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Baking With Mother.

On a late May bank Holiday Monday, when I was only thirteen years old, I helped my mother do some baking. Nine months earlier I had had my first truly proper sex session with my mother, it was under the disguise of a sex talk.

My mother is 36 years old and with a very fit body, as she runs and visits the local gym regular. From past experiences and sneaky looks at her underwear, as all young teenage boys do, I knew my mother was a size 10 and had 34c breasts.

This holiday Monday she was baking for her church group meeting on Wednesday afternoon, held at our house. She had made a list of cakes and biscuits she was planning on making. I offered to help and she accepted my offer.

My father, who was eight years older than my mother, was away playing a golf competition and would not be back home until after 10PM that night. This left me and mom to be together in the house, an unusual situation as very rarely do we spend any time together.

This Bank Holiday it was very humid and warm but not very sunny, so I wore football shorts and a tee shirt with trainers, mother wore a cropped vest top and a short cotton skirt with her trainers. She had no bra on; she never wears a bra in the house only for work. On several occasions I have seen her topless in just her panties wandering around the house.

As the morning progressed the small kitchen was getting warmer and with both of us working hard we were getting covered in sweat, the back door was open and so was the small window. With the oven on at high temperature and the stove in use the kitchen had become like hell, red hot.

Both of us decide to remove our tops to help us keep cool; as we continue to cook, I keep looking at my mother perfect 34 c bust and her nipples. On several occasions she moves past me and her nipples brush over my naked back, I on occasions when I squeeze past her in the small kitchen push my semi erect penis into her bum. This continues for a good spell of time and the sexual tension is rising, I become hard and her nipples get hard and stick out.

We have lunch and sit in the lounge having a glass of wine or two and some of the goodies we have just baked, as we eat the oven is on baking a cake and the stove is on boiling some water and stewing some apples, this means the kitchen is still very hot. After our lunch and a bottle of wine, we return to the hell hole and continue baking.

As we bake my mother tries to open a tub of cream but manages to spill it every where, especially over her self, as she reaches for a cloth jokingly I say let me lick it off, she then says go on and leans back on the counter waiting for me to lick the cream off her upper body. I start to lick it off her chest and as I continue I hear my mother‘s breath getting louder, she has her hands under her skirt and is rubbing her pussy. She begs me to suck her nipples and I obey, as I suck I see her hands hitch her skirt up and slide under her panties and she starts to frig herself in front of me, this makes me hard. I stand up and allow my mother to remove her skirt and panties and to sit on the counter top with her legs apart, she drizzles some honey on to her tits and gets me to suck and lick it off as she plays with her own pussy.

She then gets me to suck, lick and finger her pussy as she plays with her own tits and nipples. As I am inexperienced at task she guides me through the steps and before long I have my mother screaming with pleasure.

Unfortunately we are brought out of our spell by the smell of burnt apples in the pan, naked my mother removes the pan from the stove and checks the cake and it is done so she removes that also. As there are no more apples left, a visit to the local mini market is required; it is only ten minutes walk away. My mother comes with me as she says the walk will cool both of us down.

She just wears her skirt and vest top for the visit to the shops, as we walk the wind keeps flapping her skirt up revealing her naked backside, I place a hand on her bare bum and grope her firm arse as we cross the park to the shops.

In the mini market I carry the basket as my mother selects items she requires to complete her baking, as she stands bending over looking at something on the shelves I whip her skirt up to flash her bare arse to the shop, nobody sees and she scolds me for doing it. As we continue to shop she suddenly turns to face me and flashes me her breasts. Next she squats to get something of the bottom shelf, her legs are spread wide apart and she hitches her skirt up to flash me her pussy. Finally to top it all as she stands by me she slips a hand into my shorts and gropes my balls and plays with my erect cock.

After paying for the goods we head home, in the park my mother pulls her vest top down to reveal her breasts and walks across the park with them out. Back home as soon as we get in the house she strips naked and pushes me onto the stairs where she removes my shorts and gets my cock out. She then sucks on it until I cum in her mouth, which is not very long as I have been aroused all day by her body.

We then have a sit down naked on the sitting room sofa, my mother opens a second bottle of wine and as I sit back she takes a mouth full and kneels between my legs taking my cock in her mouth she washes it with the mouth full of wine, this makes me become erect. She then stands and lowers herself on to my rock hard cock and slowly rides me, my first fuck. After several minutes I feel my mother spasm and scream aloud, she is having an orgasm, she speeds up and bounces up and down on me hard and fast making me cum inside her.

After climbing off me my mother lies beside me and leant over and started to suck my cock hard and clean, she kept going even though I was empty I kept shuddering as my mother sucked and sucked on my dick. She was so exhausted as she eventual gave up and lay back on the sofa, she drank the remainder of the wine straight from the bottle, something I have never seen my mother do, then again there are several things I have now seen my do that she would have never done before.

As she drank the wine lying back on the sofa naked legs apart, I slipped my cock into her wet pussy and as she drank I fucked her making her cum several times before I eventually shot my load into her.

My drunk and exhausted mother lay naked on the sofa with me beside her; we lay there for a while to have rest before heading naked back into the kitchen. This time as we baked ingredients ended up all over the kitchen and over each of our bodies. We took it in turns to lick and suck each other clean.

My mother had some ladies coming around for tea at 4:30PM so the kitchen had to be cleaned and both of us had to be cleaned, we took a shower together.

In the shower my mother washed me and gave me another blowjob, I shot my load into her mouth and she swallowed the whole lot. It was my turn to wash my mother and I groped her breasts, fingered her pussy and bum hole and sucked her nipples. As it was nearly 4:30 we got out and got dried.

At 4:30 the door bell rang, it was my mother’s guest so I let them in and escorted them to the sitting room, as I went to make the tea my mother appeared dressed in a mid thigh, front buttoned, strappy shoulder, summer dress with the bottom three buttons undone up to upper thigh level.

She offered her guest sherry and they all accepted, so being acting butler I poured all the ladies a large sherry, an especially large one for my mother, and brought in some fresh fruit cake, as most of the ladies had drunk their sherry I topped every one up and went to make the tea.

After tea there was a cheese tasting session as the women had to decide upon what cheeses to have at their annual church meeting. To go with the cheese selection I brought in some crackers and a ruby port wine. Each lady received a large glass of port, as the tasting session progressed each lady had their glass topped up not once but twice. The group of ladies were now quite drunk and as they chatted I noticed that their prim and proper postures had faded and most were swearing as they chatted. Several of the ladies clothing garments had been removed or undone; it was still warm and humid. My mother had undone several of the top buttons on her dress to allow her cleavage to become visible down past her breast.

When the selections were made I brought in some strong Irish coffee for the ladies. When this was drunk most ladies struggled to stand unaided, so I had to help them go to the toilet and managed to grope most of their backsides as I helped them up the stairs. As my mother stood at the front door and waved goodbye to the ladies I stood behind her fingering her bum.

As soon as he shut the door she removed her dress and dragged me upstairs to her bed where she told me to fuck her. Sherry and port make my mother very randy. As she knelt on the bed I stripped naked and mounted her, as I fucked her hard and fast, she screamed with pleasure and before long she was having multiple orgasms. I had inserted a couple of fingers up her arse hole and she was loving it. Eventually after I came deep inside her we collapsed on the bed, our love juices flowing out of my mother over her thighs and down the crack of her arse.

We decided to go out for dinner, as neither of us could be bothered to cook. We booked a taxi and as we sat and waited for it, my mother wore her summer dress and high heels, the dress was unbuttoned up to her crotch and her breasts were hanging out of the top of it, I poured my mother a large glass of sherry, it finished the bottle off. When she had finished the sherry she opened the port and drank the remaining quarter bottle straight from the bottle, finishing it off as we walked down the drive to the taxi, she flung the empty bottle in to the flower beds. In the taxi my mother was kissing and groping me, for the ten minute ride, she had her hands down my trousers and both her tits were hanging out of her dress.

During the meal my mother drank quite a lot of wine and as she sat her dress became further undone allowing the waitress a good view of her tits and her pussy. We left just after nine and got a taxi home, in which my mothers dress become undone and allowed the driver to see her naked body as I fingered her pussy and sucked her nipples. Up on arriving home it was still light and my mother climbed out with her dress open and staggered down the drive, she stopped half way and squatted down and had a piss in public.

In the house I took her up to bed and we both stripped naked, and made love before she collapsed face down and fell asleep. Me with my erect cock slipped it into my sleeping mother’s pussy, doggy style, and screwed her before trying to see if I could fuck my mothers arse. I slowly forced it into her tight hole and gently fucked her until I shot my load deep inside her.

Afterwards I covered my mother in her quilt and tidied up the house a bit before watching TV, just after 10:30 my drunken father came home and he went to bed in the spare room so as not to disturb my mother.

The next morning my mother was late for work, she had to be in early, and as she rushed around to get ready she kept looking at me. We all departed together and as I walked with my mother to the bus stop we chatted, on the bus I asked her to remove her panties, which to my surprise she did, there was no body sitting near us. She spent the whole day with out any panties on.

To say that was not the end of my exploits with my mother, far from it there were several other occasions I had sex with her, in private and public.

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2013-06-17 07:26:33
Dats a very nice one,ah think your mother has been watchin out b4

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Mother and I are lovers. We live in a small farm house with no neighbors around. Mom let me fucked her womanly sex organ about 3 times a week. She knows how to make my dick hard each time she needs sex. Mom said that young boy like me needs to let my thick cum in mature cunt to ease my anxiety. I am a healthy 13 yr. and have good grade at school.

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I have read more erotic shopping lists.
And of course they were much more believable, even if a Ferrari had been top of the list.

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2012-11-24 08:36:40
BullCrap?! No, this is bullshit. Did a first grader write this? You suck at writing!

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Nice story do you knock up your mother?

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