined. I dragged the whip down her body, rubbing it over her throat, chest, tits, belly, and finally along her slit. She was whimpering now.

"Do it!" I let go of the tip, flicked the whip with my wrist. The tip cracked as it flashed against her chest between her tits. Hannah gasped, moaned. I flicked again, her left nipple. Again, just above her belly button. She was writhing on the bed now. Again, between her legs. That was all it took.

"FUCK ME!" It was a scream. This was no master-slave relationship, Hannah wasn't about to submit to me, she just liked it as kinky as I did. I didn't even get undressed, just shoved down my jeans and boxers and climbed on top of her. I shoved her legs apart, slammed my cock into, and she came immediately. "Yes, god yes! OH FUCK!" Her body vibrated under me, and I started hammering into her. As she thrust her hips out at me she started moaning, "Harder harder harder." I pounded her as hard as I could and less than a minute later she came again, this time whimpering, thrashing, jerking on the handcuffs.

She was breathing heavily now, a sheen of sweat covering her face. I slowed, not wanting to hurt her, but kept pumping my cock into her. I leaned my head down, kissed her. We started moving faster again, always in time with each other. Before long I was thrusting as hard as ever.

"Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum again. Cum inside me, please!" She never really had to ask for that, and by now I'd given up caring if I got her pregnant. But hearing her talk dirty was an incredible turn-on. I felt Hannah's pussy pulsing around my cock, and that was just what I needed. My balls jerked and I pumped shot after shot of cum into her as she moaned and gasped. By the time I finished emptying myself into her, we were both done for the night. The sex on top of all the exercise we'd had was too much. I had just enough energy left to dig out the key for the handcuffs and take them off before I curled up in bed next to Hannah and we fell asleep.

We slept in late the next morning. We had breakfast and I was determined that today we were going to have lunch, too. No more spending so much time wandering through the wilderness that we didn't have a chance to eat. Right after we finished breakfast, Hannah had a question for me.

"So why didn't you show me that stuff before, old man?" Any time she called me "old man" I knew she was teasing and I didn't have to worry about the conversation.

"Same reason you didn't talk to me about all your disgusting fantasies, little girl. I was afraid I'd scare you off. Should have known better."

"Mmm, yeah, both of us should have. I don't think we have to worry about that."

"Sure hope not. I'm planning on spending the rest of my life with you."

"Better be. Can I ask you a serious question?" She really did look serious, something I wasn't used to with her.

"Any time. You can ask me anything, you should know that by now."

"Yeah, I know. Still worry a little sometimes. Actually, it's two questions. If I convince my parents not to say anything, can we move in together right away? Instead of like, waiting until I'm eighteen?" That one just about floored me.

"I don't think it's a good idea to talk to you parents about something like that. As long as you're underage they can put me in jail."

"What if I had a way to make them say it was okay?" She had a conspiratorial look on her face that almost scared me a little.

"You need to tell me how you think you can do that."

"I know things about my dad's business, and about other stuff my parents have done. If I told anybody they'd be in big trouble. Maybe as big as you if anybody found out about us." Now she had a shit-eating grin on her face. She was sure she could make it work.

"What kinds of things?" She shook her head.

"No, I won't tell you what unless we're going to do it. Move in together."

"I'll have to think about it. We can't make any mistakes. I'll let you know by the time we have to go home. So what's the other question?" I could hardly wait.

"Well, they kinda go together. If I get pregnant, can we keep the baby?" Another thump upside the head with two by four.

"You're not..." She giggled and shook her head.

"No, silly, if I get pregnant I'll tell you right away. No matter what we're going to do. But I want to have a family with you. And I don't want to have to wait."

"Mmmm, I'll have to think about that one, too. But remember, even if I don't say yes right now, it's only putting it off. We're going to be together, and have a family. Don't worry about that."

She slipped into my arms, gave me a big kiss. "I know, I'm not worried. Just impatient."

The rest of the week was similar. Lots of sex, lots of cuddling, lots of talking. About each other, plans for the future, things we didn't know about each other. Hannah was surprised to find out that I'd been horribly shy when I was younger, and, if it were up to me, would still spend most of my time at home alone, or with just one other person (now Hannah, of course). She told me that she was interested in being either a doctor or an anthropologist. When I facetiously suggested trying housewife she stuck out her tongue at me, then tried to punch me in the arm, which led to a wrestling match on the floor, which led to - well, you can probably figure that one out.

During the course of the week I slowly introduced Hannah to the rest of the toys in my box. And came to realize that there was probably nothing that she wouldn't do, and enjoy. Even the battery pack. Most women wanted nothing to do with it. It had several leads that could be attached to the skin. They're usually put on the nipples to give a little electric shock to them, although you can actually stick them anywhere. I went all out with Hannah - one lead on each nipple, one just below her belly button, and one on her clit. When I turned up the juice I thought she was going to lose her mind. She was clawing at the bed, jerking like she was having a seizure, and screaming for more. And after I took the leads off she fucked like she was possessed.

The more we did, the more I realized how much I'd missed things like that with Lindsey. She loved sex, obviously, and liked to do plenty of things that most people would consider too kinky for words. But she wasn't into any kind of bondage or pain. And I liked that. Not all the time, but I liked to have those in the mix, and with Lindsey it just wasn't an option. I'd gotten used to it over the years, but now I was glad to be able to do some things that had been missing from my sex life. And happier than ever that I'd found a little girl who thought they were as exciting as I did.

There were a couple of other interesting developments during our week at the cabin that bear mentioning. Two days after the yellow lab had come sniffing at Hannah's crotch we ran into him again on one of our walks. Actually I can't be sure it was the same dog, it was a lot closer to the cabin than the first encounter had been, but it was another big yellow lab male. Except this time he wasn't alone. He'd found a female, golden retriever mix by the look of her, and he mounted her, not caring that he had an audience. We saw the whole thing, from the time the male started sniffing around the female. We'd been walking, holding hands, and when we came across the dogs Hannah froze, staring. She didn't say a word, just kept her eyes glued on the dogs. She squeezed my hand harder, tightening her grip as she watched until it was almost painful. I thought about saying something, or trying to twist my hand away from her, but then I took a good look at her face. Her eyes were bugged out, nostrils flared, mouth open taking in big gulps of air. Her free hand was clenching and unclenching spasmodically. Her body looked tight, a bowstring ready to let fly.

When the dogs finished and went slinking away Hannah turned to me, finally letting my hand out of her deathgrip. She threw her arms around my neck and whispered hoarsely, "Will you buy me a dog. Please?" She sounded like she was begging.

"Yes, baby, of course I will." My cock was rising, partly from her pressing against me, partly because of thinking about why she wanted the dog.

"I need you now. Fuck me like I'm some little whore you picked up on the street. Like you'll never see me again."

This was new, at least with Hannah. I've had plenty of experience with role-plays. Hell, there's not much I haven't had plenty of experience with, including sex in public where somebody might walk up on us any time. It was the whole thing - treating her like some kind of skanky streetwalker, doing it in public, thinking about Hannah with a dog - that made it so new and exciting. Especially the part about the dog. That was one of those few things that I had never been involved with. I was going to have to talk to my little sweetie about that one.

But all of that was circulating in the back of my mind. When Hannah told me to fuck her like a whore, I reacted by grabbing her hair in both hands, forcing her to her knees on the trail, and snarling, "Suck it, slut. All the way down."

Hannah was panting as she undid my belt and opened my jeans. My cock was completely hard when she pulled it out and opened her mouth. As soon as the head was between her lips I thrust with my hips and jerked on her hair pulling her face against me. My cock plunged back into her throat and I could feel her gag around it. I'd face-fucked her before, but not like this, not with this much force, this much violence. I was treating her like she really was some faceless whore I was just using to get my rocks off. But I wanted to get them off somewhere besides down her throat. I pulled out of her mouth and dragged her to her feet by her hair. I spun her around and forced her back against the nearest tree.

"Pull down your shorts!" I barked it out, staring at her face. I could barely recognize her, She actually looked like some slutty little fuck toy I'd found in a back alley. Her face was twisted by lust, her eyes wild. She shoved her shorts and panties down until they were around her ankles and I spread her legs. She licked her lips, grabbed my cock, and guided it in. I fucked her as hard and fast as I could, she was just a whore, just there to give me pleasure, what she wanted didn't matter. Her bare ass was slamming against the tree with every stroke, and she was grunting from the force of the pounding I was giving her. I called her every combination of whore, bitch, and slut I could come up with, and every time I did she twisted against me more, getting wilder and wilder. Finally I crushed her back against the tree, grinding my hips against her as my cum shot out into her pussy. We both just stood there leaning against the tree for a few seconds, worn out from the exertion. I got my voice back first.

"Did you cum?" She hadn't done any of her usual orgasmic screaming or moaning, and I was wondering if she'd enjoyed it.

"Three times, old man. But whores aren't supposed to cum, so I didn't think I should make any noise."

I chuckled and shook my head. "Is there anything you won't do?"

"Mmm, don't know. If there is, you haven't found it yet."

"Don't worry, I'll keep trying. We're going to have to talk about the dog."

She grinned. "Maybe tonight. Right now I think we should get back and have some lunch. That was a lot of exercise."

We did talk about the dog that night. I brought it up while we were cuddling on the couch after dinner.

"So, baby, you want a dog, huh? Maybe a nice little lap dog like a chihuahua?"

She punched me in the arm. "No, you bastard, a big sucker, like the one we saw today. Or even bigger."

"I assume you want a male."

"Smart-ass, a female wouldn't do me any good."

"What, you don't want a lesbian relationship with your dog?"

"Stop it. Would you really get me a dog? And let me do that with it?" She was looking at me now, with big eyes and an expression I hadn't seen from her very often. Like she was afraid I was going to turn her down.

"Let you do what with it?"

"You know." Pouting a little now.

"Maybe I do. But why should I let you do it if you won't even say it."

"Okay, would you let me fuck it? I want to fuck a dog." Not pouting now, more like begging. She really wanted this and wasn't sure she'd be able to get it. I pulled her close, kissed her on top of her head.

"Baby, you ought to know by now that I'll give you anything you want. But why do you want to fuck a dog? Have you ever done anything with one before?"

"No. But when I started looking at porn on the Internet, when I was a little girl, I found a site that had all kinds of vids of girls with dogs and horses and stuff. And they really made me hot. But they made me ashamed, too. I was never ashamed of any of the other fantasies I had, but wanting to do it with a dog, well, I thought that was just wrong. But it didn't stop me wanting it. And then, when we were walking and the dog came up and sniffed me, I... I felt its nose pushing against my pussy, and I got so horny I wanted to undress and let him fuck me right there. And I was afraid to say anything to you, 'cause I figured that would be too much, even for you, that you wouldn't want me any more if you thought I was that sick. And then today. When I saw that, I had a fantasy that I was the girl dog."

"And that's why you wanted me to treat you like a bitch, huh?" I was teasing, but Hannah was feeling a little sensitive.

"Please don't make fun of me." I looked down at her and she looked like she might cry. I kissed her again.

"I'm not, honey. I love you, no matter how sick you are. And you're not any sicker than I am, 'cause thinking about you getting fucked by a dog turns me on like you wouldn't believe." She looked up at me, finally smiling again.

"Really? You want to watch?"

"Of course I want to watch. I might even want you to blow me while the dog fucks you." She cuddled closer.

"I love you."

"I love you, too." We fell asleep on the couch, wrapped in each other's arms.

The other incident was Saturday of the second weekend, the night before we had to head home. Hannah had taken a shower and was padding around the cabin in her usual sleep getup of t-shirt and panties. We'd both been a little depressed, knowing that we had to leave the next day and go back to our families. I still hadn't given Hannah an answer about letting her use what she had on her parents so that we could move in together right away, and she'd been ragging me about it. It was as close as we'd come yet to a lovers' spat. I decided to try something to liven things up.

I padded up behind her as she stood in the living room. I tend to be incredibly quiet when I walk, people at work accuse me of trying to sneak up on them. I don't, but this time with Hannah I did, and took her completely by surprise. I grabbed her with both arms around the waist from behind, picked her up.

"Hey, baby, I've got what you need." She wriggled in my arms, trying to get away. I held her tighter, she thrashed more. "Don't fight it, baby, you know you want it."

"God, are you going to rape me?" She sounded genuinely frightened. I took the cue immediately.

"Yeah, baby, I'm gonna rape you. And the more you fight it, the more it's gonna hurt." I tried to use a growling, threatening voice, but I'm not sure I was very successful. It didn't matter to Hannah, though.

"No, god, you can't, I'm a virgin!"

I clamped one hand over her mouth. "Shut up, bitch! You're gonna take it, and if I have to kill you to shut you up, I will." Not sure where that came from, but it worked. I could feel Hannah's body start to tremble, something that only happened when she was as horny as she was capable of being. She struggled against me as I carried her into the bedroom, threw her down on the bed. I started undressing, and she tried to climb up off the bed. I grabbed her arm, slapped her face. Then I punched her in the stomach. Not hard, I didn't really want to hurt her, just enough to make her feel it. She collapsed back onto the bed holding her midsection. She looked like she was going to cry. I finished getting undressed, climbed up on the bed with her. I roughly stripped off her t-shirt and panties, tearing both in the process. Hannah continued to struggle against me. When she was naked, she lay curled up, legs clamped together, trying to cover herself with her hands and arms. She was staring at my hard cock.

"All right, baby, it's time. We can do this the easy way or the hard way, up to you." She curled up even tighter. I took her hair in one hand, jerked her head back, put my other hand on her throat. "I told you I'd kill you if I had to." I put pressure on her throat, pushing her head back into the bed, while I used my other hand and my legs to force her legs apart. She put up a good fight, but I was way too strong for her. By the time I had her legs spread, her face was starting to turn white. I let go of her throat as I positioned my cock against her slit. She immediately started to scream.

"NO! GOD YOU CAN'T!" I slapped her again.

"Shut up, bitch, if you want to live through this." I slammed my cock into her and she screamed again, without words, thrashed on the bed under me. I could tell she was cumming, and trying to hide it as part of her fighting against me. I forced her legs up against her shoulders, held them there with my arms as I hammered her cunt. She struggled for a while longer, and I felt her cum at least once more. Then she quieted, showing me wordless sobs as I "raped" her, doing her best to move against me without being obvious about it. I could feel myself getting close now.

"Baby, I'm gonna shoot my load right into that tight little cunt of yours." Hannah's face contorted in fear.

"No, you can't, I can't get pregnant. Please, no!" Then she was wracked by sobs and actually squeezed a couple of tears out of her eyes as the first shot of my cum poured into her. Then the pretense was gone. She stiffened and her eyes rolled back in her head as the feel of my cum in her pussy triggered another orgasm. We rolled into a semi-comfortable position, a tangle of arms and legs.

"Damn, girl, I didn't know you were that good of an actress."

"Fuck, dude, neither did I! And why didn't you ever choke me before? That was un-fucking-believable!"

"I worry about that, it can get dangerous." Which is the truth. I've never gone too far myself, but I know someone who did. She cuddled against me, purring.

"I trust you. Absolutely. And next time you can hit me a little harder."

"Mmm, I'll think about it. Hannah?"


"I'm ready. I want you with me when we get back home. Do whatever you need to."

"Okay, old man. About time you came around."

On the drive home on Sunday we talked about when Hannah would go to her parents with the information she had to try to blackmail them into letting her live with me. I didn't have to worry about Lindsey, I had worse on her. She was not only sleeping with underage girls, one of them was her daughter. And I had the video of Lindsey with Courtney when the girl was no more than thirteen.

We agreed that we'd wait a little bit. I still had to get things ready for Hannah at home. Like doing something about my wife. Not necessarily get her out of the house. After all, she'd want to be close to our daughter. For lots of reasons. But I should at least get her out of my bedroom if I was going to bring Hannah in. Hell, it wouldn't even change our relationship that much. She'd still get to spend my money, and fuck whoever she wanted. She could even get some from me once in a while, Hannah'd been pretty clear that she was okay with that. But I was going to have to spend some time talking to her.

I'd have to talk it over with Tiffany, too. I didn't think she'd have a problem with it, other than being surprised that Hannah was the one I wanted, but she should know what was going on. And I was still curious about whether Tiffany knew that her mother had been having sex with Courtney for years. Fine family you've got there, fella.

My phone rang. It was Hannah. Odd, she didn't usually call, she was a text-generation girl.

"Hey, honey, what's up?"

"I need to talk to you, right away!" She sounded panicked. Shit, what now? Had something gone wrong with her parents? Or maybe she finally realized she was having a affair with a guy old enough to be her grandfather.

"What is it? Are you going to dump me?" Now I was the one being paranoid.

"God, no, don't be stupid! But we've got a problem. Pick me up at the usual place."

The usual place was the bus stop near her house that she used when she was coming down to my office. It was a handy rendezvous place, just far enough away from where she lived. I let Lindsey know I was leaving and headed out.

I barely got the car stopped before Hannah jumped in. She was nervous, twitchy, flexing her fingers, playing with her hair. It wasn't like her. She was out of breath, but I didn't think she'd been running. Hyperventilating most likely. Whatever this was, it had her scared to death.

"What is it, baby?'

"Not here. Go to the office." Then she seemed to curl up around herself. I shut up and drove.

Once we got to the office, and inside, she started pacing, twisting her hands together. By now I was about ready to go nuts. I grabbed her by the shoulders, as gently as I could, made her stand still and face me.

"Hannah, sweetie, you have to tell me what's going on."

"It's my sister." She spat the words out with a venom most people reserved for serial killers. "She knows about us. And she'll go to the police unless she gets what she wants."

My mind raced like I was on speed. There were too many things flying through it for me to make much sense out of anything. I must have sounded like some kind of idiot when I managed to get some words out.

"How does she know? What does she want? What are we going to do?" I was scared. Through all of this I'd managed to stay calm, but the thought of going to prison was just about enough to crush me. But the thought of losing Hannah was even worse.

"She figured it out. I don't know how, but she's smart, like me, somehow she knows. And what she wants is you. She gets everything, and now the little bitch is going to take you away from me, too." She was trembling, a sapling in a hurricane, tears starting to leak from the corners of her eyes. All of that hadn't exactly calmed my mind down any. But right now the most important thing was Hannah. I pulled her close, let her bury her face in my chest while I stroked her hair and back.

"Hannah, baby, nobody is ever going to take me away from you. Don't worry about that. No matter what, you're stuck with me." She snuggled closer, didn't say anything, but I could hear her trying to sniff back the tears. I waited until she leaned her head back and looked up at me.

"Promise?" Her lower lip was still trembling, but she wasn't crying anymore.

"Promise. I'm yours. Forever. But what do mean your sister wants me?" I was a little puzzled by that. She was just a little girl.

"She wants you to fuck her." I was speechless for several seconds, which is hardly my usual state.

"Uh, how old is she?" I wasn't sure I wanted to hear the answer.

"Eleven." Damn, this was going to be a problem.

"And she wants me to fuck her?"

"Hey, I wanted you to when I was eleven, before that even. I just didn't have any way to get you to do it." I grinned at her.

"All you'd have had to do was ask." She stuck her tongue out at me, and I knew she was feeling better.

"Maybe you could choke her like you did me, and kind of not let go in time." She had a twisted smile on her face.

"Honey, don't say things like that, not even just joking around." If she really was just joking around. I had a feeling that Hannah wouldn't mind if she never had to put up with her sister again. "So, what are we going to do?"

"I guess you're just going to have to fuck her. We already talked about having other people, so that's not a problem, right?" Well, yeah, but her eleven-year-old sister wasn't what I had in mind at the time. "And we can't let her got to the police."

I took her face in my hands, stared into her eyes. "You sure you're okay with this?"

She nodded. "As long as you're sure you won't want her instead of me when you're done."

"I'm sure."

"Okay. I want to be there." The twisted smile again. I had a feeling my sick little lover might get off on watching me fuck her pre-teen sister. I pulled her close again and kissed her.

We managed to set it up for just a few days later. I had the house to myself. Lindsey and Tiffany had gone to a concert. I think Courtney went with them, but I'm not sure. I wondered whether there'd be any extra-curricular activities among the three of them. At any rate, they wouldn't be back until very late.

I picked Hannah and Emma up at the usual spot. I'd met Emma a couple of times before, but she hadn't made much of an impression. In fact, I hadn't even remembered her name until they got into the car and Hannah reminded me. None of us said anything as I drove home, or until we were in my bedroom.

Emma stood facing me, back to the bed. She was like a smaller clone of Hannah, same pretty face, dirty-blonde hair. Body like a stick, which wasn't surprising at the age of eleven. She was even wearing Hannah's usual uniform of t-shirt and jeans. I took a good look before I said anything.

"So, have you ever done anything with a guy before." She shook her head. I still hadn't heard her speak. "You know it's going to hurt the first time."

"I don't care! I want it! Show it to me, right now!"

And I knew what I was dealing with. Years ago I had a girlfriend who was such a spoiled brat that she thought her sister's wedding and honeymoon should be set up to her specifications rather than her sister's. Emma made her look like a piker. She was used to getting what she wanted. Now I understood why Hannah talked about her the way she did.

But there was something else I could see in Emma's face. Lust. So pure and wild it was beyond anything I'd ever encountered. Not even Hannah could compare. I peeled off my shirt, then started unfastening my pants, while Emma fidgeted. She was obviously a very impatient little girl. As I was undressing I snuck a glance at Hannah. She was sitting on a chair in the corner, the expression on her face a mixture of curiosity, horniness, and disgust. When I pulled down my pants and boxers, Emma's eyes fixed on my dick and got really big. Like my dick, which was hard and ready. She was already breathing heavily and was sucking on her lower lip.

I was just about to start in on her clothes when she beat me to it. Emma stripped herself naked quicker than I would have thought possible. I took in the slim body. She was just starting to get little buds under her nipples, not anything you could really call tits yet, but just enough to show that you weren't looking at a boy's chest. Her hips were narrow, and there was just a hint of fuzz between her legs. I wondered if this is what Hannah had looked like when she started fantasizing about me. I suddenly wished that she'd been as forward as Emma when she was that age.

I picked Emma up, dropped her down on the bed, and positioned myself over her. I spread her legs and placed the head of my cock against her slit. I looked down at her.

"You sure about this?" She damn well better be, I might have to rape her if she backed out now.

"Do me! Just fuckin' do me!"

I drove into her hard. She was wet and ready, and I still only got about half my cock into her, she was so tight. I'd never been inside anything like her pussy before, it felt like my cock was being strangled. Her body rippled like a wave of pleasure had rolled through it. Emma flopped back on the bed, her eyes rolled back in her head. Her body was quivering, tense. She hadn't made any noise, even though I'd felt her cherry tear away.

I pulled back until just the head was inside, then rammed back in. This time I tore all the way into her, my pubic bone slammed up against her clit and my balls slapped her ass. Emma's body writhed, she gasped and then moaned. Her eyes opened, and she looked up at me. I was shocked. The lust on her face was even more intense that it had been before. I didn't think that was possible. I started fucking her with long, hard strokes. I was pretty sure I was bottoming out against her cervix, she was a tiny little thing and I'm no porn star, but my cock is pretty good sized. I still couldn't get over how tight she was. I wondered what her ass would be like.

At first Emma just lay there under me, legs spread, as I pounded her pussy. But after a minute or so, her hips started to thrust out against mine. She wrapped her legs around me, reached up and started digging her fingernails into my shoulders. And the look on her face kept getting wilder. Her eyes no longer looked like they belonged to a sane person, and she was making little animal noises back in her throat. Her body was thrashing against me like she was fighting for her life. I realized that she was probably going to cum her first time with a cock inside her, just like her sister. There was just something wrong about a girl that age loving sex so much. Not that I was complaining.

While I was fucking Emma I managed to grab a few peeks over at Hannah. She was still sitting on the chair, but she had her t-shirt pulled up and her jeans pulled down. She was squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples with one hand, finger-fucking herself with the other. I hoped she was enjoying this as much as I was.

"Oh FUCK!" It was the first intelligible thing Emma had said since I'd entered her. Her body jerked, stiffened, jerked again. I could feel her pussy milking my cock as she came, and that did it for me. I started pumping my cum into her hot little cunt. She moaned, twisted. I could feel her nails clawing at my shoulders, her legs jerking against my back. I felt like I was going to cum forever, but finally my last shot poured into her. I let my muscles relax for a second, then pulled back, my shrinking cock popping out of Emma's pulsing pussy.

"No, you have to do it again, that was so good!" And I thought Hannah was good at pouting. This spoiled little brat had the market cornered. I chuckled a little at her.

"Hey, I'm not doing anything until you get that thing hard again. I think you need to learn how to suck cock." I looked over at Hannah. "You want to teach your sister, baby?"

Hannah stood up, let her jeans and panties drop to the floor, and stepped out of them as she walked over. I looked at her long and hard. I was hoping she was really okay with this, still a little worried that it was going to hurt her. If it was, though, she didn't give any indication.

Hannah looked at my dick, covered with my cum, Emma's juices, and a few flecks of blood, and licked her lips. She knelt down to get close, then looked at her sister.

"Pay attention, brat. You have to do things right for him." She lowered her head, started licking my cock, her tongue swirling around it, slurping off the mixed juices that coated it. I groaned at the familiar feel of it. Hannah took the head in her mouth, sucked lightly, letting her tongue tease the sensitive area underneath, then pulled her lips off, and let Emma watch as she flicked the tip of her tongue over my pee-hole. I shuddered. Hannah turned to Emma again.

"Come here and help." I watched as Emma moved next to Hannah, moved her head down to my cock. She stuck her tongue out, tentatively, took a quick lick, gave Hannah a "that tastes funny" look. Hannah just said, "You'll get used to it. Let's both lick him at the same time."

The two each started at the base of my cock, moved their tongues up. I was sure I'd died and gone to heaven. Hannah moved up my shaft a little faster than her sister, reached the tip and played with it for a couple of seconds until Emma got there. When Emma's tongue reached the tip of my cock, Hannah moved her own tongue so it touched her sister's. Emma gave her another look, but Hannah used her hand to pull Emma close and slipped her tongue inside Emma's mouth. The girls kissed passionately for a few seconds, then Hannah pulled back.

"Put his cock in your mouth and suck it like you did my tongue." Hannah pushed her sister's face toward my cock, but she didn't really need to give her much encouragement. Emma opened her mouth wide, and took in as much of my cock as she could, then started bobbing up and down on it. It felt great, even though she didn't have much technique. It wasn't all that long ago that Hannah had given me her first blowjob, and it wasn't exactly professional, either. It didn't matter. And I was pretty sure Emma would learn as fast as Hannah did.

I wasn't quite ready for what happened next, though. While Emma sucked my cock, Hannah positioned herself between her sister's legs and started eating her. I wasn't surprised by Hannah wanting to be with another girl. Nothing sexual she did was ever going to surprise me. But she hated her sister so much I couldn't quite understand why she wanted to do something that would give her pleasure. Oh, well, gift horses and mouths, and all that.

Hannah's tongue was definitely giving Emma pleasure, by the way. She was moaning around my cock, which wasn't hurting me any in the pleasure department, either. Hannah was busy finger-fucking herself again while she ate her sister's pussy, and both girls looked and sounded like they were getting close to cumming. Emma hit first, her body shaking as she pulled her mouth off my cock gasping. She pushed Hannah's face away from her crotch and rolled over, clamping her legs together as she tried to catch her breath. Hannah could concentrate on herself now and rolled onto her back, legs spread, ramming three fingers into her pussy. She moaned, her body heaved up off the bed, then she collapsed back down, purring.

It only took a few seconds for Emma to be ready for more. She looked at my cock with that almost insane lust on her face again. "Do me again. I need it." I climbed back on top of her. This time my cock slid all the way easily on the first stroke. I was amazed again at how tight she was. Emma wrapped herself around me this time, arms and legs, holding me tightly against her. After a couple of minutes I felt something shifting around on the bed, realized that Hannah was behind me. Her hands were on my ass cheeks, spreading them apart. Her breath brushed against my lower back, then my ass. Her tongue brushed against my anus.

"God, baby, yeah, lick it!" Hannah's face pressed between my ass cheeks, her tongue snaked into my ass. I moaned and bucked. It felt incredible. I'd always liked having my ass fingered, Hannah knew that, but this was the first time I'd had it licked. The feeling drove me to pound my cock into Emma even harder. She was clutching at me now, giving me that wild look. Hannah wrapped her arms around my upper legs to hold herself against my asshole while my hips moved against her sister. She kept it up for a couple of minutes, then pulled away.

"Turn over, I want to do hers now." I wanted to tell her to get her mouth back on my ass, but that wasn't the relationship we've got. Besides, I knew I'd have plenty more chances to have that. I held onto Emma, hardly necessary the way she was clutching at me, and rolled over. Hannah spread her little sister's ass open and buried her face in it the way she had in mine. My cock was rubbing against her chin as it slid in and out of Emma's cunt, and every so often Hannah would pull her tongue out of her sister's anus and let it run over my cock as I pumped Emma. Emma certainly didn't seem to mind having her ass licked, either. She was making even more of the little animal noises and bouncing up and down on my cock like a maniac. Hannah's head popped up off Emma's ass, and I could tell that Hannah had replaced her tongue with a finger or two. That seemed to be all Emma needed to set her off. She squealed, clawed at me with her fingers. I saw her eyes close and her mouth open as her body started shuddering.

"Cum in her so I can lick it out of her pussy again!" Damn, nothing shy about my little Hannah. Then I felt a couple of fingers from her other hand slip into my ass, and it had the same affect on me it had on Emma. My balls twitched and emptied themselves into Emma's pussy. Emma opened her eyes when she felt me shoot into her, looked at me. I swear the girl is possessed, at least when she's having sex.

Emma kept cumming the whole time I was shooting into her, then just kind of rolled off me onto her back on the bed. She looked pretty wasted, which wasn't surprising. Being fucked hard twice, eaten out, and having her ass licked and fingered would probably be enough for most grown women, let alone an eleven-year-old girl. I was feeling pretty well toasted myself. Hannah on the other hand was basically fresh and, true to her word, as soon as my cock was out of Emma, Hannah's face was between her legs, licking my cum out of her. Emma wasn't responding much this time, although she did let out a little purr once in a while.

I looked over at the clock. It was late enough that we should wrap this up. I didn't want to take any more chances than necessary. Having sex with an eleven-year-old is a lot different from bonking a sixteen-year-old. We were going to have to keep this under wraps. I thought Hannah might complain when I said it was time to go since she hadn't really gotten anything except her own fingers, but she didn't seem to mind.

When I dropped the girls off, I gave Hannah a kiss. I was afraid Emma might demand one, too, but she didn't say anything. When I thought about it later I realized that kissing probably didn't do anything for Emma, unless it was together with something sexual. Kissing is what you do with people you care about. Emma didn't care about anybody but herself. She had all of Hannah's sexual energy and more, without a trace of her sister's humanity. What Emma did do, though, was squeal, "Me, too!" when I told Hannah I'd see her soon. Hannah gave her a dirty look, but I told that yes, I'd see her soon, too. We had to be very careful with this one. I could almost see Hannah's point in suggesting that choking Emma a little too hard might be the best solution.

When I got back after dropping the girls off I just collapsed into bed. My dreams that night were spectacular, most of them having to do with Hannah when she was Emma's age.

Hannah texted me the next day, which was Sunday. She wanted to get together. That was no problem, now, I didn't spend much time with Lindsey any more. I picked her up at the usual place. She didn't want to go to the office.

"Can we just go to a park and like walk and sit under the trees and stuff?" She looked a little nervous.

"Sure, anything you want." I drove to a park that was close, but not too close. We got out started walking down one of the trails. Hannah took my hand as we walked.

"You liked it with her. With Emma. Didn't you?" It sounded almost like an accusation.

"Yes, I liked it." I needed to find some way to explain to her that she didn't need to worry, but right then I was having trouble coming up with the right words.

"You want to fuck her again, don't you?" Even more of an accusation.

"Yes, I want to fuck her again." I still didn't know what to say, and I was getting myself in pretty deep.

"I knew it. You want her instead of me. I knew it was going to happen. She gets everything." I looked at her. She was on the verge of bursting into tears.

"Hannah, sweetie, listen to me. I like fucking lots of women. You know that. And you know I like young girls. But you're the only woman I've ever loved. Ever. Emma is wild and sexy and fucking her is a trip. But that's all I ever want to do with her. You're the one I want to cuddle with, and go to dinner with, and wake up with. And live with. For the rest of my life." I couldn't resist putting in a little dig. "Besides, you liked it, too, didn't you?"

She looked down at her shoes. I hadn't seen her embarrassed in a while. "Yeah. You know I worry about going too far, doing things that are too much. But it was really hot, watching you with her, licking both of your asses. Licking your cum out of her pussy."

"I thought that was pretty hot, too. Surprised me, though, you seem to hate her so much I didn't think you'd want to do anything with her." We were walking again, still holding hands.

"I don't hate her. I'm just jealous of her because she gets everything. And I know she's really hot."

"Well she doesn't get me. And you're hotter. Bet you were hotter when you were her age, too."

She smiled. "Yeah, wish I'd done something about you then."

"So do I."

"You really are a dirty old man, aren't you?" She stuck out her tongue.

"Yeah, and you love it. And I've warned you to be careful where you put that tongue."

"You mean like where I put last night?" She laughed. "Are you going to fuck her in the ass?"

"If she'll let me. And I want to fuck one of you in the ass while the other one eats her pussy."

"Yummy! Hey, when I move in with you Emma'll have a reason to come over to visit. Maybe we can all have a big orgy with your wife and Tiffany and Courtney."

"Maybe." I grinned. I was thinking about the orgy. And about what Emma's ass would feel like around my cock.

After we'd walked a little bit more I gave Hannah's hand a squeeze and said, "It's time. I want you there when I come home from work. Let's get this thing done."

It was up to me to take care of things on my end first. I told Lindsey and Tiffany we needed to have a "family meeting." I figured Tiffany should be part of it since she was going to be affected by what happened. I wasn't sure what to expect, or even how to start, so I just jumped right in.

"Lindsey, I want to move somebody else into the house. You can stay here as long as you want to, I'm not going to kick you out, but you need to move into a different bedroom." There, it was out. Lindsey looked surprisingly calm. I think she'd been expecting it since I'd told her about finding the videos of her and Tiffany. Tiffany, on the other hand, reacted about the way I expected.

"Daddy, is it Hannah?" She obviously knew I hadn't brought up Hannah's name out of the blue when we were talking about things earlier.

"Yes, it's Hannah." Tiffany looked exasperated.

"Daddy, really? You're rich and handsome, and probably great in bed. You can do better than a little dweeb like her."

"That's how love is, Tiff." I didn't feel like getting into a long discussion about this if I could avoid it.

"Love? You think you're in love with her?" I was surprised when Lindsey spoke for the first time.

"He probably is, honey. Hannah's smart and probably likes all the same kinds of things he does. I'll bet she's what he's been looking for all his life." I honestly hadn't expected that much insight from my wife. She knew me better than I suspected.

"But what about you two? Don't you love each other, or didn't you?" Tiffany was having a hard time wrapping her head around this. I wondered about her and Courtney, how deep the emotional attachment was there. Were they in love, or just sex buddies?

Lindsey answered again. "No. We were never in love. We filled needs for each other, but love wasn't ever a part of it." I couldn't have said it better myself.

Tiffany slowly looked at each of us, shook her head looking befuddled. "I don't get it. Any of it. But if you two both want it, then I'm not going to say anything. Just remember, Daddy, Mom and I get to do whatever we want. With whoever we want." She hadn't forgotten our other conversation about this.

"That's right. And so do I. But I'd really appreciate it if you two would at least try to be nice to Hannah." They both nodded. Lindsey was the one who brought up what should have been the obvious question.

"She's only sixteen, like Tiff. We're not going to say anything, but how are you going to get around her parents?"

"Hannah says she can take care of that. Has a way to make them agree."

"She's going to blackmail them the way you did us?" Tiffany was grinning. It was decided. My part was done. Now it was up to Hannah.

"So, you've got to make sure about Emma first. If she decides to cause problems we're basically dead meat." Hannah and I were having dinner together, at our usual restaurant. We had a spot back in the corner, private, where we could talk. Having money carries all kinds of perks. I'd just finished telling her about my conversation with my wife and daughter.

"Don't worry, I've got it all figured out. I'll just tell her that if she causes any trouble for us, her whole life goes to shit. Because I'll tell what I know about Dad's business and all the other stuff. And if I do, Mom and Dad won't be around to give Emma what she wants. And neither will you." She gave me a nasty grin with that one. "She wouldn't be able to handle that."

Hannah was right. It was the perfect way to approach someone who's only concern was her own wants. I told her so.

"Of course, I'm..." I reached across the table, put my finger against her lips, grinned.

"Yeah, I know. Don't even say it." She didn't. Instead she sucked my finger into her mouth, rolled her tongue around it. My dick stood up and took notice. "Hey, take it easy. If I'm going to pay for this dinner I want to have a chance to eat it." She spit out my finger, stuck her tongue out at me.

"Okay, old man, but we're stopping at the office on the way home." I wasn't about to argue with that.

"That works. But now you've got to tell me just what it is you've got on your parents that will make them let you move in with me."

She chewed on her lower lip for a few seconds, then decided to tell me. "Well, a lot of it's my dad's business. You know what he does, right?" I nodded. He was in the financial markets. High-end stuff, derivatives and such. I'm not really a finance guy, so I don't know any specifics about that kind of thing. "He's been involved in a lot of like, fraud and stuff. And taking money out of the business that's not really his, you know?" I wasn't exactly shocked. That sort of thing isn't exactly unheard of in that line of business. But I was confused.

"So, how do you know all of that? You're not exactly his executive secretary." She rolled her eyes. I wasn't sure she'd ever done that to me before. A sure sign I wasn't thinking.

"Duh, I spend my whole life on the computer. Or, I did, before you." We both smiled at that. "And I can get into just about anything, doesn't matter what the password protection is. And my dad's too dense to encrypt his stuff. So I found all of this on his computers."

"Uh, were you looking for it, or did you just sort of stumble across it?"

"What's wrong, old man, you got things on your computer you don't want me to see?" She had her head cocked to the side, grinning again. She was teasing. Didn't matter.

"Only the really kinky porn videos. Oh, that's right, you'd love them." I grinned back at her. "Nothing about my business, that's completely straight." It was the truth. I've never done anything in the business world that could be considered even remotely shady. Not worth it. As Hannah's father was apparently going to find out.

"Okay, but I want to see those videos." Her expression turned serious. "I was looking for things. On purpose. To have something to hold over my parents. I think you know why."

I did. It came back to Emma again, and the way their parents made sure that Emma had everything while pretty much ignoring Hannah. I knew it happened sometimes, parents giving preferential treatment to the baby of the family. That didn't make it any easier on the older sibling.

"So, just that's enough to send my dad away to jail. And make them bankrupt, they'd lose everything. And my parents couldn't handle that any better than Emma could. They'd do anything to hang on to their money. There's other stuff, too, but I don't want to talk about it. I probably won't have to use it anyway, the business stuff should do it."

"What kind of other stuff?" I was feeling a little twitchy about this "other stuff."

"I really don't want to talk about it. I'll tell you if I have to use it." She was upset, the look on her face was almost pleading.

"Okay, sweetie, I'm sorry. But you know you can talk to me about anything, right?" She nodded.

"I know. Just not right now. Let's just enjoy dinner." She smiled, but it was a little forced.

Hannah lightened up as dinner progressed, and by the time we were ready to leave she was back to her usual self. She reminded me that I'd promised her a stop at the office. We'd barely gotten in the door when she wrapped herself around me, clinging to me, kissing me wildly, rubbing her body against mine. I got a glimpse of her eyes and saw the same kind of wild abandon that Emma's had held when I fucked her. Then she whispered in my ear.

"I want you to get me naked and take your belt and beat me. Hard, all over. Please?" She had the same pleading look as when she said she didn't want to talk about the other things she had to hold over her parents. I had an idea there was a reason for that. But I'd never held anything back with Hannah sexually, and I didn't see any reason to start now.

I almost ripped her clothes off. I had to be a little careful, she still had to go back home. Once I had her naked, I pushed her down onto the couch and took off my belt. It was leather, not real heavy, but it was going to hurt. I doubled it up in my hand, swung it, brought it down on Hannah's belly. The crack echoed through the small office.

"YES! Harder, please!" The look on Hannah's face was now definitely what I'd seen from Emma. I hit her again with the belt. Again, and again. On her belly, her tits, cracking the belt across her nipples. Down to her ass, her legs on the outside of her thighs. With every stroke she screamed, or cried, or whimpered. And she kept begging me, "More, harder!" And I kept putting more force into each blow, as my little teenage lover made yet another of my fantasies come true.

Finally she spread her legs, looked at me with and almost depraved expression. "Hit me there, make me cum!" I swung the belt as hard as I could, brought it down across her slit, making a sound that was almost sickening. She gasped, clawed at her bruised tits with her hands. I hit her again, and her body began to tremble. The third blow sent her over the edge. She screamed, clenched her legs around the belt. Her body looked like it was going into convulsions as she moaned back in her throat, almost a growl. She shook for several seconds, then looked up at me.

"Oh god, lover, fuck me, please." I did. Climbed on top of her, slipped my cock into her, and fucked her as wildly as I've ever done with anybody. We were both about half insane by then. Hannah twisted and humped under me like her skin was on fire. Actually, it probably felt like it was after the beating she'd gotten. We went at it so hard that we actually rolled off the couch onto the floor without missing a beat. It seemed to go on forever.

"God, I'm gonna cum!" Hannah stiffened, then started jerking like someone was giving her electric shocks. The muscles of her pussy were rippling around my cock, trying to milk it. That was all I needed to start pumping my cum into her. She started to purr when she felt me filling her up. We finished cumming and just lay there for a couple of minutes, both worn out. Hannah got her voice back first. There is something to be said for being young and resilient.

"Maybe I'll get pregnant this time." She looked hopeful.

"Mmm, maybe." I smiled at her. There was no more talk about not having it if she did. "Come on, sweetie, I've got to get you home."

"In a minute. I just want to be here with you for a little bit." She sucked on her lower lip for a second. "You're so good to me. You always give me what I want. I love you so much."

"I love you too, baby. And all of this is good for me, too, you know."

"Good. I'm glad." We held each other, still on the floor. I had a pretty good idea now of what else Hannah could threaten her parents with. I was sure that what we'd just done, minus the sexual part, had been played out with Hannah and her dad, and maybe her mother, for a long time. Beatings like that would explain a lot, including why she didn't want to talk about it. And I knew that I'd never bring it up again. But I'd beat her mercilessly if she ever asked me for it.

Things went well for Hannah with both her sister and her parents. Emma was a smart girl, after all, and knew what side her bread was buttered on. She was plenty happy to let Hannah move in with me. It actually meant that what little competition she had for her parents' attention would be gone. She did have one demand, though. Big surprise. She wanted a guarantee that she'd be able to come over to visit. That was easy, although Hannah was very clear with her that nobody else could find out what we did together, and any sex involving Emma would be limited to times when there was nobody else around.

The parents apparently were just as easy. As soon as Hannah let them know that she had information about how her father's business had been so successful they fell all over themselves telling her that she could have anything she wanted. When it turned out that all she wanted was to move out they were so grateful they practically cried.

So that was it. Hannah moved in a couple of weeks later, as soon as Lindsey had her things moved into one of the other bedrooms. It's been nice. Actually, it's been wonderful. The more time Hannah and I spend with each other, the better we seem to fit together. It's one of those truly rare instances where two people really do seem to be meant for each other. Courtney spends most of her time here, too, these days. Helps keep Tiffany happy.

That doesn't mean it's the end of the story, though. There have still been some interesting things happening since Hannah came here.

"God, he's gorgeous! Can I have him, really?" Hannah was staring at a Great Dane who really was magnificent, but I was pretty sure she wasn't too concerned with the way he looked.

It was the end of Summer, the girls were getting ready to go back to school. Hard to believe so much had happened in just a few months. I'd promised Hannah she could get her dog before school started.

"Yes, baby, you can have him. You're sure he's the one you want?" She nodded, sucking on her lower lip. I was afraid she was going to start panting right there. Hannah spent some time petting her new toy while I was in the breeder's office taking care of the paperwork and payment. I set it up so he'd be delivered in a week, after I got a kennel set up in the yard. A dog that size would need a big one.

"I'm going to call him Roscoe." We were on the way back home. That one caught me by surprise. I hadn't heard that name in a long time.

"Where'd you come up with that?"

"I saw it in in a book somewhere. It just seems to fit." She giggled. "He was licking my face. You wouldn't believe how long his tongue is!"

"Somehow, baby, I think I'm going to find out."

Everybody else in the house thought I was crazy for letting Hannah have a dog, or at least for letting her have one that size. I explained that she'd always wanted one but her parents had never let her have one because her sister hated dogs. That part was actually true. Emma apparently would throw a fit at the very idea of having a pet in the house. I suspected it was because she couldn't stand the thought of having competition for her parents' affection. Of course, we didn't tell anybody the real reason that Hannah wanted a dog. A big dog.

The first night that Roscoe was there, I saw Hannah walk out to the kennel, wearing the same t-shirt and shorts she'd had on when the lab had sniffed her on our walk at the lake. I suspected that was on purpose. I stayed inside and watched her through the sliding door as she opened Roscoe's kennel and closed herself in with the dog. Roscoe must be a quick learner, he shoved his snout up between Hannah's legs the way the lab had. I could see the dog sniffing and nuzzling her, and Hannah leaned back against the side of the kennel. After a few seconds she unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them down. She didn't seem to care if anybody was watching. In fact, I'd have bet she knew I was.

Roscoe's snout slipped between Hannah's legs and she twitched, then squatted down a little to give him more access. From the angle I had I could just see the dog's tongue slide out and start lapping at Hannah's crotch. I couldn't see exactly where the tongue was going, but it was pretty obvious Hannah was loving it. So was my dick, which was getting harder by the second. I really wanted to go out and join in, but I didn't. I wanted to give Hannah time to get to know Roscoe. Unfortunately, I couldn't even pull my dick out and play with it, one of the other folks in the house might come wandering by. Not that they would have cared, but I try to keep a little decorum.

Roscoe licked Hannah for a few minutes, then her body heaved, shaking the chain link side of the kennel. She pushed Roscoe away, pulled up her shorts, and walked back to the house. I grinned at her when she came inside.

"Enjoy yourself?"

"Shut up and come with me. You have to fuck me, right now!"

The urgency on her face was almost comical as she grabbed my hand and dragged me off to our bedroom. Once we got there she pulled her shorts down and opened my pants to pull out my cock.

"Do me from behind!" She leaned against the footboard of the bed, bending over to show me her ass.

"You mean doggie style?" I couldn't help myself.

"Just fuck me, smart ass!" I stepped up and shoved my cock into her. "Fuck yeah! Uhhhhh!" Her body rippled with an orgasm, not a big one, but she definitely came. I fucked her hard, like she always wanted it when she was this wild. It didn't take long for me to shoot my load into her, I was about ready to explode from watching her with the dog anyway. She came again just before I did, then we just stood there, me holding her from behind.

"God, it was wild! He licked my pussy and my ass, stuck his tongue up in my pussy. Shit, I can't wait to have him fuck me." I didn't say anything, but I couldn't wait, either.

We didn't have to wait long. About a week later we had the house to ourselves for the day. Lindsey had gone out of town with some friends for a wild weekend, and Tiffany and Courtney were spending the day at the mall, then going to a movie. It was the last weekend before school started, so it was a good time to have some fun.

The others were barely out of the house before Hannah said, "Can I bring him in now?"

"Yes, baby, you can bring him in." I was grinning at her, almost laughing. She looked down at the floor.

"You know how I feel when you make fun of me."

I gave her a hug. "I'm not making fun of you. But it makes me smile when you get that excited about something."

She looked up, gave me a quick peck on the cheek. "Thank you."

"Go, get Roscoe and bring him in."

Damn dog would already follow Hannah anywhere she went if she'd let him She let him out of the kennel, brought him into the house, then led him upstairs to our bedroom. I followed. Hannah wanted me to be there, and I wanted to watch. But I wasn't going to take an active part unless Hannah asked me to. This was her adventure. I was just there because she said I could be.

In the bedroom, Hannah stripped off her clothes while Roscoe watched, looking a little puzzled. If a dog can be puzzled. We always want to believe that our pets are like us, "He's almost human," we all say, but it's not really true. They're not like us at all. Enough philosophizing, though. I retreated to the chair in the corner, started taking off my own clothes. Just because I wasn't going be part of it didn't mean I wasn't going to enjoy it.

Naked, Hannah lay back on the bed, hips on the edge, and spread her legs wide. She called Roscoe to her, and the dog stepped over. Hannah put her hands between her legs, spread her pussy lips. Roscoe's tongue, which really was enormous, snaked out and started lapping at Hannah's pelvis. My lover gasped, moaned, spread herself open even more. My cock started to snap to attention.

Hannah had her head and shoulders raised up off the bed so she could watch her pet licking her pussy. She had that wild look on her face, and was as aroused as I could ever remember seeing her. I was actually a little bit jealous, although that didn't stop me from stroking my hard cock as I watched the Great Dane slurping at Hannah's cunt. She moved her hands under her, used them to spread her ass cheeks apart so the dog's tongue could run over her anus. Roscoe dove forward and I could see his tongue slip between the lips of Hannah's pussy, right up into her hole. He snuffled at her, his wet nose rubbing against her clit. Hannah squealed, stiffened. She flopped back onto the bed, then her body gave a couple of quick jerks and lay still, Roscoe's tongue still working over her cunt. After a few seconds she lifted herself up and pushed the dog away.

"Okay, boy, that's enough of that. I need your cock now!" She looked over at me, saw me pulling on my own cock, and gave me a grin. Then she moved so she could reach underneath Roscoe's belly, started playing with his dick, trying to tease it out of its sheath. It took a little work, but I saw the tip start to poke out, then a little bit more. Hannah squeezed the dog's balls, and that seemed to help. Before too long his whole cock was out and ready. Hannah looked back over at me.

"Can you help get him in me? I don't know how hard it'll be." I got up out of the chair, stepped over to them. I pretty much could never deny Hannah anything she wanted.

"Get on all fours, bitch." She giggled at the reference, turned and got on her hands and knees on the floor. In that position she looked almost tiny compared to Roscoe. He was obviously ready, he tried to hump my leg as I moved him into position. I stood behind him, lifted the front part of his body up and scooted him behind Hannah. He strained a little, but not too much. When I had him in position, his front paws were all the way up over Hannah's shoulders. As soon as he was close to being in position, Roscoe started humping at Hannah, but wasn't quite getting there.

"Put him in me!" I could tell by the sound of her voice that she was desperate to feel the dog penetrate her. I reached down under Roscoe's legs, cupped my hand over his cock and guided it to Hannah's pussy, working by feel. I knew I'd hit the spot when Hannah sort of squeaked and Roscoe started humping furiously.

I couldn't help myself. I got down on the floor, positioned myself under Hannah's belly so I could watch the dog's cock plowing into her. It was an incredible sight. I saw the Dane's knot banging against the lips of her pussy as he humped. I reached up, spread her open. Roscoe thrust forward and the knot disappeared inside Hannah, locking them together.

"Fuck! Oh my god, yes!" Hannah's head was hanging down between her arms, she was panting and gasping. I know I hadn't intended to actually be part of it, but I'd already blown that commitment. I shifted myself around under Hannah so I was almost in 69 position, my pelvis under her head, my head now right under where the dog's cock was violating her. I felt Hannah's lips slip around the head of my cock.

I don't know how long it went on, Roscoe fucking Hannah, while she licked and sucked my cock. I do know that it was one of the most intense experiences I've ever had. Watching the muscles in my lover's belly ripple and spasm as she came with the dog's cock and knot inside her was just incredible. Hannah came at least one more time while I was under them, before my cum exploded into her mouth. She swallowed it, then gasped for breath when she finally pulled her mouth away from me.

I managed to roll out from under Hannah, stood up over them. She looked up at me. There was some cum running down her chin, she hadn't quite been able to gulp it all down. Her eyes were unfocused, her hair sweaty and stringy around her face. The look on her face was indescribable, but it was it one of the sexiest things I've ever seen. Roscoe whined and sort of collapsed forward on top of Hannah, finally finished with his bitch. Hannah just lay there, whimpering, as Roscoe tried to pull away from her. After a minute or so his knot finally shrank enough so he could pull out, and he went off to lick himself. I sat down on the floor next to Hannah, who didn't seem to be in any hurry to get up. I stroked her hair.

"Was it good, baby?"

"Oh my god! It was... fuck yeah." She was still trying to catch her breath. "Did you like it?"

"Mmm, yeah, I loved it. Thanks for blowing me while he fucked you." She shifted her position a little, laid her head on my bare lap, kissed the tip of my cock.

"I'm glad you liked it. I want to have him fuck me in the ass." My cock gave a little twitch.

"Too bad we can't both fuck you at the same time." She looked up at me, smiling.

"We'll have to try to work on that."

Roscoe became a fairly regular part of our fun after that, at least when the rest of the "family" wasn't around. Hannah loved fucking the big dog, and whatever made her happy made me happy. She did get his cock, including the knot, up her ass, although she almost passed out from the pain, and she would even give him blowjobs. We never could figure out how to have the dog and I both fuck her at the same time, but I was content with watching, or having her suck me while she fucked her pet.

Unfortunately, we hadn't been able to get Hannah's sister over for any games. There was an extra problem with Emma, because we not only had to have the house to ourselves, but we had to have an excuse for Emma to be away from home for a while. She'd come to visit a few times, but there was always somebody else around, so we couldn't do anything.

It was starting to get frustrating, for all of us. I really wanted to have my cock inside that tight little pre-teen pussy again. And Hannah wanted more of her sister, too. Emma was still the only girl Hannah'd ever been with, and my little lover's sexual curiosity was pretty much infinite. What it was doing to Emma was the biggest problem, though. Hannah and I at least had each other. And Hannah had Roscoe. Emma was becoming a sexually frustrated little hag at the age of eleven. I was afraid she might get so horny that she'd do something that would get us caught. Luckily she was spoiled, but not stupid. She waited. Not very patiently, but she waited.

Finally, on Winter Break from school, we had a chance. Lindsey took Tiffany and Courtney on a ski trip for the week. Although I personally had my suspicions about how much skiing they'd get done. I still wasn't sure whether Courtney knew about Tiffany and her mother, or if Tiffany knew her mom was fucking Courtney, but I figured they probably hadn't been able to hide it since they were all spending so much time together. I wondered if Lindsey would be making videos of their shenanigans on the trip.

I'd shown Lindsey's other vids to Hannah, by the way. She loved them, and sometimes we'd fuck while we watched one together. She especially liked the ones of Lindsey with Tiffany and Courtney. She said watching somebody she knew really make her horny. Naturally, we wound up making some videos of our own.

After Lindsey left with the girls, Hannah called her parents and asked if Emma could come over. Hadn't had much chance to see her lately, and missed her. The parents bought it. Or maybe they just didn't care. They struck me as being just about as self-centered as poor little Emma. I was amazed that Hannah had turned out the way she did.

I picked Emma up, and she made it clear as soon as we got the car started that she was ready for some action.

"Can I see it now? I need it bad." She was pouting, of course. She'd insisted on sitting next to me. Hannah was on the other side of her. We were in the SUV, with plenty of room in the front seat.

"In the car? Are you nuts?" There was a limit to what even I was willing to do.

"Oh, come on, nobody can see." Emma leaned over, started rubbing her hand over the front of my jeans. I'm sure she could feel how hard my dick was already. I put my hand over hers.

"Damn, girl, you want me to crash the car?" I could hear Hannah making disgusted noises. I suddenly realized that Hannah and I had never had sex in a car. Hmmm, may have to explore that sometime.

Emma was busy unbuckling my belt. Now I had a real problem. I could let her keep going, and take a chance on either getting caught or mangling all of us if I couldn't pay attention to the road. Or I could try to push her away, which would be just as likely to get us in a wreck, because Emma was never good at giving in when she wanted something. My belt was undone now, and Emma's fingers were working on my pants. They were open, my cock was free, and Emma's mouth lowered on it, taking an inch or so in. I moaned. I felt Emma do the same and glanced over as quick as I could while driving. Hannah's hand was between her sister's legs, rubbing the crotch of her jeans. Shit, I was going to spend the rest of my life in jail.

I pulled up to a stoplight. No other cars around, thank god. Hannah grabbed Emma by the hair, pulled her off my cock, whispered something in her ear. Emma gave a her a funny look. Hannah snapped "Do it!" and pushed Emma's face back down on my cock. Emma had improved since the other time she sucked my cock. I wondered if she'd been watching the Internet for tips, or maybe Hannah had given her some lessons. At any rate, her mouth felt great around my cock as the stoplight changed and I drove off.

I kept sneaking peeks over at Hannah. She'd unfastened Emma's jeans, had her hand inside and was doing something, although I couldn't tell what. Whatever it was, Emma was enjoying it, based on the way she was purring around my cock. Between feeling Emma's lips and tongue on my cock, and watching Hannah feeling her up, it wasn't going to take long for me to blow my load. I got lucky, I hit another red light just as I felt my balls start to twitch.

"Here it comes, baby!" As the first shot spurted into Emma's mouth, I realized it was the first time she'd ever felt that. As my cum spurted into her mouth I didn't feel her trying to swallow it, wondered why not. Then, as my hips slumped back onto the seat after I finished, Hannah's fingers tangled in Emma's hair again, pulled her head up, back, turning her so she faced Hannah. I watched as the older sister pressed her mouth to the younger's, opened, kissed. I realized Hannah was taking my cum from Emma's mouth the way she had from her pussy the first time we'd all been together. That was what she'd whispered to her. Hannah pulled away from Emma, opened her mouth, showing the cum on her tongue, closed her mouth and swallowed.

"Now you." Emma opened wide, letting Hannah look, then turned to me for a second. She closed, swallowed, then gasped, her body twitching. I looked down, saw that Hannah's hand was still inside her sister's jeans.

"Okay, girls, almost home now. Settle down." Hannah pulled her hand out of Emma's jeans while the younger girl zipped me back up and buckled my belt. We'd be going in through the garage, but it was still easier if all our clothes were where they belonged.

The clothes didn't stay on long once we got inside, though. Emma remembered where the bedroom was from the first time she'd been there. Inside, she took a quick look around. I figured she was looking for anything of Hannah's, trying to see what changes she'd made since she moved in. Then she started undressing. I remembered how quickly she'd done it the first time. She was naked by the time I got to the point of starting on my belt. Emma stepped over and helped. I looked at Hannah, who was standing off to the side, holding back.

"Come here, sweetie. I want you to be part of this. I think your sister does, too." Emma looked a little embarrassed, but nodded. Hannah moved over to join us. I was just about out of my clothes by then, and Emma started helping Hannah get rid of hers. I looked at Emma.

"Today is for you. What do you want first?"

She pointed at my dick. "That. Here." Her hand went between her legs. She dropped to her knees in front of me, took my limp cock in her mouth, started working on getting it hard again. She'd definitely learned something somewhere since the last time we'd been together. Hannah moved up behind Emma, kind of draped herself over her sister's back, and started running her hands over her body. Everywhere. Hannah lifted Emma's hair off her neck, kissed her there, then licked her earlobe, then her shoulder. She started nibbling on Emma where her neck and shoulder came together. I swear she was trying to be a vampire. My cock was hard now, pulsing, ready. And I was pretty sure Emma was, too. I put my hand on Hannah's head, made her look up at me. She could read the expression on my face, and let go of Emma.

I picked Emma up, positioned her pussy over the tip of my cock, lowered her onto me, feeling that incredible tightness again. As I slipped into her, Emma buried her face in my chest, moaning. When I was all the way in, she looked up at me.

"God, I missed it so much!" She started writhing against me, and I was moving my hips to slide my cock in and out of her. Hannah stepped back up behind Emma, started fondling her again, kissing, biting. I could feel that Hannah's finger was up in Emma's ass, stroking in time with my cock in her pussy. It didn't take long before Emma shuddered against me, pulling herself as tightly to me as she could. She clawed at my shoulders with her fingernails, and actually bit my chest as the orgasm carried her away. With a final shudder she slumped against me, and I found myself holding her up. That wasn't too hard, given her size, but it was going to get old fast. Hannah stepped back and I just sort of flopped back onto the bed, taking Emma with me, my cock still inside her. I pushed her up so she was sitting on top of me, then put my hands on her waist and started moving her up and down on my cock.

The next thing I knew, Hannah's knees were straddling me, and her crotch was lowering over my face. When it was close enough I flicked my tongue out, ran it over Hannah's slit, heard her moan. Hannah reached between her legs, spread herself, and I poked my tongue up into her pussy, tasting her sweet juices. Emma was bouncing on my cock like a pro. I couldn't see anything with Hannah sitting on my face, but my best guess was that the sisters were kissing and fondling each other. I didn't worry about it, just gave myself over to the pleasure of my teenage lover and her pre-teen sister. After a bit I could tell by the way they sounded and their bodies were wriggling that they were both ready to cum. I sucked Hannah's clit into my mouth to help her along.

"Fuck yeah!" She shuddered on my mouth and I lapped the juices out of her pussy.

"Oh my god!" That was Emma, who started jerking so hard on my dick that I thought she was going to fall off the bed. Both girls gasped, and I'm pretty sure they were kissing each other while they came. Then Hannah bounced up off my face and dragged Emma off my still-hard cock, pulled her into the corner. I watched as Hannah whispered to Emma and the younger girl's eyes kept getting wider.

I suddenly realized that Hannah was getting closer to her sister because of the sex. I never did quite buy the "I don't hate her, I'm just jealous" thing. I always thought that "maybe you could choke her and not let go in time" was a better description of how Hannah felt about Emma. But now Hannah had found something she could share, something she could teach Emma, and it was letting them bond. The two stopped whispering and looked at me. My guess was they were ready to bond some more.

Hannah spoke for them. "Sit on the chair." I did, not quite sure what was going to come next. Hannah turned her back to me, started to sit down. She took my cock in her hand, positioned it against her anus, then just dropped, gasping as she impaled herself and started wriggling. "Come here!" It was an order, given to Emma. Emma stepped in front of the chair, dropped to her knees, lowered her face between her sister's legs. Hannah stiffened when Emma's mouth reached her crotch. "Lick me, like I told you." Hannah spread her pussy open for Emma, pulled her sister's face tighter against her with her other hand. I realized that Hannah had eaten Emma before, and sucked my cum out of her, but this was the first time Emma's mouth had been on Hannah's cunt. I reached around Hannah, took her tits in my hands, and started pinching and twisting her nipples. She started humping back and forth between my cock and Emma's tongue. I decided to help out.

"Emma, baby, finger-fuck her. See how many fingers you can get in her." Emma looked up at me, that look of wild abandon on her face again. I realized that this girl could actually be dangerous if she didn't have somebody to rein her in. I watched as Emma slipped a finger into Hannah's pussy, then another. Withing seconds she had all four fingers sliding in and out of her sister, the palm of her hand actually spreading her open. Hannah was writhing now, biting her lip. I brushed her hair over to one side so I could get to her earlobe and neck, sucked each, then bit down, was rewarded by feeling Hannah's ass clench around my cock.

I looked down at Emma again. "Put it all in, baby. Fist-fuck her." Emma stared into my eyes as she moved her thumb and twisted her hand so she could ram the whole thing into Hannah. I watched as Emma's tiny hand disappeared into my lover's cunt, then her wrist, then most of her forearm.

"FUCK YES!!!! HARD!!! SUCK MY CLIT!!!" I wasn't even sure Emma knew what a clit was, but her lips went to it immediately. Hannah was thrashing now, as wild as I'd ever seen her, her ass trying to milk the cum out of my cock. I could feel Emma's hand pumping in and out of her pussy through the thin membrane that separated us. I pulled her head back against my shoulder, sucked on her throat. I was finally ready to cum.

"Emma, bite her." She did, and shoved her hand even deeper into her sister. Hannah screamed and went into convulsions. My cum exploded into her bowels. I could see the muscles in Hannah's belly, distended by her sister's hand and arm, rippling as she came. Hannah jerked several times, making low grunting noises, then slumped back against me, breathing heavily. Emma pulled her arm and hand out of Hannah, looked at it with a funny expression on her face. Hannah waited a bit before she lifted herself up, my shrinking cock popping out of her ass. She looked at Emma.

"Now we have to get him hard again so we can switch." Hannah was grinning, but for the first time ever, Emma looked doubtful about what was coming next. Almost afraid, in fact. She was still staring at her hand and arm.

"You can't do that to me. I'm too little. And I don't want you to bite me." She looked like she might cry.

Hannah pulled her sister close. Seeing their naked bodies touching was starting to revive my cock already. Hannah said softly, "Don't worry. He told you to do that stuff 'cause he knows I like it to hurt. We'll just do what we talked about, okay."

Emma sniffed. "Okay, if you promise." Her eyes were red. Hannah hugged her tightly.

"I promise."

Hannah took Emma's hand, and the two of them started licking my dick the way they had the first time we'd all been together. Except that this time Hannah didn't have to tell Emma how to do it. And this time my dick had just come out of Hannah's ass. Neither girl seemed to mind, although Emma did give it a funny look when she got the first taste. It didn't slow her down, though. And it didn't take long for me to get hard, either, even though I'd already cum twice. Being with the two sisters really got me going.

As soon as Hannah was satisfied that my dick was hard enough, she stood Emma up and turned her so her back was to me. Emma fidgeted a little as Hannah positioned her so she could sit down on my cock, her legs straddling my. Hannah ran her hands over Emma's body, starting at her throat, letting her fingers wander down until they were on her sister's hips.

"Spread your ass apart." Emma did as she was told. Hannah's fingers closed around my cock, moving it into position. "Now sit down." Emma squatted. I watched her move down toward my cock. When the head touched her she stopped for a second. I looked, made sure that I she was in the right position, nodded to Hannah, who leaned forward and kissed Emma. I could tell that the girls' tongues were swirling together. I put my hands on Emma's hips, pulled her down so the head of my cock popped through her anus. She stiffened, pulled away from Hannah with a gasp.

"You okay, baby?" I didn't want to do anything that would hurt her, or that she didn't want. She looked over her shoulder at me, nodded, licked her lips. Then she sat down, hard, in my lap, letting my cock plunge all the way up her tiny eleven-year-old ass. Damn, and I thought her pussy was tight! She trembled while she got used to the feeling of having her bowels violated, then sat there for a few seconds before she started to move on my cock, sliding up and down. I could just see her face as she lay back against me, and her expression was the most unbelievable sexual pleasure I'd seen on her yet. She was loving being fucked in the ass. She was no pain slut like her sister, she just thought having my cock up her back door felt good. Incredible, in fact, based on the way she looked and sounded.

Hannah looked a little surprised that Emma was liking it so much, but that didn't slow her down any. As soon as Emma got her rhythm going on my dick, Hannah buried her face between Emma's legs and started licking her. Hannah was true to her word, she didn't do anything to Emma that would hurt. She did plenty that felt good, though, licking Emma's pussy, finger-fucking her, sucking on her clit. I sucked on Emma's throat the way I had on Hannah's. I ran my hands over her tits, massaging rather then pinching. I let my fingers run down over Emma's belly, tickling her. Emma loved every minute of it. This little girl, the most selfish thing I'd ever seen, was also the most purely sexual being I'd met. I don't know how many times Emma came as I fucked her ass and Hannah licked her pussy. I'd already cum twice, so this one took me a long time. By the time I finally started pumping semen into Emma's bowels she was simply flopping and twitching on me like a rag doll. When she felt me start to shoot into her, though, she sat up straight and I watched spasms roll through her body, shaking her from her crotch to her shoulders. As I finished, she leaned back against me again, worn out. I looked down at Hannah and she was smiling widely. I moved Emma so my cock slipped out of her, cradled her in my arms, and stood up.

"Okay, girls, time to get some sleep." Emma was spending the night. Some things never change. Emma insisted on sleeping between Hannah and me, curled up like a scared little girl who had to sleep with her parents.

Hard to believe it's been a year since the night that started all the changes, but Tiffany's birthday is coming up, number seventeen. There's going to be another party, but this one will be different from last year. Hannah's here all the time now, of course, living with me. Lindsey's still here, too, believe it or not. I don't quite have the heart to kick her out, and having her here doesn't do me any harm.

Courtney spends most of her time here, with Tiffany. They're still lovers, and I'm beginning to think it might last. I know Lindsey's still getting some from both of them, but I haven't figured out yet if Tiffany knows that her mother and her lover are also lovers.

Hannah and I have to be careful with Emma. She still hasn't hit her twelfth birthday and it wouldn't do for anybody else to know what's going on there. She only comes over when Hannah and I are by ourselves.

The other thing that stays private is Hannah's relationship with her dog, Roscoe. Sometimes I think she loves him more than she loves me. She actually made me get her a collar and leash that matches his. She'll put them on and go into Roscoe's pen and fuck him there in the grass. Hannah keeps saying that we should let Emma know about Roscoe, that her sister and her pet would probably have a lot of fun together. I'm not sure Emma's ready yet. It's one of the few things we've ever disagreed on.

It was about a month before her birthday when Tiffany first talked to me about what she wanted to happen. She cornered my in my study late at night, locked the door so nobody would walk in on us. She had on nothing but a t-shirt and panties, ready for bed.

"Daddy, I'm still your little girl, and you'll do anything I want for my birthday, right?" She had on her best little girl pouty face, the one that I've never been able to resist.

"Yes." I didn't want to say too much yet. I had a bad feeling that what was coming wasn't going to make me happy.

"Did you know that I'm still a virgin? I mean, I've never had a guy in me. Nothing but other girls' fingers and tongues. Courtney, too. And I think it's time that we found out what it's like to be with a man."

Yeah, I was right, I didn't like this much. My daughter wanted me to set her up with some guy to pop her cherry, and her girlfriend's. "So, I'm supposed to hire some male, uh - escort - to fuck you and Courtney at your birthday party? You do realize that even I have some limits."

The look she gave me was part exasperation part pity. "Daddy, you can be so naive sometimes. I don't want you to get somebody to fuck us. I want you to fuck us. I offered before but you wouldn't do it, when you found out about me and Mom. This time you have to."

My jaw hit the floor. I just stared at Tiffany, couldn't say a word. There's not much that will leave me speechless, but my daughter had managed.

"Oh come on, Daddy." She sounded almost like she was pouting. "I want somebody good, and you certainly seem to keep Hannah happy. And you know I fuck Mom, why not you?"

I'd managed to get my mouth closed, but still wasn't quite ready for coherent speech. Tiffany took a couple of steps toward me.

"Daddy, I know you want this." She gestured with her hands up and down her body. "And I know you've always wanted Courtney. You were never very good at hiding that. And I used to see you watching us when you didn't think we knew." Her expression said she knew she was going to get what she wanted. She stepped closer, took my hand to pull me to my feet, wrapped her arms around my neck, pressed her mouth to mine. I should have said something, done something. I should have stopped her. Instead I slipped my arms around her waist, pulled her closer. Tasted her tongue as it moved into my mouth. Felt the heat of her body pressing against mine, felt my cock harden. She stepped back, pushed away from me, a wicked grin on her face.

"I knew you wanted me, Daddy. But you don't get me until my birthday."

I finally managed to say something. "I have to talk to Hannah about it. And what does Courtney think?"

"Hannah's not going to mind. She doesn't care who you fuck, as long as you don't run away." I knew she was right. When I told Hannah about what Tiffany'd said when I found out she was fucking her mother, Hannah wanted to watch if I fucked Tiff. "You let me worry about Courtney." She flounced out of the room, leaving me with dick that needed attention.

A few days later I was walking through the house when Courtney came around a corner and we almost ran into each other. She jumped, gave me look that was close to fear. Normally I'd have thought she was just startled, but this seemed like something else. She was almost trying to shrink away from me.

"Something wrong, Courtney?" She looked down at the floor. I wasn't used to this from her, she usually seemed confident and in charge.

"I... Tiff told me what she wants for her birthday." She still hadn't looked up at me.

"And you don't want that."

"No. I mean, it's not you, I like you and you've always been nice to me. I just don't want a guy, you know."

"Tell Tiffany you don't want to do it." She finally looked up, and there was desperation on her face.

"I did. She doesn't care what I want. She said if I don't do it she'll leave me. I couldn't stand that." Tears were starting to leak from the corners of her eyes. I wanted to give her a hug, but was afraid that would just make things worse.

"Do you want me to talk to Tiffany?"

"NO!" She looked panicked. "Please don't. I don't know what she'd do if she knew I told you this. Just fuck me for her birthday and maybe she won't ask me to do anything else like that."

Courtney turned and walked away, leaving me to think. About her, and how, no matter how beautiful and sexy she was, she was really just a scared little girl who couldn't bear the thought of losing her girlfriend. And about my daughter. I was starting to realize that Tiffany was not a particularly nice person. The way she'd reacted when I brought up taking Hannah as a lover, calling her a "troll" and being almost contemptuous of one of her closest friends. The way she was treating Courtney, forcing her to something she didn't want. When this was all over, there might have to be a reckoning.

I talked to Hannah about the situation, of course. We didn't have any secrets. She'd find out eventually, anyway, she'd probably wind up watching the whole thing, but I wanted her input. She didn't feel the same way about it that I did.

"If Courtney really loves Tiff and wants to be with her, she should do what Tiff wants. I'd fuck a horse for you if you wanted me to." She was grinning widely.

"Yeah, but you'd probably enjoy fucking a horse." I wasn't proud of the image that was running through my head then. "Courtney really doesn't want to do this."

"Tough. Then she should break up with Tiff and find a girlfriend that doesn't want to share her." I shouldn't have been surprised that Hannah would feel that way. She would do anything for me, and knew that I'd do anything for her, so I could see her point. But most people in relationships don't fit together as well as we do. Most people have limits. We basically didn't. Apparently neither did my daughter.

"Okay, I don't want to argue about it. But that doesn't mean I have to like it." I knew I was going to feel weird with Courtney when the time came.

Hannah wriggled into my arms. "Now, about this horse..."

The night had arrived, Saturday of Tiffany's birthday weekend. I'd been on edge for a couple of days, nothing seemed to work. Having a drink didn't do anything to relax me. I fucked Hannah like a madman the night before, and still couldn't sleep worth shit. Hannah seemed to appreciate it, though. Nothing was going to help, I was pretty sure of that.

Tiffany was in charge of this production, and she gathered all of us into her bedroom, which was by now pretty much Courtney's bedroom, too. I'd been afraid she'd want to use the bedroom that Hannah and I shared. That would have been a little too much.

We were all there, including Lindsey. I found myself wishing that Hannah weren't there. Or, if she had to be, that Emma could be there with her. For some reason the thought of Hannah watching me fuck Courtney and Tiffany made me uneasy, especially with Lindsey there, too. Nothing I could do about it, though. For once I didn't have the final word.

I had managed to get Courtney alone again and tell her to convince Tiffany to let her have me first, that since it was Tiff's birthday, and I was her father, she should get me after Courtney and have me as long as she wanted. The real reason, of course, was that I'd cum faster the first time, and I wanted Courtney to get off as easy as possible.

I was naked when I walked into the bedroom. Courtney was standing by the bed, with Tiffany. Hannah and Lindsey were in chairs along the wall. Tiffany slowly stripped off Courtney's clothes while I watched. And one of my worries for the night disappeared. I'd been seriously afraid that I wouldn't be able to get it up with Courtney, knowing how she felt about what was going on. I didn't need to worry. I'd always thought Courtney was easily the hottest of the three girls, and when I saw her naked and close-up for the first time, my body took over. My dick started to harden immediately.

I pushed Courtney back onto the bed, climbed up after her. I looked down at her, saw raw fear and not a small amount of disgust on her face. I mouthed, "You sure?" She nodded. I was willing to buck my daughter's wishes if Courtney would go along, but she was determined to do what Tiffany wanted. I positioned myself, putting the head of my cock against Courtney's slit. I wiggled the head inside, saw the expression on her face turn just plain sad. I decided that taking things slow wouldn't be doing her a favor, so I rammed myself in. When I tore through her cherry she winced and whimpered like a whipped puppy.

"Yeah, Daddy, fuck her hard!" Hearing that from Tiffany didn't make me feel any better about what was going on.

Courtney clutched at me, pulling my face to hers, whispered, "Go ahead, hard and fast. Maybe it'll be over sooner."

So that's what I did, fucked her as hard and fast as I could. With all the nasty things I've done in my life, never before or since have I had sex with a woman who didn't want it. Technically it wasn't rape, because Courtney let me do it to please Tiffany, but it sure felt like it. It was over pretty quickly. When my semen started pumping into Courtney I felt her body shudder. I'd like to fool myself into thinking that she'd cum in spite of everything, but I know it was revulsion at feeling my cum inside her.

I pulled out and rolled off Courtney as quickly as I could, and she stood up and walked over toward Tiffany. But by the time she got there she had to be content with being comforted by Hannah and Lindsey. Tiffany was already at the bed, naked, bending over me, her hand on my cock.

"Daddy, that was so cool!" She was breathing heavily, almost drooling as she lowered her mouth to my dick. I can't say for sure whether she'd ever sucked a cock before. She definitely didn't have a lot of experience, but she didn't act like it was her first time, either. It didn't matter. She was my daughter, and having her mouth on my rod had me hard again in a couple of minutes. Don't look so surprised. I've already told you that I'd fantasized about her before. I just wasn't the kind of guy who'd try to do something she didn't want. Right now it was obvious that, in contrast to her girlfriend, Tiffany wanted to get fucked by a man. By me.

I grabbed her shoulders, rolled her on to her back on the bed, with my body covering hers. I pressed my mouth against hers, felt her lips part, her tongue reach out to intertwine with mine. Her tits were flattened against my chest, my cock was resting against her thigh. She reached down, took me in her hand and guided me to her opening. She broke off the kiss, looked into my eyes.

"God, Daddy, I wanted this so long." I'm sure hearing her say that didn't help Courtney any, but I no longer cared. I was in one of those states where the body is everything, the mind, the soul, nothing else matters. I shoved my cock into my teenage daughter's cunt, felt her cherry pop, her muscles ripple around me. Heard her moan. Her hands went to my head, pulled me back to her for another deep kiss as our hips slammed against each other again and again.

It seemed like I'd only been fucking her for about a minute when she broke off the kiss and lay her head back against the bed, gasping. "Fuck, Daddy, I'm cumming!" Her body vibrated under me, her pussy pulsing around my cock. She gave a tremendous shudder and lay still. I stopped pumping her, looked down at my little girl. She smiled. "More, Daddy, please, you have to cum inside me."

I started moving in and out of her again, long slow strokes this time, then faster as she got back into the rhythm of fucking me back. I fucked her for a long time, losing myself in the feeling of being inside my daughter. I realized that no matter how hot I thought Courtney was, no matter how much I loved and needed Hannah, what the evil little bastard living in the back of my mind wanted all along was to fuck Tiffany, to have my daughter moaning under me as I rammed my cock into her hot little cunt.

She mewled like a kitten as my cock reached up into her. She came again, not as hard as the first time, not enough to slow her down, but definitely another orgasm. Still we kept fucking like animals. I could feel her getting close again, wanted to make her cum one more time, but I didn't have long to go now, either, my balls were starting to ache.

I held her head in my hands, made her look up at me. "I'm gonna cum inside you, baby."

"Yes, Daddy, please, shoot it in me!" I shoved my cock into her hard, as deep as I could get it, and my cum started to pump out into her. With the first shot, Tiffany came again, writhing on the bed, moaning, clawing at my back with her fingers. My cum just kept squirting out into her pussy, until I thought I was never going to stop. I did, of course, although I don't think I've ever shot so much. We just collapsed onto the bed. I didn't even roll off of her.

I'm not sure how much time passed before I felt a hand on my arm and heard Hannah's voice. "Come on, time to go." Shit, Hannah. How had she felt about this? Would she be hurt, angry? I'd been just as bad as Tiffany, fucking her in front of my lover with no consideration of Hannah's feelings. I let her lead me back to out bedroom, neither one of us saying anything. As we walked out of Tiffany's room I saw Courtney, still naked in the chair against the wall, an unreadable expression on her face.

When Hannah and I got to our room she faced me. I couldn't tell if she was mad or not, but I noticed for the first time that she had no clothes on. Damn, I'd really gotten myself messed up while I was with my daughter.

"You liked fucking Tiffany, didn't you? I mean, really liked it." I still couldn't read her, but I had to be honest.

"Yeah, I did."

She grinned. "That's okay, 'cause I really enjoyed licking your cum out of Courtney's pussy, too."

I'm pretty sure I just stared at her for several seconds. "Seriously? You're not mad or anything?"

She got as serious a look on her face as I've ever seen. "I love you. And I don't think I could live without you. But I know you love me, and I know you'd never leave me, no matter who you want to fuck, so I don't have any of those insecurities. Besides, we get to do my sister together, why not your daughter?" I didn't miss the implication that Hannah wanted to get into Tiffany's pants. "Now, I know you're worn out tonight, so we're just going to get some sleep. But tomorrow you're all mine."

"It's a deal." I gave her a big hug and kiss and we crawled into bed. But as I drifted off to sleep I was still feeling guilty about Courtney.

As it turned out, I didn't need to worry too much about Courtney. She wasn't happy about what Tiffany had made her do, or about how ecstatic Tiff was about fucking her father, but she managed to get past it. She apparently decided that she loved Tiffany enough that having her was worth anything she had to put up with.

Courtney and I actually spent some time talking over the next few months, and she filled me in on some of the story with her and Tiffany. Courtney had known she was a lesbian since she was old enough to know what sex was. And not long after that, she developed what she called "an incredible crush" on Tiffany, but she was afraid to do anything about it at first. She was afraid Tiffany would react badly to an advance from another girl.

So Courtney's first experience was with my wife instead of my daughter. It wasn't the one I'd seen recorded, that was later, but not by too much. Courtney was twelve. It took her until she was fifteen to seduce Tiffany. She was Tiff's first. As soon as she had sex with Tiffany, Courtney knew she didn't want to be with anyone else. Tiffany wasn't that kind of girl. Imagine that, with the parents she has. She always wanted other girls, then she wanted to try a man, and, of course, make Courtney try it with her.

And now that she'd had my cock inside her, she decided that she needed more. As many as she could get, as often as possible. Including mine once in a while. Along with more girls. She was still with Courtney, but spending a lot of time having sex with other people. Courtney wanted to know if I had any advice for her.

I didn't, really. I explained to her that Tiff's mother and I weren't exactly the best role models for our daughter when it came to sex, as if Courtney didn't know that already, and that, in this case, the apple didn't fall far from the tree. I did tell her that in my old age I seemed to be settling down some, having realized that since I'd been with Hannah I didn't feel the need to go running around any more. It had actually come as a surprise, and I wasn't sure if it was a reflection of how much I loved Hannah, or of my advancing age. In any case, I doubted that Courtney was spending much of her time looking forward to being old.

In the end I told Courtney that she basically had three choices with Tiffany's attitude toward sex. She could accept it and live with it, ignore it, or simply leave. She wasn't ready to leave, and for now was just going to accept it. She wasn't going to be sharing any guys with Tiff, though. She'd found having a dick inside her every bit as disgusting as I'd thought she had.

The next big birthday was Emma's, her twelfth. Hannah and I decided we should take her out for dinner. We had to be careful with her, the rest of our "roommates" didn't know that we were fucking the little one. Emma's parents didn't care - if Hannah and I took her out for dinner, that meant they didn't have to. I wondered again about how much they knew or suspected. Wondered about exactly what it was that Hannah had told them when she "convinced" them to let her move in with me. And the specifics of the information she had on them that gave her such control.

Dinner went well. We'd gone to the out-of-town restaurant where I used to take Hannah, and before that the other women that I didn't want to be seen with. The one where nobody would ask any questions and I didn't have to worry about running into anyone I knew. And Emma had enough sense not to whine about not getting to spend enough time with us, or talk about what she did when she could spend time with us.

As we ate, I realized that I hadn't been there with any other women since I'd been with Hannah. And hadn't done anything else with any other women, either, except her sister and the rest of our happy little household. I didn't think there was any stretch longer than about two months in all the years I'd been married to Lindsey that I could say that about her. It really was love with Hannah. With any luck it would last on her side until I was too old to care any more.

We were relaxing with dessert when Emma dropped the bomb on us.

"I want to live with you guys." No pouting, no little-girl emotional displays, just a flat statement. I was flabbergasted. I knew better than to try to say anything, I wouldn't have been able to get out anything but gobbledygook. Hannah didn't even look surprised.

"Why?" Hannah was staring into her sister's eyes, like she was daring her to try to tell a lie.

"It's not fair. You two get to be together all the time, and I hardly ever get to spend time with you." She actually looked forlorn, not something I was used to from Emma. Hannah was still staring at her.

"Okay. But what else?" There was something going on here that I couldn't quite catch, something between the sisters.

"You know." Emma's voice was soft, barely audible, and I thought I heard a tremor in it. She was looking down at the table in front of her, couldn't meet Hannah's eyes any more. Some things were beginning to click in the back of my brain. It was time for the adult to take charge.

"We're not going to talk about this here. Emma, you can stay with us tonight." That got me a smile from Emma, and a very puzzled look from Hannah. "We'll talk about it at home, either tonight or tomorrow. Right now let's finish our dessert and relax."

The mood wasn't the same as it had been, but Emma seemed to be satisfied with being able to spend the night. Hannah still looked like she was on edge. She held my hand tightly while we finished up. When we got ready to go, I told Hannah to call her parents.

"Tell them that Emma's spending the night with us." I knew that Hannah's hold over her parents was enough that they weren't likely to argue. She just nodded and pulled out her phone.

When we got back to the house, I barely nodded at Lindsey, Tiffany, and Courtney, who were all on the couch watching some god-awful reality show. I will never understand how otherwise intelligent people decide to watch that sort of dreck. But I had more important things to worry about now. I took Hannah and Emma into my study, sat them down.

"Okay, it's time to let me in on whatever little secrets you two have about your parents." I used the tone that meant I wasn't in the mood for any bullshit. I don't know about Emma, but Hannah would have no question I was serious.

I looked at them, swinging my eyes from one to the other, waiting for an answer. Hannah was fidgeting again, like she had at the restaurant, Emma was staring at her shoes. Hannah was the one who finally opened up.

"They hit her." That was all she said.

"Your parents hit Emma?"

"Yeah, real bad." Her voice was low, almost inaudible, with a quaver in it.

"Not you?" Her face snapped toward me, absolutely shocked.

"God, I would never hit her! I know you think I hate her, but..."

"Hold on, shit, that's not what I meant! I thought your dad beat you." She hesitated a second, then realized the mistake she'd made, seemed to let out a sigh.

"No, they'd never do that. I'd like it." Now she was staring at her shoes, like her sister. And it was suddenly clear. Hannah and Emma's parents tortured their daughters. For Emma the torture was good old fashioned physical abuse. They hit her, beat her. And then gave her everything she wanted to keep her quiet about it. Hannah on the other hand, they never touched. And she got nothing that she wanted. Instead she had to watch her little sister get everything. I didn't know how long Hannah had known about what was going on with Emma, and at that point I didn't care. Emma was never going back to that house again.

"Emma, honey, you said you want to live with us. Are you sure?" Her eyes finally came up from the floor, met mine. She nodded, with a hopeful look. "Okay then. Hannah, can you take care of letting your parents know that Emma won't be coming home?"

"Yeah, but what about them?" She nodded in the direction of the living room. "What are they going to say."

"Don't worry, I can take handle them. You just talk to your parents." She pulled out her phone again, and I left the sisters, walked back to where the others were watching TV.

It went easier than I figured it would. None of the others had any objection to Emma moving in. Lindsey asked if I was having sex with her, and I told her the truth, and also that it always involved Hannah, too. It didn't even get a reaction. Sex with young girls and incest simply weren't controversial around our house any more.

The closest thing to a scene came when Tiffany asked if they'd get to have her, too. Courtney winced when she said it. Poor thing was finding out just how cruel my daughter, her lover, could be.

I just said, "That's up to Emma," and that was pretty much the end of the conversation. I walked back into the study and found the two sisters cuddling on the couch, not something I really ever expected to see. I gave Hannah a quizzical look, and she nodded. I nodded back.

"She wants to sleep with us tonight, is that okay?" Hannah was stroking her sister's hair, gently. Emma looked like she'd been crying.

"Of course. You two ready for bed now?" They both nodded, Emma looking up for the first time since I'd come back. The climbed off the couch and we headed for our bedroom. There would be no sex that night. We slept curled up together, Emma between Hannah and me, like a child with her parents, the way we'd slept the first time Emma had spent the night. The next morning I took them out to breakfast, then we made a trip to their parents' house to collect Emma's things.

The only thing that really changed when Emma moved in with us was that we all had another option available when we were horny. Emma, being Emma, was thrilled to have more sex partners. She was already experienced at lesbian sex, thanks to her sister, and now she had three more very hot females to hook up with.

Now that Emma was out of the bag, the only secret Hannah and I had was her relationship with her dog. I was emphatic with her that it was going to remain a secret from Lindsey, Tiffany, and Courtney. The three of them had been surprisingly accepting of everything that had gone on so far, although I was pretty sure they had wildly divergent reasons for it. Lindsey didn't want to do anything to jeopardize the good thing she had going. Besides, I had as much on her as she did on me. Courtney wanted to make sure she didn't lose Tiffany. Nothing else mattered to her. As for Tiffany, well, my daughter was just a slut, she didn't care what anybody did as long as they fucked her. No matter how much they'd accepted, though, I figured there had to be something they just couldn't handle, and Hannah fucking her dog might just do it. Actually, it only had to be one of them who freaked about it to bring our whole happy little band crashing down. Hannah understood, and agreed that we shouldn't tell them.

But Hannah had wanted to have Roscoe fuck Emma practically as soon as he was through fucking her the first time. I'd put my foot down on that one, reminding Hannah about what a chance we'd be taking, and besides Emma hated animals. She was the reason Hannah hadn't been able to have dog before. Hannah was convinced that her sister only felt that way because it kept Hannah from having something she wanted, but I wasn't convinced. And I still wasn't completely convinced that the two girls were past their stage of hating each other. It didn't matter. Hannah was going to get what she wanted, one way or the other. I decided it would be better if I was there when it happened. Just in case.

It had to wait for the other women in the house to be gone. It was a couple of months after Emma moved in, and Lindsey, Tiff, and Courtney all went away for a weekend of shopping. They all loved spending my money. No more than half an hour after they were gone, Hannah led Emma out of the house to Roscoe's kennel. Literally led her. Both girls had on their collars, Hannah had gotten Emma one that matched her own, and nothing else. Hannah had clipped a leash onto Emma's collar. I thought that was a bit much, but Emma hadn't complained. I followed, as naked as the girls.

Emma was fine as we walked out, but when Hannah opened the door of Roscoe's kennel, Emma hung back a little. Hannah wasn't having any. She pulled on Emma's leash, a little harder than I thought was necessary.

"Get in here, slut, Roscoe needs a new bitch!" There was an edge to her voice that reinforced my feeling about the two of them not having completely reconciled. We were inside the kennel now, with the gate closed, and Roscoe came trotting over, huge tongue hanging out, and started sniffing at Hannah's crotch. Emma's face was almost indescribable, it was like she couldn't tell if it was the hottest thing she'd ever seen or if she was going to be sick to her stomach. And Hannah looked like she was almost regretting wanting to share Roscoe once she felt his snout between her legs. But she took hold of his collar and firmly shoved his face over to her sister. The dog took the hint, snaking his long tongue out to lap at Emma's thighs.

"God, no! Get him away from me!" Emma looked terrified. Maybe she really did have a problem with dogs. Her body didn't seem to be in sync with her mind, though, because she moved her feet apart, spreading her legs so Roscoe's tongue could get to her slit. I decided I better be ready for anything.

Hannah leaned over, whispered into Emma's ear the way she did when she was giving her instructions about sex. For some reason she didn't seem to want me to hear her telling her sister what they were going to do. Emma nodded, but the expression on her face didn't change. I swear she thought Roscoe was going to eat her. No, not that way, for dinner.

Hannah dropped Emma's leash, pulled over the chair she kept in the kennel. She retrieved the leash, sat down with her legs spread, and used the leash to bring Emma's face between her legs, which made Emma get down on all fours. Hannah moaned as Emma's tongue reached for her pussy, then she looked at me, nodded toward Roscoe and then toward Emma. The message was clear.

I grabbed Roscoe's collar, guided him behind Emma. The dog sniffed her for a couple of seconds, then pounced. The big Dane was up on Emma's back in a flash, almost knocking her down. She looked over her shoulder, still looking like she was going to have a heart attack from the fear. Hannah took Emma's head in her hands, turned her back.

"Fuck me with your hand, like you did before." Hannah's hand closed on Emma's wrist, guided it between her legs while I helped Roscoe get into position behind Emma. He started humping wildly, Emma squealed like she'd been stuck. She jerked, and I saw her hand disappear inside Hannah, helped by Hannah herself. Emma squealed again, almost a scream this time, and I knew Roscoe had his knot inside her. Considering their relative sizes, it must have hurt, and Emma wasn't the sister who liked pain.

Hannah motioned me to her, started stroking my cock. I may have forgotten to mention it, but I was hard as a rock by now. I watched the two sisters. Emma's face kept twisting, contorting. She was torn between her incredible lust for anything sexual and whatever primal fear of dogs that had shown itself in her expression when she entered the kennel. Roscoe was pounding her hard, and for a little thing like her it must have been torture. Not to mention his claws raking across her back and sides. Hannah had wrapped the fingers of the hand that wasn't on my dick around Emma's arm and was using Emma like a dildo, pumping Emma's hand, wrist, and forearm in and out of her cunt. Both girls were gasping and moaning, and I was wondering who was going to cum first.

Emma squealed, "Oh god! OH GOD!" Her body danced on Roscoe's cock and knot like a puppet and she suddenly sort of collapsed forward toward Hannah. Her arm shot deeper into Hannah's pussy, buried to the elbow.

Hannah screamed, "FUCK!!!" then her body seemed to go into convulsions. She slid off the chair onto the grass, and I saw her eyes roll back in her head. She was obviously cumming, so was Emma, but something else was going on, too. She let out a low, moaning gasp and passed out.

Emma was staring at her sister in horror, slowly extracting her arm from Hannah's cunt, and trying to scoot away from Roscoe at the same time. Only problem was, his knot was still in her and he was trying to drag her the other way across the kennel.

I grabbed Emma, held her in one place. "Don't try to get away from him until he comes out of you. You could get hurt."

"But I killed her! I killed Hannah!" For the first time I noticed the torrent of tears on Emma's cheeks.

"You didn't kill her. She just passed out." Although to tell the truth I made sure that Hannah's chest was rising and falling. Whatever had happened to her was pretty intense, and it had actually scared me a little, too.

Emma calmed down then, held still waiting for Roscoe's knot to go down. Once Emma's hand was out of her, Hannah curled up in a ball on the grass, moaning slightly, but she was still out.

It was less than a minute before Roscoe released Emma and went slinking away to lick himself, but it seemed like hours. Once Emma could move we both knelt by Hannah. I cradled her head in my arms, while Emma clutched at her sister, still terrified and sobbing. Finally Hannah let out a horrible-sounding groan and opened her eyes. She looked up at me and wrapped her arms around Emma.

"Fuck, that was incredible! Shit, it hurt so bad I thought I was going to die." Emma gave her a vicious look.

"Don't joke like that. I thought you did, I thought I killed you."

Hannah took a deep breath, still pretty wasted. "I wasn't joking. That hurt worse than anything I ever felt. Good thing I like it to hurt."

I looked down at her. "What happened?" I was still more than a little worried, didn't know if she might have done something permanent.

"Don't know. When she shoved it farther up in me it hit something and it was like I had the worst cramps ever, and they didn't stop." I knew then what had happened.

"Her hand hit your cervix. It must have felt like you were coming apart." Hannah actually smiled when I said that.

"Yeah, it was awesome!" That's my girl. I looked down at Emma. She was cuddled against Hannah, her head resting on big sister's tits.

"Emma, honey, how are you?" She didn't move her head when she answered.

"Okay. I was scared, but I'm okay now."

"How did you like fucking Roscoe?" Leave it to Hannah to get back to basics.

"It was good. He made me cum real hard. Don't make me do that to you next time. I don't want you to die." She finally looked up and her face still showed plenty of fear. I was surprised that she like having the dog do her.

"Okay, I won't make you do that. But you have to let me eat you next time Roscoe fucks me." Emma's face brightened at that. No matter how much animosity there was between the sisters, if they were fucking each other, with or without me or the dog, everything was fine. I gathered them up and took them inside. That was enough excitement for one day.

It wasn't long after her first time with Roscoe that Emma came to me wearing her best pouty face. I knew that meant she wanted something, and she was in the habit of getting what she wanted.

"What's up squirt?" She hated it when I called her that, so I did it as often as I thought I could get away with. She stuck out her tongue at me. She took after her sister on that count.

"Why don't I ever get to be with you alone? Hannah gets to be with just you all the time, but I always have to have both of you."

"Good question. I never really thought about it." I hadn't, actually. When Emma was still living with her parents and could only come over once in a while it made sense for all three of us to be together, but now that she was living here there was no particular reason the two of us shouldn't have some time together.

Of course, Hannah didn't exactly see it that way.

"See, I told you, she wants to take you away from me! She has to have everything!" Hannah was almost screaming, and was pacing the floor like an expectant father. Emma and I had brought it up to her when she got home from school that day, and she'd reacted about the way I should have expected.

"Yeah, like that's ever going to happen. You ought to know by now that nobody is ever going to take me away from you." I wasn't at all sure that reasoning with her was going to work, but I had to give it a shot. Emma was just standing off to the side pouting.

"I know," Hannah sighed, "but that doesn't mean I can't get a little jealous." She smiled and I knew she was going to be okay. "But what am I supposed to do while you're fucking my baby sister without me?"

I almost laughed at that. "Come on, you've got three other hot chicks living here, don't tell me you can't figure something out." That got another smile.

"Oh, all right. Just don't decide you like her more than me in bed." No chance of that, Emma doesn't like all those nasty things that Hannah does.

Without her sister there to set the sexual agenda Emma turned out to be a very different girl. Oh, she was still spoiled rotten and pouty as ever, and her need for sex didn't change any. But the kind of sex she wanted was soft and gentle, almost loving.

I shouldn't have been surprised. She didn't like pain, and her parents had subjected her to plenty of pain over the years, so the little girl, twelve now, wanted something else. She wanted to be touched and petted, fucked gently with long, slow strokes, kissed. She squirmed when I let my fingertips brush over her skin, barely touching her, and followed with my lips and tongue. No teeth, no biting. Just Emma cumming over and over as I fucked her, licked her, fingered her. Even when I put my cock in her ass I was gentle.

But gentle or not, Emma's need for sex was as strong as ever. She barely gave my cock time to shrink after shooting in her before she was all over it with her mouth and her hands, working to make it hard again. I can't remember how many times I came inside her that night. I filled all of her holes with my semen at least once. I don't think either one of us said a word the whole time. By the time we finished it was very late and we were both exhausted.

Things are still good. The three girls are eighteen now, and just graduated from high school. Emma's thirteen, and her body's starting to look more like a woman's and less like a boy's. Lindsey is still here. We're divorced now so she's got her own money, but she wants to be around our daughter. And the other girls. And even me, for that matter. She brings in guys once in a while, but she spends plenty of time with her housemates, too.

Speaking of bodies looking more like a woman's, Hannah's pregnant. We got lucky, it didn't happen until just after her eighteenth birthday, so we didn't have to answer any questions. She's going to take a light load her first year in college, then hit the books hard. She wants that degree, and I want her to get it. She shouldn't have to worry about having baby sitters in this household. We're planning to get married in another month, small ceremony with just the "family" there.

When Hannah turned up pregnant, Tiffany was immediately jealous. She and Courtney had apparently talked about having a family together almost since the time they became lovers. The logical thing would be for Courtney to have the baby, she's the type that would make a good mother, but she hates having sex with men too much, and neither of the girls wants to do it with a sperm donor. So Tiffany is determined to get pregnant the old-fashioned way. With me as the father. Yeah, sick, but I love fucking my daughter as much as she loves taking my cock, so we're working on it.

Hannah doesn't care, we share each other with the other women in the house anyway, and she figures it will be good for our daughter, it's going to be a girl, to have another little one around. What drives Hannah nuts is that Courtney still follows Tiffany around like a love-sick puppy. That's pretty much what she is, really. I don't understand it myself, my daughter can be terribly cruel and emotionally abusive to her lover, but Courtney has to make her own choices.

We did actually find a way for Courtney to enjoy sex with me involved. I fuck Tiffany while she eats Courtney's pussy. The first time we did it was incredible, I stared into Courtney's eyes while she was writhing on the bed. When I watched her cum on my daughter's tongue and fingers, I pumped a huge load into Tiff's cunt.

As for me, I sold the company and I'm basically retired now, which leaves me more time to have fun with the women in my life. The deal gave me enough money so I'll never have to worry, plus a good-sized income for life as a part-time consultant. Like I said, things are still good.

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Wow this is the best sex/love story i have ever read.i can't wait to read the part 2.


2015-08-18 02:33:23
This is the most amazing thing I have ever read. As a younger female, I have always looked at men older than me as the most attractive, ESPECIALLY being into BDSM. Not many people my age gets it.

Anonymous readerReport

2015-07-27 04:56:45
Was fuckin AWESOME! not to crazy about the sex with the dog but the rest of the story was sexy

Anonymous readerReport

2015-07-24 12:03:46
Good story but long

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