A relation made of Hell and Heaven.
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Sweet Little Sister - Part 5 (Probably its epilogue)

It was the moment that I figured out that I wasn't only one that knew how to make the other tick... She instinctively knew how to make me tick too, my inexperienced seventeen year old Carol knew how to make me tick... That couldn't be good. We were going down in a dark and luxurious spiral... And that was just the beginning.

Carol looked at ease, comfortable. Her beautiful and young body still trembling and lying on my bed, her knees bent to the sides of one of my huge pillows that was below her belly. No bikini marks on her skin, as I knew that tanned tone was naturally hers. She was completely exposed to me. I could clearly see her pink pussy still returning to that pretty small line, recovering from my assault, my semen still dripping. But the center of my attention was her tiny hole, covered in lube, which she was offering me again.

I could see her watching me over her shoulder, checking on my reaction. I was kneeling just behind her. I couldn't disguise my expectation as anything else... I wanted it. She knew I wanted it.

I took her behind in my hands, caressing her soft skin, rubbing my thumbs near her entrance. She closed her eyes. It looked so untouched, so clean. How could this girl be this perfect? I circled my index finger around it and slowly pushed it inside her. She gasped. This time it went in a lot more easier, her sphincter wasn't struggling, trying to stop my entrance anymore. I started moving and she started moaning.

I had done things way more intimate, in a hell rougher way, with so many girls... Before Carol I had a lot of women on my bed, in my earlier apartment, in my earlier life. Between eighteen and twenty-five years old I had explored everything I wanted in terms of conventional sex. I've never tried some kinds of eccentric, extreme stuff, as I told Carol while she watched my videos, but anal sex, blowjobs, deep throats, a vast combination of positions, toys, handcuffs, some eventual spanking... I was rough to them. After all I was a good looking guy who became a successful businessman in my early twenties, always looking for sex without compromise, always looking for good looking girls wanting a onetime thing and I did very, very well. I never wanted to prolong things; I never wanted to have one of them for more than one night... I never stopped to ask myself why I preferred to be alone.

Now that I was struggling to do something I'd willingly do two weeks before, actually something that I'd be really excited to do: fuck a gorgeous girl like Carol in the ass... Now that I was denying my roughness, my thing, my sexual anger... I had finally discovered that it was Carol that made me wait for her for all this time. Carol made me the sexual being I was. Making me explore and defile girls just to find something that could entertain me, as I didn't have my Carol anymore.

And there she was, giving me exactly what I wanted, accessing my dark side without knowing it. That slobber thought about two persons made to each other crossed my mind, but I denied it vehemently. There should be an explanation for that. Maybe I subconsciously made her like this. I was her best friend from her eight to her fourteen years old... Maybe I did this...

But what should I do, even if I did this to her? If my behavior around her made her this sexual being... What should I do? Should I leave her? It would be as bad for her as it would be to me. What should I do?

You should embrace it, my inner voice yelled at me.

There was nothing left to do and, honestly... Every single fucking vein in my body was screaming to take her. To dominate her. To make her really mine, because she was made for me.

One week together and look where we got.

I took my member in my hand and started rubbing its head on her tiny hole.
"Carol, I'm coming in, ok?" I said spreading one of her butt cheeks with my other hand.
"Ok," she answered softly, after a deep breath.

I pressed myself on her, bending my body to use my weight. As soon as my head was opening its way into her, she groaned painfully.

"Relax babe, you must be as relaxed as you can and, for more weird that it may sound, it would be easier if you were forcing out, as if are trying to take it out..."
"Oh..." She sounded embarrassed, "I'll try."

And she did, as I felt her opening up a bit. I forced my way in and its head disappeared into her, surpassing her sphincter. She squealed in surprise, tensing her body again and I felt her pinning my member inside of her. Then she buried her face on the pillow, sinking her fingers in it and trembling.

"You have to relax babe, if you stay tense like this you get hurt," I whispered caressing her back.
"I... I know," she said looking over her shoulder, her eyes teary, but I felt her relaxing a bit.

So I forced a little more of myself inside her. The feeling was making me crazy. It was Carol. It was Carol groaning in pain and yet I wanted to force myself in more and more. And so I did, positioning my hands on the small of her back and letting my weight do its job, thrusting myself in and breaking her defenses.

I withdrew a little, feeling her insides sliding on my skin.
"Ohh..." She moaned differently while feeling me leaving her, then groaned and contracted again as she felt me pushing in again.

I didn't stop. I kept moving, inch by inch getting deeper into her. Her breath was getting heavier. Five inches of me were already in when I felt a second resistance inside her and... She felt it too.

"O-Oh God! It hurts, Adam, it h-hurts," she cried.
"I know babe. Ask me to stop when you can't take it anymore," I said forcing me even deeper.
"Auuughh! Oh God!! A-Argh!!!" And she buried her face on the pillow again, starting to cry desperately.

And she didn't beg me to stop. She was groaning from the deepest parts of her soul, her arms contracted with fingers clawing the pillow, her face buried on the soft white surface and her skin was sweaty. Yet, she didn't beg me to stop.

I kept fucking her tight little ass, being squeezed by her insides, claiming as mine one more of the pleasures her body could offer. She wasn't making my life hard at all; she was struggling in pain but keeping her behind in place for me as exposed as she could. That was making me completely, absolutely crazy. So I felt ready to come and I increased my rhythm, leaving behind the slow thrusts and getting speed, getting rough.

"Auuuuurgh! Ooouch! Adam! OOUCH!!!" She cried out loud in complete agony, what made me slow down again and look to her. Carol was looking to me over her shoulder, her fringe completely soaked with sweat and eyes red from crying.

I kept looking at her, my cock still in place, and she took her time, breathing hard before saying "Finish it in my pussy... Adam... Please..."

Fuck, that's how she says she can't stand it anymore? Offering me her other treasure? Geez... I've never felt so horny in my entire life.

I withdrew my member slowly, savoring her flesh and one of her hurtful but beautiful groans for that last time. Her orifice was red and open, twitching in a lovely way, so delicate. I took her behind in my hands once again and mauled a little her buttocks. She groaned in surprise and I couldn't figure if appreciative or not. Then, in an uncontrollable urge, I stuck my tongue inside her.

She moaned and contracted, trying to move her hips away but I held her in place.
"W-What! Adam! Don't do it!" She squealed.
"Why not?" I said taking my face off her for a while and resuming after a moment.
"Bec-caus... se... Ohh... Mmm..." She couldn't finish. I was working my tongue around her tiny orifice, while it was returning to its original closure, and rubbing my thumb on her precious spot, her tiny clit. By the way she automatically succumbed told me she was still completely sensitized. Her body started that erotic struggle, her hips shaking and dancing.

When I stopped she could only breathe, nothing else. I lifted her hips a little with my hands, taking her out of her more-than-relaxed position and after stroking her clit with the tip of my still rock hard member, I entered her. She moaned softly and I was starting to think that she didn't have strength to do no more than that.

I held part of her weight with one of my hands, positioned on her belly, while I fucked her wet slit slowly, at first. Then I begun circling my thumb around her tiny hole again, then I carefully inserted it in.
"Agh... Ow..." Her moans sounded low, just an advertence.
Then I started humping her hard. Her sphincter closed around my finger and she started moaning through gritted teeth. Soon the room was filled with slapping sound of her cute behind stroking against my hips. She winced hard, trembling all over and groaning again, her face still buried on the pillow and I could feel myself building that intense, overwhelming orgasm.

I had lost it. I was being to her exactly the way I really wanted to be. Carol had broken my fraternal instincts. At that moment I just wanted to explode inside her, no matter what.

I moved both my hands, one to her right hip and with the other I grabbed her hair, wrapping it around my hand and pulling it, making her lift her torso from the bed, bending her head behind roughly and thrusting all I could inside. She squealed in surprised, then groaned loudly.

"Babe, I'm gonna come!" I screamed rocking her hard while she groaned loud.
"Gah! Aaaaugh! Guuuuuuh... AUUUGH!!!" Her groans were turning fuller of pain; almost despair, while I was humping her rougher and rougher. Her hot, soft and velvety pussy walls struggling with my roughness, completely soaked, a mix of her juices and my cum. She screamed when I hit her cervix, "AAAAAAAURRRRRGH! A-ADAM!! ADAAAAM!"

And I came. Shooting and I could directly into her womb. I pulled her hair even more, making her bend to me, her arms stretched, hands barely touching the bed, and I wrapped my other hand around her neck. I turned her head to me and kissed her cheek, still feeling her vaginal muscles twitching around me.

"Are you still mine?" I asked, my voice sounding hoarse.

She took a moment, just breathing noisily and fast, and then she whispered with a cracked voice:


I let her limp and exhausted body fall on the bed and I lay over her, kissing her shoulder and caressing her hair.
"You're mine now, baby sis, just like you wanted."


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